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Federal Mask Cops To Start Targeting Travelers Today

Plus: Trump's PAC windfall, the European Union's dairy protectionism, and more...


Cue the federal mask cops. Americans are now required to wear masks in planes, trains, buses, subways, taxis, car services, boats, and transportation hubs, per a new order from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that took effect today. Masks must be of a style approved by the federal government and must fit properly. Failure to comply will result in being prohibited from traveling, booted from the transit in question, and potential criminal penalties.

The order will be enforced by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents and "other federal authorities," as well as state and local officials. "To the extent permitted by law…federal agencies are required to implement additional measures enforcing the provisions of this Order," the CDC says.

"CDC reserves the right to enforce through criminal penalties," the agency adds, though it claims not to intend "to rely primarily on these criminal penalties." The feds may also implement "additional civil measures enforcing the provisions" of the order (which "is not a rule within the meaning of the Administrative Procedure Act," the CDC notes, "but rather is an emergency action").

Creating a vast network of law enforcement officials empowered to enforce these mask rules will of course provide a handy new excuse for monitoring and surveilling citizens.

Meanwhile, deputizing federal agents, state authorities, and local cops to enforce transit mask rules will open up all sorts of new police harassment and abuse opportunities.

Only targeting people without masks might not seem to leave a lot of room for discriminatory enforcement. But the CDC order doesn't just stop at people not wearing masks. In fact, it leaves a lot up to officials' discretion.

For instance, travelers can take masks off while eating, drinking, or taking medication—leaving room for a lot of individual judgments in how long it's reasonable or appropriate to remove a mask for during these activities, as well as misinterpretation in whether someone is allowed to have a mask on or off at a given moment.

The CDC order also says it's not enough to simply wear a mask—it has to be a certain kind of mask. It can't be a bandana, scarf, ski mask, or balaclava. It can't fit too loosely or too tightly. It can't contain an exhalation valve or be made from knitted fabrics, leather, plastic, or vinyl.

Again, that leaves a lot of room for authorities to choose who they target for enforcement.

"The CDC rule came just over a week after Biden's executive order, which already mandated masks on certain modes of public transportation including planes and trains, and it mandated masks on federal property," notes The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The new CDC rules apply to any passengers, operators, or staff of any "aircraft, train, road vehicle, vessel…or other means of transport," including "rideshares meaning arrangements where passengers travel in a privately owned road vehicle driven by its owner in connection with a fee or service." The order also applies "on the premises of a transportation hub," defined as "any airport, bus terminal, marina, seaport or other port, subway station, terminal (including any fixed facility at which passengers are picked-up or discharged), train station, U.S. port of entry, or any other location that provides transportation subject to the jurisdiction of the United States."

Kids under two years old, people with disabilities that disallow them from wearing masks, and people for whom "wearing a mask would create a risk to workplace health, safety, or job duty" are exempted.


Trump PAC, lawyers, and impeachment defense raise eyebrows. A political action committee (PAC) launched by former President Donald Trump "raised $31.5 million in the weeks after Election Day," reports The Washington Post. But as of January 1, "Trump had held on to the majority of that money in the coffers of Save America, his new leadership PAC, which carries few restrictions on how the money can be spent and can now be used to finance his post-presidential political career."

With his second impeachment trial fast approaching, Trump has "abruptly parted ways with five lawyers handling his impeachment defense," The New York Times' Maggie Haberman reported over the weekend.

Mr. Trump had pushed for his defense team to focus on his baseless claim that the election was stolen from him, one person familiar with the situation said. A person close to Mr. Trump disputed that that was the case but acknowledged that there were differences in opinion about the defense strategy. However, Mr. Trump has insisted that the case is "simple" and has told advisers he could argue it himself and save the money on lawyers. (Aides contend he is not seriously contemplating doing so.)


E.U. threatens nut milks and vegan ice creams. The latest in Big Dairy protectionism: The European Union is considering a law that "would prohibit plant-based milk producers from using words or images on their food labels that may also be used to describe or refer to animal-based dairy products," Baylen Linnekin reports.

Worse still, the rules could expand beyond simply censoring words and pictures on food packaging. It could even prohibit the use of some common food packaging itself.

"They would also be unable to use packaging designs that call to mind dairy products, such as yoghurt [containers] or milk cartons," The Conversation explains. "Even simply showing climate impact by comparing the carbon footprint of their products with dairy equivalents could become illegal."


• The sordid history of the Fairness Doctrine.

• Footage released by the Rochester Police Department in New York shows cops pepper-spraying a 9-year-old girl.

• "Urban collapse is a modern-day version of an apocalypse prophecy: It's always lurking just around the corner, seductive and terrifying, but it never quite happens," writes Annalee Newitz, author of Four Lost Cities: A Secret History of the Urban Age, in a new Atlantic article challenging the idea that the COVID-19 pandemic is threatening the existence of big cities like New York and San Francisco. "Lost-city anxieties, like the ones aroused by the pandemic, result from a misunderstanding of what causes cities to decline."

• A new Department of Justice memo "rescinded a 2017 memo that ordered federal prosecutors to seek the toughest charges and maximum possible sentences on the books," notes Reason's C.J. Ciaramella.

• Two members of the Proud Boys who participated in the January 6 Capitol riot have been charged with federal conspiracy.

• Were your photos used to help build facial recognition databases?

• Department of relaxed rules that need to be permanent:

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  1. Federal Masks Cops To Start Targeting Travelers Today


    1. I’m glad we’ve stopped arresting people for drug possession and started arresting people in for non-compliance with federal edicts. Peasants should know when to obey the lawful actions of a democratically elected government.

      1. The next Typhoid Mary will be someone who tried to get to a testing center without an approved mask.

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            1. During his first week in office, Biden also abolished a Trump-era rule that imposed SAxz some measure of accountability on the federal bureaucracy.……..MORE READ

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                1. The Constitutionality of Trump’s Impeachment Trial Is’ Clear.The Constitution says “the President , Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, QCtn and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors..…..MORE READ

    2. At least it’s not a Muslim ban, because face veils.

      1. Do we have to wear our COVID masks on the outside of our Muslim veils, so the health police can see them? Or on the inside so that the Sharia police are not offended?

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      2. Veils do not meet federal standards.
        Nice try, though.

      3. I’m glad all of the morons who oppose wearing a mask to protect the public from the spread of this disease are all in support of me walking around naked (& maskless) in public.

        1. The Constitutionality of Trump’s Impeachment Trial Is’ Clear.The Constitution says “the President , Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, FRvb shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors..…..MORE READ

    3. How long until this gets in front of SCOTUS?

      Also, easy way around it is to always be eating. And here I thought the CDC was trying to combat the obesity epidemic…

      1. Never. You don’t have “standing.”

        1. I think someone will have standing as soon as they are fined or travel banned for not wearing a mask. SCOTUS will have to find another way to shirk responsibility for supporting libery on this one.

          1. They can just turn down the cases until 2 districts are in disagreement.

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          2. Then it’s too late because the ban already happened

            1. The Constitutionality of Trump’s Impeachment Trial Is’ Clear.The Constitution says “the President , Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall VGui be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors..…..MORE READ

        2. If you have neither standing nor eating, can you at least have drinking?

          1. Some stand up comics carry a drink as a prop. Bring it up close to their lips but never take a sip.

      2. Never, ever. SCOTUS is amazingly good at avoiding any non-abortion related decisions.

      3. Haha, nouget bars take a long time between bites.

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    4. POC hardest hit. (Duh.)

    5. Not to worry. All those cops took an oath to the Constitution, so they won’t support such an edict.

    6. Well–they should get tougher on people who refuse to wear masks on all forms of public transportation, because these people are really causing lots of difficulty for others, including those who comply with the rules of mask wearing and social distancing. These scofflaws deserve to get kicked off of public transportation. No sympathy for scofflaws from these quarters. Heh heh!

      1. Any evidence that public transportation has been the cause of most of the outbreaks?

      2. Are they really scofflaws when there is no actual law being broken?

      3. No sympathy for slavers. Fuck off and die.

        1. If you don’t care about your health and life, then that is your business. Suicide is always an option.

          But I and others do care, and assholes who have the need to show their bare asses in public, should not be allowed to endanger the rest of us, it has nothing to do with slaves and slavery.

          If you don’t care about life, and want to live life solely as you choose, then might I suggest a location more suitable to your taste, like Somalia or the Sahara desert.
          Living with others in a civil society, means that their rules , You either follow them or suffer the consequences, one of which is a life changing illness or death.

          1. Fuck you. Masks don’t block nanoparticles. Besides the virus will still get through your eyes, ears and asshole, asshole.

