Conspiracy Theories

Pro-Trump Lawyer Tries To Implicate Chief Justice John Roberts in Murder and Pedophilia

Lin Wood's bizarre charges give you a sense of the advisers Trump is consulting as he continues to insist that he won the presidential election.


President Donald Trump has slammed the Supreme Court for declining to hear lawsuits seeking to overturn the presidential election, saying that the justices—including the three he nominated—"chickened out," revealing themselves as "totally incompetent and weak." Yesterday, pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood one-upped the president by attempting to implicate Chief Justice John Roberts in pedophilia and the murder of the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Wood, who famously signed a verification statement for one of his post-election lawsuits "under plenty of perjury," posed a couple of bewildering questions to the chief justice on Twitter last night: "(1) You are recorded discussing Justice Scalia's successor before date of his sudden death. How did you know Scalia was going to die? (2) Are you a member of any club or cabal requiring minor children as initiation fee?"

By way of explanation, Wood added: "My information from reliable source is that Roberts arranged an illegal adoption of two young children from Wales through Jeffrey Epstein. I think we can all agree that Epstein knows pedophilia."

In case that did not convince anyone, Wood suggested that his charges must be true because otherwise Roberts would sue him for defamation: "I have publicly accused him & Justice Breyer of being profane anti-Trumpers. I have linked Roberts to illegal adoption, Jeffrey Epstein, pedophilia & prior knowledge of Scalia's death. Did Roberts skip class on defamation?"

This morning Wood responded to "the onslaught of attacks being made against me based on my revelations" about Roberts. "Before attacking me," he wrote, "maybe fair-minded people would first ask Roberts to tell the truth. Or ask Jeffrey Epstein. He is alive."

Trump has never (as far as I know) endorsed anything like these charges against Roberts, although he has publicly tangled with the chief justice and seemed open to speculation that Scalia did not die of natural causes. But the fact that Trump remains close with a prominent supporter who spouts stuff like this says something about his own judgment and mindset.

Trump was annoyed at "my friend" Wood for urging Republicans to boycott next Tuesday's Senate runoffs in Georgia, which will decide which party controls that chamber (even though Wood's advice was perfectly consistent with what the president has said about the state's allegedly corrupt election system). But as The Daily Beast's Asawin Suebsaeng notes, both Wood and fellow conspiracy monger Sidney Powell "have kept in touch with Trump over the phone and/or in person" even while the president's advisers were urging Trump to keep his distance.

Despite Powell's abrupt dismissal from the Trump campaign's legal team, there is little difference between her baroque tale of election chicanery and the wild claims that both the president and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani continue to make. Whatever else you might say about Wood's defamatory outburst, it makes Trump's election fantasy look sane by comparison, which I did not think was possible.

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  1. It’s been 2 hours since the last article Jacob. Please seek help.

    1. Only 20 days left for Sullum and all of Reason's fake libertarians to enjoy their wild TDS bender before they hit rock bottom and have to drag themselves to their first meeting of Trumpaholics Anonymous.

      Happy New Year to you and all the real libertarians in the comments, miserable new year to most of the staff writers.

      1. I'm waiting for our resident fake Libertarians to realize "but Trump" isn't going to work anymore.

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        2. We're counting on you to start saying "but Biden".

          1. Lol. You admitted you’re a fake libertarian.

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      2. Surely it's a bit much to require as the price of admission to libertarianism the unquestioned support of the most authoritarian politician to come along in anyone's lifetime.

        1. "Surely it’s a bit much to require as the price of admission to libertarianism"

          What on earth makes you think anyone cares about your opinion on anything related to libertarianism.

          1. Tony brazenly hates on libertinism, has proudly stated he supports statism and authoritarian social policies, but then expects us to fret when he concern trolls over orange hitler.

            What an idiot.

            1. You yourself were throwing some shade on libertines the other day.

              1. a)No I wasn't you fucking liar, and
                b)why are you conflating libertinism and libertarianism?

                1. Because Dee is fucking stupid and doesn’t know what words mean.

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        2. Yeah Obama was bad what with his spying on all Americans and going to war without an act of Congess.

          As much as Trump sucks, he will never top Obama for illegal authoritarian policies.

          1. I don't know about that. Trying to overthrow a legal US election is pretty bad. And for those who want to say that Trump has a right to use all legal means, lets remind you that the Constitution does not have any provision for the VP, House, or Senate to change the results of the EC as long as someone has a majority of the EC votes, which Biden does. So what they are trying to do is not legal.

            1. "you that the Constitution does not have any provision for the VP, House, or Senate to change the results of the EC as long as someone has a majority of the EC votes, which Biden does. So what they are trying to do is not legal"

              Doesn't follow, not how Con Law works.

              1. The Constitution is quite clear on the procedure.

                1. I think he means that the Constitution doesn't preclude things just because they aren't listed, as you claim.

                  And he's right. You're not.

                  1. You're conflating the everyday use of "legal" (i.e. not illegal) with the narrow technical use (i.e. of or pertaining to the law). Asking the VP to ignore the election results isn't illegal, but it also isn't a legal method in the sense of being backed by any statute, the Constitution, common law or any other judicial doctrine. So, it's legal to do it but it's not a legal strategy.

