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Ted Cruz Threatens To Force Facebook and Twitter Heads To Testify About Hunter Biden Article

Plus: Supreme Court won't stop Pennsylvania from counting late ballots, proposed amendment would limit Court to nine justices, and more...


Congress may compel Twitter and Facebook to answer for why they temporarily suppressed a New York Post article alleging corruption by Joe Biden's son Hunter. The plan takes allegations about Twitter and Facebook's alleged "censorship" to absurd new heights. In the name of sticking up for the First Amendment—which protects people from censorship and compelled speech by their government, not the other way around—and stopping bias, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee want to help compel the platforming of speech that could help their side.

Trying to suppress the Post article may have been a dumb call by Twitter and Facebook. However, the First Amendment does not prohibit private companies from abridging speech. And the government can only compel a private individual or group to help platform a particular message in very limited circumstances.

That's a limited government principle that Republicans champion when it comes to speech they don't like—for instance, in a case where crisis pregnancy centers were compelled by California to post messages with information about accessing abortion services. The state said this was simply neutral information and patients at these centers could do with it what they wanted. But the crisis pregnancy centers (and many Republicans) argued that this infringed on their First Amendment rights, and the Supreme Court agreed.

Alas, these days, Republicans frequently espouse a desire to compel or coerce social media companies into sharing certain messages. Hence the current move to make Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg face a full Senate Judiciary Committee inquiry over why, for a short period, they limited distribution of a story making questionable but damning claims about the Democratic presidential candidate and his son.

At least some people seem to be thinking twice about this, thank goodness. "The Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday postponed plans to vote on subpoenas to compel the CEOs of Twitter and Facebook to testify on allegations of anti-conservative bias after some panel Republicans expressed reservation about the maneuver," reports Politico:

The panel announced Monday it will now consider whether to authorize the subpoenas at a high-profile executive session Thursday where it is separately expected to approve Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. The committee said in a statement it will continue to negotiate with the companies 'to allow for voluntary testimony' by the CEOs, but that if an agreement is not reached the panel will move ahead with a vote on the subpoenas 'at a date to be determined.'

Judiciary staff has indicated internally that plans for the vote were delayed in part due to some GOP panel members wavering on whether to support the action, according to one Senate GOP aide, who spoke anonymously to discuss private negotiations. Republican officials have also expressed trepidation about how quickly the committee has moved to vote on the subpoenas, the aide said. A committee spokesperson did not immediately offer comment on the matter.

But Sen. Ted Cruz (R–Texas), chair of the committee's subcommittee on the Constitution, remains undeterred in his quest to violate constitutional rights.

"One way or another, either voluntarily or pursuant to subpoena, they will testify and they will testify before the election," Cruz told reporters yesterday.

Dorsey, Zuckerberg, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai are already scheduled to testify before a Senate committee once next week. On Wednesday, the Commerce Committee plans to grill them about Section 230.


The U.S. Supreme Court won't intervene to stop Pennsylvania from counting ballots that come in up to three days post-election. "The court on Monday rejected a Republican plea to pause a September ruling from Pennsylvania's state supreme court that allowed ballots to be counted as long as they are postmarked by election day and received up to three days later," reports The Guardian.

The 4-4 decision saw Chief Justice John Roberts and the three liberal justices ruling to allow the lower court's decision to stand. (The even split leaves the lower court decision standing.) University of Kentucky law professor Joshua A. Douglas explains some broader implications of the ruling here.


Senate Republicans are introducing measures to limit the Supreme Court to nine justices. "The first proposal, also known as the 'Keep Nine' amendment, would amend the U.S. Constitution to prevent the expansion or contraction of the Supreme Court and codify the current nine-member court," explains a press release. "The second proposal would require a supermajority (two-thirds) vote before any legislative effort to modify the size of the Court could be considered in the Senate."


Restaurants fight for the right to happy hour. On the R Street Institute's new The Right to Drink podcast, "booze expert and host Jarrett Dieterle explains why some states allow happy hour and others don't—and the fight to change that." Dieterle talks to business owners in three different states who have run up against these regulations.

Our trip starts in Northern Virginia in 2009, when a man named Geoff Tracy decided to open a restaurant in an area called Tyson's Corner. Chef Geoff, as he's known, was already a very successful restauranteur by this point, owning several well-regarded establishments in nearby Washington, D.C. and Maryland. But as experienced as he was, crossing over the border into Virginia for his newest restaurant proved trickier than he'd imagined. That's because Virginia had something that neither DC nor Maryland had: a government that effectively outlawed happy hour."

Listen to the whole thing here.


• This is fun:

• A woman was charged with a misdemeanor after feeding a bear in a TikTok video.

• "Although well-intentioned, term limits have a problem," writes R Street Institute Governance Project fellow Anthony Marcum at USA Today. "Not only are they unconstitutional, but they will have the exact opposite result proponents wish for."

• In case you need to escape into more fiction reading these days…Dazed has interesting recommendations on new English-language book releases from authors around the world.

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397 responses to “Ted Cruz Threatens To Force Facebook and Twitter Heads To Testify About Hunter Biden Article

  1. Congress may compel Twitter and Facebook to answer for why they temporarily suppressed a New York Post article alleging corruption by Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

    The Streisand Hearings.

    1. Hello.

      Ugh. Those friggin amulets.

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    2. I’m not as concerned about the DNC operatives who own Facebook and Twitter trying their best to hide this story.
      I want to know why the FBI sat on this story for over a year.
      Had the store owner not eventually called in Giuliani, we would never have heard of this until after the election if at all.
      The FBI needs to have the entire leadership sent to jail. And this likely applies to the CIA, NSA, and DOJ as well, at a minimum.

      1. Between this and the piss dossier/FISA shenanigans, the FBI and CIA should probably be burnt to the ground and built from scratch at this point. It would be nice if these dipshits could spend more time ferreting out the Democrats and quite a large number of Republicans as well selling the country down the river to the Communist Chinese, but they clearly haven’t had anything important to do since the Cold War, while Islamic terror risks have plummeted as our operations in the Middle East continue to get spun down, and they’re clearly bored and in such a state of mission ennui that they actually bought a psyop sourced from Hillary’s election team.

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      2. Or maybe get rid of everything but the US Marshal’s Service, and let the military handle the spying?

