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Mitch McConnell and Several Other GOP Senators Finally Acknowledge Biden's Victory

The president and his diehard allies in Congress continue to insist the election was stolen.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–Ky.) today finally acknowledged Joe Biden's victory in the presidential election that was held six weeks ago. "Yesterday electors met in all 50 states," he said on the Senate floor, "so as of this morning, the country has officially a president-elect and a vice president-elect….The Electoral College has spoken, so today I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden."

That wasn't so hard, was it? Yet for a month and a half, McConnell had declined to take this step, because he did not want to antagonize President Donald Trump, who continues to insist that he actually won re-election by a landslide, an outcome that would be apparent but for a vast criminal conspiracy that fraudulently denied him his rightful victory. "Allies insisted privately that [McConnell] would ultimately honor the election results, but did not want to stoke a year-end conflict with the president that could hurt the party's chances in two Georgia Senate runoffs and imperil must-pass legislation," The New York Times reports.

At least McConnell did not join the more than 100 Republican members of Congress who backed Texas Attorney General's Ken Paxton's unsuccessful attempt to stop Biden from taking office by challenging election procedures in four battleground states. The Supreme Court last week unanimously declined to consider Paxton's lawsuit, which was widely derided by legal scholars as an ill-conceived, poorly reasoned, and unprecedented effort to reverse the outcome of a presidential election by asserting that one state has standing to sue others when it disapproves of their election rules.

Trump was unfazed by that setback, saying the Supreme Court—which includes six Republican appointees, half of them nominated by Trump himself—had "chickened out" because the justices "didn't want to rule on the merits of the case." Today he claimed "tremendous evidence" is "pouring in on voter fraud" and repeated his allegation that fraud-facilitating election software helped deliver a phony win to Biden.

Having failed to produce any of that "tremendous evidence" in court, Trump is now holding out the hope that his allies in Congress can give him a second term by challenging the electoral count on January 6. The president is relying on Rep. Mo Brooks (R–Ala.), who refuses to join the "surrender caucus" and plans to "object to the submissions of Electoral College votes from various states that, in my judgment, have such flawed election systems that their vote counts are unworthy of our ratification in the United States Congress."

Yet the ranks of the surrender caucus continue to grow. "At some point, you have to face the music," Sen. John Thune (R–S.D.) told reporters yesterday. "Once the Electoral College settles the issue today, it's time for everybody to move on."

Sen. Roy Blunt (R–Mo.) said "we've now gone through the constitutional process and the electors have voted, so there's a president-elect." Biden is "president-elect, subject to whatever additional litigation is ongoing," Sen. John Cornyn (R–Texas) told CNN. "I'm not aware of any."

Sen. Charles Grassley (R–Iowa) told the Des Moines Register "the Electoral College met and voted according to our constitutional process." Asked if that meant Biden should be recognized as the president-elect, he replied that "under the Constitution, that was decided by the Electoral College." Grassley's fellow Iowa senator, Joni Ernst, also conceded Biden's victory. "I know for Iowans it's disappointing, but the process is what it is, and the Constitution will be followed," she said.

Even Sen. Lindsey Graham (R–S.C.), a Trump critic turned toady who initially lent credence to the president's wild claims of massive election fraud, sees the writing on the wall. "I don't see how it gets there from here, given what the Supreme Court did," he said yesterday, although he added that "we'll let those legal challenges play out."

McConnell, Thune, Blunt, Cornyn, Grassley, Ernst, and Graham (sort of) join at least nine other GOP senators who either congratulated Biden shortly after the election or noted that Trump had presented no credible evidence to back up his allegations of systematic cheating. Sen. Ted Cruz (R–Texas), by contrast, was eager to argue Paxton's lawsuit before the Supreme Court as a personal favor to Trump. And Sen. Ron Johnson (R–Wis.), who has threatened to join Brooks in challenging certain states' electoral votes, plans to hold a hearing tomorrow focusing on Trump's complaints about the election.

Rep. Paul Mitchell (R–Mich.), a retiring congressman who congratulated Biden on November 7, announced yesterday that he was "disaffiliating from the Republican Party" out of disgust at its humoring of Trump's increasingly desperate explanations for losing the election. "The president and his legal team have failed to provide substantive evidence of fraud or administrative failure on a scale large enough to impact the outcome of the election," Mitchell wrote in a letter to Republican Nation Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel. "It is unacceptable for political candidates to treat our election system as though we are a third-world nation and incite distrust of something so basic as the sanctity of our vote….If Republican leaders collectively sit back and tolerate unfounded conspiracy theories and 'stop the steal' rallies without speaking out for our electoral process, which the Department of Homeland Security said was 'the most secure in American history,' our nation will be damaged….With the leadership of the Republican Party and our Republican conference in the House actively participating in at least some of these efforts, I fear long-term harm to our democracy."

Addendum: In a statement issued on Monday, Sen. Mike Lee (R–Utah) conceded Trump's defeat. "Concerns regarding fraud and irregularities in this election remain active in multiple states, and those concerns need to be addressed by Congress and state and local officials throughout the country," Lee said. "But absent new information that could give rise to a judicial or legislative determination altering the impact of today's electoral-college votes, Joe Biden will become president of the United States on January 20, 2021."

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458 responses to “Mitch McConnell and Several Other GOP Senators Finally Acknowledge Biden's Victory

  1. “…Republican leaders collectively sit back and tolerate unfounded conspiracy theories…”

    Mitchell came to about the same conclusion as I, only 4 years later.

    1. Right no democrat ever pushed an unfounded conspiracy theory. Anyway your token trolling is lame.

      1. So you’re saying Republicans are no better than Democrats? You’re finally coming around to libertarianism. Congrats.

        1. That’s like saying the Keystone Cops are no better than Cthulhu.

          1. I don’t understand the position here. Democrats claimed the 2016 election was illegitimate due to Russian interference with no real basis and Republicans correctly complained they were trying to undermine our elections. Republicans claimed in 2020 that the election was illegitimate due to massive fraud with no real evidence and Democrats correctly are complaining that they are trying to undermine our election.

            Because Democrats once pushed an unfounded conspiracy theory is really no reason for Republicans now to do the same thing. That one is somehow a defense of the other is a fallacy.

            It turns out both parties are willing to do anything and everything to cling to power. So I think the “both sides” argument fits here pretty well.

            1. Poor leo. He refuses to acknowledge evidence of election fraud and violations of the Constitutional powers by governors and election officials.

              Oh that’s right, leo hates the Constitution.

              12th Amendment here we come. Democrats never had that option in 2016.

              1. Joe Biden says he has a ‘bit of a cold’ after coughing during speech

                Uh oh. Biden has the Kungflu.

                It would be a real shame if Biden croaks from Wuhanvirus before Jan 6, 2021 now that EC votes have already been cast in his name. Democrats dont get to replace Biden.

                1. It would be a real shame if your computer caught on fire before you could make another caustic comment.

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                  2. Poor lefties. Words are violence!

                  3. From the people who spent 4 years literally beheading Trump in effigy on a daily basis and beating off to their fantasies of Trump supporters getting murdered.

                2. ‘Democrats dont get to replace Biden.’

                  the EC elected Kamala Harris as vice-president; per the constitution, she would ascend to the presidency in the case of disability of the president-elect…you don’t know what you’re talking about….

                  1. Your citations fell off.

                    The trump and pence slate of electors would be used.

                    1. Uncertified votes don’t get counted. Try again.

                    2. Lefties dont understand how the joint session works.

                      Bidens EC votes wont be accepted because of GOP challenges. Democrat either accept the Trump slate of electoral votes or we go 12th amendment and Trump wins.

                      As I said, democrats needed trump to concede. The constitution strikes again.

                    3. There is no alternate slate of electors, moron.

                      For the certified slate of electors to be denied on Jan. 6, BOTH houses of congress must agree to deny them. With Dems controlling the House, that is virtually impossible. The electors’ votes will stand. Biden will be president. If something happens to him, Harris will be president. The end.

                  2. Biden would have to be sworn in as president and Harris as veep before she would be eligible to ascend to the presidency. If the “president-elect” dies before being sworn in, the House would decide.

                    1. Wrong, dipshit. Read the 20th amendment. If Biden does before Jan..20, Harris becomes president on Jan. 20.

                    2. Vince Smith didn’t read the 20th amendment carefully enough…

                3. Looks like LC, aka The SCOTUS Whisperer, really loves those “nothing burgers”. There’s no there there! Biden is your new president so just move on you pathetic whiny bitch.

                  1. Even the NYT times knows whats coming.

                    Biden EC votes rejected on jan 6.

                    1. If you’re wrong and things don’t go according to your prediction, can I count on you to call SCOTUS a bunch of evil communists who hate the constitution?

                      I mean, that’s the only POSSIBLE way things don’t go as want them to, right?

                    2. The SCOTUs does have commies on it…breyer, sotomayer, and kagan.

                      The constitution is pretty great because you either follow it basic outline or you are violating it.

                      States have to follow the basic constitution rules that other state follow.

                    3. There’s no way the votes will be rejected.

                  1. Fox has literally never supported Trump. The Murdoch boys were 100% With Her. The only personalities on the network who support Trump are Hannity and Carlson.

                    1. And Ingrsham. And Levin. And the drunk Judge Pirro. And Gutfeld. Etc. Idiot.

              2. He refuses to acknowledge evidence of election fraud

                Along with every court that has seen all of this “evidence.”

                1. God dam man. Most courts turned down the lawsuits on technicalities lime standing. Almost none looked for or at actual evidence. You repeating this wrong narrative is just as bad as anyone else and their conspiracy theories.

                  1. Go over to Volokh and have the kind people there explain to you what a farce these lawsuits were. I’ve been learning a lot since I started reading there.

                    I don’t know why you insist on believing and spouting ignorance, when you have a whole discussion group of lawyers and law professors one click away.

                    1. Volokh is a piece of shit who hates the constitution and sides with democrats against the constitution on a regular basis.

                      Jan 6 is next on the menu of disappointment for democrats. 12th amendment here we come.

                    2. Please stop crying. Seriously, between you and Jesse there’s a threat of drowning in a sea of tears. Poor LC has finally lost his marbles yet continues to show up every day to demonstrate what a fucking idiot loser he is. It’s getting old.

                    3. I’ve been learning a lot since I started reading there.

                      Well I’m sold. You would learn a lot if you started reading The Cat In The Hat.

                    4. Hey sarcasmic, want to stop socking? And while you’re at it, maybe stop fucking your daughter? And while you’re at it, maybe stop getting piss drunk by 9 AM every day? And while you’re at it, maybe get a job?

                  2. Standing is not a mere technicality. It is essential to the subject matter jurisdiction of a court. A plaintiff who fails to plead facts showing standing has failed to plead a claim upon which relief can be granted and is not entitled to offer evidence in support of a non-existent claim.

                    1. Yet the courts just use lack of standing as an excuse.

              3. Trump refuses to present evidence of election fraud.

                So, really this is all his fault and he doesn’t deserve to be President.

                1. Evidence of election fraud is there. Sorry you dont want to look.

                  Notwithstanding Democrat election fraud, governors and election officials changed rules without state legislature approval and that speaks for itself.

                  The Courts are just sit idly by while Democrats threaten all the things that give judges a job…sure.

                  We do know that unreason staffers were liars before election 2020 and they are still liars.

                  1. Bottom line is it doesn’t matter one bit what your opinion is in the face of the decision of the SCOTUS. And every other lower court who threw his rubbish lawsuits out.

                    1. keep betting on the hare, dude.

                    2. It doesn’t matter what our opinion is?

                      Yes, do rely on that…

                    3. The race officially ended yesterday. Sorry, your tortoise lost.

                    4. If my opinion doesnt matter then why does unreason send in armies of bots and apologists to post nonsense?

                      Even the NYT is scared of jan 6 joint session of congress counting and challenging of Biden EC votes. Republicans have the constitution on their side. Democrats needed trump to concede and RBG and roberts to work to prevent SCOTUS millions of mailin ballots.

              4. You know who loves the constitution?

                1. Not unreason and the democrats.

              5. At this point, given all the fraud and criminal behavior of the democrats, I would be fine with Trump declaring martial law and putting all the democrat leaders, leftist media, and their money people i prison. Because their sure as fuck is no more rule of law.

                1. Then why wait for President Trump?

                  Since you’re sure there’s no rule of law, you can start rounding up Democrats on your own and putting them in your basement. No rule of law to stop you, so why not go out and start moving in whichever direction your own moral compass points?

                2. Fascist moron.

            2. >>with no real evidence

              here’s where you fall off the cliff.