              2. From 12A:
                "The President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted;-The person having the greatest Number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed;"

                There is no vote, no certification needed from the VP.

                1. I too completely miss points!

            2. I do. Violating every Americans 4th A was the largest* single civil rights violation in the history of the country.

              *Largest defined as most people affected.

            3. Trying to overthrow a legal US election is pretty bad

              So when Al Gore mounted court challenges against the 2000 election he was "trying to overthrow a legal US election"?

              Go fuck your hat, you disingenuous troll.

              1. That was one suit, in one state, with legitimate legal issues, and when he lost he conceded. Trump has launched 62 suits, devoid of fact and legal principals. And when those failed he tried to get legislatures and now Congress to throw out the votes and just appoint him the next president. Difference is day and night, nothing disingenuous or trolling about it.

              2. The Florida suit was initiated by Bush not Gore.

              3. Al Gore was VP when Bush's electoral votes were counted. He counted the votes, without any tomfoolery, and declared Bush the winner.

                Poor comparison

                1. you have to forgive Mother's Lament, he is:

                  - A canuck, obsessed with fringe American politics
                  - like most trumpers, completely ignorant of actual history, and unable to draw logical conclusions based on actual history (or anything really)
                  - really a fucking moron, so his poor attempt at this comparison is par for the course

                  if you just follow the principle of "Trump Uber Alles" you can usually see how they arrived at the conclusion they got to

          2. Every president since Roosevelt went to war without an act of Congress. Including Trump, but for some mysterious reason none of you people are aware of the fact that he's bombed more people than Obama ever did, even though he campaigned on doing just that ("you have to target the families"). In fact many of you jizzed yourself when he assassinated Soleimani.

            Mass surveillance was a black mark on the Obama administration, and I'm sure we all agree that Bush and Cheney should never have passed the Patriot Act in the first place.

            1. No, they went without formal declarations of war. Obama declared he didn't even need a nod from Congress.

              And yeah fuck the Patriot Act. It's why I voted for Obama in 08 and also why he is the biggest scumbag piece of shit I've ever seen.

            2. "went to war without an act of Congress. Including Trump"

              Oh what war did Trump start, Tony?

              "he’s bombed more people than Obama ever did"

              You might want to run that statistic past the Libyans as they're still enjoying the aftereffects of 26,500 fighter sorties.
              Oops, what's this?

              "he assassinated Soleimani"
              And after Soleimani had just organized a terrorist hit on American citizens too. The poor lamb.
              If the lightbringer had been in charge things would've been different.

              Say Tony, remember shrieking about how it was going to start WWIII?
              Is that still on? How'd that war go?

              1. Assassinating a foreign military leader is an act of war. Just because the Iranians didn't formally declare war doesn't negate that fact.

                1. That's a dishonest statement.

                  Literally anything can and has been a casus belli.
                  From shooting a pig on San Juan Island, to seducing Helen of Argos and taking her to Troy, to Jenkins’ missing ear.

                  Tell me, was it an act of war when Soleimani had the K-1 Air Base in Iraq, attacked, killing an American contractor? Or is it only an act of war if America does it?

                2. So is attacking an embassy.

                  Single best foreign policy move of the last quarter century.

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                    1. Flagged 1; not for content, only for overuse. Pick one and stick with it!

                      I vote for the sniff my hair one; for all that matters.

                    2. Do the TDS one and ditch the others.

                    3. I'll think about it. I've been enjoying wrecking the comment's section with trash posts. Particularly Sullem's comment section. Imagine I did it for months and everyone at reason was giving him a hard time about endless dick pics in his comment section. He would get nicknamed "Sullen Dick." (Sometimes I call him sullen instead of sullem).

                      I have goals here.

                    4. "I’ve been enjoying wrecking the comment’s section with trash posts."

                      Sorry, but you really can't compete with sqrlsy there, nor the hive of leftist bots.
                      Entertaining though.

                    5. ^^^ Sullum deserves this.

        4. I suspect that Tony knows that actual libertarians and Trump supporters are not the same people. However, pretending otherwise probably tempts him as a cheap way to try to make libertarians look bad.

          1. I agree, which is why I'm doing their job for them of cleaning out the fascists.

            Real libertarians of course are still fixated on the leftists as their true enemy, I guess because our arguments about the role of government are so good.

            At least the fascists want to use government in libertarian-approved ways, like shooting and caging people.

        5. FDR literally put American citizens in concentration camps. Lincoln jailed journalists and suspended habeas corpus. When you make these absurd pronouncements you sound dumber than usual.

      3. What's happening in 20 days?

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      5. I am guessing as along as Trump throws out raw meat. Sullum will show it for what it truly is. I am also guessing that Trump will throw out raw meat as long as the dollars are coming in.

    2. Ah, come on. Lin Wood, a lawyer closely associated with the sitting POTUS, is saying absolutely bat shit crazy stuff and Sullum is not supposed to blog about it?

      1. The left says literally nothing but batshit crazy stuff...

        1. Gotta read the screenshot

          Naming my baby Adolph because I’ve reached the pinnacle of wokeness

          1. Mother of the Year award contender.

    3. He'll stop when Trump's advisors stop being insane.

    4. Did you like the article?

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  2. Wood should always be admired for what he did for Richard Jewell. And the Covington kid.

