Mueller Investigation

Trump Is a Victim of His Own Dishonesty

Lying is not the best strategy when you’re trying to convince people you are telling the truth.


For two years Donald Trump told us the truth over and over again: Neither he nor his presidential campaign illegally conspired with Russian agents to influence the 2016 election. But Trump also lied to us over and over again, which cast doubt on his assertions of innocence.

I was never much impressed by the evidence of "collusion" between the Trump campaign and Russia, an allegation that was conclusively debunked by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report, which was released by the Justice Department last Thursday. The one thing that made me think there might be something to the conspiracy theory was the fact that Trump kept denying it.

The president's habitual dishonesty justifies a rebuttable presumption that the truth is the opposite of whatever he says. That rule of thumb led many of his critics astray in this case, but it also illustrates the practical advantages of telling the truth, since Trump's weaselly ways prolonged the Russia investigation and lent credence to the suspicion that he had something to hide.

"I have nothing to do with Russia," Trump insisted in July 2016. Yet his lawyer, Michael Cohen, was working on a licensing deal for a Trump Tower in Moscow as late as the previous month and giving his boss regular updates on the project. When Cohen suggested to Trump that his statement was misleading, he told Mueller, Trump replied, "Why mention it if it is not a deal?"

A year later, when The New York Times reported that Trump's son, son-in-law, and campaign chairman had met in June 2016 with a Russian lawyer promising "dirt" on Hillary Clinton, Trump edited a public statement about the meeting, excising any reference to that offer. When his communications director, Hope Hicks, suggested that Trump come clean about the motivation for the meeting, he told her, "You've given a statement. We're done."

When Trump fired James Comey in May 2017, angry that the FBI director had refused to publicly say he was not a target of the Russia investigation, he claimed he had acted based on a recommendation from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who had decided "on his own" to review Comey's performance. As the Mueller report notes, Trump abandoned that preposterous cover story two days later, but only because Rosenstein refused to go along with it.

When Comey said the president had privately pressed him for a promise of personal loyalty and encouraged him to drop the FBI's investigation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Trump flatly denied Comey's account of those one-on-one conversations, even implying he might have "tapes" that would show Comey was lying. The Mueller report accepts Comey's account, which is supported by documentation of the meetings, a memo that Comey wrote at the time, and his contemporaneous conversations with other officials.

The report likewise credits former White House Counsel Donald McGahn's testimony that Trump repeatedly asked him to fire Mueller. Trump publicly denied he said any such thing, and he privately urged McGahn to recant his statements about those episodes.

The Mueller report also addresses the 2016 hacking of embarrassing emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton's campaign chairman, which were published by WikiLeaks, much to candidate Trump's delight. Politico counted more than 140 occasions when Trump praised WikiLeaks during the campaign. Yet after WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested this month, Trump claimed, "I know nothing about WikiLeaks. It's not my thing."

The report does not discuss the hush payments that Cohen arranged for women who claimed to have had affairs with Trump, a case that was referred to the U.S. attorney in Manhattan. But Trump lied about those too, claiming he had no knowledge of them at the time.

Trump's lawyers wisely rebuffed Mueller's attempt to follow up on the president's evasive responses to written questions and stopped him from sitting for an interview. Trump thereby avoided a "perjury trap" that he would have walked into just by being himself.

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  1. For those who have not seen this: Why you should never talk to the police. It applies to anyone, Trump, Flynn, you, me….

    1. Well worth watching. Don’t answer anything. Don’t get suckered by small talk on baseball, the weather, nothing. Just shut up.

      The Supreme Court has stupidly ruled that you have to announce you are shutting up because of the Fifth Amendment, that merely shutting up does not oblige the police to stop pestering you. Do as you will with that little trick, but please, just don’t talk to the police.

      1. The nation had a choice between two very flawed candidates. Both well versed in lying. We picked the lesser of two weasels. Deal with it.

    2. “The president’s habitual dishonesty justifies a rebuttable presumption that the truth is the opposite of whatever he says.”

      I wonder whether the habitual dishonesty of Obama ever justified a rebuttable presumption around these parts that the truth is the opposite of whatever Barry said.

      Something says no.

      1. The author is hip deep in the dishonesty of Reason’s own agenda and rather than admit most Presidents’ veracity is somewhat suspect, needs to keep piling on Trump. I would rather judge a president on his actions/accomplishments. Compared to the feckless and weak POS who last inhabited the WH Trump is a genius.

      2. Are you joking? Reason ripped Obama so many times for the various terrible things he did, I can’t even count it off the top of my head.
        The article isn’t about Obama, it is about Trump, who is in fact a frequent liar. If you think that isn’t a problem, or it is ok “Because Obama!”, then you are an idiot.