            1. Fuck yourself asshole. Where I live, my county, everyone complies, there are only 90 cases of COVID (from people who are “libertarian freedom fighters” and 0 deaths.

              Masks work..;asshole.

          2. Questions: Are you prepared to wear a mask at all times, forever? Why did you *not* wear a mask prior to COVID (I’m assuming you didn’t), becaus eyou could have been infecting people with the flu (and thousands of people die every year from the flu)? Will you keep wearing a mask because no vaccine or treatment is 100% effective?

            Prior to COVID, the flu killed 10k-60k people most years, varying from yer to year. The 2017/18 flu season killed between 60k and 90k, estimates vary because flu deaths are not required to be reported. I don’t recall anyone saying “Gee, we need to social distance and wear masks all the time to save these people!” If/when COVID is solved, I suspect they will go right back to ignoring flu deaths. If preventing one COVID death is worth everything we’ve been through, why is preventing one flu death not?

            “Oh, there’s a vaccine for the flu…” Why do people seem to think that a vaccine or treatment absolves them from responsibility for spreading the flu that kills so many annually. Will they think the same for COVID vaccine? “Oh, only weak old people die from the flu…Why didn’t they get a vaccination…Why didn’t their vaccination work…”

            You could have had the flu and spread it to people already at some point in your life, maybe even killed people with your carelessness. Flu is nothing to mess with, we have vaccines and treatments and flu STILL kills thousands of people in the US every year. Why were we not wearing masks for them?

            If I don’t have COVID, wearing a mask to prevent spreading COVID to other people is a farce, and wearing a mask to prevent getting COVID is barely more protection than not wearing a mask. Sure, I could be asymptomatic (funny how such a deadly disease can infect so many people and never cause them any symptoms) and spread it that way, but the same can be said for the flu. But most people today seem to think there’s something more important about saving people from COVID than they EVER thought about saving people from the flu. As if people dying from the flu is OK, but people dying from COVID is anathema to them.

            My sin is, to my mind, thinking no more or less about the people dying of COVID than I think about the people dying of the flu. COVID deaths are not more tragic than flu deaths. Strangers dying from COVID impact me about the way way that stranger dying of the flu do, or strangers dying from falling off a ladder, or getting in a car wreck, or of cancer, or of heart attacks. If someone I love dies of COVID, is it more tragic to me than if they died of the flu, or cancer, or anything else? 8000 people die every day of something. Personally, I cannot grieve for all 8000 of them, nor do I want to try to sort out how much differently I should grieve based on how they died.

            I’m not saying that flu and COVID are the same, but I am asking why people treat them as if they are VERY VERY different (COVID is *not* akin to say, airborne Ebola virus, but people act like it is)? And why people ignore flu deaths as inconsequential?

            The reality is that vast (VAST) majority of people who get the flu will survive and it seems the vast majority of people who get COVID will survive, albeit at a slightly higher risk of dying. COVID *is* more deadly than the flu. Some people who get the flu will die, despite medicine’s best efforts; a somewhat larger number of people who get COVID will die despite medicine’s best effort.

            1. You are more than welcome to commit suicide by intransigence, but you are not welcome to murder me.

              Your arguments are specious.

              The freedom to swing your fist stops at the tip of my nose.

              1. Your entire argument is based on the fallacy of everyone being guilty of harboring a contagion irrespective of evidence. It is special pleading: your underlying philosophy can be applied to any potential danger posed by any and all persons. It dispenses with the most basic precepts of justice. You don’t seem to understand how you benefit from the precepts you want discarded.

                You appear to me to be arguing from emotional hysteria, not principles. Your counter arguments are void of reason – they are just hysterical “You could kill me! Stay away! Put on a mask! I’ll call on my friends and we’ll use force if we have to!”

                1. MUH ASYMPTOMATIC SPREAD.

                  This ignoramus still acts like it’s March 2020 and clearly has not followed the data and literature. Heaven forbid you try to explain the scandal of PCT testing to emotional pearl clutchers like Cousin Fear over there.

                  Me? I troll and tell people who still wear a mask one year later off now.

                  It takes NOTHING but some work and effort to go read into the science behind masks and the results which have been a FAILURE.

                  This drama queen thinks he’s saving lives. He probably kneels in front of the TV waiting for that unethical, lying weasel Fauci to climb down from his Keebler Treehouse to give him his orders and empty platitudes to regal people with.

                  I swear. We’re no longer nations of men.

              2. Your hyperbole speaks for itself – so not wearing a mask = murder?
                Since you are wearing a mask, I assume the tip of your nose is protected. Want additional protection? Wear a facemask outside of your mask, don’t touch yourself and it makes no difference what anyone else wears.

              3. You’re an idiot. And beyond the pale. Not wearing a mask is murder?
                And you vote?
                They’re doubling down. This is a madness that will persist for years it looks like.
                Like you gave a shit. And answer the damn questions you punk.

              4. It isn’t murder if we are asymptomatic.

                Vive Le Weygand

            2. “Are you prepared to wear a mask at all times, forever? ”
              There are ‘experts’ – the same ones who have been wrong so often, there oughta be a law – who say this should be the case.

              This is what happens when hysteria and panic is allowed to set in.

              You can’t reason with these people. Look at his response. You gotta walk away and let Darwin deal with it. Don’t deny natural selection.

              The other day a teacher came to pick up her kid at the daycare. She went through the bull shit ritual the government has indoctrinated the weak and scared with including the ’20 second rule’ to wash your hands. Then she stood in the area with her arms up in the air like she was waiting for someone to but a gurney on her to head to the OR. I basically and politely told her she’s an idiot and needs to snap out of it. I don’t want that shit in my daycare anymore. It’s a poison. THAT’S A VIRUS that scares me more and it’s the last thing precious kids need.

              We’ve done enough to them by assaulting them with our retarded nonsense. And people like ‘reasonable progressive’ is the reason why the social and economic order is frayed. We have done enormous damage to kids.

              I would probably punch RP in the face if given the chance if he got his cuck face in mine. That’s where I’m at.

              Not gonna let ignorant morons ruin my life.

          3. You can’t possibly be this stupid, manipulated and indoctrinated. Also. Go fuck yourself you pant shitting, false-virtuous jerk off. Masks do SHIT. There never was proof and there never will be proof. The onus is on YOU psychotic cultists to prove masks save a live. This is not civil society you moron. It’s a dystopian medical tyranny for a virus with a 99.985% survival rate. People this stupid and cowardly don’t deserve to live.

            You can babble all you want like the little cuck who probably snitches on your neighbour all you want but it doesn’t make it right or more ‘scientific’.

            How about this and your fucktard ‘new normal’. How about YOU ISOLATE yourself. You can take all the cocksuckers who bought into this hysteria like this Irish hoodlum posing as a President who can barely tell if he’s sentient and was imposed through a rigged election and all huddle together like tired shit stained masses protecting one another from fucken Covid-19.

            It pains me to watch the complete degradation of a civilization through weak assholes like you.

            Shove that mask up your ass.


    8. So it’s snowed a foot or more in the entire Northeast today.
      I live in South Florida and I’m trying to take my 13-year-old daughter anywhere in the Northeast to see all that snow.
      Living in Florida she has never seen snow.
      The flights are cheap and even available, but I don’t see a way around all these quarantines.
      It looks like New Hampshire has a quarantine, but they don’t have any penalties for violating it.
      Any advice on how to get to and where to go in New Hampshire?
      I see there are 4 airports in NH.
      Is it possible to fly in, get a car and a hotel room and see the snow?

      1. Go to the Manchester, NH airport. It’s right near the two major highways in NH and lots of hotels and car rentals. The hotels may ask for a negative COVID test, but otherwise nobody really gives a shit. Same with Portland, Maine. All year long there have been license plates from NY, NJ, CT, and others driving around and I’ve never seen one pulled over. Logan airport in Boston is the center of the nanny state so they’ll probably bend you over before letting you proceed.

    9. I’d like to know; Since when does anyone believe “CDC “orders”” constitute “law”? Does the CDC believe their “orders” abrogate the constitution?

      1. The constitution give you the right to die, not the right to murder others.
        CDC doesn’t order or dictate or mandate anything, they offer guidelines with governors use to enforce public health.

        Like the Constitution says, “states rights”.

        Or does states rights only apply to slavery, bigotry, white supremacy, male domination, female subjugation.

        1. Wow – you truly are an idiot.

    10. I expect to get a negative response. Reason dictates that you would not want to make other people sick or be the cause of their death.

      Masks primarily protect other people from you, and secondarily if they are quality N95 masks they will protect you from other people.

      I am 81 years of age, wife is 67, we both have comorbidities. I am pre diabetic and in remission from lung and brain cancer.

