Election 2020

The Supreme Court Just Dismissed Trump's Hail Mary Effort To Overturn the Election

With Friday's ruling from the Supreme Court, the result of this year's presidential election is clear. Joe Biden won. It is over.


The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday dismissed a last-ditch legal effort aimed at overturning the results of the presidential election, effectively ending President Donald Trump's final bid to reverse his defeat.

In a one-page statement, the Supreme Court said the Texas v. Pennsylvania lawsuit lacked standing.

The case had been brought directly to the court by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who challenged the constitutionality of election laws in four states—Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—on the grounds that those states had changed election procedures without the consent of their respective state legislatures. Paxton asked the Supreme Court to postpone the scheduled December 14 meeting of the Electoral College to allow for more time to investigate possible voter fraud in those states.

But the Texas lawsuit "has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections," the court ruled on Friday.

Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas wrote that they did not believe the court had the authority to reject a case brought under original jurisdiction—that is, under the provision in Article III of the U.S. Constitution that allows the Supreme Court to directly take-up cases where one state is suing another—and that therefore the case should be heard by the court. But they agreed with the other seven justices, including all three Trump-appointed justices, that no immediate relief should be granted.

Despite the fact that Trump had promised that the Texas lawsuit was "the big one" in his campaign's multi-pronged and poorly performing legal effort to reverse his loss in last month's election, most nonpartisan observers viewed the lawsuit as an inept mess. In an amicus brief also filed on Thursday, a group of conservative legal scholars described the underlying lawsuit as making "a mockery of federalism and separation of powers."

More than 100 members of Congress—including House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R–Calif.) and Rep. Andy Biggs (R–Ariz.), chairman of the House Freedom Caucus—signed an amicus brief asking the court to support the Texas lawsuit. If nothing else, the lawsuit had the benefit of exposing which Republican members of Congress were willing to support Trump's unfounded attempt at overturning the election's result.

With Friday's ruling and the Electoral College's official vote looming on Monday, the result of this year's presidential election is clear. Joe Biden is the president-elect. It's over.

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    3. LoveCon’s the positive one.

      I’ve been saying that 2016 was America’s last free election ever in its current form, since summer 2019. There’s a pretty good record in the comments demonstrating that.

      You could tell by the sheer ballsyness of the Langley and the bureaucrats, and the establishment media and the Social Media Networks in open corruption, that the fix was in. I knew that there was no way in hell that they would ever let Trump have another term, even if he won all the votes. The Davos crowd would never allow it.
      328.2 million votes for Trump? Then there’d be 500 million for Biden.

      And I don’t blame the Supreme Court for this. Even though the signs of fraud were everywhere, it’s remarkably hard to prove. If a charity burns it’s books, how can you prove the directors were skimming? The signs might be obvious, but where’s your hard evidence?

      Now comes the Build Back Better, sensible free speech, sensible gun control, Aktion T4 for the mentally challenged, humane infanticide, lab-grown longpork, the “unrepression” of childrens sexuality, the Green New Deal, Universal Basic Income, etc…

      Brave new world ahead.

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            I can understand the obsession with American politics. You guys are bored out of your minds.


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        3. HamSandwich
          December.11.2020 at 10:23 pm
          “fortunately for you, you arent an american, despite you sucking the cock of a wanna be totalitarian republican american prez,…”

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        4. You would have fit in well with the red guard or the SS.

          1. Cry more about Fatty Drumpf’s loss.

      2. It aint over. There are court challenges, the dec 14 EC vote, SCOTUS cases, jan congressional joint session to challenge EC votes, 12th amendment, and declaring open civil war against a government that refuses to do their jobs or obey their oaths of office.

        Texas was a well drafted legal action and Lefties know it. Alito and thomas signaled their position and I warned unreason what is coming. The SCoTUS is famous for rejecting cases that dont fit their “want list” for precedent. As I said, the SCoTUS is hearing 1 case relating to election 2020 and Alito and thomas tipped their hats as to the format.

        Boehm is an idiot who wishes all day and his hands smell like shit.

        1. It’s over.

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            1. I can hear the tears rolling down your eyes as I read that. You’re trying to put up a brave face with the trolling, but we know you’re devastated that Fatso lost the election. Lol.

        2. Poor unreason claimed it was over weeks ago. Unreason always gets a lesson in the constitution.

          Commies that work at unreason hate the constitution.

        3. It’s over especialy for court challenges. Some Republicans will probably try to challenge the electors from some states on January 6, but not enough of them will do so to send the election to the House.

        4. “Texas was a well drafted legal action”

          It had bizarre nonsense about Biden’s odds being less than a quadrillion to one. Why did they even include that nonsense in the brief? To annoy the Justices, who had to wade through it to get to their point?

          1. They even totaled up the electoral votes for the four states incorrectly.

        5. Well-drafted? LOL.

          Put down the crack pipe.

      3. I blame the USSC. Standing is the grandest cop put of all time. It is used to avoid tough legal arguments and save face. Standing should only be allowed when combined by a discussion of who would have relevant standing.

        They blew off the claims prior for standing. The New off the claims post for mootness.

        We no longer have a free society where all parties are treated equally with an agreed set of laws. We have a fixed system that is beholden to narratives and influence by media, corporations, and parties.

        We are what libertarians should fear and fight, yet the new libertarian party is full of people cheering a total corruption of society. It is insanity.

        1. Let’s face it, that whole “enlightenment” thing is beyond most people, who spend their lives wallowing in emotion and partisan tribalism. Any concept of an abstract, logical external value system is as far beyond them as it is for chimps.

          A free and open society, with at least some libertarian philosophy, worked as long as most people did not or could not participate in government, at least in any direct substantial way. Asking all Americans how they want to govern themselves is like asking kindergartners how they want to educate themselves.

        2. We no longer have a free society where all parties are treated equally with an agreed set of laws.

          Please to tell: when did the US have a free society where all parties were treated equally with an agreed set of laws?

          1. You know, back when fair was fair, around 1859.

        3. I blame you for your being a complete idiot.

        4. Standing is required by the Constitution for Article III courts.

          1. Luckily, Texas had standing.

            Luckily, the SCOTUS will hear one election fraud case out of all the election fraud cases now on appeal.

            1. The courts are done.

    4. I feel like I remember a WHOLE lotta “trump wins re-election through the SC” and it seems like the best unified shot at treason just got dikembe mutombo’d.

      LC hardest hit, rip
      also sorry to the other fucking losers around these parts that thought their cult leader finally got away with it…you are still losers.

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        1. Psst. It’s 2020, not 2016. Try to keep up.

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      3. Hahaha. You lefties were shocked about this Texas motion and should be.

        Democrat election fraud is not going to be waived away this time. Just oike it wasnt waived away in 2000.

        1. I should really ignore you from here on out. You’re just boring now.

          1. Fuck off Tulpa

          2. Poor unreason. Always trying to ignore reality.

            I warned you dummies.

            12th amendment here we come.

            1. What is your 12th Amendment theory now?

        2. I was shocked at how brazen it was, and how it recklessly disregarded the future implications of opening a Pandora’s box of letting 50 states get into each other’s internal business.

          1. Texas asked the SCOTUS to force PA to follow Constitutional law.

            It’s weeks until inauguration day Jan 20, 2021. Maybe you Democrats can stop what is coming Biden from benefiting from election fraud.

    5. “a few times a month day”

    6. Poor unreason. They dont see that justice Alito is firmly on the side of justice Thomas.

      The SCOTUS is hearing 1 case. Evidently the Texas case is not it. Lack of standing is a bullshit copout but whatever. Bush won bush vs gore, not texas vs FL.

      Not to mention the media blackout failed. State legislatures and congress are rallying against Bidens massive democrat election fraud.

      This is a national dispute and if the SCoTUS is not going to do their job, we dont need them. Democrats and the commies at unreason are scared.

      1. Keep telling yourself that.

        I know rural Georgia the asshole of the US, but try to make the most of it instead of obbessing about an imoral wannabe dictator.

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        3. unreason really is upset. the unreason bots keep posting unreason quality commentary.

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    8. Wow. You really are truly pathetic. Congrats on supporting this:

      Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. (D-N.J.) asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to refuse to seat members of the next Congress who support President Donald Trump’s effort to challenge the election results. Pascrell accused the 126 Republicans who supported the Texas lawsuit of “insurrection or rebellion” — or at least, of supporting “insurrection or rebellion” — against the Constitution.

      Keep cheering on authoritarianism.

      1. That will go nowhere.

        1. Odds reason acknowledges it? Zero. Tbey have become part of the left at this point. They refused to cknowledge even a single claim brought up since the election, and have cheered on burying said claims. The electors issue is an issue reason has defended previously, but have now abandoned.

          The left first corrupted the senate with the popular elections. Then they corrupted the executive with rules disallowing firings so they could fill the deep state with friendly soldiers that practiced open resistance when a president they despised won. They took over the media and buried valid stories while promoting conspiracy theories (this includes reason). Then they took over the courts where they began to issue judicial blocks to undoing executive orders from democrats and pushing sue and settle claims to get around the legislative branch. This final action also forever changed election laws making sure there is no no true validity of an election as nobody is no longer allowed to verify who voted.

          And this site cheered it on. It is sad.

      2. That’s child’s play. Arrested for treason would be more than fair.

        1. “Treason” You and Tony and others keep using that word, yet I don’t think you (& they) know what it means.

          1. They have betrayed the people and constitution of the US. They are traitors. I know what it means, traitor.

      3. They kind of are supporting rebellion against our duly elected President Biden, though.

        1. Technically, he’s not even President-Elect yet. So no, it wouldn’t be rebellion.

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  2. Wait, what??? The Supreme Court rejected this? Trump said this was “the big one”! None of the three justices he appointed to the court noted a dissent in either Trump case brought before them this week!! LOL – When is the civil war starting? Need to replenish the popcorn.

    1. Yer gonna need more than popcorn.

    2. I hope you’re not using salted and buttered popcorn.

      1. I am – my wife eats the kettle corn – can’t stand that shit.

      2. Milk Duds?

    3. Poor lefties they cant see the forest for the trees. Alito signaled his aligning with thomas.

      Texas vs other states is not the 1 election case the SCoTUS hears. This case scared Lefties so bad. Their propaganda machines ramped up in 3 days. It was so funny.