    But he must have suffered a hard blow to the head in the last few months because this stuff is five steps beyond crazy.

    And Jacob, take a vacation and have your wife hide your keyboard for 3 weeks. Trump will be gone then and you can think about other things.

    1. Fuck off Shreek

      1. No no, bevis is my sockpuppet. Get it right.

        1. I too stupidly think a person can only have one sockpuppet and that I'm not making myself look retarded when I say so!

    2. "Trump will be gone then and you can think about other things."

      No, he's just going to start writing about how Trump plans to get back in the White House by literally breaking in the back window...or maybe it will be that Trump is conspiring with the Russians to stage a foreign invasion, so Putin can re-install him as president.

      Just insert crazy TDS theory in Sullum's brain, and put him on an endless loop...

  3. Roberts really should sue Wood. Since Roberts is a public figure he would have to prove that Wood acted with actual malice, but I doubt any jury would have trouble reaching that conclusion.

    1. Some Trump fans are saying it is a brilliant plot by Lin Wood to get Roberts to sue Wood, and then have to recuse himself from future cases brought to the Court by Wood. The problem with that theory is Lin Wood is not having success with getting a case before the Court.

      1. Some dentists say Crest cleans the whitest...

    2. Roberts has a lifetime appointment and is in no way threaten by this BS. A libel suit would only get it more attention.

  4. "Rabidly anti-Trump nobody writes embarrasing screed"

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  6. Would all Trumpistas PLEASE self-export back to Planet BlouogerFruoim and leave us here in peace? THAT would make for a VERY Happy New Year!

    1. Fuck off sarcasmic

      1. But sarcasmic is my sockpuppet. Come to think of it, so are you.

        1. I too stupidly think a person can only have one sockpuppet and that I’m not making myself look retarded when I repeatedly say so!

    2. Would all Trumpistas PLEASE self-export

      No, fuck you, this is America and here we thrive when we congregate and debate with people we disagree with.

      1. Doing so with both honesty and an open mind would do WONDERS for the sanity (sanity = living in the real world as populated by members of many parties and organizations, in a multi-polar world, instead of lusting after a 1-party Trumptatorshit) of Trumpistas!

        Sad to say, honesty and open minds are foreign concepts to Trumpistas!

        1. "Doing so with both honesty and an open mind would do WONDERS for the sanity"

          So do it already and stop trying to exile your political enemies because you lost an election 4 years ago.

          1. sarcasmic

        2. You could always be an adult and leave.

          1. He can't even stop eating shit

            1. SQRLSY,

              Get over your TDS. Get over it.

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        3. Cripes!
          Sqrlsy trying to lecture others on sanity is a fresh new layer of weird that could only happen in the final moments of 2020.

      2. It's just that some of the participants insist on bringing guns to the debate.

        1. yes we are aware that people exercising their rights is scary for you, it's why you're a communist

          also please spare us the incoherent reaponse full of salt thx

          1. Says the guy who advocates (for the purpose of fixing the ugly results of his OTHER fascist policies!) sending disobedient peons to the Gulag, for NOT buying hardcopy Reason magazines!

            Free speech (freedom from “Cancel Culture”) comes from Facebook, Twitter, Tik-Tok, and Google, right? THAT is why we need to pass laws to prohibit these DANGEROUS companies (which, ugh!, the BASTARDS, put profits above people!)!!! We must pass new laws to retract “Section 230” and FORCE the evil corporations to provide us all (EXCEPT for my political enemies, of course!) with a “UBIFS”, a Universal Basic Income of Free Speech!

            So leftist “false flag” commenters will inundate Reason-dot-com with shitloads of PROTECTED racist comments, and then pissed-off readers and advertisers and buyers (of Reason magazine) will all BOYCOTT Reason! And right-wing idiots like Damiskesc will then FORCE people to support Reason, so as to nullify the attempts at boycotts! THAT is your ultimate authoritarian “fix” here!!!

            “Now, to “protect” Reason from this meddling here, are we going to REQUIRE readers and advertisers to support Reason, to protect Reason from boycotts?”
            Yup. Basically. Sounds rough. (Quote damiskec)

            1. "Says the guy"

              different guy fuckhole

              1. sarcasmic is nothing if not stupid and unobservant

              2. Hey damiskec the "different guy"...

                Are you READY, then, to take BACK the fascism, of your "other guy" in the mirror? Can you condemn the fascism that results from tearing down "Section 230"? Are you READY to verbally, intellectually condemn idiots who say that "free" humans should be FORCED to buy magazines?

                Or is the "damiskec" tribe (and the tribe of all similar spellings) so fucking stuck up on THEIR IMAGINED PERFECTION in all things, that they can NEVER apologize, or take back the utterly fascist and STUPID things that they have written?

                1. "Hey damiskec the “different guy”…

                  Are you"

                  I too refuse to admit I made a fool of myself!

            2. damikesc
              June.24.2020 at 10:02 am

              December.31.2020 at 5:03 pm

              You, in the spirit of sanity and equanimity, verbally assaulted the wrong person.

              Well done.

              1. I have, from time to time, noticed that trumptards NEVER debate the substance of arguments that run contrary to their trumptardedness! They always end up simply insulting (often in grade-school terms) their opponents! WHY, pray tell, is THAT?!?!?

