Capitol Riot

Pelosi Says Congress Is 'Prepared' To Impeach Trump Again Unless Pence Invokes 25th Amendment

In a Thursday afternoon announcement, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.) said Trump committed "an act of sedition" by inciting a riot on Wednesday afternoon.


President Donald Trump may have a shot at becoming the first president in American history to be impeached twice.

In a Thursday afternoon announcement, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.) said Congress "may be prepared to move forward with impeachment" unless the president's cabinet moves quickly to remove him via the 25th Amendment. Pelosi said Trump committed "an act of sedition" by inciting a riot on Wednesday afternoon that led hundreds of the president's supporters to storm the U.S. Capitol.

"The president has committed an unspeakable assault on our nation and our people," Pelosi said.

Earlier on Thursday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called for Trump to be removed from office by the 25th Amendment, which includes a mechanism allowing a majority of the president's executive cabinet, with the support of the vice president, to remove a president from power. That part of the 25th Amendment has never been invoked.

It's not clear whether there would be time for Congress to impeach Trump for a second time before the president leaves office on January 20—to say nothing of the Senate trial necessary for removal from office. Both chambers of Congress recessed after finishing the final certification of the Electoral College votes in the early hours of Thursday morning and are not scheduled to reconvene until January 19.

But there are increasing calls for Trump to be removed from office via one constitutional mechanism or another—and not just from Democrats.

In a video posted to Twitter on Thursday, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R–Ill.) called on the cabinet to "invoke the 25th Amendment and end this nightmare."

The National Association of Manufacturers on Wednesday became probably the first trade association in American history to call for the removal of a president. In a statement released yesterday, the group said Trump's actions amounted to "sedition and should be treated as such" and said Pence should "seriously consider" invoking the 25th Amendment.

Former Rep. Justin Amash (L–Mich.), one of just two then-Republican legislators to support Trump's impeachment last year, has also called for the president "to resign or be removed from office."

One major procedural difference between the use of the 25th Amendment and the possibility of impeachment is what it could mean for Trump's political future. If the House voted to impeach Trump and the Senate agreed to convict him, he could be barred from holding federal office again.

Unlike last year, when Trump was impeachment for a phone call in which he sought electoral assistance from Ukrainian leaders, the facts of the current situation are not in much doubt. "This need not be a lengthy process. The evidence of the president's actions are clear and available to all," writes Keith Whittington, a professor of politics at Princeton University. "The House does not need an elaborate inquiry. The Senate does not need a lengthy trial."

Even so, the timing makes it unlikely that Trump will be impeached or removed. It is far more likely that the cabinet will choose to stagger through the next two weeks with Vice President Mike Pence as the country's de facto leader and that Congress will, as usual, do nothing. Still, as Gene Healy, vice president of the libertarian Cato Institute, wrote for Reason in 2017, Congress should be willing to invoke its impeachment power on a more regular basis.

Impeaching Trump for his general bad behavior and recklessness, Healy wrote, "wouldn't just remove a bad president from office; it would set a precedent that might keep future leaders in line."

That's still true—maybe even more true—today.

NEXT: Where Do We Go After the Trumpist Tantrum?

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  1. Please do.
    Or use the 25th.
    On with the farce!

    Make it as clear as posnsible that you consider The People of the US conquered subjects and nothing more than cattle.

    1. Bingo. Make him ineligible for defending his and our rights to fair elections, and the Republic has ended, whether a war occurs or not and no matter who wins.

      Justice is more important than having the system appear just when it is not.

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      2. This has never been about fair elections and everyone knows it. It was all about overturning a legal election. That lie is not ageing well.

        1. Well except for all of the lawsuits that were thrown out on procedural grounds, Cruz’s protestations literally being about a 10 day congressional election investigation, etc.

          I mean, just cause half the country doesn’t believe the election is no reason to try and prove the election was legitimate.

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            1. Looks like Pelosi and a host of other congressmen, and social media "publishers" like Suckaberg and "Jack" think that Trump can summon a violent mob of thousands at a moment's notice, and thus are extremely afraid of him.

          2. A fair number of them were tossed because of lack of evidence and lack of valid legal argument.

          3. not for nothing but this action should be a reminder to the dem/socialists what they can expect for the , at least, next 4 years just as their shock troops rioted for the last 4 years. I never heard any of the Trump denouncers ranting and raving about antifa and blm rioters for the last 4 years.

          4. Do I really have to post a second time the 10 lawsuits thrown out for lack of evidence? You can read all of the lawsuits and their current status on the American Bar Association’s website. Stop being an obtuse asshat.

        2. You couldn’t be more wrong. It was stolen. Period.

          1. It was stolen. Definitely. And this is what I learned from it:

            1) Poll watchers are meaningless. Their affidavits equally so. Why have them? They do nothing, and if they see something, they will be dismissed.

            2) The expediency of the process of elections is more important than the accuracy of the process. It's better to just say "no evidence" and move along than to actually allow people to look for evidence.