      1. LC, the SCOTUS Whisperer.

        1. Pretty obvious to people who dont have their heads up their asses like Lefties do.

          Alito tipped his hand. Thomas is against democrat election fraud.

  3. Does Paxton still get a pardon?

    1. You looking for a jailhouse friend?

      1. I am not in jail – just though he might need help since the Texas AG is under investigation for bribery and abuse of office. I am sure it is all one big misunderstanding.

        1. Citations always fall off unreaon bots.

          1. Hahaha!
            You live in the asshole of America!

            Rural podunk Georgia.

            Please give up you goddamn inbred sister fucker

            1. Poor unreason bots. I sure hope their handlers have something to do during trumps second term.

              1. You can’t marry your sister. Sorry.

                1. Fuck off Tulpa

                  1. What he said.

              2. 12th amendment here we come.

    2. Amazing how the cosplay libs want to lock up political opponents.

      1. I believe it was lc1789 who suggested rounding up the media and anti-Trump dissedents.

        You Trump supporters are commiting treason in my eyes. Please leave you america hating rednecks.

        I’m sure Somalia will let you continue to fuk your sisters.

        Goddamn inbred hicks

        1. Wow man – you’re quite stuck on this sister stuff. Kind of like a broken record or the braying of one who protests too much… I’m leaning towards the latter, but who knows. It’s obvious you were a hateful bigot before posting anything here, so my guess is the source of your rage is much closer to home than you will ever admit.

          Hopefully you get help though, as no one should have to live through so much pain it becomes expressed in lying about and hating entire sections of society, like any other close minded bigot.

  4. Nobody is exactly shocked. On to the senate runoffs.

    1. Not in the sane world anyway…

    2. “Nobody is exactly shocked.”
      Except LC, Nardz and Jesse.

      1. I’m not shocked.
        We live in a corrupt republic that on 1.20.21 ceases to have a legitimate government.
        Keep thinking you’re safe though.

        1. Crybaby bitch.

          1. Fuck off Tulpa

          2. Unreason thinks the fight is over just like they said before Mondays texas filing.

      2. “…Except LC, Nardz and Jesse.”

        Gee, one more lefty shit lie!

        1. “…Except LC, Nardz and Jesse.”

          lmao, look at sevos pathetic ass sad he didnt get included with the other listed fucking losers from the commentariat

          keep trying real hard kiddo, and maybe you can get included in the little dicks club too! theyll print you a membership card.

          1. “keep trying real hard kiddo, and maybe you can get included in the little dicks club too! theyll print you a membership card.”

            One more lefty shit hoping no one will ever ask for evidence for her bullshit.
            Thanks, lefty shit!

      3. Poor unreason bots.

        Ball is still bouncing. Alito signaled alignment with thomas and thomas sided with bush in 2000.

      4. I never promised any outcome dumbass. I noted the validity of the claims. Standing is always used by authoritarian to protect the state. Keep cheering it on. Doesn’t mean the claims about the electors clause are invalid, the ussc refused to hear it.

    3. So many people hinged their entire existence on Trump winning this case. So sad. Their only hope now is a military coup. But wait, Trump is civilian. Sigh.

  5. The only thing left for Trump now is the EO.
    This is not a good time for our country, no matter what happens from that.

    1. Your first sentence is wrong. Your second sentence is correct.

      1. Fuck off Tulpa

      2. Hey sarcasmic, remember you outed yourself using this sock like 2 weeks ago?

        1. Fuck off Tulpa

          1. Fuck off Tulpa

    2. Hey, it worked for Positive Christian Adolf! Ditch the first 9 Bill of Rights Amendments and add: By its decision to carry out the political and moral cleansing of our public life, the Government is creating and securing the conditions for a really deep and inner religious life. The advantages for the individual which may be derived from compromises with atheistic organizations do not compare in any way with the consequences which are visible in the destruction of our common religious and ethical values. The national Government sees in both Christian denominations the most important factor for the maintenance of our society. …
      – Adolf Hitler, speech before the Reichstag, March 23, 1933, just before the Enabling Act is passed.

  6. Any bets on how long it is before Reason’s writers start having to admit that the guy they supported is worse than Trump?

    1. LOL

      Drumpf. Literally. Put. Kids. In. Cages.

      Say what you want about Biden — and I’ve always admitted he wasn’t my first choice — but he would never do anything that depraved.

      1. Putting kids in cages is one of the more libertarian things Trump has done. Just ask one of his cult.

        1. Putting kids in cages is one of the more libertarian things Obo has done.

          Fixed, turd.

          1. Do you understand the difference between breaking up families and housing unaccompanied minors? This isn’t a political question.

            1. “…This isn’t a political question.”

              Are lefty shits immune to getting dizzy from that amount of spinning, lefty shit?

            2. It’s the different words that you use for when Democrats and Republicans do the exact same thing?

              1. It’s not the same thing. Obama had to put the unaccompanied minors somewhere. Trump broke up families. It’s not about housing refugees while they await adjudication and when then Obama eventually allowed the applicants to exit the facilities. Trump broke up families to scare people away from lawfully seeking asylum.

                1. Proof of any actual policy difference?

                2. “…It’s not the same thing. Obama had to put the unaccompanied minors somewhere…”

                  Those other than lefty shits would get dizzy from that spinning. Not LoS; that lefty shit is used to bullshitting to that degree.

                3. Hey shreek, remember that time you posted child porn? Why is that you want a bunch of unaccompanied Mexican kids wandering the streets of America without their parents? Perhaps so you can abduct and fuck them, you sick degenerate piece of child raping shit?

                4. Translated from progspeak “it’s ok when we do it”.

                5. Trump was forced to break up families because of a judicial ruling in California regarding the forced release of children but not adults ignorant ficm.

        2. It’s hilarious that you routinely reply to a parody account not realizing you’re the punchline of the joke.

    2. The real world is a bit more complicated then you’re simply dichotomy

      1. It’s a lot more complicated when you can’t use “your“ and “you’re“ correctly.

        1. It also can’t use “than” and “then”, or “simple” and “simply” correctly.

    3. Jo Jorgensen isn’t a guy. If pants-soiling Trumpista girl-bulliers had instead voted for her, by a difference of 22 electoral votes Biden would be back in the Delaware Home for the Bewildered. Booo hooo hoo

  7. Traitors! Kulaks and wreckers! It’s time for violent coup! All bow and worship Trump, devourer of worlds!

    1. You might see people talking like that on comment boards but they won’t actually do it because antifa and BLM are not Trump supporters.

      1. Fat Rush Limbaugh (King of the Rednecks) apparently devoted his show to how a breakup of the USA is inevitable due to this election.

        Now he didn’t say he WISHED for it to happen. He just planted the idea into his greasy-haired audience as something they might do if riled up enough.

        1. And then they immediately took the streets, murdered a dozen black federal law enforcement officers, locked a bunch of liberals inside a federal building and tried to set it on fire, right shreek?

          Hey shreek, remember when you posted kiddie porn on here and got banned? Fucked any good ones lately? You should see if sarcasmic can put you in touch with his daughter – he likes to fuck her too.

        2. You’d think terminal cancer would soften his death boner.

    2. And the full exposure of the cosplay libertarians is complete.

  8. Well conservatives, on to the fake Hunter Biden scandal.


    Just a few years ago you supported a candidate who bragged about not paying his taxes.

    1. I’m ok with Biden not paying taxes. I’m not Ok with his corrupt crony family selling the US down the river to the fucking communist Chinese assholes.

      You apparently like brown assholes.

      1. But there is not a shred of evidence he did so.

        You need something like a recorded phone call where he offered a bribe up for a political favor. Like Trump did in the Ukraine bribe attempt.

        1. ‘Like Biden did in the Ukraine bribe attempt.’

          Fixed for ya turd.
          Don’t you have a kiddie to diddle?

          1. Think about something else for a change you sick fuck.

            1. Real shame when someone asks you to provide evidence for your lies, isn’t it?
              Lefty shits are ‘triggered’ that way.

              1. I was talking about your preponderance with ‘a kiddie to diddle’, you sick fuck. I couldn’t care any less about Biden and the Ukraine.

                1. Fuck off Tulpa

                2. Getting tired of being reminded about the time you posted child porn on here and got yourself banned, shreek, you sick fuck?

                  Don’t feel too bad, you’re in good company. Sarcasmic can’t get enough of his underage daughter’s pussy either.

        2. Man if you can’t see the flagrant influence peddling that Hunter has been doing your beyond help.

          1. His old man even bragged about it.

            Is Biden the most corrupt Prez since JFK?

            1. Nobody who supports Trump gets to complain about corruption. Ever.

              1. Team “Liberal”
                If they aren’t telling people what they can’t do, its because they are trying to tell people what they must do.

                Have you figured out yet why people who value freedom hate you?

      2. Shall we wait to find out how trumpski sold out his country?

        regardless of what Hunter did or did not do, trumpksi lost the election

        get over it

        you have lowered the bar for corruption so low that there is nothing to talk about anyway

        1. “Shall we wait to find out how trumpski sold out his country?..”

          Well, we’re not about to wait while TDS-infected lefty shits provide any cites.
          And why is it that TDS-infected lefty shits spend their lives making up nick-names which embarrass 1st-grade kids?
          Well, for starters, those kids are far more intelligent than TDS-infected lefty shits like the TDS-infected lefty shit posting here.

          1. Your tears are delicious.

            1. Fuck off Tulpa

    2. “Just a few years ago you supported a candidate who bragged about not paying his taxes.”

      turd has a hard time with issues like ‘did he pay what what the IRS required” and ‘was he an out-and-out liar?’
      Trump has yet to be shown to do other than avoid taxes, turd, but as a fucking lefty parasite, I’m sure that matters not to you, so long as the lefty shits provide for your welfare.
      Don’t you have a kid to diddle, turd?