      3. The problem here is that if Trump were to do anything here, they would impeach him in a hot minute.

        1. Did you just cite the swamp in order to defend the swamp?

        2. Lol, did you even think while reading that agitprop WK?

          The FBI’s had Biden’s laptop for well over a year, but listen to this shill pretend that the just got it the other day and haven’t had a chance to peep inside yet:

          “If the FBI is still working to determine whether a dubious New York Post story was the fruit of a Russian disinformation campaign, then why did the nation’s top intelligence leader denounce the notion on TV this morning?

          Crazy. How stupid does he think his readers are?

          1. Well, White Knight is one of his readers, so at least one of them is at least as dumb as he thinks.

          2. The FBI has not confirmed they have any laptop. Ratcliffe, a pro-Trump partisan, says they do, but as the linked story point out, Ratcliffe is saying things that contradict the FBI’s actions.

            Unlike you, I don’t claim to know the truth psychically. I’m just following the news as it comes out.

    3. The new method for social media companies to judge whether to suppress or release news stories from major media outlets:

      If the gatekeeper agrees with the story, release it with a mild disclaimer, like “big, if true”.

      If the gatekeeper disagrees with the story, block it until all sources are revealed and verified, or until after the election.

      1. The problem with that narrative:
        – Facebook didn’t block the Hunter Biden laptop story. They temporarily reduced circulation of the story while they fact checked it. Facebook does that kind of thing all the time. It wasn’t some one-off special treatment.
        – Twitter has responded to criticism and changed their policy already. You can find the Biden story all over Twitter.

        1. I wish I was a left winger so I could sell you a bridge.

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  2. The U.S. Supreme Court won’t intervene to stop Pennsylvania from counting ballots that come in up to three days post-election.

    Do procrastinators lean Democrat?

    1. No, but people that vote from the trunks of random cars sure do.

    2. Notice Roberts was instrumental in this 4-4 decision leaving Court of Appeals decision in place.

      Roberts will hate Barrett always blowing up his Democrat-loving crap decisions.

      1. When GW Bush dies, I will fly to where his grave is and piss on it.

        1. But only on a carbon neutral, electric airplane of course. Stay well-grounded.

          1. The plane should have its own coal fired boiler, since that is where the electricity would likely come from anyway.

        2. Yeah? I plan to honor some culture’s food on his grave.

    3. Do procrastinators lean Democrat?

      I’ll check on that and get back to you.

    4. The U.S. Supreme Court won’t intervene to stop Pennsylvania from counting ballots that come in up to three days post-election.

      Based on a postmark…so that means there will be a skeleton crew of postal employees until the 3rd, when it’s quadruple overtime.

      1. No, apparently no postmark is required.

        Nothing to worry about that.

    5. 3 days seems reasonable, if they are postmarked by election day.

      1. They act as if the Post Office can’t handle a large influx of mail that they can prepare for. You know, like they do with Christmas cards every year?

  3. If the Republicans win, social media companies are fucked. So blatantly suppressing unflattering facts about your favored candidate sets you up for being an unsympathetic victim.

    1. They really aren’t though. Jim Jordan will have more hearings, hoot and holler, then go cash his google checks.

    2. If Biden, social media companies are fucked but for different reasons.

    3. Or they simply lose favored protections like other sectors of the economy. The horror. Maybe they can be held for contract violations as well. Again, a horror.

      1. A lie repeated often enough becomes true, eh? Never mind that they aren’t enjoying special protections and aren’t violating anyone’s contract.

        1. How many times will it take for your lie, of no special protection, to become true?

        2. Wow. you’ve said some dumb things before, but this one is just hilarious. Yes, 230 is extra legal protections not enjoyed by other industries, it is a carve out for tech firms. That is a fact. One you actually seem to deny because you aren’t intelligent.

          And as has been linked to you and pointed out to you many times, California judges have stretched 230 to cover ToS violations, a contract. So again. You’re either ignorant or lying. Most likely both. Ken even linked to a case just a few days ago, in a thread you were in.

          1. Didn’t see it. The forum lends itself to fragmented discussions. Plus, half the time, when you say that *i* was on a thread you are referring to someone else because you are doing the CACLL sock puppet bit.

            As I’ve linked to multiple times, and I’m sure you have seen, all the major social media sites have clearly stated clauses in their terms of use that say they can cancel your account or your posts without explanation. If there’s a social media site that doesn’t have such a clause in their TOS they should fire all their very expensive lawyers.

  4. Zuckerberg can stand before Congress and flatly admit that Facebook engages in overt political censorship and nothing will be done about it.

    1. You seem lost. This is a libertarian website. Here we believe that people decide how to run their own businesses, not the government.

      1. Is it? Seems it’s fascist-lite in the past few years.

        1. More corporatist.

          1. With definite hatred of the Constitution and reducing government that does not cater to Lefty agendas, like ObamaCare.

        2. Only thanks to your efforts, Jeff.

        3. Yes, global megacorps working solely in the interest of a single political party could certainly be considered fascist. Thanks for admitting your side has embraced it.

      2. Libertarians for favored protections from government?

        1. I get your meaning Jesse, but to be clear, they are not being protected from government they are getting special protection provided to them by the government.

          Which is totes libertarian.

          1. It is a promised benefit that reduces their costs associated with legal liabilities. If the benefit was so good it should be expanded to all industry instead of being isolated to online industry.

        2. What favored protection?

          1. The one everyone, but the galactically stupid, knows about.

            1. So, you have no idea what JesseAz is referring to. You could just admit that or remain silent.

          2. What do you think liability exemptions are?

            1. What liability exemptions specifically are your referring to?

      3. You seem to have trouble with reading comprehension. I did not endorse any government action. Nothing will be done because the government has no power to take any affirmative legislative or regulatory action without running afoul of the First Amendment.

      4. But blatantly fraudulent and deceptive claims are illegal. You’re not allowed to claim that your bottled water will cure grandma’s cancer. That’s illegal, and even most self-proclaimed libertarians are OK with that.

        1. How does this relate to social media?

          1. I’m skeptical that you really don’t know, but here goes: the social media sites’ Terms of Service are blatantly deceptive, dishonest, and fraudulent. They’re claiming to be open and impartial free speech communication services, when they’re anything but.

            It’s really quite simple: all they have to do is just stop lying and tell the truth about what they really are: left liberal democratic party propaganda organs. If they do that, then they can ban any users and content they want to their hearts’ content, and nobody can stop them or has a leg to stand on against them.