            3) Going forward, mail in ballots are here to stay. So its time for republicans to fire up the printing presses and start forging ballots, because there is zero accountability on accuracy of votes. The only way democrats are ever, ever, going to secure the votes for election (requiring ID, etc.) is if republicans start cheating.

            4) Election laws don't matter. Are there laws requiring poll watchers? Don't matter. Laws requiring age limits, or felon status, or rules regarding registering. None of them matter. And if you break those laws, there will be zero repercussions.

            1. its time for republicans to fire up the printing presses and start forging ballots,

              Pointless. The Democrats do the counting, and they’ll happily shred any votes they don’t like.


        3. Oh, fuck off. A lot of people think that there is a problem with elections. Whether our elections are fair or not, it’s not a lie that many people perceive them not to be. This isn’t some wacko fringe. This is a significant segment of the American voting public.
          And it’s all pretty rich to hear this after 4 years of Democrats screeching about stolen elections and foreign interference.

      3. Justice is not storming the US capitol and attempting to overthrow the election. It’s like totally the opposite concept.

        1. attempting to overthrow the election

          How exactly were the yahoos who strolled into the Capitol going to do that? You are not even trying to obfuscate your lies anymore.

          1. I don’t know, ask them. I never said the fascists were sending their best.

            What if they had been black people or Muslims? Would you still be trying to erase what happened on national TV in a desperate attempt to prove what a brain-fried sycophant you are?

            I’m giddy as fuck that the terrorists showed their true colors. Put that nonsense behind us forever. Whole swathes of Republicans are not going to be able to be president again, least of all Trump.

            1. Turned out that their true colors were a broken window and a few selfies in the rotunda.
              Kinda puts how when you guys rioted and looted the capitol back in May in perspective.

              1. Your lies are so targeted it’s almost like someone fed them directly into your throat.

                Someone put the Speaker’s podium on ebay. I mean, it’s kinda funny, but this was more than vandalism to a building.

                Imagine if they were Muslims.

                1. A Muslim stayed the night at our house last weekend. My next-door neighbor of 20 years is black. The way you talk about black people and Muslims makes me think you don’t actually know any. You always talk about people of color (which, by the way, not all Muslims are) as though they are a single bloc who all want the same things and act the same way. I don’t support rioting, but you do, when it’s your side. You have no credibility on this topic, on race, or honestly on anything else. All you ever offer is pointless provocation (such as bringing in race here as a non sequitur), pivots from talking point to talking point, and vacuous nonsense that isn’t worth responding to. And yet here I am responding to it, albeit for the last time.

                  1. Tony cares about Muslim concerns like a pedophile cares about kids.

                2. What lies?
                  The podium never left the building. The Ebay listing was a joke.

                  But you knew that, you disgusting demagogue.

            2. So you, like the President elect, are seeking to inflame racial tensions here. Grand. Unity lasted a long, long time.

              1. That’s what you call acknowledging other races besides white people exist and have interests, right?

                I’m trying to get you to practice some microscopic amount of reflection.

                You are a free agent. You can choose to distance yourself from this terrorist act.

                But you’re not.

          1. Do I get to link to pictures of crime and then go rob a bank?

            Bunch of fucking legal einsteins here.

        2. Justice is not a $35 million two year bogus investigation over a suspicion that authorities knew was a lie from the beginning in an attempt to overthrow an election.

          Justice is not a bogus partisan impeachment proceeding, wasting time and money, over a benign telephone call that was much less egregious than Biden’s bragging that he told the Ukraine if they wanted the money they had to fire the prosecutor looking into Burisma (on video). It doesn’t matter whether he was a good or bad prosecutor, Biden blackmailed Ukraine and bragged about it.

          Justice is not rioting in Portland for months on end, burning down St. John’s Church because Trump attends, attempting to burn down the Federal Courthouse in Portland, occupying a neighborhood in Seattle, looting the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, or taking over a police precinct in Minneapolis while being funded and supported by Democrats.

          After 8 years of seriously increasing divisiveness under Obama (per the Gallup Poll), Maxine Waters and others calling for impeachment in 2016 prior to the inauguration, 95% negative coverage from the media demanding that it was an invalid election and Trump was an illegitimate President, you believe there would not be a reaction?

          Quite the opposite. What happened in Washington was wrong (it appears QAnon were major players), but the precedent was set over the past five years ever since “Orange Man Bad” came down the escalator.

          1. Eat shit traitor. Obama didn’t make you racist.

        3. It was a protest, dude. A symbolic action. They clearly had no plan or serious intent to stop congress from doing its thing. It may have been desperate and ridiculous, but it wasn’t a serious attack on anything.

      4. JD, the President incited a riot to storm a co-equal branch of government to prevent that branch from executing it’s lawful duty, in this case the duty to confirm he will be replaced on 1/20. That’s a direct attack upon the legislative branch. It’s supremely unconstitutional and dangerous.
        With respect to “free and fair”, when you go into court and show evidence it was not free and fair, and win that case with your evidence, you can make your claim. Failing that, what you are doing is making an excuse for your violence (and Trump’s incitement) and nothing, not one thing, else. For THAT is how our government (and any fair system of justice) functions. You have to prove your case.. to date, Trump has failed 60 times to do so. In fact, in most cases he didn’t even allege fraud because he (his lawyers) knew they had no proof and you cannot present a lie to the court.
        So, BS is what your complaint is until you show proof, not just correlational data, but proof of fraud.
        If you are in fact concerned about free and fair elections, why are you so disinterested in the tactics which HAVE disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of voters across the country – without need?