                1. Because they have no substantive arguments to make.

                  1. That's amazingly hypocritical coming from the comment's most dedicated shitposter.

                  2. The guy he's responding to didn't insult him though. It was just the excuse SQRLSY used.

                    Why do you do this silly
                    shit guy?

                  3. I too used to think all my beliefs were true and all disagreements were retarded. Then I turned 5.

                2. I too gloss over the fact that I make moronic mistakes and refuse to admit them!

          2. Guns are tools for blowing people's heads off. If the point isn't to scare people, why are you flaunting them? Advertising for tiny dick fetishists?

            1. No, guns are for protecting your home when a mob of crazed Biden supporters tries to break in and rob you. Liberals are violent nuts and people need to have a way to defend themselves.

        2. What's wrong with guns?

      3. We'd thrive more if we just tossed their bodies in the river.

  7. Wood's raging re Roberts could form the basis for a wonderfully humorous and sarcastic skit on SNL.

    1. Yeah but nobody has actually watched SNL since the 80s so it wouldn't matter.

      1. I know. I haven't watched it, either.

  8. Well I was wrong Sullum had one more smelly turd to shit out before ringing in the new year.

    1. Somehow, I don't think Sullum really cares about what you have to say.

      It is funny to me that everyone just harps on Sullum for the numerous articles he is writing - it is voluminous to say the least - but just completely ignores the crazy lunacy of Lin Wood.

      1. "Somehow, I don’t think"

        No one cares what you think Jeff.

      2. Not even Jeff can discount 42 articles in one month on the same fucking thing.

      3. Because there's nothing crazy about Lin Wood's statements. At all.

        I dare you to prove them wrong.

        Whereas Sullum's obsessive hatred for the most patriotic and liberty loving President in our lifetime is lunacy.

        So to sum up, Lin Wood = Patriot, champion of the salt of the earth American citizen against Deep State fraud, whereas

        Sullum = Communist, champion of perverts, libertines (which is most libertarians), hired gun of the deep state propaganda machine.

        Hmmmm. After looking at this comparison, ignoring Wood and focusing on Sullum makes a hell of a lot of sense to me.

        By the way, "right wing" and "crazy" are oxymorons. Opinion, not fact.

        1. "So to sum up, Lin Wood = Patriot, champion of the salt of the earth American citizen against Deep State fraud, whereas"


          Its fun watching this party of trump clowns so butthurt and turned upside down that they will back literally anything, any theory, any course of action if it will give them a glimpse of hope that their fat retard candidate gets to rule

          Lock roberts up for pedophilia and Pence for treason? Sure!! These all sound like good and normal, reasonable things to do! These arent the rantings of an unhinged fool, no, these things all sound great.

          The unpopular, sub 80 IQ, business failure, who said he wants to fuck his daughter, walked in on teens in their dressing rooms, and has actively promoted treason, that's the guy who's banner we should carry. That's the hill we should die on, helping that guy.

  9. I think Lin Wood is a genius and every Trumper should follow his every bit of advice, specifically when he explains why there's no point in voting in Georgia since it's already rigged.

    1. mailing it in

      1. I just don't see a point in ever voting again in a rigged system.

        1. even worse

          1. And yet, no rebuttal in 2 responses. Almost as though Trump and co.'s delusions are so easily debunked, that Tony can "mail it in" and still win the debate by default.

            1. i'm sorry you're upset that no one will engage your trolling

            2. Fuck off Tony

              1. Pretty sure DOL and White Knight are the same guy. Maybe Chipper too, but occasionally there's a few differences.

                1. They're all Tony.

    2. While acknowledging Lin Wood's genius, Trumpers should make sure they don't overlook Sidney Powell's:

      Former Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell on Tuesday claimed that Georgia election officials may have "rigged" the state's January 5 special runoff elections so that the state's Republican Senate incumbents will win.

      1. That's even more insanely brilliant than I thought it would be.

        Democrats might deliberately rig Georgia FOR Republicans, killing their chance at controlling the Senate, to throw people off the scent of their election rigging.

        Think of the stoicism and patience required to deny yourself immediate, hugely consequential power, for the long game. They could even teach China a thing or two.

        1. If Democrats win both seats it will strengthen the case that there was fraud. Remember, even good ole Andy Yang was explicitly telling people on Twitter to fraudulently "move to" Georgia, vote in the election, and move back home right after.

          They are really getting bold and open with their treachery.

          1. Democrats are far, far behind in the arms race. Without Republican disenfranchisement efforts, they'd never win Georgia again or the presidency or a house of Congress.

            But somehow I think you're OK with removing polling places in black neighborhoods and forcing them to stand in line for 10 hours. Gotta save those municipal pennies!

  10. “pornography” (noun)

    por·​nog·​ra·​phy | \ pȯr-ˈnä-grə-fē \

    . . . .

    3: the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction."

    There's no point to covering this other than to give some people their jollies.

  11. “pornography” (noun)

    por·​nog·​ra·​phy | \ pȯr-ˈnä-grə-fē \

    . . . .

    3: the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction."

    There's no point to covering this other than to give some people their jollies.

    1. Here's a real story with some real consequences.

      The polling average in the Georgia races, as reported by Real Clear Politics, has Warnock (D) beating Loeffler (R) by 1.8%, with Warnock at 49.8% vs. Loeffler at 48.0%.

