Election 2020

Stop 'Humoring' Trump

To move back in a libertarian direction, the Republican Party will have to do more than jettison Trump. But as long as it remains in Trump's thrall, that reversal is all but impossible.


A month ago, The Washington Post published what remains the definitive summary of President Donald Trump's post-election legal and political maneuvers—and probably one of the best explanations for the Trump era in general.

"What is the downside for humoring him for this little bit of time? No one seriously thinks the results will change," an unidentified "senior Republican official" told the Post. "He went golfing this weekend. It's not like he's plotting how to prevent Joe Biden from taking power on Jan. 20. He's tweeting about filing some lawsuits, those lawsuits will fail, then he'll tweet some more about how the election was stolen, and then he'll leave."

That was on November 9.

In the 31 days that have followed, there have been many tweets. And Trump's legal team did indeed file and lose a lot of lawsuits, which prompted more tweets. The one case that remains in play, Texas v. Pennsylvania, filed earlier this week at the U.S. Supreme Court, is without precedent in American legal history—as Reason's Damon Root wrote yesterday, "no state has ever pulled off a stunt even remotely like overturning the results of a presidential election by going straight to SCOTUS to challenge the results in another state."

The Supreme Court is likely to dismiss that final legal effort by the end of the week. All 50 states plus the District of Columbia have now certified their election results. The Electoral College is set to meet on Monday. Trump has tried to pressure Republican state officials to nominate alternate slates of electors, but that effort has been no more successful than his campaign's lawsuits. Unless something wildly unexpected takes place in the next few days, the Electoral College will confirm what already seems evident: Joe Biden won the election.

In that sense, the prediction of the Post's unnamed GOP official holds up—and, yes, there's almost no reason to take seriously the idea that Trump won't leave office in January. But the notion that there's no harm in "humoring" Trump is more suspect.

Indeed, if there is a coup happening in these waning days of 2020, then it appears to be Trump versus whatever remains of the non-Trump Republican Party. The president is using allegations of a stolen election to fundraise and to consolidate his control over the GOP—and those "humoring" him will wake up on January 21 to find that the problem hasn't vanished.

"Everyone laughs at how stupid the Trump lawsuits are," writes Jonathan V. Last, editor of The Bulwark, an anti-Trump conservative publication."But that's the wrong way to think about Trump's actions since November 3. Because his goal hasn't been to keep the office of the president. It's been to keep the Republican party."

In Last's view, the focus on Trump's laughable "coup" has obscured the effectiveness of a political strategy that has tightened the president's grasp on the party. By reflexively falling back on their survival strategy of "humoring" Trump, Republicans are missing the chance to excise his influence over the GOP's future.

That matters in ways that go beyond internal party politics. Under Trump, the Republican Party has grown increasingly hostile to the free movement of goods and people. It has embraced deficit spending to a degree almost unimaginable a few years ago. Populism and nationalism are resurgent. To move back in a libertarian direction, the Republican Party will have to do more than jettison Trump—but as long as it remains in Trump's thrall, that reversal is all but impossible.

Anyone who still believes that humoring Trump will eventually cause him to go away isn't paying attention. Trump has made no secret of his intention to remain active in politics. Even if his dreams of running for president again in 2024 come to nothing, it is undeniable that he will be a kingmaker—or a career-killer—in Republican politics for years to come.

That he will continue to be a major gravitational force for the party is obvious. How else can you explain Sen. Ted Cruz (R–Texas) agreeing to argue Trump's last-ditch election case before the Supreme Court? Cruz, who in his younger days clerked for late Chief Justice William Rehnquist, surely has a sharp enough legal mind to know this lawsuit is comically inept. Yet he appears willing to debase himself in front of the Supreme Court because doing otherwise would invite Trump's anger—which could doom Cruz's political aspirations.

Wednesday provided yet more examples of this phenomenon. The attorneys general of 17 states filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of the Texas v. Pennsylvania lawsuit. That's 17 elected and/or appointed high-ranking Republican officials who are willing to put their professional and political reputations on the line in order to make a performative show of loyalty. The same is true for members of Congress who sign a petition now being circulated among Republicans asking for the overturning of the Electoral College vote.

What motivates such behavior? Not only rank partisanship, but fear—the kind that comes from looking over your shoulder at the angry masses of Trump superfans otherwise known as Republican primary voters.

Not all Republicans have gone along with humoring the president, and the country should be grateful for that. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, for example, has been steadfast in his refusal to endorse conspiracy theories about the election. In one of the most acute moments of potential crisis, Aaron Van Langevelde, one of two Republicans on the Michigan State Board of Canvassers, refused to block certification of the state's election results. Al Schmidt, a Republican city commissioner in Philadelphia, has debunked and denounced allegations of mass voter fraud in his city.

Those who have had the courage to stand up to Trump have faced vitriol from their fellow Republicans. The Arizona GOP has used its official Twitter account to bully the state's Republican governor for being insufficiently committed to Trump's stolen election fantasy. Some of the president's allies in Congress have called for Raffensperger to resign. When Georgia's Republican governor, Brian Kemp, refused to go along with that crusade, Trump targeted him too. Raffensberger says his family has been threatened, and Schmidt told 60 Minutes that he's received death threats.

"From the inside looking out, it feels all very deranged," Schmidt said.

Republicans who continue "humoring" Trump are feeding that derangement. They are saying, in effect, that they want someone else—Raffensperger or the U.S. Supreme Court—to stand up to the president's delusions because they have no stomach or spine for it. After five years of humoring the president's increasingly unhinged beliefs, some Republicans see no other way forward. Like an addict, they may believe they can stop any time they want—but it is delusional for the rest of us to believe this will change as soon as the Electoral College meets or as soon as Biden is inaugurated.

In any compromise between what's left of the Republican Party and Trump, only the enemies of freedom can profit.

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  1. The TDS continues.

    1. The sentiments amplified by Trump preceded him and will outlive him.

      1. Trump will soon establish His USA-Government-Almighty-“R”-Empire-in-Exile established in North Korea, where His Good Buddy Kim Ill Dung-Breathe will say “there, there, now”, and otherwise sooth Trump’s Deeply Hurt Ego. There, He will continue His fund-raising without ANY limits established in the USA! To include Kim Ill Dung-Breathe cranking up his printing presses to generate zillions of USA $100-bills, as Kim Ill Dung-Breathe has been wont to do…

        Endless new paper cash generated in the USA v/s in North Korea? What difference does it make anyway? Support Trump in whatever He does, or ye are a MARXIST, dammit!

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              Just you, buddy. I don’t flag anybody else, just you. I don’t expect you to get it because you are bug-fuck crazy, but your campaign of ‘every post a pants-shitter’s veto’ is offensive.



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                With SQDSLY in particular, if you try to get the last word, he is happy to escalate to the equivalent of smearing shit on the furniture.

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    2. Yeah I guess we shouldn’t be worried about a slow motion coup attempt. /s

      1. Turned out not to be slow-mo at all. /fu

      2. You went along with the 4 year one, so what’s one month?

      3. The coup against socialism…

        1. +100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    3. To be libertarians, Republicans need to become Democrat lite according to Boehm. Make excuses for any failed Democratic party. Pretend no foreign actions are bad, such as in trade with China or Iran. Etc.

      1. What’s sad is not even 50-years ago Republicans today would be considered Democrat-Heavy. The Democrat party has gone full-on Communist; remember all the severely punishing accusation of politicians being part of the communist party… No more; Bernie and his full-party clan cheer about being part of a communist party.

    4. Imagine how much TDS there will be during Trump’s second term.

      unreason spent a few days drafting all these orangemanbad propaganda pieces and they still believe Biden will be president. Its gonna lit AF when the SCOTUS explains why Biden lost.

      1. There will be no Trump second term. SCOTUS will not pull Trump´s chestnuts out of the fire.

        1. Tell us more of the future..

          1. The sun will come up tomorrow. And God will NOT suddenly appear, descending from The Heavens, to announce that Der TrumpfenFuhrer is God’s Chosen One, and that we must ALL bow down to the Trumptatorshit! This is NOT going to happen! Trust me on this one! No matter HOW often Der TrumpfenFuhrer announces that HE is The Chosen One!


            President Trump: ‘I am the chosen one’

      2. What will you do when you turn out to be wrong? I’m genuinely curious. Will you delete your account, or just pretend you never made these claims?

        1. The same should be asked of Nardz, whose violent threats grow incrementally more specific on a daily basis.

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  2. To move back in a libertarian direction, the Republican Party will have to do more than jettison Trump. But as long as it remains in Trump’s thrall, that reversal is all but impossible.

    Well, whaddaya know! There is a god, after all!

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  4. Apparently, this is all going to lead to secession.

  5. “To move back in a libertarian direction, the Republican Party will have to do more than jettison Trump. ”

    “Move back” in a libertarian direction? When was the Republican party more libertarian?
    What universe do you people live in?

    1. It was more libertarian in the years between Goldwater and Bush II. Trump has turned it into a Big Government Party committed to massive spending increases and the expansion of the scope of government. The only good things coming out of this administration have been a small handful of appointees. And they are greatly outweighed by all the bad. Like this current attempt to invalidate a national election. Holy fuck, maybe Putin is behind it all!

      1. The only good things coming out of this administration have been a small handful of appointees

        Peace deal with the Taliban
        First Step Act
        Abraham Accords
        Raproachment with the DPRK
        Forcing NATO partners to meet their commitments

        Brandybuck’s been morphing into Tony lately. I hope he takes something for that.