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    3. You are actually defending leftist corruption now while still claiming to not be a leftist. Lol.

      This is what you’re dragging sarc and chipper into, so keep up the good work.

    4. The government’s taxes, so the elided pronoun would be “its”, not “his.”

  9. Welp there are still a couple more lawsuits out there. I’m sure there will be even more coming. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if there are continual filings until 2024. That’s just how Trump rolls. Has he ever made a business deal that didn’t have one or more lawsuits? I don’t think so. But at least he’ll be put of the white house woo hoo.

    1. Fittingly CNBC started a series tonight called ‘Empires of New York’ about how con men like Ivan Boesky, Trump, John Gotti and others profited from their criminal ways.

      1. Pretty sure bet that a brain-dead, TDS infected piece of shit like you has not a single cite to back your bullshit.

        1. Set amid the grit, greed, and glory of 1980s New York, Empires of New York chronicles the meteoric rise of five icons – Ivan Boesky, Donald Trump, Leona Helmsley, Rudy Giuliani and John Gotti – who not only reshaped the city but contributed mightily to the world we live in today. Drawing on exclusive interviews, never-before-told stories, and secret tapes, the series follows titans of the era who shared a singular trait: the insatiable need to win at all costs. Seizing opportunity in an era jolted by one cultural upheaval after another – MTV and 24-hour news, hip hop, drugs, the onset of AIDS – they broke rules, flaunted their wealth, and delighted in the destruction of their enemies. And oddly, at times America came to love them for it.


          Watch it, Sevo. The Trump cult has hollowed your brain out.

          1. Oh, goodie! A cnbc cite!
            Pretty sure bet that a brain-dead, TDS infected piece of shit like you has not a single *reliable* cite to back your bullshit.
            Don’t you have a kiddie to diddle, turd?

            1. Sevo, have you been dropping that San Fran acid with Michael Savage again? You know you can come out of the closet in that city.

              1. Pretty sure bet that a brain-dead, TDS infected piece of shit like you has not a single *reliable* cite to back your bullshit.

                1. And by reliable he means Fox News or Breitbart. You can’t trust anything left of center these days. Or ever.

                  1. Real shame when someone asks you to provide evidence for your lies, isn’t it?
                    Lefty shits are ‘triggered’ that way.

                    1. Both sides lie.

                      What differs is that one lies to preserve civilization. The other lies to destroy it.

                  2. F-F-FAUX NEWS!!!!


              2. Savage is retiring from radio next month. Thank God! With Rush dying soon, that’s two fewer mouth breathers in talk radio.

                1. Fuck off Tulpa

                2. Wishing death on people. Typical violence-prone liberal.

                  Must be from all the ass eating you do all the time.

                  1. I didn’t wish anyone death. I just acknowledged a fact. Also, I’m not a liberal.

            2. Why are Trumpkins still talking about “TDS”? Pssst, Trump LOST. Those of us who you claim have “TDS” clearly make up the majority of voters and threw Trump out on his fat ass. Your insults and namecalling hold no weight anymore.

              1. Fuck off Tulpa

              2. Aww, did poor little Vince think that voter fraud would cure his TDS? And now you’re freaking out that you will never escape the orange man, even when you steal an election.

                Because the majority of voters that think the election was stolen are not going away. That means a perpetual cloud of illegitimacy that you will constantly be forced to put up with for the next four years.

                And the orange man will be staying around for a long time. You just can’t escape it…not until 2028 at the end of his second term.

                1. It’s going to be hard for Trump to run for president from prison. He can’t hold rallies there.

                2. Anyone who thinks the election was stolen is a moron.

                  1. Calling tens of millions of people morons likely makes you feel like a giant intellectual heavyweight, but all you continue to do with rants is prove your arrogance and stupidity.

                  2. Why don’t you and your liberal buddies get together and secede from the union then? You’d be rid of all us millions of “morons” and would be free to build your socialist (lol) “utopia.”

                    Seriously…that’s the ONLY way you will be rid of us.

                    1. Trump LOST. He’s finished. Lol.

            3. The New York Attorney General is about to lock up Trump for tax fraud.

              1. Fuck off Tulpa

                  1. Fuck off Tulpa

    2. “…Has he ever made a business deal that didn’t have one or more lawsuits? I don’t think so…”

      Pretty sure bet that a brain-dead, TDS infected piece of shit like you has not a single cite to back your bullshit.

    3. Poor unreason. It was funny to see the propaganda machine ramp up.

      Better be on standby for the one case the SCOTUS hears relating to election 2020 democrat fraud.

      Ntice how alito sided with thomas? Thats bad for democrats.

      1. Electoral College votes on Monday. It’s over. Have a nice day.

        1. Fuck off Tulpa

        2. Haha. Lefties think dec 14 EC voting means biden gets the votes. Haha

          The constitution strikes again!

        3. Don’t worry, all those Trump supporters out there are going to make you regret all those votes you cast for Biden. You thought the rhetoric was bad before…just wait.

      2. Texas lawsuit thrown out. 9-0 vote. Lol.

        1. Fuck off Tulpa

        2. How was it 9-0? Alito and thomas dissented.

          Lefties are so stupid. Alito tipped his hand that he is aligned with Thomas and thomas is against democrat election fraud just like he was in 2000.

          1. They only dissented in that they thought the Supreme Court was obligated to hear the case. They rejected Texas’s case along with the other seven judges, so 9-0.

            1. So they dissented, but agreed a case they never heard had no merits?

              You do understand by refusing to take the case they also refused to take into full account any evidence. Without a hearing and full airing of whatever evidence exists or doesn’t, SCOTUS is not deciding on the merits.

  10. “…Joe Biden won…”

    The US lost.

    1. Chinese troops in Canada, Democrats sleeping with Chinese spies, nothing to see here!

      Like I mentioned above, Trump still has the Election Interference EO but I’m not sure what good that does if Biden can just pardon everyone in a few weeks and undo all the sanctions.

      1. At least people would know the truth, until the brainwashing camps are ready

        1. Do you understand the difference between sleeping with a spy who you didn’t know was a spy versus soliciting help and cooperation from foreign govts and their operatives?

          1. “Do you understand the difference between sleeping with a spy who you didn’t know was a spy versus soliciting help and cooperation from foreign govts and their operatives?”

            Pretty sure that WalMart has specials on tin-foil hats for lefty shits.

          2. The latter is worse and stuff the Democrats are also guilty of. I probably could’ve easily thought of worse examples, so you are right. My bad!

            1. Good enough answer.

            2. lap83: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

              1. Fuck off Tulpa

      2. If you are America First, why would you worry about Chinese troops in Canada? Canada is not America.

        1. Good point.

          1. No, it’s not a good point. Being America first does not mean one must ignore what goes on closest to our borders or even internationally which could negatively affect US interests. It’s honestly stupid to assume America first means one must ignore everything else in the world.

            1. Wrong. Unless America is attacked, we have no issue with anybody else. If China nukes Canada, I don’t care.

            2. If China nuked Canada, I would still support total free trade with China.

      3. “Chinese troops in Canada, Democrats sleeping with Chinese spies, nothing to see here!”

        Dude. Have you seen her?

    2. The USA just died. Brought to you by the cancer that is classical liberalism and the morons in the libertarian movement.

      1. “The USA just died. Brought to you by the cancer that is classical liberalism and the morons in the libertarian movement.”

        No, the US lost because of scumbag lefty shits like you.

        1. Excuse me?

          I’m left wing?

          Oh wait, you’re one of those idiots who think, “If he don’t like libertarians, he must be a Marxist hurr durrr”

          Yeah, sure, I’m so left wing I put out statements endorsing the BLM woke nonsense for my campaign. Oh wait, that was the libertarian candidate.

          I’m so left wing I attack the Republicans any chance I get when they make the slightest effort to protect American jobs. Oh wait, that was the libertarians.

          I get it, you want to believe that libertarian ideals and leftist ideals are completely incompatible, and on the surface, they are. But libertarian ideals go right out the window when the left will resort to any and every dirty trick to acquire power and throw people like you and me into reeducation camps. How is it leftist of me to point out that the odds of such a occurrence just increased dramatically with Biden’s “win”?

          How is it leftist of me to point out that classical liberalism has completely failed in the face of the progressive tide? That we need new solutions? Since when you give people liberty, what do they do? Vote for Free Shit and Feelz.

          1. Sevo’s a dumb fucking idiot, but why are you blaming libertarians? Blame TrumpTARDS.

            1. Did not the libertarian candidate endorse BLM’s woke bullshit?

              Do not libertarians have this completely irrational obsession with pot, a drug that lowers IQ’s and creates more leftists to support leftist nonsense?

              I keep hearing “Oh we can beat them in the marketplace of ideas, we don’t need to use force”, and yet here we are. A banana republic, a legitimate President deposed by fraud, and all the libertarian publications celebrating cuz “President bad! Government bad!”

              Libertarians cannot understand a simple reality; that some people deserve liberty and some people do not. And the people who do not deserve liberty have been running wild in this country for almost sixty years.

              So yeah, I say fuck free speech because Marxists use that principle to spread lies and propaganda

              I say fuck the libertarian movement for it’s kneejerk hostility towards police, policing, and enforcing of laws because “muh freedoms”. Do you have any idea how much that attitude has informed the anarchist parties thrown over the summer?

              Libertarianism made sense back in the days when we didn’t have Marxists academics promoting the idea that there are 48 or however many genders, or that heredity has no affect whatsoever on what’s between the ears. It hasn’t adapted to a world where there is an organized cabal of traitors, literal honest to god traitors, who will take advantage of every freedom and “right” granted by the outdated classical liberal system to create their socialist hellhole.

              So yeah, I fucking blame libertarians for this, and the only good thing about it is how I stopped being one years ago because I saw exactly what is happening. I’ll take some small pleasure in that this past election proved me right all along.

              Now I’m just hoping the patriot minded folks around here get the hint and realize that liberty is their enemy, not their friend.

              1. Yeah you can practically taste the freedom.

              2. Oh jeez. Another patriot.

                1. Yes how awful it is that someone loves USA and wants to see it survive and thrive.

                  Left wing traitor detected.

