Joe Biden

Biden's Orders Continue the Presidency's Slide Toward Elective Monarchy

If the refusal of lawmakers to enact a president's policies is justification for unilateral executive action, then a slide toward elective monarchy is inevitable.


"Ease up on the executive actions, Joe," The New York Times urged recently inaugurated President Biden last week. While supportive of the president's broadly progressive agenda, the newspaper's editorial board found his flurry of executive orders and other unilateral actions both troubling and vulnerable to easy reversal by future presidents. "This is no way to make law," the Times added.

Unfortunately, creeping rule-by-decree has become common for presidents, and Biden's impatience with the normal frustrations of the legislative process builds on the conduct of his predecessors. While partisans tend to pick sides on executive power depending on who holds the White House, the devolution of the presidency into something resembling elective monarchy should worry everybody.

Not that executive orders are supposed to be royal decrees. At their root, they are nothing more than the authority of leaders to set rules for their organizations.

"Presidents have historically utilized various written instruments to direct the executive branch and implement policy," the Congressional Research Service noted in 2014. "These include executive orders, presidential memoranda, and presidential proclamations."

"The substance of an executive order, including any requirements or prohibitions, may have the force and effect of law only if the presidential action is based on power vested in the President by the U.S. Constitution or delegated to the President by Congress," the 2014 report added.

But the limits of such orders are fuzzy since there is no mention of them in the Constitution; they evolved as a matter of convenience and so have their powers.

"When carried out pursuant to legislative or constitutional authority, executive orders are unobjectionable," the Cato Institute's Gene Healy observed in his 2008 book, The Cult of the Presidency. "Yet many of the orders issued by modern presidents lack such authority and justification."

Professor Dana D. Nelson of Vanderbilt University agrees. In her 2008 book Bad for Democracy, Nelson called such unilateral commands "power tools" that "allow the president to enact both foreign and domestic policy directly, without aid, interference, or consent from the legislative branch."

That's not to say that executive actions can't be challenged; judges do occasionally overturn them. But it takes less time to issue a memo than to fight it in court, so orders accumulate along with their reach.

Under Coolidge and Hoover, most executive orders applied to such matters as civil service rules. However, by the 1960s, the majority were policy-specific, filling the role of legislation. Issuing orders is easy; persuading lawmakers to pass your bills is difficult and time-consuming. As a result, unilateral action is tempting even for critics of such governance.

"A polarized, narrowly divided Congress may offer Mr. Biden little choice but to employ executive actions or see his entire agenda held hostage," the Times sniffed while objecting to the practice.

For its part, the Biden administration makes no secret of its impatience with normal legislative channels.

"There are steps, including overturning some of the harmful, detrimental and yes, immoral, actions of the prior administration that he felt he could not wait to overturn," White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters who questioned the Biden administration's reliance on unilateral action.

But every faction thinks its agenda is important and that its ideological foes do harm; that's why political parties oppose each other. If the refusal of lawmakers to enact a president's policies is justification for unilateral executive action, then a slide toward elective monarchy is inevitable. And that's exactly what seems to be happening.

"Biden's use of the executive power in his first two days far outpaced that of his predecessors," PolitiFact confirmed amidst public concern over the issue. "Biden issued 17 executive orders on his first two days in office, compared with Trump who issued one and Obama who issued two. Biden issued three proclamations, while Trump and Obama each issued one."

But those predecessors also relied heavily on executive actions. "Trump is on pace to sign more executive orders than any president in the last 50 years," CNN reported in 2017 of the 45th president.

"Once a presidential candidate with deep misgivings about executive power, Mr. Obama will leave the White House as one of the most prolific authors of major regulations in presidential history," The New York Times concluded at the end of the 44th president's time in office.

Notably, before taking office, Obama, Trump, and Biden were all critics of presidential rule through unilateral orders. "We're a democracy. We need consensus," Biden told ABC News in October. Just months later he issued his flurry of executive actions.

Maybe that's because consensus is difficult to find in a vast nation of millions of people with varying values and preferences. That's especially true when the country is as bitterly divided as the United States is now, into factions that despise each other to the point of violence. Presidents and their supporters often complain of a "do-nothing Congress" when legislators are in fact doing something: they're blocking the president's agenda. That may well be what their constituents want them to do.

Such relative inaction may actually be best when there's so little agreement on what people desire from government—and what they fear from it.