      I am thrilled of new mask requirements. Maybe your desire to move around freely without encumbrances is important to you, and you don’t care about your health, or you think that COVID is a hoax. If so then you are free to commit suicide.

      My wife and I happen to want to live, so don’t put our lives at risk because of some inane principle.

      1. Were you this stupid your entire life?

        1. An ad hominem and non response. I expect no less from your ilk.

          1. I think it was a honest question given how much you believe in the unbelievable.

      2. Let’s be reasonable now. You lived your entire life and you say WE’RE being selfish? All the older people over 70 and 80 want the rest of the world to baby them because they’re old and have more issues. Well guess what? You lived your life already. Younger people didn’t. So if we’re being fair you save the young workers first not the old people. Get it now? You had your life to live and it was great. Now you guys want to make it hard for young people who haven’t had a life yet.

        1. So I am suppose to commit suicide because you are a selfish, self centered prick.

          Keep your attitude in mind when, and if, you get to be my age.

          With an attitude like yours I doubt that you will make it.

          1. Just stay indoors then. Simple.

          2. No – you shouldn’t commit suicide because someone else is selfish, you should do so to limit the gene pool as well as limit others to your inane idiocy.

      3. “Masks primarily protect other people from you.” That’ll come as a surprise to all the medical examiners who wear them during autopsies. Good thing they’re keeping those corpses safe, eh? You fucking retarded bootlicker. You’re one of those cunts who thinks healthy people who don’t face diaper are “selfish,” but you think nothing of screaming that the whole world should genuflect to your pathologies. Fuck yourself with a railroad spike.

    11. Old people already lived their entire life. The virus mostly affects old people. So why is the majority of the world trying to lock down for old people when they already had a long life and they’ll die in years??? No one will dare ever ask this question because everyone is a pussy

      1. Very short sighted, you are.

        The attitude that you carry will come back to haunt you.

        Been there, done that.

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    13. there’s gonna be blood. lots of it.

      1. Death from disease is bloodless.

        But I get your drift, at least 45% of America are authoritarian proto NAZI’s, self centered, vapid, religiously afflicted true believers, ready to kill the other 55%.

        1. Plenty of libertarian atheists here. I also know conservative atheists and agnostics.

          I’m curious how you managed to come onto and confuse libertarians with NAZIs and authoritarians. And unless I’m misunderstanding your posts, how a Federal edict to wear masks is not authoritarian but everyone who objects to it is lumped in as authoritarian. Did words reverse their meanings since your youth?

          P.S. Sincerely sorry to read of your medical issues. I understand your angst over objections to what is normally a reasonable request. Hopefully you and your wife will get vaccinated soon.

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    15. Honestly people, just stop using public transport altogether for a few weeks and let them all collapse. People need to start realizing their own power.

    16. The CDC is a private, for profit corporation. How is it “enforcing criminal penalties”? How?

      1. The CDC is a federal agency. As to its authority – that would derive from any granted to its parent agency Department of Health and Human Services. My understanding was that its statutory authority to mandate masks was limited to interstate transportation.

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  3. …per a new order from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that took effect today.

    If the CDC have this power, why aren’t they disarming everyone and banning fossil fuels to fill their primary mandate?

    1. That comes next.

      1. “We’re just following the Science!”

        1. I think the science is following them.

    2. They will when they have more boots on the ground.

    3. IMO giving the CDC police powers makes sense in our coddled, paranoid-self nanny society. They are the closest thing to mommy in the government.

      1. You can’t say “mommy” anymore; Nancy said so.

        1. ^True story; look it up.

        2. Can we say “parent”, or does it have to be just “person”?

          1. It must be “comrade”, because everyone knows that the only parent is the state.

            1. Comrade is the familiar form; citizen is used for more formal occasions, like show trials and executions.

  4. Trump PAC, lawyers, and impeachment defense raise eyebrows.

    Thank goodness we still have an interesting president around to focus on.

    1. Golly, strange how those lawyers all suddenly quit.
      Lawyers aren’t known to drop cases for deep pocketed clients just because they consider them unwinnable. Especially when they can draw it out for years and bill millions.
      So why’d they suddenly drop the case?

      Something really suspicious there. You’d think that journalists might be curious… I wonder why Reason isn’t?

      1. From my understanding, it was over a difference of opinion about strategy. The lawyers (picked by GOP senators) wants to go with the ‘dismiss the charges because it’s unconstitutional’ and Trump (unsurprisingly) wants something a bit more confrontational.

        1. From what I read it was they had the same strategy but trump just wanted to bring up issues of election fraud as well.

      2. Since when does Trump pay anybody?

  5. E.U. threatens nut milks…


    1. “E.U. Threatens Fist for Not Taking Its Threats Seriously”

    2. The E.U. is now just the land of fruits. No nuts need apply.

    3. Leche de heuvos can no longer be served out of yogurt containers are classic milk cartons.

      1. Leche de Huevos? You mean Egg Cream?

        “I scream, you scream! We all want Egg Cream!” –Lou Reed.

    4. I got ur nut milk…right here!

      1. “Just keep pulling…”

  6. “Robinhood Markets Inc. blocked trading of volatile stocks such as GameStop GME -5.06% last week after a clearinghouse asked for $3 billion to back up the trades, the trading app’s chief executive said in an interview posted online.”

    —-Wall Street Journal

    That’s an eminently understandable reason to temporarily halt trading–because you can’t afford to pay your clearing house to execute them.

    1. And AoC, Rashida Tlaib, and the Democrats who sided with them to call on the SEC, the Fed, and/or the Treasury to step in should all be ashamed of themselves.

      Much of what they do can also be explained by simple stupidity.

      1. It was nice to see Warren jump forward to offer to help regulate the plebes from doing this again.

      2. See AOC’s attempt to own Cruz over his comment about the Paris climate agreement. Either she’s not nearly as smart as her supporters think, or her supporters are dumb as bricks and she knows it.

        1. Both are true

        2. I would bet that she has no idea what the Treaty of Paris was.

          1. I would bet that she couldn’t make an Old Fashioned if all she had available was bourbon, sugar, water, bitters, and an orange.

            1. But she can spit in your beer.

        3. I’m not sure that even her supporters think she’s smart.

    2. They didn’t even actually halt all trading, just buys. They were still allowing sells to go through to help drive the price back down. And then afterwards controlled the number of buys allowed. These actions had two intended actions, drive prices of the stock down and delay prices from rising until the contracts held by the hedge funds cleared.

      1. How do you sell if no one is buying?

        1. I think the short (no pun intended) answer is that you allow institutional traders to buy, but not retail investors. And it wasn’t every clearinghouse that wouldn’t allow buy orders, just specific ones.

          1. This is correct. It was robinhood who disallowed the buys, not institutional traders.

        2. AFAIK other brokers like TD Ameritrade, Fidelity Ect. were still allowing buys.

          1. Limited buys from Ameritrade.

      2. Reads like a conspiracy to manipulate the market, to me.

    3. That reasoning would justify a day delay in purchases. Giving enough time for the money to clear the various buyer’s banks, so it could be given to the clearing house. It does not justify not allowing the purchases even with a delay.

      1. It doesn’t justify bad customer service, but it looks like they were forced to make some hasty decisions, instituted them in a haphazard way, raised the money, and generally did their mistake prone best. Anyone who wants to sue them for false advertising or breach of contract should be free to do so, but letting AoC, Rashida Talib, and Elizabeth Warren remake the financial system in their image won’t be necessary because of this.

        1. Come on, Ken, NEVER let a good “crisis” go to waste.

        2. It at least would’ve looked a lot better if they restricted buys on all stocks, and not just the few that were shooting up. If their issue was transfers clearing, wouldn’t that be the rational response?

          1. No.

            It was just a few of them that were causing all the commotion.

            Why would they restrict trading in shares that weren’t part of the problem? “The trees were all made equal by hatchet, axe, and saw”, is a tragedy. It’s not a legitimate solution. That’s an excuse for why we can’t have freedom.

            1. I understand that these were the shares that were driving the cash shortage.

              But like Jesse mentioned, the result was that buys by retail investors were slowed down, allowing some shorts to clear, driving the price down.
              I don’t know that there’s anything actionable here, or if the SEC should even get involved.
              They also could’ve put a freeze on individual users, or new accounts, or required money up front for some high volume stocks and no one would be talking about market collusion.

              I’m not saying they’re manipulating the market, but if they were, this is exactly what it would look like. I’m talking about the optics of the situation here.

              1. Short term prices are always about supply and demand. When you’re trading, you can see the open interest pending in the ask side and the bid side, and as volume lowers or increases in either, the price goes up or down accordingly. Anything can influence that. Stocks are often volatile on the Friday afternoon before a long weekend because no one’s allowed to make big trades without the boss’ permission, and he left early on the Friday before a long weekend to get his family to the airport or in the SUV on the way to the ski cabin. That’s no reason to change the system.