        1. Then you should have no trouble linking one of those episodes.

          To be sure they would sometimes critique his policies, but I do not ever remember them attacking him personally.

    3. Could the author of this article Jacob somebody please give evidence of President Trump’s lies.

      1. “We all say he lies! What more evidence do you need?”

  2. Oooooh you’re gonna make the Trumpistas call you names, dirty names, insulting names, awful awful names.

    1. Oh what are you going to trot out the duplicitous Bill Weld as an example of Presidential?

  3. I’ll keep this article in mind the next time Trump runs against a major-party candidate who is more honest than him. But I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

    1. The article was meant for Trumpistas who bow and scrape to Trump, who think he is God on Earth and can do no wrong, and believe every word he says.

      I find Trump refreshingly honest in his open dishonesty. Other politicians take hundreds of words to tell the same lies; Trump fits it all in a single tweet. It’s a large part of why he won.

      1. If I had to guess, I’d say that a lot of Trump’s support is anti-anti-Trumpism morphing over into actual support.

        A couple authors interviewed and polled some of the swing voters (generally former Obama voters) who put Trump over the top, and who perhaps have a greater bond with him than I do. The authors put their results in a book.

        It’s more complex than bowing and scraping and believing everything he says – it’s more like he addresses their issues and has the right enemies.

        1. I don’t know why you bother replying to Old Mex’s sockpuppet, it’s batshit crazy just like him.

      2. “Trumpistas who bow and scrape to Trump, who think he is God on Earth and can do no wrong, and believe every word he says.”

        You do realize that such people are largely a figment of the left’s imagination, right? I mean, in a country of over 300 million people, there are going to be SOME people like that, just as some people thought Obama was the “lightworker”, but most people who support Trump realize he’s a personally flawed human being.

        1. And last I checked Trumpistas didn’t upload creepy god-worship videos like they did on youtube and SNL.

          I’m gonna go – sigh – with projection.

          It’s always projection.

          1. Multifaceted projection. Sullum knows Trump was indeed a victim. He, and most of his campaign were subject to a gross abuse of government authority. the very sort of thing that should greatly concern a libertarian.

            Sullum cannot get that out of his mind, so he’s going to salve his conscious with some good old victim blaming.

        2. Plus, the Lefties should be proud that all their squawking about identity politics has immunized Americans to sexual stuff in politics. After we Americans had to accept that Bill Clinton’s infidelity in the White House was none of our business, bullshit sexual accusations don’t hurt Trump’s position at all.

          1. Yep. Democrats are wildly enthusiastic about a serial rapist and his psychopath wife. Kind of makes Trump look like a saint by comparison.

      3. “I find Trump refreshingly honest in his open dishonesty. Other politicians take hundreds of words to tell the same lies; Trump fits it all in a single tweet. It’s a large part of why he won.”

        More than “dishonest”, the thing about Trump is that he just ignores the nonsense. And the details. And any contradictions.

        “It’s gonna be great! Beautiful! The best!”

        That’s what infuriates everyone who opposes him (myself included) – not telling big lies, but just completely ignoring all contrary information, including contradictory statements, unanswered questions, shadings of the truth, outright wrong information…. he just refuses to acknowledge it. And not in a politician’s filibuster non-answer way. No, he just says “you just wait! Its gonna be magnificent! Great! The best!” The kind of “avoid the question” answer that doesn’t even engage with the content in any way, if only to skirt around it. Nope, Trump has his own drummer, and he’s marching to that tune, not anyone else’s.

        That’s what people love about him – that he’s decisive and dismissive of all political gamesmanship. And he comes back at his critics with wit and vitriol, just like joe six pack wishes he could.

        His greatest weakness for me is his great strength for his supporters.

      4. Yes I never expected much from Trump but his victory over the Pig Clinton made for the best TV since the moon landing. The truth is he has accomplished a great deal for someone who has been under an incredible assault by the majority of main stream news sources, The Justice Department (special council), the left, the DNC, The Koch’s and the phony establishment right Never-Trumper’s. I am very disappointed in Reason who for whatever reason seem to prefer Progressives over Trump. I don’t get it.

    2. Are you serious? You’re resorting to a both-sides argument? Good grief.

    3. Yup, that is the standard, less honest. It is ok for all the contenders to be dissembling shitbags, as long as your favorite party’s candidate lies slightly less often. Awesome reasoning.

  4. I think Trump’s really honest with his actions. Nobody can always tell the truth

  5. Trump Is a Victim of His Own Dishonesty
    I very much agree. Although Trump’s policies are often beneficial to the American people, there are many weaknesses for him, such as arrogance.

