Election 2020

Feeling Good About the Future After an Ugly Election

Amidst the anger and nastiness, there are real signs that America is thriving.


Is it wrong to feel good about a nasty, ugly, horrible election that isn't even officially over yet? I hope not, because I feel a hell of a lot better at the end of this week than at its start, when I looked at images of boarded-up buildings in cities from Los Angeles to New York, Seattle to Miami and pondered, for the first time in my long life, the possibility of Election Night rioting and street violence.

At virtually every level of contest, I'm happy to report that the results underscore just how out of step the two major parties are with the plurality of Americans who call ourselves independent. The Democrats were favored to win a solid majority in the Senate and expand their control of the House. They still might gain a razor-thin majority in the upper chamber early next year, when a couple of run-offs will be held, but the Dems lost seats in the House and liberals are still waiting for a "Blue Wave That Never Came." The race for the White House will take a while to fully suss out, but we know enough to conclude that apparent winner Joe Biden could barely eke out a victory against an opponent whose approval rating is a dozen points below the historical average. The upshot is that neither party can pretend it has a mandate, which just might mean people in Washington will trim their ambitions for the next few years.

As Robby Soave has noted, socialism didn't do well at the polls this year and its kissing cousin, wokeism, also fared poorly. Donald Trump "is on track to have the GOP's best showing among minorities in decades," notes Soave, an outcome that has driven some progressives absolutely nuts. New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow, for instance, responded with anger and incredulity that "the percentage of LGBT voting for Trump doubled from 2016" and that "the percentage of Latinos and Asians voting for Trump INCREASED from 2016, according to exit polls. Yet more evidence that we can't depend on the 'browning of America' to dismantle white supremacy and erase anti-blackness."

But it's a good thing that individuals cannot simply be defined by or reduced to their racial and ethnic identities, or their sexual orientation. And so it's good to see another Times Opinion section staffer, Isvett Verde, explicitly challenging crude identity politics:

The reason the "Latino vote" befuddles is because it doesn't exist, nor do "Latino issues." If we want to understand how Latinos vote, we should start by retiring the word "Latino" entirely — and maybe "Hispanic," too, a term first used by the United States government in the 1970 census that is based solely on the language native to the European settlers who conquered the Americas. These labels have served only to reduce us to a two-dimensional caricature: poor brown immigrants who always vote Democrat.

It's a better world when we're talking about people as individuals rather than undifferentiated masses. That's also true of behavior on the state level, too, where voters can also surprise. California is about the deepest blue state in the country, and its voters overwhelmingly picked Joe Biden over Donald Trump. Yet as former Reason Editor Virginia Postrel notes, "Democratic dominance doesn't mean that Californians endorse the hopes and dreams of the cultural and economic left. Results of Tuesday's many state ballot initiatives provide a more centrist picture." Among the good outcomes were resounding defeats of referenda that would have allowed rent control, added union-backed regulations to dialysis clinics, and forced "app-based delivery and ride-sharing companies to classify drivers as independent contractors." Proposition 16, which would have repealed a 24-year-old ban on affirmative action at public universities and state agencies, also got voted down, despite spending 20 times as much as the opposition. Perhaps the fact that minorities have thrived in California in the years since the ban on affirmative action passed in 1996 convinced voters that they no longer have to sanction such policies.

Then there was the clean sweep of various initiatives to legalize medical and recreational weed in Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota. Washington, D.C. voters, writes Reason's Regan Taylor, "opted by a margin of 3 to 1 to make the use, possession, and cultivation of entheogenic plants and fungi, such as psilocybin mushrooms, law enforcers' lowest priority." And Oregon, a state that has been in the news this year mostly for horrible wildfires and endless protests in Portland, passed initiatives to legalize psilocybin and to eliminate the possibility of jail time for possessing small amounts of narcotics including heroin and cocaine. This is bold stuff, and not because it simply allows more people to get high legally in different ways. "These actions by voters represent a long-overdue attempt to change the course of how we deal with adult-use of drugs and the problems of drug abuse in America," says Adrian Moore, a vice president of Reason Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes this website.

Who would have thought we'd be having an adult conversation about intoxicants in a year as awful as 2020 has been—and at the end of a horrible election season that really was the ugliest I can recall (perhaps not uncoincidentally, this election is breaking 100-year-old records for participation)? There are many horrible, horrible things all around us: lockdowns are continuing, the economy is in medically induced coma, most of federal spending continues whether Congress and the president lift a finger. But 2020's mixed election results show that we the people are pushing back and refusing to recite the scripts written for us.

NEXT: Georgia Will Determine the Nation's Political Fate

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  1. It’s all roses and rainbows!

    1. We need common sense rainbow control.

      1. No one needs a double rainbow.

        1. We demand that nature add brown and black stripes to rainbows now!

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          2. Double rainbow will be Jan 5th if the Republicans can win at least one of those run-off elections for U.S. Senate in Georgia. Otherwise, the Democrats would control both the congress and the presidency, not good. From a libertarian standpoint, if libertarians can’t hold power, then split power is best. If any one side, left or right, was to gain unchecked power, they would not hesitate to impose some form of oppression upon the rest.

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              3. Georgia Libertarian's are trying hard to usher in bigger government, more safety nets, and higher taxes by getting Ossoff elected to Georgia by putting forth a self celebratory libertarian vote, thus wasting their vote.


                1. You’re full of shit.


            2. the left is already gearing up for the run off with people even moving there to affect the outcome and the Media is trying to claim Trump is selfish for contesting the election there and will only get more lefties to vote. in other words they are preparing for more vote shenanigan excuses

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    2. If you like your rainbow, you can keep your rainbow.

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    4. No no no, damnit! It’s all sunshine and lollypops!

      1. Damn, I was hoping for pizza and beer.

        1. I was hoping for titties and beer.

    5. Joe Biden appeared to clinch a victory on Saturday morning to become 46th president of the United States, closing out an election cycle that was dominated in the final months by debates around COVID-19, the economy, and police reform………..VISIT HERE FOR FULL DETAIL .

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    6. For some reason I’m not feeling it.

      I’m a lot happier when the media hates the president, I guess. Something is wrong when people are this excited about some old fart they never really liked winning an election.

  2. I hope not, because I feel a hell of a lot better at the end of this week than at its start, when I looked at images of boarded-up buildings in cities from Los Angeles to New York, Seattle to Miami and pondered, for the first time in my long life, the possibility of Election Night rioting and street violence.

    The election isn’t over yet.

    There’s not a lot worth being optimistic about with our country’s future. I think the key to being happy right now is living in the present and being content that things could be worse. If you just dwell on some fantasy of how things are going to turn out it will only lead in disappointment.

    1. I think that what Nick is saying here is that terrorism totally works.
      He’s rooting for his new overlords to get all the power they want so they’ll call off the riots.

      1. That’s not what he’s saying. It’s true, but Nick doesn’t realize it.

  3. I had a thought in another post which has been rumbling around my brain for a while. California Democrats have such a supermajority that they can ignore Republicans entirely, and they have. But that’s only good in California. Once Kamala Harris hit the Senate, she didn’t do much except bloviate and run for President.

    She has never had to compromise with Republicans. I wonder how much that will hurt her performance in a new Administration. There’s also the fact that she expects to be President Real Soon Now, except that if the GOP has the Senate and doesn’t cooperate, the Dems won’t get nearly as much done as they expect, and the GOP might actually put some fiscal brakes on Sleepy Joe. Add that to the traditional losses in the midterm elections, and the next four years look to be particularly crappy compared to Dem dreams.

    I wonder if that will slow down Harris? I doubt she wants to be part of such a crappy four years. She may want to leave Biden in place as long as possible so the crap stays with him, not her.