        1. Corp tax rate reduced from 35 to 21% is more important than all of those!!!

          1. Massive reduction in regulations.

            1. None of that stuff matters, ’cause TRUMP!!!!!!

            2. scrapping net neutrality, partly repairing title IX

      2. Yea, government totes didn’t expand from Goldwater through Bush 2.
        You are totes an insightful genius.
        I mean, I can’t even wrap my head around 2+2=5, but you’re living it!

      3. Oh right those years. When Nixon implemented price and wage controls. When Reagan increased the social security tax and the deficit. When Bush I raised income taxes. When Bush II started not one but two wars.

        The republicans had a soft spot for libertarians. I’ll admit that. And that is ok because capitalism is great and required for freedom. But it does not mean being chumps and fools for nation states who don’t share your culture or best interests.

      4. The only good things coming out of this administration have been a small handful of appointees.

        Forget those unlibertarian positions like…

        Tax Cuts
        Abraham Accords
        Troop Reduction
        Ending wars instead of starting them
        Decreasing regulation
        Title IX reform

        You’re an idiot.

      5. “It was more libertarian in the years between Goldwater and Bush II.”

        The EPA was founded in that time frame. Hardly.

    1. Woketards: “Black people are being killed by not having a cure for COVID.”
      Also Woketards: “Only white people should be required to get a vaccine.”

    2. When the Covid-19 vaccine becomes available for everybody, it should be mandatory for everybody over 6 months of age to get it, regardless of socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, or religious background, just as the flu vaccines are.

      1. “…it should be mandatory…”

        Fuck you with a running, rusty chain saw, slaver.

      2. It’s not mandatory to get a flu vaccine, you dumbshit leftist.

  6. It will be interesting to see if Republicans under Trump go the way of the Whigs. Might be good news for the LP.

    1. So ‘both’ parties continue to support the ruling class ideology of globalism and the 74 million who voted against it can STFU?

      1. It’s funny to watch bien pensants like M4e pretend that they’re riding the wave of the future, when they’re regurgatating orthodoxy from fifty years ago.

    2. They will. They cannot win elections without increasing amounts of ratfuckery. Hence this auto-coup by GOP. They are admitting that they have no plan, no hope for winning elections going forward. Well, that’s what happens when you base your party on the whims of a mendacious, ignorant racist.

      This election was make or break. They need to get back in power to entrench their power forever. They want a one party state, and they aren’t even hiding it anymore.

      1. Oh, fuck off. The entire west coast is effectively in thrall to the Democrats thanks to massive population concentrations in a few select cities. Colorado, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Nevada are right there with them.

        The utter mendacity of anyone complaining about the GOP wanting to “entrench their power forever” doesn’t even pass the laugh test.

        1. Watching commenters like DoL and the other jeffys salivate over the corpse of the election, it is clear to see they have dropped all pretense that are non-partisan or ‘anti-DeRp’ as they are fond of saying. They might balk at some the most glaring socialist policies, but to them, infringements on liberty are fine if it means other people fighting their battles for them, protecting their health and safeguarding their paychecks.

          Something, something, reaping and sowing. This has all become to tedious to pay any attention…

        2. Biden won 17% of counties in America.

          1. So? He also won the biggest share of the popular vote since FDR.

            1. What about LBJ in 1964?

              1. Sorry, *proportion of eligible voters, not total votes cast.

            2. Well, there are a lot more DEAD PEOPLE now.

              1. thanks, Trump!

              2. That’s because so many Republicans went out of their way to humor Donald Trump and let him do what he wanted, which was disgusting.

          2. Those 17 counties represent a majority of the people who voted. Is your suggestion that we abandon democracy and have some system based on land.

            1. Is your suggestion that we abandon republicanism and have some system based on urban feudalism?

            2. abandon democracy —
              WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY! Get over it… You know what “Democracies” give’s us? SLAVERY!!! That’s right; more “white” people took living control over “black” people. Oh; That all-holy personal representation of Democracy….

              [WE] mob rules – is the end result of every person’s voting will.
              “have some system based on land” is FAR better representation since the USA IS defined as a governed land-mass. But going far beyond that; The federal governments ONLY job is the national defense of the LAND. (< Where the real sickness lies is that's not all they are doing.)

              1. Needs more caps.

          3. Let me know when empty land masses get to vote and I will care about this dumbass stat you keep posting.

        3. Yes, thank you for reiterating my point.

          Republicans are going to keep losing elections, hence the ratfuckery.

          Try more popular policies instead.

          1. Your point’s been refuted by the last 15 years of elections. Republicans have won far more on populist rhetoric than they’ve lost, and more to the point, the districts they gained in this past election are almost all populist themselves.

            I realize your perspective is skewed by hanging around more often now with mentally ill leftists who lack any self-awareness or future-time orientation, but what you’re claiming isn’t anywhere close to reality.

            1. Only GOP presidential contender has won the popular vote in the last 30 years, and that was as an incumbent at war. Trump never once crossed the 50% approval rating.

              It’s pretty clear from the numbers that the GOP is not popular. Hence the ratfuckery. If house seats and EC votes were reapportioned according to population, as the constitution demands, the GOP would never win another presidential contest.

              1. If house seats and EC votes were reapportioned according to population, as the constitution demands

                I’m sorry, when exactly did Wyoming get more representatives than California?

                1. Look at EC votes and representatives per population.

                  Proportionally, Wyoming gets more EC votes and house representation per person than California.


                  1. Sorry, that bullshit talking point doesn’t apply to reality.

              2. “”It’s pretty clear from the numbers that the GOP is not popular.””

                The GOP gained seats in the house. Obviously more popular than what you are willing to give credit.

              3. as the constitution demands,

                Don’t forget that we are the United STATES not a people’s democratic republic, as much as you would like that. Far too much power has been seized by the Feds from the states. We should reverse that to get back to the vision documented in the greatest articulation of government ever imagined.

            2. ^”Only 1″

            3. Uh, you do realize there are elections other than the one for President, right?

              1. And other than Trump, the last GOP candidate to actually run on a populist message was Reagan. If you’ll recall, the Rockefeller Republicans who largely controlled the party at that time weren’t big fans of him, either, and only pivoted to pretending they were on his side after the 1984 landslide.

                Claiming that Republicans are never going to win another election unless they embrace globalist corporatism is the height of inward-looking autism.

                1. “Claiming that Republicans are never going to win another election unless they embrace globalist corporatism is the height of inward-looking autism.”

                  That must be a conversation you are having with someone else.

                  1. At least you’re acknowledging that I’m not wrong.

                    1. You’re not. Globalist corporatism is not a winning position anywhere in america. Well maybe on Wall st.

          2. “”Republicans are going to keep losing elections, hence the ratfuckery. “”

            They took some seats away from the dems in the house.

            If you combine the presidency, Senate, House, I think the Ds lost more seats than the Rs.


      2. “They cannot win elections without increasing amounts of ratfuckery.”

        You haven’t seen anything yet. Now that Democrats legalized voter fraud and the courts established precedent for it, Republicans now have the ability to cheat just as bad as you did next election.

        We need to accept the fact that from now on, all elections are determined by fraud, and not how many voters you turn out.

        1. 50 court decisions say you are full of shit.

          1. 50 court decisions agree with my original statement: the precedent is established that voter fraud is now LEGAL.

            All Republicans have to do is boot out the poll watchers in a few key Republican-leaning districts…then let come what may in the dark of night. THAT, the courts say, is perfectly legal activity, even if the law says you can’t do that. THE LAW HAS SPOKEN.

            1. You are not sane.

              1. Pfft. weak response.

                1. weak original comment gets weak response. You have not said anything factual so far.

                  1. Original comment? I was responding to YOUR original dumb ass comment about “ratfuckery.” And the only brainpower you were able to muster in response was random little insults.

                    Typical pathetic liberal response. Weak, ass eating bitch that you are.

            2. The voter fraud of mail in votes can neither be proven or disproven. It was designed that way. That is the real tragedy. Any election with mail in voting is de facto illegitimate.

        2. Future actions on elections aside, what’s ignored in Boehm’s analysis is the understanding that this kind of rank-closing is EXACTLY what Democrats do whenever a critical event or issue comes up. They’re so disciplined at it that they can get Democrats representing red-leaning districts to go along every time, even if they know it will cost that politician in an upcoming election, because they know the media will provide them with the narrative cover they need to push their agenda.

          That’s why the media lionizes squishes like McCain and Romney, because they can be relied on to break ranks whenever their reputation with the media might be on the line.

      3. ” ratfuckery… auto-coup by GOP… no plan… no hope… mendacious… ignorant… racist!!!!”

        Fuck White Knight, you’re basically gibbering at this point. Why are you so frightened? You’ve got the clerisy, media, corporatists and bureaucracy in your bag.

      4. 11 million more votes Stolen Valor. You’re just as ignorant to reality as ever.

        1. Jesse, I really pity you.

          Since you are a shameless coward who will not accept my challenge, I can only tell you that I fucked your mother, your wife, and your sister, and they all agreed that I’m much better than you.

          1. Piss off ,WK. Your such a shitty troll.

            1. Your sister is starting to look pretty good Mother. Don’t make me come up there (after Trump’s self isolation covid strategy plays out).

              1. Lol, she’d kick your fat old ass.

                1. Now this sounds interesting.

                2. Also, how old and fat do you think I am? I wonder what would give the impression that I am either. Well, depending on what your definition of old is. Although I got the impression I’m younger than you.