            They can’t have it both ways though. They can’t do this bullshit of operating like party operatives while lying and saying that they’re not. That’s fraud.

    2. I think that is fine. ENB is shamelessly misrepresenting the Republicans, implying that they have invoked the First Amendment in their criticism of Facebook and Twitter. They have done no such thing.

      I certainly don’t think the government should do a thing to compell facebook to share or suppress any info they don’t want to. But then, I think they are perfectly fine bringing Zuck and Jack in front of a panel to try and defend it.

      These companies have every right to be politically biased assholes. And the Senate has every right to call them in front of a panel and ask them to explain themselves. (And both companies have rights to not answer questions).

      1. But Sen. Ted Cruz (R–Texas), chair of the committee’s subcommittee on the Constitution, remains undeterred in his quest to violate constitutional rights.

        Yeah, I’m not sure that calling on somebody to explain why they made the decision they made is a violation of their constitutional rights – they’re free to invoke their Fifth Amendment rights or free to refuse to answer, aren’t they?

        1. Again the question: is she being ignorant or dishonest?

          1. Yes. Why make a false choice.

            1. Correct answer.

        2. Well, maybe. They can only invoke their Fifth Amendment rights if they are actually at risk of being charged with a crime. You can’t just ‘take the Fifth’ to get out of a subpoena. (If they could, I know a whole lot of internal legal departments that would jump at the chance to get out of the seemingly endless distraction and cost of responding to third-party subpoenas.)

          Nor can they simply refuse to answer unless they are willing to risk citation for Contempt of Congress. Granted, the committee would have to show some connection between the requested testimony and prospective legislation. But that’s a trivially easy hurdle to pass these days.

          1. Unless they are granted immunity from prosecution for perjury, then the 5th is fine.

      2. I was not complaining about the lack of regulation, but commenting on how dragging anyone in to testify before Congress is nothing more than theater.

      3. Do I send the bill to Ted Cruz or to the Senate for wasting taxpayer money on this?

        1. They are salary.

        2. You would rather they accomplish things?

          Sweet fuck all is the best possible outcome.

      4. I also think airlines should be able to kick anyone off a plane, keep the center seat open because of hysteria, and require hysterical masks on flights.

        BUT THEN THEY DONT GET BAILOUT MONEY when these stupid plans fail.

      5. Considering these companies wouldn’t be the monsters they are today without massive government investment and tax breaks, they probably shouldn’t complain when the government decides to turn the screws on them when they go off the reservation and practice open election interference on behalf of a preferred candidate.

        Like I said last night, we need to stop believing this nonsense myth about pluck Silicon Valley nerds building their companies from scratch. They control the market share that they do because the powers that be allowed them to do so, not through any initiative of their own. Again, what makes them any less parasitical on the taxpayer dollar from a professional sports team that gets the taxpayers to build them stadiums AND lease the land afterwards for pennies, while the same teams get millions in ad revenue from TV deals?

        1. The problem with turning the screws on them is that you’re also turning the screws on any potential competitors (unintended consequences and all that), essentially locking in the current oligopoly.

          1. What potential competitors? These companies didn’t get to where they are without significant government investment and political contacts to begin with.

            That’s what I keep saying and what the “build your own internet!” morons keep missing–these guys are in the position they are precisely BECAUSE the government and its proxies have been holding their hands most of the way, not because of the free market. The internet and its most powerful companies are the way they are now by government design, not by an organic process.

            We can’t make the argument that hurting these guys is going to have long-term consequences to competition, because the whole game has basically been rigged in their favor for years thanks largely to government largesse.

            1. Apart from Section 230, what else are you referring to?

              1. Section 230 is a red herring at this point.

      6. Mark and Jack simply need to explain whether, based upon their recent suppression of the Post story, they believe their businesses to be either Interactive Computer Services or Information Content Providers.

        Section 230 plainly stating

        “(3)Information content provider
        The term “information content provider” means any person or entity that is responsible, in whole or in part, for the creation or development of information provided through the Internet or any other interactive computer service.”

    3. they will ask him to do more overt political censorship, since good people can’t be Republicans anymore

  5. Senate Republicans are introducing measures to limit the Supreme Court to nine justices.

    The GOP has always been against packers.

    1. Yeah, they have been more patriots fans, I guess.

    2. I think that they should make it 50 justices, each one recommended by a State governor to the Senate.
      It’d dilute the majesty of the court and the politics.

      1. We almost have that with federal circuit courts.

        The Founders were correct to have a judicial branch with a few justices that control all lower courts.

        The problem is America is more Conservative than not and Democrats have been losing nationally, so they tried using the courts to subvert Congress.

        This is Democrats fault for trying a strategy to politicize the SCOTUS and it backfired on them….again.

        1. It’s not that Americans are more Conservative (big C) but that we prefer compromise and a slow rate of change. Left wing dems tend to forget that in their race towards socialist utopia.

          1. Yes… slow boils are far more comfortable.

      2. So 17th amendment part 2?

  6. Has any “journalist” at Reason attempted to show these emails are false?

    Has anyone at Reason compared the old claims of “Russia interference” with the 2016 claims?

    Or are you all going through your cocktail party outfits and getting reading for COVID to be over November 4?

    1. The priestly class in the media has already declared that the emails are obviously Russian disinformation. That’s all the proof a peasant like you should need.

    2. Has anyone proven they’re true? Hell, Fox News of all places passed on it because it was obvious horseshit.

      1. Fox News also corroborated a handful of emails from those in the email chain.

        But you continue to push the other narrative.

        1. You really think Jeff would do That? Just go on the internet and tell lies?
          Anyone could log onto Fox and see if he’s telling the truth or not. He couldn’t be that stupid.

          1. Oh no, he really is.

      2. Yes, and the Biden campaign hasn’t even disputed their authenticity

        1. The biden lawyer even filed suit to reclaim the property.

          1. What right do they have to Russian property?

          2. From what I gather, his deadbeat son failed to pay the PC repair guy on time so under Delaware law those drives belong to him now, sort of like a mechanic’s lien.

            We really need better words than “crackhead” and “deadbeat” to describe Hunter Biden, I feel like he’s really giving 110% to those disciplines and deserves a better title.