    I think the next four years are going to much more interesting than I had thought. AOC’s screams are going to be particularly fun.

    1. If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be funny that despite all evidence you still think 2020 was just another election and things will go back to the status quo ante Trump, no biggie.
      There’s a new normal, or hadn’t you heard?
      The senate isn’t going to stop shit.
      SCOTUS isn’t going to stop shit.
      We’re fast tracked to at best Venezuela now, and at worst… well, I’m sure you remember the 20th century totalitarian regimes.

      1. “The senate isn’t going to stop shit.
        SCOTUS isn’t going to stop shit.”

        I’d like to see your reasoning for that. They can’t stop everything, but they can stop a lot. There are plenty of examples from history.

        1. You’re operating under the assumption that Dems don’t end up controlling the senate. Or down one with Collins flipping when it counts.

          1. It changes the odds. Dems can flip too.

            1. LOL. Only when they were going to lose anyway.

              One thing I read, let’s assume the GOP holds the Senate, wins the rest of the races, 52-48. Why do people think that they’ll stop anything? Won’t it simply raise the price to get 1-2 Senators to defect from their principles?

              We just watched a coup, that the Democratic Party was bragging for months they were going to try, and they’re doing it without consequence. We’re not at Venezuela yet, nor close, but shit like this is how you start.

              1. We witnessed a coup and several GOPers are congradulating them. a majority is useless with this bunch

          2. lots of airplanes that can go down in flames, can really change the makeup of the senate.
            Anyone else remember the senators they got rid of in plane wrecks just a few years ago

            1. No. I’ve heard of one before but I didn’t think it was recent. Please explain.

        2. “I’d like to see your reasoning for that. They can’t stop everything, but they can stop a lot. There are plenty of examples from history.”

          They can’t/won’t stop a blatantly fraudulent election, but you think they’re going to save us from the real tyranny?
          How many examples from history are there of mass lockdowns?

          1. best evidence of fraud i saw so far was a couple militia guys looking for a place to cast their fraudulent truck full of Trump ballots after the election was over in PA

            best evidence you have put out is…conspiracy theories from right wing twitter.

            nice job man, keep it up

            (you lost, get over it, you are starting to look like the hag)

            1. I don’t expect much to come of the recounts, but in close elections I’m never surprised when they ask for one. But, you’re a partisan, you couldn’t think rationally if we paid you more than your minimum wage unemployment you’ve been getting. Eat your own dick.

        3. If the house senate and executive are controlled by left it will be bad. Ussc is going to stop some but not all. If they pass 50 Terrible bills and oy stop half that is still 25 terrible bills.

          Then you have the Harris EOs (biden won’t stop shit) which take on average 2 to 3 years to reach the USSC. Many federal courts are still liberal.

          You ready saw Kavanaugh join Robert’s on saying a 3 year old action being overturned would be too disruptive to undo.

          Sorry. Nothing looks good.

          1. Query, Jesse: Even if the Senate does go 52-48, do you think the votes are there to pack the courts or toss the filibuster? I’m thinking there might be; the price will just have to be a lot higher.

            1. No Republicans will never vote to expand the Court. There are no Republican constituencies that want that. There are lots of Republicans who will overlook Senators and Reps voting against abortion restrictions or immigration limitations, but none that will overlook a Republican voting in favor of an expanded Supreme Court. Same with the abolition of the filibuster.
              On a lighter note, I was thinking that if Saturday Night Live were still in the business of being funny, there could be some running gags with Biden as a doofus in the West Wing wandering around Road Runner-like, oblivious to the falling anvils and hidden snares set by an ambitious Kamala Harris

              1. LOL.

                Like Dr. Jill is going to allow Kamala into the White House unattended…

      2. OK, so why are you still here making angry comments instead of getting that civil war started if it’s such a pivotal time?

        I’m not saying you are definitely wrong. I honestly don’t know right now. But if you are really convinced that nothing will help now short of armed conflict, where’s the beef? Or are you just an FBI plant playing the long game?

    2. “GOP might actually put some fiscal brakes on Sleepy Joe”
      So you’re saying that they will now be fiscally responsible because Biden will not request to sign every single stimulus check with his John Hancock? #sharpiegate

      1. Sharpiegate refers to the fraud and disenfranchisement of voters by leftist election officials in Arizona.
        You “people” really are asking for violence.

        1. No, sharpiegate refers to a roundly debunked conspiracy theory that you were dumb enough to believe, and will likely continue to believe because you’re the mirror image of a 2016 Hillary supporter.


          1. When the story you linked to was written they had not yet ran the ballots through the machine to verify dummy. Youre just citing the claims of a left leaning election official.

            1. Bignose doesn’t do his own thinking.

            2. bignose provided a cite. Now your turn.

            3. Ah, this is why Giuliani has ink all over his hands. He was testing different types of ink.

            4. By all means, provide some evidence that sharpies are a problem.

              1. You mean besides the numerous confirmations from AZ state gov that ballots didn’t read Sharpies?

          2. Original sharpie gate was when Trump drew on hurricane projection maps.

        2. Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with you Nardo!

          1. Whatever it is, I hope it never stops. Watching these Trump ass-lickers squirm like a bunch of snowflakes is delicious.

      2. Hey dummy… democrats wanted those checks to be bigger.

        You really are dumb.

    3. Kamala has no principles beyond getting elected in 2024. She can’t push an extreme agenda and win nationally. She knows that. She’s not just a CA politician anymore. She knows she has to moderate or lose.

      1. You have a lot of hope based on wishes and dreams. Wake up leo.

        1. Do you really think Harris has any principles? That’s what you’re saying if you think she’s going to shove socialism down the throats of an electorate that rejected it.

          Hint, she doesnt. She would gladly sell out the left if it helps her become president in 2024.

          1. Would she become pro-gun?

        2. He is just being observant. Harris has a history of getting in front of whichever parade is most popular.

      2. Biden and Heels Up just got elected (probably) with a sound margin of the popular vote (4 million votes?). This is despite the Democrat’s violent lurch to the left. Soon their party’s leadership is going to embrace leftist BS (UBI, $15 min wage, New Green Deal, etc) as a winning strategy to the White House, and they may be wise in doing so. Biden will certainly follow the party’s dictates, and it’s foolish to believe Harris won’t be leading the charge left in this country. Indeed, Harris probably just stole a lot of AOC’s spotlight from the mainstream media, deservedly or not. Don’t expect any moderation from the media’s new darling.

        1. “UBI, $15 min wage, New Green Deal” = Total Collapse

          I can’t hardly get anything done NOW after the Obama B.S.; I’ll be on the bread lines (oh; not the bread I’ve been making anyways) if this goes as bad as the Obama Administration. I still can’t believe people can be so stupid as to re-elect Obama but not Trump…

          Then again; More people voted than carry a Full-Time job so I guess in the name of “commie-money” welfare it all makes sense just isn’t sensible.

    4. alephbet…Kamala Harris is a brittle, vain and weak woman. These personality traits guarantee her inability to compromise, and guarantee gridlock.

      Because she is vain and weak, I shudder to think how she will handle Communist China invading Taiwan. That is a very real possibility. Her stated desire to reopen the door to Iran guarantees the Abraham Accords falling apart, and Iran getting nukes with delivery systems.

      I am not happy with how the election is turning out, but the prospect of gridlock, stymieing the socialist agenda until 2022 and 2024 is realistically the best that can be done in the absence of POTUS Trump winning reelection.

      1. Fuck Taiwan, get communist China out of propagandizing Americans via social media. They’re everywhere and it’s a documented fact.

        Reddit and Quora are particularly hit hard. I’m pretty sure this agit prop of there’s is why all these millennials are walking around like zombies doing whatever the left tells them to.