          2. Wow, that’s sure addressing the issue!

            1. There would have to be an issue raised first.

      5. “…They cannot win elections without increasing amounts of ratfuckery…”

        You misspelled “free shit”, you pathetic piece of lefty shit.

    3. I don’t see them surviving this at the national level. Maybe some red states still have their parties, ruled from Florida by Trump, but at the national level it will won’t be able to field an electable candidate for another twenty years.

      The political scene is intensely polarized, and that’s not going away. So there will remain a violent rift across America. But Republicans just aren’t viable at the national level anymore. When the party motto is, “It’s not our fault, save us Glorious Leader”, you don’t have much future.

      1. I remember these predictions after 2008, as well. Remember “40 more years”?

        1. This is a 20 year lapsed prediction. It is so bad now that the predictors have declared certain latinos as white now, since their demographics argument isn’t working anymore.

      2. “I don’t see them surviving this at the national level.”

        When elections are determined by fraud, yes you are right. Especially if HR1 passes.

    4. The Democrat Party is imploding and Trump’s second term should be death nail.

      Who would have thought that the Party of slavery starting two civil wars would lead to its demise.

      1. Do you think that using non-standard English — Democrat Party — is persuasive? Or is the impulse to channel Joe McCarthy irresistible?

  7. To move back in a libertarian direction

    Nothing more libertarian than more war:


    The House passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on Tuesday despite President Trump’s threats to veto the bill. The massive bill allocates $740 billion for military spending and includes amendments that could block planned troop drawdowns from Afghanistan and Germany.

    …Out of the 196 Republicans in the House, 140 voted in favor of the bill. Rep. Liz Cheney (D-WY), who crafted the amendment to block the Afghanistan withdrawal, commented on the NDAA on Monday. “We ought to pass the NDAA and the president should not veto it. And we should override it,” she said.

    1. In 2016 Trump seemed like some kind of political genius. After 4 years we can see that he’s mediocre at politics, if anything. Trump could have started making all these withdrawal noises at the beginning of the year and made a big deal about it and started the fight so that it would be a major election issue for the presidency and for all these fucks that voted to stay in Afghanistan. Make them own it BEFORE the election. sheesh

      1. He did make those withdrawal noises before the beginning of the year you dishonest fuck, and every year between 2015 and 2020.

        Why do you come here and lie like the rest of us have never read the news before?

        1. True, but he could never make it a campaign issue. Not a single commercial showing the death tolls under Obama and body bags coming home with voiceover: “This is what Biden has promised to deliver- more dead American soldiers in the never ending wars!”

        1. Shortly after those White House withdrawal plans were reported, anonymous intelligence officials leaked a series of claims to the New York Times regarding “bounties” allegedly being paid by Russia to Taliban fighters to kill U.S. troops.

          Jeff Goldberg, who peddled the Iraqi WMD lie for (Dick) Cheney and war, was pushing this at the time on behalf of (Liz) Cheney and war.

      2. He never was a political genius. He came off as a diabolically clever politician, but he revealed that he’s not so smart, and that he’s vicious, to boot.

        1. This is what TDS looks like; don’t let it happen to you.

      3. He could have done a lot of things….but he chose the majority of his time Tweeting, golfing, lying about Covid, and doing rallies, and since the election has done even less work and more golfing/Tweeting.

  8. Nothing more libertarian than China (from 2018)

    A Chinese Tycoon Sought Power and Influence. Washington Responded.
    Ye Jianming courted the Biden family and networked with former United States security officials. Today, his empire is crashing down in court.

    James Biden, a financier and brother of the former vice president, was in a hotel lobby in November 2017 when he got a surprise call on his cellphone. The call was from Patrick Ho, Mr. Ye’s lieutenant. Mr. Ho, 69, was in trouble.

    Federal agents who had monitored CEFC’s rise since at least the summer of 2016 had sprung into action, arresting Mr. Ho in New York on allegations that he had bribed African officials in Chad and Uganda. Days later, federal agents showed up at Mr. Ye’s luxury apartment building across from Central Park with a subpoena to interview Mr. Ye, said people familiar with the matter.

    …Mr. Ye, meanwhile, has disappeared into the custody of the Chinese authorities. He was last seen in February, when his private jet touched down in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. CEFC is struggling under $15 billion in debt.

    Mr. Ye’s problems could get still worse. In October, China Central Television, the official government broadcaster, accused Mr. Ye of bribing a provincial party boss to help CEFC secure the money to make bigger and more high-profile deals.

    In Washington, many of Mr. Ye’s new acquaintances ultimately came to naught.

    In a brief interview, James Biden said he had been surprised by Mr. Ho’s call. He said he believed it had been meant for Hunter Biden, the former vice president’s son. James Biden said he had passed on his nephew’s contact information.

    1. https://twitter.com/MZHemingway/status/1337046662871707653?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

      “WENT LARGELY UNNOTICED”??? “WENT LARGELY UNNOTICED”??? The documents were willfully suppressed by corrupt media and their fellow Democrat/establishment allies in Big Tech.
      Quote Tweet
      Sam Stein
      · 3h
      “Evidence of [a money laundering] probe [into Hunter Biden] was apparent in the markings on a series of documents that were made public—but went largely unnoticed—in the days leading up to the November election”


        That’s called bragging. Did you not catch that?

        1. No. It isn’t.

    2. “allegations that he had bribed African officials in Chad and Uganda”

      Funny, I seem to remember Trump saying that it was a shame American companies couldn’t bribe foreign officials.

      1. I don’t.
        What’s the actual unaltered quote?

        1. Most commonly used quote is attributed to Rex Tillerson quoting Trump, so hearsay. Does match many earlier recorded statements from Trump, including from a 2012 CNBC interview. Easy enough to find. Was on first page of results when I googled, but life’s too short to spend a nanosecond of it watching old Trump videos. But…
          Other countries have anti-bribery statutes of their own, though none pack as much power as the FCPA, which was signed into law decades ago and has emerged as a template for other countries working on curtailing corruption.

          Trump had railed against the law long before running for president, saying on CNBC in 2012 it was a “horrible” rule and that “the world is laughing at us” for abiding by it.”

  9. wow dude.

    >>To move back in a libertarian direction, the Republican Party

    will first have to move in a libertarian direction.

  10. The unfortunate fact is that Trump has sucked a shit ton of money out of the GOP fundraising, and so he is going to be a kingmaker for *years* to come.

    I think Trump was actually the least destructive president in years. But that was largely because his biggest impulses were kept in check by a slow moving bureaucracy. However, he is also a braggart and a TERRIBLE judge of character. For every Betsy DeVos, he hired a Bolton and a Scaramuci.

    As a king maker Trump is going to require 1) loyalty, 2) tariffs, 3) immigration restrictionism and not much else. He is skeptical of wars, but the fact that he regularly hired hawks like Bolton means I don’t expect it to be an issue he discriminates on. Likewise, he doesn’t care about fiscal sanity.

    As a president, he wasn’t half bad. As a gadfly, I expect Trump to be a pretty bad influence on the GOP going forward.

    1. He is skeptical of wars, but the least bit of whining about leaving Syria and he reversed himself so fast that many Republicans refuse to admit he ever suggested it. So he won’t get into wars, but neither will he get out of them.

      1. Yes because the peace deal in February with the Taliban is just a figment of everyone’s imaginations.

        1. Are we still occupying Afghanistan? Yes, we are still occupying Afghanistan.

          Also, didn’t we defeat the Taliban back in 2002? Easy to make peace with a defeated non-nation faction that’s so small it can’t even field a baseball team.

          Still, better than Obama. But I didn’t like Obama either. Tallest midget is still a midget.

          1. Also, didn’t we defeat the Taliban back in 2002?

            Having seen the land occupation maps myself over the last decade, no, we ultimately didn’t. That’s one of the reasons why we keep fucking around there, along with providing juicy MIC bucks for connected contractors.

          2. Neat how you always ignore that the Democrats made the troop withdrawals illegal in July right after Trump announced them.


          3. “”Are we still occupying Afghanistan? Yes, we are still occupying Afghanistan.””

            Define occupying. We still have troops in Germany.

  11. Humoring? Comically inept? When did Reason become an op-ed? We can live without your personnel biases.

    1. Bias? It’s plain as day really. Just as objective as saying the sky is blue.

      1. Have you ever seen a sunset?

        1. Jeff hasn’t left the basement in years since he got too big for the stairlift.

        2. I wanna know have you ever seen the rain? Coming down on a cloudy day?

      2. some say the sky is water.

    2. Personal. Stupid no edit comments.

    3. > When did Reason become an op-ed?

      Uh… it always has been. Reason has always been a commentary magazine.

  12. “To move back in a libertarian direction, the Republican Party will have to do more than jettison Trump.”

    Donald Trump is by far the most libertarian president we’ve had since before World War II. He’s certainly more libertarian than Biden, who is fundamentally hostile to libertarian capitalism on everything from Medicare for All to gun rights and the Green New Deal. If we ever elect another president as libertarian as Trump, we’ll be lucky. I suspect it’ll happen over the objections of Eric Boehm, too.

    1. Likening a fascist like Trump to the libertarian label is probably something you shouldn’t want to happen.

      1. You’re a fucking idiot.

        1. No U R.

          1. Fuck off. Seriously. Or at the very least justify why you clowns think Trump is more fascist than the last ten presidents.

            1. Because he wants to overturn an election and install himself as president directly. That makes him a domestic enemy of our constitution.

              No other policy matters if your guy wants to be able to negate elections.