                I know someone who was on the trading floor setting up his servers on Black Friday in 1987. Stocks sold so fast that traders thought they were getting much more than they were for their market sell orders. They were ruined. Some of them lost their minds and attacked the people whose job it was to officially log trades–which made the problem even worse. This is no different from that, really. People’s ability to make trades are impacted by all kinds of things–including snow storms.

                Account for that when you make your trades, and if your broker has insufficient ability to control or access the clearing house, then dump your discount broker and pay a premium for a better one. Isn’t Robinhood basically doing fractional trades anyway? You get what you pay for. If you want a custom cherry paint job on your hot rod, don’t take it to a discount shop or some high school kid working out of his garage down the street. And if they can’t do what they said they would, sue them for breach of contract.

                Don’t cry until the government generally and AoC, Talib, and Liz Warren come ans solve your problems for you. It is your responsibility to do your due diligence on your broker, and the system does not need to be reformed by progressives simply because you didn’t do your due diligence and your expectations in a crisis were too high and unreasonable.

                P.S. If there’s ever a major earthquake in Southern California, all the earthquake companies that don’t have the assets to cover those claims will go bust. If you buy a discount insurance policy from a company that has no chance of ever being paid out on a claim, guess whose fault that is? I’ll give you a hint: It’s not the tax payers’ fault, and Liz Warren isn’t the solution.

  7. You have to have negative Covid test to fly into the US, but you still have to wear a mask on the airplane. Stupid.

    1. It’s ok because the covid tests are unreliable.

      1. But masks are 100% effective. Or more.

        1. As evidenced by the drastic drop in covid cases this winter.

        2. Only if you double mask according to fauci and the media this week.

          But fauci admits it is bullshit today.

          Fauci on double masking:

          “There’s no data that indicates that that is going to make a difference”

          Can’t think of a more appropriate face of an incompetent government.

          1. Wait till Rachel (formerly Richard) Levine becomes Assistant Secretary at DHHS.

            Just watching a one minute video of Levine talking at a podium will make half of Americans want to puke.

            As PA Sec of Health, Levine (just like Cuomo in NY) ordered nursing homes to accept covid patients from hospitals, which is why 70% of PA’s covid deaths last spring/summer were nursing home residents. Since Levine knew this would occur, he/she removed his/her own mother from a nursing home just days after issuing the order.

            Gov. Wolf and Levine also falsely claimed/insisted that shutting down the vast majority of businesses in PA was necessary to prevent covid from spreading. Instead, their lockdown destroyed tens of thousands of GOP owned businesses, and made millions of PA residents even more dependent upon $$$$ from Big Brother, just as Govs Wolf, Cuomo, Murphy and other Democrats planned and implemented to remove Trump from office.

            The ONLY reason Levine was nominated for this federal job was because he/she is a transgender who appears to be an ugly and badly dressed transvestite.

            Seems like Joe Biden wants to sniff Levine’s hair.

            1. Gross.

          2. Which experts are we supposed to believe?

            Dr. Anthony Fauci’s position on masks has evolved once again. In one year, he’s gone from saying masks shouldn’t be worn, to arguing they should, to now saying doubling up on masks is “common sense.”

            “If you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on, it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective,” Fauci told NBC’s Today Show. “And that’s the reason why you see people either double masking or doing a version of an N95.”

            But as geriatric erstwhile football coach cum sports talking head Lee Corso mumbles “Not so fast my friend..”

            But Biden Covid-19 adviser Dr. Michael Osterholm pushed back on the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease director’s recent comments.

            “In terms of using the face cloth coverings, doubling them, actually we need to be very careful about that,” he said. “That may actually be counterproductive, not helpful. We know, and I’m not an aerobiologist, but we know that in fact they may actually impede the movement of air in and out and causing it to actually escape in the big crevices between the cloth and your face. That’s a bigger problem, not a lesser problem than one.”

            “If you get too thick of cloth the air doesn’t move through it efficiently, you feel suffocating and the air then moves in and out of the cracks. So that’s why we have to be very careful about people making recommendations right now about double masking and so forth without really having the data to support that…”

            Triple and quadruple masking was not discussed, apparently.

            Now I has the confuse…

            1. its not a matter of common sense. ” Settled science” published by CDC, NIH and the Dental world say masks do not even stop water droplets, regardless of size. CDC says masks are not filters.

    2. I couldn’t help but notice that the exemption list does NOT include those who have been vaccinated, nor those who have had the virus.
      You know, people who can neither get nor spread the virus.
      Kind of makes it look more like fascism than “Science”.

      1. The “vaccine” is not a vaccine. People who have received it can still become infected, and possibly spread the virus. The do not become immune until after they’ve been infected.

        1. So what’s the point? To get a shot to feel bad for a few days or to feel bad for a few days from the virus. Why bother?

        2. Some of the vaccines may provide sterilizing immunity rather than just effective immunity: during their development, Challenge studies were done on both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines. The challenge studies basically tested the vaccines on macaque monkeys – a control group versus a group that was vaccinated. Then both groups were infected with Covid-19. Samples were taken periodically of the nasal and lung fluids and the viral density was determined. The vaccinated generally had greatly reduced virus density (on the order of one to twoorders of magnitude) a day after the infection and vanished after that. In comparison the unvaccinated monkeys had the virus for four or more days later. So the mRNA vaccines may likely provide sterilizing immunity in humans. I believe a couple studies are underway to determine if that is true.

  8. People don’t seem to understand that there is AZ vaccine in America just waiting for approval

    I don’t care how untested it is, sign me up to get vaccinated against Arizona.

    1. It’s a dry vaccination.

      1. Like in an oven?

    2. / sad face

    3. Too bad AZ did not get vaccinated against CA.

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  10. Footage released by the Rochester Police Department in New York shows cops pepper-spraying a 9-year-old girl.

    As long as they didn’t leave her alone in the car while they went for donuts they’re in the clear.

    1. The line between pepper-spraying and shooting dead is somewhere between 9 to 12 years of age. We’re narrowing in on it.

  11. It is looking like Chinese investments are paying off as Biden has directed the State Department to look into the Uyghur genocide proclamation (despite his own nominee supporting the declaration).

    Much better investment than Swalwell. Hunter Biden still has a huge stake in China as well, so nobody seems to care.

    1. Multiple Chinese Analysts are noticing how aggressive China has been since Biden won. Say they are warning signs of things to come. Expect another Crimea like actions, but from China this time.

      1. It’s just omelets and eggs, as usual.

      2. I expect they’ll be involved in Myanmar shortly

    2. Well, if all else fails, they can always impeach Trump for it.

      1. Shades of this Democrats prohibiting Trump from pulling troops from Afghanistan.
        A future conversation with White Knight or Buttplug:

        “Remember when Trump refused to condemn the Uighur genocide?”

        “But he did, Biden called it xenophobic and overturned it”

        “So it didn’t happen then, did it”

        1. Maybe, if history doesn’t get rewritten dictionary-style by then.

          1. Dictionaries are racist!

            1. And misogynistic. They start with Dic.

  12. Myanmar reminds the ignorant left what an actual coup or insurrection looks like.

    Hint, it wasn’t what happened Jan 6th.

    1. Liberal activists commit “new insurrection” as armed activists try to take over a hotel in Washington State.

      1. Hey man, antifa is just an idea.

    2. The United States has condemned the coup, saying it “opposes any attempt to alter the outcome of recent elections”.


      1. “If we’re not the ones doing it” the Secretary added.

    3. Isn’t a military coup an official part of Myanmar’s periodic power transitions?

      1. It probably is in some hidden ink on the back of their constitution.

  13. Twitter suspends religious group for saying on twitter that the new HHS secretary was born a man. Science continues to lose in post modernism liberalism.

    1. The party of Science!

      If you told people in 1970 that fifty years later Christians would be standing by biological realities while secularists were denying them, they would’ve laughed.

      1. 2020s Creationism is more woke than 1070s Creationism.

    2. “We simply … defined what transgender women are — those born male who believe they are a woman”

      *** scratches head ***

      What is Twitter’s non-hateful definition?

      1. Blind allegiance to make believe. Oddly their policy doesn’t extend to anorexic people or ableists who want to cut off their limbs.

      2. This is not a penis!

    3. Well he pulled his parents hot of a nursing home while telling other nursing homes that it’s safe and mandatory to take in covid patients.. If he can be that two faced he might be as equally two gendered

      1. The caring woman side pulled her mother out of the home while his pragmatic man side dumped as many other patients he could on the homes.