        “But we hate trump – he’s the worst thing ever!”
        “Ummmmm… He tried to separate immigrant families?”
        That’s it?
        “And uhhhhh…. He’s racist!”

        Seriously, no one knows why they hate trump, they just do. If people can’t responsibly use social media and the internet, then we might as well end voting altogether.

        What’s the point if the overlords can simply brainwash a majority of automatons how to think?

    5. “I doubt she wants to be part of such a crappy four years. She may want to leave Biden in place as long as possible so the crap stays with him, not her.”

      GIven she got where she is largely by luck, I’d go with the opposite and assume she’s hoping Covid, or something else, will bring back Tecumseh’s curse. It is 2020 after all and only Reagan and Bush Jr. have survived to see the end of their term after being elected in a year that ends in 0. Given Joe’s age and Covid, Harris is probably looking to take over by next Valentine’s day.

    6. Well, I hope you are right and the doomsters are wrong. I don’t know what to think right now. Let’s hope the Senate doesn’t flip. I suspect in 2 years when voters don’t have the Trump boogey-man to motivate them to vote there will be big R gains in congress.

  4. “…endless protests in Portland”

    Still think that was a “protest”. Read your own reporter’s writeups.

  5. President Biden and a Republican Senate are the best-reasonable-case outcome for anyone opposed to both authoritarianism and socialism. At least US policy isn’t going to lunge left or right.

    (Sure, an LP sweep would have been better, but who believes that’s remotely possible?)

    1. You mean President Trump for the next 4.3 years.

      The democrat election fraud of 2020 is falling apart.

      1. You think so? I don’t. Not with the press on their side. The “responsible” Republican leaders (much more comfortable in the role of loyal opposition than as leaders) will sternly explain to Trump that it is time to be Responsible, for the Good of the Republic. It does not matter if the election was stolen, that the Democrats never, in four years, have accepted the results of 2016, that the Democrats are openly planning the destruction of the Republic- the only thing that matters is loosing with grace.
        If the Republicans let the Democrats blatently steal this election, then Trump was right about them all along.
        For the last 2 or 3 days, everyone has been pointing out the importance of the Republicans retaining the Senate… and the Democrats have found a way to steal that, too.

        1. Las night I saw some speculation on Twitter that Burr might step down in exchange for a role in the administration (and a stop to investigators in his corruption) so that Gov. Cooper (D) could appoint his replacement. Lots of ways that the Dems can still flip the Senate, some of us remember jumping Jim Jeffords.

          1. Burr’s already announced he won’t seek reelection in 2022 so they’d have to work fast to flip him. I’d also wager he’s already lined up a gig in the private sector so any corruption charge would have to be pretty serious and advanced to think he couldn’t duck it long enough for it to not matter.

      2. Trump was wrong LC. He said you would be sick of winning by now. It appears that you are so desperate for one more win that you’re wildly grasping at straws.

        You got some work to do in GA.

        1. Leo, can you even admit there is shady shit? Or gonna stick with your naivete?


          That makes 3 counties that have cheer against a vendors software that switched truml votes to biden votes. Amazing how l errors in one direction.

          Keep blindly ignoring the formation of a banana republic so you can claim a moral victory over orange man bad.

          1. It seems like there is some shadiness. But those arguments need to be made in courts. Not on Twitter.

            I don’t think there is enough evidence of fraud (yet) to change an election that is looking like it’s going to swing on tens of thousands of votes.

            The last numbers I saw had Trump ahead of his 2016 totals in Philly. Biden is ahead of Hillary’s 2016 numbers in the rural counties in PA. It doesn’t seem like rampant fraud is what caused a loss in PA.

          2. Leo is going to ignore the left seizing power so leo can maintain his faith in the system to keep us safe.
            Interesting position these libertarians have taken.

            1. Leo is going to wait to see evidence of fraud, actual evidence, presented in a PA court that overturns 30k votes, as that is the current difference.

              1. I’m with ya Leo on this one. You still lick boot though.

    2. Joe Biden will only last a year and then unfortunately Kamala Harris will be President. Not that Trump is any better than Biden, but at least the media ripped into him (justly and unjustly). With Biden there will be crickets from the media.

      Remember all the negative press against Biden in the primary? Once Biden became the presumptive nominee, the negative press basically died out. Biden is being protected by a sycophantic media.

      I expect REASON to call out Biden and Harris for any bad ideas, miss deeds, corruption, political bs, etc. they have/commit. There should not be a double standard.

      Just because a reported hates Trump (or any one) personally does not justify negative press. Negative press should be reserved for actions not personal grudges.

      I’m disappointed with the nominees that the duopoly Republicrats have offered recently and chose Jo Jorgensen (she was at least 75% better than either Trump or Biden).

      I would like to see change where any party that is on enough ballots to at least theoretically win the electoral college are included in the debates. From the past few elections it is apparent that polling is wildly off and third party candidates are not included in the polls so there is basically zero change of ever being included.

      So REASON, the next election cycle needs to begin now. There is no time to rest. The duopoly Republicrats need to play by the same rules as all of the third parties have to play by.

      Equality of opportunity is being denied by a rigged game to protect the duopoly Republicrats. Under fair rules that favor no party, the outcome will be left up to the individual parties to make their case.

      1. “Not that Trump is any better than Biden,”

        Dogma is stupid.

        1. Stupid is stupid.

      2. I mean, it’s like you just completely ignore reality so you can live in your little libertarian fantasy world.
        Your last 3 paragraphs show a complete denial of reality.
        How the fuck do you live through 2020 and not see that circumstances are drastically different than they’ve ever been in this country?
        Then you make a plea for fairness?
        L O fucking L!

        1. Every election brings changes. Every term is different. You’re an idiot if you think Biden/Harris will be worse than usual.

          1. You’re an idiot if you think you can laugh off Biden/Harris with a clever libertarian conscience.

            It is going to be the Obama administration on steroids, brandishing brass knuckles made of utopic socialist delusions, while justifying each and every excess with reference to a national mandate.

            You thought the bureaucracy and executive overreach was bad before? Wait until they find your name on their new political hit list.

            1. You’re an idiot if you think this was the most important, most consequential election of all time.

              1. You’re an idiot, because you cannot comprehend what you are reading.

              2. Not of all time, but maybe in my lifetime… and I’m not a young man.

                1. My lifetime too. Getting a President yeeted by open, abject fraud, with absolutely no consequences, is a really big fucking deal.

                  And now that the people working for a Big Reset know that the American public is going to do not much of anything about it, expect the fraud, repression, and generally fucked up Third World culture of things to get far worse.

        2. eventually you will get over the fact that this is a libertarian site, and just because you and a handful of hardcore republican zealots, and trump cult followers, shit up the board all day long with your BS, it still isnt a place for you.

          there are plenty of sites where you can meet up with other hardcore R’s, and mutually jerk each other off. you come to a libertarian site and get your panties in a wad, baffled that everyone wont blindly follow the R train like you do. sorry they sold you a bill of goods, but hey if you can be fooled by ‘the art of the deal’, there isnt much you wont go for

          take the L kid, you lost. maybe find another site. 4 chan was a decent home for kids like you

          1. This is not a libertarian site.

      3. Yeah, the second Joe’s senile butt hits the throne, all of a sudden Hunter’s emails become confirmed and the lead story on CNN.

        1. I don’t think they’ll pitch two extra years for Kamala that way, Denver. Though it’s certainly one of many weapons held by a thread over Bidens head.

      4. “I’m disappointed with the nominees that the duopoly Republicrats have offered recently and chose Jo Jorgensen (she was at least 75% better than either Trump or Biden).”
        Be careful now, some around here may call you a traitor.

        1. You would need about 45 more IQ points to be capable of treason. Traitors have to be sentient and capable of understanding right from wrong.