      The polling average in the other race in Georgia now has Ossoff (D) at 49.3% beating Perdue (R) at 48.5%, too.

      ----Link Below

      As of a week or so ago, the averages were still both in the Republicans' favor.

      IF IF IF and when the Democrats take control of senate, and they push through the Green New Deal, come after our gun rights like we've never seen before, institute Medicare for All, and stack the Supreme Court, I wonder if the folks at Reason will still be obsessing over elections results from two months ago.

      The Georgia election takes place five days from now, and unlike daily obsessions with strategies, developments, lawsuits, and statements that don't matter, who wins the Georgia senate elections will likely have real consequences in the real world.

      1. IF Democrats do retake the Senate, and:

        1. they pass something that they will call "Green New Deal" but is in reality nothing like what AOC proposed and is just more bog standard spending on environmental special interests;
        2. anything they propose with regards to guns is blocked by Republicans + Sen. Manchin; and
        3. they pass a "public option" that is so weak that maybe a few % more people get health insurance because of it but that's all;

        will you still call them Socialists and Communists?

        1. Well as long as it's all within normal parameters libertarians will be fine with it. The real problem is that Lin Wood guy. He's the real threat to liberty.

      2. If, at this point, the GOP can't flood enough lawyers, watchers, and GOTV activists into Georgia to insure a fair election, then they deserve to lose. With all their eggs in one basket, they have to watch the basket.

        1. The media really is tough to get around.

          "In Marxist theory, the mass media form the arena in which various ideological battles are fought, but in which the class in control of capital has ultimate control . . . Media professionals (including those managers who run the media institutions) consider themselves to be autonomous, but their views reflect those of a controlling elite which determines not just what views are broadcast, but also the perspective from which media debates are framed (see also agenda setting). Audiences may be able to negotiate and contest mass media frameworks . . . but they lack ready access to alternative meaning systems that would enable them to reject them entirely."

          ----"Marxist Media Theory" (Oxford Reference)

          In the past, this was seen by Marxists in the west from the perspective of an outside group looking in. Now that they're the ones framing everything and setting the agenda in the media, they're still taking those old lessons to heart. It's just that Marxist media theory is no longer just a critique of the media. It's also an instruction manual.

      3. If elections are rigged, as Trump tells us frequently, why should we vote? This observation is weightier in close races.

        1. IF IF IF the problem is that the elections are rigged against Republicans, then the solution isn't for Republicans to stop voting. The solution is to make sure the elections aren't rigged.

          Everyone who refrains from voting because the elections are rigged (or argues that voting doesn't matter because the elections are rigged) is carrying water for the progressives.

          1. The religious right wasn't always interested in electoral politics. The radical left has a long history of discomfort with electoral politics.

            Disengaging from electoral politics is a perfectly valid option, especially for groups who feel it has nothing to offer them but rigged outcomes and disappointment.

            It's fine to take a breather. Let's face it Ken, Republicans are actually terrible at governing. And they rely on terrible people to get power. What are you actually in favor of?

            1. they rely on terrible people to get power

              I don't think the Republicans have ever relied on progs and the woke.

              1. Nope just you.

      4. And wouldn't it be nice if we could confine our passions to those consequences? Even content ourselves with the knowledge that either party passing its stated policy platform will not deviate us too much from the modern consensus?

        I hate to beat a dead horse, but the anomalies, the problems, are Republicans' fault:

        Shameless, reckless propaganda destroying people's faith in the democratic process.

        Hysterical overreaction to the world's most conservative progressive party platform.

        Policies slapped with "freedom" and "conservative" labels that are nevertheless radical and untested, or tested and disproven already. After all this time, Ken, I don't even really know what actual stuff you support.

        Oh yeah, an entire party line of denying that climate change is real, and then turning around and telling us how to fix the pandemic.

        But sure the communists under your bed are gonna get you. No way that's just literally the same worn-out scare tactic Republicans have been using for maybe three times my lifetime.

        1. "But sure the communists under your bed are gonna get you. No way that’s just literally the same Republicans have been using for maybe three times my lifetime

          This particular piece of gaslighting is coming to us from the guy that's been screaming "Russian Bot!" at everyone for the last four years. Tell us again how the evil Russkies stole the election with $105k in Facebook ads, Tony.

          "It's not worn-out scare tactics when we do it" - t. Tony

        2. "from the modern consensus"

          What consensus?

  12. The big media have been gaslighting the American public since at least 2008, replacing the news entirely with vicious leftist lies.

    Until your response to this situation is "What other stories are they not telling us?" rather than "What insanity will Trump make up today?", you are not any more of a serious journalist than the fakes you watch.

    1. What if I were to tell you that the leftists are telling the truth and Trump is the liar?

      Hard to believe considering he doesn't look anything like an obvious con artist with mental health issues and a history of serial lying.

      1. "an obvious con artist with mental health issues and a history of serial lying."

        Tony you're talking about yourself. Also the leftists are never telling the truth. They are disgusting liars criminals and frauds who should be removed from power and many locked up. The rest reeducated.

        1. You can have a libertarian country tomorrow just by making leftism illegal.

          I'm serious. No freedom of speech or expression for leftists. Instant recipe for a free society. No doublethink in that at all.

          Fact, not opinion.