  6. Lying is not the best strategy when you’re trying to convince people you are telling the truth.

    What does that have to do with Trump? It’s not really dishonesty if it’s a pathology, it’s a form of Tourette’s.

    1. Bitching about Trump lying is like bitching about a car salesman lying. It’s technically correct, but sounds hopelessly naive.

      1. General statements which are used by used car salesmen and Trump because they are not lies nor truth.

        “This is the best car in the World”! Might be something a used care salesman says about a Ford Fiesta to a customer. A Ford Fiesta sucks compared to Tesla. It might be the “best” car that the customer can afford and runs okay. So why wouldn’t it be the “best car in the World”?

  7. Reason’s TDS continues, unchecked. Take two aspirin Sully.

    1. They are so butthurt about Trump. It is hilarious!

      Wait until Trump wins reelection in 2020.

      They will call Trump names left and right. In the end, Trump beat Hillary and Sanders and Pelosi and Schumer and Mueller and Comey and Brennan and every other Lefty treasonous dog out there.

      1. The measuring stick for a person is if they win an election, not, you know, their actual character? Coincidentally, you don’t use that standard for people who aren’t Republicans.
        Yes, they call him names, deservedly so, when he does bad things, which is often.

      2. The next truly pants shitting fit will be replacing RBG.
        Unless Hillary gets prosecuted first.

    2. Commenting unfavorably about the lies Trump constantly spouts is derangement? Calling you a moron would be charitable.

  8. “I had nothing to do with Russia”

    Let me be clear here. I never ever expected that Trump was personally involved in the troll farm disinformation operation or the conspiracy to steal the secret communications of Clinton’s campaign manager and the DNC organization. It’s actually retarded to believe that the Russian govt would involve their favorite candidate in the crime when his involvement would be completely useless, unnecessary, superfluous, counterproductive, you get the point. So when Barr and Mueller announced the big finding, i.e. Trump and campaign were not part of the election interference hacking conspiracy or troll farm I literally rolled my eyes and thought to myself that I’m surrounded by idiots who couldn’t find their way out of a wet paper bag. For me the more intriguing question is why Russia was helping Trump with criminal acts. Why did Trump hire Manafort a man in debt to a Russian oligarch and a man who worked previously to elect people compromised by Russians. I’m curious about Trump’s past associations with Russians and why exactly did Trump think it was possible to build a Trump Tower in Putin’s Moscow. Why did he pursue that deal at the very moment he was running for President? If anything I believe that Trump invited the Russian help. Trump helped cover up the conspiracy and he tried to reward the Russians for their crimes. All scandalous behavior and it should be criminal corruption to court an adversarial govt in this way.

    1. “I’m curious about Trump’s past associations with Russians and why exactly did Trump think it was possible to build a Trump Tower in Putin’s Moscow. ”

      Um, because he’s a guy who builds towers, and Putin’s Moscow is a city? I mean, seriously, the guy spends his whole adult life building casinos and hotels, and you think there’s something dodgy about his thinking he can build a hotel someplace?

      Why did he pursue that deal while running for President? Because he’d have pursued it if he wasn’t running for President, and he didn’t put his business on hold during the campaign.

      Seriously, that’s the simplest explanation.

      1. Exactly Brett.

        Trump turns out to be a guy of simple pleasures. He likes steak with ketchup on it. Trump makes campaign promises to his supporters and then he systematically tries to complete those promises.

        Its also why nobody could find criminal activity on Trump. Every Lefty was looking and found none. Its really hard to hide major criminal activity if all you previous life was being examined under a microscope.

      2. “Russian hotels are treason!”

    2. The Russians wanted Trump to win over Da Witch because her & Obummy went after Russia’s allies Iran & Assad in Syria!
      Just read Seymour Hersh’s,”The Red Line & The Rat Line” to see how evil Obummy & Da Witch were!

    3. Russia always has tried to sow discord in our elections.
      Mueller admits such about the primary season.
      When Trump became the nominee, the best way to continue that, was to throw their support to the underdog.
      It was not Trump, per se, that the Russians were supporting, just the candidate that seemed least likely to win, while still having a chance. If Cruz had taken the primaries, it would have looked like the Russians were helping Ted.
      Mueller shows his anti-Trump bias by making the blanket statement that the Russians were desirous of a Trump victory, when the simple explanation of Trump “support” was to continue to try to upset the apple cart.

  9. For comparison I don’t think they ever proved or found evidence that Nixon ordered the Watergate burglary. Nixon was forced out for lying, obstructing, withholding evidence, in other words for covering it up. Trump has very much gone down that path.

    1. Only, you know, minus having any crime to cover up…

      1. The Russians committed crimes and Trump was covering for them.

        1. “The Russians committed crimes and Trump was covering for them.”