      5. “I expect REASON to call out Biden and Harris for any bad ideas, miss deeds, corruption, political bs, etc. they have/commit. There should not be a double standard.”

        Expect them to be as hard or easier on those two, as they were on Obama. No greater. Mainly because the culture of not trying to censor truthful speech is getting thrown out of the window. I expect minor whining when B/H enforce immigration laws, but that’s about it. Maybe a story or two if one of B/H’s cronies implodes spectacularly, a la Solyndra.

      6. note now that Biden is president elect the MSM is already touting a vaccine when just last week any vaccine would have been considered rushed to deliver to help Trump. amazing how that works

      7. You act like there’s a chance you can be a politician without making compromises to your ideology along the way to the top. We just saw what happens when a regular person with normal politics gets in office with no allies – they get crucified for four years, then mocked when their election is stolen because the adversaries have that much more power.

    3. Agreed.

  6. No matter what happens, this election is not going to be forgotten for a long time. Not by the populist right. And who could blame them? So many irregularities, so much circumstantial evidence of fraud, and so many bureaucrats willing to look the other way. I fully expect this will be a rallying cry far into the future.

    The Ds have, I think, really overplayed their hand. Of course, like Harry Reid and the nuclear option, they have looked only at the short-sighted play.

    Trump has driven people mad. He exposed big tech and the media for what people always suspected, but had never seen so blatantly. He has changed the field–opened up the Republicans for inroads into minority voting blocks, and Republicans have the opportunity for new voters going forward, if they don’t screw it up. And he’ll have the opportunity to continue to be a gadfly, buzzing around politicians and elites of both parties. Lastly, he leaves a legacy on the courts. Judges, judges, judges.

    I’m not sure where this ends up exactly, but even if Trump is out, I feel good about things. His changes will be felt for a long time, the establishment of so many institutions have been damaged and it is great to be a witness to it.

    1. Democrats burned Barrett, thomas, and kavanugh during their confirmations.

      Its payback time of a court case about election fraud for Biden comes before them.

      1. That’s stupid. If it ends up the way you say, and people get the vibe that the judges just ruled down partisan lines, expect a civil war.

    2. “The Ds have, I think, really overplayed their hand”

      Oh, do you now?
      I missed where there is an organized and armed revolution taking place.
      Because that’s the only way they’re overplay can be dealt with at this point.
      If they successfully steal the election and take out Trump in front of all our faces, they’ll have seized absolute power as surely and securely as any tin pot 3rd world dictator – only with the resources of the most powerful nation in the world under their control and the backing of the global power/wealth structure.
      If they can so blatantly steal this, neither the senate nor SCOTUS can do shit to stop them.
      But hey, at least you feel good about it. For now.

      1. Stop wetting your pants. How the heck did you survive pre-Trump — did mommy change your diapers for you?

        Grow up. Take charge of your self and stop whining like a little toddler who soiled his diapers and blames Johnny for the poop in his pants.

        Things could be a lot worse, they could have been a lot better. It’s too bad your idol Trump turned out to be a false idol; move on, pick up the pieces, and work to make your life better, instead of caterwauling like someone stole your Hallowe’en candy.

        What a whimpering little bed-wetter you are! Are you going to roll around in your pissy little bed, or are you going to get up, change the sheets, wash yourself off, and learn to do better?

        1. This sounds like something Elizabeth Warren would have written on an outstretched deer hide with natural pigments back on the reservation.

        2. I would have been ok with you just calling, who I think is a him, a whiney fucking bitch!

          I’m sorry Nardz, Biden just seems to bring out the worst in me.

          1. Hey look, shreek still agrees with his sockpuppet!

        3. We’ll just behave the way you did for the last 4 years lmfao

        4. this guy gets it

          so funny that the same folks that were on the “get over it! USA best country! Trump has a mandate! MAGA! love it or leave it these colors dont run!” the instant they lose turn into absolute little fucking whiney babies.

          “its not fair! cheating! we live in 3rd world country! wahhh! revolution!”

          fucking absolute crybabies. maybe they can take a page from hillary, she actually lost MORE gracefully than them, somehow

          1. ” she actually lost MORE gracefully than them”

            You CAN’T be serious. You nutcases harped on Russia Russia Russia for four years. You nutcases burned down your own cities. You nutcases convinced yourselves that everyone who doesn’t agree with you 100% is a “Nazi” and must be cancelled from society. This, all in response to Trump winning.

            Talk about crybaby losers…

        5. You need to get out of the house more often. Your diaper analogies are shit.

      2. Organized, armed revolution?

        You’re more predictable than the Rev. at this point.

        Violence is not the only way.

      3. Nardz…We see eye to eye on a lot, but what you propose is rebellion. You are wrong to do so. Covid-19 killed 230K people. Our Civil War killed 600K. No.

        Look, the electoral process is not over. They are still counting. The bottom line is that POTUS Trump’s legal team needs to get off their fat asses, find the fraudulent votes, and present the evidence in a transparent and open judicial process. POTUS Trump’s legal team is not impressing me.

        Our Republic is uniquely designed to manage these situations.

        1. You’re right, but what about when that fails?
          When the deep state does what the deep state has been doing?
          Covid was the excuse to wipe out tens of millions of people in small businesses. It was used to make people wear masks and shut down their places of worship. It gave them the power of an absolute dictator.
          There is no bulwark against tyranny. The left is stealing the election and rubbing our faces in it. Media, Big Tech, and Corporate America are working in unison to lock in their totalitarian globalist scam.
          If they can pull this fraud off, they can do anything to us they desire.
          The senate won’t stop them. SCOTUS won’t stop them if they don’t now.
          I don’t think a civil war is likely, but if not…
          We are on the precipice of becoming prisoners to a totalitarian superstate with surveillance, broadcast, financial control, and weaponry unprecedented in human history.
          China is but a modest preview of what we can look forward to.

          1. Nardz – you are correct, if that fails, then we have rampant corruption that can only be flushed out with civil war.

            You must be late to the party – we’ve known this since 2001. So long as the tyranny continues at the rate that I die before handing over my guns, you can count me out of your war.

        2. The Jury box is still working. Let’s see what happens.

          If fraud isn’t punished this time, I’m not sure why you all have faith it won’t be as bad or worse 2 and 4 years from now.

    3. The Ds have, I think, really overplayed their hand.

      Demographics is destiny. There’s a reason they’ve been importing the entire socialist South American welfare class for 60 years. They did jump the gun a little bit by thinking that enough Boomers had died off and mistaking Obama’s cult of personality for genuine adoration for their policies. But it won’t matter once the court is packed and there are 4 more Democratic senators from DC and Puerto Rico.

  7. A bunch of Lefties moved to Georgia because we have more freedoms than many states and our economy is rocking it.

    They make more movies and tv in Georgia than Hollywood.

    The democrats made the election ugly because they tried to cheat and failed. Trump is not giving up without a fight.

    1. Lefties ruin their original states and then flee to spoil the new location with Socialist lunacy.

      1. Like a plague of locust.

        I swear I read about that somewhere…

    2. A bunch of Lefties moved to Georgia

      They followed the Devil down there.

      1. The devil does have minions.

    3. I don’t know about them failing.

      Georgia seems like a lost cause. We keep hearing about absentee military ballots that will miraculously break for Trump, but I have seen nothing to indicate that such ballots are actually still outstanding. Trump is trailing by about 4,500 votes at this time, and I do not think it is realistic that he covers that ground on the basis of absentees. Maybe I am wrong.

      Arizona is still, presumably, anyone’s game. But it is not looking good.

      Nevada is gone.

      Pennsylvania is likely fucked beyond repair. No way SCOTUS untangles the fuckery. There’s too much shit to wade through and they will not let Trump even get his foot in the door.

