Election 2020

After Condemning Georgia's Election System As Untrustworthy, Trump Urges Republicans There to Vote in Senate Runoffs

"Don't listen to my friends," the president says, referring to supporters who took his fraud allegations seriously.


For weeks Donald Trump has been insisting that Joe Biden stole the presidential election through a massive fraud that gave the Democratic nominee an edge in several battleground states. Those states include Georgia, where the results certified on November 20 gave Biden a lead of about 12,700 votes. Notwithstanding his argument that Georgia's election system is fundamentally corrupt and untrustworthy, Trump wants Republicans there to vote in two runoff elections next month that will decide party control of the Senate.

The contradiction between those two messages came to a comical head on Saturday, when the president told his supporters in Georgia to ignore pro-Trump lawyers who have suggested that voting in the January 5 Senate runoffs would be futile. "Friends of mine say we are not going to vote because we are angry about the presidential election," Trump said at a rally in Valdosta, Georgia. "Don't listen to my friends."

One of the friends to whom Trump referred was L. Lin Wood Jr., an Atlanta attorney who agrees that Trump actually won the election. "Why would you go back and vote in another rigged election?" Wood asked at a rally last Wednesday.

Wood filed an unsuccessful lawsuit that sought to block certification of the election results in Georgia. "Because Georgia has already certified its results, Wood's requests to delay certification and commence a new recount are moot," the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit ruled on Saturday. The court, in a unanimous decision by a three-judge panel, also found that Wood did not have standing to sue, saying "he fails to allege a particularized injury." It added that "we may not entertain post-election contests about garden-variety issues of vote counting and misconduct that may properly be filed in state courts."

The same day that Trump spoke, Wood told Republicans there was no need to participate in the elections that will determine whether Republicans David Perdue, elected in 2014, and Kelly Loeffler, appointed by Gov. Brian Kemp to replace an ailing Johnny Isakson in 2019, will continue to represent Georgia in the Senate. "We do NOT need to vote for @KLoeffler & @sendavidperdue in rigged runoff to control Senate," Wood tweeted. "We The People demand only lawful votes be counted. Trump won by a landslide!" Wood explained that even if both candidates lost, Republicans would still control the Senate. "With @realDonaldTrump as President," he said, "the Vice-President will cast any necessary tie-breaking in U.S. Senate."

Wood's advice was entirely consistent with Trump's view, according to which Georgia Republicans cannot be confident that their votes will be counted. It was also consistent with Trump's argument that he will prevail in demonstrating that he actually won a second term, which means Vice President Mike Pence will be in a position to resolve any tie votes in the Senate.

Urging Georgia Republicans to disregard Wood, Trump implied that votes in the Senate runoffs would be accurately counted. "There's never been a case where a state has had this prominence [in] Senate races," he said. "This is something that's very important, and you have to get out and you have to vote. If you don't vote, the socialists and the communists win."

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who has lent credence to the president's claims of systematic fraud in this year's election, likewise is annoyed at Wood and former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, who posits a vast international conspiracy that enabled Biden to claim a false victory. Kemp and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger have warned that Powell's lawsuit challenging their state's election procedures could jeopardize a timely resolution of the Senate races. "Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are totally destructive," Gingrich, who represented Georgia's 6th Congressional District until 1999, tweeted last Thursday. "Every Georgia conservative who cares about America MUST vote in the runoff. Their [don't] vote strategy will cripple America."

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel, who has vocally supported the Trump campaign's post-election lawsuits, is also worried that all the talk of rigged vote counts will deter Republicans from participating in Georgia's runoffs. "This is the key—it's not decided," McDaniel told Trump supporters in Marietta, Georgia, on Saturday. "So if you lose your faith and you don't vote and people walk away—that will decide it."

Even while urging Republicans to vote, Trump strayed from that message to reiterate his claim that Biden's victory in Georgia was phony. "This election was rigged, and we can't let it happen to two of the greatest, most respected people in Washington," Trump said, referring to Perdue and Loeffler. The Democrats "cheated, and they rigged our presidential election," he added. "But we will still win it." Yet the method that Trump recommended for ensuring the two senators' victories—i.e., voting for them—was the very same method he says was unavailing in the presidential election, thanks to Democratic chicanery that, by his account, still has not been corrected in Georgia.

Although Kemp and Raffensperger are both Trump supporters, the president says "the election apparatus in Georgia is run by Democrats," even while faulting the Republicans who are actually in charge for failing to prevent or reverse the fraud that supposedly led to Biden's victory in Georgia. Perdue and Loeffler, meanwhile, have demanded that Raffensperger resign for failing to keep elections free and fair in Georgia.

Like Trump's warnings against voting by mail, these charges have had the entirely predictable result of discouraging Republicans from voting. Why take the trouble of casting a ballot if you have no confidence that it will be counted? If the upshot is that Republicans lose control of the Senate, that will be bad news for those of us who think divided government would help curb some of Biden's worst instincts. The silver lining is that it will be a richly deserved comeuppance for Trump and all the Republicans who have recklessly indulged his post-election fantasies.

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  1. Wow… this is the take for reason. Not the fact one of the candidates won’t denounce marxism or socialism. Not needing election integrity. But an attempted gotcha contradictory statement.

    Who knew firing shikha would actually make the others worse.

    1. I mean all the ways you could have gone. Discussing Abrams voter advocacy organization sending voter registration to dead and out of state people. Democrats openly one people to commit voter fraud and move to Georgia for a day.


      Trump telling people to vote in even greater numbers to overcome the fraud deserves ridicule. That’s the libertarian angle.

      1. “Democrats openly one people to commit voter fraud…”

        What does JesseSPAZ the semi-literate “one” us to do, besides suck orange dick?

        1. This coming from SQRLSY, a guy who sucks dick for coke, then starts ranting on a street corner when he gets too high.

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          2. Q: What’s the difference between a good (genuinely funny) joke, and John el Diablo?

            A: One is a shift of wit. The other is a wift of shit!

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                  1. LMAO – whats your obsession with commenting about eating ass every five minutes and talking about cocksucking in response to squirrel girl? Fucking dipshit.

                    1. Piss off, WK.

                    2. Aww, I can tell you’re upset that I turned you down. 😉

                    3. El Galto – so you admit to eating ass. Hey man, you do you.

              2. He was retarded 50 years ago. Biden ass sucking just developed his love of shit.

          3. I heard you were the reason the police started locking the public bathrooms at the park. Now you’ve resorted to giving coke on street corners to get head? Damn, that’s a new low.

          4. sucks dick for coke

            Only works if he’s seriously diabetic. And unaccountably carbonated.

      2. Keep crying and prepare to pucker up. Write your own collumn or shit the fuck up.

        1. wRiTe yOuR oWn coLuMn!!1!”

      3. Discussing Abrams voter advocacy organization sending voter registration to dead and out of state people.

        That’s not fraud, Jesse.

        1. It was when they voted.

        2. just a precursor … so its ok

      4. Democrats openly one people to commit voter fraud and move to Georgia for a day.

        You mean like this guy?


        1. Every fucking time, Jeff. Ignore poor behavior from the left and complain about poor behavior from the right.

          Every fucking time.

          1. Jeff is a strong believer in “both sides” whenever the Democrats fuck up and he can’t handwave it away.

      5. This article apparently written by a high schooler.

    2. Shorter Trump: Democrat or other anti-Trump votes are fraudulent! All of them! But PLEASE go ahead and vote for MEEEE and Mine, because THOSE votes are valid!

      And JesseSPAZ and other orange-dick-suckers adamantly DENY that they lust after a 1-party “R” state! Presumably they deny all of history, and modern state-to-state comparisons, that tell us… Nay, SCREAM AT US, that 1-party states do NOT work! 1-party-“R” state-lusters, lust after dictatorshit!

      1. You really shouldn’t go online before having your first cup of shit. You seem off this morning sweetie.

      2. I’m sorry for drinking while pregnant, everyone.

        1. Ah I see, why everyone accuses me of being a sockpuppet account.

          Its like the whole thing with cheating on your spouse. The person typically who is cheating is the one accusing others first of cheating.

          1. Pretty sure I’ve always made it perfectly obvious that “Sqlsy’s Mom” is what I use to fuck with Sqrlsy. I love watching him flip out and have made no secret of it.

            And unlike you and Jeff, I haven’t made fifty different accounts in order to try and create the appearance of some lefty consensus. Come back and bitch at me if I pull your tricks and have a conversation with myself.

            1. Too bad that anyone can tell that I am not any of those people that you claim I am. But alas, those who are blinded by conspiracy are doomed to be dumb. (see? Nowhere as witty as Squirrel Nut Zipper, or White Nitey).

              1. If you’d changed up your writing style, your protestations might have been believable.

                1. You’re a writing style expert now, are we? I am sure even if I wasn’t being accused of having the same writing style, and offered some concrete evidence I wasn’t who you say I am, you would still not believe me. Its fucking hilarious and also sad. And pathetic. Mostly the latter.

            2. Oh wait, I forgot. I was accused of being some Double D tits, too.

      3. Poor unreason. Most Georgia mail-in absentee ballots were illegal because signatures were not verified. REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT.

        Its why it was important to vote in person, so when millions of mail-in ballots are tossed, Republican win.