          OP is trying to take the lead in the ‘stupid and dishonest’ competition with a real whopper of a lie.

          1. OP has been on a roll of making shit up.

      2. Trump’s NSA committed perjury and Trump tried to obstruct that investigation. Trump’s children were suspected of accepting a thing of value from a foreign govt and Trump tried to obstruct that investigation. Trump’s campaign manager was in debt to a Russian oligarch and was caught sharing campaign data with a figure with ties to the Kremlin and Trump encouraged Manafort to keep his mouth shut and floated pardons as an inducement. Trump told his lawyer to “stay loyal” when he was set to testify before Congress and assured this lawyer that powerful people were looking out for him as long as he “stayed loyal”.

        1. Poor OP. Lefties sure are upset at how great Trump is doing.

        2. To quote Yoda, “There is no try.”

        3. “”Trump’s NSA committed perjury and Trump tried to obstruct that investigation.”‘

          What would be nice is if you cared about perjury and obstruction. You only care about the principals.

          James Clapper lied to congress about domestic spying and had the balls to come back to congress and tell them he lied.
          Hillary lied about classified materials being stored on her private email server.

          Hillary deleted emails that were being subpoenaed in a lawsuit. That’s obstruction.

          But you don’t care about those episodes.

        4. “Trump’s children were suspected of accepting a thing of value from a foreign govt”
          Statements like this are what makes it obvious that you don’t actually let stupid little things like facts get in the way of your narrative. At no point was there any reasonable suspicion that they *accepted* a thing of value. It certainly sounds like they were *offered* something in order to get a meeting, but no one has presented anything that would create a suspicion that they actually *got* anything, or that what they might have gotten would have been a “thing of value” – both of which are especially true given that what they were offered didn’t actually exist.

          Further addressing your contention of “a thing of value” – there are all sorts of dirt that don’t amount to being “a thing of value”. I’d go so far as to say that *most* political dirt wouldn’t fit the legal criteria. When I hear the term “political dirt” the definition of it that comes to mind is “information that, if the voters knew about it, would cause them to be less likely to vote for candidate X.” What sort of dirt on Hillary Clinton do you think would actually be a “thing of value”? Be specific, because I really can’t come up with anything that would plausibly qualify.

  10. Let’s start a fake investigation about you and when we learn that you’re imperfect, we’ll force you to tell the truth about everything unrelated to the investigation that’s perfectly legal and if you dare lie that means you’re hiding something more sinister :^)

    The only question left at this point is how long TDS will continue after 2024 when Trump leaves office. Maybe sufferers will literally commit suicide if one of his children ever wins an elected office.

    1. “after 2024 when Trump leaves office. ”

      The God Emperor? Leaving office?

      The American People won’t stand for it!

  11. There’s something to what you say, but I would point out that Trump is more into “braggadocio” than consequential lying. Lying about the size of his inauguration crowd, for instance, instead of whether you’d get to keep your policy if you liked it.

    Tastes vary about which sort of lie is worse.

    1. Trump uses general statements constantly. It allows people to project what they want onto them. Lefties think everything Trump says is a lie because they hate Trump and want everything he says to be a lie.
      For example: “I have nothing to do with Russia”. This cannot possibly mean that he has nothing to do with Russia..ever… because Trump had a state visit and met with Putin. Evidently Trump meant that he didnt do nothing criminal with Russia and Mueller could find nothing criminal.

    2. “Keep your policy”

      I thought it was “keep your doctor”.

      1. Let me be clear. If you like your current plan, you can keep it. If you like your doctor, you can keep him. Period.

        1. Why would even need to keep a high deductible so called catastrophic policy when you could just wait till you got sick and then buy a gold plan under the ACA? And keeping your doctor is simply a matter of paying with cash.

          1. Poor Lefties dont know how insurance works.

            I often buy homeowners insurance the day my house is burning down.

            My vehicles are uninsured until that day that OP hits me while racing from a bank robbery. Then I will insure my vehicle for millions!

            1. Bless your heart.

              1. Thanks for caring.

              2. “Bless your heart.”
                Fuck you with a rusty, running, chainsaw.

          2. 0blama’s lie about keeping your plan was to fool the majority of people, content with what they had, mostly through their employers, into thinking they would not be effected by 0blamocare and cause a voter revolt before it was shoved through.
            It was a very consequential lie, since it let that monstrosity change virtually every medical insurance plan, because the people had been lied to about its result.
            Gruber admitted that they knew 90+% of plans in the country weren’t compliant with the mandated coverages.

  12. Poor Sullum. He cannot find any quotes from Trump that are lies or evidence of criminal activity.

    The great thing about all the lying that media types like Sullum and politicians like Hillary do, is that the liars of the Beltway cannot convince Americans of their bullshit anymore.

