Election 2020

Georgia Will Determine the Nation's Political Fate

No, we're not talking about the presidency.


In some sense, the fate of politics in the coming years relies on Georgia. And no, that doesn't refer to the presidential election, where, at the time of this writing, Democratic nominee Joe Biden holds a mere 1,544 vote lead over President Donald Trump. It refers to the state's two Senate elections. One is heading to a definite January runoff and the other appears ready to follow suit in the coming hours or days.

Should Republicans win one or both of those elections, the government will likely be in gridlock, with a GOP Senate majority and what's looking more and more like a Biden presidency. If the GOP fails in both races and Biden wins, the Senate would have 50 Democrats, 50 Republicans, and Vice President Kamala Harris breaking any ties.

In the three-way race between Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R–Ga.), Democrat Raphael Warnock, and Rep. Doug Collins (R–Ga.), no candidate received the necessary majority to claim victory on election night, eliminating Collins and sending the former two to a direct contest in the new year. And Sen. David Perdue (R–Ga.), who held out above 50 percent as the initial results came in, recently dipped below the requisite majority; he now boasts 49.8 percent of the vote to Democrat Jon Ossoff's 47.8 percent. If the remaining mail-in ballots cannot save Perdue, the two will likewise fight for a majority come 2021.

The implications can't really be overstated. A double-loss for the GOP would send Biden riding into the Oval Office on a blue wave, with the House and Senate in tow, writing the party a blank check for their $11 trillion in policy prescriptions. At least one win in Georgia would ensure, to some degree, that that doesn't happen.

Is the latter the best outcome? Probably.

Of course, there are downsides to every combination; no option was all that desirable, as per usual. For her part, Loeffler has been a loud and steady voice for the nationalist, Trumpian approach that voters may have wanted to send packing right along with Trump himself. What's more, a divided government comes with possible stagnation, and while the art of compromise might sound ideal, the politics of such compromise often yield lopsided results—something with which Joe Biden is deeply familiar.

But considering the alternatives, forcing a measure of restraint on a party that continues its lurch leftward might put federal governance in a healthier place than it's been in some time. No packing on the Supreme Court? Check. A return to some semblance of free trade, or at least the pre-Trump status quo? Likely. A pivot back to immigration liberalization, the likes of which reside primarily with the executive? Almost certainly.

Gridlock can be a mixed bag, but—contrary to what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.) says—it looks like neither party will be able to claim a mandate, and that's good news.

NEXT: Trump Ran as the Nation's NIMBY in Chief. It Didn't Work.

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            Is that what you’re looking for?

            1. Let’s not judge. For that, anyway.

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    2. Georgia has 2 counties that experienced the same “glitch” in software as Michigan. Tracked to an update the night before the election.


      Yeap. No fraud. No inconsistencies.

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      2. In one Nev county 6000 Trump votes were changed to Biden votes. Same software was used in 47 other counties….

        Yep! No Fraud or Inconsistencies!

        General Election voting system needs to be nationalized so rules and regulations are exactly the same in each and every state and county. Electonic voting machines should be banned altogether and only paper ballots used. Texas, where I live, and the second-most populous state in the country, uses paper ballots and it works just fine. Absentee ballots should only be given to those that can prove from a Dr that physical/mental disability or infernment keeps them from voting in person. These simple changes would help to insure the integrity of our elections!

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  2. I do not want to hear any complaints about Biden or Harris.

    Exhorting libertarians to vote for Jorgensen, when she had absolutely no chance of winning, likely gave PA, AZ, NV, GA, WI, and MI to Biden.

    Reason wanted this.

    Enjoy it.

    1. So ignorant

      I did not vote, like many Libertarians. Those who did are unlikely to have voted for either Trump or Biden. There is zero chance she cost Trump the election. The blame lies at the top. Own it.

      1. “I did not vote, like many Libertarians.”

        Tell me again about ignorance.

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        2. Your ignorance about …?

          1. Enjoy Biden. No complaints, please.

            1. “Cry more, GOPer”

              1. Enjoy Biden, “libertarian”

                1. What are Biden’s views on cockfighting? Doubt they’re SIV’s.

                  1. Regardless of the libertarian vote, the two issues here are: 1) the open fraud, and 2) the left’s/D’s open embrace of totalitarianism and stated intent to implement it.