      4. Petard, meet hoist.

        I’m getting fucked either way, but the Republicans deserve all the mockery they get at this point. The pain of a decade of one party rule will be extremely painful, but at this point it’s the only way to get the Republican corpse off the stage to make room for a sane and rational right of center party.

        1. a sane and rational right of center party.

          Nice concern trolling.
          I imagine what you actually want is the Max Boot / Bill Kristol lovable losers to play court jesters to the DNC king. Soft little Wall Streeters and neocons who’ll bend over for a kicking.

    3. They’re also completely mischaracterizing the argument to not vote. A major part of it is that neither of the GOP candidates will go on record as wanting any sort of investigation of election irregularities, and the reasoning goes that GOP candidates aren’t entitled to votes simply because they’re in the right party.

      They’re also completely mischaracterizing Trump. After spending four years ranting and raving about how the orange hitler was destroying our democracy, they now mock him for telling his supporters to not take up arms in the face of blatant election fraud and the prospect of never having a fair election again.

      1. I really think Sullum is engaging in brown envelope journalism here.

        When you look at the repetition, the shallow arguments, the fact that he’s blatantly ignoring some pretty major factors, and lying about other factors, and then look at the sheer volume of articles dedicated to this one theme, it’s pretty obvious what’s going on.

        Maybe it’s Charles Koch, maybe it’s some PAC, but either way these are paid politicals… and not very good ones.

        1. CNN lies, Breitbart lies, MSNBC lies, Fox lies. They all lie for their team.

          Sullum has joined in, parroting the left’s lies. I guess he joined their team. pathetic

        2. unreason Commie hacks need to get paid but mush of this they do for their causes that align. They lied before Election 2020 and they lie now.

          Anarchists needs America to burn for Anarchy-land to rise from the ashes.

          Commies needs America government to fail so there can be a revolution.

          They did the same stupid shit in 1930s Germany and the National Socialists came out on top.

          Trump not giving up and this going to a SCOTUS without RBG scares the shit out of them so they dont even talk about it. Normally they get ahead of any possibilities for Trump winning but they always underestimate him.

          Barrett is Trump’s Ace in the hole.

      2. The answer to their RINO ways is to elect them and then force them to resign so the Georgia government can replace them and have another special election. If they are forced to resign, the Democrats would win.

        I personally think that Georgia Republican officials know that by dragging their feet, the SCOTUS can blame numerous states like Georgia for election fraud and decide for Trump in Trump vs Biden.

      3. Handing the Senate to Harris is not exactly the best way to scold the Repub candidates though.

    4. Democrats and their Commie supporters at unreason are trying to use this tactic to get Georgians not to vote for Republican US Senators.

      Notice Democrats voted for Biden in 2020 after Hillary claimed the Russians stole the 2016 election.

      Georgians are now publicly aware of Fulton County and a few other Democrat controlled counties along with their corrupt election workers and they will be dealt with. Also tens of thousands of mailed in absentee ballots where the signatures are not verified will be tossed. Those are the main election problems that we have in Georgia.

      Additionally, we are pushing our state legislature to mandate most Georgians have to vote in-person rather than by mail-in absentee ballot.

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    6. Give Sullum a break! This might be the last chance he has to whine about Trump in a political campaign.

      1. Sullum is a cuck.

        1. You only know that because you met him at the annual cuck convention.

    7. Yes, Reason is still in full on TDS bash Trump mode. Unbelievable.

      I don’t like Trump but this is ridiculous.

      1. Some habits die hard.

    8. A Sampling of Recent Election Fraud Cases from Across the United States

      Here are the facts about Democrat election and voter fraud attempts.

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    10. They fired that silly bitch?

    11. Trump alleging fraud in the general election and urging people to get out and vote in the senatorial runoff is like Stacey Abrams claiming she had the gubernatorial election stolen and then trying to get out the vote in the presidential election.

      I am not convinced there was enough fraud to swing the election, we all know there is always some level of fraud, but I don’t see anything wrong with investigating and auditing the election to be sure.

      1. There was more fraud than ever before AND there are statutory and constitutional violations by Democrat governors and election officials to win.

        In WI, MI, PA, GA, AZ, and NV Biden lost because the vote totals for Biden dont cover the ballots that were illegally counted. Every ballots doesnt get counted. Democrats try to cheat and voters can be stupid and not follow voting rules.

        As I predicted, Trump won this election and there wont be enough time for Biden to change the decision of the SCOTUS to side with Trump.

  2. Is that really Trump though? How do we know it’s not a Lizard person in a Trump disguise? We don’t know is the answer.

    1. Talmudic magic allows the Donald to be in multiple places at the same time.

      1. Certainly possible but we need it investigated. Why isn’t it being investigated? What are they hiding?

        1. You have to go to the astral plane to be sure. The best way for you to do that is to pour a can of gasoline all over you and then light a match on yourself.

          Get back to us with the results please.

  3. I hope the people of Georgia vote for the anti-racist, social justice Democrat candidates so Congress can push the Biden / Harris legislative agenda!

    1. But how will the Republican Senators get their insider information to rip us all off if we don’t reelect them?

      1. They can just copy whatever the Democrats do. It’s pretty simple.

  4. Oh, yes, we know there is tons of voter fraud.

    In Michigan, all Chinese people look alike so thats why having Voter ID laws will prevent this. Yes, this was logic from a Rudy G witness in her testimony.

    In Georgia, apparently scaring the shit out of UPS drivers as they try to unload their truck and counting WIFI access points is also a sure sign of voter fraud. Also there is this gem from a 40 year veteran of the IT profession, “I personally cannot supply evidence of hacked code, only suspicion.” WOW. That’s heavy shit, man.

    1. Wow, you’re just really dumb.

      You win the prize dumbest post on Reason I read today.

      1. I had a Sidney Powell joke, but it was spelled wrong. – George Conway.

        Like her fake Edison County, Michigan. Oh and that she stated in her Georgia case that Dominion flipped votes from Biden to Trump, and she had to amend her suit. WHOOPS. She is top notch.

        Just like Rudy G’s witness that said, “What’d you guys do, take it and do something crazy to it?” Oh, and I just learned “…Ms Carone, 33, was sentenced last September to 12 months of probation for an as-yet-unreported incident in 2018, which court documents refer to as “disorderly circumstances warranting alarm” and “computers-using to commit a crime.”” NICE!

      2. Do you recall the awesome enchanter named “Tim”, in “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail”? The one who could “summon fire without flint or tinder”? Well, you remind me of Tim… You are an enchanter who can summon persuasion without facts or logic!

        So I discussed your awesome talents with some dear personal friends on the Reason staff… Accordingly…

        Reason staff has asked me to convey the following message to you:

        Hi Fantastically Talented Author:

        Obviously, you are a silver-tongued orator, and you also know how to translate your spectacular talents to the written word! We at Reason have need for writers like you, who have near-magical persuasive powers, without having to write at great, tedious length, or resorting to boring facts and citations.

        At Reason, we pay above-market-band salaries to permanent staff, or above-market-band per-word-based fees to freelancers, at your choice. To both permanent staff, and to free-lancers, we provide excellent health, dental, and vision benefits. We also provide FREE unlimited access to nubile young groupies, although we do firmly stipulate that persuasion, not coercion, MUST be applied when taking advantage of said nubile young groupies.

        Please send your resume, and another sample of your writings, along with your salary or fee demands, to ReasonNeedsBrilliantlyPersuasiveWriters@Reason.com .

        Thank You! -Reason Staff

        1. I seriously thought this was a bot at first.

          1. It’s some uninspired ranting by some weirdo who probably thinks they are a misplaced writing talent that never came to fruition because of the evil closed-minded republicans.

            Reminds me of Stephen King. But at least he knows how to sell that kinda stuff. That is a form of talent.

            1. I feel the same way about my missed calling in the porn industry. Open for small penis jokes – I will wait patiently.

              1. Small penis? Nonsense. I’m sure you can take a massive cock or two up your ass. You would be a terrific bottom.

                Follow your dreams and be the best power bottom in the porn industry.

                1. Hey, thanks for the vote of confidence.

      3. Hmm, my comment keeps getting flagged for moderation.

        I will try again. But, I said nothing that wasnt true.


        1. Someone said something racist! Now we HAVE TO allow voter fraud

          1. No, I just think its hilarious that these dumbfucks are your star witnesses.

            False equivalence. Try again, dipshit.

            1. That’s right, hundreds of witnesses can be safely ignored because one of them said something wrong about the Han’s physical similarities to other Han.
              Genius, sempai.

              I especially like how you made her a “star”.

              1. Wow, thanks for making me feel so important by giving me credit for making her a star.

                But you can conveniently ignore the fact that I have cited multiple instances of idiots being used as a witness. Not just one.

                I like your sock puppet account.

                1. I like your sock puppet account

                  Thanks, White Knight senpai! I learned everything from you.

                  1. Ok, fine. I admit it. I am squirrel nut zipper. I am also Double Dee titties. I am also White Nitey. I am also whomever else you want me to be.

                    1. You are all things (and all people) to all people!!!

                      ***IF*** you could do it with a straighter face, you would make a GREAT politician!!!

          2. If you take a moment and ignore the blatant racism, you will realize how stupid her fucking comment was. If everyone looks the same to her, and everyone else agrees with her that all foreigners look the same – how the fuck is a picture ID going to help you tell them apart?