  13. Hillary Outlines “Roadmap” To Trump Impeachment, Says “Anyone Else Would Have Been Indicted”

    She’s back !!!

    1. Speaking of “Anyone Else Would Have Been Indicted”.

      Hillary admitted to mishandling classified information on multiple occasions.
      Statement by James Comey
      There have been numerous convictions of military people mishandling classified information.

  14. Yes but*


    1. The but Hillary crowd cracks me up. Hillary violated the law regarding classified information. Lied to the FBI about it. Mishandled classified information in a way that anyone else would have went to jail.

      Hillary does not have the moral authority to complain someone not being charged.

      It is not whataboutism when you point out justice is being applied unequally.

    2. I don’t care. The Paris accord is toast. Trump is a blowhard but he makes the progTard heads explode.
      I voted for the losers Gary’s Johnson and his asshat running mate who supports Hillary.

      1. Yeah… .you know how they always tell us “don’t waste your vote?”


        I wasted my vote.


        1. People that say that are just trying to bully people into voting for their team. They actually believe that partisanship should outweigh your freedom of choice.

  15. This Trump is ‘lying’ stuff is really something else.

    I still don’t see how he’s any worse than Barry and Killary.

    Come see a liar up here in Trudeau. Now that’s lying.

    1. Right, as if politicians always tell the truth, or anyone else for that matter.

      1. The saying that the only honest politician is a dead one didn’t invent itself.

        1. Obviously you’ve never studied Chicago politics if you think dead politicians are honest. 🙂

  16. No, Trump is not a victim of his own dishonesty….

    Why do I say that? Ask yourself this: Is there anything that Trump could do or say that would change the attitude or coverage of any of the major media or his political opponents? The same people not only claimed, but actually believed that Mitt Romney was evil incarnate.

    Look at this investigation: The left was talking impeachment on the actual day after the election. As is evidenced by the fact that a moderator in the debates felt it was appropriate to ask Trump if he would accept the election results when he lost, they never had any intention of accepting any person other than their candidate as president.

    To be sure, Trump is a blowhard and sometimes a buffoon. But don’t pretend that this is a mess of his own making. It isn’t conspiratorial thinking to say that “they are out to get him” when they all quite publicly announced that they were out to get him before he even took office.

    How many articles have we seen telling us that the Mueller Report vindicates the media coverage and says that they got almost everything correct? That is just how delusional they all are. They are deep in teamthink and cannot even see their predicament. This is not a debate between reasonable parties who disagree, this is not a rational conclusion, this is not even ideologically driven reasoning. This is US vs Them propaganda, pure and simple.

    There are very few honest brokers in the media today. Glenn Greenwald comes to mind. Time was that Reason would be a great source for ideologically driven thought about the issues of the day, independent of team based propaganda. But between intersectional fear of offending all the “right sort” of people during the Obama administration and the outright boorishness of Trump in the face of his enemies, that third way voice has been lost. Now we have like one dude on the left who will dare to view things somewhat objectively. And everyone knows he’s a kook because he supports Snowden and Manley.

    1. “”Trump if he would accept the election results when he lost,””

      I can’t help to wonder if that question was a plant because the plan to contest the election if Trump won was already in play.

      1. Plant – definitely. Probably to get him to acknowledge being a loser though.

        But it does raise the question – why did they think of that? I’d say it is because they were already kicking around the idea of how awful it would be if Cheeto man won, and what they’d do about it.

        1. The tactic of making it sound like the other team is going to do it when you are secretly planning to do it is not new in DC.

          According to Steele, the purpose of the dossier was to contest the election. He said this in a court document. So there was a plan in place to contest the election if Trump won.

          I get the idea that candidates will go far and wide for opposition research. That’s nothing new. But using it in a secret court is.

    2. Time was that Reason would be a great source for ideologically driven thought about the issues of the day, independent of team based propaganda.

      You’re getting older and wiser. Reason still employs the same mix of old burnouts and cheap young labor.

    3. I mean, he could have condemned white nationalist after they killed that lady and like not firing people for looking into his friend’s illegal stuff. But that’s asking a lot I guess.

      1. He did condemn the neo- Nazis, as well as antifa, who caused the violence, the latter is why he was criticized, and didn’t fire “people for looking into his friend’s illegal stuff”.
        You spout the commie media lines.
        Go look for yourself at what actually happened and what Trump said and did.

  17. >>>justifies a rebuttable presumption that the truth is the opposite of whatever he says

    justifies you blah blah blahing this column i guess, if i’m you “oh no, salesman/politician bends truth!” … also the “rebuttable presumption” line is stale … but otherwise have a great morning i’m not trying to destroy your yelp rating or anything

  18. He said

    Yes, but…. Hillary?