              3. Police brutality is real.

                1. Sure it is, but defunding the police is an idiotic response to the problem.

                  1. I never brought up defunding the police. I do believe in ending qualified immunity, though.

          2. As a libertarian, I’m happy Trump lost.

            1. Since youre a loser, trump is happy that youre not a libertarian.

              1. He is, though. That’s what’s wrong with him.

                1. Why are you on this site if you don’t like libertarians?

              2. Trump is a loser. He lost the election. BIGLY.

                1. I too troll badly!

                  1. You certainly do, Tulpa.

            2. Then you’re not a libertarian. You just think you are.

              You know deep down you’re nothing but an ass eating liberal fuck. But you don’t want to admit you eat so much Joe Biden ass, that you just call yourself a libertarian.

              You’re living a lie man. C’mon man.

              1. Um, hate to burst your bubble there, buddy, but libertarian is basically a classical liberal. Operative word there, buddy. “Liberal”.

                Why do you think I’m always shitting on classical liberalism every chance I get? It’s because it created the fucking monstrosity that is the left!

                1. You should look up the difference in what a “liberal” was in the 18th century vs. today.

                  Modern liberals are more akin to the Hamiltonians of that day (big government spending, powerful government…sound familiar?). Conservative-Libertarians of today are more akin to the “Jeffersonian Liberals” of that day.

                  1. Whatever you’ve been reading that describes the Jeffersonian Republican party as “conservative”, throw it in the fire place.

                    The Jeffersonian mercilessly shilled for the French Revolution, just for starters. They had enthusiasm for the idea of a republican holy war against Europe’s monarchies, starting with Britain. Jefferson was all about getting into a second war with Britain for no better reason then hope and change.

                    Add to that they were very suspicious of what we now call market capitalism. They would have loved the sentiment of “eat the rich”, at least if it were applied only to bankers and merchants.

                    They rejected nationalism, or rather, the idea that the American States were an organic whole as opposed to a collection of sovereign states that happened to speak the same language and were all Protestant. Easy to forget now that the Jeffersonians were the ones who morphed into, yep, you guessed it, the Democratic Party, and it didn’t take long for them to become the party of treason decades later. Have been ever since.

                    Fuck Thomas Jefferson. Hamilton did way more good for this country then he ever did. Hamilton was also the definition of that era’s word for “conservative.” He rightly distrusted democracy, he understood the importance of culture and our cultural ties with Great Britain, he detested the French Revolution (probably the biggest catastrophe in Western political history, though the Russian Revolution comes awful close), and saw the importance of political unity among the states, without which we would never have become history’s most prosperous and successful nation.

                    In my honest opinion, Hamilton getting shot was the worst disaster to befall the nation before the civil war. Had he lived, our political institutions might have taken a different course, and might have been strong enough to put the leftist savages in their place long before they ever became a real problem. But alas, we’ll never know.

                    But yeah, go on spouting that nonsense that Jefferson was somehow a “conservative.” Give me a fucking break.

                    1. Your idea of “conservatism” seems to be less freedom. Hamiltonians believed in bigger government.

              2. I would have voted for Justin Amash had he decided to run. I voted for Biden because he was clearly the lesser of two evils. I still think the GOP should have nominated Rand Paul back in 2016. That would have avoided all this totalitarian bullshit the last four years.

                1. From a principled libertarian position, Biden was not the lessee of two evils as compared to Trump.

                  1. Trump belongs in prison.

          3. Sevo must think you’re a Biden supporter when you’re obviously not. He’s a fucking moron.

      2. Damn, libertarians aren’t popular with anyone.

        1. They sure aren’t. Gee, you’d think getting less then 1% every election would communicate that.

    3. If Trump lost, the U.S. won.

      I could HEAR YOU CRYING as I read your post.

      1. Projection from lefties. They ares till crying that Trump beat hillary and now Trump beat biden.

  11. Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!

    Seriously, this is not a surprise except to those parboiled in conspiracy sauce. I don’t think it’s a surprise even to the political bootlicks in Congress. All of the “stop the steal” nonsense was just propaganda to whip up the base and empty their pockets. Again.

    1. Pretty sure bet that a brain-dead, TDS infected piece of shit like you has not a single cite to back your bullshit.

      1. Really? What specifically do you need a citation for out of his comment? Lmao

        1. “…All of the “stop the steal” nonsense was just propaganda to whip up the base and empty their pockets…”

          1. Uh, the fact that there was obviously no “steal.”

            1. Massive election election fraud is on Thomas and alito’s mind for sure.

              1. Thomas and Alito dissented on whether to grant leave to file the complaint. They disclaimed any other relief. If leave had been granted, Texas would still have the burden of establishing standing. A motion to dismiss would have been granted 9-0.

                1. So you’re capable of predicting a SCOTUS decision before required oral arguments are even heard? For a friend, who’s going to win the World Series and Super Bowl for the 2021 season? Money could be made with you dizzying future prediction powerrs.

        2. He’s in cut-and-paste mode. I think the QAnon folks assigned him this forum to patrol.

          1. “He’s in cut-and-paste mode. I think the QAnon folks assigned him this forum to patrol.”

            Pretty sure a request for cites to support bullshit put this lefty shit into ‘defense and false accusation’ mode.
            Real shame when someone asks you to provide evidence for your lies, isn’t it?
            Lefty shits are ‘triggered’ that way.

            1. Lolz. It’s pretty obvious who’s ‘triggered’.

              1. “Lolz”

                You. It’s why you fake lol

            2. It’s evident you’re triggered by Trump’s loss.

              1. Trump won the legal vote count in states that mattered.

                Oh well, 12th amendment win for trump works too.

          2. That’s pretty funny considering you haven’t posted anything you didn’t cop from a Democratic Underground thread since you started operating this sock right after election night.

            1. Fatty Trump lost. Lol.

              1. Unreason bots are writing better stuff than unreason staff writers.

                Both lack supporting citations though.

        3. I think it’s a tic

          1. Or he’s the H&R version of a Jehovah’s Witness who just won’t stop knocking on the front door.

          2. I think it’s a parrot in a room with Fox News playing on the TV.

            1. Real shame when someone asks you to provide evidence for your lies, isn’t it?
              Lefty shits are ‘triggered’ that way.

              1. Lmao, you haven’t even asked for a citation yet on you being a parrot.

                1. Did your mommy say that should get you a gold star from the 1st-grade teacher?

            2. FAUX NEWS!

              GOTTEM AGAIN!

              Hey shreek, remember when you posted child porn on here and got yourself banned?

              1. I too troll badly, Tulpa.

      2. According to the Federal Election Commission, Trump had raised about $207 million since the November election. The campaign has shelled out about $8.8 million on recounts, $2.7 million on legal. Team Trump’s legal record at this point? Politifact had the number at 53 yesterday before today’s Supreme Court punch-in-the-lone-star-nutsack.

        Some quick math. Raking in over $200 million, out less than $10 million to win essentially one meaningless case out of 50, and the election results haven’t changed not one little bit. Looks like Trump is pocketing a cool $190 million for a tantrum that has another 40 days to run.

        Maybe you think Trump and his toadies sincerely thought they would overturn the election. Maybe televangelists sincerely think they can heal the sick and lame for a generous donation. And maybe both will give back all of the extra bank they’re sitting on to help the poor.

        1. “Maybe you think Trump and his toadies sincerely thought they would overturn the election. Maybe televangelists sincerely think they can heal the sick and lame for a generous donation. And maybe both will give back all of the extra bank they’re sitting on to help the poor.”

          More likely you’re a TDS infected piece of shit who likes to make up stories.

          1. “Rhetorical devices don’t exist! It’s all fiction if I can’t call for a citation! Fucking commie libturds! AAAAAAHHHBRGLGRBRBRL!!!1”

            1. So your bullshit is not supported at all? How…………..

            2. Asking for cites is sad and pathetic except when you do it 300 times a day, right WK?

              1. I think it is fine to ask someone else for a cite.

                1. You also think it’s fine to impersonate other people then lie about it.


                  1. Actually, I impersonated other people and told the truth about it. To demonstrate Tulpa’s techniques.

        2. Maybe the Trump rubes that sent him over $200 million will receive an honorary diploma from Trump University.

          1. More likely turd will continue to lie.
            Don’t you have a kid to diddle, turd?

          2. Actually, they could put together a gift basket. An empty bottle of Trump vodka, an honorary degree, a picture of a Trump steak, a used copy of “Art of the Deal,” a gold painted golf tee, a hotel-sized bottle of Trump soap, a Trump poker chip from one of his bankrupt casinos. Oh, and a lifetime supply of donation envelopes.

            1. Perhaps you might offer something to back up your lies? Or is that asking too much of a lefty shit?

              1. Sevo is on fire! Got his trigger finger cocked and loaded! Get em big guy! Need to bust out some ‘fuck off and die with a rusty chainsaw’.

                1. Lefty shits are triggered by requests for cites! You go get those folks asking for those, lefty shit. Need to bust out some ‘orange man bad’, since that’s the best you got.

                  1. Orange man so bad, he lost to a senile old man. That’s about as bad as it gets.

                    1. Fuck off Tulpa

                  2. Aw, you’re mad.

                    1. I too ascribe my own emotional state to others!

                2. Considering that you only use this sock to post “Fuck off Tulpa” and “FAUX NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!” this is rather rich, shreeky.

                  Hey shreeky, remember the time you posted child pornography and got banned?

              2. CITATION PLEASE.

                1. I see lefty shits are seriously confused here:
                  Probably can’t do this in single syllables, but when you make a claim, you should be able (oops -2!) to cite some proof of your claim.
                  A cave man can understand that, perhaps lefty shits can~!

            2. Yeah, Trump’s supporters will be nearly as disappointed as the Saudi princes who dropped 2 billion into the Clinton foundation coffers.

        3. Lefty projection. Democrats rape their donors.

          Trump is using the donations as he said, to fight election fraud. Democrats hate that Trump tries to do what he says. Its sets impossible expectations for democrats.