              1. Actually it would be the SC that overturns the election which is their job.

                1. Delusional. You are delusional because of the traitorous cult leader you follow.

                  1. IceTrey doesn’t worship the Lightbringer or his former Vice President.

                    You’re just an angry little clown now, aren’t you.

                    1. Projection. Pure projection.

                      Find one comment from me, hell, from anyone on this message board worshiping Biden.

                      The same for Trump can be found around here every single hour of every single day.

                      Read this, please.


                    2. Did you read that link before you posted? It’s hilarious and reminds me of the BS the religious right would post in the ’80s

                    3. Not meaning post in a computer sense.

                  2. Nice non sequitur.

              2. So operation choke point wasn’t fascist?

      2. A fascist? If only. You’d be feeding worms instead of shitposting here if that was the case.

        1. The swine neither comprehend the meaning nor understand the value of your pearls. They just like squirming in their own shit.

        2. No, we’d be feeding the fascists to the worms like last time.

          1. Pinochet did nothing wrong.

          2. Funny how Jeff et al. are all for the shit in Aktion T4, are totally pro-censorship and bookburning, bugger each other with the passion of Ernst Röhm and his Sturmabteilung, and just spent a summer recreating Kristallnacht in major cities, but somehow swear that they’re not the fascists.

        3. Trump and his base are wannabe fascists and they would assume dictatorial power if given the chance.

          1. Woof, more deep space-level projection.

          2. Seen by all the Trump supporter on Democrat violence. Wait, the opposite has occurred. Maybe the book banning? Nope, Democrats again. Maybe the public shaming? Damnit, Democrats again.

            1. Trump’s several and current loyalty pledges are totally not fascist guys!

              1. Lol, what pledges.

                The oath to the constitution?

                  1. Wow, it’s absolutely fucking nothing. I thought at least it’d be some sort of document.
                    Fuck off, this is fearmongering at its purest, over fuck all.
                    “Hey, do you guys promise to vote for me?”
                    “OMG he’s literally hitlering”

                    In fact what Trump was doing is exactly the same thing Hillary did in 2016 and the Obama campaign in 2012.

                    You’re such a dishonest fuck.

                    1. I guess you missed the ones where he picks his hires through pledges of personal loyalty.

                      Maybe if you were an American you would know that our public servants swear an oath to our constitution, not to any man.

                    2. “”Maybe if you were an American you would know that our public servants swear an oath to our constitution,””

                      Too bad so few of them uphold it.

                    3. I agree.

                    4. So why was it okay when Hillary and Obama did the exact same fucking thing?

          3. Biden and his base are communists and they will assume dictatorial power if given the chance.

            1. Biden’s not a communist. He’s a bog-standard party hack who will parrot whatever the party’s platform is at any given time.

              His base aren’t Antifan anarcho-communists, even if they turned out to vote for him in droves. His base are the neo-yuppie corporatists who have run the Democratic party since the Clintons, and especially since the tech companies started making inroads to the party’s upper ranks in the mid-2000s.

              1. The communists are going to be disappointed with Biden.

                1. Sure, but they’ll still vote for him like the good little jobbers they are.

                  1. Of course!

                    They would pull a lever for him a second time, and get disappointed yet again.

                    1. The disappointment’s kayfabe. That’s why they’re jobbers–they’re supposed to make their opponent look good while acting as controlled opposition. But in the end, their shoulders will always end up on the mat for the 1-2-3.

              2. Right he’s a communist puppet because the Dems are communists.

    2. P.S. If killing a $3.5 trillion stimulus package (in the middle of a recession and weeks before an election), negotiating a full withdrawal agreement with the Taliban, and opposing the Green New Deal isn’t enough to entice Libertarians to support the Republican candidate, then why should the Republicans bother to become more libertarian?

      It’s a childish state of mind to assume that other people are seeking your approval–even after you’ve treated them like shit. Grow up, already!

      If the Republicans are smart, after reading the results of this election, they’ll pass the next $3.5 trillion stimulus proposal that comes along. After all, it doesn’t matter what you do to please Libertarian voters. They’re so obtuse, they won’t vote for the Republican no matter how libertarian the candidate. And, yes, Boehm appears to be the epitome of that kind of willful stupidity. It’s amazing.

      1. “isn’t enough to entice Libertarians”

        Because most “libertarians” are actually “liberals” that are living a lie. For proof, just look at the writing at Reason over the last year.

        1. We shouldn’t confuse staff here with libertarian capitalists.

          There are journalists who write about cars and restaurants who are neither engineers nor chefs. And being a libertarian isn’t necessarily required in order to write an article at a libertarian magazine.

          The staff has deliberately sold all sorts of libertarian principles short over the last four years, especially, but in 2016, too. They don’t speak for libertarianism, though.

          For goodness’ sake, the day before yesterday, we had two different people on staff celebrating a DA inflicting his own personal opinions on the people of California–after the people of California vote by way of a referendum not to repeal a law in the state legislature. They don’t even care about the distinction between authoritarianism and democracy in its proper place–not so long as the authoritarian in their estimation is using his authority to inflict something they like on the voters over their objections and against their will. In their minds, that doing a good job!

          I’ve got like five working definitions of libertarian, and some of these people fail all five of them in any given month. Don’t assume they’re speaking for libertarians. They’re not. They’re charlatans.

          Real libertarians are highly subject to idealism, where they confuse being principled with refusing to accept anything that is imperfect. You’ll see a lot of that in comments. At one point, I thought some of my fellow libertarians might oppose legalizing recreational marijuana if legalizing it meant taxes, zoning, and licensing distributors. Some of them seem to oppose withdrawing from Afghanistan–unless it was done in a way that necessarily creates a bloodbath in our absence.

          Libertarian capitalism isn’t a fantasy in a fantasy world. The principles are as real and pragmatic as anything needs to be–much more so than socialism or authoritarianism. But when people get into libertarianism when they’re young and idealistic, that idealism tends to stay with them. In the real world, of course, there isn’t anything idealistic about opposing a full withdrawal from Afghanistan or opposing the legalization of marijuana. When they oppose things like that out of idealism, they’re simply lost in the fog. That isn’t idealistic libertarianism. That’s just being wrong.

          They were also wrong not to reward Trump for killing a $3.5 trillion stimulus deal, negotiating a full withdrawal agreement with the Taliban, and opposing both Medicaid for All and the Green New Deal. The reason they failed so miserably in that regard isn’t because they’re libertarian. It’s because they were wrong.

          1. You probably know that republican ism ties in to representative form of government.

            Republican ideology represents military technology apart from military-industrial complex. Battles may be won but war goes on and on like mountain lightening hearkening to hoofbeats. War isn’t explicitly set at agenda but were nonetheless set at maximum realism. Republicanism IMO promoted awareness of a segment of economy where corps forces must go into action in a foreign land, such as to enforce terms of treaty that have been violated.

            Republican ism suggests that democracy is not magic, and as such results may be tested or contested.

            Trump’s actions of looking like he wants to verify that the next four years may had been the actual vote represents a sort of thorough detail toward emphasizing the battle of fair voting that any voter who values fairness knows should be won.

            I presume that Republican ism may also be practiced by Democrats.

            Likewise, for an AG to stand up for reform rejected by voters, the absolute fact states that there is no one person who can account for the quality of the vote, as to whether the whole vote was fair or if votes were manufactured in sufficient quantity to decide the favorite. People convene the rules that decide fairness, and specific persons manufacture voting machines and ballots to be for to these machines.

            Apparently the vote was cast to reject bail eradication. But that was only a battle. The real test would be in how the will of the people becomes demonstrated after the fact.

            You don’t sail your boat by passing a resolution to travel in the “correct” compass direction to your ship’s destination. The captain, champion over ship’s helm jurisdiction, has to have his say in proper navigation techniques.

            1. “Likewise, for an AG to stand up for reform rejected by voters, the absolute fact states that there is no one person who can account for the quality of the vote, as to whether the whole vote was fair or if votes were manufactured in sufficient quantity to decide the favorite.”

              Populism in all its forms, from left to right, is a reaction to elitism. And one guy inflicting his qualitative preferences on the people, over their objections and against their will, is what we’re talking about when we talk about elitism.

              That proposition was a veto referendum on a law passed by the legislature in Sacramento. If libertarians aren’t supportive of the people overturning laws that they don’t like, then they’re missing the forest for the trees at best. The subject of that referendum was well within the proper purview of local democracy, and there is no good reason for libertarians to support elitist authoritarianism against democracy in its proper purview.

              In fact, that sort of thing is the water that makes right wing populism grow. The reason Trump won in 2016 was not entirely unrelated to Obama’s elitism–inflicting the Paris Accords, the Iranian nuclear deal, ObamaCare, and a Wall Street bailout on an unwilling population over their objections and against their will.

              It isn’t just that, outside the context of the Cold War, libertarians have no business cheering on authoritarians in the name of libertarianism. It’s also that the elitist authoritarianism they’re cheering on is the very stuff that right-wing populist movements are made of. I remember working in south Central Los Angeles under the reign on Daryl Gates and his LAPD. I remember when he topped alleged crack houses with his own tank–and the people of Los Angeles cheered him on. The liberals of New York went full pro-cop under Giuliani in response to the same kind of thing.

              If you stayed up all night trying to think of a better way to ensure that there is a popular anti-crime right wing candidate in the near future, you could hardly think up something better than apologizing for an elitist authoritarian who unilaterally decides to stop prosecuting trespassing, criminal threats, and disturbing the peace. The legitimate purpose of government is to protect our rights. The legitimate purpose of the criminal justice system is to protect our rights from criminals. From a libertarian perspective, why shouldn’t legitimate cases of trespassing, disturbing the peace, and criminal threats be prosecuted as crimes?