"Overwhelming majorities of both Biden and Trump supporters say that if the other candidate wins in November they would not only be very concerned about the country's direction, but that this would lead to lasting harm to the nation," Pew Research found before the presidential election. That was before the Capitol riot and further souring of the national mood, with a majority of Americans now fearing each other as "domestic enemies."

America's divisions have deepened as government has become more involved in our lives and as presidents have indulged their taste for bypassing Congress. To reverse that dangerous trend, we need a president willing to do less, especially when it comes to issuing unilateral orders. That's a tough ask for people who spend their lives pursuing political power. We may have to settle, again, for the next president unilaterally reversing this one's actions.

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    1. Morituri te salutant!

      1. We don't need the legislature! Biden can do everything himself. And the legislature leaders agree!

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        2. But Trump’s border emergency declaration was okay?

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  2. So now jd is starting to realize that Biden might be abusive? Most of the writers at reason are incredibly retarded.

    1. 2chile has always recognized government abuse.

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    2. It’s not abusive nor retarded to nullify a sociopath’s self-serving ‘executive orders’ which are detrimental to the country. It’s not abusive/retarded to spend money on Americans who are unemployed and starving. It’s not abusive/retarded to rejoin the international community in an initiative for the betterment of the world. It is retarded for you to say it is abusive to change for the better instead of waiting months to run it by Congress’s Republicans which are the party of “NO” and still support a sociopath who is under impeachment indictment for the second time.

      1. Nuh uh! My Caesar can whip your Caesar!

        Way to miss the broader point, progtard.

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      2. Which of those detrimental EOs that hurt the country were the worst three? Is it abusive/retarded to spend money on Americans who make 150,000 a year that have not missed a day of work? Is joining the Paris Accord that allows China to take advantage and pump more CO2 at the expense of America while America takes actions that harm Americans but has no effect or advantage to the world abusive/retarded? Is reducing border security and encouraging more covid infected hoard of thousands to head this way abusive/retarded? Is eliminating the jobs of 50,000 and the possible jobs of hundreds of thousands that will join the unemployed and starving abusive/retarded? Is allowing terrorist entry into the US again abusive/retarded? I guess it depends on what you call progress. When you return to what failed before promising it will succeed this time that is a sign of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results never ends well.

      3. So, dictatorship it is then.

    3. almost all of the reason staff voted for biden, fuckinghypocrites.

      1. In their defense they never imagined that he would do exactly what he said he was going to do.

        1. Yeah, I mean, what politician *does* that?

        2. A large percentage had no idea what he said he was going to do or what he has done. They voted for who they were told, were simply names in a cemetery, street people and derelicts that received a few drinks or cigarettes for harvesting their votes or were simply bribed by promising a 2,000.00 check. A poll was taken of young Biden voters and 20% said they would have sit out the election or voted third party when shown a few facts of Biden’s past, what Tara Reade said and a few video clips such as the attack on the young lady called a lying dog faced pony soldier. Even older middle class voters who never saw him in action cringed with remorse when they heard him say “they call me middle class to imply I have no class. When John Adams wrote, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other” he was right. America is inadequate to the government of the left. They need someone to dictate to them and be their master because they have no concept of real morality or religion and scorn both. They require someone to tell them what is right or wrong and what is moral or immoral with no concept of being guided by a conscience.

          1. If anyone thinks biden is dictating they need their heads ventilated. Who ever it is who has their hand up joes backside is the dictator. And there is no way that person has any liking for the U.S. and its’ citizens.

  3. Reason was critical of Trump using executive orders which means they wanted Biden to be president!

    1. Did they expect Biden to not enact any executive orders? Just because Trump isn’t president doesn’t mean the federal government no longer exists. They should have balanced criticism of Trump with the fact that the alternative was a Biden presidency.

      1. Reason is critical of Biden using executive orders which means they want Trump to be president!

        Oh, wait…

        1. Biden issued 45 executive orders in his first two weeks. You don’t find that extraordinary?

          1. Poor sarc’s still suffering from TDS.

          2. Am I supposed to care?

            1. You mean you don’t?
              As expected of our resident pie-eyed imperial.

              1. If you want to get yourself worked up over things that are completely out of your control then go for it. Seems pretty stupid to me.

                1. Your premise that it is outside people’s control, is not correct.

                2. Lol. The only one worked up here is you alchie.

                3. What a dishonest argument.
                  Aside from the fact that 99% of the stuff you’ve complained here in the past was outside you’re control, you can, and have decried it.