            3. I know it was a perfect storm for all this to happen, but you’ll never convince me Joe Biden and the Democratic party pulled 80 million votes after the bullshit they pulled the last four years.

              1. I could believe Joe Biden winning.
                I don’t believe he outperformed Obama only in five or six areas.

                1. The data is internally inconsistent.
                  The US Federal government is no longer legitimate.

                2. I don’t know, maybe he did though…

                  Not saying Biden got the votes out of support for Biden, but out of hatred of Trump. It’s a success story to the effects of the leftist shit (to borrow from Sevo?) media blitz for the last four+ years and how said media campaign pulled people from the woodwork to vote against the ORANGEMANBADMAN

                  Which makes me depressed. And question my critical thinking skills.

              2. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re convinced, asshole.

            4. RESIST!
              Not my president.

            5. Both 2016 and 2020 revolved around Democrat lies. Because Democrats do nothing but lie, and eat ass.

              1. Projection about the ass eating.

        2. They are no better than Reason who defended the trump russia special council and impeachment.

          Not quite the dig you wanted is it Leo.

          1. I’m imagining you hanging out in your neighbor’s pool all summer, complaint they don’t heat it enough and they have shitty beer.


        3. The complete meltdown of all the Trump supporters on here is just sad. Honestly, I just feel pity and it’s not a good feeling.

          1. Biden conceding to trump will be sad. Biden is pissed because he knows that he was so close but will lose like gore.

          2. Shame is even worse. It’s a good thing you have none, or you probably would have killed yourself after you spent 4 legs humping the leg of Russia collusion conspiracy theories. Or, you know, fucking your daughter, sarcasmic.

          3. Yeah go figure, I’m already seeing LIBERALS melt down over the results and Biden hasn’t even been installed yet.

            You guys on the left get SO DEFENSIVE when people call out the fraud. Are you worried that ALL Democrats are going to appear as illegitimate jokes now? Even the elections for local dog catcher are being viewed with suspicion where a Democrat “wins.”

      2. HIllary Clinton conceded on November 9th.

        1. And then proceeded to screech about the election being stolen from her for four years.

        2. Yet 2016 electors went faithless as a sign of protest against trump.

          Democrat tried to coup Trump and failed.
          Democrats tried to remove trump from office and failed.
          Democrats tried to prevent trump seating 3 SCOTUS justices and failed.
          Democrats tried to use election fraud to steal election 2020 and failed.

    2. Poor unreason. They and the are making a list and checking it twice…gonna find out who buys into the bullshit lie that Biden will be President.

      Jan 6, 2021 is gonna be fun.

      Hey Sullum did you hear that there are GOP Representatives and Senators challenging every Biden EC vote? Since he wont reach 270, 12th Amendment here we come.

      Loeffler gets to stay on as Senator until her race is determined.

      Harris has to decide, will she be a VP-Elect or a Senator?

      1. Never change LC. I’m looking forward to Jan 6 if for no other reason than to hear what your next post will be about.

        1. It is funny that leo came out of retirement to defend unreason commies and their bots.

          1. Seriously. What are you going to do once Biden is sworn in?

            1. Biden wont be swore in as president . So problem averted.

            2. “Seriously. What are you going to do once Biden is sworn in?”

              He’ll just move the goalpost to 2024 and spend the next four years waiting for the second coming of Trump and whining about the articles at unreason.

              1. But he’ll also have the built in excuse, when Trump loses again in 2024, that “it was because Biden controlled everything from 2020-24 and the whole thing is a setup, obviously.”

                1. Biden is not going to survive his first term and may not even live long enough to get 2 terms for Willie Brown’s cum dumpster.

              2. So he’ll morph into you, sarcasmic?

          2. I’m not defending anybody. I’m really just laughing at you.

            Would you be willing to make a wager? If Donald Trump is POTUS on January 21, 2021 I’ll never post here again. If Donald Trump is not, you’ll never post here again.

            And I don’t mean president of some shadow government in Wyoming or wherever you guys decide to move.

            1. You defended reason and their support for Mueller for 3 years. Youre not any better than LC. You just chose a different poison.

              1. I didn’t defend anything on Mueller.

                1. Lol. Yes you did. You also said the impeachment has merit.

                  1. Blue State Jesse really really needs for it to be true that if you are not a Trump supporter, you must be a commie progressive Democrat and Biden voter. Otherwise, his whole worldview collapses.

                    1. Yeah, you’ve said that before. And he wouldn’t say it to you if you weren’t a leftist piece of shit.

                    2. It’s kinda like how you call everyone to the right of Lenin a Trumpista and then cry and whinge like a bitch 16 hours a day about how you’re tormented by mean girls, sarcasmic.

                  2. I said at the time that I thought there was enough evidence on Ukraine to bring it to a trial in the Senate. That’s the way the system is supposed to work. The House acts as Grand Jury.

              2. Leo swoops in to save the day like he never does.

                He really thinks I care what any unreason apologist thinks.

                It is funny that he is a weak person and cares what lunatics think of them.

                1. Any word on accepting my wager? You seem so sure of what’s going to happen on Jan 6 that it should be a no-brainer.

                  1. They never accept wagers. Like their cult daddy, they are all talk.

                  2. I already said my wager.

                    Trump gets his second term and all unreason staff quit.

                    Its an easy bet. You people are sure Biden will be president.

                    1. And what do you give up if Biden becomes President?

                    2. Whatever is left of his sanity

                2. He really thinks I care what any unreason apologist thinks.

                  It is funny that he is a weak person and cares what lunatics think of them.

                  Wait, are you the lunatic in this?

                  1. Poor leo is a lunatic. He is disoriented and hearing voices.

                    Well he does support unreason staffers.

            2. If Donald Trump is POTUS on January 21, 2021 I’ll never post here again.

              You’re a known welcher shreek, and this is one of literally a dozen known sockpuppet accounts you use. This might as well be a wager against sarcasmic’s SSI check.

      2. “Hey Sullum did you hear that there are GOP Representatives and Senators challenging every Biden EC vote? Since he wont reach 270, 12th Amendment here we come.”

        I thought you were sure that the Texas lawsuit was “The Big One”? No wait, you said that wasn’t the big one, but that SCOTUS was just waiting for a single court case to rule against Biden? Now you aren’t talking about the Supreme Court, and you are sure that the ECs will be challenged in the House and Senate?

        At what point do you show an ounce of contriteness that you have been consistently, persistently wrong about how this is going to play out?

        1. Texas was a great lawsuit. That was not the case the SCOTUS will use against Democrats.

          There are others.

          Either way, trump has the Constitution on his side and Lefties dont.

          1. The Texas suit was the only one calling into question enough votes to shift the outcome of the election. What other lawsuit remains that SCOTUS may hear that would affect the outcome of a minimum three states that Trump needs?

            1. Poor unreason. All claims by the trump campaign specifically mention the fraud or unconstitutional rules changes involve more votes than Needed to have Trump as legal vote leader. Or the majority results can never be know to either candidate.

            2. The Texas suit was the only one calling into question enough votes to shift the outcome of the election.

              It literally didn’t call into question a single vote. It called into question the procedural rules for changing election law.

        2. McEnany: Electoral College Vote ‘One Step in Constitutional Process,’ Trump Not Giving Up

          Her remarks came as Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) again said he would try to challenge the Electoral College votes for several key states during the Joint Session of Congress on Jan. 6 when the votes are read. It’s unclear, however, if such a bid would gain traction among Republicans in Congress.

          “Apparently, some folks have not done their history. By way of example, the Democrats in the House tried it in 2017 when they tried to strike Alabama’s votes for Donald Trump,” Brooks told Fox Business on Monday evening. “Georgia, the same way, the House Democrats tried to strike it. Barbara Boxer tried to strike Ohio for George Bush back in 2005, so this is not unusual. The law is very clear, the House of Representatives in combination with the United States Senate has the lawful authority to accept or reject Electoral College vote submissions from states that have such flawed election systems that they’re not worthy of our trust.”

          1. Yes, the Epoch Times is telling you what you want to hear. They too will not show an ounce of contriteness or humility that they led readers like you to get their hopes up. At least they are getting money for it. What about you?

            I just wonder how you can still bare to show your face here to put forth with such certainty your claims that Trump will still be president for the next term. It isn’t quite as bad as an admitted pedo thinking his opinion matters, but FFS, it is still pretty bizarre.

            1. There’s a good comrade, showing skepticism only to one side while investing government and media with total credibility.

            2. Notice you cannot refute what the epoch times says.

              Smaller news outlets do better investigative stories because the MSM are corrupt communists like unreason is.

            3. Yes, the Epoch Times is telling you what you want to hear. They too will not show an ounce of contriteness or humility that they led readers like you to get their hopes up.

              So they’re performing the same role that New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Mother Jones, and Democratic Underground did for you the last 4 solid years?

      3. Jan 6 will be business as usual and Biden will be sworn in as 46 on Jan 20. Harris will be VP. If you truly loved the Constitution, you wouldn’t be advocating against the Rule of LAW.

        1. Poor unreason. They think applying constitution rules is against the RULE OF LAW. Haha.

          Biden was so mad because he knows the GoP will challenge his EC votes.

        2. Amazing how many Reason Koch suckers are hung up on the RULE OF LAW nowadays. Hey, remember the entire last 4 years when it was time to #RESIST and use street violence?

    3. You still push trump russia and deny hunter and all his foreign forays. So fucking hilarious.

      1. String hunter up, for all i care.

        And yes, a president cooperating with our enemy against the people is of grave importance. You would think Trump would have produced some testimony under oath, like he promised many times. Oh well. Apparently the word of a several times court-proven conman is good enough for you.

        1. Opresso, you’re just as nutty as the “fraud” Republicans with that “president cooperating with our enemy” bullshit.

          1. Maybe DOL meant Biden and China.

            Can we get 4 years of bleating about that from the media?

            Won’t that be fun?

            1. No, you’ll get totalitarian dictatorship

          2. Strictly the facts. I refer you to the final senate intel com. report and the Mueller report.

            1. Trump is innocent, and the democrats attempted a coup. Those are the facts. Case closed.

            2. K, read them both. They don’t say that.

    4. But seriously tho, Russians magically hacked paper ballots to be mean to Hillary :,(

  2. Jesus Sullum, if you want to blow Biden, do it on your own dime.

    1. Why, when he can do it on Charles Koch’s?

      Getting paid for 25 articles in one month on the exact same subject, is a pretty sweet gig as far as Brown-Envelope Journalism is concerned.

  3. “…Republican leaders collectively sit back and tolerate unfounded conspiracy theories…”


    1. Four years of Russia is different because shut up, bot.

      1. Or how about 8 years of Bush Did 9/11. Or the Killian memos.

  4. Oh good McConnell is on board well the circle is complete. Pence will certify them in January and reason Koch can continue spouting lame diatribes against government that will result in zero changes.

    1. trying to ignore the results of an election just because you don’t like them is not the kind of change anyone should be cheering for.

      1. Yet the media is cheering for Democrat election fraud. Luckily, Democrats chose the wrong race to commit election fraud on.

        Biden will have an aneurysm before he concedes to Trump even after Democrats lose the 12th Amendment vote. Biden was SO CLOSE….

        Biden was so mad last night. As President of the Senate, Biden knows what is coming Jan 6, 2021.

        1. you are such a twit. your meltdown when reality settles in should be entertaining.

          1. It’s gonna be fun watching trash like you scream about how the Electoral College process needs to be abolished because it’s not fair that you didn’t succeed after cheating REALLY hard for another four years.

          2. Poor unreason. Even Biden and NYT know what is coming. They have to say the Electoral college is great to solidify Bidens big cheat. When the GOP uses the EC to give Trump his second term, it will be 4 years of screeching and tears.

            Remember when mcconnell gave democrats their senate hearings for confirmations snd impeachment but then democrats lost? Biden endorses electoral college then loses to electoral college. Its “n”th D chess.

      2. Is that why you kept this sock quiet for 4 years shreek?

      3. If it’s the result of fraud, then yes we should be cheering for resistance to those so-called “results.”

        But now your guy just looks dirty and nobody’s going to trust your side for even the most basic things.

    2. McConnell is disingenuous and underhanded. He will come around bootlicking soon enough just like that weasel Cruz. It is my sincere hope that the new administration gives them nothing, because both of them need to go.

      1. Everyone needs to go, every time.

      2. Mcconnell works good with trump. They keep democrats in the dark about ninja moves and then democrats lose before they know what happened.