            1. Also, the repair contract explicitly states title transfers to the shop after 90 days.

              1. Yeah, it falls under property abandonment.

                Considering these “foundations” are typically giant grifting operations for their board members, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hunter just bought a new set of laptops because they already had money to burn on new models. The Macbook models that were dropped off were apparently a pretty common purchase item by various NGOs in the mid-2010s.

            2. King of Crack?

              1. Read in Michael Buffer’s voice:

                The Degenerate from Delaware, The Corruption Kid, The Democratic Disappointment, The Ensign Addict, Yale’s Yayo Man….


            3. “crackmaster”?

            4. CrackerJack.
              He’s good pals with Corn Pop.

      3. “Even Fox News passed on it” seems to be one of the recent talking points getting spat out to the NPCs.

        1. Progressives all fall in line once the narrative is distributed, so they assume everyone else does.

    3. Mind you, the writers here thought the allegations against Kavanaugh were all credible.

      1. After a couple years of thinking Russia! Was credible.

      2. The agenda here is so blatant, and it’s all on behalf of a tax raising imperialist

        1. The next Libertarian Moment!

  7. Ted Cruz Threatens To Force Facebook and Twitter Heads To Testify About Hunter Biden Article

    And why shouldn’t they? Millions of Americans are confused about the rules surrounding the article imposed by these big tech corporations on the modern public square, and the heads of these big tech corporations have yet to clarify them after over a week. I think it’s more than reasonable to have them testify on the topic as a matter of public interest.

    1. They have been incredibly clear. If it helps progressives, socialist, the radical left, or woke ass hats it’s okay. If it helps Republicans, libritarian, capitalists, or people wo prefer freedom it’s bad and will be censored

      1. No, they haven’t been clear at all. That’s the subtext you can read based on their enforcement of rules that may or may not be privately held, but the rules they publish as their terms of service have been completely apolitical, even as they constantly evolve.

        Hence the confusion. The rules as published and understood by the public are apolitical but the enforcement suggests that the rules are very much partisan, just as you describe..

        1. Thats why Nunez sued under the legal idea of negligence. Arbitrary enforcement of their ToS led to harm. Still winding its way through the courts.

        2. They have been Absolutly clear. The Google execs said that they tried to swing the election and won’t let 2016 happen again.

          1. That was in a secret meeting that got leaked. They didn’t expect that to become public, just part of their (possibly unwritten) private rules that they don’t publish but which actually drives their enforcement of the published rules.

            If anything, that could be used as evidence that they intended to favor one campaign over another in a partisan manner if the next Trump administration tries to get them on campaign finance violations. But it does nothing to explicitly clarify the terms of service that they publish.

    2. I tend to agree with this.

      The interesting thing here is that Republicans are trying to trap these leaders into a perjury trap. I do not think it will work, because so much of this is subjective.

      There is enough evidence for most people to assume that if they are not ACTIVELY trying to favor the Dem candidate, then they have such a pervasive bias as to essentially guarantee it. The fact that Facebook has hired Dem operatives who brag about suppressing articles makes it difficult to deny.

      But deny, they will do. Zuck will stand up there and say “No we are not trying to tilt this election. We are trying to do what you in congress INSISTED we should do, and suppress misinformation. Based on our judgement, this had all the earmarks of misinformation!”

      And even if Zuck is lying through his teeth, that statement cannot be proven as a lie. And of course, this is why all the congressional attempts to influence these companies will result in a worse case scenario anyways.

      16 years ago, Dan Rather tried pumping a bunch of fake news into the campaign to submarine Bush’s re-election. Rather than be suppressed, these memos were spread around the internet and disproven within 24 hours. It is noteworthy that the Democrats are the ones who fear such a spread of information, and insist that Private companies start limiting the flow of info.

      1. I do not understand why people cannot just stop using Facebook and Twitter.

        1. Well, a lot of boomers never started.
          We use cell phones for talking, and go visit friends in person.

          1. GenXer here who resembles that remark

      2. Are they trying to perjury trap them, or just trying to look like they’re dying something?

        1. Yes, that is perhaps true. Just trying to keep the story in the news for one more cycle.

          The problem is that the media is doing a pretty good job of vaguely referring to “Deeply suspect information allegedly hacked from Hunter Biden’s computer” instead of the actual story…Even Fox spends zero time talking about the emails, and the whole time talking about Twitter and Facebook

          1. Fox is controlled (barely) opposition to the left.
            Outside of their editorialists, their news pimps the same bullshit narratives as the rest of the msm.
            And none of them care about appearances anymore, because persuasion isn’t the goal. They are simply trying to brainwash enough people into making their fraud possible, and decrease resistance to their totalitarian seizure of power.
            The US is at war, and very much at risk of being conquered.
            If the US is conquered, liberty will be extinguished and mass democide will be on deck.
            We are at the point of kill or be killed.

      3. “We are trying to do what you in congress INSISTED we should do, and suppress misinformation”

        Note that this is what Democrats in Congress insisted. I don’t think that Republicans had ever insisted on this, at least in the last four years. If Congressional Republicans are trying to “unmask” the political bias of social media companies, this isn’t going to help the social media companies whether they’re legally right or not.

        1. Yeah, I said as much in the following paragraph.

          That said, to be fair, government has insisted all sorts of things- from nationalization, to section 230, to FEC “In kind Contribution”, FCC public utilities, and russian collusion.

          Twitter/Facebook are naturally going to pick and choose the arguments from the government that they think will help them in the long run. And colluding with their allies in government to suppress information is probably the best thing- it gets them a permanent seat at the table, and puts into place many, many barriers for competitors.

          While I agree that Republicans are trying to get Zuck and Dorsey in front of the country to defend obvious political bias, they are also getting them in front of Dem senators on the same committee who will flog the “Misinformation” bandwagon.

          You may be confident that the GOP will hold the Senate next year, but ask yourself what happens if they do not. If the senate moves to “Deal with the problems with social media”, do you think the average person will be able to distinguish between “opening up information” and becoming a “government backed censor”, or will it be enough that the senate was seen “Doing Something”?

          1. To be clear, I don’t think Congress should be doing anything other than removing regulations that stifle competition to big tech (except maybe to rewrite section 230 to clarify that it’s not a catch-all exception to every other law as it’s currently interpreted). I think any sort of content review mechanism is bad regardless of whether it’s the Republicans or the Democrats that start with it.