                  “The Uighur genocide is outside our control, so let’s keep our traps shut, herp derp”

                  1. You know, thinking more about it, your argument is actually morally evil, Sarc.

                    Burke once said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”
                    Sarc made it his policy.

                    1. I wish you’d take his advice. Because you’d be killed and I wouldn’t have to read your bullshit anymore.

                    2. Lol, that was an angry little non sequitur.
                      I love reading your responses when you’re shitfaced and red with rage. They’re so fucked up.

                4. So . . . you admit the federal government is out of our control?

                  Then we don’t live in a democracy, right?

                5. They become out of control when you cast a vote for the wrong reason. Americans used to have significant control by voting for who they thought would do the best job for our country and actually took time to consider facts and actually become better informed of the candidates past and present. That was when more Americans still knew how to think and we had an actual 4th estate that gave equal time to candidates without covering for one and spreading propaganda and innuendoes about the other. Now that most of the MSM have become allies of the left you only get their side of the story.

          3. He is a full blown biden cultist now. Saying biden has been worse than even trump would break him.

          4. Ordinarily, yes. Considering the multiple crisis before the nation, NO.

            1. The worst crisis the nation is facing is the pandemic, loss of jobs and Joe Biden. He is doing nothing toward the pandemic because it has already been done for him and adding to loss of jobs. When we have a President that requires militarizing our Capitol we have a real problem. Other countries are considering sanctioning the US as they are Myanmar.

      2. Biden has issued a record amount of executive orders for the first weeks of a presidency. Many of them quite instrusive.

        1. How is accepting trans women in girl’s sports “intrusive”?

          1. That’s sarcasm, right?

          2. “How is accepting trans women in girl’s sports “intrusive” It’s a dickless man beating up on women.

        2. Look. Biden can barely read a sentence here guys. They pumped him full of a "pay attention" cocktail of drugs during the debates so he wouldn't forget where he was, or what he was doing. Like I said before. Biden is not the president. The people handling Biden - that congolmerate, they are the president. Biden just does what he is told.

          1. Look. No credible reference to back up this outlandish claim. Cancel comment validity due to lack of substance.

            1. hes a walking corpse, just look into those dead eyes…

            2. Look. No credible reference to back up this outlandish claim. Cancel comment validity due to lack of substance.

              See, we can do this too.

    2. No, voting for Biden or plainly saying, “If my vote mattered, I would vote for Biden.” means they wanted Biden to be President.

      The criticism of EOs subsequent to the above means they would prefer to have their man issuing them.

      Like the Republicans on spending, Reason is just a bunch of foul weather hypocrits.

      1. The criticism of EOs subsequent to the above means they would prefer to have their man issuing them.

        Just not so many of them.

      2. Right – it’s okay to run up the national debt and hand out tax breaks to the wealthy wholesale, but it’s not okay to spend it on an international plague interdiction? Not okay to give starving Americans with no jobs a hand up? Not okay to spend on the structure required to initiate nationwide inoculations? Not okay to make certain schools are safe? What kind of CRAZY is that???

        1. Right – it’s okay to run up the national debt and hand out tax breaks to the wealthy wholesale,

          You were ok with it when Obama did it. You’re ok with Biden’s administration doing it now. Hell, his own newly installed Sec of Treasury is stepping in to protect hedge funds – which target weak companies for shorting as a cartel – from being targeted by retail investors because the hedge funds – the ‘experts’ here – were stupid enough to leave themselves so obviously exposed.

          But instead of allowing a lesson to be taught, we’re going to intervene on behalf of the ultra-rich.

          Not okay to give starving Americans with no jobs a hand up?

          You mean the Biden administration that just shut down Keystone and told the people working there to ‘L2C’? Or the native american tribes that depend on fracking income to just ‘suck it up’?

          Not okay to spend on the structure required to initiate nationwide inoculations

          You mean the nationwide innoculations that are only possible now because the Trump administration cleared away the bureaucratic hurdles in Operation Warp Speed and the vaccine that is only now being rolled out because of FDA intransigence? Or the other vaccines that are still awaiting FDA foot-dragging?

          As for rolling them out nationwide – its amazing how Bezos only stepped in to offer to help when Biden took office. He was perfectly fine letting people die while there was a danger Trump might get some credit.