                    If they successfully steal this election and get rid of Trump (the only elected official who has ever been a threat to the ruling/crony caste), in front of everybody’s eyes and known by The People, they’ll have a de facto mandate. They will rule as they please. SCOTUS won’t stop them. The senate won’t stop them.
                    Libertarians, you’ve seen nothing in the US like what is about to happen.

                    1. “Just smoke weed and forget about it.”
                      “There is no way the Democrats would ever violate the NAP.”
                      “Trump didn’t veto a veto-proof stimulus bill.”
                      “Two sides of the same coin.”
                      “My vote is not for sale.”

                      The above will be scrawled with a jagged shank on the gulag bathroom stalls. For the record, all the jailed libertarians will be jailed with a clean conscience.

                    2. “…Trump (the only elected official who has ever been a threat to the ruling/crony caste).”
                      Yes, this is why so much was thrown at him and why they absolutely had to get him out of office.
                      At some point we might find out that he was also corrupt (though I think they would have come up with anything that was really there by now), but the fear and hatred of him by our political insiders was enough to make me want more of him.

                    3. So were the Mensheviks, Geiger.

                      There likely will be all the weed you can smoke though. The Soviets relied on vodka to keep the proles placid.

                  2. What are Biden’s views on cockfighting? Doubt they’re SIV’s.

                    Ha, I knew you were a glib that changed his username.

      2. Only morons don’t vote, and even many of them vote.

    2. so you’re saying that had libertarians not voted for JoJo, they all would have voted and voted for Trump?

      1. I am saying they **should** have voted for Trump instead of throwing away their vote on Jorgensen and giving us Biden.

        But that’s ok.

        Enjoy Biden.

        1. It’s the Biden voters who gave us Biden. The Jorgensen voters did exactly what they should have done.

          1. That’s fine.

            I hope the Jorgensen voters enjoy Biden. They had a choice to avoid Biden, but chose to run straight into him because of some misty calculus comprised of their principles and a complete lack of pragmatism.

            1. I hope the Jorgensen voters enjoy Biden.

              They will. They are Marxists. They’re going to get a Marxist government.

            2. Not only did they have a chance to avoid Biden (which they wouldn’t have since the gap would’ve been made up by just more fraud), they had the chance to vote for the only president who’s ever opposed and fought against the very things they claim to oppose.
              Trump gave you criminal justice reform. Deregulation. Tax cuts. No new wars. Reduction of the patriot act. More school choice. Elimination of federal CRT programs. Individual obamacare mandate gone. Title IX reform. Right to try. Etc.
              JoJo endorsed and promoted the perspective of racist marxism.
              I don’t call myself a libertarian, but I’m going to assert: Trump wasn’t just the pragmatic choice in 2020 for libertarians, he was the principled choice.

              1. Why didn’t the both sides crowd like Trump?
                He fought and defeated both the Ds and the Rs.
                For as much as you like to bitch about other people being blind partisans, many of you didn’t vote for Trump because he had an (R) after his name, and you just voted for the (L).

              2. Well, he did not outright veto that one thing. And the deficit went up. And he got into a tiff with Justin Amash, the best and most effectual and most libertarian man ever in the history of our government. And he did not lay out a welcome mat to everyone that showed up at the border. And those tariffs that made absolutely no difference to anyone posting here. Scotch became like 5 whole cents more expensive. And he did not immediately legalize weed.

                Preventing the rise of a socialist administration was just not worth compromising on any of these issues.

              3. Trump was the most influential Libertarian-ish politician in 100 years and Libertarians know it.

                Its why I voted for Trump in 2020.

                1. “Its why I voted for Trump in 2020.”
                  Too bad you were unable to convince your friends and neighbors of his virtues. It’s likely your state alone will be responsible for turning the country blue. Great job.

            3. Fuck you and…..

              1. Enjoy Biden.

        2. “”instead of throwing away their vote on Jorgensen””

          A vote according to one’s principles is not a vote thrown away.

          Candidates have one job. Get the votes. If they fail, it is their fault and only their fault. It is not the fault of voter that they voted for someone else.

          1. Voters have one job.

            Think — preferably, before voting.

            Libertarians proved that they are incapable of balancing pragmatism, in the real world, against theoretical considerations and their principles.