      There is maybe a shot in Wisconsin on a recount.

      I think it’s over. If they did cheat, they succeeded.

      1. I agree with your anaylisis. Kind of hard to investigate when they won’t let you investigate based on the words of those you intend to investigate that nothing went wrong, despite know computer glitches and locking out of observers

  8. “They still might gain a razor-thin majority in the upper chamber early next year”

    And that razor thin majority is going to cut you into fucking pieces, while making a spectacle of force feeding you each piece as sustenance. That is the government libertarian intransigence and myopia has enabled.

    I am glad that you feel opening the country to an unprecedented socialist takeover was worth it because Oregonians are now permitted to snort heroine and get a gold star for doing it.

    1. libertarian intransigence and myopia

      If you want me to vote for your guy, pay me for it.

      1. Lol.
        Yea, because your vote matters anymore.
        It’s done, man.
        Die is cast.
        Things won’t change much for the LP, but your life is going to be a hell of a lot worst.
        But at least they’ll still let you vote for the L for a bit. Won’t count, but I’m sure it’ll feel nice.

        1. That’s a shitty ass haiku.

        2. How is life gonna be hell? Presidents don’t affect my life. Get over it dude. Quit believing in shit. It’s fucking up your head. Partisanry is for the duped. Either they recount and trump wins, or they recount and he loses. Who gives a fuck? It’s just group identity – you’re complaining of your sports team losing. So what? Find another group to root for.

          There’s plenty of “us vs them” groups out there for you to join. Be a front runner and get some wins if that makes your self esteem higher.

      2. He is not “my” guy.

        I voted for Obama in 2008. I did not vote in 2012. I did not vote in 2016. I did not like Trump. I took him as a complete joke. I thought his political maneuvering was amateurish and I found his constant, rambling bluster to be very frustrating. His tweeting muddled, rather than amplified, his message.

        But, he was above all a pragmatist and shattered the illusion of sanctity that the establishment class represented for millions of Americans. He expanded the Republican electorate. He was sort of libertarian — at least as much as one can be in today’s political climate and, likely, he would have continued on this trend with a second term.

        Now, we are back to the Obama-Clinton-Biden-Harris oligarchy, burning from the inside out with a socialist ulcer due in no small part to the puritanical narcissism of Libertarian voters.

        I hope you enjoy Biden. I really do.

      3. Who gives a crap who you vote for (let alone paying you for it) when we can just print fake ballots now?

  9. Yeah, if the Dems keep the House (they will) and manage to get the Senate and Presidency, through fair means or foul, it doesn’t matter how slim their margin of victory nor their slim majority in either chamber- they will still ram through the most destructive set of policies possible. They will pack the Supreme court. They will give statehood to Guam and Puerto Rico. They will get rid of the last vestiges of the filibuster. The only thing that can possibly stop them is the Nazgul.

    1. They have a list.

      And they are checking it twice. Once for a plain arrest, and a second time to determine if one will be arrested “without the right to correspond” — a euphemism that, in Soviet times, meant execution.

      The cancel culture bullshit is going to get very real, for many regular people.

      1. Not for a while, if ever. Technology and social media make it much easier to just second track someone rather than go through all the trouble of having a fake trial, etc. Just “click”, and they are effectively excommunicated. No, the tyranny we are fighting will be soft, at least at first.

        1. We just went through four years of “soft,” and that was without them being in power. We went from “we need to unite to stop the hate” to “we’ll exile from polite society anyone that disagrees with us” to “these deplorable must be arrested” to “killing them is justified” in four short years.

          Again, that was without them being in power.

        2. Tell that to the people the left has put in jail in the last four years for working with Trump.

    2. Giving statehood to Puerto Rico would be the ultimate irony, considering Obama pardoned a guy who ran a terrorist organization dedicated to the island’s independence.

  10. It’s a valiant effort, Nick, but Florida also just voted to establish a $15 minimum wage.

    1. Does that matter much? What’s the current entry level wage?

  11. One thing I appreciated this time was that the Democrats didn’t even try to pretend that Biden was a good candidate. The whole pitch was “settle for Joe because Trump is Hitler”.

    Last time around, all that bullshit about Hillary being the “most qualified candidate in history” made me want to hurl.


    1. Ironically, Biden’s political program is a lot closer to Hitler’s than Trump’s ever was.

      1. Please explain how Biden is closer to Hitler than Trump? Trump did say neo-Nazis were fine people.

        1. No he did not. I know kill all rednecks is a sick puppet, but for anyone else – go read the transcripts. “Very fine people” was Trump referring to the nonviolent protestors at Charlottesville. He explicitly denounced the violent extremists from both sides.

        2. Please explain how Biden is closer to Hitler than Trump?

          The NSDAP political program in the Weimar Republic: free college, universal single payer healthcare, universal government retirement plans, high taxes on capital gains, nationalization of important industries, minimum/fair wages, racial justice, environmental protection, breakup of big corporations, regulation of the press to stop the spread of fake news.

          You tell me: does that sound more like Trump or like Biden?

  12. Wow, the bloviating and meaningless drivel just never stops with you guys.

    1. Their job is to get us to passively accept totalitarianism.

      1. Were you born yesterday? We already embraced totalitarianism years ago.

        The sky fell in 2001 – Americans don’t care.

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  16. I’m glad my state decriminalized possession of small amounts of drugs, but there’s more work to be done. Instead of jail it’s “treatment” and a 100$ fine? I assume they take your dope too? How about we completely legalize it and put the cartels out of the drug business. They’d still be in the kidnapping, human trafficking, weapons trafficking and other businesses, but it’s still progress. We need to encourage people to never do dope, but if someone does it and can support their habit then why should it matter? If an addict has to steal or something prosecute them for that.

    Mormons will always be an obstacle to liberty, so that’s another reason why they need to go. Don’t ever let a Mormon try to tell you they’re libertarian. They aren’t.
    The worst is Mormons who convert later in life. People raised in the church have the excuse of not knowing anything else. They’re brainwashed. Anyone over twelve who converts to Mormonism is just beyond stupid. How does someone learn what they believe and even with the propoganda and lies the church spews still not come to the conclusion that their beliefs are goddamn nonsense. If you also take into account the history of Joseph Smith, Young, polygamy, and all that stuff you have to be insane to not see it for the bullshit it is.
    For example Glenn Beck converted later in life. Well that explains why he’s such a stupid goddamn asshole. You can’t take ANYTHING that nutcase says seriously because he read the Book of Mormon as an adult and didn’t say “this is fucking stupid.”

    Fuck Mormons

    1. How about we completely legalize it

      Sure: just as soon as we get rid of Medicare/Medicaid and public spending on drug treatment and rehabilitation.

    2. It’s a pyramid scheme. Some people are born scammers like Beck, so they’re right at home with Mormonism. No one joins the church because they’re beliefs are so true – they join because of their spouse or (less likely) their friends. The church is hemorrhaging members right now, and will continue to do so until they finally admit that their BoM is non-historical and non-literal. Then they’ll become a club just like freemasonry.

      But yes, all Mormon leaders should be drawn and quartered.

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  18. > which just might mean people in Washington will trim their ambitions for the next few years.

    As long as you’ve been writing about government and your fingers can still somehow punch these letters on a keyboard? WTF are you smoking now Gillespie?

  19. “Joe Biden could barely eke out a victory against an opponent whose approval rating is a dozen points below the historical average.

    It is immensely gratifying to see the American people, in states all over the country, vote for a president they did not like personally. Regardless of whether it means they were voting because they liked Trump on the issues despite his personality or whether it means they rejected the Democrats on the issues, it means they were voting on the issues–despite the media and the Democrats trying to make it all about Trump’s personality.