          Not okay to make certain schools are safe?

          Schools are already safe. They’ve been safe for years. If your school isn’t safe – take your kids out and move or homeschool.

    3. “Reason was critical of Trump using executive orders which means they wanted Biden to be president!”

      To a TDS-addled lefty shit, this is a form of ‘argument’.

    4. God damn. Still broken from even the earlier thread. Just a slobbering pathetic mess. Sqrsly has more valid points than you.

  4. “If the refusal of lawmakers to enact a president’s policies is justification for unilateral executive action, then a slide toward elective monarchy is inevitable.”

    When the Court failed to slap down DACA, they made a huge mistake. Even Shikha Dalmia expected DACA to lose at the Supreme Court. DACA was a temporary attempt to keep the Dreamers safe until Congress finally did something to protect them. Obama instituted it as a result of Congress failing to pass Dreamer legislation, and fully expected it to be declared unconstitutional.

    Now as more and more people depend on DACA to maintain their presence here in the country, the incentive for Congress to take a stand and do something to protect the Dreamers is gone. Representatives in purple swing states will take a beating for whichever way they vote on immigration–so they would rather not vote.

    If the Supreme Court had correctly struck down DACA, the House would have had a bill passed to protect the Dreamers passed and sent to the Senate by that very afternoon–and Trump would have pushed a few Republicans in the Senate to pass it if he had to–not that Susan Collins and others wouldn’t have needed Trump to push them. Until DACA is declared unconstitutional, the Dreamers may stay in limbo indefinitely–and immigration policy will be set by executive order.

    1. But Trump didn’t follow the correct administrative rules to rescind that executive order which itself exceeded the scope of permitted administrative rules.

      1. As I recall, the Court said that he needed to come back and explain why he was doing what he was doing.

        They kicked the can down the road until after the election, and now they won’t need to rule on it for at least another four years.

        1. The courts job isnt to ask why on a rule should be removed that was also not created through the correct process. It should have seen the original rule was not in fact a rule.

    2. ^THIS…. Biggest problem is SCOTUS activism NOT doing their “sworn oath of office” / job description.

    3. It doesn’t matter a damned bit what Trump would have or more likely would NOT have done regarding ANYTHING. That ship has sailed.

      1. My post was about what the Court should have done.

        If you imagine that any posts that mentions Trump is primarily about Trump, then you should go see a psychiatrist.

  5. I’m not sure why we’re wasting money and other resources on Congress anymore. Let’s just disband them and send them home.

    1. More power to Sheev Palatine.

      1. Meesa propose that the senate give immediately emergency powers to the Supreme Chancellor.

        1. Jar Jar was a Sith Lord.

    2. They already threw away “The People’s” supreme law – what’s throwing away the peoples channels of ‘representation’ at this point? We’ll just ignore the recent fraudulent election.

      President Trump and the GOP majority senate really was a final-straw road block to full destruction of the USA. My only hope is the ‘States’ at this point.

  6. “If the refusal of lawmakers to enact a president’s policies is justification for unilateral executive action, then a slide toward elective monarchy is inevitable.”

    There’s a danger of confusing convenient excuses for justifications, or, in other words, just because he did it with a convenient excuse, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have done it without one.

    1. Yes, the implication of that thinking is the Congress only exists to rubber stamp the executive’s wish list, rather than that the legislative branch is supposed to set policy and the administration to carry it out.

      1. It’s been many, many years since the President was considered an administrator of legislative intent, that the Congress was more powerful than the President.

        1. It is the corruption of the condition of oversight.

          1. “Oversight” is now NewSpeak for “Overlook.”

  7. But it takes less time to issue a memo than to fight it in court, so orders accumulate along with their reach.

    Not to mention, as we saw with contested election results, unless the specific memo mentions the plaintiffs by name and is in force at the time the judge bangs the gavel, the case can/will be dismissed for lack of standing. So you can’t contest the EO until it’s been enacted nor after it’s been repealed. So really is an issue of using a months-to-years-long process to hit a moving target in real time.

  8. Well shit who could have seen this coming?

    1. Everyone who wasn’t a lefty shit or consumed by TDS. Biden and the other democrats didn’t exactly hide this.

      1. Right, but besides them, who could have seen this coming?

        1. Ray Charles?
          Stevie wonder?
          Helen keller?

  9. “Biden’s Orders Continue the Presidency’s Slide Toward Elective Monarchy”

    Finally a truthful Reason headline/article about Biden.