        Bottom line, you just want to win and you’ll do anything to achieve it. We have a word for that, it’s called immorality.

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    3. I like how we go from “why won’t he denounce the violence” after he did to Reason going “how can we help throw wood on the fire” by backing this maneuver.

    4. By “The People of the US” you mean Trump voters, right? Because you certainly don’t think the left-wingers who voted for Biden to be “conquered subjects”.

      Here is a clue: Trump voters have no more of a right to call themselves “real Americans” than Biden voters do, or Jorgensen voters, or any other voters, or nonvoters for that matter. There is no “real America”. There is only America, with a multitude of voices.

      1. We’re all subjects now.
        And I’m not saying it’s because Biden won. This year just made it abundantly clear that that has been the case for some time now.

    5. You hit the mail on the head!

    6. [HERE JOBS] It goes without saying that police are given a very hard job in these kinds of circumstances. They are tasked with protecting people’s First Amendment rights to protest and preserving others’ rights to not have their persons and property assaulted by violent demonstrators………..HERE THIS MORE INFORMATION.

    7. When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar; you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say —-Tyrion Lannister

  2. Pelosi seems to be trying the Republican technique of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    1. She’s not even the farthest gone. Some are calling for arrests. A lot of media personalities who are leftist were dancing on the woman who got killed grave.

      1. Its not like Democrats care about people unless their can be used as tools to their own power. They are evil.


    This is not getting media attention it deserves…

    had the
    physically lock Trump supporters into their hotels in DC last night. This was HIGHLY dangerous, unconstitutional, and never done during Antifa riots.

    1. Good thing Bowser told the Feds not to help the capitol police in a letter 2 days ago too.

      1. This is a lie.

          1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

            That is too fucking perfect.

            1. I mean, she posted the letter to Twitter. It’s unambiguous.

              And then Biden went out and criticized the lack of police presence in comparison with BLM. That’s, ironically, plainly Bowser’s doing.

              One upside of our hyperpartisan elite-media monoculture is that the Republicans are awfully quick to throw their own under the bus in order to guard their reputation among the disinterested center. The downside is that the Democrats rarely feel the need to, and so their own bad behavior persists.

  4. Is this a Danger to Our Democracy™ too?

    1. Like they are going to get anything done in 2 weeks.

  5. And if we’re going to mention Ukraine, then why shy away from Biden’s corruption as proved by Hunter’s laptop? Why are we in such a hurry to inaugurate him so that he can carry out the deal for which China has paid him millions? What do they get from us? Do we want to find out the hard way?

    I urge the President to immediately extradite the Bidens to Ukraine so they can go on trial for accepting bribes.

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  7. It is a stupendous waste of time, and needlessly incendiary. But if that is what the Speaker wants, then so be it.

  8. Vindictive, hateful shits. Can’t even handle two more weeks of Trump before they own the entire federal gov.

    1. I mean, Jesus, BigTech has shut down the nigga’s social media accounts, and I wouldn’t be shocked if they’re gone for good (which I expected to happen after the inauguration anyway).

      You’ve basically taken away the only real tool in Trump’s toolbox at this point.

      1. I hope so, there goes a lot of traffic off Twitter.

  9. FFS does Reason really believe those vindictive demonrats would not attempt to close the loophole of eligibility between the 25th amendment and impeachment.

    It will give the ungrateful Brutus Pence the opportunity to stab him in the back one more time.

    1. I must have missed the first time Pence stabbed Trump. Pence has been very loyal.

      1. Well, you must have missed the report of him lamenting, within the last day, about all he did for Trump when it was the other way around. Trump clearly should have picked another VP this time around. Pence made no effort to demand a thorough accounting much less an open debate on the evidence. It was the least he could have done as such a “loyalist” as you say.

        1. No, Trump fucked that up on his own. If he really thought there was massive voting fraud on the scale that it appeared, what he should have done was go all-in within 24-48 hours and let the chips fall where they may. Have the military immediately move in and seize ballot boxes, voting USB drives, and the Dominion machines across the entire country, and then conduct a full forensic audit of every single vote. Go on teevee and explain WHY this is being done–in order to ensure that these ballots are all legitimate. Hell, he could even blame the Russians, considering the massive data hack that happened on Krebs’ watch.

          But he didn’t do that, and because he wasn’t willing to take that kind of risk, we’ve gotten this increasingly sad spectacle over the last two months.

          1. Do you think that either .mil or the FBI or Marshals would have followed such an order, Red?

            1. He did and does suck at lawfare. Which is why he’s leaving office.

              You said it yourself, two months ago: This was going to end up in the Supreme Court. And unlike Bush v. Gore, they punted.