            I was just pointing out that the point of Congressional hearings is to get some juicy soundbites for public consumption, and getting big tech to publicly admit that they take suggestions from Democrat lawmakers (eg. policing “misinformation”) and disregard suggestions from Republican lawmakers (eg. acting as platform rather than publisher, even just adjusting terms of service to that end), is the sort of thing that Senate Republicans are after.

          2. “becoming a “government backed censor”,”

            They already are.

        2. “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider”

          Yep, absolutely insists on suppression of free speech. No question.

      4. There is enough evidence for most people to assume that if they are not ACTIVELY trying to favor the Dem candidate, then they have such a pervasive bias as to essentially guarantee it.

        Considering how many of their upper management execs started working with the Biden campaign over the last few weeks, that’s a given at this point.

        Does anyone really think these guys aren’t in communication with their former colleagues and bosses? Hell, the “SHUT IT DOWN” actions last weekend could provide enough of a pretext to get a warrant for email and text communications between them and current management. All you need is one instance of them saying to each other, “we need to coordinate on clamping down on this thing,” and they’re utterly fucked.

  8. “Congress may compel Twitter and Facebook to answer for why they temporarily suppressed a New York Post article alleging corruption by Joe Biden’s son Hunter.”

    Ummmmm, because the Post is promoting obvious Russian disinformation?


    1. So obvious the DNI can’t even see it.

    2. You know, the video where Hunter is diddling with the little Chinese girl is really quite something. So are the emails. Especially the email where they hold out 10% for the big guy.


  9. That’s because Virginia had something that neither DC nor Maryland had: a government that effectively outlawed happy hour.

    Virginia is for full-price alcohol lovers.

    1. Yes it is. That is why the ABC stores were declared essential.

    2. A place by me has $2 beers cuzza the rona. Not Natty Bo either. Like 7% IPAs. And they seem to be 16-20 oz beers. It’s only a few blocks away. I have to watch myself. It’s great but it’s kinda bad too.

      1. Natty Boh is delicious, screw your IPAs. Get yourself some Maryland blue crabs and you got yourself a feast.

      2. “Like 7% IPAs. ”

        Now you know why they’re giving them away.

    3. I was living in VA when I turned 21. The bar my group hung out at had quarter beer nights, as in a bottle of some domestic piss beer for 25 cents. Things got unruly on these nights.

      Anyways, VA ABC found out about it and put an end to it. Apparently it’s illegal to sell alcohol below cost in VA.

  10. The plan takes allegations about Twitter and Facebook’s alleged “censorship” to absurd new heights.

    I suppose “censorship” has been written out of the latest edition of the Newspeak dictionary.

    1. You mean

    2. It is now listed as offensive according to Merriam-Webster.

    3. The job of the Minitrue has turned out to be so much easier in reality. Where in Orwell’s vision they had to physically collect, destroy, and redistribute all the copies of items that were “corrected,” now with a few keystrokes by our latter-day Winston Smiths sitting at their desks, the change is made and distributed instantly. I’m just waiting for some kind of action against the Internet Archive/Wayback Machine- a copyright suit brought by Big Tech or something- to eliminate them. It is literally the only way we have to not be completely gaslit and have “facts” changed overnight. Just look at when Webster’s redefined “preference”- without the Archive to confirm what the page said previously, those claiming that the definition had been changed overnight would have been written off as conspiracy theory nutjobs.

  11. Which words first appeared in print the year you were born?

    I was the one who had to decide what to call everything because nothing had names yet. They kept bringing me things. It was a huge pain in the ass.

    1. You phoned it in when it was time to name the animals of Australia.

      1. I’d call them Chazwuzzers

  12. Which words first appeared in print the year you were born?

    In future generations there will be a database of all the words that were hastily redefined the year you were born.

  13. Ugh, I see conservatives are pouncing on the fact that Jeffrey Toobin masturbated in front of his coworkers because he didn’t realize his camera was on. I mean really, so what? It was an honest mistake.


    1. Yeah, real conservatives are into watching other dudes fuck their wives. The Bible says bad things happen to wonton seed-spillers like Onan.

      1. You should stay out of internet here discussions pedo.

        1. Internet jerk*

        2. He never fails with making the creepiest comments. Someone should alert his P.O.

          1. I’m sure they get transcripts.

      2. Palin’s Pedo Fetish jumps in to defend his lefty boos.

        At least he was jerking it to his female colleagues on video chat and not their little kids, so that does put him one step above you. Not a big step, but a step nonetheless.

        1. Jane Mayer? Ugh!

    2. I love how he apologized for not knowing the camera was on. Is masturbating during a meeting with your co-workers OK if they can’t see you?

      1. Depends, is he a screamer?

      2. “Is masturbating during a meeting with your co-workers OK if they can’t see you?”

        Is this the new “If a tree falls in a forest…”?

        1. He was invited to the meeting, so he came…

          1. gotta give you props for that one

  14. The most halarious thing that can be done is institute a rule that the user can modify the user agreement and all they have to do is email it to the company for it to be valid. I am a firm believer in turnabout is fair play.

    1. No no. Reason doesn’t believe contract law should apply to SV

      Imagine a user could do this with their personal information and change how it can be used by social media companies….

  15. Not only are they unconstitutional, but they will have the exact opposite result proponents wish for.

    Things are only unconstitutional until they’re not. It’s interesting that the only constitutional protections government finds sacrosanct are the ones protecting them.

    The effect of term limits is to stop entrenched bureaucracy from extending all the way to the top. The only possible argument against them is they remove voter choices.

  16. Documents appear to show Hunter Biden’s signature on $85 receipt for repair of laptops left at Delaware store at center of email scandal – while other paperwork reveals FBI’s contact with owner

    1. MBNA Paid Biden’s Son As Biden Backed Bill
      AUGUST 25, 2008 / 8:01 PM / CBS/AP

      A son of Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden was paid an undisclosed amount of money as a consultant by MBNA, the largest employer in Delaware, during the years the senator supported legislation that was promoted by the credit card industry and opposed by consumer groups.

      Barack Obama’s presidential campaign said Biden helped forge a bipartisan compromise on the measure, which is now law and makes it harder for consumers to obtain bankruptcy protection in the courts.

      MBNA’s consulting payments to Hunter Biden, first reported by The New York Times, followed his departure in 2001 from the company, where he had been an executive.