    2. You all realize that those of you happy here are happy that we have a new president who supports the green new deal, will likely start wars, will definitely practice global interventionist, will continue to placate China and Iran, etc.

      Holy fuckkng shit.

      Keep proving you aren’t a libertarian.

      1. Free trade with China and the Iran deal are two issues supported by libertarians.

        1. No they arent. Stop speaking for things you obviously know so little about.

          1. Yes they are, dipshit. Libertarians are for unilateral free trade and are against war with Iran.

  12. Yawn. None of this is based in reality, none of it was ever getting through the courts.

    It’s always been about Trump. Period. Nothing else. His power, his finances. His entire life he’s depended on the next sucker to come along. Those who will invest in his failed businesses. Those contractors who think they will get paid for work they did on his failed casinos. Those who enrolled in his phony university. Those who gave money to his fraudulent charity. Those who bought all his crap products from steak to shirts. Those who were OK that he never would released his tax returns while running for President. And most recently, those who give him money for his election fraud defense fund.

    Next? His $10 per month subscription to his coming media product.

    Cue the idiots here who still support this conman! Enjoy!

    1. Pretty sure bet that a brain-dead, TDS infected piece of lefty shit like you has not a single cite to back your bullshit.

      1. Idiot #1 arrives!

        1. Hey, jackass! Tell us how the magic words will end the wildfires!
          Cites seem to be beyond the capability of this particular piece of lefty shit.
          Try this:

          “…It’s always been about Trump. Period. Nothing else. His power, his finances. His entire life he’s depended on the next sucker to come along…”

          You’ve got a pile of stinking lefty shit to prove there, jackass; let’s see you back your claims.

        2. I too announce my own arrival!

          1. Fuck off, Tulpa.

    2. Hey shreek, remember when you posted child porn and got banned?

      Why are you operating all these ancient socks that you outed 4-5 years ago? Christ on a bike. This one, Dajjal. Fuck me, you even busted out AddictionMyth!

      1. Fuck off, Tulpa.

    3. Did you guys see unreason shit themselves?

      The commies at unreason really believe Biden is going to be president yet all republican states are rallying to fight the massive democrat election fraud.

      1. It’s over, fool. Stop the drivel and change your diapers.

        1. He wears Trump’s diapers after Trump uses them.

  13. Lol.

    Looks like the Comment Section Olympics has commenced. I’m especially stoked for the mental gymnastics, we have some real athletes here.

    1. In other words you’re a single guy masturbating and no woman would ever bother with you.

      You could join buttplug and his kinko the clown fest.

      1. Fuck off Tulpa

        1. Fuck off Tulpa

        2. Hahahahahahahahaha! He called him Tulpa!!!!! HOLY SHIT GOTTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          NOW HIT ‘EM WITH THAT FAUX NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. So witty. Love how focused some of you are on the sexual insults. Such specific depravity assigned to various commenters. The reuse and repetition of supposed dark fantasies as the slings and arrows against commenters you disagree with.

        …now hold on just a sec, there wouldn’t happen to be any projection in that, would there?

        1. Fuck off Buttplug

        2. Such specific depravity assigned to various commenters.

          It’s easy to be specific when you got banned for posting child porn, shreek. Don’t like it? Maybe consider not posting your sick degenerate child porn on the clearweb you piece of shit pedophile.

  14. RESIST!
    Not my president.

    1. It is amazing watching people cheer for biden and his platform here.

  15. Oof, looks like Sevo is having a rough night. It’ll only get worse when the Ctrl and v keys break under the strain of all the hammering on that copy paste combo. But you gotta give him credit for trying to hit everyone with an insulting reply.

    1. Poor spooner. Seeing lefty shits called on bullshit triggers his TDS! Poor, poor spooner!

      1. Keep up the good work

        1. Real shame when someone asks you to provide evidence for your lies, isn’t it?
          Lefty shits are ‘triggered’ that way.

          1. He agrees with you. Lol, you’re like a monkey throwing poo.

            1. That’s GREAT!
              I know lefty shits have a VERY hard time with reading comprehension, but you might at least have checked up-thread, lefty shit:

              “And by reliable he means Fox News or Breitbart. You can’t trust anything left of center these days. Or ever.”

              1. Okay yes I did see that. Tricky little lefty got me too.

                1. It’s easier because you’re stupid.

                  1. Fuck off Tulpa

                  2. Ooooh…..Tulpa busting out his impersonation with the hidden-character-name trick. Fancy. He must be triggered. Watch out everyone, Tulpa will steal your handle if you cross it! Lolz.

                    1. Fuck off Tulpa

                    2. “triggered”

                      You keep telling us your feelings like we’re trying to fuck you shitbag and have to listen

              2. ?

                How is it left wing to quote a simple fact? We both know which news organizations are reliable and which ones aren’t.

                Are you saying Fox News and Breitbart are unreliable? That there are left of center sources that are trustworthy? Because I sure as shit haven’t seen any.

    2. Take it easy on Sevo. Without an authoritarian strongman like Trump or Putin to worship he might wander around the Tenderloin picking up cans for the next four years.

      1. Poor turd; once again caught handing out bullshit.
        Don’t you have a kid to diddle, turd?

      2. I dunno. I think by the time Biden gets sworn in he will be in a psych ward after he snaps and they find him repeatedly slamming his head into his keyboard and mumbling incoherently.

    3. Shreek, this is your 5th sock on this thread and all you’ve posted is FAUX NEWS and FUCK OFF TULPA. Tread lightly on criticizing the copypasta.

  16. Aren’t there other lawsuits that are headed to the SC? The Texas lawsuit was separate from other Trump lawsuits.

    1. I suspect if they exist they will get the “nah bruh” treatment.

      Anyway it’s done focus on the senate runoff

      1. Fuck that. Why would they ever vote again? It’s RIGGED. The Republicans are just as guilty and even WORSE. Supreme Court just showed it’s TRUE colors.

      2. “Anyway it’s done focus on the senate runoff”

        You stupid fuckers burned your own party to the ground on Trump’s way out the door. You likely persuaded a large proportion of non-partisan voters in Georgia to vote against you. I wouldn’t be surprised if you dumb cocksuckers just gave the Senate to the libtards. Fuck off.

        1. Fuck off Tulpa

        2. Hey shreek, remember when you posted child pornography and got your main account banned?

          Is it because you spend so much time lying to innocent, small children that you think your idiotic sophistry might somehow work on an adult?

    2. Sidney Powell is filing some lawsuits that she says have standing, maybe she’s a dark horse

      1. If your hopes lie in Sidney Powell, you’re living in a fantasy world.

      2. “…maybe she’s a dark horse”

        If not, maybe you can give her that dead one you keep beating.

        1. I too would be upset if someone were beating my wife!

        1. Well shit, you cited a paywalled WaPo article. It’s all over now!

        2. Oh, goodie! A WaPo cite!
          Try again.

    3. The PA lawsuit is still before the SCoTUS. The media lied that is was dismissed. The emergency injunction was denied only.

      1. Nothing was filed except the request for injunction.

      2. Has a cert petition even been filled in the Pennsylvania matter?

  17. What I always find interesting in how conspiracies evolve and adapt. Clarence Thomas a closet progtard? Samuel Alito is AOC’s love slave? Neil Gorsuch kidnapped and replaced with a mysterious deep state double?

    1. Ok boomer.

    2. Certainty is a hell of a drug.

      1. And if anyone knows what it is like to personally be an AIDS ridden junkie it’s Tony,

        1. Trump gave a deadly virus to everyone in his family and all of his employees.

          1. I too think Trump is actually Mother Nature!

            1. Did your wife tell you you got the clap from mother nature? Oh, you sweet summer child…

            2. MORON.

      2. Walls closing in!
        Impeach 45!
        10 count indictment!

      3. “Certainty is a hell of a drug.”

        Stupidity seems your drug of choice, shitstain.

    3. “What I always find interesting in how conspiracies evolve and adapt…”

      Me too.
      Please tell us how Trump’s efforts are really about ‘lining his pockets’.
      I’ll be happy to direct you to the tin-foil hat aisle.

      1. Trump’s efforts are always about lining his pockets. This was obvious decades before he was elected. He practically crowed about it.

        1. “Trump’s efforts are always about lining his pockets. This was obvious decades before he was elected. He practically crowed about it.”

          Lefty shit assertions =/= evidence or argument, lefty shit.

    4. What I always interesting is how many unreaons bots the commies at unreason need to fake the impression that unreason is not communist.

      To unreason commies, judicial review is tyranny.
      To unreason commies, challenging clear election fraud by democrats is insurrection.
      To unreason commies, the Democrat party is NOT the party of slavery.

      One thing is for sure, unreason commies hate America and libertarianism.

  18. Reason comments would still be good were it not for a handful of assholes on here.

    1. +5 Sockpuppets

      1. +35 “Fuck off Tulpa”s. That’s gotta be a record.


    keep giving those dollars to the “save our country!” fund, aka line the conmans pockets before he gets the fuck outta dodge fund

    you pathetic fuckers backed a loser, this is what losers get

    take the L, get the fuck out

    1. “keep giving those dollars to the “save our country!” fund, aka line the conmans pockets before he gets the fuck outta dodge fund”

      Where did the lefty-shit talking point regarding Trump’s finances come from?
      Do lefty-shits assume Trump is as destitute and stupid as they are, or did they simply copy-paste from some dim-bulb site?

      1. MyPillow is best for absorbing tears, my friend!

    2. Hey shreek, remember when you got so flustered over Clinton’s loss that you posted child pornography and got banned from this website?

  20. So Trump got shot down 9-0 (or 8-0 if Barrett didn’t vote). We do have Congress having to accept the electors (on January 6, if I’m not mistaken), but they’re not going to overturn the election.

    1. You guys are retarded.

      The SCoTUS didnt release the decision tally.

      Alito is aligned with thomas who would have heard the motion. There are always politics behind the scenes at the SCoTUS. I predict the SCOTUS will hear one case about election 2020. This was not it. This just reaffirms my thoughts that the SCOTUS will not make a grand decision but pass this off for a 12th amendment vote.