    1. I thought you were calling the Kulaks “Trump Cultists”.

  5. Clearly, the Republicans just moved their right bishop upwards-diagonally to the left through space-time… get ready for the check-mate Democrats.

    1. At least one Lefty acknowledges more “n”th D chess for Trump.

      Jan 6, 2021 all Biden EC votes are contested and Biden never gets a majority. 12th Amendment here we come.

      Biden was so mad last night because as VP under Obama he knows that he will never be President as long as Trump fights this.

      1. WRONG, Twist Ending!

        Jeff Bozos busts in and turns over the chess board. Underneath… a game of mahjong the whole time. The Chinese had everyone rooking reft while them and the Russians decided how to split up the (formerly) free world over here to the right.


        1. I LOL’ed

        2. Poor unreason. For democrats and their commies propagandists to endorse EC and then have electoral college rules deny Biden the presidency is hilarious.

      2. Poor unreason bots. You just cant get the web traffic like you used to.

        1. You replied to yourself. I LOL’ed again.

        2. poor leo bot. He gets so mad when he is ignored.

          1. How could a bot show feelings? At this point I’m thinking you’ve become a parody of yourself. Oh and you replied to yourself again.

            Keep copy-pasting your nonsense in every thread. The goalposts are going to have to shift again on Jan 6 and you need to be ready with new copy-paste material.

          2. How does your programmer get your bot comments so feeling-less?

            1. How can some-one have no feel-ins?
              You know I’m hung up on Trump…
              Ea-sy to be hard; ea-sy to be cold.

            2. Poor unreason bots, tag team.

        3. They just had their most successful webathon fundraiser ever.

          1. Cool, five bucks.

            1. Will farrell did an elf democrat donation drive and they got $50,000. Hahha.

              Trumps stop the steal donor drive has millions of small amount donors.

          2. Lol. Chuckie Koch was running a 2 for 1 dollar match on contributions, most of which, just like every year, are actually made by shill donors and laundered through a network of nonprofit trusts. Go ahead and look at the financial statements for the Reason Foundation and see if the “webathon” numbers match anything.

    2. If only they had a bishop to move. They aren’t even in the game anymore – they simply haven’t acknowledged that yet either.

    3. Clearly, the Democrats are threatening to murder officials, blocking ballots and investigations and perjuring themselves because they have nothing to hide.

      1. I think clarence thomas would retire if he knew Trump would lose. Thomas hates democrats and knows exactly what they are capable of. I doubt he would risk working in government with the democrats in power.

        Conservatives know what is at stake and want to make sure the democrats are hobbled for decades. Trumps 4 years has done serious damage to Lefties and another 4 years will get a bunch of Lefties to out themselves as criminals.

      2. Remember when even the APPEARANCE of impropriety was enough to justify impeachment?

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  7. Fight back, or submit to tyranny and lose everything.
    My hopes aren’t high.
    Keep thinking everything’s going to be ok, be normal… despite the obliteration of the concept of civil rights using covid, explicitly racist-marxist militias unleashed across the US for months, and seizure of power through a stolen election right in front of our faces.
    They keep telling you themselves- there will be no going back to normal.
    There will be a New Normal.

    We’ve seen how this plays out.
    Sticking your head in the sand doesn’t save you.

    1. sticking your head up trump’s ass won’t save you.

      1. Staying on your knees may save you. For a while.

        1. Even if it doesn’t, he’ll go out doing what he loves.

    2. Jan 6, 2021 Republicans challenge every EC vote Biden has so he cant get majority. 12th Amendment here we come.

      The MSM was making the rounds to get Republicans to say that Biden is President and Republicans just want a nice Christmas. The Lefties really believe this fight is over.

      It will be be funny when Biden has to give a concession speech to Trump. I will make sure unreason Commies acknowledge Trump got his second term.

      1. McConnell also gave the lunatic Lefties hearings during the confirmation of Barrett after the way the Democrats acted during Kavanaugh confirmation.

        McConnell also held a trial for the failed impeachment of Trump.

        McConnell lets the retards of the Left think they won until Lefties lose. It’s his M.O. and it works well with Trump because they win a lot!

        The Useful Idiots of unreason refuse to admit what is coming. I will laugh and laugh….

    3. We have survived this hyperbole and speculation of doom from the losing party before many times. It’s garbage. America will persevere, we will rise from disease and division under new leadership which is competent and experienced. Trump had his shot and he blew it. Just one more loser bankruptcy attributable to his monumental unfitness to lead.

      1. You ignore all the evidence of 2020 and the history of situations just like this.
        You traitors, and I mean that literally with all the responsibilities it confers on Americans as they relate to you, try to make it all about Trump as distraction.
        Tens of millions of us understand what is really going on.

      2. “ new leadership which is competent and experienced. ”

        You’re referring to the child-molesting, Chinese-owned dementia patient who covered-up his crackhead son’s incestuous molestation and gets into fistfights with Secret Service because he gropes their wives?

        Or the glorified LA hooker who withholds evidence so she can send innocent people to the gallows for cash?

        1. I don’t see anything about incompetence in there.

          Oh you think there’s someone more corrupt than Donald Trump! Notice how you can’t even invent a wholly fictitious Biden who is more corrupt and revolting than Trump.

          1. NANA BOO BOO!!!! I’M RUBBER YOUR GLUE!!!!

          2. Yes, Tony, you didnmt see what was fight in front of you because you were busy sucking your own cock.

            Same reason you didn’t notice that every single thing I said about Biden is factual and verifiable, vis-a-vis your still bitching about Trump’s imaginary concentration camps and Taliban bounties or whatever the paranoid Commie Conspiracy du jour is.

          3. Tony: “Being a child molester who doesn’t know where he is at any given time is a mark of competence.”

      3. “…we will rise from disease and division under new leadership which is competent and experienced.”
        Wait. Did you actually type COMPETENT and EXPERIENCED?
        Would that be failed the bar/slept with married Willie Brown/ chosen for her gender+skin color Kamala, or are you referring to Dementia Joe who doesn’t know what day it is anymore, and was also really, really, really, dumb 47 years ago when he kicked off his failure campaign?

      4. Poor unreason. Still bitter with gore losing. Hillary losing and now Biden losing.

      5. The tides are receding and the planet is starting to heal again, eh?

  8. “That wasn’t so hard, was it? Yet for a month and a half, McConnell had declined to take this step”

    If only the senators would’ve listened to Sullum and the rest of his establishment of media chums, instead of believing their own lying eyes, then all this unpleasantness could’ve been avoided.

    Hopefully next time they’ll have learned to cede when the polls are bad, instead of putting the country through another wasteful election.

    1. Reason made fun of silence as violence once… now they demand it here.

  9. Biden did in fact win, but to be fair to the Repubs, yeah, the DNC cheated their hearts out.

    80 million votes for Joe Fuckin’ Biden? Get outta here with that

    1. You cant win a fraudulent election unless the other team gives in.

      Trump aint giving in. Trump has the Constitution on his side.

      Jan 6, 2021 all Biden EC votes are contested.

      1. Jan 6, 2021 all Biden EC votes are contested.

        And the contest is resolved in Biden´s favor.

        Give it up. Your candidate lost.

        1. The GOP says different.

          Lefties seem pretty nervous.

    2. 2016 was a vote against Hillary.

      2020 was a vote against Trump.

      This isn’t complicated.

      1. No you lying leftist cunt it was fraud so large nobody dare call it out lest the left send their goon squad to your door. You have Biden with zero voter enthusiasm and the Democrats with a defecting base and a lagging voter enrollment on one side versus the opposite for Trump. But that is countered by months of violent riots and lying DNC propagandists in the media like Jacob here.

        Defend Trump and you get death threats just like any third world dictatorship.

      2. So very true.

      3. 2020 was a massive democrat election fraud scheme and threat campaign.

      4. How? If that’s the case, why did Trump get over 11 MILLION more votes than in 2016?

      5. 16 million more people hated Trump than loved Obama in 2012, even as Trump increased his vote total by 11 million and performed better among minorities than any Republican candidate in the 20th or 21st century.

        That is one magic loogie.

    3. Biden had 52 million people watch his electors acceptance speech yesterday. Wait. Thousand. Truly a sign of the most popular president of all time.

    4. Face reality. People are fed up with the entire state of the country and turned out in droves to eliminate what they perceived as the core problem. Why is that beyond your comprehension? The GOP got the down vote as a consolation prize. Be thankful you got that, evolve and move forward. Make yourself part of the solution and less of a problem.

      1. [quote]Face reality. People are fed up with the entire state of the country and turned out in droves to eliminate what they perceived as the core problem. The GOP got the down vote as a consolation prize.[/quote]

        This beggars common sense. Trump gets more minority votes than he did last election, had his base all hyped up and showing up to rallies during a pandemic in the hundreds of thousand, drags the GOP to an insane and down ballot red wave, but somehow loses to the machine politician who limp-dicked his way through the primaries, didn’t campaign, but smashes Obama votes totals? Sorry, it’s not believable.

        PS: I got no consolation prize because I’m not a republican.

        1. PPS: And I forgot that it’s an HTML blockquote here and not a BBCode quote. I can’t win!

      2. “Face reality”

        You just fucking called Joe Biden a competent and experienced leader.

        1. Shreek has a tendency to do stupid shit.

    5. Trump also pulled more votes than any previous sitting president.

      1. So?

        1. Completely debunks the “the vast majority of America hate Trump and threw him through the door” fairytale, for one.

          1. Well you know we’re supposed to believe that the Democratic party who hypocritically support illegal lockdowns, and support rioters destorying peoples lives, impeaching a president because they didn’t like him, lying about said president and his supposed actions, that called anyone who doesn’t immediately agree with them racists and nazis.. Joe Biden rose to the top of all this with 80 million votes. 7 million more than Trump. Right……

            1. Biden, a 47 year sea creature septuagenarian senile gaffe machine with a running mate who was polling around 1% of her own party’s primary gets millions more votes than a sitting president that outperformed his previous election by more than 11 million votes?

              Not believable.

              1. What are you talking about? His last speech was watched by a massive 100 people!

                1. Touché.

  10. Obviously Hunter bribed Cocaine Mitch.

  11. never play Risk with Sullum lol

    1. The media is trying to peddle that the EC vote day trumps the EC vote counting day Jan 6, 2021.

      This is going to work out well for Trump with the vaccine rollout getting millions of Americans before Biden EC votes are challenged on Jan 6 and Lefties start rioting again.

      At least most Americans will have a nice Christmas before they have to deal with Democrats refusing to admit they lost the 12th Amendment vote and Trump gets his second term as President.

      1. still on the edge of my seat over here.

        >>The media is trying to peddle

        everything. it would be shameless if they had shame. Sullum is barely worth mocking anymore

      2. Just to be clear.

        The scenario is that Congress choose to overturn the vote and reinstate Trump as President.

        This is the same Congress (including Republican officials) that perpetrated a massive conspiracy to steal an election from Trump while preserving down ballot races for Republicans.

        This seems inconsistent.

        1. I would blow up unreason servers explaining to you what is happening with election 2020. Maybe brush up on some news aggregators to get up to speed.

      3. Trump will be lucky to stay out of jail the way things are progressing. Keep whining and making false prophecies. Biden keeps winning and moving the country forward. Biden is not a charlatan and a thief. New York State is just waiting for Jan 20th to show everyone just who is cheating the system; indictments in hand.

        1. >>Biden keeps … moving the country forward.

          you’re likely in the wrong universe. check map.

        2. “ Trump will be lucky to stay out of jail the way things are progressing. ”

          Hurting your feelings is still not a crime, no matter how much you bitch.

        3. unreason is so upset that Biden wont won that they create more bots everyday to spread the commie propaganda.

          unreason should interview gore to find out how biden should do his concession speech to trump getting his second term as president.

  12. So, for the sake of argument, let’s say there was enough fraud in the election to change the result. Let’s look at the immediate results:
    1. A few people are arrested.
    2. The cheating works.
    3. Most forms of media refuse to recognize the existence of fraud, and try to suppress all info on it.
    4. The GOP establishment doesn’t care because the cheating only looked like it affected the POTUS, and they don’t like him either.
    5. The courts punt hard by basically saying “no standing” (a cop-out).
    6. The rules that the State legislatures and Governors made up as they went along stand (regardless of what the words of the States’ Constitutions actually say).