        BREAKING: A 2017 legal contract found on Hunter Biden’s laptop reveals a former Chinese official agreed to pay Biden a $1 million retainer just to offer advice on retaining other law firms in U.S. The Chinese official was convicted the next year of paying bribes in unrelated deal

        1. Wonder what Daddy’s cut was from that.

  17. Biden Ad Portrays Wealthy Tech Investor as Struggling Small Business Owner
    Detroit heir made max contributions to Biden amid bar’s coronavirus struggles

    According to a 2018 interview with local NBC affiliate Click on Detroit, Malcoun became a well-known “angel investor” in local tech startups after receiving a large inheritance from his wife’s late grandfather roughly a decade ago. He described the inheritance as “almost like winning the lottery.”

    “Usually you become a CEO and you make money, and then the money allows you to become an angel investor first,” he said. “I happened to have different circumstances where I had money [first].”

  18. OK, leave the red states out of the new blue state constitution

    The Constitution Is the Crisis
    There’s no reason why a rigged Supreme Court should have the final say on the law of our land.

    That said, the American left should work toward abolishing the Constitution someday—either for a new document or a new democratic order without a written constitution. If a new constitution were written, it would be our third. It’s not at all obvious why what the Founders and Framers thought and did should determine how we govern ourselves today, but for those who believe so, the fact that the Constitution is the second governing document they came up with—and the means by which they did away with the first—should have profound implications. The Articles of Confederation, as we’re all taught, really were unworkable. They established a disjointed country with a pitifully weak national government. But there was a process for amending them, and amending them was, in fact, what the constitutional convention was convened to do. It ultimately produced a radically new document; per the Articles, even the slightest amendment would have to be unanimously approved before taking effect.

    The Framers gathered immediately that this would be impossible. Rhode Island, for one, hadn’t even sent a delegate to the convention. They might have chosen to respect the existing document and the process anyway. But they didn’t. It was decided that it would take nine states to ratify the Constitution. Why? Because Article VII of the unratified Constitution said so. Its eventual ratification by all 13 states was made possible by that circularity as well as political and economic pressures. “The last states deciding whether to ratify the Constitution—after the approval of nine others had already made it operational⁠—faced the prospect of being excluded from the union, denied federal military protection, and subjected to trade sanctions,” Harvard’s Michael Klarman writes in The Framers’ Coup. “Moreover, only those states that had ratified the Constitution would be allowed to participate in important decisions to be made by the first federal Congress, such as choosing the nation’s permanent capital and possibly proposing amendments to the Constitution.”

    1. That said, the American left should work toward abolishing the Constitution someday

      In other words, nothing new under the sun.

      1. Actually abolishing it instead of just pretending it doesn’t exist would be progress. At least then they’d be paying lip service to rule of law.

    2. I’d be happier than a pig in shit to jettison off red states into their own union. Go build your beloved utopia in places like Kansas and Arkansas and leave the rest of us alone.

      1. You’re not in the majority anywhere, Jeff.

      2. Yeah. Who needs good, energy, defense, etc.

        1. San Francisco can mine it’s own bauxite and farm it’s parks.

      3. Midwest utopia is everything the same except the leftists, who always threaten to leave, actually making good on their threats

      4. Fuckin’ LOL–you blue state fuckheads can’t even stay in your deep blue progtopian behavioral sinks. Your neuroticism inevitably takes over and you move to lower-scale, high-trust communities and proceed to shit them up, too.

        A lot of the country’s problems wouldn’t even be an issue if you fuckheads had stayed where you belonged in the first place.

    3. At least they’re openly admitting now that the Supreme Court should also be a partisan body and not an objective organization on legal matters.

      Also, not a surprise to see that an affirmative action hire is making this argument.

    4. “The last states deciding whether to ratify the Constitution—after the approval of nine others had already made it operational⁠—faced the prospect of being excluded from the union, denied federal military protection, and subjected to trade sanctions,” Harvard’s Michael Klarman writes in The Framers’ Coup.

      You mean they faced the prospect of not being in the union.

      Phrasing my man. your bias is showing.

    5. The Articles of Confederation, as we’re all taught, really were unworkable. They established a disjointed country with a pitifully weak national government.

      Wait, tell me more. This sounds pretty good to me.

      1. Don’t it though?
        I think it may have ran too much of similar risk to an English king requesting the service of his Lords’ soldiers and being denied…

        But I don’t know if that’s a bad thing. We kinda circumnavigated that with congress voting on war, but the federal government controlling the military means they can act without approval.b


    Friday, a Chinese broadcasting propagandist alluded to Daryl Morey stepping down as Houston Rockets’ general manager:

    “Those who hurt the feelings of the Chinese people will have to pay a price.”

    The state-run CCTV network put out a similar statement to AFP:

    1. We’ll know that was the case when we read a press release in the next 12 months, bragging about a new Golden Nugget in Macao, or how Saltgrass Steakhouse is the new hot restaurant craze sweeping China.

      As a former follower and frequent poster at Clutchfans, I’m surprised by how little I care. It’s academic curiosity at this point for me. Sure looks bad for the Rockets real soon though: they just got rid of their coach too, they’re in cap hell, and neither Harden nor Westbrook are getting any younger.

    “Everyone in Wales will be required to stay at home.”

    Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford announces a two-week “firebreak” lockdown to “turn back the clock, slow down the virus and give us more time” – as virus cases continue to rise in Wales.

    1. Isn’t being forced to stay in Wales creul and unusual punishment?

    2. “Everyone in Wales” includes doctors, nurses, policemen, firemen, ambulance drivers, caretakers at old folks homes, the people that work at water treatment plants and power plants, postal workers, delivery drivers and all government workers. How many people are going to die as a result of everyone in Wales staying home? Or by “everyone” does the minister mean “not everyone”?

    3. The Welsh have started to protest this decision, but since no one can understand a word of what they’re saying it has been ineffective so far.

    4. There was a novel that had something about a “yardstick year” – – – – – – –

  21. 50 former political operatives that pretended to be IC agents release letter:

    We want to emphasize that we do not know if the emails, provided to the New York Post by President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, are genuine or not and that we do not have evidence of Russian involvement — just that our experience makes us deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case.

    If we are right, this is Russia trying to influence how Americans vote in this election, and we believe strongly that Americans need to be aware of this.