            1. That’s right, because the same one could have multiple official ID or something.
              What if the same guy had 50 different state issued drivers liscences under different names, right?

              1. Charges of Racism! negate all other concerns.

                Get Woke!

                1. Strawman argument! Negate your idiocy.

                  Get real!

            2. How about also looking at and verifying the words on the license?

              Gee your dumb.

              1. Stop making senpai look retarded, jerk!

              2. If they all look the same, and there is some grand conspiracy to commit voter fraud, I could just look up all the address of the Chinese people and make IDs with their info on it. Whats your point? Voter ID can be cheated, too.

                1. So never require ID because it could be fake. You’re not even making sense anymore.

                  1. No, I am saying the globalists are right. DNA and microchipping are the way to go. I have already submitted my DNA to ancestry.com, why havent you?

                    Actually, in all honesty, I believe that signature matching software is the way to go. From what I understand, it is hard to actually forge someone’s real signature when said software is used.

                    I have nothing against verifying who you are. I just think IDs are really fucking dumb and not foolproof at all.

        1. “At 2:29 p.m., a UPS truck pulled up to the dock at 210 Interstate North Parkway. Absentee ballots were being loaded into the UPS truck. I will send pictures and videos in another email.”
          The photos included in the affidavit were images of a truck.”

          Wow, talk about burying the lede.
          And they only mention it after a snarky twitter quote from a reporter criticizing the fucking redaction technique of all things.

          Essentially Business Insider is saying eyewitness accounts don’t matter because they told their stories on Facebook and the affidavits look unprofessional or something.

          And you think that’s an argument? You’re such a dishonest fuck WK.


            Where is the photo evidence of the ballots?

            Its like the photoshopped photo I saw on FB the other day from my crazy pot smoking aunt. It was a picture of a white truck with a Biden campaign sticker photoshopped onto the back and the bed of the truck had USPS boxes in it. OOOOOH SUSPICIOUS!!!

            1. “WERE IMAGES OF A TRUCK”

              Images of the truck, you retarded fuck. Do you not understand why linking a particular vehicle to a time and place is important? And Business Insider somehow completely forgets to mention the fucking video, which was submitted with the photos.

              “Its like the photoshopped photo I saw on FB the other day”
              Oh lol, fuck of with your desperation.

              1. There is nothing you can show him that he won’t lie about to deny voter fraud. Debating with these people is a waste of time. Just roll over them.

                1. Thats fucking hilarious.

      In triplicate and signed off by the high priest in Per-Atum. Right White Knight senpai?

      Oh wait… but A. Condescension is White Knight senpai’s sockpuppet…

      Oh, now I don’t know what to do.

      1. Youre going to hurt yourself trying to unravel your own logical spaghetti of a conspiracy theory about who has sock puppet acccounts.

        1. I mean your stupidity is on par with white knight and considering you appeared the same time he got banned or whatever it makes sense.

          Also the way youre so desperate to rationalize to yourself that your non partisan or unbiased is very white Knighty or Chem jeffy.

          If you aren’t all socks then you all suffer from the same delusions that you constantly try to rationalize away on internet message boards. We can all see it, and the fact you all can’t makes me think “you all” are indeed the same delusional person. Which makes sense because only a delusional leftist would let internet comments drive them crazy enough to keep coming back under different names to argue with someone they think affronted them.

          Your obsession with Jesse also points to you being white knight lol

          1. Ok, you caught me. I am everyone. Squirrel. Dee. White Knight. Who else do you want me to be?

            1. Your also DOL and probably a few others.

          2. Plus the fact that he/she/it picks their name from things that they were accused of, like white knighting and arrogant condescension.

            1. No, I picked that because my ex wife said I was arrogant and condescending.

            2. Oh and my girlfriend has said that of me due to my online commenting.

            3. Banned? The only times I’ve heard of Reason actually banning anyone are when Hihn linked to an outside enemies list, and wither time Buttplug linked child pornography in his comments.

          3. Didn’t you know that once you assimilate into the Democratic Borg, that we are all one and the same? We may have different physical bodies, but we all share the same goal – to make you go insane with conspiracy theories.

            So yes, I am…Batman. Dammit, what is the movie I am thinking of, where everyone stands up and says they are one particular person, to stand in solidarity with that said person? Gahh.

      2. I gave citations further down in the comments. Reason flagged one of my comments because of one the websites I linked to threw a warning up in their server. Had to find a different source. Go through my comments. You’ll find it, just like you found the voter fraud. I have confidence in you, young padawan.

    3. No you dumb bastard, her point was the Dem poll workers thought all Indian people looked alike(and more importantly voted democrat), and she could relate as she thinks all Chinese people look alike. Of course, such a distinction would require to pull your head out of your ass.

      1. Yes, and her point is that because all chinese and indian people look alike they need picture IDs. I feel like we are going in circles.

  5. Only deluded partisan morons still believe there is not massive fraud in the 2020 election. The video of hidden suitcases filled with ballot in Atlanta is just the latest evidence. Regardless of the nonstop gaslighting by media hacks, we continue to see the trend to increased acceptance, going from “no fraud”, to “not enough fraud to matter”, to “okay, fraud, but we’ll slow-walk to the EC vote”.

    1. No, this is how responses progress to relentless tactical nihilism.

    2. only deluded partisan morons keep pushing BS that has been debunked.

      1. I know, right? All these leftist partisan morons pushing the debunked BS claim that the elections were “safe.” The vast majority (even a good number of Democrats) agree that the outcome was altered by fraud.

      2. So what do you make of the video where the same poll worker runs the same stack of ballots three times through the machine?

      3. No, The Georgia Vote-Counting Video Was Not ‘Debunked.’ Not Even Close

        It has NOT been debunked. The liars in the media are trying to make it go away.

        It is against Georgia law to count ballots without being public [period].

      4. Yup, debunked, like that time travelling water pipe bursting that was actually a urinal leaking 4 hours after the initial news report. Go fuck yourself.


    3. “Only deluded partisan morons still believe”

      Anything other than what other partisans want to believe.

      I watched that video. There is nothing at all inconsistent with either narrative. It is not proof of anything. On the one hand, it could show a person telling poll watchers to go home, and then them pulling boxes of ballots out from under a table.

      On the other hand, it is also consistent with the story: That was a box of mail-in ballots that had been received and opened previously (but not counted), and that the people going home were the envelope cutters.

      1. you are straining credulity and embracing a misguided delusion that “there is nothing to see”.

        Embrace that gaslighting if it keeps you warm at night, but don’t pretend that that video is ‘normal’ behavior we should expect during our elections.

      2. https://twitter.com/Cernovich/status/1335816126966611970?s=19

        Georgia Secretary of State / Brad Raffensperger’s office:

        – Pipe didn’t burst it was just a urinal.

        – Vote monitors weren’t told to leave; they all just left spontaneously.

        Lol this was election night. Now story has shifted

      1. I see communists everywhere…

      2. So, you get your news from early-twenty somethings and treat it as gospel?

        Gotta love that link to an article penned by a 2019 graduate…..yeah, credibility!!

        1. You get your news and facts from so called experts because you like to use the authority fallacy?

    4. Only deluded partisan morons still believe there is not massive fraud in the 2020 every election.

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  7. Sullum is such a Joe Biden ass eater.

    If we blow the results out of the water, it will be harder to commit fraud. When the results are very close, that’s when the Democrats start playing their games of corruption.

    THAT is why it’s important to vote, even though the slimy Democrats are willing to cheat.

    1. Go back to giving out coke for head on the street corner, you need a pick me up.

      1. Hey Arrogant_Condescension, remember that time we met in rehab?


        1. Cocaine. It’s a hell of a drug.

  8. It’s only fraud if the Republicans lose. If they win then it’s not fraud. Jeez. So vote for Republicans, early and often, to prevent fraud. The more votes you cast for Republicans, the less fraud there will be.

    1. sarcasmic nails it again! Kudos to sarcasmic!

      1. SQRLSY makes a post that is less than 17 paragraphs! Did your coke supply run out or something?

            1. Tulpa and-or Momma… SOME poster-names use “hair-space” characters to engage in identity theft! Libertarians for ID theft! Have you been too stupid and clueless to notice?


              You have ZERO reasons to believe that I post under multiple names here, other than, you are fearful that (OMG!) there might be MORE THAN ONE person out there, who is capable of writing eloquently enough to persuade other intelligent and flexible-minded (open-minded) people that individual freedom is a REALLY good idea! So you engage in wish fulfillment fantasy, telling yourself that they are all one and the same, so that you and your fellow authoritarians can out-number them more easily. Good luck with that, mind-reader who failed!

              You believe crap that is totally false, w/o evidence to back yourself up! Just like Rob Misek and the other fantasy-addicted authoritarians around here!

              1. Those links are hard evidence Sqrlcasmic.

      2. That’s not the only thing he nails, amirite Sqrls?

        1. Says the crazy Canuckistanistanistanistanian who fucks moose!

    2. So broken.

      1. I suggest you go hangout at a playground again for some new material, that is if the school’s restraining order isn’t still in effect.

    3. That is a bullshit strawman. This is not about Republicans vs Democrats. It’s about people who value election integrity vs people who want to keep the vote counting secretive and shady as fuck. Most people who want this election investigated would be thrilled if an audit occurred in every state. Those who say there is no fraud, if they were being honest, would welcome audits because it would restore transparency to the process, lay people’s fears to rest and show that the results were fair..