    Unfortunately, Reason spent the past four years campaigning for this disaster (even after hundreds of readers delineated this would happen if Biden was elected).

    Reason editors will need to publish at least a half dozen mae culpa articles (for lying about Trump and campaigning for Biden) if they want future credibility among libertarians.

    1. I’ll accept nothing less than seppuku from all but one or two of them.

      1. Nick needs to come back, take over the magazine and site
        and fire everyone except maybe Robby and the transportation guy

  10. Just as Democrats did to defeat, dilute and delay Trump’s small number of executive orders, the best way to defeat, dilute and/or delay Biden’s 30+ executive orders is for Red State AGs and conservative/libertarian groups to file lots of lawsuits challenging Biden’s EOs in federal court (in federal court districts dominated by conservative and libertarian GOP appointed judges).

    1. That sort of thing is now sedition.

      1. then sedition it is!!!!

    2. That would be the cadre of federal judges appointed by Trump who didn’t give him a damned thing on his “fraudulent election” lie. They aren’t going convolute the law for anyone else either.

  11. Is it far fetched, any more, to believe that the US might become two distinct countries?

    I think we are already there, with the divide along urban centers and everyone else.

    1. Who will win? The Confederacy of Urban Centers or the Union of Rural Retards?

      1. The best allegorical scene of a blue state elite interacting with a red state deplorable ever made.

      2. Now that is funny.

    2. Doubtful. America broadly agrees upon what it wants. It only disagrees on who it would prefer to give it to them. Lower taxes, more spending, less trade, less freedom, and the complete obliteration of private enterprise as large businesses become de facto arms/puppets of the government and smaller businesses are wiped out. But have no fear citizen comrade. As long as YOUR man is the one in charge and not THEIRS then only good things will happen at some unspecified point in the future once the final struggle has finally been won. So onwards to victory. We all have to do our part.

      1. Doctrinaire libertarians who believe in the unquestionable gospel of Both Sides really should refrain from commenting on people’s thoughts, feelings, or desires.
        Masturbatory theory isn’t interesting.

        1. Says someone who routinely attributes all disagreement to being a leftist.

          1. You are a lefty, sarc. Your drunken, (ex) wife-beating ass isn’t fooling anyone when you protest to the contrary.

            1. Which hand I wipe my ass with really isn’t any of your concern.

              1. Hahaha… so fucking lame.

          2. Says someone who routinely attributes all disagreement to being in a CULT!

          3. You spent 2 years calling anyone who didn’t agree with you a trump cultist you piece of shit.

        2. Doctrinaire libertarians
          You know, it’s quite ironic that you would call me that since I’ve never felt less at home in the libertarian party, which apparently will never be anything more than a group of aging hippies and danger haired millennials who care about little more than drug legalization. I have no party that I feel at home, the libertarian party is just the least bad option on every ballot. Give me the party of boring grown ups who simply make laws by following the process they are supposed to and then implement them consistently and fairly and who pay the government’s bills with collected revenues. I honestly don’t really care at this point whether government is big or small. I just want it to follow its own rules and pay for what it buys without printing money. When you have those two things freedom just happens naturally.

          1. There you go.
            Much more interesting when you speak about your own philosophy.

            1. The original comment was a reply to a comment about what people in America believe and whether those beliefs are divergent enough to lead to war, I was simply responding to that. Ultimately politics only starts with what we believe. It ends with what everyone else believes and it’s useful to talk about it so that when The People are committed to going off the cliff you can at least start to hold your breath and pray.

              1. Yes, but libertarians are fucking idiots when it comes to analyzing what other people believe.
                You have your gospel and abide by it despite nothing but abject failure over 5 decades.

                1. I don’t really feel my analysis of the electorate as a whole and its desires is faulty. The failure of libertarian politics isn’t due to a failure of the analysis, but the analysis does explain the failure: The People do not love liberty. They might like the idea of “liberty” in the way that they like mom and apple pie, eagles and flags good, all that stuff; the trappings of “liberty” if you will, but they categorically do not like other people being allowed to do things that they don’t like. There oughta be a law! They also don’t like paying for things. They’re more than happy to get a check for themselves but when you ask who is going to pay its always someone else. We have a populace that, by and large, wants all the rights of freedom but none of the responsibilities of tolerance, that want all the benefits of government largess but none of the responsibilities of taxation.