    Yeah. They have no actual information, but it has to be Russian misinformation.

    Ignore the contact with Hunters signature. Ignore the corroborated emails from other people on the threads. Ignore the never before seen pictures and videos….

    It was the russians.

    Left is approaching DoL levels of conspiracy theories.

    1. Russia-gaters are the QAnon of the left.

  22. Lax Online Security Appears to Allow Cancelling Other Voters’ Mail-in Ballots in Some States

    Election security in some states is so lax that people can spy on other people’s mail-in ballot process and possibly even cancel their ballots with only basic personal information easily obtained online.

    The online voter portal for Washington State only requires the name and date of birth of a voter for a login. Dates of birth are a matter of public record for many people, either through social media, government and court documents, or Wikipedia pages, not to mention millions of hacked personal records available for sale on the darkweb.

    Upon login, a person can view the voter’s registration information and other details, including the registered address and ballot status. The portal also allows voters to request a new ballot, which the person can fill out online, print out, and mail to the election authorities to vote. The ballot package needs to be signed and the signature would be matched by the authorities to the one they have on record.

    However, the page warns that “if you continue, a ballot previously mailed to you will be cancelled,” suggesting that somebody can log in and cancel another person’s ballot by requesting a new one.

    1. Remember kids, political donations are public; they can do this to one party’s voters.

    2. There’s no voter fraud. Just accept that fact, and move on.

      1. Voter fraud mostly never happens.

    3. The chans were LOLing heavily about this: using their ex-wife’s registration info to alter ballots, reapply for mail in ballots—which wipes all previous mail in ballots, according to them—and a bunch of other exploits you’d expect from the weaponized autists.

      I’m at the, one day, dip your thumb in ink, present ID, and then you can vote, point.

  23. Soon to be fired CNN reporter does something shocking and debunks a tweet from Aaron Rupar of Vox. After tweet gets 5 million views and 2 sitting senators to retweet.

    1. Meanwhile elsewhere on CNN they cheer the censoring of standard dr. Scott Atlas for daring to push studies from the WHO and CDC in regards to masks not actually being that effective. Not part of “the new science” pushed by the left. Formally known as Lysenkoism.

      1. The party of Science!

    2. Wonder if ENB considered using this tweet this am?

      1. Probably deleted right before submission.

    3. The whole point of that tweet was to misdirect the news cycle from Biden’s corruption and claim Trump did the same thing. Rupar knew exactly what he was doing here.

      Keep in mind that soy-addled manlet’s tweets have made several unironic appearances in this column.

  24. Trump Resistance Plans ‘Mass Mobilization’ After Election To Shut Down The Country If Biden Doesn’t Win

    Notice the violent rioters have no plan when Trump wins reelection. Their name is “shutdownDC” and they will no matter what as a threat.

    unreason staff are gonna cry their eyes out for days.

    1. And yet it’s the white supremacists on the right that are shooting and targeting people….

      1. Yeah like Michael Forest Reinoehl… whoops.

      2. Looks like Jesse peed all over your narrative here, Jeff.

        1. And he won’t click on or read a single one of them, and be back again tomorrow or the next day making the very same claim.

          Why? Because he’s a dishonest piece of shit.

          1. I really honestly believe that he, Tony and Buttplug are fifty-centers paid to troll here.

            1. Tony will at least put some effort into his stuff most of the time.

              1. Not lately. For the last week or two he’s been just dumping a pile of prog platitudes unrelated to the topic and calling names.
                I wonder if they gave the handle to a new guy.

  25. I ran political advertising for Twitter. It’s time for platforms to mute Trump.
    Social media platforms should silence the president until the winner of the election is clear

  26. Check out the full pic of the flyer
    These fliers are being left in Kansas City neighborhoods. This on top of our former KS National Committeeman getting run over on his yard due to his Trump sign. Please pray that America will reject this violence and hate.

    1. Disgusting. By local news per Reasons standards.

    2. But remember, it’s Trump that’s destroying civility in American politics.

    3. I’m sure the cops’ll get right on identifying who might’ve sent those threats.

    4. Going to be honest, that looks a little too on the nose to not be a hoax.

      1. Going to be honest, that looks a little too on the nose to not be a hoax.

        Yes, because leftists would never riot, burn, loot, murder Trump supporters in cold blood….

      2. Not sure, honestly. I’ve heard too many people make similar statements to reject it out of hand.

  27. Appellate court halts Wisconsin ballot-counting extension

    unreason doesnt like news that hamper cheating on late ballot counting after election day.

    1. Calling out obvious lies and such?

      This is like the bullshit about the IRS “targeting” conservative orgs. If they’re the ones breaking the law then what the hell are we supposed to do? Slap a Dem one too in the interest of fairness?

      1. Youre bad at this.

        1. Starting to think Pod instead of Jeff.

          1. If it is Pod he has really step up his game. In intelligibility if nothing else.

  28. Why Big Media Will Never Report On Hunter Biden’s Emails

    unreason wont either.

    Biden wont be elected because electing him means violence for Lefties to get their way and criminals like Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Hillary getting away with it.

    1. “In the name of sticking up for the First Amendment—which protects people from censorship and compelled speech by their government, not the other way around”

      How are you *still* not getting the concepts that the First Amendment and free speech are two different things, that the former exists as one means of protecting the latter but the latter is larger and encompasses more things than the former, and that corporations are every bit as capable of stomping on it as the government is?

      1. Reason doesn’t just think you’re wrong, they sneer with contempt at the very idea that they are missing the point.

    2. Why won’t ENB even acknowledge them? This is the second biggest political scandal in decades. The silence is deafening.

  29. However, the First Amendment does not prohibit private companies from abridging speech.

    ENB tries this retarded strawman last week too. What a dumb cunt.

    1. Republicans frequently espouse a desire to compel or coerce social media companies into sharing certain messages

      This is a lie. They are advocating for the removal of favored liability protections not seen in other sectors of the economy. It is a benefit that comes with a protection.

      They don’t care of a company doubles down on censorship, but the protection will be removed.

      ENB is a lying cunt.

      1. Cry some more snowflake.

        1. Youre really bad at this.

      2. Social media just like NPR, media outlets, and airlines want to silence speech but then beg for taxpayer money, property, and special protections to bail them out.

        1. Privatize the profits, socialize the risks.

    2. She’s wrong about a lot of things and is certainly a faux-libertarian at best .. but the vitriol and abuse is uncalled for.