        2. The VP role in all this is ceremonial. He has zero ability to anything.

  10. May impeach? It should scheduled for a vote tomorrow morning. And yes, of course there is time for Trump to be removed. The Senate could meet and convict him tomorrow afternoon. It is not a criminal trial, it is a political trial.

    1. For what?

      Explain to me how what happened yesterday was worse than this:

      1. It was worse then anything we have seen before because they were there to stop the counting of EC votes and install an unelected president. They also beat up police, broke down doors and windows. They even set up gallows outside the capital building. Their stated goal on video was to overthrow the government.

        1. Your insane rationalization of why a 3 hour protestation is less worse than months of riots that included billions in damages, dozens of lives lost, hundreds of assaults, etc is amazing to watch.

          1. It’s their job. And you will never reason them out of it.

        2. Did he call for riots or direct violence? Not as far as I can see, he did use his first amendment rights to say stupid shit and some of his supporters resorted to violence, but will we start impeaching every politician for the actions of people who support them?

          1. Don’t be silly. We only impeach Republicans for their speech.

        3. Who is “They” and “Their” that they spoke for the hundreds of thousands present? They were demanding an honest deliberation and evaluation of the evidence as their grievances and demands for transparency were dismissed with no apparent consideration. Instead, there was a rush to certify. Those representatives had a duty and failed.

          How was this unarmed and peaceful cadre of patriots going to overthrow the gubmint? Stop the hysterics.

        4. Leftists stormed the capitol to disrupt the appointment of supreme court justices many, many more times than once. Will you condemn those violent riots, too?

          1. And the police more or less stood back and let them do it too.

        5. What were they going to do that would install a president? Come on. It was some weirdos blowing off some steam. They weren’t going to stop shit.

        6. As opposed to installing an unelected president? They just want fair and honest elections. Nazi.

    2. They are out of session. And no it won’t happen you stupid cunt. He’s gone in less than 2 weeks.

      Are you really that fucking retarded?

      1. They could come back. I know it is unlikley, but I want to be hopeful.

    3. Of course, she also adjourned the House for a week, so she’s totes serious and not just being a cunt.

  11. This is like watching people who don’t know that fire is hot, play with matches.

    They’re all so insulated in their little bubbles that they can’t even fathom the consequences of what will happen.

    1. While standing in a lake of gasoline.

      Yeah, it’s amazing. I guess they figure nothing bad has happened so far—beyond this 90 minute sit-in at the Capitol—and therefore nothing bad will happen. To be fair, Trump supporters, and the small-government Right in general, for the past decade have been coming off like Billy Bob Thornton in Tombstone.

      They don’t care if you’re “real mad, Mister.” They might care if you actually do something effective.

  12. Impeaching Trump for his general bad behavior and recklessness, Healy wrote, “wouldn’t just remove a bad president from office; it would set a precedent that might keep future leaders in line.”

    Great idea! Threaten the bastards once in a while to let them know who’s boss! Maybe we can get a mob together to storm the Capitol once in a while to keep those fuckers in line too? Oh wait.

    1. i laughed.

  13. It would be a stupid waste of time at this point, even assuming they’ve got time to get it done. He has said he’s leaving on the 20th, as recently as today. Let it lie, don’t stir shit up.

    There’s no gain for this effort and risk. Trump has cooked his own future electability. No way he gets substantial support from the middle after yesterday.

  14. One thing we learned yesterday is that Mike Pence is the acting President. If anything big happens it will likely fall to Pence. That being the case we can let Trump stew for two more weeks. There is no doubt Trump can get into mischief, but along as we know Pence is blocking the big stuff we can be safe. If Trump steals the WH towels on the way out the door do we really care?

    I might add that Trump has burned a lot of good will. State and civil courts await the end of his Presidency and I don’t think he will find a sympathetic ear.

    1. Why does the left want to prosecute their political opponents after they leave office? That’s some 3rd world shit.

      1. Because they committed crimes and politicians are not above the law.

        1. What laws?

          1. Mean tweets…and anything else deemed disrespectful toward our overlords.

        2. Politicians aren’t above the law? You know, like using the IRS to attack their enemies? Huh. News to me.

      2. Note I said State and Civil Court. Trump biggest worry is the people he slandered, defamed, and cheated. This is not the government going after him, it the citizens.

        1. Do you want more violence? Because that is how you will end up with more violence. The best thing to do is ignore him after January 20th.

          1. With regard to government charges, I agree leaving Trump alone is best. Having said that if Trump tries to self pardon he will force the issue. The DOJ can not allow that precedent to be set. They will have to charge him and take it to court.

            Would you not agree?

      3. You’re talking about people that actively praised Chavez, Madurai and Castro (and Russia when it was still under communist rule.

        3rd world shitholes is kind of their thing. Case in point: Molly.