                  With such an electorate how could libertarianism (the Barry Goldwater kind, not the sex drugs and rock n roll kind) ever succeed? It offers people nothing and saddles them with the responsibility not only for themselves but also with running the country. It inherently takes more than it gives. That doesn’t make it wrong. If the fundamental conceit of America is the idea that there can be a nation where people rule are not ruled but rather rule themselves, then obviously it needs a people who will, on average, put forth effort to manage that national household. I don’t mean nationalism here. The needs of the people aren’t subservient to the needs of the state anymore than roommates are subservient to the needs of the apartment, but someone has to make sure that check gets made out every month, that trash makes it outside the dwelling on a regular basis, and compromises about how loud you can play your Raffi/Maralyn Manson mashups and at what hours need to be made. If you’ve ever shared a space with someone you know that you always feel like you have to tolerate more than you feel like you are tolerated, that you have to do a bit more than you feel is your share in the interest of keeping it all together. A nation isn’t perfectly analogous to an apartment but it is, on some level, a sort of shared dwelling. The average person is not willing or not able to be a good roommate in this day and age. It doesn’t mean that being a good roommate is wrong or a “failed” idea. It just means the household can’t last like this.

          2. Welcome to the Bully Board, where Pubes and Dims battle it out like little school girls while pretending to be Libertarians.

            1. Ah the fake sanctimonious nature… bet I can guess what your politics are.

              1. Given the “mean girls” bitching, I’m betting it’s another one of sarcasmic’s socks.

            2. Visions of that rabbit fight video on YOUTUBE…

      2. It only disagrees on who it would prefer to give it to them.

        Yeah. If only all the stupid Republicans could just get on board with all the democrats promising to reduce taxes.

    3. I think we are already there, with the divide along urban centers and everyone else.

      pretty much

  12. For those of you who need a refresher on how Executive Orders work…

    1. Pretty sure that video is a traitorous insurrection in 2021.

    2. Bizarre how quickly the country has lurched towards totalitarianism. Saturday Night Live (the most mainstream comedy there is) was actually criticizing executive actions about 6 years ago.

      I didn’t realize that they’d been that funny this recently, that clip is hilarious. It seems so unwatchable now.

      1. The cultural whiplash is real.

    3. I think that was the last time anything humorous appeared on Saturday Night Live, which is just another far left wing propaganda show.

  13. As a Koch / Reason libertarian, I’m OK with Democratic Presidents having more authority.

    I mean, are we really going to complain that Biden unilaterally liberated Orange Hitler’s concentration camps? There’s no time for Congressional debate when kids are in cages and people are drinking from toilets.


  14. Congress relying on entrenched bureaucrats within the administrative state to dictate policy guarantees executive orders being the primary means by which that administrative state is directed.

    It is true that if congress refuses to serve in their constitutional capacity, they should be disbanded. And if we are going to have elective monarchy, you’ll need to extend that term a few years. Our 4 year kings are making this country more and more unstable, which means no one in the economy can make long term plans on short term risks. Four years isn’t long enough to see a return on risk, especially if the inc administration can bind you to the fall out and destroy you with a total shift in policy.

    1. Feature, not bug

    2. Let’s give the man who is trying to right the ship a bit longer than a month to do so.

      1. Dave Portnoy?

      2. Given he’s already slammed into an iceberg while drunk, while allow him to continue exactly?

  15. Libertarians would be cheering these executive orders if they were shrinking govt. It’s not the process you really care about.

    1. “Libertarians would be cheering these executive orders if they were shrinking govt.”

      Lefty shits never argue facts; they invent hypotheticals and argue against them.
      Can you spell “strawman”, lefty shit?

    2. “I hereby proclaimed that the government shall henceforth be shrunken,” he bellowed from the hilltop to the army of bureaucrats standing below.

      Good luck drinking your way to sobriety, dumbass.

      1. Our resident lefties really don’t think about their positions, do they.

        1. Leftists think about their political stances with the same attention to detail and scrutiny as one typically affords a waitress when she rattles off a list of specials without breathing. Nine times out of ten, leftists simply repeat the first, or last thing they remember hearing.

          1. Given the quality of leftist arguments around here, granting them even the low standard you describe may be giving them too much credit. People like Tony and mtrueman contradict their own positions constantly without even noticing, probably because they are so often simply pivoting from non sequitur to non sequitur.