  14. Urban collapse is a modern-day version of an apocalypse prophecy: It’s always lurking just around the corner, seductive and terrifying, but it never quite happens…

    City dwellers seldom know or want to know that there is an entire world outside their city limits. Rural folk, on the other hand, are forced to deal with urban life through NYC- and LA-centric national news reporting, voting patterns and dense population-tailored laws and regulations.

    1. but it never quite happens

      Detroit looks pretty collapsed to me.

      1. Not totally collapsed. Some houses still cost a dollar.

      2. Yeah, check out the east side of Detroit on Google Maps. Block after block with 0 or 2 or 3 houses left. Fences along the city limits so neighboring suburbs can keep the zombies and feral dogs out. Pretty collapsed, yes.

  15. And just like that, jack-booted thugs are the good guys again.

    1. They can even proudly wear their badge numbers again without fear of the left targeting them! Until Nancy/Chuck are done with them at least.

    2. The CDC seems to feel empowered by the recent change in command.

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  17. Thank god we got rid of that authoritarian dictator Trump, otherwise we wouldn’t have these federal police agencies making sure everyone wears their masks everywhere they go.

    1. ^THIS-!!!!!!!!!

  18. A new Department of Justice memo “rescinded a 2017 memo that ordered federal prosecutors to seek the toughest charges and maximum possible sentences on the books…”

    Certain riot groups excluded.

    1. Some offenders are just beyond the pale and should receive the death penalty. life in prison is too good for insurrectionists.


  19. If there was any doubt that Democrats were trying to bribe voters with 2000 dollars for voting for them in Georgia… voters are upset that Biden has not given them 2000 checks.

    Yes, the ads literally say vote for Warnock for 2k in money.

    1. LOL. Wait until he raises taxes.

      1. But he promised!!! When has he ever broken a promise?!? Even Glen Reynolds says he doesn’t need to keep track of the Biden lies.

      2. How many of these people actually pay taxes?

        1. It will be a new experience for them.


  20. Two members of the Proud Boys who participated in the January 6 Capitol riot have been charged with federal conspiracy.

    Mostly peaceful Proud Boys now tainted wholesale.

    1. But Soros still funds BLM riots, unmolested by federal agents.

      1. And no one in BLM was smart enough to conspire.

        1. Racist!

    2. person 1. hey you want to protest at the capital?
      person 2. yes

      1. person 1. Hey wouldn’t it be great if the president died?
        person 2. yes

  21. Were your photos used to help build facial recognition databases?

    The cloud? More like clouded judgment. Am I right, people?

  22. The left goes insane over a comment from a Twitter troll account:

    “‘If you see anybody from the Cuomo Administration in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.’ -Maxine CuomoWatch,” the tweet reads.

    Fail to realize the quote from Auntie Maxine Waters with a single word switched. None of the letists decrying the tweet are shamed to find out the quote was from one of them. Some even actually defend the quote under Waters while continuing to attack the parody account.

    1. Meh. Bands of monkey have always flung feces at other bands. And occasionally ripped off their faces.

  23. People in correctional facilities have temporarily been able to get buprenorphine—a medicine shown to treat opioid use disorder—via telemedicine due to the pandemic.

    Next thing you know we won’t be locking people up for opioid abuse in the first place.

  24. “All of those skilled workers who are in the coal industry and transferring those skills to what we need to do in terms of dealing with reclaiming abandoned land mines; what we need to do around plugging leaks from oil and gas wells; and, transferring those important skills to the work that has yet to be done that needs to get done,” the vice president said.

    Whatever Joe has is contagious, someone needs to get Harris to a doctor.

    1. We have land mines?

      1. well soon around the capital there will be land mines to keep “domestic terrorist” out

    2. If it has to do with Harris being in power I would assume the clap, or herpes

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  26. Masks must be of a style approved by the federal government and must fit properly.

    If this is so important, why doesn’t President Biden exec-order Operation Woof Speed to provide everyone in the country with a government-approved mask?

  27. Creating a vast network of law enforcement officials empowered to enforce these mask rules will of course provide a handy new excuse for monitoring and surveilling citizens.

    Meanwhile, deputizing federal agents, state authorities, and local cops to enforce transit mask rules will open up all sorts of new police harassment and abuse opportunities.

    Maybe Reason should have been more forceful in denouncing these actions last year instead of worrying about mean tweets.

    1. I said to myself “Some retard, JesseAz most likely, is saying Reason wanted this waaaahhhh!

      Sure ’nuff…

      1. Do you want it?

        1. He does. Notice he actually isn’t saying it is a bad thing, but attacking someone who saw it for what it was last year.

          And he claims to be a libertarian lol.

          1. You never publicly denounced raping grandmothers with pineapples the necessary thirty times required to prove you truly oppose raping grandmothers with pineapples.

            Why do you rape grandmothers with pineapples?

            1. Nice attempt at diversion, sarc, but you’re not smart enough to pull it off.
              Have another morning Mad Dog and try again later.

              1. I never saw you denounce the sodomization of Mounties. Isn’t it a crime to tacitly advocate for anal rape of law enforcement in Canada? Someone should report you.

                  1. With a moosecock.

                    1. Very astute observation. He never said rape with moosecock is bad, which means he tacitly supports it. What a horrible person he must be.

                    2. Cripes! Another diversion attempt.

                      Anyway, I’ve been condemning sodomization of Mounties with moosecock for years, you’ve just been too drunk to notice.

                      You know who hasn’t condemned sodomizing Mounties with moosecock though?

                    3. I made you dance! Ha ha!

                      Doesn’t matter. You’re supposed to denounce it thirty times before I bring it up, otherwise you’re just backpeddling from a stance that I assert you made by not making the opposite assertion.

                    4. You still haven’t condemned sodomizing Mounties with moosecock… or in your case mousecock, sarc.

                      “You’re supposed to denounce it thirty times before I bring it up”

                      So I’m Donald Trump, and you’re the Washington Post?

                1. The funny thing is oy you and Jeff think this is a successful form of argumentation.

                  Youre too ignorant to understand the difference in denouncing an action in an article about said action as compared to your strawman aophist presentation above.

                  Youre a fucking idiot. Lol.

                  1. You’re too clueless for words.

                    1. Lol. Youre so broken. This is why people think you are sqrsly. You thread shit more than he does.

                    2. You are pretty dumb, sarc.

                      Isn’t there a children’s internet or something that you can go play on, instead of embarrassing yourself here?

            2. Did you see thier skirts? That’s why.

            3. Dang you’re on fire today sarc

            4. I actually have every time one of you retards has used that form of sophistry. I have also done so on every thread about it.

              Here we have you not doing so in an article about the decreases to liberty over mask policy.

              You lefty retards are simply ignorant.

              And you’re broken.

              1. Says the guy who’s standard argument is “They didn’t say [insert hobby horse here] which means they believe [insert straw man here].”

                Without that you might have to, oh the horror, address what people actually say instead of a bunch of made up crap you attribute to them because of what they didn’t say.

                And then you accuse others of sophistry?

                You’re completely dishonest or completely clueless.

                1. Even after clearly explaining the difference to you, you are too dumb to understand. Seek help buddy.

                  1. Oh I completely understand. You’re a total hack who has never once in my observation addressed what someone actually said. Instead you attribute arguments and motives based upon what people don’t say, and then expect them to defend themselves from these fallacious attacks. On top of that you accuse others of sophistry. That’s the facts, jack.

                    1. Do you need a picture or something dummy?

                      I can link dozens of articles on BLM and Biden on which you had not one negative comment and defended both.

                      Even when called out you started crying you never condemn anything on a thread you condemned things in. It was fucking pathetic.

                      Now if you can find one thread on clown or moose rape that i did not condemn it or even defend it in you may have an actual point.

                      Is this clear enough? Ran it by a 4 year old and they understood the difference. He wasn’t drunk though.

      2. 6/6 Sarcasmic. You’re nothing if not consistent. LOL

        How’s that fake sanctimony working for you? Do you believe your ignorance is justified because you’re the “good guy”?

        It is amazing how much you’ve lied to yourself about who you are. Standard alcoholic behaviors.

        I also like how your concern isn’t against the expanded threat of the actions even Reason is decrying, but instead trying to attack someone for recognizing the abuses last year.

        You’re broken man.

      3. I said to myself “Some retard, JesseAz most likely, is saying Reason wanted this waaaahhhh!”

        What a strange thing to care about.

        1. It has been like this every day for a week. Lol.

          He is basically sqrsly at this point.