    What people aren’t looking at is the long term results:
    1. Cheating is rewarded. There is now an incentive to cheat.
    2. Those who are most willing to cheat (those without an outside moral force) will now keep cheating.
    3. There will be nothing done at the national level to reduce this, and most States will be unable or unwilling to fix it either.
    4. The States that either don’t cheat, or move to reduce cheating will quickly learn to hate those that do cheat.
    5. The biggest cheaters will “win” every national election and nothing too bad will happen to them.
    6. Ergo, the people who won’t cheat will lose their ability to change the government by playing by the rules.
    7. If the non-cheaters want to change their government, they’ll have to break the rules. If they remain non-cheaters, then that means they’ll have to get a “divorce” from the cheaters.
    8. (The end result is lots of dead people.)

    Any issues with this analysis?

    -An An-Cap who didn’t vote for any R or D

    1. Any issues with this analysis?

      Yes it’s called assuming the conclusion or begging the question.

      1. You need to look up “begging the question” again. I was giving an argument with the form “assume A, let’s look at the results”. Begging the question would be “assume A, (analysis), thus A is proved”.

        As for the “alleged” cheating, I have eyes. Do you?

        1. J free isnt the smartest chicken little.

    2. I’m realizing a chilling thought:

      Assuming, for the sake of argument, that there was no cheating, or that it was too little to affect the result:
      There is so very much evidence (video and sworn testimony), that was ignored, that any would-be cheaters have very, very little reason to cheat in the next election!

      I was assuming this was simply an “If A, then B” statement. I was wrong. It’s also an “If not-A, then B”!

      Regardless of cheating or no cheating, why wouldn’t the cheaters keep cheating to “win” future elections?

      1. very, very little reason to *not* cheat in the next election!

    3. You missed the part where the GOP establishment that allowed this to happen, or even aided it, will now overturn the election on behalf of an asshole they don’t like.

      1. You’re one of those fucking retards who thinks the Republicans “obstructed” Obama, aren’t you?

      2. Yet the GOP works with Trump to set back the democrats by decades.

        The GOP still has RINOS like romney, but those traitors are well mitigated from doing much damage after mccain died.

        Its why the democrats lost the last 4 years in spite of their commie propagandists proclaiming victory. Nothing new. The media are liars and the democrats got caught cheating this election.

    4. Everyone is a cheater but me because I lost the election. That pretty much sums it all up.

      1. I’m an An-Cap. I always lose!

        Do you have eyes? Do you have a mind? Or are you just unwilling to look at or think about things you don’t like?

      2. “We can’t investigate obvious fraud because then the guy I like won’t win.”

      3. Unlike gore, hillary, and stacey abrams Trump and the GOP has the constitution on their side.

  13. “Mitch McConnell and Several Other GOP Senators Finally Acknowledge Biden’s Victory”

    I’m hoping this means that Sullum, and others here at Reason, will rediscover the issues again–instead of flogging this dead parrot.

    By the way, for some reason, a lot Reason regulars don’t seem to know the first thing about where Biden stands on . . . pretty much anything. The other day, I posted some quotes from Biden’s own website(s), and it seemed to be the first time some of them had ever heard about some of Biden’s biggest policies! They couldn’t believe it.

    You know, Biden’s first 100 days in office starts in less than a month. You might want to start covering the issues already.
    Some of his promises require legislation, but Biden is promising to do a lot by executive orders, too. Once they’re implemented, it’ll be too late.

    . . . not that you probably care about that. If you cared enough about preventing Biden’s awful policies, you’d have voted for Trump.

    1. By the way, for some reason, a lot Reason regulars don’t seem to know the first thing about where Biden stands on . . . pretty much anything.

      Why look it up when you post his stances daily?

      1. Too lazy to look up/research the facts and critically think. It’s much easier to make stuff up, misinform, and continue in a state of denial. Jan 20 – all this foolishness will come to a halt, NY will serve indictments, criminal defense attorneys will drain every dime Trump has that he has grifted, and then the debts will come due… He’s doomed.

        1. Yes, but does AoC get her gulags?

        2. Ken’s post is about Biden’s stances on policy. I seriously doubt he’ll stop posting about Biden’s stances on policy after Trump has officially left the White House.

          None of what he wrote about Biden’s policies is made up or misinformation.

        3. That’s a cute fairy tale, Mick.

      2. Who cares. Biden wont be president,

        We will deal with democrats in 4 years after trumps second term.

    2. we can talk all day about Biden’s flaws…. and he has many….. the problem is that they are typically only brought up to try and deflect from Trump’s. people act like putting a spotlight on a siting president trying to pull an end around to overturn the legal result of an election is somehow promoting Biden….. like Biden or not, what Trump has been doing is the very definition of authoritative abusive of power…… and we are not going to ignore that because you don’t like the ways we all know Biden is going to put us further in debt.

      1. >>the very definition of authoritative abusive of power


      2. AIR, Trump outperformed disapproval rating in various places, suggesting that a lot of people voted for him despite the fact that they didn’t like him. One of the reasons voters would do that is because they didn’t like Biden on issues. In fact, because Biden was so awful on the issues was a perfectly legitimate reason to vote for Trump. Meanwhile, the ultimate reason so many people are so reluctant to accept Biden’s victory is specifically because Biden is so awful on the issues.

        In short, if Biden weren’t so awful on the issues, the margins of his victory wouldn’t have been close enough to justify a recount, and, meanwhile, if Biden weren’t so awful on the issues, there wouldn’t be so many people who are so unwilling to accept his victory. In fact, if we aren’t discussing Biden’s positions on the issues when we’re discussing people’s reluctance to accept the election outcome, we aren’t even really on topic. If people talk to you about the issues when you ask them about the fairness of the election, then you may be the one who’s distracted.

        P.S. If you voted for Jorgenson without knowing where Biden stood on the issues, you’re almost definitely the one who’s distracted. After all, there were only two possible mutually exclusive outcomes, and neither of them were Jo Jorgenson.

        1. if Biden weren’t so awful on the issues, there wouldn’t be so many people who are so unwilling to accept his victory

          So you admit that “TEH ELESHUN WUZ STOLIN!!1!” has everything to do with politics and nothing to do with actual evidence of fraud?

          1. Because Biden’s policies are so awful, it is perfectly rational to do everything we can to undermine Biden’s legitimacy and his ability to implement those policies. Are you admitting that you’ve become so lost that you’re carrying wood for the progressives who are building a gallows with which to hang us by fighting to establish Biden’s legitimacy?

            Have you ever seen The Bridge on the River Kwai?

            A British officer is a prisoner in a Japanese POW camp. He drives the other POWs to build a bridge for the Japanese across the river to show them the superiority of British ingenuity and drive. As the other allied POWs attempt to sabotage and undermine the construction of the bridge (when they’re not being forced to build it), the British officer becomes increasingly fanatical about making sure the bridge is built on schedule and without delay.

            As the Japanese start to move equipment and troops across the completed bridge to counterattack allied forces, the bravest of his fellow POWs sacrifice themselves in a wild attempt to blow the bridge before the Japanese can get their train across it. It isn’t until he sees this their sacrifices that the British officer finally snaps out of it. Somehow, he ended up on the wrong side! “What have I done?”, he says.


            When will you snap out of it, sarcasmic?

            1. Except I have done nothing to facilitate anything, so I fail to see what I’m supposed to snap out of.

              All I’m trying to say, Ken, is that you’re reading from a wish-list as if it’s all gonna happen. It’s not. Biden will take away our guns when they finish building the border wall. It’s not gonna happen.

              1. I’m reading a series of campaign promises.

                Trump promised to start a trade war with China, renegotiate NAFTA, get rid of ObamaCare, and build a wall on our southern border. He didn’t accomplish all four, but it wasn’t for lack of effort. Wasn’t that government shutdown over the wall the longest government shut down in American history?

                Likewise, if Biden is unsuccessful, it probably won’t be for lack of effort. Hell, the Democrats in congress are more radical than he is on these issues.

            2. Because Biden’s policies are so awful, it is perfectly rational to do everything we can to undermine Biden’s legitimacy and his ability to implement those policies

              Do you literally mean everything we can? If not, what line are you not willing to cross?

              1. He has been less circumspect in a previous post.

                He means everything. Not him, of course, but other people will. Not saying he’s endorsing that kind of thing, of course. Just saying, people might do some nasty things….not that he likes them, of course. But biden has it coming. Not that that’s a good thing, of course…

                It’s the same with all of these losers. The ones who have something to lose will not openly commit sedition, but assume that others will.

                See Nardz as Ken’s more vocal, more concise version.

              2. Throwing shit at the validity of the election is certainly included in “everything we can”. Meanwhile, vouching for the validity of Biden’s election is entirely unwarranted. If the electoral college is convening and installing Biden, then why should I waste a breath defending the validity of the election? Let people think he’s illegitimate.

                1. That didn’t really answer my question.

                  Let me ask another in addition to the first, which I would still appreciate an answer to.

                  Do you, personally, think that fraud or other illegal actions were decisive in Biden’s victory?

                  1. That didn’t really answer my question.

                    The answer is that throwing shit on Biden’s legitimacy is entirely warranted, and defending Biden’s legitimacy is entirely unwarranted.

                    1. Don’t dodge, Ken. You’re better than that. I never have with you.

                      And that is now two questions you haven’t answered.

                  2. Yes, fraud plaid a decisive role. Fact.

                    No, there isn’t a line that can be crossed to stop Biden from taking office. Fact.

                    Only lefties, morons, and traitors can possibly reject these premises once properly informed.

          2. Do you admit you wanted biden to win because you’ve joined jeff and chipper as a globalist yet? Because of mean tweets.

            1. Jesse, have you ever caught yourself dishonestly putting words into someone else’s mouth for the dozenth time that day, and thought to yourself, “Maybe I’m wrong.”?

              Yeah, didn’t think so.

              1. He happens to be correct. You should apologize to him Tubby.

        2. there were more than two options….. but if you can’t get away from that lie…. it is possible that both sucked. it is possible that the best case that can be made for one of the other is marginally less suck, or sucking in a slightly less terrible way….. and when that happens, even if you chose one, you don’t get as invested in that decision as you seem to be. are you really against Biden, or are you just shilling for Trump? i ask this because if you honestly think trump was just slightly less terrible…… you would not dig in so hard against those who didn’t support him. you would not talk shit about Jorgensen voters. you would not care so much which one of the shitty options ended up winning…… because you would know that Biden being shitty does not mean Trump is not.

          1. there were more than two options

            There were only two possible mutually exclusive outcomes–Biden or Trump. If you imagine otherwise, you are wrong.

            And one alternative was not marginally less bad than the other.

            One alternative had us out of Afghanistan by the end of April, opposed the Green New Deal, opposed Medicare for All, opposed a war on our gun rights, avoided a ground war in Syria, cut the corporate tax rate, and did everything he could to get us out of ObamaCare–including fighting for a bill that would have cut $772 billion from Medicaid.


            Trump was wrong on trade and immigration, but Trump wasn’t “less bad” than Biden on those issues I listed. If we’re subjected to Medicare for All, a war on guns, and the Green New Deal because you (and others like you) failed to recognize that, then shame on you. I’d say please don’t make the same mistake next time, but we’re unlikely to see another president as libertarian as Trump was again in our lifetimes.

            I’m Stephen and you’re the Sanhedrin.

            Deal with it.

            1. it is really unfortunate that you were incapable of reading any further in what i wrote…. you have really just demonstrated that you are not worth my time, if you can’t be bothered to even finish reading what i said…..

              1. I answered what you wrote.

                “One alternative had us out of Afghanistan by the end of April, opposed the Green New Deal, opposed Medicare for All, opposed a war on our gun rights, avoided a ground war in Syria, cut the corporate tax rate, and did everything he could to get us out of ObamaCare–including fighting for a bill that would have cut $772 billion from Medicaid.”

                —-Ken Shultz

                Trump wasn’t less bad than Biden for negotiating a full withdrawal from Afghanistan with the Taliban. That was 100% libertarian.

                Trump wasn’t less bad than Biden for keeping us out of a ground war in Syria. That was libertarian, too.

                Cutting the corporate tax rate was libertarian and capitalist–not less bad than Biden.

                To the best of my knowledge, no American president has fought to cut a socialist entitlement program, but Trump fought to cut $772 billion from Medicaid.

                The reason we haven’t already bailed out the states to the tune of $1 trillion is because Trump extended unemployment benefits on an emergency basis–rather than let the Democrats force us to bail out the states as a condition for extending unemployment benefits.

                Trump was not marginally better than Biden. We will probably never see a president do things that are that libertarian again.

                Because you don’t like the response to your comment doesn’t mean I didn’t read it. You seem to just refuse to acknowledge the amazing and libertarian things Donald Trump did.