    1. So what.
      DC is in disarray.
      I say yea!!!

      1. me too.

  19. Let’s look at Sullum’s examples:
    Payoffs to women: No proof exists that Trump knew that Cohen paid off Daniels. It is he said/he said between Cohen (who has lied under oath and was being put in a position to turn on Trump for his own benefit) and Trump.
    Wikileaks: I can’t read his mind, but him saying he doesn’t know about Wikileaks in the context of Assange’s arrest doesn’t contradict that he knew what the material Wikileaks published during the election. It is plausible he meant what was going on with Assange.
    McGahn: There is no link in the article. I haven’t read the whole Mueller report, but this sounds like he-said/he-said. But we just don’t know. Not the same as evidence.
    Comey: Really? All the evidence comes from Comey himself. Either HIS notes, or the conversations HE had with people, and a memo HE wrote. About corroborating evidence? Comey is hardly a disinterested witness.
    Trump firing Comey: Sullum’s link is to the story about Session’s arguments about firing Comey. Nothing about what Trump did or didn’t do. And the story about his explanation that he would have fired Comey anyway doesn’t contradict what Trump wrote in his letter to Comey. He didn’t say the recommendations were the only reason he was firing him. Having multiple reasons to fire Comey wasn’t a matter of changing his story. It was multiple examples of why he should have been fired.
    Trump Jr.: Why is Trump’s editing of his son’s public statement a lie? Why try to hide it? Because of the continuous witch hunt.
    Trump Tower: This one I don’t know about. I have seen many public statements about his not having anything in Russia, so this could be a lie.

  20. Trump lies and exaggerates all of the time. We have known that since 2015. His supporters are tying themselves into knots to explain him. They claim he jokes. This is bedrock fact. Even a postmodernist has a hard time explaining this away. And let’s not forget how viscous Trump himself is against his opponents. He literally has his fans chant “lock her up!”. So for Trump to cry about witch hunts is a massive gas lighting. There is more smoke emanating from Trump’s entourage than any other politician. If anyone desrves to be investigated it is him and his appointees. And the precedent is firmly established via Whitewater, Benghazi and email-gate. There is a reason he lies. He is probably the most successful scam artist in the history of perhaps the world. He’s panicking because if we get his tax records and financial statements his supporters may finally understand that he is wealthy, not because of his business acumen, but because of his ability to scam and entertain. While that is impressive, it’s not what he has sold himself as. Trump should resign now.

    1. >>>His supporters are tying themselves into knots to explain him.

      seems they’re pointing at the scoreboard more than anything else.

    2. Opposition brings concord. Out of discord comes the fairest harmony.

    3. “…And let’s not forget how viscous Trump himself is against his opponents. He literally has his fans chant “lock her up!”…”

      Oh NOES!!!!

      “Trump should resign now.”

      You should fuck off and die.

    4. “…because if we get his tax records and financial statements…”

      Created an account just to acknowledge the sheer fuck-twattedness of this typical loser wishful thinking. At first I thought “this guy is putting us on – I won’t take the bait.” But, nope.

      If parroting redundant media tropes in an effort to avoid any real, sincere reflection about the issue is your game – you’ve succeeded admirably.

    5. Trump lies and exaggerates all of the time. We have known that since he first appeared, back in the 70’s


      He’s panicking because if we get his tax records and financial statements his supporters may finally understand that he is wealthy, not because of his business acumen, but because of his ability to scam and entertain. While that is impressive, it’s not what he has sold himself as.

      Yes, the guy who rode his ‘Apprentice’ fame to the White House didn’t sell that at all. Not a bit.

    6. “We have known that since 2015” – or even earlier for anyone who had heard anything the guy said before 2015.

    7. Let’s take one representative sentence from your post as an example:

      He literally has his fans chant “lock her up!”

      This is mild rhetoric compared to a normal day in the Democratic Party, and it’s not an inappropriate response to a political opponent who has committed crimes which would have resulted in prison time if not for partisanship in our institutions.

      You think you’re making the case against Trump, but you’re actually demonstrating the case for him.

  21. One might say that current Republican voters would accept an inhuman mass of barely sentient cellulite and hair as president as long as he hated brown people and toed the line on abortion. But one would notice that they already have.

    1. Grow up, loser; quit whining.

      1. As long as you promise to keep your piehole shut upon the inauguration of President Warren.

        1. Grow up, loser; quit whining.

  22. Why is a Libertarian site so full of Trump supporters?

    Every time I read the comments section it feels more like Fox news than a place for Libertarians to discuss ideas.

    Do the majority of readers share the opinions of the Trump supporting commenters here or are they a very vocal minority?

    Has there ever been a poll on this site pertaining to political beliefs?
    I did a quick search and didn’t see one.