      4. It’s what corrupt AF motherfuckers do.

  15. I condemned the riots yesterday. But does anyone think using the 25A or impeachment to remove him with less than two weeks won’t lead to even more violence? Especially as he has said he will honor the process and leave on January 20th today. What would the point be? I can only think they want more violence to blame on his supporters. When I said both sides, this is what I meant. Fuck, this is stupid. Or showboating, which is still stupid.
    I will say my family, Trump supporters, were appalled yesterday by what happened and were denouncing Trump, today because of the hyperbole of the left, that failed to condemn riots all summer, and calls for impeachment and 25A with less than two weeks left, and calls to expell Republicans who supported Trump before this, and calls to punish Trump supporters, and Facebook banning Trump when they didn’t ban Antifa and BLM groups linked to the summer riots, and now their anger is quickly shifting back. Rather than creating any sense of closure and unity, these actions will just cause more division and hard feelings. And it is completely unnecessary at this point. Pointless and vindictive. And that is how many Americans will see it.

    1. Yes, that pretty much describes my family as well. Initial shock and horror, but completely repulsed by the overreach.

      1. You haven’t seen overreach yet. Just wait until the Dem congress is seated & Basement Joe starts asking for all things Progressive from Congress.

        2 years like Obama’s first 2 will cause a lot of damage to Americans…

        1. It’s going to be worse. Obama was—let’s face it—a lazy, corrupt shitbag who wanted nothing more than to get wealthy off the public tit, play golf at places like Cypress Point and Augusta, and maybe totally fuck up America along the way. Biden, through his dementia, is even less active. But the people running him won’t be.

          They didn’t nuke the US economy, nor a bunch of small businesses, or let chunks of several cities burn down for no reason. We are about to see what those reasons are.

        2. More damage than tens of millions of people being convinced the election was illegitimate and then… you know… storming the US capitol in an attempt to overthrow it?

          Of course you guys would shoot yourselves in the nuts. It was inevitable. You are the stupidest people who ever lived.

          1. It’s like you’re copying from an email and only halfway cognizant of what you’re typing.

            1. You’re sad because people voted not to keep a president who didn’t give a shit that 350,000 Americans died on his watch and thought he was so great he deserved to still be president even as a private citizen who won no presidential election.

              Yeah, I’m confused.

              1. Don’t act like your side is any less guilty of what happened yesterday. Your hyperpartisan bullshit and segr derogatory remarks about the right constantly is as much to blame, as well as your compatriots constant riots this summer.

                1. Okay, how about I say I don’t give a fuck what is the partisan affiliation of the revolting terrorists who trashed our capitol building at Trump’s behest?

                  I didn’t commit sedition, and I didn’t desecrate the US capitol. They did. Condemn this or fuck you forever.

                  1. I have condemned it multiple times fuck head. But you act as if your partisan compatriots are pure as angels. You even responded to me yesterday when I condemned this. Fuck. You are a partisan piece of shit who is gleeful this happened because you didn’t say word one when protestors broke into Senate confirmation heari gs for Kavanaugh (the same building) and disrupted the bearings. You didn’t condemn Antifa when they attacked right wing speakers, you didn’t condemn the rioters in any of the cities this summer. So you are a hypocrite. Pure and simple. However, I condemned all of those previous actions and have condemned yesterday’s actions. So, who is being consistent here?

                  2. In fact my first comment in this thread was me condemning the rioters yesterday. So fuck off with your hurt partisan, hypocritical fuckhead take.

                  3. And all you still do when called out for your lack of earlier condemnation of political violence from the left is still only refer to yesterday’s incidents and try a cute ‘i don’t care what their partisanship was, they were revolting terrorist” yet this summer you defended the riots in the major cities as people who were fed up and angry and felt they weren’t heard. So, one sit it is okay to be angry, as long as you support them, but here they are angry and felt unheard and they are revolting terrorist. Yes, you are a big contributor your mentality is a huge factor in the violence that started in 2016 and has only gotten worse.

                    1. If you can’t see that this is a whole other level of fucked up than anything any scary black person or college student in a mask did in goddamn Portland then you are either dumb as fuck or the enemy.

                    2. You didn’t condemn that, the fact that you are gleefully condemning this speaks volumes. You are part of the fucking problem. You’re dismissal of any blame for the left while blaming and degrading the right is partially why Trump got voted for in the first place and why they are pissed. Also scared as your chosen party has promised to change America, force their agenda despite half the country saying they don’t want it. And your dismissal of the riots this summer shows you are only willing to condemn the right and always make excuses for the left. You are the fucking problem idiot.

                  4. Condemn electoral fraud or fuck you forever.

                  5. Do you want more like Trump? This is how you get more like Trump.

                    1. this did not thread properly, I am responding to Tony.

              2. “Yeah, I’m confused.”

                You’re confused a lot, aren’t you?

          2. Tony, everyone knows you rubbed one. (or more) 97t last night in your glee that the right finally got violent nd rooted. And you rubbed out one this morning when you found out a Trump supporter got capped.

    2. I have noted your comments in the last few weeks, accepting (maybe not happily) the election results. I think you were correct to accept the results and to advocate against pointless gestures. I agree that leaving Trump be for 13 day is best. My only stipulation is that he do nothing during that time. I am comfortable that Pence will stop anything really stupid.