                1. no you didn’t. you are cheerleadering for trump. I’m sorry that you can’t see how absolutely awful the man is, but you are very deliberately missing the point.

      3. We are already in monumental debt and falling further because of income tax changes favoring the rich and the corporations which create a greater revenue deficit for our country. Biden has huge work cut out for him. Rescinding hairbrained Trump EO’s alone will give him carpal tunnel.

        1. yeah definitely wrong universe.

        2. “We are already in monumental debt and falling further because of income tax changes favoring the rich and the corporations”

          That’s just plain ignorant.

          The corporate tax rate is effectively the rate at which the government nationalizes industry and redistributes wealth. If you’re a socialist, FOAD.

          In regards to tax changes favoring the rich, the top 1% pay 38% of all income tax receipts, and the top 5% pay almost 60% of the income tax, and the top 25% pay 86% of all tax receipts.


          If you want more money, get a job doing something that’s more valuable to people. If you’re a white collar government worker? I hope you get laid off and starve to death.

          1. Damn Ken, you’ve gotten salty over the last few years.

            1. I’ve been consistently salty on that topic since forever.

            2. Treason and idiocy will do that to a patriot.

          2. Incidentally, that means 70.1% of all tax receipts are being paid by people with adjusted gross income of $145,135 a year or more, and people making less than $41,740 in adjusted gross income (the bottom 50%) are only paying 3.1% (three point one percent) of all the income tax revenue that comes into the treasury.

            One of the biggest abuses of government is the way the IRS comes after people whose taxes only make up a tiny portion of the government’s revenue stream.

            We could completely eliminate the need for individuals to file tax returns if they make less than $40,000 a year in adjusted gross income and only have to cut spending by less than 3% to make up for it. Meanwhile, those employees wouldn’t have to worry about the IRS freezing their bank accounts or coming after them anymore.

        3. Fuck you, cut spending.

          1. Right on time with starting to care about spending and debt.

            Last 4 years? Oh, we sorta took a break there.

            1. We were too busy talking about Russia and the Ukraine the whole time. Not that we picked those topics.

              1. Are you sure you want to make that your retort?

                It’s pretty fucking dumb, and it makes the Trump cult look even dumber. They can’t care about the debt and the president’s misdeeds at the same time?

                1. It’s worse than that. They were so worried about Russia and Ukraine that they had to actually raise spending under Trump!

                  The main reasons I refused to vote for Trump this time was his bungling of the #TradeWar and his willingness to increase spending. Remember when Trump was so proud of redistributing wealth that he wanted his signature on every check? I remember.

            2. When were YOU ever concerned about deficits Tubby? The only thing you ever focus on is letting pedophiles from foreign countries into the US.

        4. Wow, Mick, you may be even more stupid and dishonest than Tony. Whatever happened to that poor, sad creature?

          1. They’re the same person. It’s why Tony signed back in to bitch and whine and lie at everyone who insulted him under Mick.

    3. To be fair, Biden the man has not known where Biden the presidential campaign stood on a number of issues. It would be difficult for the Reason staff to figure that out.

      1. Biden has a campaign website where he spells it all out.

        Here’s where Biden promises to ban assault weapons, track the assault weapons that are already in circulation, ban the sale of guns and ammunition online, and start a national gun relinquishment confiscation program in conjunction with local law enforcement.


        That wasn’t hard to find or figure out.

        1. I just skimmed through the page you presented and didn’t see anything about taking everyone’s guns away. Just an unenforceable progressive wish-list that stands little chance of surviving a challenge in court.

          1. God damn you are mendacity. Biden has been clear as day on guns, and it includes increased taxes and buy backs. He wanted Beto as his gun czar you fucking idiot.

            No wonder you wanted Biden, you’re full on ignorant.

          2. “I just skimmed through the page you presented and didn’t see anything about taking everyone’s guns away.”

            You didn’t see the straw man that only exists in your head, there, anywhere?

            Did you see anything about forced registration of assault weapons already in circulation or the establishment of a “relinquishment” program?

            Look again.

            If you don’t see it, it’s because you don’t want to see it.

            1. Look at your 4:20 (smoke!) post and tell me it’s unreasonable to read it as him trying to take everyone’s guns away.

              1. Presently, there is no national gun confiscation plan, but Biden is promising to institute one. If you want to oppose that as the bare bones structure necessary to confiscate guns nationally in the future, you may be falling prey to a slippery slope fallacy (maybe not). Regardless, that’s about what’s happening in your head–not mine.

                The plain fact is that Joe Biden is promising to institute a national gun confiscation plan. You can read all about it on his campaign website. I even provided the link.

                All libertarians should oppose Joe Biden’s national gun confiscation plan. There isn’t anything libertarian about it, and just about everything about Biden’s confiscation plan–from privacy perspectives to due process and gun rights themselves–violates core libertarian principles.

                Joe Biden’s national gun confiscation plan is indefensible from a libertarian perspective–which is why the best the Joe Biden apologists around here can do is engage in ad hominem attacks or pretend that it doesn’t matter how awful Biden’s policy is because it won’t be implemented for some reason.

                The reason you don’t even bother trying to defend Biden’s policy is because it’s indefensible from a libertarian perspective. And that just underscores the reason why Trump hating libertarians are so reluctant to talk about the awful policies behind this. Average Republicans are right to find Biden’s victory unacceptable. Average libertarians should find Biden’s victory completely unacceptable, too–and his libertarian apologists don’t want to face that. If they could defend Biden from a libertarian perspective, they would. They can’t, so they talk about the election results.

                You know who else won an election?!

                1. Alright. You win. As far as I am now concerned, you’re equivalent to some progressive lesbian screaming about how Republicans are going to make abortion illegal. You’ve lost it dude.

                  1. If Donald Trump had a campaign website where he promised to make abortion illegal for lesbians, progressive lesbians would be entirely justified in screaming about Trump wanting to make abortion illegal for lesbians.

                    Biden’s campaign website says what it says regardless of whether I’m like a screaming progressive woman. If I really were a screaming progressive woman, Joe Biden’s campaign website would be still be promising to ban assault weapons, force people to register the assault weapons they already have with the federal government, ban the sale of guns and ammunition online, and institute a national gun confiscation plan for the first time.

                    What is this, the fifth time I’ve called you out for an ad hominem fallacy in the last three days? The reason you keep using ad hominems is because your reasoning is indefensible from a libertarian perspective. You’re just plain wrong.

          3. “unenforceable progressive wish-list”

            Faith alone!
            Really kept the Jews in Germany safe…

            1. Godwin much?

              1. I historical patter recognition much.

                But at least the “unenforceable progressive wish list” didn’t lead to mass lockdowns closing churches and destroying the small business sector…

                1. *pattern recognition

                  1. And yet Red Hats are too different than Brown Shirts for you to recognize any pattern?

                    1. It’s different because they have the right people in charge.

                    2. Red hats haven’t been organizing riots for the past 6 months, nor silencing political speech for even longer.
                      The left, and the left alone, has been acting like brown shirts and red guard.

                    3. What’s wrong with killing communists?

          4. But they simply LOVE, love, love to say it. Because they know if they say it often enough, and loud enough, the rubes will buy it as truth. They are incapable of critical thinking – won’t read widely – employ little reason – and love conspiracy theories.

            1. Unreason does love them some conspiracy theories.

          5. I’m not sure why small “l” libertarians still think we shouldn’t take it seriously when the left is so open about their agenda. They’re literally telling you what they’re planning to do; blowing it off as “oh, don’t worry, it won’t go anywhere” is why the country is in the state that it is right now, with “safetyists” increasingly dominating the cultural discourse. Continuing to blow it off guarantees that it will eventually get a lot worse.

            1. The Supremes have been pretty good at upholding the 2A.

                1. They’ve been doing ok in the last twenty years or so.

              1. Which, ironically, wouldn’t have been the case if Trump hadn’t been President and Cocaine Mitch hadn’t blocked Garland.

                At least, for now, there’s enough Supremes to counter that quisling squish Roberts.

            2. “I’m not sure why small “l” libertarians still think we shouldn’t take it seriously when the left is so open about their agenda.”

              Two points:

              1) I’m a small “l” libertarian, and I take their claims seriously.

              2) The reason so many Republicans are reluctant to accept the outcome of the election is because Biden’s and the Democrats’ policies are so awful, and the reason so many of these people are defending Biden and the Democrats is because they hated President Trump.

              I suppose the rest of us can be proud that we’ve never hated someone so much that it made us apologize for a socialist authoritarian and his policies, but some of us can’t do that. It’s the flip side of TDS. Not only can they not see the truth if Trump is standing on top of it, they’ll act just like socialist authoritarians just to make sure they’re not being supportive of Trump. It’s the same sickness.

              1. “The reason so many Republicans are reluctant to accept the outcome of the election is because Biden’s and the Democrats’ policies are so awful,”

                You’re correct about the left’s policies, which Bidenharris will be used to impose.
                But shut the fuck up with your “the reason” assertion.
                You don’t speak for me, and you damn sure don’t get to surrender on my behalf.
                Your framing is sabotage.

                1. If Biden’s and the Democrats’ policies were exactly the same as Trump’s, you’d be an idiot to care who won.

                  I won’t apologize for assuming you’re not an idiot, but maybe I should?

                  1. Maybe you should fucking listen to other opinions and not confine yourself to a paradigm while stubbornly refusing to change it.
                    You speak for you.
                    You don’t get to misrepresent my position.
                    You are correct about the left’s policies (calling them Biden’s is a red herring, but that’s another issue). They are a huge problem, and you’re right to argue against it.
                    But you are wrong to do so by throwing those of us skeptical of the election’s integrity under the bus.
                    The election results are not consistent among themselves, and there are glaring indications that Biden’s “win” was not based on legitimate votes cast.
                    That is a separate, though related, problem.
                    You sabotage your own position by dismissing concerns about election integrity. It is possible to be concerned about Biden’s policies, or be concerned about election irregularities, or both.
                    Both makes the most sense, and is most consistent with all evidence, but you’re not obligated to speak to both.
                    However, dismissing discussion of election irregularities as just partisan bullshit covering for concern over policy, which is how your argument comes across, is wrong and counter productive.
                    You don’t win arguments with the left by conceding the field to them.
                    They seized power through fraud – vote in addition to everything else in 2020 and the last 4 years. If you don’t believe that, stabbing the rest of us in the back still doesn’t help your case.
                    They intend to wield power in malevolent, authorian ways. I agree with your objections to that. Stick to those, and you make a good case.
                    And ultimately, the left both seized power through fraud and intends to wield it as totalitarians. This is consistent behavior, and allowing them to get away with the former makes the latter more terrifying, and much harder to combat.

                    1. What he’s saying, Ken, is that a real patriot wouldn’t even suggest that there was anything legitimate about this election under any circumstances.

                      Because that’s a fact.

              2. “The reason so many Republicans are reluctant to accept the outcome of the election is because Biden’s and the Democrats’ policies are so awful”

                No, the reason is that Trump primed his cult for months leading up to the election, now needs cash to pay his considerable debts, and is keeping the ruse going because the idiots keep sending him money.

                That is why. I doubt any of the idiots attacking historically black churches or spinning far fetched conspiracy tales could even tell you a Biden policy.

                1. Nrdz’s response above me is the perfect example.

                  See, Ken? Your Most Libertarian President Ever ™ has purposefully convinced a large part of the population that the American Republic is fundamentally broken.

                  Some faith in America is required for our republic to function. Some faith in our institutions is required for elections and the necessary functions of society to work.

                  That does not seem helpful for future liberty. As lame as it sounds, I hope Biden’s term can restore some of that faith. It’s our only hope.

                  This is why I keep saying, it does not matter what the corporate tax rate is, or what enviro regs he dismantles, if he destroys our ability to pick our government leaders through elections, then he is authoritarian, not libertarian.

                  And you propagating this tall tale, since you find it useful, will result in creating a monster that perhaps will not be controlled. The people hurt and killed this past weekend are all because of these lies.

                  So come out and say you support the lying, coward. We already know you do.

                  1. The question isn’t why Trump is saying what he’s saying. Last poll I saw says that 70% of Republicans believe the election results are fraudulent. The question is why so many average Americans are buying that.

                    The answer, in large part, has to do with the awfulness of the Democrats’ policies. They’re genuinely afraid of what the Democrats will do once they get in power–and for good reason. The Democrats are promising to do all sorts of terrible things to us.