      But audits have started and things are looking bad. Over the weekend a Dominion machine was switching a percentage of Trump votes over to Biden. It happened the same way after repeated attempts, because the idea of a “glitch” with these things is a lie. They do what they were programmed to do. Anyway,now the machines in that county are with law enforcement.

      So yeah, you don’t really know what you’re talking about.

      1. It’s about people who value election integrity vs people who want to keep the vote counting secretive and shady as fuck.

        Here let me fix that for you:

        It’s about people who value election integrity BASED ON CONCRETE EVIDENCE, vs. people who chase every wild conspiracy theory that comports with their biases against Democrats.

        1. Video footage of poll workers suspiciously taking out suspicious-looking boxes full of ballots and illegally counting them in the absence of election monitors isn’t concrete evidence. It’s just a wild conspiracy theory that’s been debunked by CNN citing the NYT which in turn cited the WaPo which in turn cited CNN.

          1. Sounds like something John el Galto would be interested in. The human centipede, right?

          2. I saw that video. You have no idea what’s in those boxes. Why do you think they are full of uncounted ballots? Why do you think there are election workers counting them in the absence of monitors? What is the concrete basis for these claims?

            “Uhh uhh they’re Democrats and therefore they cheat!”

            1. Well of course there’s no concrete evidence. You just have to say “nuh uh!” and any concrete evidence magically disappears.

            2. Because outside of the preponderance of evidence of other irregularities, the fact that we can’t even audit an election to verify your claims is suspect enough.

              As for that specific situation, there were no observers present and all the so called reputable and mainstream news organizations published that counting stopped at 10:30 and that they would return tomorrow morning. Also, the timestamps for vote dumps match up with the alleged ballot stuffing activity. It’s right around that time that we see dumps with >90% going Biden despite incomparable performance everywhere else in the nation.

              That alone should make you highly suspicious. We have increased turnout from the R base, national averages that show best minority polling since the 60s, Biden losing all the bellweathers, Ohio and Florida by landslides, and he just happens to get exactly what he needs in all the swing states entirely from cities notorious for voter fraud that buck the averages nationally. Sure he did.

              1. “Also, the timestamps for vote dumps match up with the alleged ballot stuffing activity. It’s right around that time that we see dumps with >90% going Biden despite incomparable performance everywhere else in the nation.”

                Bullshit. Prove it.

                  1. Right…..so where did the data that was used to fabricate these graphs come from? Gatewaypundit conveniently forgot to list the source of the data. Lucky for them, there are plenty of brain-dead idiots that will swallow this shit whole cloth.

                    1. Even if there was a spike at this time, those ballots that were under the table were put there earlier in the day by election workers that were being observed. They didn’t just show up at midnight.

                    2. It says on the graph ‘from the NY Times’

            3. “Uhh uhh they’re Democrats and therefore they cheat!”

              I don’t know, whenever anyone tries to address potential sources of fraud in the electoral system only one party ever seems to get its collective panties in a twist. Must be a coincidence.

              1. where have you been for the last 4 years? whoever loses cries fraud without evidence.

                1. ^ exactly. Everyone’s a snowflake.

            4. At the very least the ballots are illegal because there was no observers present, according to both federal and Georgia state law.

              Also, you have no idea what’s in those boxes either. But considering they are dragged out and placed on the tables where the ballot counting machines are and we see the ladies begin sorting and feeding paper from the suitcases into the machines I think we can at least hazard a guess what they are.

              And at the very least, since you’re non partisan, you welcome the audit to prove these allegations wrong don’t you?

              1. the law does not require observers to be present, it requires them to have the ability to be present.

                as for what was in the boxes…. yes we do know. that camera was not only on for the 90 seconds some hack tried to take out of context….. the same cameras showed those same boxes being filled with the mail in ballots the observers watch have signatures verified and be placed in those boxes. of all the harebrained excuses to claim there is “something” to investigate, this one is one of the stupidest because it requires pretending that camera was only on for 90 seconds in the entire day…..

          3. The official story is:

            1) Election people going home were the envelope cutters whose job was done, and the poll monitors just left with them not realizing that counting was continuing. No one ever told the poll watchers that counting was over for the night. No one other than the poll watchers in question have claimed they were told to go home.

            2) Those boxes were mail-in ballots received and opened earlier in the night, and that if you watch an hour or so earlier you see the boxes being filled and placed there.

            Now, #2 is easily verifiable- just go look at the previous parts of the video. #1 is not verifiable, because the video has no sound.

            So that video proves absolutely nothing. It does not give us evidence either way of fraud because it is consistent with both sides of the story.

            1. The election monitors claim that they were told to leave because the counting was finished for the night. That’s a far more plausible story than some people leaving and everyone else following them because they just assumed that the counting was finished. In either case, it’s apparently against Georgia law for the poll workers to count ballots in the absence of election monitors, so it’s absolutely concrete evidence of election law being violated.

              1. “Only deluded partisan morons still believe”

                I don’t agree that the monitor’s story is more plausible. But I don’t care. Right now it is He-said-she-said. And everyone claiming that the video is “smoking gun evidence” are wrong. It is not the proof that people claim it is.

                Further, wouldn’t you agree that if it is true that you can see those boxes being packed with legitimately opened ballots earlier in the night, that the Trump team is being either dishonest or negligent in their claim of fraud?

                1. Hold on, you’re saying that it’s at all plausible that election monitors saw some people leaving the building and decided to follow them out without even bothering to ask them what they were doing or checking whether the counting had actually ended for the day? When the video shows that they were being told something by one of the poll workers right before they decided to follow the those people out of the building? And that the poll workers started counting the ballots after everyone else had left without bothering to check if there was anyone else left to watch them count ballots? That story is certainly possible, but it’s not even in the ballpark of plausible.

                  And as for what was actually in the boxes, if they’re legitimate ballots, then why couldn’t the poll workers wait for someone to watch them count those legitimate ballots as the law requires?

                2. everything they are saying is dishonest and fraudulent….. that is why this claim will never see the light of day in a courtroom.

            2. Where did you hear #1 from? Genuinely curious.

              1. It has also been reported by numerous “Fact Check” organizations.


                Now, I know what you are going to say about those Fact Check orgs- I tend to agree. However in this case, they actually CALLED election officials and have their statements as a matter of record. While I believe that FactCheck is a totally biased site, I don’t think they are going to completely make up a statement from election officials who are in many cases Republicans who would happily throw them under the bus if they were misrepresented. *shrug*

                1. Also thanks!

            3. if #2 is verified, #1 becomes pointless. if the ballots were legally submitted, the narrative falls apart.

        2. The problem is you and the gatekeepers keep shifting the definition of concrete to stifle all efforts into investigating and securing elections. Why are you so concerned with transparency? Unless there was fraudulent behavior by election workers, audits cannot change the outcome. It’s not like the audit process enables some systemic risk that would allow Trump to alter the vote counts or stuff ballots.

          Meanwhile, the Navy gladly releases UFO footage because there really aren’t aliens. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

      2. Are you saying that if, after a full investigation, Trump still lost, that you’d accept it?

        I’m thinking that’s a big nope.

        1. Do you have any concept of objective reality or are you able to make any argument other than “durr, Trumpsters bad”

          1. Your only argument is “durr, Democrats bad.”

            I didn’t say Trumistas are bad. I said they’re crybabies who can’t accept that their guy lost.

            1. Poor unreason support bots.

              It ain’t over until the SCOTUS hears Trump vs Biden.

              I look forward to posting all these quotes so you guys move on from Biden losing to Trump.

              1. Never going to SC you fucking brain-dead idiot. It’s over. Trump Lost. And I thought progressive tears were sweet. You motherfuckers are willing to burn down your party on the way out the door. That’s a whole new level of stupid.

      3. you believe that votes were switched on the word of a 40 year IT professional whose only evidence supplied in Powell’s submitted affidavit were only his suspicions?

        1. Votes were switched during an audit in Wade County GA and the machines are now in custody of law enforcement. Try listening to something besides besides CNN for a change

          1. I didnt listen to CNN. I actually read the exhibits from Powell’s actual lawsuit that she listed on her website.

            Try again, dipshit.

            1. So none of you trolls are going to respond to the actual event I’m referring to. I guess the narrative has to be updated first.

              1. The also ignore the video of the election workers feeding the same stack of ballots three times through the machine. A tactic that many poll workers, across many states, claim they observed.


                1. Spirit, can you give me specific information that will lead me to a correct internet search for your claim? Such as a location where this fraud allegedly took place? I can find one reference to the lady in Michigan, (Carone), but I don’t think that is the one you are referring to – (scanning of ballots 3 times compared to her claim of hundreds of times or somesuch larger number).

                  1. Carone is the most well known witness and soaks up most of the search results, also, it her written affidavit, she only said a few times. The hundreds comes from here actual testimony where she is visibly shaking and probably not in full control of her thinking. Others testified in the state hearings. All of the affidavits are on the Trump website.


                  2. If you are looking for video evidence it is in the link above. If you don’t like clicking on links, search “atlanta running ballots multiple times” on duckduckgo. For ‘some’ reason it doesn’t come up on google no mater what you search.