    In a society where issues are king, libertarians win because we’re right on the issues. The authoritarians and socialists need to persuade swing voting Americans to sacrifice their rights and liberties and commit economic suicide, but all libertarian capitalists need to do is persuade people to do what’s already in their own best interests. That’s reassuring.

    The other issue oriented facts I find encouraging is that Californians voted against their supposedly progressive values. They voted against raising property taxes on commercial real estate. They voted against affirmative action by a margin of 13%. They voted against rent control by a margin of 20%. They even voted against replacing cash bail by a double digit margins–which isn’t desirable from a libertarian perspective, but does go to show that the minds of the California voter are not under the control of the progressives. Those outcomes are consistent with conservatism.

    Another example of the voters making a laughingstock of progressive attempts to persuade them can be seen in Florida.

    “In the months after Bloomberg dropping out of the Democratic primary, the New York business leader huddled with advisors to plot a spending blitz to help Democratic nominee Joe Biden overtake Trump. It was initially decided that most of a $100 million spend would go toward the pivotal state of Florida. Later he would add Ohio and Texas into the mix.”


    Michael Bloomberg spent $100 million of his personal fortune, mostly in Florida, to persuade voters to vote for Joe Biden. He might as well have stacked that money in his backyard and burned it! There may not be enough money in the world to persuade Colombian-Americans, Cuban-Americans, and Venezuelan-Americans to vote for a candidate that they associate with socialism. The consultants are telling the Democrats to never even use the word socialism ever again! That is refreshing. That may not shut President Harris up when she’s talking about “equity” or AOC, but the rest of the party now knows it has a price to pay for associating themselves with socialism.

  20. The door on legal challenges in these states: AZ, NV, WI, MI, and PA is starting to close. There are either demonstrable fraudulent votes, or there are not. POTUS Trump’s legal team needs to get their shit together and zero in on the most likely areas of fraud, and bring their proof. Do I think fraud occurred? Yes. Do I think there was enough to swing the election? Maybe. Regardless, the proof must be presented to the judicial branch in an aboveboard and transparent process. They will make the final determination whether fraud happened, and the remedy.

    I suspect POTUS Trump’s legal team has until Tuesday. After that, Biden will declare victory. Wouldn’t you? As for the future. A POTUS Biden can reasonably expect the following from a Team R Senate majority.

    One, any nominee for cabinet level position will undergo a thorough and complete confirmation process. They will be treated exactly the same way Team D treated nominees from POTUS Trump. No better, and no worse. And all of those future, anonymously sourced stories that will be written between now and February 2021 will have to be checked out before any confirmation vote. You know, at the rate the Senate moves, it could be Hanukkah before the Cabinet is seated. Might even be longer. Some Cabinet positions just might have to go unfilled.

    Two, the investigations into Hunter’s laptop from hell, and any influence peddling by the Biden family will certainly continue. Oh, did you think that was done? Uh, no. There are emails, videos, legal agreements, eyewitness testimony to widely publicize investigate; hell, we probably need a Special Counsel to sort it all out.

    Three, Team R needs to focus on redistricting at the state level.

    Four, Team R should fund a private recount, post election, regardless of how this election turns out and who is sitting in the Oval Office. The American people should know one way or another. We had multiple recounts after 2000, and they showed that Bush really did win FL.

    Five, the findings of John Durham should be released in it’s entirety, unredacted. The American people deserve to know the truth of how utterly corrupt DC actually is and how truly malevolent these people are.

    Six, as for Biden judicial nominees, I guess confirming 1 per month is a reasonable start. There will be, after all, a lot of investigating going on for the next two years, and the Senate calendar can get crowded. There are only so many Senate investigators, and so many hours in the day. It will take time to vet these judicial nominees. They will receive exactly the same treatment from Team R that Team D gave to POTUS Trump’s nominees; no better, and no worse.

    Seven, a socialist agenda from a Biden/Harris administration will die in the Senate. I can live with gridlock. In fact, gridlock is better for reducing federal spending.

    Last…If POTUS Trump loses, and the process has been open, transparent, and aboveboard, here is what you will see….nothing. There won’t be riots. There will not be murders in the streets by Trump supporters. There will not be violence and mayhem. We don’t go tearing up and breaking shit when we lose.

    What Team R must do is focus on 2022, and win congressional majorities. That is how we do it in America.

    1. “Investigations into Hunter’s laptop from hell, and any influence peddling by the Biden family will certainly continue.”

      Who will investigate?

      Even if the Republicans maintain nominal control of the senate, they won’t have enough support to press an investigation like that. The bullshit investigation of Trump’s Russia ties isn’t the new normal. This will stew among average Republican voters, but there won’t be an official investigation. Even if there were, it wouldn’t come to fruition until 2022, and by that time Biden will be approaching his expiration date.

      I maintain that Biden will not be physically capable of crisscrossing the country in a non-pandemic non-virtual election cycle in 2024, and the most likely time for him to retire will be after the Democrats get clobbered in the House in the 2022 midterms. The party of a new president almost always suffers huge losses in the House in the new president’s first midterm, and after suffering those losses in 2022 is the most likely time for Biden to ride off into the sunset leaving President Harris to run for reelection.

      In other words, once the Republicans have the political heft to sustain an investigation of Biden, he probably will be on his way out the door.

      1. Ken, a Team R majority in the Senate will investigate. That is a given. Do you think Bobulinski goes away? Not a chance. You do know that Taiwanese television is broadcasting the laptop contents, right? Who knows what will come out. But it will.

        And you’re wrong about new normal. There is a new normal. The difference now is that a Biden/Harris administration will have to live under the same ‘new normal’. They will be treated no better and no worse than Team D treated nominees for POTUS Trump. I don’t see the problem with that, do you? Didn’t Team D treat nominees from POTUS Trump with the utmost dignity, courtesy and respect? They should expect nothing different.

        What worries me is Communist China making a move on Taiwan.

        1. Investigating a president creates support for the president. It helped Clinton in the polls, and it helped Trump. The senators who call for the investigation and oversee it suffer a backlash. It will just take one Republican senator to decide it isn’t worth the political downside to see support for the investigation collapse. Our desire for justice in this world–for the perpetrators of injustice to face the same consequences they inflicted on their victims–that doesn’t make it so. Mostly, we can only make politicians pay at the ballot box.

          I’d love to see the Bidens face a criminal inquiry over their influence peddling, but that is highly unlikely if Joe Biden controls the Justice Department and the Republicans only have a razor thin hold on the senate. Joe Biden certainly won’t have the problem Trump did with Sessions recusing himself and leaving it to an anti-Trump official in the Justice Department to decide whether to appoint a special prosecutor. Even if McConnell could muster enough support to launch a senate panel to investigate Biden as is, all they can do is create public pressure to launch an investigation. The media will denounce it as a witch hunt.

          Since Watergate, the primary responsibility of the Attorney General has been to watch the president’s back, and that’s exactly what we should expect Biden’s Attorney General to do. And like I said, the clock on Biden’s term starts the day he takes office and time runs out as soon as 2022 and goes no longer than when the election cycle starts in 2024. The worst you can do to Biden is impeach him and make him pardon his own son–and the amount of political capital necessary to make that happen probably costs more than the Republicans can afford to pay. Why would they want to spend their political capital on that when they could be concentrating on retaking the House–and he’s virtually guaranteed to be out of politics by 2024 anyway?

          1. Ken, investigations happen at the committee level. The Judiciary committee (Graham) and the Homeland Security committee (Johnson) control the committee budgets. They will investigate. Additionally, the Finance committee (Grassley) has some work to do. It is part and parcel of the ‘new normal’. Naturally, I expect rampant leaking of private, confidential information to the press.

            An FBI investigation (10/28/16) killed Crooked Hillary’s campaign.