    Not trying to start shit, I’m genuinely curious.


    1. I can only speak for myself, but I am not what I would call a Trump “supporter”. Rather I am anti-anti-Trump. There are a number of policy positions I strongly disagree with (tariffs for example). There are some that he is very vocal about and I am meh (illegal immigration). But there are some libertarianish things to be happy about (at least comparatively): SCOTUS picks (Gorsuch was a great SCOTUS pick, Kavanaugh straight conservative but I think much better than a Roberts, and more thoughtful than Alito), at least making noises in the direction of pulling troops out of Afghanistan and Syria, and trying to rein in the regulatory state (to the extent that is even possible).
      I will HAPPILY vote for Trump against ANY of the Democrat contenders.

      1. Thanks, I appreciate your insight.

      2. The what makes you different from a Republican? They don’t *love* Trump either.

        1. Then what makes you different from a Republican? They don’t *love* Trump either.

          See the cat?
          See the cradle?

    2. >>>Why is a Libertarian site so full of Trump supporters?

      what’s “support”? i’m happy everyone’s hair is on fire in DC

    3. I think what you’re seeing is not “Trump supporters”. Libertarians are generally skeptics. The overwhelming majority of non-libertarian commenters seem to be coming from the left. So when the left-leaning non-libertarians show up and toss out “Trump is the devil and therefore you must reject him completely” dogma, the typical skeptical libertarian response to their various comments is to poke holes in their bad arguments, refute their false statements, and ask for evidence when they make an unsupported statement that isn’t so blatantly false that it’s easily refuted. If the non-libertarian commenters leaned more heavily in favor of Trump supporters, I expect that the same libertarian commenters would look like Trump haters, rather than supporters.

      1. Thanks,
        That makes sense. I’m not sure I agree about the majority of it being from the left, seems like a pretty even mix.

        “If the non-libertarian commenters leaned more heavily in favor of Trump supporters, I expect that the same libertarian commenters would look like Trump haters, rather than supporters.”

        I hope your right about that.

        I appreciate the response.

    4. “”Has there ever been a poll on this site pertaining to political beliefs?””

      Why would it matter?

      1. Because this is a site dedicated to political thought and it might be interesting to have a snapshot of the spectrum of political opinions that Reason readers hold. I know it would be far more diverse than the big two and would be illuminating.

        Does that really seem that crazy?

    5. Why is a Libertarian site so full of Trump supporters?

      So you don’t read the articles?

      1. I read the article AND the comments section – the two are frequently at odds with each other – which is why I asked the question.

        The comments section is the part that keeps me from recommending articles to my friends who are on the left, or warning them about the comments section due to the lack of civility.

        It would just reinforce their mistaken opinions that Libertarians are Republicans in sheeps clothing.

        1. >>>The comments section is the part that keeps me from recommending articles to my friends who are on the left, or warning them about the comments section due to the lack of civility.

          oy. perhaps the internets are not for your crowd?

          1. Could you kindly explain what that even means?

            If your referring to the part about civility – then yes, a site where people routinely tell others that they hope they die in a fire, or fuck off with a rusty chainsaw (despite the funny visual), etc, etc. is a site I’m leery to recommend to someone who already thinks my views are on the fringe.

            That’s not being a snowflake or bullshit like that, it’s just expecting adults to talk other adults about adult things and not sound like a 13 yr old who just learned to use shock language. Or at least don’t act like that kind of stuff isn’t off putting to many people.

        2. “I read the article AND the comments section – the two are frequently at odds with each other – which is why I asked the question.”

          It should be noted, that the vast majority of Trump related articles on Reason have been nowhere near “libertarian”.

    6. LouReedRichards
      April.24.2019 at 1:28 pm Why is a Libertarian site so full of Trump supporters?
      Not trying to start shit, I’m genuinely curious.”

      Maybe because he has, by accident or design, done more for libertarianism than the last 10 POTUS combined.
      Why are there so many cases of TDS? I’m genuinely curious:
      1) DeVos
      2) Gorsuch
      3) Kavanuagh
      4) Ajit Pai, end net price fixing
      5) Major reduction in the growth of regulations
      6) Dow +30%
      7) Unemployment at 3.8%
      8) The US Manufacturing Index soared to a 33 year high
      9) Got repeal of the national medical insurance mandate.
      10) Withdrawal from Paris climate agreement.
      11) Not sure about the tax reform; any “reform” that leaves me subisdizing Musk’s customers is not what I hoped for. Let Musk run a company for once.
      12) In the waning days of 2017, the Trump administration pulled its support for the $13 billion Hudson Tunnel project.
      13) More than 16,000 jobs have been cut from the federal leviathan
      14) MIGHT have a deal to de-nuke NK.
      And finally:
      15) Still making lefties steppin and fetchin like their pants is on fire and their asses are catchin’
      Got any hint on who has or might have done better? No?
      I’m not surprised.