                    1. I found some links on Google. And I found a bunch of conspiracy websites with some amazing backgrounds depicting Hell with some good photoshop of some political figures on DuckDuckGo.

                      I will continue my search in good faith.

                2. wow…. that one is even worse than typical….. the water main break happened in the morning, and was over by 11AM….. it had nothing to do with what happened at night.

                3. “The also ignore the video of the election workers feeding the same stack of ballots three times through the machine. A tactic that many poll workers, across many states, claim they observed.”

                  Right, because those wouldn’t have been caught in the first, second or third recount. Keep diggin….the world is watching your tribe making asses of themselves.

              2. What’s the point? I could give you some other explanation for it, give you a citation, and you will just call bullshit and either call me names, spout some communist nonsense, call me a sockpuppet, call my sources biased, use tactical nihilism to try and corner me into some logic debate win.

                I just come here for the funny shit now. There is no honest debate here.

                1. Then provide it, that is honest debate. I don’t think you can in either of those cases. There is no reasonable explanation for running ballots multiple times or machines that don’t count correctly in a well controlled experimental run, run in duplicate.

                2. I could give you some other explanation for it

                  But you won’t, you’ll just ignore the evidence and keep on lying like you always do.

                  1. Ok, I will. Give me some time.

              3. The conspiracy theories continue to be raised and rebutted. Start winning some court cases and then we’ll talk.

                1. You’re saying that counts were not stopped in several pivotal states in the middle of the night?

                  1. 1-40.

                    1. Lick them boots!

              4. Like the time you guys ignored the fact that the dipshit former rep turned newspaper editor made up completely false numbers citing that Biden had magical dumps of 4800 ballots????

                Ya, I will pass, kettle.

          2. I listened to Fox News for about five minutes yesterday. Holy crap I can see how you’re all worked up if that’s your source of information. I was surprised that the reporters weren’t foaming at the mouth.

            1. I spent a week listening to the local conservative radio where I live (93.1 WFMS). Yeah, I totally felt the rage when I came into work. Its amazing the fearmongering that they do.

              1. I used to listen to that crap years ago, and I even believed some of it. I can actually remember the day I lost interest. It was when Trump got the Republican nomination, and the hosts went from being objective about him to defending the very things they were complaining about the day before. They didn’t even pretend to not be shills. At that point I saw that they weren’t interested in any honest conversation, news, analysis or debate, it was simply about Republicans winning at all cost. This crybaby whining about election fraud is just more of the same.

                1. My dad used to listen to Limbaugh back in the 90s. I remember going to militia meetings with my parents, and they were all concerned about the global elite giving us UPC tattoos for the mark of the beast – I am so glad to see the conspiracy theorists still are going strong today.

                  1. I had thought Fox News wasn’t as crazy as the rest, but now I have my doubts… Fox is going crazy now as well!

                    See this one for example…


                    MSN reporting, but ultimate source is apparently blessed by Fox News… China is collecting world-wide ethnic DNA data so that they can devise a virus to selectively eradicate all but ethnic Chinese, is apparently being reported! Watch out for the Lizard People disguised as humans, next! (This is at a glance; I might be skewing it, but probably not much so).

                2. the most disappointing thing to see is how few republicans have had the spine to not blindly worship at the alter of Trump.

                3. “…it was simply about Republicans winning at all cost.”

                  FFS Talk about dishonest and selective outrage. If you listen closely you can still hear Hitlery whining from her stall.

                  1. I love how you guys can’t help yourselves but to come along and prove the point you are trying to argue against.

                4. 2016 was the first time you saw this?

          3. There is plenty of evidence of election fraud and violating Georgia State Legislature election rules.

            The SCOTUS shocked Democrats when justices like Thomas sided with Bush in Bush vs Gore because of election fraud. Democrats will be shocked again.

            Maybe we can get 20 years without excessive Democrat election fraud after Trump wins Trump vs Biden.

          4. Ok, Here I am addressing your claim. This will be piece by piece as I uncover more stories and evidence.

            My first rebuttal is that there is no Wade County in Georgia. That fact alone misled me on my internet search. There is a Ware County. I will continue on from there to see if your claim holds water for Ware County if that is what you meant, and Wade was just a typo – kinda like Powell’s typo of Edison County, maybe? lol, ok just a little jab there.

            1. Well, the D and R keys are adjacent, and autocorrect is likely to determine that “wade” is the more common word compared to “ware”. I’m inclined to go with simple typo.

          5. Yeah, I am going to have to call bullshit that law enforcement has possession of said voting machine. Because TEAM TRUMP said they have it. Hmm. Thats not suspicious.


          6. Yes, the hand recount was wrong. Not the initial vote count by the machine. A second machine recount confirmed the correct numbers.

            “Nelson also said there was a “human-error tabulation issue” during the hand recount and that the tallies match the machine recount.”

            This was pulled from an extensive search on DuckDuckGo.

        2. Memory card in 3rd county, again a Trump county…how many memory cards were “misplaced” from other Trump counties? After the first one, they said “Oops”. After the 2nd one “Oops”. After the 3rd one, it starts to look like a pattern.

          Plus the recount itself has errors…at least one huge one was caught before it was entered…but how many like it just got signed off or shrugged off as “oops”?

          A recount monitor in Georgia discovered a 9,626-vote error in the hand recount in DeKalb County, according to the chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

          “One of our monitors discovered a 9,626-vote error in the DeKalb County hand count. One batch was labeled 10,707 for Biden and 13 for Trump—an improbable margin even by DeKalb standards. The actual count for the batch was 1,081 for Biden and 13 for Trump,” David Shafer wrote on Twitter on Nov. 18.

          Shafer said that two official counters signed off on the miscounted batch. Republican attorneys turned over an affidavit (pdf) on the incident to the Georgia secretary of state and requested an investigation.

          “We were limited to one monitor for every 10 counting tables and we were kept some distance from the tables. There is no telling what we missed under these unreasonable restrictions,” Shafer said.

          Georgia officials are probing the handling of the presidential election in the state’s largest county. Officials are seeing “managerial sloppiness” and “chain of custody” issues in Fulton County, which has a population of about a million and includes Atlanta, Gabriel Sterling with the secretary of state’s office told reporters on Nov. 17.

          Let me reiterate once more: I am not espousing conspiracy theories. I’m not saying Trump was robbed, or that he will win. I’m saying that the optics are bad vis-a-vis engendering trust in the system. I’m saying I don’t particularly trust the system to work as its supposed to when the opportunities for fraud are present up and down the line, and when one side fights tooth and nail at every turn to tighten the system (and when EVERY SINGLE proposal is deemed “racist”).

      4. Those who say there is no fraud, if they were being honest, would welcome audits because it would restore transparency to the process, lay people’s fears to rest and show that the results were fair..

        So let me get this straight. Your team manufactures a controversy from thin air, and now you want everyone else to try to “lay people’s fears to rest” as a result?

        How about “don’t listen to the guy who purposefully throws sand in the air to sow doubt and chaos for the sole purpose of maintaining power”? Will that work?

        1. You’re talking about Adam schiff and his “absolute evidence of Russia collusion” aren’t you? I never thought lying jeffy would criticize a lefty but here he did it!

          1. I was waiting for that rebuttal to come into this comment section. Took you long enough.

        2. they saw the other guys do it with Russian Collusion, and they think it is their “Turn.”

    4. Poor unreason and its support bots.

      Luckily, millions of mail-in ballots are getting tossed because of the election fraud and Republicans win because they mostly voted in-person.

      1. Lefties dont even see what’s coming.

        By giving Democrats no time to contest the Trump win, they will accept Trump’s second term like they accepted Bush’s first term.

        We should do bets on which day unreason will switch from sucking Biden’s wrinkly dick to attacking President Trump during his second term.

    5. Well what’s the problem? Voter fraud is legal now, thanks to the Democrats.

    6. It’s only fraud if the Republicans lose. If they win then it’s not fraud. Jeez. So vote for Republicans, early and often, to prevent fraud. The more votes you cast for Republicans, the less fraud there will be.

      Vote Republican, even if there is no fraud, you still get to impeach them twice.

      1. “It’s only fraud if the Republicans lose. If they win then it’s not fraud. ”

        Exactly. Because voter fraud is inarguably the dominion of demonrats and to think that fraudulent demonrats are so inept at cheating that they would cause a repub to win is crazy talk.

  9. I wonder if the Democrats will send letters to Republicans that say “The election is rigged, don’t bother voting.”

    Now THAT’s some strategerie!

    1. Holy shit, George W reads and comments on Reason?

  10. Perhaps the vote was rigged in the Presidential election, but with all eyes on the Senate run-off voting, the Democrats will not be as likely to be able to cheat.

    The consent decree the Secretary of State negotiated with Stacey Abrams was dirty as shit – the SoS has no authority to change the law as written by the Legislature and there was no reason to negotiate a settlement, let that shit go to court. And where was the GOP in challenging this settlement or all the other unnecessary changes the Democrats insisted on making to election laws in various states? Nowhere – because they’re the Stupid Party and they weren’t paying attention.

    1. Perdue beat Jon Ossoff by 80,000 votes when every Democrat who could vote did and even those not legally permissible to vote did.

      The Democrats will absolutely try to cheat in the runoff. They think justices like Clarence Thomas will let them get away with it. Nevermind that Thomas vote for Bush n Bush vs Gore.