    3. “But does anyone think using the 25A or impeachment to remove him with less than two weeks won’t lead to even more violence?”

      You say that like it’s something they don’t want.

  16. Consider this a preview of what we can expect from the Democrats over the next two years.

    They’ll push for everything they want to whatever extent is necessary to get it. Packing the Supreme Court included.

    They are both without scruples and without constraints.

  17. It is stupid, It seems the Democrats want a civil war. Trump will depart in 13 days, the Democrats need to have patience.

    1. The violent and treasonous rhetoric is coming only from the right.

      1. So the part where the Antifucktards set up an autonomous zone in Seattle and murdered people was neither violent nor treasonous?

        They invented impaling for people as horribly disingenuous as you are.

      2. Where were you all summer?

      3. Molly, do you want more like Trump? This is how you get more like Trump.

  18. “Donald Trump needs to resign or be removed from office. America has endured enough.”- Amash

    It hasn’t even gotten started yet, little buddy.

    1. If Trump resigned, it would be a good thing (unless it was seen as a design or else deal), but if he is forced out, it will just result in more division.

      1. Trump deserves to leave with his head held high. He did not encourage rioting, period, end of story. Any claims to the contrary are intellectually dishonest and vindictive. When you hear yourself sounding like the left it’s time to critically evaluate.

        1. No. Watch the videos of the speeches that day.

          “Trial by combat!”

          “Take back what’s ours!”

          “March on the Capital and take back our country!”

          “Real Americans were robbed!”

          Followed by hours of silence from Trump as his mob ran amok.

          To everyone not currently carry a cult membership card, what happened yesterday is quite clear.

          1. all of those quotes can be construed to be done through political process not through violence but thats how the left like to determine things these days. Silence is violence and violence is peacefull protesting

          2. Way to take those words out of conte… ah fuck. That’s not even out of context, you’re flat out rewording shit.

            Do you really think we’re all that uninformed?

            Do you want to provide the rest of the sentences or should I?

          3. “Followed by hours of silence”

            Wasn’t it, like, 50 minutes?

          4. All 100,000 of them “ran amok”? I thought it was only a few that went into the Capital and fought with the police. Am I missing something? What does that say about the Democrats that were silent while antifa and blm were rioting, looting and ruining the lives of minority small business owners? If you are a Democrat you should be held responsible for those actions?

          5. I see you’re competing with Tony for most disingenuous lying sack of shit. Be aware though that Tony is very stiff competition.

        2. That ship sailed the moment he refused to concede the election.

          He distinguished himself from every other presidential candidate by being the most emotionally weak.

          And for some reason you cultists see strength in what is nothing but whining and mental illness.

          1. And for some reason you cultists see strength in what is nothing but whining and mental illness.

            Considering the way the left has been coddled over the last 20 years for doing that very thing, I’m not sure what your complaint is here.

            1. Are you just a bot designed to “I’m rubber you’re glue” every fucking thing everyone says?

              1. Whining and mental illness is your side. Be a man, albeit a whiny crazy one, and embrace it.

          2. That ship actually sailed the moment you guys frauded the election.

            1. I’m sorry for what they did to you.

              They fucked my country, sure, but they made you stupid on top of it.

              I hope you get the help you need.

      2. he could resign and Pence could pardon him even though has done nothing illegal. others don’t see it that way

        1. Does Pence look like he’s in the mood to pardon him?

          Pence has signed up to be at Biden’s inauguration.

  19. “The president has committed an unspeakable assault on our nation and our people,” Pelosi said.

    That would be hilarious if the history of plunder and bloodshed committed against our nation and our people by their own government wasn’t so tragic…

  20. The President is guilty of not just accepting the illegal election and being sensative to the voice of the 50% of the electorate that feel frustration and anger. Democrats encouraged and supported the rioting, looting and destroying of the lives of the minority owned small businesses and bailed out the criminals responsible and or had charges reduced and dropped. Speaking of impeachment or removal is sure way to add fuel to the fire of resistance. Our founders knew this could happen and gave great advice.
    “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.” – Thomas Jefferson
    Doing as Sen. Cruz proposed would have been the right thing to do following this election. If the Democrats have nothing to hide why are they so adamantly opposed? If they thought they could prove the President wrong they would have insisted. What are they afraid of?

  21. Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham have all joined Antifa.

    Trump, strongest bigliest leader who ever lived, can’t even keep Lindsey Graham licking his nuts.

    Damn you Antifa!

  22. I fully expect Trump to launch an attack on Iran. It’s a good way to get out his anger and aggression and there’s absolutely no question that it’s completely legal and Constitutional for him to do so. AUMF, bitches.

    1. He wants to have an excuse to declare martial law. That’s what the Iran warmongering is about. (Remember when everyone loved him because he wasn’t a warmonger? Fucking slippery fascists.)

      His idiot followers ruined that for him too. They’re already talking about removing him from office for being a danger to America. Nobody’s letting him bomb anything.