      1. Ha! Mr. Constitution1789, you may want to familiarize yourself with SCOTUS procedure.

        It’s true that we don’t have the “decision tally,” but we can tell a lot. Normally, SCOTUS grants cert if 4 or more justices vote in favor. While original jurisdiction cases may not always fall under that procedure, it’s certain in such a high-stakes situation, they wouldn’t deny the filing of a complain without AT LEAST that level of protection for minority voice. So, we KNOW that at max, 3 justices voted to allow this filing. Of those 3, we know 2 of them (Alito and Thomas) would not grant immediate relief. Given we’re already past Safe Harbor and heading toward Electoral vote on Monday, it would be really important for any ruling to have effect to grant an immediate injunction. Both Alito and Thomas apparently would NOT grant such relief. Which means at least 6-3 against even hearing the case (including at least 2 of the 3 Trump appointees), and at least 8-1 against any reasonable belief this could change election outcome.

        Which means the case is horribly weak, contrary to the nonsense you’re spouting all over this thread. Contrast this to what SCOTUS did in 2000, where SCOTUS granted an injunction, 7-2 the justices ruled that the recount was unconstitutional, and 5-4 they voted to take immediate action and stop the recount even without remanding it back to the Florida Supremes (as normal procedure would dictate).

        Bottom line, SCOTUS clearly signaled that the Trump side has NOTHING here, including at least 2/3 of Trump appointees to the court. THAT’s what we can tell from even the brief order here. As for your speculation about future cases — now that we’re past Safe Harbor and once Electors vote on Monday, SCOTUS won’t get in the way. If they were going to, they would have at least halted or signaled that somehow by now. At this point, it’s out of their hands.

        1. I feel bad for you in that you took the time to earnestly write a thoughtful and likely correct reply….which will be ignored or worse. If they’re not gonna stop after last night’s decision, they’re never going to stop.
          They believe “To unreason commies, challenging clear election fraud by democrats is insurrection.” which can be translated as: “because some guy said he saw something it’s already proven and therefore every rejection of it is communist conspiracy”

  21. All this fuss and the only thing to come of it was a self-generated list of traitors in Congress.

    1. And a bunch of Attorneys General (and Ted Cruz) who should be disbarred.

      1. Should all of the congresspeople who backed the failed impeachment also be disbarred, or does losing a legal case only constitute malpractice when you have an R after your name?

        1. Whataboutism, the death throes.

          1. I too think consitenci when it doesn’t benefit me is for idiots!

            1. I consitencly oppose traitors.

              1. I too pretend my opponents are traitors because I’m mentally retarded!

    2. “All this fuss and the only thing to come of it was a self-generated list of traitors in Congress.”

      All this fuss and we get one more pile of stinking lefty shit from Tony.

    3. The congresspersons were idiots to stick their noses in a lawsuit that was so obviously lacking in merit, but calling filing a brief with the Supreme Court traitorous is also idiotic.

      You criticize hyperbole by engaging in it. Impressive lack of self awareness.

      1. Attempting electoral fraud by falsely claiming electoral fraud may not be exactly traitorous, but it certainly feels traitorous to the ideals of this country.

        1. If it ain’t exactly traitorous, then it’s not traitorous. See how language works?

          And if an action isn’t traitorous then the people who participated in it shouldn’t be called traitors. Doing so is not helpful

          Arguably it was short-sighted and dishonest, but that’s routine politician behavior in this era.

          1. Arguably it’s treason and anyone continuing to do to America exactly what Putin wanted to do to America should arguably be put in an actual cell.

            No doubt Democrats will have more mercy than the Republicans promised them for the crime of winning elections fairly.

            1. I too think spitting the dick in my mouth and acreaming like a scalded dog is the same as something being arguable!

            2. “” anyone continuing to do to America exactly what Putin wanted to do to America should arguably be put in an actual cell.””

              Putin wants us to divide ourselves to the point our country will collapse. The intel folks have repeatedly said the purpose of the Russian “interference” was to divide us, but partisan people ignored that part.

              Hillary fans did much to help Putin achieve that. Sadly it looks like some Trump fans will too.

        2. Spooner
          December.11.2020 at 11:33 pm
          “Attempting electoral fraud by falsely claiming electoral fraud may not be exactly traitorous, but it certainly feels traitorous to the ideals of this country.”

          I’m going to have to assume that stinking pile of lefty shit is what lefty shits like you find to be worthy of interest.
          You are a laughing stock among intelligent people, lefty shit.

      2. “…The congresspersons were idiots to stick their noses in a lawsuit that was so obviously lacking in merit, but calling filing a brief with the Supreme Court traitorous is also idiotic…”
        Lefty shits assume their knowledge is such that lefty shit assertions should be, well, just accepted, right, lefty shit?

      3. All of a sudden it’s the age of subtle pedantry.

        1. I too make stupid plays on words!

    4. Uh oh, Tony’s got a list ya’ll. If he can bum enough change for a Greyhound from Tulsa to D.C. and find an AR15 mount for his motorized scooter the next congressional baseball game will be tragic.

    5. Democrats are some american traitors all right.

    6. Tony has an enemies list. You leftist ass eaters are downright creepy.

  22. It’s no real surprise, given what Chief Justice Roberts wrote in an opinion in October: “The Constitution dictates a different approach to these how-much-is-enough questions. The Constitution provides that state legislatures—not federal judges, not state judges, not state governors, not other state officials—bear primary responsibility for setting election rules. Art. I, §4, cl. 1. And the Constitution provides a second layer of protection too. If state rules need revision, Congress is free to alter them. Ibid. (“The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations . . . ”). Nothing in our founding document contemplates the kind of judicial intervention that took place here, nor is there precedent for it in 230 years of this Court’s decisions. Understandably so. Legislators can be held accountable by the people for the rules they write or fail to write; typically, judges cannot. Legislatures make policy and bring to bear the collective wisdom of the whole people when they do, while courts dispense the judgment of only a single person or a handful. Legislatures enjoy far greater resources for research and factfinding on questions of science and safety than usually can be mustered in litigation between discrete parties before a single judge. In reaching their decisions, legislators must compromise to achieve the broad social consensus necessary to enact new laws, something not easily replicated in courtrooms where typically one side must win and the other lose. Of course, democratic processes can prove frustrating. Because they cannot easily act without a broad social consensus, legislatures are often slow to respond and tepid when they do. The clamor for judges to sweep in and address emergent problems, and the temptation for individual judges to fill the void of perceived inaction, can be great. But what sometimes seems like a fault in the constitutional design was a feature to the framers, a means of ensuring that any changes to the status quo will not be made hastily, without careful deliberation, extensive consultation, and social consensus.” https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/20pdf/20a66_new_m6io.pdf

    If the Federal government had stayed within Constitutional bounds, we would not have this terrible conflict every four years – the states would be able to decide most matters for themselves, so rural states would not be imposed upon by urban states, and vice versa.
    But instead a huge administrative bureaucracy was formed, and the Federal government essentially destroyed this system, known as Constitutional Federalism (see https://scholarship.law.duke.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=6120&context=faculty_scholarship). Oddly enough, today’s ruling upholds Constitutional Federalism – if state legislatures shirk their responsibilities, then bad results – as have been seen in these four states – will occur. The legislatures could outlaw electronic voting machines, for one, and they could create a structure whereby fraudulent elections could be invalidated. And they could have done that decades ago. But they didn’t, and we have these results which those legislatures and so many people find so unappealing.

    1. The courts are being asked to enforce set election standards. If they dont want to do their job then fine.

      The MSM propagandists tried blocking dissent voices and the texas motion showed that hasnt worked.

    2. The Constitution provides that state legislatures—not federal judges, not state judges, not state governors, not other state officials—bear primary responsibility for setting election rules.

      And yet, the heart of the Texas claim was that state judges, state Governors, and other state officials *DID* set election rules with 11th hour changes not explicitly approved by the legislatures. And they kind of have a point.

      The ideal resolution would have been for the States to resolve this internally, but if the courts in those States were complicit in these alleged violations, why would anyone expect them to overturn themselves?

      Next best would have been for a coalition of legislators in those States to sue their own governments. I don’t think SCOTUS could have denied standing in that event.

      But unfortunately, none of that happened so Texas took the only action they saw remaining. Now that it’s been shot down, what’s left? Secession seems the only thing. If all players don’t play by the agreed upon rules, what reason is there to stay in the game?

      1. Easy – the legislature invalidates the elections where the fraud occurred, and relies on the counties where no fraud occurred in order to name electors.

  23. Libertarians should know that the fact that a court declining to hear a case doesn’t necessarily mean there is no case.

    It looks like PA violated its state constitution by unilaterally expanding MBV. Their supreme court ducked the issue by invoking laches doctrine, even though the only major election after the new law passed was the primaries in which Trump was an incumbent winner.

    PA also gave counties the option to cure ballots or not. So some voters got their ballots cured for free and others didn’t have that option. The Trump team argued that this was equal protection violation.

    Will the SC hear those cases? There are some things and stats about this election that seem off. Biden beat Trump by 5 mil in CA but almost all of the viable house races in CA went GOP?

    1. Yes it does. Texas had no standing to tell other states how to choose their electors.

      1. It’s OK to just admit you don’t understand what was being argued in the suit and just enjoy the Biden circle jerk.

      2. Poor lefties hate that texas asked the courts to enforce constitutional election rules.

        We now know that alito is aligned with Thomas. Thomas sided with bush in bush vs gore to reject democrat election fraud.

      3. RED STATES MUST DECOUPLE FROM BLUE STATES!!!! What can be considered “secession lite” would be for red states to withdraw from various interstate compacts and other contracts that states hold with each other.

        Including the Nonresidential Violator Compact and ALL extradition agreements between red vs blue states.


    2. Congressional reps have different appeal to their constituents than a president. That is not evidence.

      Also Texas certified their results. Yet the Republican candidate increased their vote total by 1.2 million while the democrat increased by 1.4 million over 2016. In other words the 3rd party voters went hard toward Biteme. That was the key to this election and why reason Koch pushed for Biteme over Trump. Literally the liberaltarians fucked us with their billionaire cash.