            You know, it could take a while to confirm an AG, Ken. Any nominee coming before the Senate will receive precisely the same treatment as Team D gave to POTUS Trump’s nominees. I mean, we all know how fairly, courteously and respectfully POTUS Trump’s nominees were treated by Team D in 2017 during the confirmation process. A model of decorum. This reciprocal treatment by Team R should present no problems whatsoever. Right?

            Obama was right. Elections do have consequences.

            1. Nobody is going to investigate a thing. Why? Because the government does not investigate itself. Under Trump, the DOJ slow rolled the entire process and would have yielded, at best, a generic “unfortunate mistakes were made” denunciation with no criminal sanction again anyone that matters. Under Biden, it will simply be discontinued.

              It’s all puerile nonsense.

      2. yes, but recall, putting Biden out to Pasture on something like the 25th amendment if he is in fact found to be medically unfit for office simply places President Harris in the office. Biden being gone doesn’t leave a power vacuum that the Republicans can exploit… the replacements have already been named and are being prepped right now.

        I still suspect that President Harris is the plan, not an accident.

        1. Biden promised to choose a woman has his running mate early in the primaries. It was a bone thrown to #MeToo.

          In the wake of the George Floyd shooting, the progressive wing of the Democratic party was openly insisting that Biden choose a woman of color.


          That’s why Biden chose a woman of color.

          The reason Biden chose Kamala Harris as opposed to some other woman of color was because she was a bootlicker.

          At the time Biden chose Harris, the biggest threat to his campaign was being associated with the riots and defunding the police. Biden took a certain amount of flack from his left for choosing a bootlicker, but winning the general election depends on appealing to swing voters–not the hardcore left. So he picked a bootlicker to help stave off suggestions that he was about defunding the police.

          That’s why he chose Harris.

          Barack Obama offered Hillary Clinton the position od Secretary of State so that she would drop out of the race before the convention, and he could pivot to making himself appealing to swing voters rather than making himself seem more to the left than Hillary in order to finish off winning the support of radical Democrats in the primaries. With Hillary out, he emphasis became, “Marriage is between a man and a woman”.

          The Harris pick was for the same reason–to appease the left with her identity group, but also to pivot towards appeasing swing voters. If it hadn’t been for George Floyd (and the riots), the governor of Michigan would have been Biden’s running mate–because he needed Michigan. He had California with or without Harris. He didn’t pick Harris in a plot to set her up as president. He picked Harris in a plot to get himself elected.

          1. HE didn’t pick Harris.
            She was selected by the same people who told Buttigieg and Klobuchar to get the hell out of the way despite both being far ahead of Joe at the time.

          2. Not a terrible analysis. It’s much like how Trump chose Pence to appease the evangelicals who otherwise might be trepidatious about supporting an irreligious adulterous sleazebucket.

  21. Joe Biden could barely eke out a victory against an opponent whose approval rating is a dozen points below the historical average.

    This isn’t a curiosity, those approval rating polls are no more accurate than a Nate Silver poll.

    Say whatever you will about Donald Trump, the real measure of his approval was his ability to command huge crowds at rallys for which the overflow eclipsed anything Joe Biden could muster in a dozen rallies.

    “the percentage of LGBT voting for Trump doubled from 2016”

    Maybe you might have Brett Easton Ellis on your Podcast to discuss why this might be. But I know, alt-right/IDW ickyness.

    But it’s a good thing that individuals cannot simply be defined by or reduced to their racial and ethnic identities, or their sexual orientation. And so it’s good to see another Times Opinion section staffer, Isvett Verde, explicitly challenging crude identity politics:

    Oh, but the impulse is so very…very strong with Biden supporters. Again, not so much because Biden himself occupies this space, but he was the prop the DNC put forward, so the racist ideologues and critical theories mold spores of the Democratic base supported him as he was their only pathway forward.

    Perhaps the fact that minorities have thrived in California in the years since the ban on affirmative action passed in 1996 convinced voters that they no longer have to sanction such policies.

    Are California leaders convinced of that enough to reverse any policies?

    Portland, passed initiatives to legalize psilocybin and to eliminate the possibility of jail time for possessing small amounts of narcotics including heroin and cocaine. This is bold stuff, and not because it simply allows more people to get high legally in different ways.

    Again, we’re in a deeper cultural war right now, and while I appreciate getting high in different ways as much as the next libertarian, I’m happy to discuss the vaguaries of legalized heroin in 2024, but right now, I’ve got a black woman literally screeching at a white protester who is on her side that a song he sang to inspire the crowd “wasn’t for him.”

    Racism IS coming back to America, and it came straight out of the Academic left, and is being adopted at alarming frequency at every level of public life. Trump, for all his faults represented the pushback on that. He was the only candidate who not only stood up to it, but gave it a big fat orange middle finger while everyone else seems to be cowed by it at minimum, and fully on board with it at worst.

    I don’t feel good about America right now. And yes, I’m earning more than at any other time at my life, working from home and sipping Chianti in a left coast blue city while working class people in flyover country are suffering the consequences of an overwrought lockdown and evisceration of their economies that’s gone on for decades.

    Biden isn’t a president that scares me. He’s a doddering, center left Democrat who’s been in public office for 45 years. He represents nothing new, and absolutely nothing libertarian. But the racist people who supported him scare me very much.

    1. “Say whatever you will about Donald Trump, the real measure of his approval was his ability to command huge crowds at rallys [sic] ”

      That’s the opening verse of The Ballad Of The Clueless Loser.

      Popular tune in some circles, but trailing on the charts — to “Biden-Harris Administration” — by more then five million votes.

      Carry on, clingers . . . precisely so far as your betters permit.

  22. Oh, Ted Wheeler was re-elected, receiving support from downtown businesses. I’m at a loss for words as to how dystopian and demoralizing that is.

    1. At this point, if Antifa burns down all of Portland, I’ll consider it even.

      1. Is this really how you wish to spend the time remaining before you are replaced?

  23. Oh, and in meme-worthy meta-news… the media that pushed an election interference narrative on the thinnest of grounds now believes that there is no possible way that any election interference could have possibly occurred, that our democracy is rock-bottomed and copper-sheathed and its processes beyond reproach, well-moated against any nefarious shenanigans.

    Marinate on that over your morning cornflakes.

  24. “Is it wrong to feel good about a nasty, ugly, horrible election that isn’t even officially over yet?”

    Of course it’s wrong to feel good about any aspect of our politics and society. All the Trusted Sources have told us how everything is unfair and on the verge of collapse, and the Grievance Commission has proven all the terrible things done by mean people that can never be corrected but will keep the Forces of Justice busy (and angry) forever more. Not to mention your crazy uncle and that weird cat lady down the street who just know how Russians/aliens/colored people have used mind control on everyone from the kids at preschool to the President, and so nobody can be trusted. So anyone inclined to feel good is either a stooge or a fellow traveler–or both.

    1. Well said.

  25. ” Is it wrong to feel good about a nasty, ugly, horrible election ”

    2020’s Election Day was as calm, orderly, and successful as any I can recall. There was scant misconduct at polling places. Lines were sometimes long (often consequent to social distancing) but voters (who set a record for turnout) were overwhelmingly well-behaved. The election court I observed considered fewer petitions and motions than has been customary.

    Election officials and voters deserve great credit for a successful Election Day.

  26. Yes it is wrong to feel good.

    People will spend the next four years ridiculing and discrediting our institutions. We are moving ever faster into a “low trust” society, which is very scary.

    The Democrats just created QAnon on steroids (and gave them great credibility in the minds of enough people to make them more dangerous)

  27. It’s a better world when we’re talking about people as individuals rather than undifferentiated masses.

    The core of libertarianism.