          1. Well, free except for all the people you throw in prison for having the wrong thoughts. But otherwise I like your style.

            1. If you had any morality, self awareness, or intelligence, you'd grasp the idea that some people just don't have any value. Whatsoever.

              People don't deserve to be treated like productive members of society just for existing.

              1. So true. It's like any historian will tell you, you can't defeat communism without a Stalin.

      2. Tony you're one of the most dishonest fucks I've ever met. If I'd been caught deliberately lying here one hundredth of the times that you have been, I'd be too embarrassed to ever show my face here again.
        Why on earth do you expect us to believe you?

        1. Because I'm not lying, you're just misinformed.

          1. Are you serious? In half these threads I'm drowning in a sea of Tony's lies.

    2. The polling data backs you up. It appears that the majority of Americans have lost their trust in the media to report the news, "fully, fairly, and accurately".

      According to this Gallup poll, reported September 30, 2020, when asked how much trust they had in the media to report the news fully, fairly and accurately, 89% of Republicans and 64% of Independents said they either had "not very much" or "none at all".

      And the news media certainly hasn't done anything since the election to redeem themselves. When President Trump referred to the press as the enemy of the American people, I don't think this is what he meant, but it appears that most Americans see journalists that way, now, anyway.

      Don any of them ever stop to wonder why?

      Ask a progressive why average Americans think progressives hate them so much, and their response typically morphs into a discussion about why progressives should hate average Americans.

      1. "President Trump said Friday that the press is “truly the enemy of the people,” ratcheting up his use of the derisive label to attack the news media."

        ----The Hill

        He may have been getting out ahead of the American people way back then, but that seems to be more or less how average people feel about the press today.

        Credibility comes from pointing out the upsides to things we don't like, pointing out the downsides of the things we like, and caring about the best interests of your readers--even if they disagree with you. The media, on the other hand, wouldn't give Trump credit for anything good he did, blamed him for everything bad that happened, and show nothing but contempt for average Americans.

        I used to joke about how the opposite ends of the political spectrum seem to strive to become the caricatures their enemies on the opposite end of the spectrum make them out to be. Call the right a bunch of stupid rednecks, and people on the right, who never did these things before, will start watching NASCAR, buying AR-15s like hotcakes, listening to country music, and talking with an affected accent like they're Billy Gibbons at the beginning of "La Grange". Progressives and their fashionable friends in the media, meanwhile, have truly become the elitist caricatures of progressives that the right made them out to be during the Obama administration. They really do hold average American in total contempt.

        I shudder to think what the populist reaction to this is likely to be if and when the Democrats take control of the senate. It will make the Trump administration look like they were moderates.

      2. Unfortunately the answer is terribly boring. Bog-standard right-wing propaganda against leftists. It happens in every fascist regime. Every merely corporatist one too. They always attack leftists, journalists, academics, scientists, and artists. Does it not ring a little familiar to you?'

        Or do you think there actually is a nefarious conspiracy among all journalists, academics, leftists, scientists, and artists to keep the Christian white man down?

        It's. All so fucking. Obvious.

        But you're a regular Goebbels yourself anyway. You love churning out this evil shit.

        1. "They always attack leftists, journalists, academics, scientists, and artists."

          Maybe, just maybe what those groups want is not necessarily in the best interest of us lowly plebs? Not everything opposed to your political preferences is a "fascist conspiracy," Tony.

          1. If you're on the opposite side of the scientists and journalists, your political preferences are THE BAD ONES.

    3. "Shame on the news media for not reporting all of the important news. Also, the news media should only report news that makes me feel happy."

      1. Well, you are a lefty, Jeff. That must be the reason why you were so against stories about Hunter's laptop before the election.

        1. Anti-Trump = leftism.

          It is known.

          Put them all in jail for treason.

          1. Not at all, there's also the Bill Kristol neocons, the Max Boot corporatists and the David French conservative utopians.

            1. No, those are leftist pretending to be something else.

      2. Hey, liberals say that all the time!

    4. Because there is nowhere anyone who wants an alternative take on the news could possibly go to get information, like, oh say, and about a dozen other conservative-leaning news outlets.

      1. A lot of former Fox News watchers are really upset at Fox, which is why Newsmax and OAN downloads skyrocketed in the wake of the election.

        Regardless, even IF IF IF Fox News isn't gas lighting as harshly as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC, that doesn't mean that ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC aren't gas lighting.

        Meanwhile, if the fact is that 89% of Republicans and 64% of Independents believe the media is gas lighting--that's what they believe regardless of whether you think they should. This is a consumer driven market, and if customers don't like the food the chef at your restaurant is making, saying that the customers should like what they're getting is missing the point. The point is that he media has lost its credibility with a huge chunk of the American people--maybe even the majority--regardless of whether you, I, or anyone else likes it.

        1. Yeah the fox news division is and has always been indistinguishable from network coverage. Not as blatantly biased as CNN but pretty much the same basic headlines. Chris Wallace has always been an anti Trumper most recently demonstrated in his debate performance. Hannity, Gutfeld and others have been Trump friendly and even Kat plays along. Tucker has a different schtick going on and has been critical of Trump on occasion but isn't an anti Trumper.
          The network called the election for Biden on November 4th and never looked back. Their coverage of election challenges always includes the boilerplate "without evidence" that we get from Jacob every day. They are all in for Biden just like Reason. Tucker has the number one cable news show and he's been far more libertarian on WuFlu lockdowns than anybody at Reason so you're likely to get information you won't get elsewhere.