            Enjoy Biden.

            1. Republicans proved that they are incapable of balancing pragmatism, in the real world, against theoretical considerations and their principles.

              It’s funny listening to you guys shit on the Dems for believing that Blacks should stay on their plantation and then freak out when the Ls don’t stay on yours.

              1. We are not Republicans who want to smoke pot.

                1. Enjoy Biden.


                  I don’t want to hear any complaints.

                2. No, you’re Marxists who want to smoke pot. That was never really in question. The “Republicans who want to smoke pot” trope came from the radical left whose crotch you are perpetually sniffing, not from Republicans.

                  1. Wasn’t your handle Mark Question last week?

                    Your position that libertarians are Marxists is still moronic.

                    1. Libertarians aren’t Marxists, they just enable them while pretending to be so totes different from them.

            2. …..fuck you again!

              1. Enjoy Biden.

                No complaints.

                1. Mother fucker, most of us here have been complaining about both fucking side forever. Stop with you projected guilt trip!

                  1. Liar.

                  2. Nobody gives a fuck, you stupid myopic twat.

                    Your childish “both sides” sensibilities just won you the WORSE fucking side and fucked just about everyone in the country with even a shred of concern about liberty.

                    Now you’re going to get it from one side ten times as hard as you would have gotten from the other.

                    If that doesn’t make sense to you, then you must have voted for Jorgensen.

                  3. Between a 2 inch dick in your ass, and a 10 inch dick in your ass, you guaranteed yourself the 10 inch dick by voting, with good conscience, for having a smaller asshole not as susceptible to ass fucking.

                    Enjoy the 10 inch dick in your ass. Your conscience is clean.

                    1. Awwww, I’m crushed.

                    2. You certainly will be and your conscience won’t save your ass from the pounding.

          2. Putting principles above reality is just naive and stupid. Principles are for individual actions, not actions that effect every individual. There is a reason libertarians never get anything done. They are a perfect application of the Nirvana fallacy.

          3. See above.

            If no realistic candidate can satisfy your principles, it might be your principles that are unrealistic.

        3. Why **should** libertarians have voted for Trump?

          Put up a better candidate and maybe we would have.

          1. How many times do I have to keep explaining something this simple?

            The failure …. to vote for Trump …. by libertarians …. resulted …. in margins of victory ….. for Biden.

            By not voting …. for Trump …. you got …. Biden.

            Enjoy Biden.

            No more complaints from you.

            You have forfeited that right.

            1. That wasn’t true in my state.

              Had Trump not alienated so many folks who voted for him last time, he might have been re-elected. Each one of those who defected to Biden were worth 2 who had voted for Johnson last time. A Libertarian vote might have added to the GOP tally, but take nothing from the Democrat.

            2. Every third party voter could have voted for Trump in New Mexico, and Biden still would have been 75k votes up. And I don’t just mean the Libertarians, i mean the Greens, and the psychotic asshats who voted for the “Socialism and Liberation” party candidate.

              If it had had any chance of making a difference, I’d have voted for Trump. Hell, where the margins were closer for the Senate race, I skipped the LP candidate in favor of the Republican, because despite preferring a libertarian to win, I knew that the choice was realistically between the D and the R, even if the R wasn’t particularly realistic *here*.

              So, for the love of fuck, at least have the nuance to talk about third party voters in places that there was actually a question about who was going to win.

              And hell, like Nardz says above, why do you think they wouldn’t have just manufactured more votes if that’s what it took to put Kamala in the big chair?

      2. All I can say, JoeJoe, is that the Democrats moved heaven and earth to keep the Greens off of state ballots, but didn’t give a shit whether the Libertarians were there or not.

        1. Given the ballot spots the 2016 Johnson campaign earned by scoring above state thresholds, challenges to the LP would not have been possible in many states. The most they would have done is caused lawyers to be fed.

    3. Right. They gave PA, WI, and MI to Biden.

      It totally wasn’t those unwatched countings that mysteriously went all to Biden, or those mail dumps that were entirely Biden, or the fact that a bunch of Milwaukee precincts reported more votes than there are voters.

      Yeah, those Jorgensen votes going to Trump instead would have totally pushed him over the edge. It’s not like they’d’ve been swallowed another bunch of Biden votes mysteriously appearing.