      1. This is why classical liberalism needs to die. Right now.

        Well, it might be too late, the country is pretty good and fucked right now.

        But yeah, this is what happens when you give lefties the freedom to spew their propaganda. Liberty brought this mess upon us, it’s time to put concerns about “freedomz” on hold until this shit is cleaned up and America can function without leftist idiocy infecting our discourse.

        1. I think what our friend is trying to say is that you can’t have freedom without the necessary holocaust.

          1. I too hate Jews!

          2. Well when people are doing their best to burn everything down, you don’t meekly ask them to stop and discuss their grievances, you punch them in the face.

            1. Well he’s surrounded by Secret Service but I like the sentiment.

              1. I too pretend to be hard on the internet and elsewhere!

      2. Libertarians got millions less votes than 2016. Trump got more new votes than he did in 2016.

        Democrats committed massive election fraud and luckily trump is exposing that.

    3. If the Supreme Court chose to disenfranchise millions of good-faith voters on a technicality, they knew they could be shot and they knew they’d deserve it.

      Maybe the next election will be closer and you can steal that one.

      1. I too shamelessly do everything I can to cement ill-gotten gains!

      2. Tony, millions of illegal mailin ballots are getting tossed.

        Thomas’ dissent aluded to it. Alito is still reluctant to toss so many ballots but that is what the 12th amendment is for,

        1. Wait a minute, I think that law degree on your wall is written in crayon!

          1. I too think everyone else’s degree is written in crayon like mine!

            1. That was just awful trolling, Tulpa.

        2. Poor unreason bots. They have no idea what is happening so they attack the commenters who have been correct 85% of the time.

    4. MyPillow is best for absorbing tears!

    5. “There are some things and stats about this election that seem off. Biden beat Trump by 5 mil in CA but almost all of the viable house races in CA went GOP?”

      Hee, hee. I mean, any reasonable interpretation of that would be that people really just don’t like Trump in CA. They may be okay with a Republican as a local rep, but they recognize Trump isn’t really part of the mainstream Republican party (other than the “yes men” who shifted temporarily and will likely dump him and his followers in the coming months).

      It’s amazing how many people can create twisted logic to come to whatever conclusion they already believe. If CA voters had come in hard both against Trump and against Rep House races, people would be saying, “Oh, look, the Dems stole things because they voted against Republicans across the board!” Now, it didn’t go that way, and so you say, “Look! It’s a conspiracy! People voted downballot for Reps so Dems must’ve stolen it!” What possible evidence could anyone produce to convince you to change your pre-existing beliefs here? Maybe people just didn’t vote for Trump in as high numbers as they did for Biden. It really can’t just be that simple, can it?

  24. Trump wasn’t part of that Texas suit, liar.

    1. He did try to join the suit.

      1. I too spend entire Friday nights arguing minutiae with a bunch of Libertarians who think I’m an imbecile!

        1. WK’s TDS is pretty much expected.
          WK? Fuck off and die. Your dog, your goldfish and your family will thank you.
          And your mom will be relieved of the burden she’s carried ever since she didn’t have that abortion.

          1. Let the anger flow through you, Sevo! Soon you will transmogrify into a Trith Lord!

        2. All the regulars here are in that boat. We all could get a life.

          Especially, Mother’s Lament, who has a deeply committed partisan position in the politics of a country he doesn’t even live in, and desires civil war here.

  25. For all of the ‘Sevo is a Trump apologist’ bullshit from the lefty shits here, let’s be clear:
    Ever find a Sevo post claiming that Trump was cheated? Nope, not a one. Lefty shits (afflicted with TDS) assume that lefty shits (afflicted with TDS) being asked for cites for their bullshit must be a result of those who are somehow, perhaps interested in facts rather than lefty shit assertions. Keep it up, lefty shits; we all know what you prefer.
    Trump, properly, asked the courts to examine an election which, to say the least, was ‘fragrant’.
    It appears he has lost and as someone who did not support him at first, but then found him the best we’ve had in my lifetime, I’m sorry to see the TDS-afflicted assholes inflict the US with Biden.
    But we lived through the Obo disaster, so I guess it’s possible again

    1. We barely survived Barry.

      This is it. The birth of the People’s Republic.

      I’d say it’s time to get violent.

      1. Or just don’t do what they say.

        Then when the dims get radical maybe.

      2. There ya go.
        “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”

        “We gotta take these bastards. Now, we could fight ’em with conventional weapons. That could take years and cost millions of lives. No, in this case, I think we have to go all out. I think this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part.”

    2. “It appears he has lost and as someone who did not support him at first, but then found him the best we’ve had in my lifetime, ”

      God, I would hate to have to live with someone who had a “come to trump” moment.

  26. Where’s lovedicks1789? What a fucking gutless coward!

    1. Dunno, but shitface asshole has shown up to ask questions only shitface asshole can answer, shitface asshole.
      Perhaps it your weren’t shitface asshole you might get an answer, shitface asshole.

    2. Some people have a real life?

      1. Nice try. He’s been posting endlessly about SCOTUS giving Trump the election. He has no life. He’s not here now because he’s a coward.

        1. I too don’t realize when I’m talking about myself!

      2. Yup. I was catering to certain high profile politicians who visited my family winery in Georgia.

        No masks and open for business.

        12th amendment here we come.!

        1. Nah. You were fucking your sister. Admit it.

          1. Poor unreason. Have you commie hacks cleaned the shit out of your pants yet?

            Next we have the fight for electors, then more SCOTUS lawsuits, then joint session of congress fight over electors, then the 12th amendment vote.

        2. I get it now. You’re like one of those frat boy aliens from Aqua Teen Hunger Force “my dad totally owns a dealership.”

          Family winery lol. So you are the scion of a probably mostly decent line that sputtered out with you.

          Explains why you talk like you have money but have time to post the same three sentences 24/7. You’re like a Donald Trump Jr. (emphasis on Jr.) type.

          This clears so much up about you.

          Do you wear special gloves when you drive, or do you have a driver? Do you have a designer holster for the gun your butler hands you when you do militia practice with the guys from the local chamber of commerce?

        3. Nobody drinks wine in Georgia, just beer and moonshine.

    3. “lovedicks”

      I too transliterate everything into dick!

    4. Poor unreason. The staff must be cleaning their diapers from shitting themselves.

      Alito signaled alignment with thomas and justice thomas is deciding against democrat election fraud. Unreason staff are too stupid to see this.

      As the decision was being posted, I was laughing because republican state legislatures are rebelling against democrats. Hahaha.

      1. Snore.

        1. Poor unreason. did you guys get all the shit out of your diapers yesterday?

          You commies must have a huge cleaning bill getting the shit out of your pants every time your political plans fail.

        2. I too pretend to be bored whwn I have made a fool of myself!

          1. Fuck off, Tulpa.

          2. Enjoy Biden’s inauguration!

            1. Biden is being inaugurated as a retiree from public office? Thats a great send off in 2020.

              Biden should watch Trumps second term as president on OAN so he can see what president do in real life.

    5. Stop pretending that isn’t your alternate login, Vince. You trying to tell us something?

      Vince Smith eats ass.

      1. Fuck off, Tulpa.

  27. I always figured Trump would find a way to go out on top. What a complete and utter embarrassment he turned out to be. Sad!

    1. I too would pretend to be someone else were I caught uploading links to pedophelia!

    2. “I always figured Trump would find a way to go out on top. What a complete and utter embarrassment he turned out to be. Sad!”

      TDS-infected lefty shits make claims like this and assume, like the lefty shit above that lefty shit assertions have some value, other than proving lefty shits are lefty shits.
      Hint: They don’t. lefty shit.

      1. You seem even more of a tear- and whiskey-soaked mess than usual.

        1. I too am trying to fuck him and getting nowhere!

        2. Your usual pick up line. But you’re a bottom Tony.

          1. Buttsex 1
            Christians 0

      2. When is the civil war?! They said it would start a week ago?

        1. When Biden, sorry, Harris tries to confiscate guns.

  28. If they mean to have war, let it begin here.

    1. Try not to fall asshole-first onto your own grenade.

  29. Considering the sheer level of fraud, Trump has the Constitutional authority to ARREST the fraudulent electors on the day the EC convenes, and charge them with conspiracy to commit electoral fraud. This will protect the electoral system by finally overturning fraud, and also force the vote to move to the House of Representatives. Since Republicans have the larger delegation, Trump will be selected as President.

    Even if the righteous prosecution of the fraudulent electors fails, it will be too late and Trump will have already been sworn in. Run out the clock on that, just like the swamp creatures tried to do to him.

    Suck it bitches.

    1. I like how it ends with a perfunctory House vote to provide that mockingly thin veneer of legality.

      1. “thin veneer of legality”

        That’s still more legality than Biden has.

        1. Learn that from Distinguished Professor of Law Rudy Giuliani?

    2. Fuck off, Tulpa.

      1. Fuck off, ass eater.

    3. Why wouldn’t trump just arrest the people who committed the fraud? Oh right, because there is no stinking evidence that anyone did so…

      1. Because arresting them wouldn’t change the outcome of anything in time. He needs to arrest the fraudulent electors first so it forces the house vote. Then he can round up those swamp creatures after securing the election.

        1. But I am sure that if he can *prove* the fraud, then he could be re-installed at a later date!

    4. Kind of like dissolving the reichstag then. I could see that.

      1. Covid was the reichstag fire.

  30. So now Trump hates the supreme court that he made. that’s cringey as hell, but funny as fuck.

  31. Trump will make sure you never forget him.

    1. Who?

  32. I guess Trump has no other choice than to declare himself Fuhrer, nuke California and New York, command his white supremacist Nazi minions to round up dissidents, open up the death camps and start executing Democrats, Muslims, Negroes, and Mexicans because that’s just how he rolls. I mean, you can’t expect Literal Hitler to just follow the law, can you?

    1. Nuking CA and NY is OK, but not the rest of that stuff.

      1. And those treacherous Georgians eh? But just Atlanta. The rest can stay.

      2. Trump should have built the wall around CA and NY instead of along the southern border. Keep those liberals contained…

    2. We can’t expect anyone in our government to follow the law.
      There is no more republic, only dictatorship and the response to it.