                    This also has something to do with the contempt elitist progressives have for average Americans, especially those in the white, blue collar, middle class. Nobody wants to be subject to the whims of those who hate them, and if you ask the average progressive why the white blue collar middle class thinks Democrats hate them so much, that progressive is likely to change the subject to why the white, blue collar middle class should be hated.

                    You can only tell people you hate them for so long before they start to believe you.

                    1. “The question is why so many average Americans are buying that.”

                      That’s not the question. It’s not even a question. I’ve already explained to you, and you already damn well know why. Because Trump started a cult. He told this cult to ignore their eyes and ears. “What you are seeing, what you are reading, is not what is happening.”

                      Then he hit them with a series of Big Lies. This is the latest one.

                      Don’t play dumb, Ken. The topic of conversation is the president’s latest con, not “But da democrats are icky!1!”.

                      Stay on topic. Debunking asked you to be honest about what you are copping to above. Do it, or stop pretending to be such a fair minded conservative who just happens to support all the same dumb shit as white power militia conspiracy dorks.

                      If people want respect, then they should act respectful. Propagating and participating in giant lies that will kill our society is not respectable.

                      Sorry, but I’m not sorry if it feels like people with expertise are making you feel dumb. Not sorry if you develop “economic insecurity” whenever someone speaks spanish around you. That’s on you, and you don’t get to ruin our republic because your feelings are hurt. Sucks to suck. Get better.

                    2. “I’ve already explained to you, and you already damn well know why. Because Trump started a cult.”

                      You have lost your mind.

                      You should no longer trust yourself around a keyboard.

                      Once again, Trump polled above his disapproval ratings in a number of states. People voted for him that don’t like him. That’s about the issues. Your . . . um . . . theory about Trump having Svengali like superpowers over hundreds of millions of Americans is absurd. It doesn’t jibe with the facts.

                      What you’re really doing is exposing your contempt for average Americans when you talk about them being in a cult. You can’t see average people as thinking Americans who are reluctant to accept the election results because they know what the Democrats will do to them and our standard of living if they can. They’re stupid cult victims in your mind.

                      FWIW, average Americans no longer give the news media much credibility, but that doesn’t mean they’re in a cult. That means they’ve been paying attention. Whether the news media was burying credible stories about Hunter Biden’s influence peddling or reporting about mostly peaceful protests this summer that left hundreds of looted and burned businesses all over the country, it’s the people who take the news media’s word for things that are in the cult.

                  2. Your Most Libertarian President Ever ™ has purposefully convinced a large part of the population that the American Republic is fundamentally broken.

                    Fuck off with that noise, you drama queen. You were ringing your fucking hands after I laughed about St. Kyle killing commies, and were freaking out about fascism by a bunch of radical left rioters getting party vanned, and arguing that anyone who cared about tyranny should be upset that a bunch of insurrectionists were being temporarily inconvenienced.

                    You’re hardly one to be complaining about Chicken Little “sky is falling” rhetoric.

              3. Ken. You are respected. For now. Keep this up and you’ll only be respected by fellow Trumpista assholes.

        2. That doesn’t mean I agree with any of the policies. I don’t. I’m just saying it’s nothing to get worked up about.

          1. You will never get mad at your bae.

            1. You will never get mad at a rapist.

              1. Who, biden?

                1. According to you I tacitly supported Biden, evidenced by my lack of criticism. Granted my lack of praise should mean I support Trump, but that would be logically consistent.

                  By the same logic, you’ve never criticized rapists. Your lack of criticism equals tacit support of rapists.

                  Tell me, JesseAz, why do you thing rapists are awesome people?

        3. That doesn’t mean I agree with any of the policies. I don’t. I’m just saying it’s nothing to get worked up about.

        4. Did a Control-F on “relinquishment” and what came up was taking guns away from people convicted of violent crimes. It would be easy to circumvent and would require legislation to define anyone convicted of a violent crime as a “prohibited person” like felons. Then it would have to survive court challenges.

          Take a deep breath dude. It isn’t the end of the world.

          1. 4 posts to defend biden. Yet you dont agree with him. Fucking hilarious.

            1. No, jackass. 4 posts to question Ken’s exaggerated claims and try to talk him off the ledge.

            2. 3, actually. One was squirrels.

              1. Even the squirrels know the truth.

                1. That you think rapists are awesome?

          2. “Did a Control-F on “relinquishment” and what came up was taking guns away from people convicted of violent crimes.”

            It doesn’t say what you say it says.

            “We lack any serious tool to ensure that when someone becomes newly prohibited – for example, because they commit a violent crime – they relinquish possession of their firearms.” There are some promising models for how this could be enforced. For example, California has a mandatory process for ensuring relinquishment by any individual newly subject to a domestic violence restraining order. As president, Biden will direct the FBI and ATF to outline a model relinquishment process, enact any necessary legislation to ensure relinquishment when individuals newly fall under one of the federal prohibitions, and then provide technical and financial assistance to state and local governments to establish effective relinquishment processes on their own.

            —-Joe Biden website (Ibidem)

            People who’ve been convicted of violent crimes is just one example–according to Biden. Another example is people who’ve had a restraining order placed against them–for whatever reason. There are presumably other examples, but I don’t see anywhere in the Constitution where it says people can be deprived of their liberty and property without due process.

            Aren’t people sometimes made subject to restraining orders without due process? I’m sure the standard is no “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

            “Colorado’s statute inverts the standard court procedures and due process, providing that after the court issues an ex parte order, the defendant must “appear before the court at a specific time and date and . . . show cause, if any, why said temporary civil protection order should not be made permanent.”[8] That is, Colorado courts place the burden of proof on the accused to establish his or her innocence, rather than requiring the accuser to prove his or her case. Hawaii similarly requires the defendant to prove his or her own innocence.[9]

            The low burden of proof for restraining orders has led to some high-profile cases involving stalkers of celebrities obtaining restraining orders against their targets. For example, in 2005 a New Mexico judge issued a restraining order against New York City-based TV host David Letterman after a woman made claims of abuse and harassment, including allegations that Letterman had spoken to her via coded messages on his TV show. The judge later admitted that he granted the restraining order not on the merits of the case, but because the petitioner had completely filled out the required paperwork.[10]


            What other examples of excluded people is Biden talking about? Can people in some states be placed on Biden’s list of prohibited gun owners because their therapist says they’re depressed? What about if they’re made hyperbolic statements against the government on social media?

            Regardless of whether you like or don’t like Biden’s list of eligible gun buyers, there currently isn’t a national confiscation program (and “confiscation” is the correct term for forced “relinquishment” by way of the police department), and people who don’t think there should be such a program because it’s ripe for abuse had a serious reason to vote for Trump. After all, President Trump didn’t promise to ban assault weapons, force the registration of those that are already in circulation, or a national program to confiscate guns.

            Do you see where Biden is promising to offer cash incentives so that local governments will institute their own confiscation programs? What are the chances of there being some moral hazard consequences associated with that? Local governments that don’t have confiscation programs will set them up just to get that federal money from Biden, right? And then they’ll need to go out and “relinquish” themselves some guns at the end of every quarter just to show they’re doing something with that money, right?

            P.S. If you’re really planning to support gun confiscation in violation of the Constitution just because Trump was against it, you really should consider just throwing in the towel can embracing your inner progressive. Is there anything you wouldn’t do just because Trump was against it?

            1. I saw all of that, and I read the 2A quite literally. But Trump this and Trump that doesn’t matter anymore, and Biden’s wish-list is exactly that: a wish list. So smoke a joint or something. No, scratch that. Weed can make people paranoid. Ask your doctor for something that end with “pam”.

              1. Ask your doctor for something that end with “pam”.

                Spam? Christ on a cracker! We have to get a prescription for frickin’ SPAM now?!!? Fuckin’ FDA does NOT know when to quit!!!

                1. You need permission before eating that much salt in one serving. Gotta check your blood pressure and all that.

            2. I hate to say it Ken, but you’re acting like some crazy lib lady screaming about how Trump’s gonna overturn RvW, build a wall and take away her Social Security.

              Get a grip.

              1. What’s on Biden’s campaign website is what’s on Biden’s campaign website–regardless of anything having to do with me.

                Regardless of whether Ken Shultz is or isn’t a crazy bag lady, Biden’s campaign website says what it says anyway.

                1. Whatever dude. Broken promises are the hallmark of politics.

                  1. Good thing we had trump as an outsider who tried to and accomplished most of his campaign promises.

          3. It’s not going to happen. For the love of truth, people. No one is coming for your guns and wearing a mask during a global pandemic doesn’t violate your civil rights.

            1. Forcing you to do something at the point of a gun absolutely violates your civil rights.

            2. ‘wearing a mask during a global pandemic doesn’t violate your civil rights.’

              but assholes threatening me for not doing so (a hypothetical; I wear a useless face covering just keep them off me) does…

            3. No one is coming for your guns

              Biden’s website flat-out says they are. Stop lying.

              1. Pretending that Biden’s and the Democrats’ agenda isn’t what it is, that’s one of the defense mechanisms Trump hating Jorgensen voters use so they can live with themselves.

                The other defense mechanism is hoping that the Republicans win in Georgia–although they don’t like to think about that for too long either because depending on the Republicans to save us from Biden probably means that they should have voted for Trump.

                Obsessing over the vote counts is a defense mechanism, too. Biden won the most votes, so now we’re his jailhouse bitch–and accepting his new role as our butt-boss is what rational libertarian capitalism is all about!

                They’ve lost their goddamn minds.

                1. Libertarians should never vote Libertarian.

                  1. I’ve been more likely to refuse to vote in the past. Over much of the Bush and Obama administrations, there wasn’t much in the way of any significant differences between the presidential candidates–and there wasn’t much of a difference between Bush and Obama.

                    They both treated our Fourth Amendment rights like toilet paper, they both were neocon warmongers, they both expanded Medicare or Medicaid, and the Republican alternatives to Obama in McCain and Romney didn’t distinguish themselves from Obama in any significantly libertarian way.

                    I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016. I refused to vote as usual. Since 2016, Trump earned my libertarian vote in 2020 by being so libertarian on so many issues–despite being wrong on trade and immigration. I don’t know what the chances of the next Republican are of being as libertarian as Trump was on just foreign policy, but if the next Republican isn’t as libertarian as Trump is, the only reason I would vote Republican for president in 2024 would be if the Democrat is as bad or worse than Joe Biden.

    4. Biden’s own voters don’t know his platform.

      1. And that’s why Biden won.

        1. Biden did not win. The DNC/Soros/CCP cheating machine won,
          and Xi Jinping won very big.

      2. The ones who read, listen to reason and can think do know his platform. The alternative is a sociopathic madman and his platform is and always has been self aggrandizement.

        1. “The ones who read, listen to reason and can think do know his platform. The alternative is a sociopathic madman and his platform is and always has been self aggrandizement.”

          That last part suggest you’re the kind of person who doesn’t think or listen to reason.

        2. You really are a stupid, pathetic leftist piece of crap, Mick.

        3. Biden is a sociopathic piece of crap. Good thing he won’t be president.

    5. What awful policies are you referring to here. Would it be to address the pandemic? To restore the American people’s faith in there government. To restore the world faith in America as a friend or as a foe (depending on the government)? To implement a more human response to refugees at our borders. To fairly treat the Dreamers?

      What policies are awful, because we can’t start addresses those until we know what they are.

      1. If you look above, I’ve talked about one of them, here, extensively, which was gun rights. We can also talk about Biden’s plan to address “climate justice” or his plan to offer a “Medicare-like” “public option” to “every American” that somehow isn’t “Medicare for All”.

        Take your pick.

        “Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face. It powerfully captures two basic truths, which are at the core of his plan: (1) the United States urgently needs to embrace greater ambition on an epic scale to meet the scope of this challenge, and (2) our environment and our economy are completely and totally connected.”


        Biden’s plan also includes eliminating all CO2 from power generation (including that from natural gas) within 15 years through regulation and spending trillions of dollars.

        1. Trump’s official response had it that the Green New Deal was an insane plot to destroy the American economy.

          1. Right. I don’t generally take too much advice on love from people married multiple times and economic advice from people with multiple bankruptcies. The GND is the future. Businesses know this and are adjusting. Delivery companies are going to electric vehicles. Power companies to renewables. Trump idea of America’s economics future is in typewriters and Beta VCRs.

            1. Ridding power production of all CO2 emissions in 15 years through regulation and squandering $10 trillion “is the future”?


              That kind of economic suicide is only the future until energy prices skyrocket and voters take their revenge at the ballot box.

              You’re delusional.