        2. Yet it’s you guys who bring me up a dozen times on every thread.

          1. sarcasmic
            February.1.2021 at 10:10 am
            Yet it’s you guys who bring me up

            February.1.2021 at 10:01 am
            I said to myself “Some retard, JesseAz

            1. Damn, sarc really played himself again with this one.

          2. So you don’t even remember what you posted in the same thread, huh? lol

            1. Huntington’s Chorea.

              1. I guess that would explain why he walks like a drunken sailor.

          3. Nobody brought you up in this thread you drunk fuck.

      4. “I said to myself”

        Because you’re an insufferable drunk and conversing with you is like chewing glass.

      5. Reason did want this. They were cheerleading the guy promising to do exactly this for the last year.

        1. He is in drunken denial.

          1. Ooooooo what do you do it a drunken sarc,
            What do you do with a drunken sarc.
            What do you with a drunken sarc
            Early in the moning

  28. Seems that what we have learned is that the CDC is omnipotent and even has authority that exceeds that of the entire federal government. They can even decree restrictions that the leader of the executive branch cannot.

    I don’t disagree with the wearing of mask. I do disagree with the idea that government should be mandating that mask be worn under threat of government force.

    1. You are weak.

      1. How can he be weak? He is a violent secessionist because he disagrees with a federal dictate.

    2. The left LOVES tyrannical authority. It’s exactly why there is no government like ‘federal’ government.

  29. Footage released by the Rochester Police Department in New York shows cops pepper-spraying a 9-year-old girl.

    Not to worry, they’re Biden’s cops now. Merely an isolated incident, nothing to see here, move along.

  30. Cue the federal mask cops. Americans are now required to wear masks in planes, trains, buses, subways, taxis, car services, boats, and transportation hubs, per a new order from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that took effect today

    You are. I have a qualifying medical condition that gets me off the hook.

    Suck it maskerbaters!

    1. I have a qualifying medical condition that gets me off the hook.
      After you get a beating, they will read your papers.

      1. Then my fat lawsuit pays me.

        1. Qualified immunity.

            1. the FTCA does not exempt intentional torts committed by “investigative or law enforcement officers”, thus allowing individuals aggrieved by the actions of law enforcement officers to have their day in court


              In a 9-3 ruling reversal today, the court found that immunity is not available because they qualify as “investigative or law enforcement officers.”

              “Because TSOs are ‘officer[s] of the United States’ empowered to ‘execute searches’ for ‘violations of Federal law,’ Pellegrino’s lawsuit may proceed,” U.S. Circuit Judge Thomas Ambro wrote in the majority

              1. Sounds like you have more than one disappointment upcoming.

                1. Zing!

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  32. “Mask enforcement” is going to take us to some interesting places. I won’t be surprised if the courts rule that “mask violations” will suffice as “probably cause” to search people.

    And then Hollywood can start making movies about heroic undercover mask cops. Serpico, step aside!

    1. Make way for Strapico.

      1. Strap-onico?

        1. Much different movie.

          1. The porno rehash

  33. “Federal Mask Cops To Start Targeting Travelers Today”

    Except that Biden promised he’d impose a 100 day mask mandate if elected, and ENB (and other nonlibertarians at Reason) campaigned for Biden/Harris (primarily by lying about and trashing Trump, who would never have allowed CDC to impose this mask mandate).

    But Biden’s mask mandate is insignificant compared Biden/Pelosi/Schumer/Bowser imposing martial law in DC (by falsely claiming Trump supporters were/are planning violent insurrections at the Capitol and all state capitols, lies that Reason has never denounced or even mildly criticized.

    Seems like the readers are the the only libertarians left at Reason.

    1. And it won’t be just 100 days.

    2. Mandate, that’s when Barack and Michelle go out to the movies.

      1. That joke boomeranged on me about three comments down.

        That was funnier than shit

  34. It should be about personal responsibility. If you don’t comply with public health rules, fine, you can do that, but you also then don’t get any medical treatment if you get covid. Let people make the choice themselves.

    1. Fuck off slaver.

    2. If you don’t comply with public health rules, fine, you can do that, but you also then don’t get any medical treatment if you get covid

      Only covid? Not AIDS or Hepatitis?

      How about you go fuck yourself instead?

      Let people make the choice themselves.

      Except heatlh care workers. They can’t treat people without your permission.

      How about you go fuck yourself twice?

    3. If you’re serious about this, how do you enforce it? In other words, if I show up at the doctor’s office with covid and I had at some point ridden a bus without a mask, how would the doctor know that?

      Be careful what you wish for.

    4. And that system works when the government controls all healthcare in the country, because it can arbitrarily decide who gets to see a doctor and who doesn’t and back those decisions up with force.

      By contrast, if people got to control their own healthcare decisions, they could decide that the inconvenience of wearing a mask outweighs whatever health benefit the mask provides and then pay for that tradeoff out of their own pocket to a doctor willing to accept the payment. Which is why authoritarians don’t want people controlling their healthcare; it takes away a lever of power that the government would otherwise have to bend others to their will.

      1. Wow I worded that last sentence poorly. Let me fix it:

        Which is why authoritarians want government in control of healthcare; it provides another a lever of power to bend others to their will.

        1. While we are all locked down, surely someone in the commentariat is capable of coding an edit function for Reason.

          1. The only edit function this site needs is for commenters to edit the “staff writers” articles as we interpret them. Like the comments on a Word document

        2. Well put!

      2. Moonrocks, you are 100% correct.

        Government controlled health care is government control of everything you could possible do.

        They now must pay for the outcomes of all the risks you take and so they get to dictate everything you do.

        For progressives it’s feature, not a bug.

    5. Fuck off and die, slaver.

    6. She’s basically advocating Emperor Xi’s Social Credit System.

      The Social Credit System is a proposed national reputation system being developed by the government of China under CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping’s administration . . . . It is intended to standardize the assessment of citizens’ and businesses’ economic and social reputation, or ‘Social Credit’.[1][7][8][9][10][11]

      As of June 2019, according to the National Development and Reform Commission of China, 27 million air tickets as well as 6 million high-speed rail tickets had been denied to people who were deemed “untrustworthy” (on a blacklist), and 4.4 million “untrustworthy” people had chosen to fulfill their duties required by the law.[43][44] . . . . Some cities have also banned children of “untrustworthy” residents from attending private schools and even universities.[50][51][52][53][54] On the other hand, people with high credit ratings may receive rewards such as less waiting time at hospitals and governmental agencies, discounts at hotels, greater likelihood of receiving employment offers and so on.[39][40][41][55]

      Eat shit, Molly.

    7. Now do “not getting a (marketable) education” and “not getting a job” and “not saving enough for retirement” and “not using birth control”.


    8. For 10 months you all said that covid restrictions were horrible, you screamed to “open the economy”, not singing in church was an assault on freedom of religion, and wearing a mask was tyranny. You claimed that covid was no worse then the flu and was nothing to worry about. But I (who has zero influence anywhere) makes a suggestion that those who refuse just don’t get treatment (for a virus they don’t even believe is a threat) and you freak out. Your hypocrisy is shown. The truth is just you all are assholes who don’t care one bit about the health of others.

      1. You’re arguing with strawmen in your head.

        In addition to that, just because locking the economy down was a bad idea, doesn’t mean the government should deny treatment to people who don’t do as they’re told.

        There’s this thing called a false dichotomy, and you should learn about it.

        Your “thinking” is fundamentally irrational.

      2. Actually we said that lockdowns won’t stop the virus and aren’t the difference between hospitals being overrun and not being overrun.

        And that’s proven to be the case in the last year.

      3. The truth is just you all are assholes who don’t care one bit about the health of others.

        Yeah, fuck those kids in Vegas that killed themselves due to despair over the social isolation your side demanded.

        The problem with you neo-yuppie, safety-obsessed types is that you project your own solipsism onto others. The truth is that you don’t give two shits about other people or how the policies you propose will affect them. You’re just scared that something bad will happen to YOU, and demand that others comply to accommodate YOU.

        The rest of us should not have to suffer due to progressive neuroticism.

      4. People are taking offence to your suggestion that you should be in charge of who gets what treatment for whatever arbitrary reasons you decide on that day.

        1. Not I who will be in charge. Everyone gets to make the choice themselves.

          1. I just love this turn of phrase that leftists use when they murder you in a streetcorner execution and then blame you for making them murder you. I don’t think even religious zealots descend into that kind of zealotry.

          2. So why stop with just Covid. Let’s do obesity and heart disease too. If those fatty’s want to keep gobbling food and not exercising why should they get heart stints and pig valves? Or diabetes treatment? Just saw off their feet and be done with them.
            Unprotected sex? no Aids or Chlamydia treatments for you.
            Anorexia? Don’t they care about how others have to suffer because they don’t want to eat? So selfish.
            What about the flu or common cold? Sure it may not kill you, but it might kill someone who picks up the germs from your meandering. No treatment for you!
            I think you get the idea.