          1. My wife has Fox on right now and they're selling the "new highly contagious covid" panic bullshit. Same shit Ron pukes up on a daily basis.

            1. Murdoch's daughter in law tweeted out "We did it! We beat Trump!" on election night, so I think there's a new sheriff in town at Fox and he's not much different than the other corporate marxist CCP media chains.

          2. 1. On Nov. 4 no one had called the election.
            2. When it was "called" anyone could go look at the voting results and verify it.
            3. Networks calling elections does not mean anything. Biden was certified by the states.
            4. Saying that the allegations of fraud were "without evidence" was accurate. It is the job of the news to be accurate.

            1. "It is the job of the news to be accurate."

              Oh that's adorable and SO idealistic! Now, back here in the real world...


    In GA, there were at least 206,000 adjudicated ballots in Fulton & Gwinnett. When a ballot is adjudicated, a completely new ballot image is created, & no record is maintained of the previous ballot image. Manual recounts are verifying these new ballot images not original ballots.
    Fulton County's Elections Chief, Richard Barron, "We've scanned 113,130. We've adjudicated over 106,000. Ballots are adjudicated.. if there is some question.. the vote review panel then determines voter intent."
    In a later interview, "We scanned 137,134 ballots. We have adjudicated 132,272."
    Gwinnet County adjudicated as many as 80,000.

    "In Gwinnett County, located northeast of Atlanta, as many as 80,000 absentee ballots were flagged for an “adjudication” process... said county spokesman Joe Sorenson."


    On adjudicating 93.6%.
    "This is not about Donald Trump or Joe Biden. This is about are we still a country where your vote matters? Because this is broadcasting to every person in GA, *Your Vote Does NOT Matter* because we decide what you meant." - @JovanHPulitzer

    The adjudication process was *NOT* bipartisan. The vote review panel consisted of 1 Republican, 1 Democrat, & 2 League of Women Voters (LWV). The LWV supports progressive policies aligning with Democrats; climate change, gun control, universal healthcare, etc.
    First, unsupervised election officials duplicated adjudicated ballots without any oversight before sending them to partisan VRP's (1 Dem., 1 Rep., 2 Progressives). Second, all military ballots were adjudicated. Third, January's election will be held in the same way.

    CTCL, funded by Zuckerberg & led by a member of the Obama Foundation, hired & trained election officials in Fulton, Cobb, & Dekalb. These election officials will once again duplicate adjudicated ballots without any oversight in GA's Senate Race.

    1. Nardz is going to keep posting this same thing on every thread. You can see this one discussed already here:

      1. White Knight is going to keep posting this same thing on every thread. You can see this one discussed already here:

      2. You seem to pay a lot of attention to Nardz. Do you have a little crush on him or something? That's cute.

    2. should probably just put a daily reminder that Nardz is a traitor to this country, and has pushed multiple time for overturning an election with literally zero evidence for doing so, and using violence against those who wont allow him to have his little temper tantrum and install his loser president.

      *daily treason reminder*

  14. Relevant:

    Lin Wood’s Ex-Law Partners Claim He Was Taped Admitting to Assaults, Asserting He May Be ‘Christ Coming Back for Second Time’

    “I might actually be Christ coming back for a second time in the form of an imperfect man, elevating Christ consciousness,” an extraordinary footnote quotes Wood telling his partners. “That cause you to have a little bit of a chill? Who would be more eloquent to say what the will of God is, the belief of God in me.”

    Wood is said to have called himself the representative of various Biblical figures.

    “I represent Moses,” Wood allegedly declared on tape. “I represent Ananias the believer. I’m like the power of King David. Now look you all, I told you I was going to pray tonight to my God, not to myself, because to me there’s God and there’s me.”

    1. Fuck off Arrogant_Condescension

    2. Lin Wood is a curious character.

      He's a southerner named "Lincoln" who made his bones defending Richard Jewell against the FBI.

      He has a long history of donating to Democratic political candidates and voting in Democratic primaries.

      I think his whole "pro-Trump" shtick may actually be some kind of bizarre performance art psy ops to damage the Georgia GOP in the runoff?

      I mean, the bleached hair and the red hat are total props. He didn't look like that two years ago.

      Or maybe he's just gone nuts? There certainly seems to be a lot of that going around.

      1. When he outright started telling Republicans not to vote in Georgia, I had the same thought.

        Either he's unclassifiable in that particular "I'm Jesus" kind of way, or he is a deeper cover Borat type.

    3. “I represent Moses,” Wood allegedly declared on tape. “I represent Ananias the believer. I’m like the power of King David. Now look you all, I told you I was going to pray tonight to my God, not to myself, because to me there’s God and there’s me.”

      There is absolutely nothing remotely controversial about any of this statement.

      1. The earlier statement is weird, but would probably need to be interpreted in context.

        Btw, the problem with lawyers launching personal attacks at each other (based on hearsay, no less) is that, by default, nobody trusts lawyers. These ex-law partners are not inherently more trustworthy than Lin Wood just because they supposedly have dirt.