            2. The GND is not the future. The GND is a Chavez-like seizure of government control of the energy industry by pretending we will all be dead in 12 years if they don’t. See Venzuela: First, you raise the minimum wage, then you seize control of the energy industries, then you pack the courts, then you run all elections with Dominion/Smartmatic software, and that’s the playbook that took Venezuela from rich to dead broke and Chavez from anti-rich to worth $4 billion in a decade.

              1. It’s amazing that none of the “libertarians”, supposedly so concerned with freedom, have any questions or qualms about a company that named itself Dominion selecting our government.

                1. Exactly. A company named Dominion owned by Staples Street Capital, a spinoff of Soros’s Carlyle Group, with four Chinese nationals on the board and a software system that uses algorithms instead of binary counting and counted our votes on servers in Serbia. And had a 67% “error” rate in the one county in Michigan they were allowed to review. But no one cares because: OMB.

      2. Why would a libertarian have any faith in a democrat administration? Or any administration, honestly? I love how you fake libertarians out yourselves so easily.

  14. “That wasn’t so hard, was it? Yet for a month and a half, McConnell had declined to take this step.”

    It’s one thing if he was out actively pushing meritless fraud accusations.

    Barring that, what obligates him to actively acknowledge the results before Congress formally counts the Electoral College ballots?

    If the answer is nothing, then why should I care that he didn’t acknowledge it earlier.

    1. it is fair that he was not one of the ones pushing the baseless allegations.

      1. Are you talking about Adam Schiff again?

        1. No. Eric gang fang swalwell.

        2. i was agreeing with the point being made about McConnell …… not sure how that was not clear.

    2. McConnell’s lack of acknowledgement and common courtesy should hardly surprise anyone who has observed his character. HEY YA’LL – WE’RE RICH. HOW YA’LL DOIN’? His wife Elaine Chou is under investigation for criminal wrongdoing last I read. Unless McConnell has been able to leverage the spineless into dropping the issue.

      1. Mcconnell is a polite warrior. He has fucked you lefties for years using the US senate.

        He is a about to do it again. He knows you democrats hate him, so he fools you again and again.

      2. “common courtesy”

        Common courtesy involves playing by the rules.

  15. Just a reminder as to Reason and Sullum’s true nature vis-a-vis libertarianism and political advocacy, this is Jacob’s 26 article in one month ranting about Trump’s legal challenges to sketchy election shenanigans’.

    As a little project let’s find out how many times Reason has released an article (no matter how short) on:

    – The Uighur holocaust. Literal honest-to-goodness fucking slaves are making Disney toys and NBA jerseys. Not only that, a UN report says that they’re harvesting Uighur and Fulan Gong organs and corneas while they are still alive.
    – Pay for play, the Biden laptop, and the China connection.
    – Rep. Swalwell and the CCP spies.
    – The Obama spy scandal. Even Nixon never used the FBI, CIA, the Director of National Intelligence, and members of the Justice Department and the State Department to gather dirt on the opposition political party.
    – The 126 congressmen who supported the Texas lawsuit.
    – The Abraham Accords + Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan. Unprecedented peace between the Jews and Arabs got how many articles?
    – The Serbia-Kosovo deal?
    – How many articles did Reason publish on the First Step Act? – Prison reform is incredibly important to libertarians.
    – Or the obvious superiority of the USMCA over NAFTA. Or even about the USMCA?
    – North Korean rapprochement.
    – The Taliban peace agreement.

    If you said zero for most of these, then you’re a winner. These were all enormously important stories from a libertarian perspective, and Reason ignored them all.
    But we get over 50 articles in one month, 26 from Sullum alone, bitching about Trump’s court challenges.

    You and Reason have made it obvious, Jacob, as to what you really are… and it’s vile and disgusting.

    1. China’s Mass Internment of Uighurs Is a ‘Modern Cultural Genocide’ is the first article that appeared searching the word “Uighur” on this site.

      1. AUGUST 27, 2019

        1. There was no date range given for the project.

      2. You must’ve missed this part:
        “this is Jacob’s 26 article in one month ranting about Trump’s legal challenges to sketchy election shenanigans’… let’s find out how many times Reason has released an article on…
        If you said zero for most of these, then you’re a winner… But we get over 50 articles in one month, 26 from Sullum alone, bitching about Trump’s court challenges.”

        One fucking article on the biggest genocide of our times, versus fifty running cover for the DNC is exactly the point I just made.

        1. I only searched for 1. You said the answer was zero..

      3. ???
        It’s also the only article (Video), which was the point.

        1. There is an article accompanying the video and ML stated it didn’t matter how short it was. Also ML posted the answer was zero; so do I get extra credit by finding more?

          Fine I’ll do some more extra credit: again searching Uighurs

          Mulan by ENB
          virginia -postrels- videos- related- to-her-the- fabric-of- civilization-book – volokh side
          China’s Dark Turn – Stossel
          Disney Thanks Chinese Labor Camp Authorities in Mulan Credits – enb (round up)
          The Tear of Allah – Kaiman
          The NBA’s China Problem Gets Worse After 2 American Arenas Eject Hong Kong Supporters – Boehm

    2. The truly annoying part here is Sullum’s civic ignorance. Who elects the POTUS? Answer: The Electoral College. There is no POTUS-elect until they vote.

      I thought ‘libertarian’ Reason writers were well-versed in civics. Silly me.

      1. Stop splitting hairs and wordsmithing. None of this would be uttered if Trump had prevailed. He lost. Stop beating a dead horse, or in this case, a lame duck.

      2. Even funnier is unreason thinks that EC voting day trumps EC counting and challenge day before a joint session of congress.

        Jan 6 is going to be glorious because Lefties think Biden is president as of dec 14. First they said biden was officially president nov 4.

        Just like disappointed hillary supporters.

    3. Amen to that. This so-called “libertarian” magazine is a mouth-piece for thuggish totalitarians.

    4. North Korean rapprochement! You people are such fucking idiots.

      American foreign policy used to be that it didn’t want a nation-wide cult of personality having nukes. What did we give North Korea and what did they give us in return? Oh you mean we gave them a bunch of stuff and they still have nukes and the only thing the US got was yet more humiliation?

      It’s not good just because Trump does it. I mean it’s the opposite of that usually.

      1. Oh, cute. Tony’s hallucinating more imaginary Trump corruption to avoid dealing with the reality of Democrats doing everything in their power to set Iran up with nuclear weaponry, and enable their Chinese masters to triple their own stock.

    5. Thank you Mother’s Lament for concisely pointing out why Reason has gone from being intelligent and funny people debating politics to supreme ideologues saying the same drivel you can watch on the View with the same moronic level of “reason.” Whoopi doesn’t like the Donald don’t ya know? So he MUST be bad. The irony is that he was obnoxious, ill-spoken, and yet good at the job in ways no one expected. I vote for whomever Jack Dorsey tells me not to.

  16. Why is Sullum so put out about when McConnell acknowledges something that the Senate Majority Leader has very little if any say on, and that was not official until yesterday?

    This is just petty.

    1. The Commies in the media were doing their rounds today to make a list and check it twice…gonna find out who’s….

      Democrats want this fight to be over but its not. Joe Biden knows this which is why he got so pissed last night.

      The GOP and allies are gonna challenge every Biden EC vote in the Joint Session Jan 6, 2021 so Biden doesnt get a majority. Republicans control the Senate. 12th Amendment here we come.

      Trump wins the 12th Amendment vote because each state only gets 1 vote.

      That is if the 5-4 majority in the SCOTUS doesnt take away election results in WI, MI, PA, GA, AZ, NV, NM because of democrat election fraud. Its why Trump electors sent EC votes on dec 14.

  17. If Trump keeps tweeting, Reason should keep posting. These types of stories continue to be relevant because Trump is (as always) his own worst enemy.

    1. unreason will have plenty to orangemanbad about during Trump’s second Presidential term 2021-2025.

      12th Amendment here we come.

  18. Anything bad to say about the Dems running for Senate in GA, Reason?

    1. Notice not one word from Sullum or Reason on the two democratic reps who may petition the House to vote to override their losing elections.

      1. Perdue beat ossoff by 80,000 votes on the general election.

        Democrats know the GOP is keeping two republican senators in Georgia.

    1. LMAO

      A band of celebrities teamed up to create a video urging Republican members of the Electoral College to vote “your conscience”—not for President-elect Donald Trump

    2. Just when I think Hollyweird couldn’t be more out of touch with middle America…

    3. Didn’t they do this last time too?

  19. Jesus fucking christ on a popsicle stick, just stop already.

    There was never any doubt about how any of these people would act. Including the writers who cast it all as the beginning or end of civilization.

    Find something else to spasm over.

  20. I remember when robbie condemned the silence is violence narrative. Now reason is dead set on pushing the same requirement for everyone to publicly state Biden won. Hilarious.

    1. “Silence is violence”

      “Trump lost”


      1. I’m looking for some kind of equivalence, and failing miserably.

        1. Because you’re a fucking idiot. Silliman wants the gop reps to state out loud that biden won you fucking idiot.

          God damn sarc, you are more broke than I thought possible.

          Everyone must openly and loudly promote your bae.

          1. Asking GOP reps to acknowledge reality is bad?

            1. Which words are you having trouble with dear? The entire premise of the article was public announcements of it. How are you this drunk already?

              1. To acknowledge reality?

              2. To be clear, acknowledging reality doesn’t mean liking it, but it’s better than living in denial, so they say.

                1. Poor unreason will be in denial for trumps second term. It will be better that unreason denial of trumps first term as president.

        2. I’m sure that falling miserably is something you have considerable experience at.

    2. Submission uber alles

  21. The premise of the article is flawed. Why should anyone concede an election when dozens of lawsuits have been filed contesting it, even if Twitter informs us that the Associated Press had “officially declared” the winner?

    Now after Trump lost 30 of 32 cases or whatever, it makes sense to acknowledge defeat.

    1. None of those cases looked at the merits or at the evidence. The judges consistently used technicalities to avoid having to examine the crystal clear evidence of election fraud.

      1. Thanks for trying, but you can’t reason with blind fools, gullible Red China stooges. Interesting that the name of the author, “Jacob,” appropriately means deceiver. They see what they want to see, like the eerie, chilling 1962 Manchurian Candidate scenes of the brainwashed. See ntd dot com/2020-election-investigation-who-is-stealing-america_540191.html

      2. The main technicality that judges used was the lack of evidence presented by the plaintiffs. Hard to move a case forward when you have no evidence. Other technicalities were latches, the plaintiffs had no problem with election rules until their candidate lost. Finally the plaintiffs were asking for unreasonable remedies. None of these were problems of technicalities, these were problem of malpractice by the plaintiff’s lawyers.

        1. M4e….The legal stuff? This is what I saw. PRE-Election the Judiciary said – You have no injury, so there is no case…..then POST-Election the Judiciary said – You waited too long. Seems too cute by half. But it is what it is.

          The remedy? The only remaining remedy in the interregnum period from election to inauguration is Congress not accepting the EC electors from states. I do not see the Congress doing that.

          Over the coming years, there will be forensic examinations of the swing state votes, similar to what was done in the aftermath of the 2000 election. In the fullness of time, we will get a definitive answer.

      3. Yeh the Texas seemed lame to me.

        1. States have recourse to demand that other states follow the same basic constitutional rules they agreed to follow.

          Otherwise, texas could send a slate of 500 electoral votes for Trump just because.

    2. Notice the media refuses to acknowledge the Trump wins. WI supreme court finds ~215,000 “indefinitely confined” ballots illegal.

      The lower courts wont throw out millions of illegal ballots. Fine the SCOTUS will. Or the jan 6 joint session will.

      This election going 12th amendment effectively throws out 150 votes. So what? There is no constitutional right to vote for president. We vote for electors and when that election does not follow election laws or is fraudulent, the 12th amendment can be used to pick a president.

      Either way, biden aint going to be president so all those lefty wackos can get away with election fraud.

  22. What a clueless article. The Senate Republicans have been implacably hostile towards Trump from the day he was sworn in. They were fully aware back in the summer of 2017 that the entire ‘Trump-Russia-collusion” hoax was a malicious lie .. and they kept that knowledge from the public while they united with their supposed opponents in the Democratic Party to insist that they would remove Trump from office if he interfered in any way with the illegal Mueller ‘investigation’. The Senate Republicans also ensured that Trump would be the first President to never be allowed to make any recess appointments, and they forced a succession of Deep State swamp creatures on him, including Wray, who aggressively attacked his administration from within.

    This election was blatantly stolen. You’d think that self-styled “libertarians’ might have some issues with the banana-republic stuff going on here, but obviously not.