            1. Let us not judge the masses of Democrats by the intemperance of a few. 81 million of us couldn’t ALL be extremists.

              1. You are a hivemind, and your life doesn’t matter.

  16. The latest is Harris campaigning on local TV in West Virginia ( taking about land mine jobs to solar panel jobs in West Va?) and Arizona. The administration did not contact the elected senators from WVA or AZ, they went on without notice to Manchin or Kristen. The campaigning is to promote the trillion dollar bailout of blue state pensions…because Covid.

    Prediction..expect Covid to last indefinitely

  17. Sure. We’ll have a government run by executive fiat, but at least Biden won’t send mean tweets (because he can’t figure out how).

    1. Because he’s avoiding Twitter rubbish communications like the plague and he doesn’t run a country like a 12 year old.

      1. No. He runs the country like an invalid 12 year old.

  18. President Biden’s has issued a lot of EO’s, but as you noted so did President Trump. Many of the Biden EO’s were reversals of Trump’s EO leaving things in kind of a neutral state, or status before Trump.

    Having said this I do think there are too many EO’s. The solution is a more active Congress willing to address issues. It is easy to say Congress’s inactive is addressing the issue but I don’t believe it is that simple. Congress’s inaction is too often merely an attempt to dodge the responsibility of a vote. The fact is that DACA, transgender rights, and addressing climate change are popular. If you oppose these that is a fair point of view, but you ought to have the courage to vote that way. If you are willing to go on TV and say what you think, you should be willing to take a vote to show that belief.

    1. “Many of the Biden EO’s were reversals of Trump’s EO leaving things in kind of a neutral state, or status before Trump”

      Remember when Trump trying to negate Obama’s EOs was a hate crime?

    2. “The fact is that DACA, transgender rights, and addressing climate change are popular.”

      In what world? If these things were popular, they would not be shoving them down our throats by way of executive order and, in Gorsuch’s case, by way of “textualism.”

      1. Not in the world, in the USA where these issues poll over 60% support. No one is shoving things down your throat, the world is changing. Sorry, snowflake that just the way it is.

        1. “Not in the world, in the USA where these issues poll over 60% support.”

          Same polls that had the hag with 60% of the vote, lefty shit?

        2. You said polls? LMAO

        3. If the world is changing, why all the executive orders, dumb lefty shit?

        4. Also curious as to if you’re ignorant on abortion polling woth the vast nativity supporting 2nd and third trimester regulations.

          1. Vast majority*

        5. “over 60% support”

          Except that they don’t, and most “transgender” issues poll in the twenties at best.

        6. Complete bullshit. The idea of allowing men to compete against girls in sports has virtually no support besides the extreme fringe. Climate change gets some support except when you ask people to pay for it with higher taxes, fees or cost and that support plummets. A narrow DACA bill has support but if it turns into amnesty, not many are in favor.

    3. The solution is a more active Congress willing to address issues.

      The solution is more powerful and independent states. So that states where COVID, emissions, and immigration aren’t a problem aren’t bound by the same laws as states where it is and Congresspersons don’t have to “tapdance” around foreign policy with regard to China and Russia while considering domestic oil and metal production (or the lack thereof) in California, Texas, New York, and Iowa.

      1. The solution is more powerful and independent states.

        Sorry, I meant more relatively powerful.

  19. “Slide Toward Elective Monarchy

    That slide happened more than fifty years ago. America has been appointing kings for decades now.

  20. Wrong within normal parameters.

  21. “We may have to settle, again, for the next president unilaterally reversing this one’s actions.”

    Good God, I hope so!

  22. As Ken points out and some lefty ignoramus tried to state once.

    When Trump cancelled Obama’s UN-Constitutional E.O. it was tyrannical and authoritarian but when Democratic National Socialists REALLY PRACTICE tyrannical and authoritarian UN-Constitutional E.O. its all about saving [WE/OUR] mob’s “democracy”.

    Let’s start at the basics — The USA isn’t a Democratic National Socialist Country (syn; Nazism). It’s a Constitutional Union of Republican States. hint, hint; United(literally) States.

  23. Gee, I’m shocked. I mean no way could you say JoeKa doing any of this. They just didn’t gives any clue.

    Says Helen Keller.

    1. How dare you?????????

      Helen Keller may have been blind and deaf, but she wasn’t dumb. Unlike the staff of Reason, which are all three.