      1. Let’s hope the judges do their duty so we won’t have to.

  11. The morning of Election Day in GA they were announcing Democratic winners on the radio with the specific Number of votes they won by. How did they know who won when election day wasn’t even over????

    1. HG Wells had a radio broadcast once, too.

      1. What broadcast was that?

        1. War of the Worlds. People freaked out and thought it was real when he broadcast the story.

  12. while i fully want and expect the gridlock that we will have after a GOP win in Georgia….. there would be a certain poetic justice if all the BS propaganda being pushed by the trumpsters caused them to lose that election.

    1. Gridlock with Democrats able to use a pen and phone. HAHAHA

      Trump is winning Trump vs Biden with the SCOTUS and Georgia is reelecting Perdue and Loeffler as US Senators.

      Its the only stable result that will keep us out of Civil War 2.0 shooting war for 4 more years.

      Letting Democrats win by election fraud means that many politicians are complicit in violating their oaths of office and need to be woodchipped.

      1. Too bad the democrats don’t understand how many of them would die if they forced us to defend ourselves.

    2. If Republicans lose it will increase the evidence of fraud.

      Just look at Andy Yang publicly telling people to commit fraud by moving to the state under false pretenses. Vote in the GA senate races, then move back to their liberal hell holes.

      We are just not going to take that kind of crap, where you slimy liberals are just right out in the open with your fraud.

      1. Yeah, same happened with a Republican attorney from Florida. But he actually used his brothers address in Georgia. Guess everyone commits voter fraud these days.

        1. https://thefederalist.com/2020/12/07/no-the-georgia-vote-counting-video-was-not-debunked-not-even-close/

          While conspiracy theories about election fraud abound — ranging from The New York Times’ claim that there was no election fraud anywhere in the entire country to dramatic claims of a global conspiracy involving voting machines, the Trump campaign’s official claims are sober and serious. State Republican Chairman David Shafer and President Donald Trump filed a criminal complaint in state court on Friday regarding tens of thousands of votes that they say were fraudulent.

          Trump and Shafer allege, for example, that votes came from:

          2,560 felons,
          66,247 underage registrants,
          2,423 people who were not on the state’s voter rolls,
          4,926 voters who had registered in another state after they registered in Georgia, making them ineligible,
          395 people who cast votes in another state for the same election,
          15,700 voters who had filed national change of address forms without re-registering,
          40,279 people who had moved counties without re-registering,
          1,043 people who claimed the physical impossibility of a P.O. Box as their address,
          98 people who registered after the deadline, and, among others,
          10,315 people who were deceased on election day (8,718 of whom had been registered as dead before their votes were accepted).
          The lawsuit further alleges that mail-in ballots received nearly no scrutiny as standards for contesting questionable ballots were made unreasonably difficult.

          1. 1-40.

          2. Ok, well, now we are getting somewhere. Why does Rudy G and Sidney P continue with their farcical lawsuits and very not credible witnesses?

            Why not be all in serious and give the media these?

            Are they trying to do some baiting game? Like, haha, those crazy claims we made were false, and man, did we ever get you guys, but here is the real fraud. Thats how I see it. And I think its a bit stupid.

        2. So there was voter fraud, then?

  13. Yeah because we should enable rigging by not voting. Then we’ll lose most offices except the ones that can’t be rigged and you’ll have political violence instead. That really is a Libertarian way to address voter fraud!

  14. What do you expect him to do, Jacob?

    Democrats are enemies of America – and the world.

    1. Looking at their history I can’t think of a more evil political party in the West outside of the Nazis. Even the Italian fascists weren’t as bad.

      1. To assert that Democrats are worse than Italian fascists requires a breathtaking ignorance of history.

        1. Well, the Democrat party is the party of racism, that IS pretty evil.

          Democrats enslaved millions of black people.
          Democrats were the party of eugenics.
          Democrats were the party of segregation. In fact, they STILL proudly promote segregation today (only difference now is they flipped the script, but still the same old segregationist mindset).

          Now that I think about it, didn’t Joe Biden give the eulogy for Robert “KKK” Byrd? That’s the “president” YOU psychos stuffed ballots for!

          Evil Democrats…

          1. Don’t forget the Indian removal act and subsequent trail of tears. Also, Jim Crow laws that not only targeted black Americans but Asian Americans too. Especially in their beloved California, the state with the most Jim Crow laws.

          2. Joe Biden also said “I get along well with segregationists” “I don’t want my kids growing up in a racial jungle” “We have a clean, articulate black man…that’s storybook, man!” I could go on. He’s a racist moron.

        2. Okay, let’s unpack this.

          What did the Italian Fascists do that was worse than the Indian Removal Act, the Japanese internment camps, the Fugitive Slave Acts, the segregation of the Civil Service, Dred Scott, Jim Crow, the Trail of Tears, the Compromise of 1850, Bleeding Kansas, the Indian wars, the Klu Klux fucking Klan, etc…

          They were absolute brutes in Libya and Ethiopia but it still doesn’t come close to the human devastation the Democrats have wrought through their horrific history.
          You require breathtaking ignorance not to know this.

      2. Uh oh. I am Jewish. Should I warn the others?

        1. Looking at what’s going down in New York with de Blasio, probably.

          1. All I can say about that is you really don’t want to mess with those particular Orthodox Jews. They don’t listen to the government. Same thing happens in Israel. They just do what they do.

  15. Team R retaining the Senate is now critical. The last time we had a unified Team D government, we got Obamacare rammed up our collective asses.

    Isn’t that enough reason right there for GA Team R voters to turn out and vote in record numbers?

    1. The 5-4 SCOTUS majority are just letting Democrats hang themselves with their own rope.

      There is a reason that Justice Thomas has not announced retiring.

      Winning the US Senate with Georgia is also important as Trump’s second term but Perdue beat Jon Ossoff by 80,000 votes with every Democrat voting for Ossoff that could.

      1. The only way Trump has a second term is if he runs and wins in 2024. Full Stop.

        1. “The only way Trump has a second term is if he runs and wins in 2024. Full Stop.’

          Will you get a T-shirt with that on it once you are proved wrong? Being a man of conviction and transparency and all.

        2. It would be a real shame if the democrats got themselves killed trying to install Biden through all their fraud.

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  18. So in a couple of very tight races that will determine the control of the Senate, some conspiracy mongering Republicans are urging Republicans not to vote because the system is rigged. Gosh.

    We’re going to need a bigger boat of popcorn.

    1. The bag of popcorn now costs $50 because the democrats will raise wages artificially throw more money at corn farmers increase price of fuel with taxes and limited distribution. Also there’s a national sales tax to fund research into climate change and its effect on transgenders. Won’t that be fun.

    2. I prefer bullets

    3. There is a theory going on that Michael Flynn is the actual Q.

  19. After refusing to report that Sweden’s covid death rate was just one fourth that of America’s since July 1 (i.e. 114 vs 461 deaths per million), today’s Wall St Journal ran an extremely pro lockdown article entitled “Holdout Sweden Ends Its Covid-19 Experiment” that demonized Sweden’s decision to not lockdown industries and schools (and didn’t impose a mask mandate).

    And of course, the Wall St Jrnl article, which excoriated Sweden in every paragraph (while praising lockdowns), never reported that Sweden’s daily and cumulative covid death rate have been far lower than the that in the US for the past five months.

    But now that Sweden’s daily rate of new cases and deaths have risen in the past two months (nearly identical to recent increases in the US), the Wall St Journal once again (as they did from March – June) has trashed Sweden’s libertarian response to covid as a total failure (but didn’t criticize the US or any other countries that imposed lockdowns and experienced higher mortality rates than Sweden).

    And yet, according to the WSJ article, Sweden’s sudden change in covid policy only includes banning gatherings of more than 8 people, banning high schools, and limiting alcohol sales (whose details weren’t provided).

    In sum, Sweden has NOT imposed a lockdown, as the headline and article falsely/misleadingly insinuated.

    I predict more anti Sweden news articles in the next several days.

    1. Why this obsession with Sweden? Sure you can google numbers and compare one region or country with others. It is not as meaningful as people believe.

      You are dealing with biology and human behavior. It is not like building a better bridge. Mother Nature is highly unpredictable.

      All I can say is I have never seen anything like this.

  20. Anyone who thinks this election was not a complete fraud has not spent even five minutes looking at the evidence. 80 million people did not go out and vote for a senile racist who couldn’t hold a job as a Walmart greeter for a week. Biden underperformed in every single historic marker and Trump over performed in the same markers. AND YET: In the key swing states, Biden had as much as 105% of the vote in some counties. WOW. Where is Eric Coomer? Do you realize that Soros-owned Staples Street Capital purchased Dominion Voting Systems in 2018? Have you ever watched Trump hating Eric Coomer give one of his YouTube demos on how the votes can be manipulated? Take a look at http://www.hereistheevidence.com and tell me that all of that is just people lying. Have you ever seen Coomer’s anti-Trump Facebook screeds or heard him say “Trump won’t win. I made fucking sure of that.” Even if you loathe Trump, you should want more than 1984 and doublethink for this country. Wake up.

    1. Spent more than five minutes, check. Does not think the election was a complete fraud, check. For the record, I think tens of thousands of people are 1) lying; 2) delusional; 3) manufacturing conspiracy theories because it is in their self interest.