    Here is an international body establishing a “Declaration on Criteria for Free and Fair Elections”. Virtually every single one of these criteria was flagrantly violated in this election. If an election such as this took place in a country in Latin America or Africa, the world would refuse to recognize the results.


    1. Totalitarianism is a small price to pay to stick it to the deplorables.

    2. Are you sure? I only see one criteria that was flagrantly violated:

      “(11) Every candidate and political party competing in an election shall accept the outcome of a free and fair election.”

  23. Red China must be tickled, laughing at their gullible stooge accomplices in their unrestricted warfare here and in the DNC, furthering their goals seen in The Manchurian Candidate (the original 1962 version vs the bad 2004 remake), for they take the long view of decades in their patient plan to destroy us about which most in the infantile west are clueless. Only God can save us now from the delusions of godhood of the godless. There was irrefutably PROVEN massive fraud in 2020 genuine journalists like The Epoch Times (unlike here) aren’t afraid to cover. See hereistheevidence.com. It’s not surprising that RINO cowards are jumping ship, for there are few real GOP members as Trump showed. He has few with a backbone willing to stand with him against his Red China stooge enemies trying to destroy America who will also be destroyed by Red China after their usefulness is ended as totalitarians do. When unreason’s fools get a Red Chinese bullet in the back after they’re no longer useful, don’t say you weren’t warned. As our vastly more educated and wiser Founders knew and understood and sternly warned us, only God can save us now from the delusions of godhood of the godless.

  24. Is it Reason’s position that there was, in fact, no election fraud? Given the massive amount of evidence, no matter how ignored by MSM, that doesn’t seem to jibe with Reason’s very realistic skepticism of government and politicians.

    The left had no compunctions four years ago, backed by a howling media mob, claiming that President Trump stole the election, that the “will of the people” was thwarted, and spent the last four years doubling down.

    Now that a real criminal has won the election – via fraud, where are the media goons?

    This type of “journalism” is the primary reason (no pun intended) why I will not support Reason with my subscription dollars.

    1. You expect way too much honesty and consistency from a publication that repeatedly insists that criticizing Iran for attacking ships in international waters is World War 3.

      1. Nice change of subject. Good tactic when you have no argument.

  25. About time. The Republican need to leave Trump behind and start rebuilding their party.

    1. Sure, just as soon as the DNCCP weeds all out the Communist elements in their party, and rebuild themselves as something other than a bunch of slavery-obsessed psychopaths.

    2. Americans Stabbed in the back by wokes/cosmo elites/media/academia will remember…..the GOP needs to return of the “old right”..balance the budget, shrink govt big time, get out of foreign wars, and shut down cultural marxism and return to traditional values…

      Its not abortion or open borders but sound money, free markets, limited govt and peace..wait that sounds familiar.. 🙂

    3. Poor unreason. The constitution strikes again!

  26. Hackjob Sullum wondering when the Republicans are finally going to congratulate President Al Gore Jr.

  27. “The president and his diehard allies in Congress continue to insist the election was stolen.”
    Persons with a backbone that aren’t corporates shills or sellouts tend to want to question something when it looks like BS.
    By all means you can continue to pretend like as if this election was %100 on the up and up, that without doing any campaigning Biden still won even though Trump got more votes this time then last including among minorities which is so odd since Trump is this mass racists, and in honor of George Bush at the White house Correspondence dinner you can go around chanting “no election fraud over here” while laughing.

    REASON, too bad its getting harder and harder to find this on this website.

  28. McConnel is a pussy.
    Already prepping his chamber to bend over and take whatever Bidemala dishes out

    1. Its not over until its over. Mcconnel has surprised me with some good fights to setback the democrats.

  29. It’s after the election. I wonder when Biden is going to start explaining his thoughts on packing SCOTUS. Hell, even his plans on gun control would be a nice start.

    Oh, he’s waiting to form those opinions until after the Georgia run off. Let me guess, he’ll be mellow if team blue doesn’t win both seats but if they do – it’s going to be a full throttle jamming of his shit down the throats anyone who would oppose him.

    1. It’s like the attitude anyone from the left has now for the right. They were immediately smug in the comfort knowing Biden won and started talking about healing and how to you know “re educate” the Trump supporters. But they had to wait to make sure, don’t want to look like the fascist goons you are without a W.

      1. We don’t care that you’re not reading the New York Times, we care that you’re treating Trump tweets as a literal holy gospel.

        Fuck re-education. Drink the Kool-aid. Drink it!

  30. https://twitter.com/ScottAdamsSays/status/1338962066531524608?s=19

    What is the name for a political system in which only the ballot adjudicators decide who is president?

  31. “Not my President”? I mean it worked four years ago? The issue is we are so polarized elections are believed to be life and death and for the radial bolsheviks (Dems) the enemy are real Americans (not cosmo coastal wokes)..Trump leaved me alone…Biden and his ilk want me to bend the knee or die…at least some of them do.

    Old “Cuties” is a good family fare Sollum doesn’t get it…being a NYC wokie himself. Biden is the State and the State today is the enemy of liberty…

    The American Republic was stabbed in the back by the wokes/media/bit tech…

    1. It wasn’t wokeness and big tech who took the pandemic’s side in a pandemic.

  32. “Yesterday electors met in all 50 states,” he said on the Senate floor, “so as of this morning, the country has officially a president-elect and a vice president-elect….The Electoral College has spoken, so today I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden.”

    That wasn’t so hard, was it? Yet for a month and a half, McConnell had declined to take this step, because he did not want to antagonize President Donald Trump, who continues to insist that he actually won re-election by a landslide, an outcome that would be apparent but for a vast criminal conspiracy that fraudulently denied him his rightful victory.

    Jesus Christ, Sullum, you need to take a break, you’re going mental. You’re saying McConnell should have admitted we officially had a President-elect when the press said we had a President-elect rather than when the Electoral College said we had a President-elect? Do you even know what the word “officially” means?

    1. Does Ivermectin work for TDS?

  33. Was the Russia collusion lie ever described as ‘conspiracy theory’ here?

    This ‘conspiracy theory’ trope is a tad too popular these days. NIH boss Collins said people should quit the ‘conspiracy theories’ and just take the vaccine.

    Sounds even legit allegations of fraud and questions about the vaccine will be condemned to ‘conspiracy theory’ purgatory now.

    How much evidence is enough?


    1. It’s as much about quality as it is quantity when it comes to evidence.

  34. You guys at Reason do understand that no one actually wins a presidential election until the Electoral College has actually voted, right? There was no victory to “acknowledge” until yesterday. The media only projects winners. It does not declare them. Until yesterday, Joe Biden was not our President Elect. Most of us fully expected that he would become our President Elect, but, frankly, the level of writing and whingy histrionic headlines on Reason these days indicates a little remedial education is in order. As well as a little humility. The media plays absolutely zero Constitutional role in our elections and processes. Its time you sat down and thought about that really, really hard. No role. This kind of smug declarative ignorance makes the media look like court jesters rather than serious commentators.

  35. Am I the only one who thinks, based on Biden’s behaviour in just these two weeks, is a good barometer for the disaster that awaits America? The guy is a mess.

    The guy is mental and mediocrity personified.

  36. Trump hit the trifecta: he lost the popular vote, got himself impeached, and then lost re-election. First to do that. What an honor.

    1. Trump is Da Man at being a fool. Or as I like to call him, a buffoon.

    2. Trump beat hillary, trump beat democrats for 4 years. Trump beat an impeachment by Commies. Trump is more popular that on 2016. Trump won the legal vote in states that matter. Trump exposed massive democrat election fraud.

      Trump gets president elect biden to concede and admit bidens son is a criminal.

      Trump wins his second term as president 2021-2025.

      Trump replaced Breyer on the SCOtUS.
      Trump replaces retiring Thomas on the SCOTUS.

      Trump, the best president in us history.

      1. Hahaaaaaaaaa, you must be one of those trumpette buffoonies. Even Fox has seen the light https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/trump-biden-electoral-college-richard-fowler But I guess there is no reason for you to see anything as long as there is good old Trump in the way. Like he once said. “It’s really you they are after. I’m just standing in the way. ” And then all you fools dropped to your knees to worship him. (And believe me, Only a fool would fall for that one. Haaaaaahahahahaha. Use your own brain, not his. He won’t take you to the promised land.

    3. History won’t say we didn’t try.

    4. Let me translate: fraud, fraud, fraud.

      It’s easy to win the popular vote when you’re just filling out ballots. The impeachment was based on your obvious Russia, Russia, Russia, lies, and the re-election goes back around to just filling out ballots.

      I gotta watch it when I’m playing miniature golf with one of you Democrats, you’ll probably cheat at that too.

  37. It probably doesn’t really matter officially what the BIG LIE was at this point, Because the electoral college has officiated their choice for POTUS. But has the Senate majority leader of Republicans really acknowledged victory — or rather only the electoral college victory — if the Congress has final say?

    Trump really won the election. But that was nostalgic victory that anyone can share in at this point. He could make a run in 2020, but he saved the Republican Party in 2016 from defeat. That was his contribution, IMO, at the party level.

    New York Times on electoral college President J.Biden victory:
    “Unlike recent presidential elections, there were no ‘faithless electors ‘ casting a vote for someone other than the winner of their states’ popular votes.”

    I suppose that there is no structural way that electoral college votes can be tampered with?

    1. The joint session of congress on jan 6 is when congressmen challenge the slate of electors. 12th amendment here we come.

  38. Rumour has it Trump may pardon Ulbricht.

    1. That would be huge, and awesome.

  39. Jesus, who cares. Just because republicans didn’t immediately kiss Biden’s ring it is some kind of assault on democracy?

    1. Democrats need to consolidate power because bidens EC votes are being challenged and rejected jan 6, 2021.

      The the 12th amendment kicks in. Pence becomes acting president after jan 20, if the 12A vote is not resolved.

    2. It is that in addition to being an assault on continuity of the most important government on earth. Every day matters in the transition.

      The last tension was when the Obama administration told the incoming Trump administration that their three most likely homeland security threats would be a hurricane, cyber attacks, and a pandemic. And to not hire Michael Flynn, recently pardoned traitor calling for civil war.

      At the very least you get to be the snowflakes now, right? Trump is the crying effeminate bitch and Hillary is the stoic adult. Good.

      1. Oh man, Tony is pissed…off. Even when your guy succeeds in his thievery, you’re STILL angry. What a winy bitch.

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  41. Trump did more deliberate damage to this country than all other presidents plus Putin’s wet dream combined.

    But he’s more a symptom than a cause. For all the scientifically illiterate Republicans out there: symptom is a medical term for swollen orange pustule.

    What a disease-ridden daughter-fucking bastard.

    1. Ha! Tony has never picked up a history book! Probably because he’s too busy eating Biden’s ass all the time.

    2. You’re just jealous because your neighbor’s daughter said No.

      Also, you’re mental.

  42. It’s really funny when there is any kind of anti Trump article on this site. All of the Republicans that post here get so butt hurt, you can almost feel it in their posts.

    1. If you were a patriot you’d be butthurt too. This is a very dark day for America, Freedom, and Western Civilization itself.

      When you’re languishing in a reeducation camp, I hope you take the opportunity to ponder why you should vote for policy, instead of against mean tweets.

      1. You’re just mad you couldn’t put liberals in camps first.

        1. Biden is layout out the groundwork for the camps as we speak. First things first, take everybody’s guns.

          1. If only he were as malevolent as you pickle-brained toddlers are screeching about.

            Of course you have to believe that about Joe fucking Biden, least objectionable Democrat around, in order to justify your own massive cheating to yourselves. You’re saying it openly. You have the ethical sense of a chainsaw.

            1. Joe said he was gonna have Buttgig deal with takig guns away.

              A chainsaw is smarter than you. . .

            2. Biden locked up thousands of poor blacks (and others) for decades over minor/nonviolent drug offenses. If he’s willing to do it for something like drugs, he’s obviously willing to do it for something more controversial like guns.

              His history with criminal “justice” is well documented, but Tony is too much of a retard to read up on his ass eating hero.

        2. Okay, Maoist.

    2. And now Haystack will proceed to cry about Hillary REALLY won cuz she cheated so hard for another four years, while shooting up random traffic with his AntiFa cultist brethren.

  43. I think these Democrats are so angry even in “victory” because their guy has a terrible stain of corruption going into his “presidency.”

    The plan was for everybody to accept it immediately so they could pretend to be saviors of the country but now they just look dirty.

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  46. To be fair, Mitch Mitch Binks has been an utter moron for as long as I’ve been hearing of him.

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