      1. That’s not exactly fair or accurate either. Keller had blindness and deafness thrust upon her by conditions outside her control. Reason is dumb the same way Rachel Dolezal is black. Except it seems that Rachel didn’t have dozens of people telling her that acting black might not be such a great idea.

  24. 2021 is a golden opportunity to convene a “21st Century Truth Commission on Unconstitutional Authoritarianism”. Essentially offer immunity from criminal prosecution to Bush torture attorneys (that committed legal malpractice green-lighting torture) and immunize Bush torture doctors (that betrayed their Hippocratic oath). In exchange for truth-telling that mandates corrective reforms. We start at Bush and end with Trump officials then pass necessary reforms.

    We could touch on some 20th Century authoritarianism like “Terry v. Ohio” 1968 that destroyed the 4th Amendment and the authoritarian War on Drugs that violated many constitutional restraints on authority.

    This is a once in a century opportunity and we need to use this constitutional crisis to reform the system for our children and grandchildren. Children today are being indoctrinated by schools and colleges to respect unconstitutional-authoritarian instead of rejecting it – today’s kids think this authoritarianism is legal and proper. Adults need to fix this!

  25. We start at Bush and end with Trump officials then pass necessary reforms.

    Because executive orders stopped getting passed when Trump left office?

  26. Executive Orders are required to stay in-bounds of constitutional rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court. Biden’s seem to be legal EOs so far. Ronald Reagan had quite a few EOs that probably should be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court – especially involving secret laws and secret courts. Biden could overturn unconstitutional EOs also or have the courts provide judicial review.

    1. Where does the Constitution give Biden the authority to DICTATE the oil industry, to DICTATE the wearing of masks, to DICTATE the promotion of illegal immigration, to JOIN treaties that run a foul of the enumerated powers of the Constitution?

      Heck; I have heard a single one that isn’t directly defying the very principles in the Constitution.

  27. is 800% more a slide or a cliff-jump?

  28. All the keystone konstruction that’s happened in kanada is a fucking disaster. We’re letting the mess in our room spill out into the hall…

    1. But Biden the tyrannical authoritarian king always knows best for everyone and being able to buy/ship gasoline/oil isn’t ‘best’ according to the almighty king.

  29. Biden’s executive orders are a symptom not a cause. The fact that the past 30 years has seen legislators become less & less inclined to reach across the aisle & work together to resolve the majority of issues which are not controversial. Now they hold the areas of agreement hostage for the areas of difference.

    The founding fathers intended a government where folks with different opinions could come together to collaborate or at least find compromise for the many challenges facing our nation. Because of social media & speechifying to television cameras, we now have legislators who seem perfectly happy to preside over the destruction of our government so long as they can please the radicals in their home districts.

    This slide toward either anarchy or a police state will not please anyone. Unregulated markets are inherently self-destructive. Over regulated markets are stagnant. The middle path is always best but for that to happen we have to be willing to talk with people with whom we do not always agree.

    1. Why wouldn’t the legislators allow the President to take over their roll? It relieves them of political risk and gives them someone to blame if it goes bad.

    2. The founding fathers intended a government that followed a U.S. Constitution that didn’t allow Democratic National Socialism. It’s not just some ‘opinion’ difference.

  30. Monarchy would be preferable to the perpetual left wing dictatorship that is being set up by the Democratic party in the US right now.
    Why doesn’t Reason have the guts to call it what it is? Fear? Reason never had to fear Trump, who they were never so “politically correct as with Biden” in their criticizing Trump.

  31. Some of those executive orders by Trump were pretty ridiculous. One of them was as broad as “buy american hire american”. A lot of agencies did a lot of random stuff under that executive order as it was just too broad.

    I always wondered how Biden would undo an executive order with such catchy title that resonates with both left and right.

    Biden achieved that by signing one more Buy American 2.0 executive order which cancels Trump’s BAHA. Masterstroke.

  32. “… the Presidency’s Slide Toward Elective Monarchy.” Trump, a majority of know-nothing Republican voters, and many ostensible “libertarians” in these Reason comments sections care not a whit for democracy itself. Forget a “slide,” the U.S. narrowly averted pitching straight off a cliff down into autocracy.

    1. Biff you arrogant twit, you think we’re going away?

  33. Dumbfucker Joe, the Hoe and the congressional clown show. Can we just quit fucking around and cowboy up. This shit hasn’t been here a month and already I hate them for years.

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