              And why should we cheer for a prosecutor overruling the California state constitution and the proper purview of democracy?

              1. Was Gascón being unfair to end cash bail for minor offenses? Such question has interesting interpretations.

                The stakes were proposed in the final paragraph:

                I interpret the article thusly:

                You have the news, and you have his opinion.

                However, there is nothing anyone shall accomplish in these comments to the fathomably diplomatic (at best) article that changes the facts reported above.

                But is Gascón not simply deciding the “risk assessment” matter with a swoop of decisiveness?

                If the original reason that former Governor Jerry Brown (replaced by present Gov. Newsom) signed the bill into law had been out of fairness for wealthy and poor suspects alike, then Gascón seems to be in the spirit of the law and has not removed bail for violent offenses.

        2. They are cosplay libertarians as seen by Chipper, Sarcasmic, Jeff, Stolen Valor, rasberry spittle, etc.

          1. The last three are all Jeff.

          2. Maybe if you’d actually read what we libertarians actually say you might actually learn something.

            But you won’t because you’re either too dishonest or too stupid (I lean towards the former) to understand that disagreement doesn’t equal leftist.

            1. You’re not a libertarian Sarc.
              Just being cool with drugs and buttsex, doesn’t excuse your passion for censorship.

              1. Like I said, too dishonest or too stupid.

                1. Like he said, you’re NOT a Libertarian. We know you say your an Anarchist.

                  1. You say I’m an anarchist because your simple Trumpista mind got befuddled when I explained that law and legislation are not synonyms. Other than you and a few assorted idiots who parrot you, nobody thinks I’m an anarchist. You only say that to cover for your lack of intelligence and ability to think conceptually.

          3. Theres an LP cofounder over at Volokh trashing Trump and these lawsuits. Go tell him he is a “cosplay libertarian”.

            Oh, almost forgot the traditional Jesse sign off: You stupid fuck.

            1. The same Libertarian Party that voted for Jeff “bake the fucking cake” Johnson?
              Fuck off. Libertarianism is a social and economic philosophy, not some hokey American political party.

        3. Not true, but most Libertarians don’t get involved with the squabbles online, so it’s hard to know.

      2. None of that matters if you want to undo a Republican government with democratic elections. Sorry, not sorry.

        1. You really are a fascistic little fuck. You got caught stealing an election and now your mad.

          1. 50 courts say you are full of shit.

            1. So? The SC ruled against Dredd Scot. I guess you support that decision too.

              1. +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

                The current Democrat judiciary would have dismissed Dred Scott too. Nice one.

              2. 50 losses.

                1. None on the merits you lying leftist cunt.

                  1. Fifty. Losses.

      3. after reading the results of this election, they’ll pass the next $3.5 trillion stimulus proposal that comes along

        This is critical. If the blue states get bailed out for the outrageous promises they have made to their public sector, the nanny state becomes a forever thing. Unless the PEUs are broken or the states go bankrupt, one party rule is inevitable. Even if there are 2 parties in name, no one will get elected who dares oppose the public employees’ looting of the coffers.

        We are already at the point where in some states 1 out of 8 workers are government employees. It is inherently unsustainable.

        1. Yeah, but just because it’s unsustainable doesn’t mean it won’t persist for decades.

          Detroit was unsustainable. They lost half of their population. There’s still land in that city that is worth less than the cost of demolishing the buildings on it–because it’s in Detroit.

          Detroit still has those policies in place!

          People are fleeing California. That just makes it easier for Sacramento to double down on their awful policies. One of the curses of capitalism is that it’s so powerful, it can continue to limp along even when you pile a ton of regulation, socialism, and stupidity on it. When the parasites kill the host, they don’t learn anything from it either. They just bask in the glory of their catastrophe and blame it on things like white flight.

        2. They will confiscate bank accounts.
          The Nazis and Soviets started out as normal people too.

          1. And I’m sure you will reconsider your tainted worldview when that does not happen, right?

            1. Will you reconsider yours if they devalue the dollar to the point that there is no effective difference than if they had just raided your account?

              1. ……like they’ve been doing for 40+ years

              2. Yes, I will.

              3. But I guess you realize the biggest increase to our m2 money supply happened under Trump, right? So what does that say about your preference for Trump and fear of inflation? It says that the two ideas are not rationally held together.


                1. Economic jargon, false equivalence, link to MSM that doesn’t say what it is purported to say.

                  Exactly what we have come to expect for you.

                  1. You can just tell me you don’t get it. I will explain it to you, if you are polite.

            2. “”And I’m sure you will reconsider your tainted worldview when that does not happen, right?””

              Does that include people who claim Trump is like Hitler?

              1. Luckily he is not like hitler in one key area. He is much dumber than hitler.

          2. “”They will confiscate bank accounts.””

            Doubt it. That’s not the way to do it. Take trickle by trickle using negative interests rates after the move to cashless.

      4. Because he tweets mean things, and as long as you are nice on Twitter you can do anything you want. And nice on Twitter is defined as anything someone with (D) next to their name says

      5. “It’s a childish state of mind to assume that other people are seeking your approval–even after you’ve treated them like shit. Grow up, already!”

        Yet you wonder why people bring up (as one of MANY reasons he lost) Trump voluntarily posting thousands of what you handwave away as “mean tweets.”

    3. What exactly is your definition of “libertarian”? I am curious. Because while we’ve never had a libertarian president, not even close, in the grand rankings Trump is way down low. Crony-capitalism is not libertarian. Trade restrictions is not libertarian. Increased spending is not libertarian. Increased immigration restrictions (NOT talking about illegal immigration here) is not libertarian. Expanding the size and scope of government is not libertarian.

      If he’s the most libertarian president, it means he’s the tallest dwarf in the room. Still a dwarf though.

      This is the man who claimed to have sole authority for when pandemic lockdowns get imposed and when they get lifted. How the fuck is that libertarian?

      1. Like I said, I have a number of working definitions.

        My favorite is that a libertarians are people who wants to be free to make choices for themselves.

        The NAP is a big one with plenty, and if that’s your working definition, I’ve got no problems with that.

        Maybe someone might legitimate define themselves a a libertarian because they don’t believe that politicians are the solution to our problems.

        You might even describe someone as libertarian because the appeal to authority fallacy is the fallacy to which they are susceptible the least.

        One of the great things about being a libertarian is that once we agree that everyone should be free to make choices for themselves so long as they don’t violate anybody’s rights, there isn’t much else on which we need to agree.

        With that said, even though President Trump was wrong about immigration and trade, he was right about so many issues that are important to libertarians, he’s the most libertarian president we’ve had since World War II. Avoiding a quagmire in Syria and extricating us from a quagmire in Afghanistan alone were amazing. Killing a $3.5 trillion stimulus package and replacing it with nothing in the middle of a recession and weeks before an election was stupendous. Slashing regulation. Pushing school choice. Being the first president to respect recreational marijuana in the states–Obama raided medical marijuana clinics in California hundreds of times during his first term. Trump slashed the corporate tax, which is as direct a fundamental blow to socialism as there can be. Have we talked about the time he fought to slash $772 billion from Medicaid? His foreign policy toward Iran, and his refusal to retaliate against Iran for trying to provoke us by attacking our allies in the region was meant to extricate ourselves as the guarantor of security in the Middle East!

        If you’re saying that Trump wasn’t the most libertarian president we’ve had since World War II, what are you talking about?

        We haven’t even started talking about all the things Trump opposed. Trump opposed the Green New Deal. Called it an insane plot to destroy the American economy. Trump opposed banning assault weapons. Trump not only opposed Medicare for All, he fought to repeal ObamaCare entirely, fought to reform it when that failed, and then did everything he could to get rid of as much of it as he could. Joe Biden supports the Green New Deal, banning assault weapons, and Medicare for All on his website, and he will institute all of those things to the best of his ability, pending the outcome of the senate elections in Georgia.

        Maybe the most libertarian thing Trump did was in refusing that $3.5 trillion stimulus package, he refused to bail out state and local government with $1 trillion. During recessions, when the retail revenue dries up, is just about the only time you’ll see state and local government shrink. They’ll never vote to cut spending until there is no other choice–and by denying them a bail out, Trump was giving them no other choice. I understand 22,000 government positions were going away in New York City alone. The other week, I linked to a study showing that almost a million county jobs have been “lost” since the start of the pandemic. The same thing is happening at the state level. That’s what it looks like when the government gets smaller. That’s effin’ libertarian as fuck!

        In short, Donald Trump wasn’t the lesser of two evils. President Trump was the most libertarian president we’ve had since World War II. We’ll probably never see another president as libertarian as he was.

        1. If Trump is at all libertarian, it is purely by accident.

          1. Accidents that gave us:
            Title IX reforms
            Peace deal with the Taliban
            First Step Act
            Abraham Accords
            Rapprochement with the DPRK
            Forcing NATO partners to meet their commitments
            Libertarian judges
            No new wars
            Tax cuts
            Overall decrease in regulation

            Most Libertarian “Accidents” Ever!

          2. None of Trump’s positions on those very real policies I mentioned happened by accident.

            Trump avoided war in Syria and negotiated a withdrawal deal in Afghanistan over the objections of pretty much everybody.

            Trump didn’t refuse to retaliate against Iran’s provocations by holding oil tankers in the Persian Gulf or Iran launching an attack on Saudi allies’ oil production facilities by accident.