      1. Fraud only works in the margins. Eliminate the margins, eliminate the fraud.

        60,000 votes is a huge margin.

        1. fraud only works without diligence.

          1. Diligence is a conspiracy theory.

      2. Michigan’s software was apparently glitching. 6k trump votes magic turned into biden votes in one district. A 12k swing. The software was used in 47 counties. Do the math. Same software on many if the states that were battleground states.

        Amazing how all the “accidents” move in one direction.

        “In Antrim County, ballots were counted for Democrats that were meant for Republicans, causing a 6,000-vote swing against our candidates. The county clerk came forward and said, ‘Tabulating software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the votes,'” Cox said in a Friday news conference. “We have now discovered that 47 counties used this same software in the same capacity.”


        1. Trump is winning this election and they were hoping he would concede before recounts.

          Recounts catch stupid and clumsy election fraud attempts like this.

          Unreason will cry for years about Trump not conceding and his ridiculous attempts to catch Democrats cheating to win election.

          1. I hope you’re right, but I’m not going to count on the State to save us from the State.

    4. If every Jorgensen voter instead voted for Trump, then the Democrats in those states would have just “found” a few thousand more votes to offset them. While it’s important to note that every vote really should count, and this was an important election to count in, I’m not going to blame big L Libertarian voters for this mess.

      1. It is much easier to prove the big L Libertarians’ lack of pragmatism than it will be to prove fraud.

      2. What Moonrocks said. Jo voters were being stupid, but they’re not to blame for this.

        Though I can’t see the Far Left being as accommodating, four years or so from now.
        They’ll have their regulated weed and shrooms by then, so what will they care?

        1. Correct.

          Libertarians just shrugging off the election theft, however, are more than stupid – they’re willingly ignorant, and don’t want to think of the implications and consequences we’ll all face.

          1. It is easy to squawk about fraud and theft; it is difficult to offer evidence of such claims. It is time to quit singing it and to start bringing it.

            1. The courts demanded the counts finish before legal actions can commence so that is what were waiting for.

              Trump won recounts in 2016. SCOTUS is the ace in the hole. Kavanaugh, Thomas, and Barrett know how corrupt Democrats are. Its payback time.

            2. There have been countless posts of evidence each and every day since Tuesday.

              1. Not that they’ll read any of it, or believe it if they did. Fuck ’em.

    5. I do not want to hear any complaints from you Republicans.

      If you had held.your noses and voted L this wouldn’t be happening

      1. Why? Jo was a complete amateur, despite her much earlier candidacy with the LP. Had she been elected, she would have accomplished nothing. She certainly would have done nothing to stop Congress or the Executive branch agencies. And contra fever dreams of Libertarians, Congress can do things even with a Chief Executive that vetoes everything.

        All of which is academic. She got 1 percent, which is better than I thought she’d do. But you certainly got to show a guy who’d been rescinding regulations, left the Culture War crap mostly alone, and was bringing the troops home. You’re gonna’ love Biden and Harris’s views on those.

        Good job! Great Effort!

      2. Youre an idiot.

      3. I’m not complaining about libertarian votes, but I think they’re stupid and wrong. See the case above.

        But the Ds invented 180,000 instantaneous votes out of thin air at 4 am in Wisconsin, I don’t think having to add another 60,000 would’ve stopped them.

    6. Blaming others for failure is a sign of weakness. Trump should have done a better job if he loses. Also the idea that Reason is to blame for how libertarians vote has to be the stupidest take; libertarians don’t agree on much of anything, and are notoriously known to be harder to wrangle then cats.

      PS. Your tears are less sweet but just as salty as a proggies. And not that matters but I live in MD, so you can shovel that blame game shit somewhere else.

      1. Blaming others for failure is a sign of weakness

        The irony of this coming from somebody who has spent literally every day for the last 4 years bitching and whining about Clinton’s 2016 loss and latched onto wild Russian conspiracy theories to cope is beyond hilarity.

        1. Huh? I never supported Clinton and don’t think there is a Russian conspiracy. Hillary lost the election because she potentially ran the worst campaign in history and was a lying corrupt bitch who the Americans couldn’t trust and hated

      2. Why does Reason exist as a publication at all, if not to promote libertarianism and the Libertarian party?

        Insisting that a political publication that exists to influence political opinions and voting choices had nothing to do with libertarians voting Libertarian is downright absurd.