      1. Iran warmongering

        Apparently the joke didn’t just go over Tony’s head, he became the the joke.

  23. Although I must say I’m sorry that I missed hearing Pelosi talking about impeachment and sedition – between her Alzheimer’s haze and her drunken slurring, I can only imagine that was an hilarious speech.

  24. “Gene Healy, vice president of the libertarian Cato Institute, wrote for Reason in 2017, Congress should be willing to invoke its impeachment power on a more regular basis.”

    I’ll have to disagree on this. The standing record on Presidential impeachments/removals is 3/0.

    A symbolic impeachments, when they know the votes aren’t there in the Senate to remove the President, are in my opinion a bad idea generally. The historical record, though sparse would suggest that such symbolic impeachments are highly likely to backfire politically. They will do as much, if not more, political damage to their proponents as they do to the President.

    1. Impeachment is broken in the way you describe. The big problem is post-Gingrich partisanship, of course. We’re not allowed to simply agree when dangerous behavior is dangerous, depending on the letter after the president’s name.

      But this time it’s about removing an immediate threat to the republic. Maybe Dems are in a spot where they can’t not impeach because of the demands of their members and constituents, regardless of future political concerns. But Trump already lost the election, so what’s the harm? That his supporters will whine harder?

      As far as history goes, there’s possibly some value to having as many asterisks next to DJT’s name as we can affix, so that history does not judge us as quite as horrifically idiotic as it might.

      1. I’m ediate threat? He is gone in twelve days. The only immediate threat is your side now promising to punish his supporters. Your side is using Wednesday’s violence to double down on disenfranchising half the country because they don’t think like you. The rioters were wrong. You and your ilk are just as wrong and a bigger threat to the republic because you openly are calling to punish people for wrong think. His speech, no matter how fucking stupid it is, is covered by the 1A. You can’t jail people for speech. Calls for impeachment will only result in more violence. But at this point I think you want more violence so your side can use it as an excuse to punish the right and make conservatism illegal. Fuck you. Fuck the rioters, both Wednesday on last summer. Three months of riots, 30 people killed is just as dangerous to our republic. Fucking hypocritical partisan hacks. You are destroying this country.

        1. And by you I mean the hyperpartisan leftist and rightists. And both are blaming the other guy. Fuck I am tired of it all. The civil work is going to be three sided. Dumb fuck hard leftist like Tony, dumb fuck hard rightist, and the rest of us who are tired of both fuckers.

        2. Did my wife invade the US Capitol with the intent of overthrowing the government on false pretenses? No? Then we’re not the bigger threat you dumbfuck.

          Rhetoric has consequences. Baby time is over. Every slimy equivocation you make about black protesters places you on the side of the traitors. If rightwing pundits are telling you something about scary blacks, they are lying to you and trying to manipulate you. And you let them do it. No black protester advocated for or acted upon a desire to kill democracy. All they want to do is make democracy more real. Go back to kindergarten if you can’t tell the difference between protesting for civil rights and armed insurrection.

  25. Pouring gasoline on a fire and preparing precedent for future applications of 25A.

  26. I don’t know if the 25th amendment will stop him from running again in 2024. But I’m pretty sure impeachment will. So I’d opt for impeachment. That way he’s gone for good. But then again, there still the possibility of him being convicted of multiple crimes and if convicted, that would ban him from ever being able to run again for office of any kind. But still impeachment just sounds better.

    1. How do you know the next person to raise the populist banner won’t be worse than Trump?

      Wouldn’t it be better to honestly address grievances than look like you are hiding something?

      1. From what I’ve seen, nobody is hiding anything. But many Trump voters are upset because they believe a lot of conspiracy theories that are simply not true. The good news that the democracy and our court systems were put to the test more than in any other election. And guess what? The system works!! That’s pretty cool to me. The Kraken has been released and destroyed.

  27. The OP states ¨It’s not clear whether there would be time for Congress to impeach Trump for a second time before the president leaves office on January 20—to say nothing of the Senate trial necessary for removal from office.¨

    This fails to consider that the expiration of the term of office does not moot an impeachment proceeding. Trump would still be subject upon conviction to disqualification from holding future federal office.

  28. I’ve read that Trump incite the riots all over the media. I’ve not seen any examples of how. Did he once call for violence?

    1. Why is everyone around him resigning if he’s so innocent?

      Fuck you traitor. They desecrated the capitol. Most of the government was in there doing a constitutional duty.

      Fuck you traitor and fuck every last one of you.

      1. They desecrated the capitol.
        Only you would think it was holy land.

        1. It’s the closest thing I have as a secularist who believes in self-government.

          But take away religious overtones. There’s a social contract. If people steal my vote from me and replace it with mob rule, there is no law anymore, and that means they don’t have any rights.

          1. Gosh Tony; so when you went to vote they didn’t surprise you by telling you that you had alreay voted by mail? You must be a registered Democrat.

            1. I voted by mail because I don’t take life advice from Donald fucking Trump. That goes for how to vote and also how viruses work.