            1. All right leaning people are mentally ill. They don’t deserve treatment.

              See how that works Molly?

              1. You’re implying that he’d find that statement problematic, but he doesn’t. Fascists generally don’t care how their leaders take power as long as they take power.

        2. Not me. I’m just mocking the idea that molly would really be “fine” with individuals making their own choices.

          If she even knows what an individual is.

    9. commie-paid, “don’t get any medical treatment”.. What ever happened to your, “personal responsibility” proclamation.

      Ya; people should ‘make the choice’ and ALL of them should take ‘responsibility’. If one cannot afford medical treatment; the last I checked EVERY city has a ‘welfare’ system in place.

      A tyrannical authoritative ‘federal’ over-read is all this is.

    10. You don’t really think that. You’d be the first one whining about who the maskless offender may have infected. “That’s fine, no treatment for you” would likely not be your reaction. Cuz you’re a statist idiot.

    11. look up the term ” Roman Partiarchy” Thats you.

  35. The CDC is authorized to give orders with the force of law to the general public, where and how?

    I thought we had already decided an agency of the federal government has no ability to compel local law enforcement to enforce its rules? Like with immigration and border control?

    1. That’s only when Orange man wants it to happen. When it’s the perfectly elected Unity president, local governments are a Danger to Our Democracy and impeding progress.

      1. ^This; The pretend government of Democratic National Socialist has no bearing in the USA; but that won’t stop them from being tyrannical dictators. At some point people are going to start noticing when the left win’s it’s not a USA ‘representation’ switch it’s an INVASION of the USA.

    2. So when to the mask sanctuary cities start popping up. Will they be praised like the immigration sanctuary cities?

      1. If these people had a shred of intellectual consistency, they would be. Therefore, they will be met with hysterical condemnations.

      2. Please make this happen. I’d love to see the media trying to say why mask sanctuaries are bad while immigrant sanctuaries are good.

        1. They will ignore that they had a completely different position on immigration enforcement.

          1. You’re all wrong here — It will never be termed ‘sanctuary’ by Nazi-Media. It will be insurrection and domestic terrorism; Gosh thought you all would’ve taken notice of that by now.

            1. I suppose the real question is whether Biden would face opposition from the courts when talking about withholding federal funds from sanctuary cities.

              1. If the courts did their jobs all ‘federal’ bribery-funding for States would be in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

    3. they are not authorized to do so by an EO. EOs have limited applicability to Govt Agencies. not the Public.

  36. By 2022, a lot of posters here will be whining that Reason is unfairly choosing to side with the GOP against the Harris administration.
    Get ready for the next “most important election of our lifetime.”
    The fear is, of course, that the Harris administration will not wave away the importance of the 2022 election like the Trumpsters did in 2018.

    1. You’re an idiot and obviously have not spent a lot of time on this site.

  37. AstraZenica’s vaccine is not “waiting for approval”. They have not filed the paperwork yet to get an Emergency Use Authorization.

    By law the FDA cannot go and approve something for use that has not even applied for use in the US.

  38. Good news on the Regional Sports Networks. I’m not talking about FS1, FS2. I’m talking about Fox Sports San Diego, Fox Sports Florida, Fox Sports West, Fox Sports Ohio, etc. The owner of these Regional Sports Networks, Sinclair Broadcasting, has been playing hardball in negotiations with streaming platforms over the past year–demanding higher and higher carriage fees. Every streaming service I’m aware of except one–the most expensive one, AT&T Now, that’s actually bleeding customers–has dropped the Regional Sports Networks because of it.

    This is a big deal for sports fans because if, for instance, you want to watch the San Diego Padres and you live in San Diego, the only place you can watch the games is on Fox Sports San Diego. That’s the way it is for a huge number of baseball and hockey teams all over the country. A subscription to or NHL Center Ice will let you watch any game you want–except for your home team when it’s playing at home. If you want to watch the home team like that, you must do it through a Regional Sports Network–and if the only legal way to get them is through your cable company, then you’re stuck with cable.

    That may be changing. Sinclair Broadcasting may be throwing in the towel on making the streamers pay the kind of carriage fees the cable companies pay. They’re rebranding their sports networks in conjunction with Bally’s casinos to sell their sports book. Hyping that casino’s sportsbook for huge fees and leveraging their acquisition of Monkey Knife Fight fantasy will help make up for carriage fees lost to streaming. It will no longer be Fox Sports Florida. It will be Bally Sports Florida.

    It seems to me that the writing is on the wall for selling subscriptions directly. As more and more people move to streaming, the incentive for Sinclair to open their apps up for local subscribers will continue to increase. As more people leave cable in Texas, for instance, they’re not about to stop watching the Mavericks, the Spurs, the Stars, and the Rangers. They’ll just learn to use a VPN and watch it on NHL Center Ice or–and Sinclair won’t get any of that money.

    If the Regional Sports Networks leave cable behind, it should have a devastating impact on cable news channels like CNN and MSNBC as well as the broadcast networks. People in Texas may pay an extra $100 a month in carriage fees for CNN, MSNBC, the broadcast networks, and other channels they don’t watch–just so they can see the Mavericks and the Rangers. If they can watch what they want by subscribing to an app without paying so much extra for channels they hate, then CNN, MSNBC, and the broadcast networks may need to start competing for eyeballs rather than relying on government mandates, monopoly power, and carriage fees paid by people who don’t watch those channels.

    1. P.S. And if CNN, MSNBC, and the broadcast networks are forced to compete for eyeballs, they’ll be forced to compete for the eyeballs of people who are somewhere to the right of Joe Biden, too.

      1. Sports are dead.

        1. Carriage fees are racist.

      2. So, what does this mean for me? I quit traditional cable quite a few years ago, but during college football and basketball I pick up Hulu Live (or sometimes Sling). It pisses me right off whenever I can’t watch a game because it’s carried on FS Midwest or FS Kansas City. Will the streaming providers start carrying regional networks? Or is there going to be yet another smaller streaming package I’ll need to get in order to watch all the games I want to watch?

        1. What I’m saying is that since the streamers aren’t budging, and more and more of their customers are fleeing cable for streaming services, we’re probably looking at Sinclair opening their apps to direct subscriptions–maybe as soon as this baseball season.

          It’ll be like Discovery+, which just launched a few weeks ago. Now you don’t need cable to watch Discovery Channel, Food Network, or HGTV (among others). You can subscribe to Discovery+ for $4.99 a month and dump not only cable but also any streaming service you were subscribing to–just to get those channels.

          This is what I see coming to Fox Sports Midwest or Fox Sports Kansas City. They’ve already announced that they’ll change the names of the apps and channels to Bally Midwest and Bally Kansas City in the coming weeks. There is no good reason to think that the streaming services will suddenly decide to start paying through the nose to carry those channels, so Bally Midwest and Bally Kansas City will probably soon become available for direct subscription like Discovery+.

          There were only about 83 million traditional cable and satellite subscribers at the end of 2019, a year when they lost 6 million subscribers. That trend has accelerated over the course of the pandemic. That means that every year, there are fewer and fewer potential subscribers for Sinclair’s Regional Sports Networks, like Fox Sports Midwest and Fox Sports Kansas City. The cable companies are losing subscribers and can’t pay what they did to carry those channels, and, in the meantime, there are all those streaming customers who would subscribe for whatever the cable companies are paying but can’t.

          Right now Sinclair don’t want to upset the apple cart by giving people an incentive to drop cable because cable is willing to pay them so much precisely because people can’t get the RSNs anywhere else (legally). But eventually, the amount of money to make selling subscriptions direct to consumers will surpass the amount of money Sinclair can make from carrier fees by way of cable. Discovery has decided they’re already past that point. That $4.99 a month you pay them for Discovery+ is instead of a carriage fee through a cable subscription.

          And now that Sinclair is getting a bunch of money from a major casino sportsbook, it makes the transition from cable fees to selling subscriptions direct to the public even easier. So, what this means is that the day when we can subscribe to these RSNs directly without cable is fast approaching and may be here before the start of the baseball season.

          In the meantime, look on the internet for a VPN service that touts itself as working well with or NHL Center Ice. If you change your IP address to something outside of your area, you may be able to watch local home games as if you were watching them from out of town–despite the rules that prevent those games from being broadcast to anyone locally except for the Regional Sports Networks.

          1. I’m actually open to paying a small subscription fee to a regional sports network. I pay for ESPN+ so that I have access to Big 12 Now programming… well worth the cost.

            I just really wish there was an all-inclusive sports-streaming option. Sports are, quite literally, the only live programming I’m interested in at all. I know there’s a lot of hurdles with all the different networks and league tv contracts, but I would think that there’s a big market opportunity for bundling all sports content. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants sports programming without paying for Fox News, SNL, MSNBC, etc.