        1. Libertarians vote Libertarian because we’re Libertarian. Reason magazine didn’t indoctrinate me, I arrived hear by default after watching the major parties fuck this country. Most are tired of the corrupt bullshit. You want my vote, earn it. Donald Trump didn’t earn it.

          1. Biden sure earned your vote though.

            Enjoy Biden.

            What else can I say? You absolutely knew to a dead certainty there was zero chance your ideal candidate would win, and voted for her anyway.

            Libertarian narcissism and lack of pragmatic thinking is boundless. Again, enjoy Biden.

            No complaints.

        2. To promote Libertarianism? Yes?
          The LP? Not so much. I think they’d lose 501(c) 3 tax status if that were the case. Donors wouldn’t get tax deductions, which could be fatal to a political journal.

    7. Georgia has scheduled a recount. That means hundreds or thousands of ballots will be tossed, including LP ballots. The recount also affects the two Senate races.

      While Loeffler will likely have a runoff because of the massive spread of cotes over all 10+ candidates, perdue won 50%+, just like Trump won Georgia.

      Thousands of ballots are thrown out every major election.

      But anything could happen.

      1. “Georgia has scheduled a recount.”

        Yes, they have.

        “That means hundreds or thousands of ballots will be tossed, including LP ballots.”

        No, it doesn’t. On what grounds would they be disallowed?

        “The recount also affects the two Senate races.”

        Interesting, as the second race has neither candidate anywhere near 50%. The recount shouldn’t change who the top two will be.

        1. Accidentally hit “flag” when I meant “reply.” Oops!

          If, after a recount, a candidate’s votes total to a majority, there won’t be a runoff in that race. The race for the remainder of the term Loeffler was appointed to will definitely be a runoff. In the Perdue-Ossof race, Libertarian Shane Hazel got enough votes to prevent a first round majority for any candidate. Heh, heh!

    8. Exactly true! I truly believe the Democrats financially support these 3rd parties for this exact outcome of elections!

  3. Let’s see if Reason will endorse the GOP here on the grounds that gridlock is better than a packed court and senate.

    1. considering reason doesn’t endorse candidates, I highly doubt it

      1. They had a whole article on how they would vote…

    2. Doubtful considering that they wrote extensively in favor of court packing and a plurality of the staff voted for Biden.

  4. Binion thinks we’re going open borders and free trade. What a wet dream.

    You DO know that even under Obama and Biden they deported millions and enacted some tariffs right?

  5. In the three-way race between Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R–Ga.), Democrat Raphael Warnock, and Rep. Doug Collins (R–Ga.)


    There were more than 3 candidates. Joe Lieberman’s son, Matt running as a Democratand some doofus from the Libertarian Party and 3 or 4 more were running and on the ballot.

  6. Let me suggest the best option is a split decision in Georgia. This would give the Republicans control but a tenuous one that could not afford the loss of a single Senator. Republicans could hold up legislation they have unanimous agreement on, but still give Biden an opportunity to pick off the odd Republican. The result might be moving forward on needed legislation (immigration reform, DACA, reinforcing the ACA), but holding up large scale changes (Medicare for All or Free College) .

    1. Do you really think there will be any legislation from a Biden administration that would be worth passing? Best gridlock to protect us. All gridlock for every adminstration.

      We need a Bureau of Sabotage.

    2. Also, understand that Biden is antiimmigrarion. There will be no DACA, no immigration reform. There will be free college and the Republicans will agree to make you pay for it.

      1. He intends to lift the ban on Muslim immigration, reinstate DACA, and pretty much let anybody come over the southern border……
        He intends to have the US rejoin The Paris Climate Accord … That will cause all utility costs to double and triple. He also intends to lift all tariffs on goods from China .. He’s a real good friend of the CCP…. If they win the majority in the Senate as well, which won’t be determined until Jan, they will pack the SCOTUS… KISS several amendments of the Constitution goodbye when that happens… and the list goes on and on…

    3. Trump is winning election 2020 after all the recounts and court challenges.

      Democrats know this which is why the Narrative is attacking legal challenges as ridiculous. The MSM are liars and propagandists and nothing has changed.