      Clinton–one of the most odious presidential candidates in modern U.S. history–won the popular vote in 2016. Trump won the election. Despite the incredible bitching and whining, Trump never proved any fraud, particularly not in the scale of the millions it would have taken for him to win the popular vote. He pursued the issue because of ego. He won the office, but he couldn’t accept that more Americans voted for Clinton.

      Fast forward to 2020. The Democratic candidate–a less controversial candidate than Clinton–won the popular vote again. Biden also campaigned in the Midwest and worked hard to avoid Clinton’s mistakes. Trump very could have won the election, but for COVID-19. And yes, mail-in voting did benefit the Democrats. No surprise that if give someone a chance to mail in a ballot rather than stand in line for hours, they’re going to take it.

      Win the argument in court. Please.

      1. When did trump even pursue the issue of fraud in 2016? He didn’t, at least not in anything outside of tweets. Your simply parroting a delusional talking point recently spun by leftist media so they can play whataboutism and pretend trump did this before. You’ve been duped, but I think people like you enjoy having your head in the sand because you’re afraid of being wrong.

        Also, it wasn’t “a chance to mail in a ballot”. It was illegally changed voting laws by various secs of state, bypassing federal and state law, in Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania case This was litigated before the election and the cuck Robert’s sided with liberal justices and said the court could review these changes again if they affected the integrity of the election. Which they have, which is why justice alito has issued 2 directives to the state to preserve all universal mail In ballots that fall under these illegal changes, and why he has moved up the deadline to hear the case before electors are selected.

        But of course you wouldnt know any of that because, like lying jeffy, you claim to be libertarian but only parrot leftist talking points.

      2. “I think tens of thousands of people are 1) lying; 2) delusional; 3) manufacturing conspiracy theories because it is in their self interest.”

        You believe tens of thousands of people are telling the same coordinated lie, backed up by video evidence, and they are conspiracy theorist. A little introspection might be nice.

        1. The video evidence is so good they don’t even need to show it to anyone. We should just trust that it exists.

            1. That was fun.

              I did like the picture of Linda Carter in her Wonder Woman outfit on that page. Gal Gadot is awesome but Linda had it going on.

        2. i think tens of thousands of people confuse the words “credible” and “says what i want to believe.”

    2. anyone who believes there was widespread fraud has not fact checked a single piece of garbage fed to them……

  21. Sullum apparently struggles with basic logic and math. There is no “contradiction between those two messages”.
    Democrats are cheating.
    The fewer Republicans that vote, the easier it will be for them to cheat.
    Not only NOT a contradiction, it’s an obvious mathematical truth to anyone without a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    1. What do you expect, Democrats have always been bad at math.

      That’s why they always run out of other people’s money when they get in charge.

  22. Yeah, someone stepped on your toe, so shoot yourself in both feet. Makes perfect sense.

    1. So… you’re making the same argument as “libertarians should’ve voted for Trump because the left is so much worse”

      1. Yes they should have.
        Because you should vote for the person that can do the best job among those who could possibly win. Voting for someone likely to get only a few percent of the vote is not “principled”, it is irresponsible.

        1. I do not disagree.

          But some of the One True Libertarians here are quite self righteous in their different opinion.

        2. You do see there is nowhere to go with that. I know a lot of people think that way. I disagree. This libertarian is an individual with the right to vote for whomever the fuck I want.

          Voting cannot be irresponsible because it is not a collective responsibility. It is an individual right. I don’t owe you anything. So we cannot agree on basic premises.

          There is no winning this.

          1. I agree that you have the right to vote for whomever you please, but your assertion that your vote therefore cannot be irresponsible is nonsense.
            And I agree that you don’t owe me anything, but you owe our country the best possible choice that has a reasonable chance of actually being elected.
            The best thing “principled” libertarians can do at this point is influence realistic candidates in a libertarian direction.
            And not on the crazy stuff that keeps libertarians out of high office, like letting Iran and NK get nukes, opening the borders, etc.
            Things that are actually practical and will work like legalizing drugs, prostitution, and gambling. Removing barriers to 2nd Amendment exercise. Eliminating civil forfeiture. Clamping down on LEOs for using traffic stops as 4th amendment workarounds.
            My point is that there is a lot which can actually be accomplished without going libertarian extreme

  23. the levels of clever achieved here exceed counterargument.

  24. The mere fact the 6 swing states stopped counting which has never happened before puts the election in question. By every metric that has ever been used Trump should have won. No President has ever lost when increasing his votes. Trump won 17 of 18 bellwether counties. It goes on and on.

    1. Your citation fell off

      1. Yes, because search engines are for jerks.

      2. Are you disputing that states stopped counting? That Trump increased his vote total? That Trump won 17 of 18 historical bellwether counties?

        1. None of that matters.

  25. I’m going to stop reading these comments. Rational, or at least, civil voices are completely drowned out by rude pro-trump conspiracy theorists and rude anti-trump voices. Anyone attempting to reason instead of shout is drowned out by the flood of nonsense.

    1. Good point.

    2. “I’m going to stop reading these comments. ”

      Oh, look, everybody. It’s the even-handed and measured voice of reason telling all you children to get it together.

      If these comments come across as shouting than you better stay away from books on tape.

      This election controversy serves as a great example of confirmation bias. What would it take to persuade the TDS victims that any of the overwhelming evidence was valid.

      What happened to those deeply held demonrat mantras like, “the mere appearance of impropriety” or “the seriousness of the charge demands action?”

    3. I’d just like it if the juvenile thread-shitters would leave off their incessant–almost obsessive–need to berate the *other* thread-shitters. It’s like Hinh is back from the dead here.

  26. In August, Clinton said Biden should never concede on election night. She was right, and she knew in advance that the 700k vote lead Trump had in Pennsylvania (as well as the lead in every swing state) that night would be gone soon enough. Does this guy look like he needs 8 USB cards and an election laptop?
    Every swing state stopped counting on election night so that Eric Coomer’s code could be entered into the Dominion machines and alter the votes. But hey, what could go wrong with oligarch controlled elections? Nothing, right? Just ask Venezuela.

  27. Did I miss the part where all the evidence of voter fraud was shown to be wrong? Like it was a string of massive statistical anomalies and the footage showing ballot stuffing turned out to be a deep-fake?

    If I didn’t, then a the very least, this is the biggest story since the collapse of the Soviet bloc, that American democracy is a lie! Of course, any attack on the “god” of the American people (their democracy) would have tremendously dangerous implications to their politicians’ power. Ergo, I see why it would be ignored by those who get their power through the political process, politician and media alike.

    -An An-Cap

  28. I’ve subscribed to Reason since 2012 or maybe earlier, not that it’s much but the shift to a left libertarianism in my estimation, to garner views from the same people who watch Trevor Noah, has made it-the magazine, the website, the idea, unsupportable. In 2012 Reason would have been out with daily hard hitting headlines about the predictably terrible government reactions to covid-19, and the progressive Democrats who want to go back to war, shut down American oil production so the price goes up and their kleptocrat connections return to profitable operations, etc, etc. Instead, the latest focus has been on defending government boards of elections, in the wake of video evidence, sworn firsthand accounts, unbelievable voting anomalies, and more. I’d think Reason would be more curious about this. Donald Trump has done more to promote a libertarian society than the Libertarian Party or Reason has over the course of his presidency. Now Reason is going around asking for money, which I’d love to support Reason with, but with stuff like this, why? I think I’d do more giving a twenty to Sidney Powell.

  29. Libertarian thought is a bit more nuanced than “government bad!” By all means, give your money to Sidney Powell. It won’t change her conspiracy theory rhetoric any more than it will What Reason publishes. Trump was not good for liberty. In an alternate universe where civil debates exists, we could disagree in good faith. In 2020 America, anything less than 100% agreement supposedly means one is a deep state operative, a libtard, a cuck, etc. Show any sign of independent thought, and no matter how much of a toady you’ve been, you are excommunicated. Ask Bill Barr. Libertarianism is not consistent with a cult of personality, no matter what the political bent of the cult leader.

    1. >>Trump was not good for liberty.

      I disagree in good faith.

      1. Here’s a good litmus test. Can you leave the country and go to, let’s say the EU.

        No? Then your liberty has been more compromised than it ever has been in your lifetime.

        1. To be fair, the EU is missing liberty anyway. . . So nothing has changed.

          Now, if you’re saying that the EU denies liberty because of Trump – you’re just stupid.

    2. Donald Trump broke a long tradition by not entering or starting a new war. When I had no insurance temporarily, he repealed the individual mandate. He cut my taxes. He made strides with prison reform, deregulation, and despite the noise was faithful to the rule of law. His Supreme Court justices are beginning to strike down all kinds of corona related violations of liberty.

      In an alternate universe Reason and Justin Amash achieved all that. But in the real world Donald J Trump made all of that happen, and he made many think tanks and libertarian/conservative outlets largely irrelevant, which is why you never heard about it.

  30. Fraud is not needed when the entire system is broken. This local race in upstate NY (having spent this past summer in the area, I got a goodly exposure to the various races there) is running on a razor’s edge, with 12 votes separating the Republican challenger, Claudia Tenney, from her incumbent Democrat opponent, Anthony Brindisi (155,492 to 155,480) is a perfect example. The sides are in court, where a judge has halted counting and processing, “citing major issues”. On Election Day, Tenney led Brindisi by 28,422 votes. The incumbent congressman won more than 75 percent of absentees to narrow the gap.