  33. It was just a frustrated step.

  34. Annnnnnd, just like Reason said, down goes the second Kraken! I hear MyPillow is best for absorbing tears, my trump humping friends!

    1. LOL

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  36. What will the new Trump life be like? I hear his digs at the lair in mar a Lago are a mere 3000 sq ft. and there is no nearby McDonald’s. He doesn’t seem to like New York much these days. Or perhaps New York doesn’t like him. Either way they are not getting along.

    He likes to be around people, his people. Cant see him getting a big place out in the country and working on his memoirs. I can imagine him working on a new TV show with the tag line “I’m fired”.

    1. No, Trump…and mobs of millions of Trumpers are going to get louder than ever, making the lives of all Democrats into a living hell.

      Then in 2024, now that the courts have firmly upheld the legalization of voter fraud, Trump will inexplicably win all 50 states. If you bitch about it, and produce evidence of fraud, Trump will just say “that’s not evidence” AND cite the 2020 precedent. Hey, karma’s a bitch! Get ready for it!

      1. What? I don’t watch that channel. Did you know baby Yoda has a name now? Grogu. I don’t like it. Makes him sound like some kind of orc or something.

      2. Imagine a child who lies and says someone stole his GI Joe, and so he goes and steals cash out of his mom’s purse, and says but I got stolen from so that makes it OK, except he didn’t even get stolen from and it was a lie!

        We call such kids assholes.

        1. Democrat strategies 101. Lie and cry wolf until nobody believe you anymore.

          Its why trump got millions more legal votes than biden and obama.

          Joe biden was arrested today and released on bail.

      3. I too ramble complete nonsense, Tulpa.

  37. So a conspiracy that is so obvious that it cannot be proven, and will never end

    The real election happens Monday, and while I anticipate a few rogue electors, it will not change the outcome

    The House and Senate count the votes and accept them, there is no process for them to reject a lawfully presented set of electors

    It is just accepting what is handed to them

    It is over Monday

    1. “so obvious that it cannot be proven”

      No, the courts have ruled that if it impacts “enough” votes, then the fraud BECOMES legal. The courts never denied whether it can be proven; rather it’s the SIZE of the fraud that determines legality.

      1. Uhh, no they didn’t

        the clown posse proved nothing and the courts told them so

        1. Courts: how many votes do you claim this impacted?

          Trump: 100’s of thousands.

          Courts: well that’s too many votes for us to overturn, so we just don’t care if you have evidence of fraud. When the crime impacts a number of votes above a certain threshold, everything becomes legal. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you can prove fraud or not, we just deem it to be legal.

          1. So the legal principle you’re backing is that if you can prove any amount of fraud, Trump wins?

            It’s a perfectly fair election, all Biden has to do is prove there was no fraud!

            Because Trump saw elections under Saddam Hussein and said I like how that man thinks.

    2. There is a lot of evidence for the Loch Ness monster however. Just last month it was sighted on sonar. Someday they will find it. There must be something there.

      Some people think it is just a big fish but what fun is that?

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  39. Observe the larded weight of nationalsocialist infiltrators pretending to be “real” libertarians without once mentioning girl-bullying, coathanger abortions, death sentence for marijuana, carpet-bombing Vietnam or the Middle East, or setting up Positive Christian caudillo fascism all over Latin America (except Uruguay, Guyana, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Mexico’s DF). Jo Jorgensen could be sworn in in January with 23 electoral votes to spare if fascism weren’t the goal of all GOP infiltrators. Dems copied LP planks and won!

  40. Now that this election is over, I just hope that, in 2024, that at least one major party nominates a candidate for President who is actually qualified to hold the office, and who doesn’t turn my stomach. In the meantime, I am looking forward to Reason soundly bashing eighty percent of Biden’s polices. I will also enjoy the comments here.

    Have a good day, people.

    1. Policy disputes aside, how is Biden unqualified to be president? He has plenty of experience in government.

      1. I consider policy goals, at least the major ones, as the primary qualifier. Biden’s past, policies he has championed or taken credit for, as well as many of the things he champions today, leave me unconvinced he is “qualified.”

        1. Qualified means the candidate advocates policies you agree with. Which leaves you with one candidate or several saying the same thing and kinda obviates the need for elections at all.

          One party rule then.

          1. Actually, I prefer a “stalemate.” Government tends to do way too much, given any rope at all. I believe the government’s role should be minimal — concentrating first on protecting rights, maintaining a court system, a defensive military, etc. — and intervening only when things go wrong. Sort of a Night-watchman State. And I am completely cognizant that while such a State is not possible, one can work towards it instead of working in the completely opposite direction.

        2. It’s an odd definition of “qualified for office” then. I mean, I considered McCain and Romney “qualified” even though I wasn’t about to vote for them.

          1. I understand what you are saying, I think. The proven ability to direct a large bureaucracy — the Executive Branch — or work within a large bureaucracy — such as the Senate or House, can certainly be used to define “qualified.”

            But from what I have observed, the “effectiveness” of a bureaucracy is usually due, not to the person who holds the title (whether governor, president, or CEO) but, rather, the quality of persons selected to head individual departments or programs. Therefore, I believe the overall philosophy of the “leader” is the more crucial element.

          2. It’s a far more useful definition than the one that can’t tell the difference between the qualifications of Biden/Romney and Donald Trump.

            1. Tony: if being the leader of the free world was an administrative post, and was based only on the success of whatever policies the president decided to promote, and not whether or not those policies were actually constituted sound governance, the definition would, indeed, be much easier. Alas, I found both candidates lacking in the “sound governance” department. I found the same to be true for the previous election.

              1. That must be difficult for you.

                1. Not at all. I don’t expect all that much from politicians in general, and even less from whomever is president. I am seldom disappointed.

      2. He has obvious dementia. That should disqualify anyone.

        That may apply to Trump as well.

    2. I kinda wanted to see a Gabbard/Buttgieg ticket just to watch Trump make an ass of himself pretending he’s the true “military supporter” against those two, then watch people like lc1789 and Nardz argue with a straight face that Trump was “more military then they are” and that they weren’t “real soldiers.”

      1. Poor commies at unreason, joe biden just conceded.

      2. They weren’t real soldiers because they didn’t shoot people. Everyone knows real solders shoot people. They also don’t get shot down on combat missions, get captured, tortured, and survive as POWs for more than five years.

  41. I think Trump should just let bygones be bygones. Be the bigger man and shake hands with Joe. They could stop by for a barbecue on a Sunday. I hear Jill makes a mean potato salad. Hunter and Don jr. could be friends. Go out for beers. Maybe go along on one of Donald’s hunting trips.

    1. It would be nice. Maybe set an example for certain elements (on both sides), but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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    2. Lefties are the enemies to the constitution. Good thing trumps second term will allow the democrat party to get weaker and weaker.

    3. Let’s be honest: her potato salad sucks.

      Also, Donny doesn’t hunt. Maybe you were thinking of Teddy Roosevelt or Dick Cheney.

      1. Donald Jr. I was referring to. He is an avid hunter.

        I have nothing against hunting. More of a fishing guy myself. Eat it or put it back. Venison is good meat also.

        He does those international guided trophy hunts.

  42. SCOTUS just tossed millions of mailin ballots around the USA.

    Trump wins EC projection 402 to biden 136.

    1. I see so many posts like this on this site. So I did a little research (Because we all need to research before posting, right?) and I found the answer to why Trump voters post things that never happened or never will happen. It’s very interesting to have an insight to Trump voters. Take a look and see. It’s just a 2 minute YouTube video, so it won’t take that much of your time.

      1. Oh that.

        “Ward. I think you need to have a talk with the Beaver”

        (Whispers in his ear)

        “Nothing to worry about dear. Happens to all the boys”

        “Ward… talk to him. He seems worried”

        “ OK dear” (knocks on bedroom door)

        “Beav, can I come in?”

        “Well all right dad. I guess so”

        “ Mom says something happened last night and you are worried about it”


        “Nothing to be concerned about son. Perfectly natural. Why when I was your age sometimes two times a night.”

        (Beaver buries head under pillow)

        “In fact I still wake up with a raging boner most days. Your mom and I…”

        (Beaver screaming into his pillow) (Ward returns)

        “That went well. Problem solved”

        (Cut to commercial)

    2. Poor unreason apologists and unreason staffers.

      So little time left for Democrats to successfully challenge Trump’s EC win and second term as president.

  43. 1. This wasn’t a Trump lawsuit, it was a bunch of state AG’s.

    2. Volokh had a decent post about federalism as interpreted by the AG of Ohio.


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  45. “President Donald Trump has made grievance a primary feature of his life and presidency, from the thousands of lawsuits he has filed to, most recently, his repeated claims of national election fraud. His opponents, and even many of his supporters, have wondered why he can’t seem to control his urges to lash out at perceived enemies.

    I am a violence researcher and study the role of grievances and retaliation in violent crime. Recently, I’ve been researching the way grievances affect the brain, and it turns out that your brain on grievance looks a lot like your brain on drugs. In fact, brain imaging studies show that harboring a grievance (a perceived wrong or injustice, real or imagined) activates the same neural reward circuitry as narcotics.”


    Thus, we learn why Trumpy does not drink or do drugs; he is so crazy that he needs no intoxicants to get stoned out of his mind.

    Each crazy Trumpy grievance is his own special meth party.

  46. Big day today. EC votes in Blue states and EC votes for Trump in Republican controlled states.

    12th Amendment here we come.

    1. Lefties have their Narrative for the day.

      Ignore any events that dont lead to Biden getting EC votes they hoped for.

      Democrats will act like Monday Dec 14 is the day Biden wins the election. Not when the votes are tallied and all legal resolutions are resolved.

      Constitution strikes again!

  47. “You know we’re the party of Abraham Lincoln, a lot of people don’t know that. The great Abraham Lincoln, a man that I’ve always competed against. I said, ‘I can be more presidential than any president ever, except for the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln when he’s wearing the hat.'”

    Donald Trump.

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