      Georgia will have a runoff for Loeffler that she will win and Perdue will have 50%+ vote count after thousands of ballots are tossed from democrats and LP.

  7. I’m sure you would’ve just as well suggested that Dems hold a house in 2016. Right? Right?

    No? Oh, that’s right because this is just a Republican-lite rag.

    1. Cry more cytotoxic you stupid subhuman shit eating inbred troglodyte.

  8. A pivot back to immigration liberalization, the likes of which reside primarily with the executive? Almost certainly.

    With all those Latinos voting Trump, maybe not.

    1. “A pivot back to immigration liberalization, the likes of which reside primarily with the executive? Almost certainly.”

      Yeah, who cares if it’s unconstitutional!

      1. Any “libertarian” who supports changing the rules of naturalization with executive orders has no business complaining about the president starting wars without congressional approval.

        1. Don’t worry, libertarians don’t give a fuck about the warfare state and spent the last 4 years lamenting that Trump didn’t continue Obama’s boondoggle in Syria.

          1. Fuck outta here with the narrative that Trump was some kind of antiwar president. He droned more people than Obama, gave Saudis weapons to kill children in Yemen, and kept the troops in Afghanistan.

        2. And we may get one of those wars, too. Like Libya.

    2. Less than half, Fist? Yeah, I think they might revisit immigration liberalization.

      These new immigrants? They may or may not like Trump, but they want nothing to do with Libertarianism. See how Libertarian their home cultures and governments are.

      1. Did they really get a choice? Most of immigrants I know who experienced socialism first hand, don’t want it here. Not saying they’re libertarians but certainly not socialist.

        1. Go look at every poll Pew and others have taken among new American immigrants. You’re lucky if they only go 2 to 1 supporting big government, social safety nets, etc.

          Trump maybe, maybe got half of Hispanics to support him. Him. Not GOP views, and maybe not even his brand of populism.

          Why do you think the Democratic Party has been pushing increased immigration (along with the Chamber of Commerce wing of the GOP) and amnesty for existing illegal immigrants all of this time?

  9. Isn’t it unlikely that one of the Republican senators in Georgia will lose and one of them will win?

    The most likely outcomes are either that they both win or they both lose.

    1. I have nothing but a gut-feeling as a Georgian, but I do see it splitting. Warnock and Perdue will prevail. Warnock is very charismatic and there is no love lost between Loeffler and Collins supporters, so I don’t see Collins’ supporters turning out for Loeffler. If there is any evidence of voter fraud here in Georgia, it’s that Ossoff got that close. He’ll get a huge influx of cash–hell they all will–but I don’t give him much of a chance.

      1. If it’s about control of the U.S. Senate, though, a lot of the people who bother to show up will be taking that into consideration, right?

      2. Since Collins is more conservative than Loeffler, his supporters won’t vote for a left wing Democrat nor stay home (especially since Collins endorsed Loeffler on Tuesday).

        1. Loeffler is better than collins. Collins caved to democrats. Loeffler has not.

      3. Haha. All republicans know what Democrats will cheat to win, so every single one will vote during a runoff. Letting the democrats have the US senate or even get closer is too risky.

        Wont matter anyway. Trump is winning a georgia recount like he won recounts in 2016. Perdue will gains percentage too as democrat and LP ballots are tossed.

        AZ is run by republicans too, so Trump will win there and NC.

        PA Executive is controlled by democrats, so likely the SCOTUS will just have to toss millions of mailin ballots, giving Trump the win.

  10. It is time for this country to adopt digital voting that uses blockchain validation. Take the human factor out of it.

    1. Take out the anonymity too.

      1. You can’t. Ballots need to be secret, otherwise there could be all sorts of ways to buy people’s votes or to coerce them to vote a certain way.

    2. So we need a nationwide system of voting that can only be understood and run by Big Tech. No chance of duplicity there.

      Eat. My. Shorts.

    3. Or, just a simple method:

      1. Register to vote.

      2. Show up on election day with an ID.

      3. Vote.

      No mail-in ballots.

      None of this shenanigans. The results will be available the same day.

      Yet, nearly half the country believes these simple measures are forms of voter “suppression.”