      1. Signing the first step act, and right to try.

      2. nice work.

      3. Politics isn’t about policy.

    7. “”Not trying to start shit, I’m genuinely curious.”‘

      Same here when I ask if you know the difference between supporting principles and supporting principals.

      If Trump support item A, and someone in the comments support A, do you think that means they support Trump?

    8. There is a subset of “libertarians” who get really angry about welfare, school bussing and the Civil Rights Act in general. For some odd reason Trump appeals very strongly to that group.

    9. The articles are generally libertarian. The comments sections have a few lefties, some hard-core Randians who like to bash the lefties, some libertarians who like to bash the lefties, some Trumpistas who like to bash the lefties, some libertarians and some fake-libertarian so-cons who crawl out from under rocks whenever abortion is mentioned.

    10. Why is a Libertarian site so full of Trump supporters?

      It isn’t.

      But, being a leftist, it is understandable why you would think it is.

      As it is understandable why you would desire a poll of political beliefs. A quick way to ascertain orthodoxy.

      I suspect, from your comments, that you are not aware that you are a leftist. You may think that you’re ‘socially liberal and fiscally conservative’–the pat definition of ‘libertarian.

      But you have already strayed too far down the path to the hive–your comments make this all too plain.

      However, you ARE here. Even at this late date, with Reason itself riddled with the maggots of leftist thought, it IS still thought of as libertarian, and you may be crying for help.

      I truly hope this is the case.

      To that end, follow the comments, and observe the direction they take after each article. It may bring you back.

  23. Trump supporters don’t read these reports any more than Econazis read IPCC reports. But if the former says there is insufficient evidence to properly frame an indictment and the latter says that massaged data in specious models suggest perhaps maybe a half-degree increase in temperature someday or never, Trumpistas will aver “declared innocent” and nazistas will chortle “the End is nigh” after watching the way Fox and CNN report the reports. All lies and jest…

    1. And, as you can tell, only Hank knows the truth!

  24. Y’all are just embarrassing yourselves with these articles, Reason. Break free of the office circle jerk and go find some other people to talk with.

    1. Pendulum clocks, menstruating women and D.C. based journolists inevitably synchronize.

  25. After all of those articles on the dishonesty of AOC, Omar, Pelosi, et al, it’s nice to see Reason picking on someone new for a change.

  26. If a man is accused of murder by the state (based on mostly suspicious behavior rather than actionable evidence), then isn’t the just outcome all that matters?

    Trump was essentially accused of treason based on a BS dossier and a single contact with a Russian lawyer where nothing happened. Trump is the president and has the support of half the nation so the feds couldn’t go all “silk road” on him.

    Trump’s behavior deserves criticism, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he was a victim of a politically motivated hit job. Why does Reason create leeway for a getaway driver of thieves who alerted them shoot at the police, but dote on Trump’s mistaken behavior that didn’t prove any crime?

    1. That “BS dossier” has had quite a few things in it proved true.

      The Trump Tower Moscow deal that Trump lied about repeatedly, for example.

      The contacts between Trump campaign people and Russians (over 140 of them that Trump and his people lied about).

      Even the “Pee Tape” is confirmed- sort of- by the Mueller report, with Cohen having been told (and the communications are included: it’s not just Cohen’s word) that problematic videos from Trump’s time in Moscow were suppressed on Russia’s end.

      Trump’s a liar and a crook.

  27. Trump didn’t tell the truth. Mueller saying he couldn’t establish the documented collusion crossed the line into criminality- while also saying the lies and obstruction from Trump and his minions hindered the investigation- doesn’t support a claim that Trump told the truth about that.

    There’s more than sufficient evidence in the Mueller report from which a reasonable jury could infer criminal conspiracy to aid Russia’s Information Operations campaign to influence our elections.

  28. We lied about Trump for years. It’s all his fault.
    — EnemyOfThePeople

  29. So this article basically just proved Trump lies less than most politicians? Cuz Obama, Bush II, and hosts of assholes in DC have all been caught in more/worse lies all the time.

    Trump says things in not literal ways a lot of the time, which people intentionally try to pretend he means literally, and then call him a liar… But that’s the press being retards. I’m not saying Trump is great or anyway, but he’s no worse than any other Pol, but somehow the press sees fit to crucify him on every little thing… And let leftist pols slide… Funny that.

  30. There are those who take Donald Trump’s words seriously, but not literally; and there are those who take his words literally, but not seriously.*
    Which are you?
    *H/T: Selena Zito.

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