            He did all of that and more on purpose.

            If he were going with the flow, assault weapons would have been banned in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting.

            He didn’t refuse to bail out local government and the states with $1 trillion in the weeks before the election and in the middle of a recession by accident.

            1. By “accident” I mean I doubt he would call himself libertarian.

              1. Who gives a shit if he calls himself Zoroastrian as long as libertarian policies are effected.

                1. Well it kinda helps with understanding why someone is doing something and what they might do next if you know they’re operating by consistent principles. Though you’ve repeatedly shown you are too stupid or too dishonest to understand libertarian thought and the Austrian school.

                  1. If anyone is sucking the cocks of Marcuse and Foucault here, it’s you and your lefty pals.

              2. And Biden calls himself not a rapist

        2. Suderman opposed the bill that would have cut $772 billion from Medicaid–because of what it didn’t do.

          In that regard, Trump was more libertarian that Suderman. If Rand Paul voted against a bill cutting $772 billion from Medicaid because of what it didn’t do, then in that regard, Trump was more libertarian than Rand Paul, too.

          1. +100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

        3. “Trump slashed the corporate tax, which is as direct a fundamental blow to socialism as there can be.”

          Yes because nothing helps individual people more than making sure that like 20 corporations get all the corporate welfare they can and have to give even less back to the taxpayers that frequently end up on the hook for their failed projects like Foxconn for example.

          How libertarian was that shit, Ken?

      2. Brandy, forever proving the idiom of perfect being the enemy of good.

        1. Oh how cute! The first time you saw that expression was when I used it on your ilk who oppose taking marijuana off Schedule I because of attached taxes and regulations. Monkey see monkey do!

          1. You didn’t invent that idiom you fucking moron.

            1. Never said I did, idjit.

          2. And opposing the end of qualified immunity for….reasons other than a democrat proposed it.

    4. Please explain how “libertarian capitalism” embraces tariffs, or capping the price of insulin. Or how nixing bump stocks is supportive of gun rights.

      Also, Jimmy Carter deregulated beer. Does that mean he was also a libertarian-ish President?

      1. Well, obviously, if there was a downside, then the upsides don’t even matter.

        And recognizing that ingenious kind of thinking is what NOT being an idealistic Pollyanna is all about!

        End sarcasm.

        “The Perfect Solution Fallacy (also known as the ‘Nirvana Fallacy‘) is a false dichotomy that occurs when an argument assumes that a perfect solution to a problem exists; and that a proposed solution should be rejected because some part of the problem would still exist after it were implemented. In other words, that a course of action should be rejected because it is not perfect, even though it is the best [most libertarian] option available.”


        Edited by yours truly for context.

        1. Like, say he eliminated salmonella but took your last beer out of the fridge …

      2. Democrats support tariffs as well, so becoming more like them isn’t actually libertarian.

      3. Nixing bump stocks is a lot more libertarian than nixing guns, which is what the Fascists plan to do.

        Also, consider that the Justices that Trump put on the USSC are likely to overturn the bump stock ban when a valid case reaches them.

    5. Y’know, whichever way you swing on Libertarianism, you really should read this:

      How a New Hampshire libertarian utopia was foiled by bears. Seriously, this happened. You should absolutely read about it.

      There’s a national community of libertarians that has developed over the last 40 or 50 years, and they’ve never really had a place to call their own. They’ve never been in charge of a nation, or a state, or even a city. And they’ve always really wanted to create a community that would showcase what would happen if they implemented their principles on a broad scale.

      So in 2004, a group of them decided that they wanted to take some action on this deficiency, and they decided to launch what they called the Free Town Project…

      (just search on the title, in “quotes”)

      1. I think the lesson of that is that anything can be taken to an absurd extreme, and give absurd results. It doesn’t mean it’s bad to work for more liberty than exists in the world we have.

      2. It’s a Vox article.

    6. One of the drawbacks to the Republicans (from rank and file to office holders) is that the deal with them for the past 50 years is that to get any semblance of fiscal restraint and pro-free-enterprise policy, you had to accept at least metaphoric fag bashing, misogyny, opposition to drugs and gambling, and other cultural “right-ness”. That price didn’t need to be paid with Trump.

      1. Obviously you’ve never read the responses of leftists on twitter if you think Republicans hold a monopoly on any of that. Thing is Republicans get called out on it while democrats get cover.

        And half of the “ist” and “ism” you list is people with opinions on what people shouldn’t do rather than force of law requiring what people must do. But carry on supporting the totalitarian left.

  13. “Not only rank partisanship, but fear”

    You forgot the third option: INTEGRITY. Maybe we just don’t want to let elections be stolen without consequence.

    1. What should be the consequence for you after you try to steal this election?

      1. The same as for Biden, become President.

  14. Whatever Boehm there was opposition to open borders and unfair trade long before Trump. But yeah let’s go back to great libertarians like Romney and McCain right? Seriously if that is who you want running you can expect democrats to win forever. Recall they labeled every Republican for decades as “fascist” or “racist” and that will not change.

    The republicans were never libertarians just more so than democrats. But open borders and unfair trade with China Trump all other concerns.

  15. Can you please stop referring to the Trumpian Party as Republicans! They are two completely different entities, hehehehehe.

  16. The libertarian case for Jeb Bush – predictably bad within the normal parameters.

    1. Poor Jeb!
      It was his turn too.

  17. A lucid analysis. Ultimately, the Republicans want to entrench their power in the form of a rump two party system. The tactic will be that no one but a Republican can win an election without claims of malfeasance. As stated in the last line, the Republican Party is the enemy of freedom. And everyone should be aware of that. The US under the Republicans and Trump will move to a kind of political apartheid, done with the full blessings of a court system gamed to pervert the protections in the Bill or Rights for the individual to suppress the freedoms of many.

    1. Woof, the projection in this post can be seen from Pluto.

    2. >>the Republican Party is the enemy of freedom

      now do (D)

      1. If the political incarnation of Vinny Gambini is the enemy of freedom, then I wonder what the political incarnation of Nyarlathotep is.

        Boehm wrote this article like devotee.

      2. When have Democrats ever refused to concede a presidential election that has been decided?

        1. 2000 and 2016.

          1. Nope.

            I realize that playground morality is what you people are reduced to (two wrongs make a right), but you have to at least find an example of the other side being just as bad.

            As you well fucking know, 2000 was not decided, and when it was, Gore conceded. Hillary conceded the night of the election. So stop lying.

            Stop fucking lying and trying to steal elections. Why are you people so goddamn terrible?

            1. Steal means to take something without permission. If the SC rules for Trump he will have permission. Like all you commie scum you are accusing your opponent of what you’re guilty of.

              1. But seriously, you know you’re evil cunts, right? You get off on it. You live to make undesirables suffer. It’s why your political movement is the way it is.

                You don’t get a pass for frivolous lawsuits. This is a coup attempt. Trump and his sycophants have floated every measure possible to keep him in power, up to and including an actual armed coup. I’m not as dumb as you need me to be to buy your bullshit.

            2. When you concede, then promote resistance and perjury against the winner, is that really concession?

              1. Yes. There’s an important distinction between conceding an election and exercising free speech against your political opposition. Hillary is allowed to lie. She wasn’t lying, but she’s still allowed. Trump has tens of thousands of documented lies. He’s allowed to lie too, just not under oath.

                If you need to be taught basic civics, no wonder people think these lawsuits have merit.

                1. Cite the Trump lies there Tony.

                  1. There’s many lists like this one. Some go past 19,000 currently.


                    1. Is this a fucking joke? Do you really think this horseshit is some sort of gotcha? Did you even read this? How embarrassing for you:

                      “Democrats can’t impeach a Republican President for crimes committed by Democrats.” in fact: There is no evidence that major Russia-related crimes were committed by the Democrats.

                      “We have a 100 Billion Dollar Trade Deficit with Mexico. It’s time!” in fact: The U.S. has never had a $100 billion trade deficit with Mexico.

                      “I never called Meghan Markle ‘nasty.’ Made up by the Fake News Media, and they got caught cold! Will @CNN, @nytimes and others apologize? Doubt it!”

                      Source: Twitter

                      in fact: In an interview with the U.K. newspaper The Sun, his interviewer told him that Markle “wasn’t so nice about you during the campaign,” explaining that Markle said she would move to Canada if he got elected. He said, “A lot of people are moving here. So what can I say? No, I didn’t know that she was nasty.” Trump can fairly argue that he was merely calling that one Markle comment “nasty,” not Markle herself “nasty,” but the story was not “made up” by the media.

                      “We have a 100 Billion Dollar Trade Deficit with Mexico. It’s time!” in fact: The U.S. has never had a $100 billion trade deficit with Mexico. According to U.S. government data, the deficit was $78 billion in 2018.

                      “Hard to believe that with the Crisis on the Border, the Dems won’t do the quick and easy fix. Would solve the problem but they want Open Borders, which equals crime!” in fact: The Democrats do not support open borders.

                      These aren’t even the most egregious examples. This is like a catty middle school girl trying to prove to everyone that her enemy is a bitch.

                      You’re so fucking pathetic, WK.

    3. All stated without evidence. And there already is a two party system entrenched. One is a neo Marxist pile of bat guano and the other is mildly populist and conservative. When libertarians win one electoral vote in their own let me know. Otherwise I’ll stick with the republican party who isn’t trying to bring our economy to its knees with laughable socialist goals designed to fail.