            1. Hell even an a la carte system through a streaming service would be great. Get ESPN for 6 bucks a month, ESPN2 for 5 bucks, FS1 for 5.50, ESPN+ for 4…..

              That would really be great for the networks themselves in determining demographics and programming success. They could get info directly instead of having to rely on ratings services.

            2. Check our Fubo TV


              They’re an all sports solution. The only things they may be missing are the Regional Sports Networks and CBS. You can get your local CBS channel live though CBS All Access if there’s a game on. And the RGNs are an issue everywhere–for now. I think that solution’s in the mail.

              1. Thanks, I’ll check it out.

  39. “Urban collapse is a modern-day version of an apocalypse prophecy: It’s always lurking just around the corner, seductive and terrifying, but it never quite happens,” writes Annalee Newitz, author of Four Lost Cities: A Secret History of the Urban Age,

    Newitz seems to be setting up a strawman here that, if a city doesn’t experience an ancient Rome-style collapse, then large-scale cities should still be considered vibrant places.

    “Collapse” isn’t something that happens overnight. When it happens, it can take decades. Depending on the economic composition of the city, the collapse can take decades to recover from, and even then, will likely be in a VERY different form than what built it up in the first place.

    Cities like New York and San Francisco have inherent socio-economic advantages that ones like Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland don’t, so they can better weather economic downturns in the short and long term. What should have these pundits concerned is the implications that the pandemic has for commercial real estate. These headquarters cost a ton for even billion-dollar conglomerates like Google to run and maintain. I guarantee you that a lot of banking firms and tech companies are seeing that their overall productivity isn’t being hampered that much by their workers staying home, and are seriously looking at divesting themselves of at least some of their commercial real estate holdings in order to save money.

    THAT’S the real danger to urban downtowns–that, as Millennials age and move out to the suburbs, and corporations look to cut costs due to the impacts of the pandemic, that these cities start to resemble the complete shitholes a lot of them turned in to during the late 60s and early 70s. They didn’t collapse, but their school systems went to hell, crime went through the roof, services were cut, and the physical landscape deteriorated.

    1. Have you ever read The Wizards of Ozymandias: Reflections on the Decline and Fall by the late Butler Shaffer? It covers this subject in an interesting way.

      1. I haven’t, but I’ll check it out. “The Rough Road to Renaissance” by Jon Teaford is a good look at how this played out in post-war America, too.

  40. “Federal Mask Cops To Start Targeting Travelers Today”
    Didn’t ENB vote for Biden?

    1. Yes. And in full knowledge that a Biden administration would do exactly this. While bitching about how Trump violated federalism by sending federal police to protect a federal courthouse when the local government explicitly refused to do so.

  41. “‘Marilyn Manson horrifically abused me for years’: Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood, 33, claims rocker ex-fiancé, 52, ‘groomed and brainwashed her as a teenager’ – as four more accusers step forward”

    If you ever want to know why people in Hollywood are such turbo-leftists, the mass media industry being full of pedophiles and sex pests is a big part of it. Most of these people have battered spouse syndrome, and don’t actually see that the problem is the industry itself, and how people sell their souls for fame.

    There’s a great interview with Patrice O’Neal on YouTube where he talks about the entertainment industry, and how people make the choice to compromise themselves and their well-being because, while they’re being chewed up by the monster but before the monster shits them out, they’re treated like Bourbon aristocrats. But the caveat is that, once you sign your name, then you “owe” for the fame you’re given. The entertainment industry does NOT like someone who can’t be bought, because their entire paradigm rests on this form of de facto indentured servitude.

    1. This is something I wish more people understood. Hollywood is a fucked up place that doesn’t realize just how divergent their little mono culture is from the rest of society. They have absolutely no understanding that in the rest of the world having your boss ask you for sex before hiring you is basically an urban myth it’s so rare.

      1. “Divergent” is too understated a term. “Deviant” is far more appropriate when it comes to Hollywood.

        Just remember, every time you consooooooooooome popular culture, you enable shit like this to happen. The entertainment industry needs to go back to what it was prior to the 20th century, when actors were legitimately considered little better than prostitutes.

    2. Heh, and those of us who refuse to take morality lessons from Hollywood are considered the crazy ones.

  42. The (MASK) order will be enforced by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents. and this is how you get the TSA into every aspect of life from the local bus station to all public buildings even libraries and movie theaters. soon they will require TSA visits to homes to make sure you wear your mask at home as well.

  43. “Urban collapse is a modern-day version of an apocalypse prophecy: It’s always lurking just around the corner, seductive and terrifying, but it never quite happens,…”

    Don’t tell that to ghost towns.

  44. Vaccine passports coming next.

    1. The thing is I’ve been vaccinated. Twice.
      Yet I am still unable to remove my mask.

  45. “Kids under two years old, people with disabilities that disallow them from wearing masks, and people for whom “wearing a mask would create a risk to workplace health, safety, or job duty” are exempted.”

    Henceforth, I shall identify as a child. Chronology is white supremacy.

  46. The CDC doesn’t have that authority.

    The tyrannical authoritative left cannot be denied *Power* by the very foundation of the USA (U.S. Constitution); They have their own Democratic National Socialism (syn; Nazi) form of government.

    1. AND EOs do not have force of Public Law. They are only binding on Govt Agencies. Read the Applicability section of the EOs.

  47. They don’t even need to do this. Almost everyone gets it by now.


    On the brightside, masks make an excellent armband when not in use. Most importantly, wearing a mask makes it easier to identify “fellow travellers” and enemies of the State.

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  50. Wonder if those States and local governments which refuse to cooperate with the Federal government on immigration matters because it’s ‘not their job’ will cooperate with them on enforcing mask wearing?

    1. of course, thats how hypocrites roll!

  51. Biden and his whole illegitimate commie regime can fuck off

  52. Well then, I’m going to make a mask with an epic strap on black dildo and if they ban me…they’re racists.

    Dong work for yuda.

  53. I found a hole in the government today. Americans seem to be omiss about the fact that commerce clause regulation accounts for anything from civil rights acts to anti-age discrimination to anti-discrimination of genetics, plus as of this article interstate health regulations.

    The commerce clause means we get interstate police involved in higher-stakes engagements. This isn’t a feudal estate but rather a confederation estate. You may recall that the original confederation was replaced by a new republic and newly-elected President Geo. Washington.

    But the idea that the other states make their respective foreign policies collectively known through interstate police seems compelling.

  54. This is long overdue. I’m so glad they are doing it. Just as I do not have a right to drive drunk, I do not have a right to expose those in close proximity to me to a deadly virus.

    1. you have no right to lie either but youre doing it. Youre making a deliberate false comparison based on tge lie that masks stop viruses and water droplets. They do not. CDC and NIH research papers say so.

  55. Single Mom With 4 Kids Lost Her Job but…READ MORE

  56. 1. This is” the end justifies the means” thinking and action. Hitler used it.

    2. This mask thing is a RELIGIOUS DOGMA AND CREED. This is along the lines of ” pinching incense on the altar to the Emperor.” If early Roman Christians didnt do so, they may have been executed.

    3. Masks do not worllk. CDC and NIH published scientific papers say so. This is purely political control.

    4. Read the EO instead of relying on media reports. Last EOs I read had two provisions, Judicial oversight ( which Clinton worked on eliminating) and NOT PUBLIC LAW. EOs dont, or didnt apply to the Public, but as an Executive directive to Govt. Agencies and contractors.

    Funny how Democrats scream about Democracy when thats ” majority rule” until they rule, then its the Patriarchy- Dictatorship!

  57. Google ” porosity of N95 masks” and read the cdc and nih research. Also search for the 2016 paper, a rework of earlier research in the dentistry world saying they do not work.

  58. I am confused. Do I need to wear a mask to set a business on fire? Do I need it to smash a store window? To run down the street with a stolen flat screen TV? With designer goods from looting stores? To shoot somebody? But I do need to wear it on the bus to ride to the riot?

    Someone, please, please clarify before I get arrested. Oh, I forgot we defunded the police but forgot to defund “TSA AGENTS”.

  59. “Kids under two years old, people with disabilities that disallow them from wearing masks, and people for whom “wearing a mask would create a risk to workplace health, safety, or job duty” are exempted.”

    The little kids are obvious, but when the others are harassed by the mask police, how do they prove their exemption?

    And are they serious about menacing on a 3-year old?

    1. Remember- this is the Party thats executed 60 million unborn babies. Purt no evil past them.

      1. post against the commnunity guidline and..READ MORE

  60. Biden’s Amerika. Show me your papers? Sheesh.

  61. Obviously, a bigger boat would be nice but we love the Nimble and it will probably be with us for a while.

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