    A state judge blocking all eight counties in the 22nd Congressional District from certifying results in the race between Anthony Brindisi and Claudia Tenney. Among the major issues found:

    [Judge] DelConte says lawyers still haven’t received final ballot-counts from a number of County Boards of Elections and he’s finding multiple counties have not followed state election law.
    NY state allows people to vote in person even after they have mailed in a ballot, so the mail-in ballots of those people have to be located and rejected otherwise they may be counted twice
    Ballot rejected for whatever reason are supposed to have the reason written on the ballot by elections officials…they used sticky-notes instead, which fell off, so thousands of supposedly invalided ballots have to be reevaluated
    County boards are being opaque in their methods and cannot or will not satisfy the judge’s requests for evidence to be presented
    E.g. “[The judge] began the review of affidavits in Oneida County where they came under scrutiny for once again, missing sticky notes. 100 of the estimated 1500-2000 affidavits submitted by the county were rejected by the Brindisi campaign. But these rejected ballots could not be identified in the five bins laid out in the courtroom.”
    E.g., “Madison County BOE commissioners submitted a spreadsheet with information, but [Judge] DelConte says he doesn’t know if he can go off a spreadsheet alone.”
    E.g., “In Oneida, not only is it unclear why 8-10 ballots were objected to in the first place, but whether they were already counted.”
    E.g., “Brindisi took a lead of a few votes last week, only to see his advantage disappear after two counties said they had made tabulation errors.”
    Small tranches of “uncounted” votes are still being found
    E.g., “Chenango County informed a state judge it had discovered 55 early voting ballots that weren’t canvassed by the local board of election, and therefore weren’t included in the vote totals in the ultra-tight race between U.S. Rep. Anthony Brindisi, a Democrat, and his Republican challenger, former U.S. Rep. Claudia Tenney. The discovery of the uncounted ballots came a day after counties in the 22nd Congressional District reported what was supposed to have been their final vote totals to a state judge. Officials said 44 of the 55 found ballots were countable.”

    I think very few people would complain if they felt that the system was fair, impartial, transparent, uniform, and secure. If you get beat fair-and-square, you shake the other guys hand and say “good game” knowing you did your best. But evidence like the above makes everyone wonder if the playing field is level, if the rules are being followed, and if the “umpires” are fair, even-handed, and disinterested. No one wants to find out after the fact that the umpire who ran your last loss had bet big on the other team to win.

    Even if there has been absolutely zero fraud, I’m sure no one involved will be satisfied with the results. How much faith do we have in this system?

    More cynically, though:

    With such a broken system, it is far from inconceivable that a biased election official could lose a few dozen ballots (to favor their preferred candidate(s)), or to invalidate a few ballots here and there (to favor their preferred candidate(s)). If these are ever discovered, blame it on “human error” and carry on.

    With such a broken system, bunches of partisans can send in their mail-in ballots, then show up in person to vote and maybe get their votes to count twice. They can say “we were told it was ok, and the system would not count our earlier vote” if such efforts were ever detected.

    With such a broken system, simply flooding the system with mail-in ballots that cannot be properly managed by the overwhelmed BOE officials–even if they are as honest and impartial as humans can be–minor frauds like a mail-in ballot sent to a dead cat might be returned by some partisans thinking “hey, they sent it to me, I might as well return it.” can get overlooked. If discovered, these will be swept away rather than accumulated as evidence of fraud…”It was just one ballot cast by a dead cat, hardly evidence of widespread fraud.” Which may be true, but how many dead-cat ballots went out and came back? No one will even know because no one is ever allowed to audit the records.

    Having said all this, do not be disheartened! Be vigilant in getting your vote cast whenever it is called for, and keep fighting for better systems that will restore our trust in their results.

  31. Jose Ortega y Gasset returns, I respectfully disagree. We have seen Carter Page and Roger Stone and Michael Flynn literally destroyed by the Deep State. Meanwhile, Hillary has $2 billion in a fake charity she amassed while Secretary of State. Why would Russia and Saudi Arabia need to give money to a Clinton charity? Not one journalist has asked that question. When was the last time a Democrat had a single thing happen to them? Hunter Biden is roaming around free as a bird, but Ivanka Trump is getting deposed about an election night ballroom fee. Soros just made the owner of Smartmatic head of his Open Society fund. And Patrick Gaspard of the Congo, who was formerly had of Open Society is now going to be in Biden’s cabinet. Soros once said the only thing standing between the New World Order was the USA. Well, not anymore. He won. We lost. And we have a senile, corrupt, lifelong politician in the White House thanks to only one thing: massive on the ground and technological voter fraud. Head in the sand will not change that, and history will never forget this election because it is a turning point, and not a good one.

  32. This is easily the most idiotic thing I have read today. The point is since the presidential election was stolen by the democrats, the law-abiding republicans should therefore boycott the state runoff election? What kind of cunt logic is that? Who hired the douchebag who wrote this bullshit? That’s like saying Billy stole my lunch today, so no way I am going to eat any dinner. Or if I DO eat dinner, then somehow Billy didn’t actually steal my PBJ and my fruit cup? The fuck is wrong with you people? Is anyone editing this shit? Reason? More like Inanity. Fuck you and your TDS, you puerile cunts.

    1. Where’s the “Like” button?

      1. +100000. Agree & great usage of the word cunt!

  33. If you’re listening to anything this orange idiot is saying then you truly are lost.

    1. I would be more lost listening to someone who demeans others with no redeeming value in their comments. If is fine to not support or dislike a candidate, but it shows a lack of intelligence to insult others with nothing to back up your opinion.

    2. If you call him an orange idiot, you’re too stupid to be allowed to vote, ever.

      1. Jeff’s Canadian. He’s not allowed to vote.

        Except in Philadelphia or Fulton County.

  34. Well the choice is to participate in a flawed system and try to keep it honest or just hand the keys to the government to the opposing party that has shown itself to be corrupt. Why wouldn’t you urge people to try? Is Reason really getting that stupid?

  35. This is Reason’s way of avoiding any discussion of the substance of the Georgia runoffs.

    Which might cause them to admit that the Democrat candidates are closer to Mao than any actual libertarian might find acceptable.

    1. +100

  36. There good reasons to doubt the integrity of the US elections this year in particular. Many are trying to get the republicans to boycott the runoff election which will guarantee a democrat win and the control of all three branches of government. So, yes, Trump is telling the republicans to vote in the runoff elections. He is telling them to vote in overwhelming numbers and who knows if the republican voters do vote in overwhelming numbers the republican candidates may just win. But if the votes comes in as they did in the presidential election and these two democrats do win it may very well cause even the republican governor to question the legitimacy of the election and he may have to support an investigation to disprove (or prove) fraud. Just think of the ramifications if fraud is proven. That may cause the feds to look into other states where there are accusations of fraud. Except I doubt that the Biden administration and his AttGeneral would push for nor support an investigation. Maybe a quick look-see then report that there is no there there which would satisfy the main-line press core here in the US.
    I am also afraid that to many of the politicians of both parties and state and federal judges are afraid of looking into fraud allegations. Afraid that if it leaked that there was fraud on a large scale the voters would no longer trust the elections. But this lack of trust was started when Al Gore challenged the presidential election in 2000. He claimed that there was fraud in the Broward County Florida which was a very strong democrat county. If there was fraud there it would have been for All Gore and not W Bush. In that election the courts allow the charge of fraud to be investigated which is the opposite of what the courts are allowing in this years election. Yet there is much more reasons to expect fraud in this years election than in 2000.
    As it is now there a lot of voters who voted for Trump that will not trust future elections where mail in ballots are sent to everybody without request on the voter registration data banks. Many ballots were for people that had died or moved away from that address yet every person that was show at that address in the data bank received a ballot at that address even though they had not live there for years, some that have been dead for a decade or so.
    So I can say there will be many voters (non democrat) that will not support the election system UNLESS there is significant reform in it. But since the democrat party will not admit that there could be fraud there will not be any reform legislated so I don’t see any improvement in the trust in the US voting system since I think it has fallen to the level of what elections are in places such as Cuba and Venezuela where election results are known before the elections is held.

    1. That was a word salad composed entirely of shit. Congratulations.

      1. Read: “I haven’t a clue, so I’ll call this stuff I know nothing about ‘nonsense.'”

        Sure are a smart feller, ain’t ya?

  37. There is absolutely nothing inconsistent with claiming there if voter fraud and encouraging voters to vote in enough numbers to overcome said voter fraud. If you simply don’t vote, you guarantee a loss. If there is voter fraud to overcome, you at least have a chance. I don’t see why this is so hard to understand.

    1. Trump supporters, notoriously good at logic.

      1. Pot, meet kettle.

  38. You know, Jacob, I used to have respect for you as one of the few who stood up against the anti-smoking and anti vate zealots… but now

    I know you have a stick up your ass about Trump, but what the fuck is he supposed to tell his supporters? Seriously, so you want the fucking senate to go democrat and the D’s run roughshod over all of our fucking freedoms and liberties? What the fuck’s a matter with you? You have nothing fucking constructive to write about?

  39. The more R votes, the more cheating the D’s will have to do.
    I find it rather brilliant. . .

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