  18. Yep. Citing the Washington Post is a sure way to increase your Libertarian cred.

  19. Raffensberger says his family has been threatened, and Schmidt told 60 Minutes that he’s received death threats.

    Maybe they shouldn’t have given “Depression Quest” such high reviews.

  20. “Move back in a libertarian direction”!? What was the GOP doing at the national level before Trump that was moving in a libertarian direction?

    1. For a little while there was some hope in the TEA Party, before the nuts took over.

      1. Now all your marbles are with your Bae Biden.

        1. Keep throwing out the schoolyard taunts. Isn’t that what children do when they’re too stupid or dishonest to have an actual conversation?

          1. Poor Sarcasmic.

            1. Yeah, just like that. Great example of a schoolyard taunt. Got anymore?

        2. You ran out of Obama effigies to hang so you just made the Breitbart comment section into a semi-sentient being that you could support for President. But like any other drug, after a while the thrill of 2012 myopia and conspiracy mongering faded and you had to move up to QAnon to keep getting your high.

      2. there was some hope in the TEA Party, before the nuts took over

        That would make it the Teabag Party, yes?

      3. I imagine you hated the tea party just as badly in 2008.

        1. Imagine whatever you want. What I say won’t make a difference.

          1. If you wouldn’t have constantly lied, you wouldn’t be in that predicament.

            1. It’s not my fault you’re too stupid or too dishonest to tell when someone isn’t being serious.

  21. lol… The writing is on the wall. Champions of “Liberty” turn Communist instead of Constitutionalist… Now; what other party played the same game-plan?

    1. I love that the Constitution strikes again!

  22. The time to prevent unfair elections is not after the election.

    The big question: What sorts of election crimes transpired in fact this most recent election? And does this affect local elections where you hope to take your right to vote?

    1. Many of the lawsuits against the unfair election were struck down as lacking standing prior to the election.

      1. The boss tells his employer to mop the floor. Job gets finished. Now the boss sues employee for mopping the floor because it turns out someone had spilled his cocaine after the fact.

        Never mind that both are not possible under a fair court system. The boss missed a skip on his jumprope.

  23. I warned the Commies at unreason.

    I cant wait for the Biden cabinet picks and Biden firing articles from unreason.

  24. reason Offices: Wow, a lot of libertarians seem upset over the election results, our twitter feeds said the best candidate won, we should be happy!

    ENB: I know, let’s call out all Paul Libertarians as racist on Twitter!

    Week later at reason offices: That didn’t seem to work… they are still upset and not supporting a 47 year corrupt warmonger for president, what gives!

    Sullum: I know, let’s just pretend fraud is non existent and imply real libertarians should never question a government entity who stated the elections were free and clear of fraud.

    Day later at Reason Offices: Didn’t work again. Man, did you see that Hunter Biden news, who would have though that guy may be in trouble. But still, his dad is pure as the snow, and likes China. And we all know the true libertarian response is to say only America is ever at fault. We need open borders and unfair trade!

    Damon Root: Guys I have this. Let’s just say trump is humiliated for the 500th time and shame his supporters or libertarians who don’t walk in lock step with democrats!

    Reason Offices Today: Still not working. What gives!

    Enter Boehm…: Guys… I have this. Tell them the true libertarian path is to be Democrats. This will go over well…

    Reason Offices Tomorrow: To be continued

    1. Should have fit a “let’s pretend to fire Shikha and claim it was because she was anti-Trump” in there some where.

    2. This sounds about right.

      They’d all be so much happier if they just gave up the pretense.

  25. Have you heard that Hunter Biden is under investigation by the U.S. attorney’s office?

    “WASHINGTON— Hunter Biden, the son of President-elect Joe Biden, said in a statement Wednesday that the U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware is “investigating my tax affairs,” putting his financial dealings in the spotlight, as his father builds his administration.

    . . . .

    The investigation was sparked in part by reports of suspicious activity filed by a bank that handled foreign transactions related to Hunter Biden, one person said.


    If this is just a conspiracy theory about Hunter Biden, how many ongoing conspiracy theories does that make–five?!

    1. When Trump pardons his own children, will you say he was just protecting them from corrupt Democrats? I bet you will!

      1. Pardons them for what, fascist?

        1. Probably stealing taxpayer money in various forms. Ivanka is also under investigation for the inauguration, where tens of millions of dollars of donations just disappeared.

          Imagine actually caring about corruption instead of just hurting Democrats.

          1. “Probably”

            So you’re just making shit up again.

            You’re such a sociopath.

            1. Surely even you can acknowledge the slight nepotism problem of putting his entire family on the federal payroll.

              That’s why the Hunter crap is such a fucking joke. Do you people care about law and order, like, at all? Is everything just about punishing your enemies and winning at all costs?

              What’s the point of winning? What are you preserving? Your ability to be frightened weakling bigots for a few years longer?

              1. I think you seem to (deliberately) be forgetting that Trump and his family have been donating their salaries to the US treasury.

                You’re such a mendacious fuck, Tony.

                1. Because a job at the White House has no value beyond its salary?

                  Because, pardon my uproarious laughter, this country had little choice in this time of need but to call upon the governing genius that is Ivanka Trump?

                  1. You were bitching about their “salaries”, and as soon enough as it was pointed out that you are are an idiot, then magically it’s all about credentials.

                    It’s like somehow you think that people can’t read three posts up. You’re so pathetic.

  26. Yeah we’re all really excited for the return of the 2000-2016 GOP.


    1. These people are so clueless. Like the neocons, they figured the last four years were just some weird glitch in the Matrix and that the old guard was going to waltz back into controlling the party again after the “TrumpGlitch2016” was removed from the network.

      Like DOL above, they ignore the last 15 years of the GOP’s base moving in a more populist direction, and party candidates winning with that platform more often than not. Even in an election where Trump supposedly got his ass kicked, the party GAINED seats in the House, could still potentially keep control of the Senate–and these candidates were notably far more willing to embrace populism than corporatism.

      They still don’t understand how a political realignment works. The longer the Democrats insist on running as the globalist party, the more they will alienate working-class voters who are hurt by those policies (save largely for black voters, who remain the most kept demographic in American history and have the highest in-group bias of any other in the country, making social coercion exceedingly effective), while appealing to the suburban neo-yuppies who get a dopamine rush from posting “Black Lives Matter” on their social media, while outsourcing their home maintenance and childcare to minorities and making sure their kids never actually attend a majority-black or Hispanic school by living in their whiteopias.

      1. Once you account for Republican advantages in the electoral college and both Senate and House electorates, you’ll realize that they are effectively dead as a national party (except for the power they get via affirmative action).

        Nevertheless, it hasn’t gone unnoticed how many people support a neo-fascist movement. “Populist” is a nice word isn’t it? But they demonstrably don’t care about maintaining democracy, and their sole “populist” political stance seems to be that they want to eradicate leftists.

        Oh, we noticed. If our choices become let the fascists take over and saving the country, I hope you’ll understand when America has to kill the fucking fascists, once again.

        Trying to steal an election isn’t a frivolous emotional episode. Treason has consequences.

        1. Once you account for Republican advantages in the electoral college and both Senate and House electorates, you’ll realize that they are effectively dead as a national party (except for the power they get via affirmative action).

          Yes, if I cherry-picked statistics based on a presumptive conclusion, I suppose that spicy take makes sense.

          Nevertheless, it hasn’t gone unnoticed how many people support a neo-fascist movement. “Populist” is a nice word isn’t it? But they demonstrably don’t care about maintaining democracy, and their sole “populist” political stance seems to be that they want to eradicate leftists.

          I realize your kind thinks anytime someone pushes back against your ideology, it’s “fascist” (seriously, come up with some new material, that’s been used for over 50 years now). That’s just how your simple brains operate. But cleaving to neo-Maoism was inevitably going to bring about pushback, and you seem rather put out that it did.

          Oh, we noticed. If our choices become let the fascists take over and saving the country, I hope you’ll understand when America has to kill the fucking fascists, once again.

          If it comes to that, the “fascists” (i.e., anyone who doesn’t embrace left-liberal global corporatism) won’t have a lick of regret about slaughtering your friends, and your family without remorse, either. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

          Trying to steal an election isn’t a frivolous emotional episode. Treason has consequences.

          Ask the Catonians how that turned out.

          1. This time I’m using the term specifically. The GOP doesn’t have ideas other than:

            The GOP should be in power regardless of what voters say, and
            Leftists are satanic demon creatures who deserve to be eradicated.

            Why, do you hear coherent economic policy coming from them?

            It doesn’t matter that they’re fascists when they’re trying to steal the election. Nobody gets to do that.

            We could be a functional modern state trying to solve real problems. Instead, thanks to Rupert Murdoch and the fucking evangelicals, we have a whole other problem of fucking right-wing neo-Nazi fascists trying to take over. Did you not notice the political campaign run entirely on expelling undesirables? Do you not know who Stephen Miller is? Do you not see the militia people trying to kidnap and murder politicians and marching, welcomed with open arms, at Trump support rallies?

            Don’t you think it would be a good idea to notice if the Nazis were trying to take over? Wouldn’t you want to make sure you don’t have your back turned to the full force of American power, which we use to kill fascists?

            1. The GOP should be in power regardless of what voters say, and
              Leftists are satanic demon creatures who deserve to be eradicated.

              Yeah, that’s not really it, but the caricature in your head certainly sounds threatening.

              The rest of your rant is just Democratic Underground-style boilerplate without a foot in the real world.