              1. Did you vote for me too? Somebody did.

      2. “constitutional duty” = To wave an ignorance flag about all the election laws that were broken, live video, thousands of affidavits, statistically unlikely numbers and certify the president-elect that represents a party of National Socialism (Nazi)….

        Hmm… You must have a different copy than I do.

      3. “desecrated the capitol”


        Democrats already killed it on Nov 3, so that’s the best crime you got on them.

      4. I won’t say he’s innocent. But I would also like to know how he incited the riot. If you can answer to my satisfaction I may actually support his impeachment.

  29. Mike Pence as the country’s de facto leader

    Reason could set a good example by no longer referring to politicians as “leaders”. In particular, no longer referring to anyone as “the country’s leader”.

    1. SleepyJoe is going to lead us all to utopia!

      1. A masked Utopia

  30. My God. The acceptance of fraud and corruption is sad.

    Well. One thing that helped hasten the fall of Rome is apathy.

    Enjoy living a deception I guess. This experiment is done.

    Americans don’t give a shit anymore.

    So. Time to sit back, have a beer and watch it all burn.

    1. “One thing that helped hasten the fall of Rome is apathy.”

      ^^^ THIS

      I kept thinking “there was a time a might have viewed this as a terrible act” but now I just don’t give a shit. The aristocracy is actually terrified at how widespread the apathy is for this event.

  31. Who’s going to win the next election AOC! 🙂 Taking for granite the Democrats wouldn’t have destroyed the entire nation by then just like they destroyed Detroit.

  32. Meh. I am still pleased US won gold on Monday night at WJC.

  33. Why would they need to prevent Trump from running in 2024 if he is SO UNPOPULAR?

    They are terrified that nobody gives a shit that the Capitol was stormed and that Trump STILL remains hugely popular despite this event. FULL STOP.

  34. All this talk of the 25th is the Dems paving the way for using it on Biden. They’re getting it out now so the people will get used to the idea of removing a President. About a year from now I expect to see them attack Biden.

  35. Oh, for fuck’s sake. It’s two weeks. Wait it out.

  36. Impeach for what?
    This kind of vindictive politics is what got us to this point. It is hard for me to imagine that that Trump supporters who are angry about election fraud are going to be pacified by removing Trump in the last week or two of his term.
    I am one, and it won’t.

  37. There is an easy argument that Nancy Pelosi and those who are calling for either the 25th or another impeachment are inciting a riot.

    Taking either action when there are only 2 weeks left of the Trump Presidency is like pouring gasoline on a fire. It’s time to heal, not lashing out for revenge.

    I’ve heard people comment that any MAGA supported who traveled and participated in the Rally/Riot in Washington DC be prosecuted regardless if they committed any acts of violence or criminality. Other are saying that the lot of them are guilty of treason when carries a penalty of death. Still other want to hunt down all Trump voters and either cancel them or jail them.

    This is not how you heal divisions. My point is that “There are BAD people on both sides”! Everyone needs to calm down, wait two weeks and then move forward with life. Try having a rational conversation with peoples with opposing opinions. We are all humans contrary to what many Democrats and Republicans think of each others.

  38. Who is ARTURO D’ELIA ? whatis this all about ?

  39. The 25th amendment is not appropriate here. Its purpose is the removal of a President who is incapacitated, not a mini-impeachment. Any member of Congress who demands it be used here should themselves be removed. Any cabinet member who supports using the 25th here deserves to be impeached. Any who actually sign a written declaration that the President is *unable* to discharge his powers, knowing such to be false, is in violation of 18 USC 1001 and deserves criminal charges.

    “Except as otherwise provided in this section, whoever, in any matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of the Government of the United States, knowingly and willfully… makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation… shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years… or both.”

  40. It’s a race: can government bureaucracy process an impeachment before he leaves office anyway?


    I’ll give you 2 to 1 odds that they can’t get their act together before inauguration day.

  41. Knock yourself out, then, you evil old cunt. As a matter of fact, why don’t you retroactively impeach him at least once a week for the next two years? It would probably be the least destructive thing you could do to the people of the former republic.

  42. Bad reporting by the journalist. And I am not a person who thinks Trump is always right. He did some good things and some bad things.

    “Unlike last year, when Trump was impeachment (btw – where is your proof readers?) for a phone call in which he sought electoral assistance from Ukrainian leaders, the facts of the current situation are not in much doubt.”

    Where is the reporter’s evidence of “electoral assistance”?

    “This need not be a lengthy process. The evidence of the president’s actions are clear and available to all,” writes Keith Whittington, a professor of politics at Princeton University. “The House does not need an elaborate inquiry. The Senate does not need a lengthy trial.”

    He finds one professor who makes an foolish comment and that is his argument?

    2 weeks till Biden and sworn in and it appears the reporter, Pelosi and the rest clamoring for removal claim they don’t have to present evidence?

    Simply bad reporting. In this case reason has nothing to do with the reporter’s intelligent journalism.

  43. Justin who?

  44. So Pelosi is now Supreme Leader and can just dictate? I think not, and I think she loses again.

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