    Dems will have to lose a few more seats yet before they start having conversations in these terms.

  28. $28 trillion national debt. Estimated next year budget greater than or GDP.
    Anarchist rioting in our cites.
    The police surveillance state expanding.
    It doesn’t matter if Biden or Trump won. I still don’t feel good about where we are headed.

  29. So this guy, who eulogized Storm Thurmond, demonized Clarence Thomas, whose crime bill and drug czar ruined countless lives, namely two generations of black men; who voted for the Iraq war then proposed ending it by dividing the country along ethnic lines, whose Violence Against Women act forgot all about due process — he is our great Uniter now? You can hate trump and his twitter feed, but in the end he was good for democracy— what else can explain the highest voter turnout in a century during a pandemic no less. I just hope the GOP holds the senate, not because I’m a republican, but because I look forward to gridlock and a government that gets as little done as possible. And At least we don’t have to worry about 70 million Trump voters filling the streets and robbing targets. The American system worked and survived. And best of all I have a clear conscience because I voted for Jo.

  30. “Feeling Good About the Future After an Ugly Election”

    Koch must have increase salaries for all Reason staffers who campaigned for Biden for the past six months (while deceptively portraying themselves as libertarians).

  31. The upshot is that neither party can pretend it has a mandate, which just might mean people in Washington will trim their ambitions for the next few years.


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  33. “Feeling Good About the Future After an Ugly Election”
    That really hit hard


  34. Amazing its all roses suddenly. the only reason there is no rioting is because the left thinks Biden won, he may actually be seated but the right isn’t going to riot we believe in the court system, for now anyway

    1. The right doesn’t have enough unemployed young people to sustain a riot even if they wanted to. People have to go to work and get shit done.

  35. This writer thinks it’s a good sign that there was no rioting? How obtuse can you get? Of course there was no rioting. No one was afraid of Trump supporters rioting if they lost. The plywood was for the left.

  36. Phizer announces their vaccine is 90% effective.

    S&P +3.1%

    So there’s that.

  37. Among the good outcomes were resounding defeats of referenda that would have allowed rent control, added union-backed regulations to dialysis clinics, and forced “app-based delivery and ride-sharing companies to classify drivers as independent contractors.”

    Surely you mean “force ride-sharing companies to classify drivers as employees”.

  38. Feeling good about the future?

    The Governor of New York, the state with the most COVID deaths just made a public announcement warning people against taking the Pfizer vaccine because Donald Trump is still President.

    That he said this is really not surprising, given that his own actions are why New York had such a high death toll.

    What is surprising is that NONE of the media bootlickers here are going to say a thing about it.

    Be worried Nick, be very worried.

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    2. Did you wear a mask despite the president making i uncool in your social group? Did you utter a peep of criticism of his mass superspreader rallies and getter the whole White House infected? Did you place any ounce of blame at this feet for a quarter million dead people?

      If not then shut the fuck up. You don’t care about covid, you care about pissing your pants over nothing.

      1. “Mass superspreader rallies”

        You mean like the one the Democrats just held in front of the White House?


        Cuomo’s government killed grandma with his heavy handed diktat to nursing homes and now he thinks he should be in charge of vaccine distribution.

        Look, we all know you are a lefty shill. That you step up to defend Reason authors is not really helping their pretense to being libertarians.

        1. So the answer is no, you’re still blaming all of covid on Cuomo like a brainwashed partisan monkey.

          For the record I criticized every mass gathering the left undertook. But you calling leftists hypocrites doesn’t change the fact that Trump was willfully reckless in response to the virus on a grand scale. If you supported that then how the fuck do you get off criticizing Cuomo for anything?

          Besides, MAGA rallies were a lot of old diabetics with no masks, and leftist rallies were young people with masks. So Trump is Cuomo times a million and leftists are doing exactly what you prescribe.

          1. Cuomo gets blamed for his COVID death count because the vast majority of those deaths were in nursing home residents. These are the numbers.

            Your ‘mass gatherings’ distraction is not working.

            So much for being the party of science…

  39. It won’t be a good look if Republicans refuse to act on any legislation or even refuse to assent to cabinet positions and judges, but they will probably do it anyway. This is a test of whether Republicans are still willing to go scorched earth against Democrats even when a global crisis is happening and the economy could fall to total shit. They spent all of Obama trying to make him a one term president, and when that failed they blocked his power at every turn. (This ironically but not surprisingly only served to increase the de facto power of the president.)

    Do they keep letting Americans suffer poverty and disease because they don’t like Democrats making corporate tax policy, or do they participate in governing for a change? If they have any power after this shakes out, that will be the main question.

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  40. If you think that Trump is better than Biden, consider that it was Trump that brought us Biden. If he had silenced his Twitter thumbs, quit being a troll, quit lying and making stuff up, he’d have another term coming up.

    You blame the media, but only the woke converted pay attention to the media. Blame Trump.

    Trump chased away suburban voters and he energized Democratic voters to get off their asses. Biden sure as hell didn’t outrage or energize anybody.

    1. So what lies did Trump tell? “You can keep your doctor?” lol…
      – Trump launched the ONLY De-Regulation platform in the last decade.
      – Trump made a solid effort in national defense; border wall.
      – Trump let the Constitution stand by letting State’s deal with COVID.
      – Trump de-funded the UN-Constitutional EPA.
      – Trump repealed the UN-Constitutional Obamacare mandate.

      If a person actually loves the USA (as defined by the Constitution) Trump has done less destruction of it than any predecessor before him. Considering those factors the people that hate Trump hates the USA and should MOVE.

  41. I personally feel pretty good about the future of the country at this point. Everyone should feel good about it as well. The Republicans did pretty good in the house and the senate as well. That should make all if the republicans feel pretty good too. But since the republicans did well, I wonder why everyone is crying about Trump losing. The count from every state in the senate and house votes are very close to the same number that was counted for the presidential vote. But maybe there is fraud. Perhaps all of the ballots that got opened got changed from a Trump vote to a Biden vote. But that would mean that those responsible for counting the vote only changed the vote for president and not any of the other votes for the senate or house. Is it possible that the vote counters only changed one vote on each ballot? I doubt it. It seems highly unlikely and impossible to do. I’m pretty sure that there are just a lot of republicans that don’t really care for a lying, cheating, deceptive and big mouthed president, so they either didn’t vote for trump or they voted for Biden.

    There are a lot of people here that cry fraud, fraud, fraud. But I don’t see it. I really think that there are a few million republicans out there that have just had enough of Donald Trump.

    There should probably be a recount in some states. Even though the states in question still did well on the republican side except for Trump. But count them again just to be sure. And yes, there may have been some fraud, but I’m sure there is some fraud in every election. I’m also sure that there were some ballots that got lost in the mail. But isn’t the current Postmaster General Trumps boy? Isn’t he responsible for all the lost ballots. But even if ballots were lost, I see that as a win for Donald Trump. As it stands right now, it looks like the overwhelming majority of voters who mailed in their ballots voted for Biden. So if anything, that would help Trump

    IT just seems like everyone needs to STFU and accept the loss and wait to see what happens in the states that get a recount. It might change a bit. Perhaps Trump will get a few hundred more votes in each of the states that he won or lost. But then on the flip side, maybe Biden will get a few hundred votes that he won or lost. Oh what the hell. Just give Trump a few hundred votes from every state. He still loses. Just take the loss. Hell, I voted Libertarian just like I do every election. I got used to losing, but you won’t hear me bitch about Jo Jorgenson losing buy a wide margin.

    The fact of the matter is that Trump sucks and Biden sucks less and the voters of the USA said so. Besides, most European countries are congratulating and welcoming Biden as the leader of the USA. So I guess they think Trump is an ahole too. Get over it.

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