              1. No party platform, dude. They explicitly do not have principles. They have a principal.

                This is why I call them a cult. And it is. There is literally no policy, no principle espoused.


                WHEREAS, The RNC enthusiastically supports President Trump and continues to reject the policy positions of the Obama-Biden Administration,as well as those espoused by the Democratic National Committee today; therefore,be it

                RESOLVED, That the Republican Party has and will continue to enthusiastically support the President’s America-first agenda;

                RESOVLVED (sic), That the2020 Republican National Convention will adjourn without adopting a new platform until the 2024 Republican National Convention;

                1. No platform is forest fascist than the green new deal fuckwit.

              2. Have you read a single thing Nardz posts? How about the Trump emails that say shit like:
                Dear [email recipient]-

                How do you want to be remembered?
                As a Patriot who fought to Keep America Great? Or as an un-American Liberal who stood idly by as Radical Democrats ripped our nation apart?
                It’s not a caricature.

                Why did the AZGOP official Twitter account retweet a post by right-wing activist Ali Alexander, in which he pledged that he was “willing to give up my life for this fight” to which the state party responded in a tweet, saying: “He is. Are you?”

                1. You know, if you’re that terrified about right-wingers coming to pull you out of your beds and shoot you, maybe you and your side shouldn’t be working so hard to disenfranchise them and force them to think the bullet box is the only way they’ll survive.

        2. Yes. I hope you’re all locked up with your Dominion machines and your fake ballots.

        3. Yes, you fucking psycho, we know what you dream of doing to those that oppose the New Proggie Order. You are not original. I have no doubt you will be just as dull and unimaginative as your Marxist forbears.

          I also have no doubt the mid-transitioning ‘Big Tits Che’ will let you blow xer when xe makes you kneel just before xe shoots you in the head for being a deviant.

          1. It always comes down to your psychosexual cultural anxieties.

            Ironically it’s you are being used like a plastic fuck doll.

            1. LOL! ‘I know you are but what am I?’ is not really a witty comeback for anyone over the age of 8.

              You gotta admit, ‘Big Tits Che’ overseeing La Cabaña Norte is quite the visual image. I wonder if I could turn that into a musical?

        4. “If our choices become let the fascists take over and saving the country, I hope you’ll understand when America has to kill the fucking fascists, once again.”

          Well, we’re hoping that the USSC solves the problem BEFORE we have to start killing you.

          1. Granted, America likes to kill communists too. But I’m using terms specifically, and you’re just trying to help the fascists win against the will of the people.

            I’m onto the tactics. Everything is projection. Accuse your opponents of what you are. “I know you are but what am I” until you can weasel your way out of the conversation.

            But the fact is Democrats are in the realm of normal for any civilized political system. Center-left, maybe some center-right still. And they’re not trying to steal any fucking election.

            1. I’m onto the tactics. Everything is projection. Accuse your opponents of what you are.

              LOL, fucking please. At this point, anything a leftist accuses their opponents of, they’re already doing.

  27. *pops popcorn, settles in to watch the shitshow*

  28. Boehm has a severe case of TDS.

    Trump has been the most libertarian president since Calvin Coolidge.

    I agree with Ken’s comments. Trump also eliminated, modified and/or delayed thousands of industry, business and job killing regulations, and in 2020 Trump defended liberty by opposing business/job destroying lockdowns and mask mandates.

    But Trump and other Republicans could/should support legalizing weed at the federal level. Had Trump legalized weed, he would have won the election by far more votes than Democrats could have stolen.

    On another issue (that Reason avoids), liberty would be enhanced if more Republicans (especially Trump) supported legalized abortion before the 24th week of pregnancy. The abortion debate has been controlled between Christian theocrats in the GOP who want to ban/ criminalize all abortions (and even contraceptives) and left wing Democrats who want to legalize all abortions (even those that occur after birth).

    But had Trump legalized weed

    1. Some day you guys will realize that giving a handful of companies “freedom” to pollute without consequence has a net loss of freedom to potentially millions of people to live free of their bullshit. Stop citing the fact that he kowtows to insider industry/special interest demands as evidence of “increasing freedom” because at a larger level, it is not.

  29. I dislike both major U.S. political parties. With that qualification, the cult of Trump is a product of a broken system. Gerrymandering results in districts where the primary is the election. Propaganda mills on both sides reinforce entrenched partisanship. There’s no room for principled disagreement within either party. Civil discourse is effectively dead. [Cue Ken Schultz rolling out the “perfect fallacy” example for the umpteenth time.]

    Modern American politics is religion. The fanatics on both sides long for an Inquisition where they can destroy the heretics. It’s like a battle between Christian Reconstructionists and Sharia-law Muslims. I don’t want either side to rule. I’m also not enthused about arguments that cherry pick the “more libertarian” impulses of one side and suggest any rejection is insisting on some libertarian utopia.

    Like religion, the Trump v. Biden clash is about mythical symbols more than reality. The president doesn’t make the sun rise and fucking set. My morning café con leche isn’t sweet with one and bitter with the other. It is a big world, and a better one when less occupied by politics (and religion).

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    2. “It’s like a battle between Christian Reconstructionists and Sharia-law Muslims.”

      Who are the fedora-tipping YouTube atheists?

  30. “”From the inside looking out, it feels all very deranged,” Schmidt said.”

    you should see it from the outside….

  31. Trump, the best President in US History.

    Most Libertarian-ish President in 100+ years.

    1. +10000000

    2. We’re just agreeing now that libertarian policy explicitly doesn’t apply to brown people, yes? By definition libertarian policy means leaving white people alone. If so, you’re not that wrong.

      I mean they used that liberty to attend superspreader events by the dozens, but you never said libertopia was a society of rocket scientists, did you?

      1. “…We’re just agreeing now that libertarian policy explicitly doesn’t apply to brown people, yes? By definition libertarian policy means leaving white people alone. If so, you’re not that wrong…”

        We’re pretty mucf in agreement that whatever you post you just pulled out of your ass, shitstain.

  32. One thing that has surprised me a bit is how afraid so many of these “public servants” are of possibly losing their jobs. While most people wouldn’t sneeze at the $175K/yr paycheck of a congressperson, it’s really chicken feed for a politically connected lawyer (and almost all are lawyers) in DC. And what are are these low level state functionaries so desperate in protecting? I guess its just an indication of the combination of the incredible lucre available outside of a politician’s reported pay and their generally low moral level.

  33. One minor nit to pick is the belief that the Rs were ever serious about fiscal responsibility. They rear up on their hind legs and bleat and bellow and grunt and growl whenever there’s a D in the White House, but that’s not the same thing.

    Far from coming to destroy Reagan’s legacy, Trump has come to fulfill it.

  34. Stop humoring Trump? Fuck Trump, I don’t care if he’s humored or not. This election is all about me and my humor. In my entire life, I have never seen an election as comical as this one. Each day when I read Reason or any other publication, I am welcomed to multiple articles of humor. And the brunt of the humor is always Trump. What could be better than that? I’m pretty much done being logical and reasonable about this election. Now it’s just laughter. Lots and lots of laughter.

    With that said, of course there is a possibility of trump somehow pulling off some scam to win the election. In which case it would no longer be very humorous. But the odds of that happening are 1,000,000,000,000,000 to the fourth power to 1

    1. “…I’m pretty much done being logical and reasonable about this election…”

      The chance of a TDS-infected shit like you ever being logical is nil. Fuck off and die.

  35. The Blue Jay name is one such awesome character creation, found mainly in North America.

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    The Blue Jay

  36. When, in the past century, has the GOP ever been even slightly libertarian.
    It was a Republican president that inspired the creation of the libertarian party.

    1. Cool it with Coolidge!

  37. inb4 anyone else to laugh at lc1789, he must be in tears right now…WEEKS of telling us “Lefties big sad for Bidenv. Trump SCOTUS case”
    DISMISSED, other pleadings MOOT

  38. And how many Dem congressman voted to impeach a sitting president for what again? A rumor? Doing his job to ensure a potential president was not compromised by a foreign power?

    For the final time Reason Wokes…the enemy is the left..wade into that and stick them in the “belly” as old George Patton said. There are only bolsheviks and Americans…..and Americans need to win.

  39. Lots of humor for Trump taday. Good thing these lawsuits weren’t a boxing match. If they were, trump would be looking like orange pulp.

  40. Trump got national right-to-try legislation passed so people who are terminally ill could try unapproved (by the FDA) medical treatments. Nothing any other republican president has done is as libertarian as that.

    Furthermore, almost all republicans have supported war or terrorism across the MENA and Ukraine. Millions have been killed or maimed for life in these wars including innocent women and children – all for NOTHING.

    I consider all of these wars evil and Eric Boehm is no libertarian if thinks otherwise or supports getting rid of Trump for some other republican (other than Rand Paul or Thomas Massie). Trump’s American First policy, to the extent he was able to implement it, is Ayn Rand’s moral philosophy of egoism applied to the nation as a whole.

    “We will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world – but we do so with the understanding that it is the right of all nations to put their own interests first.

    We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example for everyone to follow.” – DJT first inaugural address.

    If Eric Boehm supports warmongering republicans, he is not morally fit to judge Trump.

  41. “The only way for Libertarians to move forward is to accept the dictator that our Chinese masters have chosen for us.” -Eric Boehm

  42. Trump has been the enemy of freedom and democracy since the day he was sworn in. His shameless attempts to mount a coup following his election loss further demonstrate that he is an enemy of our nation. Until the Republicans show some backbone and publicly repudiate him, they are no better.

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