        1. Not only is there good reason to question the reliability of these statements, it also doesn't really matter whether they're true or false.

          People argued about whether Saddam Hussein had WMD--as if it didn't matter whether bombing, invading, and occupying Iraq were in the best interests of the United States if he had WMD. It might not have been in the best interests of the United States to occupy Iraq--even if Saddam Hussein did have WMD. Assad used WMD on his own people, but we laughed Obama's red line out of the room because occupying Syria was not in our best interests regardless.

          The defense attorneys in the O.J. trial said that if the glove didn't fit, then the jury must acquit, but it was actually entirely possible for O.J. to have been guilty of the murders even if the gloves didn't fit. How did he get their blood all over his shoes and all over the carpet in his vehicle? Whether the gloves fit was beside the point.

          They frame these questions as if the answers are somehow integral to choosing one course of action over another, but it doesn't really matter whether this story is true or not. What should we do differently depending on whether these stories are true, anything?!

          If the correct answer is nothing, then we're talking about a red herring.

          1. Ken, I agree with everything you've said here. And I'm a contrarian. In a world where Savannah Guthrie is considered a firecracker journalist, we have no journalism.
            As for Lin Wood, he does indeed seem to be trying to throw the Georgia election to the Democrats, with most of his tweets telling Republicans not to vote because "the cheating hasn't been fixed." Which is true.
            Wood now claims Jeffrey Epstein is alive. There is a John Roberts in the Epstein flight logs, and we know Bill Gates visited Epstein's mansions and flew on Epstein's plane. Bill Clinton is listed in the flight logs 26 times. What no one talks about much is Clinton on Ron Burkle's plane. But that's a different story.
            Anyway, Epstein killed himself before he could talk about this John Roberts fellow, or Gates, or the Clintons, or the other billionaires who he entertained. Dang. I wonder what Ghislaine Maxwell is up to? We haven't heard much out of her or her lawyer.
            Anyway, as for the OJ glove: it fit just fine before it was soaked in blood and sat in a locker for a year. Leather shrinks in those conditions.

            1. I'm quite convinced Roberts is a pedophile, a closet Marxist, and a traitor. It's the only explanation of why he didn't overturn the fraudulent election and give it over to Trump, the most patriotic and liberty loving President of the last century.

              I mean, these things are so obvious you'd have be a leftist not to see them.

              After all, Trump has every reason and right to declare martial law (as we are in the midst of what is effectively an illegal leftist coup) and stop this travesty (in fact I think he should. Put USA under military rule, round up the Democrats and the lefties, exile them, or if necessary shoot them. Undesirable foreigners *which would be most of them* would need to go too). The only reason he doesn't is because it would lead to civil war and he's too compassionate towards even Americans who don't like him. It's a weakness that's going to get us all killed or reeducated.

              Fascism has never looked so good as it does now.

              1. If I had told you two years ago that Clinton, Gates, Roberts, et al all partied on an island for sex with teenagers who you would have mocked me as well.
                Truth is stranger than fiction, and that's always been true. Like Biden getting historic 80+ million votes and winning only 447 counties.
                I like your draconian imagination, Mark Question. Historically, Leftists are the line them up and shoot them party: See Cambodia, China, France, Russia, Vietnam. 100 million people killed by Communism in one century is a fact.
                Fascism in a straw man. Antifa are the actual fascists. Their work: cancelling you, destroying your city, your business, or vandalizing your buildings.

                1. "If I had told you two years ago that Clinton, Gates, Roberts, et al all partied on an island for sex with teenagers who you would have mocked me as well."

                  Nope. I'd have believed it. Democrats have been pro-pedophile for years. It is known.

                  "Historically, Leftists are the line them up and shoot them party: See Cambodia, China, France, Russia, Vietnam. 100 million people killed by Communism in one century is a fact."

                  All the more reason why they need to be lined up and shot. We can't worry about petty freedoms when a significant amount of the American public is embracing totalitarianism, and actively campaigning to see it established.

                  "Fascism in a straw man. Antifa are the actual fascists. Their work: cancelling you, destroying your city, your business, or vandalizing your buildings."

                  Fascism is a very real alternative to capitalism and Marxism. That doesn't make it desirable, necessarily, but a fascist dictatorship is preferrable to almost any regime controlled by Antifa and/or democrats.

                  For one thing, a fascist dictatorship would have crushed the Democratic party for attempting an illegal congressional coup de'tat. How awesome would that have been?

                  But no, we must stick to the old grey mare of classical liberalism, the ideology that, however unintentionally, created the left and sown the seeds of civilization's destruction.

                  1. Well then we agree on everything! I loathe liberals and John Roberts has some explaining to do about a few things.

            2. Epstein is dead. But he didn't kill himself.

  15. Pro-Trump Lawyer...

    Here's a better one:

    "Pro-Wagner Politician Invades Neighboring Countries and Murders Millions of Innocent Civilians".

  16. In 17 days Trump will no longer be President and I predict interest in him or anything he says will fall off quickly. In six month he'll get less coverage than Jimmy Carter.

    1. With Sleepy Joe in the white house? Not likely. Trump's mean tweets just draw more attention from the public than a geriatric old man napping in the basement.

  17. Given that Sullum has enthusiastically endorsed the movie "Cuties," I'm taking his thoughts on pedophilia with a grain of salt.

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