      1. I can see how it could be voter suppression for somebody with no legs and one arm.

        1. It definitely suppresses the dead vote.

      2. Because they are suppression measures. What you described is a system that works well for you but not for others.
        Mail in ballots proved very successful, that can be shown in the fact that we had the largest turn-out for voting ever since 1908. Mail in voting is here to stay. People found it convenient. You could request and track your vote on-line, you could vote at a time of your choosing and at you dinning table, and you just mailed in or turned in your vote.
        Go back to standing in lines, rushing home from work or trying to squeeze voting in before work. No, this will change voting. State legislatures will need to adjust, mostly preprocessing of the ballot so we don’t have to wait for the count.

        1. With this I cannot agree.

          No measures that make it easier to vote should be adopted or continued. They enlarge the pool of uninformed (or relatively-uniformed) voters who are participating.

          If one is interested in a subject or activity, then they expend more time in learning it or perfecting their skill. Contrariwise, those who have no interest will expend little effort.

          Those then who are interested in a particular governmental scheme or policy or those who will shape, and have as a corollary educated themselves in these particulars, will expend a greater effort to participate. Those who are uninterested and have not educated themselves, will have less inclination to expend an inordinate effort.

          Making it more difficult to vote then proportionately enlarges the educated electorate pool. Thus, early voting, same-day registration, mail-in voting and the like defeat this purpose.

          The proper remedy is to allow all registered voter a paid day off on Election Day. Then they have the choice to visit the voting booth or, instead, some saloon to indulge themselves with their favorite beverage.

          1. Every American citizen of age has the right to vote. I hope people take time to be informed voters but they have a right to vote regardless.

      3. You mean like how those saintly/dastardly Europeans do it?

        1. Hell Earth, at this point, I want to do things how the Iraqis do it.

          What a complete and total shitshow this was. By design.

    4. Can’t use blockchain for voting. Ballots need to be verifiable and secret at the same time, which are two opposing requirements. It’s a hard problem, but people are working on it. One proposed solution is mixnets. Look into it.

      1. Do you understand the kind of identifying information that is contained on a mail ballot? What do you think happens when they verify a ballot?

        Verifiable but secret …. is not a thing.

      2. I don’t understand block chain enough to say but I understand ballots and voter information.
        We retain voter information, your name, your address, the record that you cast a ballot. Your ballot is separate for that information at the polling place the record is in the ballot book, not on the ballot you are handed. On a mail-in ballot the information is on the envelope and not the ballot inside the envelope.
        So could the same be done with block chain? The block chain retains your name, address, and record that you voted. When your identity is verified (I suggest password, plus a call back code) you have access to a ballot that contains no identifying information and which goes into separate database with no trace back to the voter.

        Can this be done?

  11. “A divided government comes with possible stagnation.” And that’s bad? In what world would an all-Democratic Congress and presidency be a good thing for libertarians?

    1. In the actual world where libertarians are Marxist shills

  12. I’m not here to criticize Georgia or her citizens, but they almost had fat assed buck toothed loud mouth no nothing Stacey Abrams as governor. It’s time for some self reflection and also time to watch your backs because the full court press of democrats, money and lawyers are coming to GA. Republicans had better bring their A game. You lose the Senate and you lose the future now.

    1. Abrams lost by 55,000 votes on an off election cycle.

      Georgia has Democrats cheating while counting ballots because they want to break the law. You cant watch everyone and trust they will count ballots fairly. They are not.

      It will get fixed because Georgia has a republican secretary of state who wont certify results just because democrats say Biden won.

      Georgia is not alone in systematic and targeted election fraud.

      The DNC and its criminal volunteers conspired to coup a duly elected president. Some other ones are conspiring to commit election fraud.

  13. Trump and Biden are two different sides of the same coin. With that said, Biden will not be any better for the American people in the middle of the political spectrum. People that chose principles and morality over a few extra bucks in their pockets or partisan hack jobs! We all wanted change five years ago but not this disruptive change. I hope that America has learned a good lesson which is never open your front door for a snake oil salesman and maybe now we can start making America great again.

    1. We all wanted change five years ago but not this disruptive change.

      Well, not all of us. You for example were shilling for Hillary Clinton the same way you did for Obama and spent 4 years latched onto Russia collusion conspiracy theories that got rammed up your stupid ass. That wasn’t very disruptive to anybody except for you, kiddo.

      1. Whatever Sevo!

    2. Agreed


    He actually, literally, unironically used the phrase “blue wave” to refer to the election that Biden lost and is unsuccessfully trying to steal, where Republicans flipped 10 house seats, and are certain to retain their senate majority. This is an election year where the prognosticators predicted a Biden victory by 17 points and colossal majorities in the senate and house since Republicans had 3 times as many seats to defend.

    Poor Billy.

    1. “and are certain to retain their senate majority. ”

      What do you know that we don’t? Three seats are still up in the air.

    2. Watch these fucking propagandists at unreason whine for years when millions of mailin ballots are tossed and Trump EC votes beat Biden.

      Election fraud will not be tolerated anymore.

      1. Forget fraud. 1-2% rejection is the going rate for mail-in ballots even without the fraud.

        Tons of these things are going to get tossed, without any fraud whatsoever simply because they illegal and/or cannot be verified.

        The question is: in which states? and by what margins?

  15. You guys have been looking in the wrong direction for quite some time.


    Get them up against the wall!

    1. They only lack the ability to these Utopian, Jacobin fever dreams into practice. Not the desire.

      It’s all our fault for not voting for Jo. LOL.

      1. ‘To put these’, autocorrect. Sigh. Back to my cocktails.

      1. But it totes can’t happen here, cyto…

    2. User has limited who can see their tweets now

  16. Maybe I’m wrong, but assuming Manchin and Sinema are going to rubber stamp every proggy wet dream legislation seems presumptous.

    1. Sinema? A former no-shit Socialist? I think she’ll be just fine rubber stamping whatever crosses her desk. She might even leverage it into greater efforts to keep her elected, since we don’t seem to prosecute election fraud anymore.

  17. I think if there is actual voting machine hacking going on, it may be going more than one direction.

    As far as I know the large-scale investments in technology were not made that might protect against it, at least not across the board.

    Some hackers would be asleep at the wheel if they weren’t trying very hard right now.

    What we may be seeing is that China has better hackers. I think non-secure elections will become a new normal until someone takes that very seriously.I feel a certain spy versus spy vibe. One side stacking for one candidate, another country stacking for the other candidate.

    The press is weirdly disinterested in a lot of things recently and far too well coordinated. What that says to me is that there have been compromised individuals in the newsrooms for a long time, and some of them got their signal. Making Glenn Greenwald quit the Intercept is a “just following orders” moment, for example.

    I’ve known enough individuals who grew up in the former USSR that I don’t underestimate them. I think Americans who grew up on Rocky and Bullwinkle do underestimate them. It isn’t “the democrats” per se, it’s the territory staked out by the commie sleeper agents. “The democrats” are like pinballs bouncing in a machine of propaganda; but there are other pinball machines.

    We may say “the democrats” but what we mean is that someone up the chain dropped a pebble into the pond and all the little fish thought it was food and swam over. It happens in a variety of contexts.

    I think part of the reason Trump was supported, was the sense that he would gut the security apparatus. Old NY mob FBI versus some new oligarchs. Now that is as conspirac-y a theory as one is likely to encounter, but certainly progress was made on that front in the last four years. In the world we live in, a nation needs a functioning security apparatus. Is it weird, yes, do we need it, yes. Do we have it now, maybe not. All the crowing that our elections aren’t influenced or hacked is very premature. Some would like to blame the DNC, but there’s no reason that I see to think it was a) only one group and b) all with the same agenda.

    1. It’s the global socialist (or just globalist, if you prefer) cabal, and yes they have factions within like any totalitarian party/regime vs nations and the middle/working class.

    2. Some Georgia counties added printed ballot paper copies that you put in a lockbox after voting on a voting machine.

      Democrats were hoping Trump would concede and there would be no recount.

      Its why the MSM and unreason are freaking out that Trump is fighting the fix.

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  19. Gridlock is a feature, not a bug. No, I don’t want “compromise”. I want the Executive and Legislative branches fighting with each other. I want the House and the Senate disagreeing. I want the feds and the states to push against each other. When they are all fighting each other, they leave the rest of us alone.

  20. Democrats will have Collins and Murkowski on some issues, and maybe Romney.

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