    3. I suppose if Blackwater forced her to quarter their contract operatives in her home, she would have no problem with that, because it didnt violate the 3A


    Here’s something Joe Biden has never explained: Why, as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, did Biden weaken sanctions against Burma to benefit a big U.S. oil company? And did it have anything to do with his chief of staff having been in the pay of that oil company, which was partnered with Burma’s oppressive government?

    Biden’s big-oil-lobbyist-and-Burma story starts in 2003, when Congress passed the Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act. Mitch McConnell was the chief Senate sponsor, and California Democrat Tom Lantos was the House sponsor. In response to the Burmese government’s crackdown on political dissidents, Congress barred imports from Burma (also called Myanmar).

    One of the companies lobbying on the bill, according to lobbying filings, was Unocal, a U.S. oil giant since merged with Chevron. One of its lobbyists on the matter was Alan Hoffman, who was formerly Biden’s Senate chief of staff, would soon again be Biden’s Senate chief of staff, and would, in the future, hold top jobs in the Obama-Biden administration.

    Unocal, you see, was partnered with Burma’s regime in a natural gas field and related pipeline, and so if Congress forced a full-fledged divestment, Unocal would lose millions in profits.

  31. California Just Declared War On Thanksgiving With Kafka-Level Regulations

    Here in Georgia, Halloween decorations are up and kids will trick-or-treat. Families will get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Schools and businesses are open.

    The Democrat Party is the Party of slavery and wants to take away your freedom.

    1. Mandatory Requirements for All Gatherings
      All persons planning to host or participate in a private gathering, as defined above, must comply with the following requirements. Local health jurisdictions may be more restrictive than this guidance. Refer to your local guidance for what is allowed in your area.
      1. Attendance
      Gatherings that include more than 3 households are prohibited. This includes everyone present, including hosts and guests. Remember, the smaller the number of people, the safer.
      Keep the households that you interact with stable over time. By spending time with the same people, risk of transmission is reduced. Participating in multiple gatherings with different households or groups is strongly discouraged.
      The host should collect names of all attendees and contact information in case contact tracing is needed later.

      This ‘mandatory’ ‘guidance’ goes on through 7 points including that gatherings should be 2 hours or less.

      It started with flatten the curve and stay home if you can, moved on to masks in public, and now mandates masks in your own home? The authoritarian madness is not creeping. It is a full-blown sprint to see how far they can bend the will of the masses. Anyone who believes a single word from ‘public health experts’ that they are looking out for people is a useful idiot and a little bitch.

      I am heading out this weekend to buy Halloween decorations. I will light up my yard and make sure kids know they are welcome to stop by for candy on the 31st. I want the children of the proggie cowards throwing tantrums and crying all night if they don’t get to go out. We all need to make a spectacle of protesting this bullshit.

      1. I’m happy to report my family will be pointedly ignoring this bullshit.


    I understand the argument that it’s unhealthy for a new administration to investigate the previous administration. But it seems even less healthy to send the message that the most powerful people in the country can’t ever be held accountable for what they did in office.

    1. The FBI should have recommended indictment for Hillary because she broke the law. The FBI should have investigated Biden while he was VP because Biden broke federal law. If Trump violates federal law, then he should be investigated too.

      It should not matter who is in office as we should have independent federal investigators.

  33. “Congress may compel Twitter and Facebook to answer for why they temporarily suppressed a New York Post article alleging corruption by Joe Biden’s son Hunter.’

    Pro Tip: It’s not Hunter who is guilty of corruption. Hint: see, VP of the USA.

  34. The plan takes allegations about Twitter and Facebook’s alleged “censorship” to absurd new heights.

    Lol, alleged and censorship in quotes. Even Twitter admits it is very blatantly censoring, but ENB’s just gotta dissemble.

  35. The U.S. Supreme Court won’t intervene to stop Pennsylvania from counting ballots that come in up to three days post-election. “The court on Monday rejected a Republican plea to pause a September ruling from Pennsylvania’s state supreme court that allowed ballots to be counted as long as they are postmarked by election day and received up to three days later,” reports The Guardian.

    This is wrong. The Penn Supreme Court did not require a validation of a postmark. This will lead to fraud.

    Stop pushing fucking information.

    1. Misinfirmation*

    2. Fraud that your own Republicans couldn’t find that occurred on such a “huge” scale in 2016….

      And you’re right- they are pushing information. You’re the one pushing *dis*information.

      1. Why lie?

        Youre getting worse at this.

      2. Why go after the blatant fraud from 2016 if Rs won?

        Isn’t it funny Hillary didn’t demand a recount? All those precincts with over 100% turnout and not one single R vote were certainly going to get audited. Can’t have that.

  36. After Seeing Biden’s Tax Plan, Rapper 50 Cent Hops On The Trump Train

    Not another Black American leaving the Democrat Party. Poor Democrats and their unreason propagandists.

    1. 50 cent and sid vicious for Trump? Things are getting weird

      1. Democrats are just the worse and even Black Americans are leaving the Democrat Party.

      2. It’s Johnny Rotten but yeah.

        1. Sid, being dead, naturally still votes Dem. Despite being a UK citizen.


    is covering up sexual harassment by his top aide. EXACTLY how
    did when she was CA AG. Just as multiple Democrats in our CA legislature have done when senior staffers harassed others. It’s part of the Democrat culture in CA — and it’s despicable.
    Quote Tweet

    Shelby Grad
    · 9h
    Journalist Yashar Ali accuses Garcetti advisor Rick Jacobs of sexual misconduct


      1. Exclusive: Sources tell me that LA Mayor
      witnessed his top advisor Rick Jacobs sexually harass and assault people over the past six years. And not only did the Mayor not do anything to stop it, he’s kept Jacobs in his position.

    2. Politics is Hollywood for ugly people. No reason to doubt the casting couch, or their own Polanskis and Weinsteins, don’t exist in state capitals too.


    The reason the debate Commission just made a last second rule to Mute mics during the final debate is to try and prevent Trump from talking about Hunter Scandal. The moderator won’t bring it up. . . And now Trump will be muted if he does


      President Trump and Joe Biden will have mics off during opponent’s answers in final debate, Commission on Presidential Debates announced.

      Mics will be on during open-discussion segments of the debate.


        To elaborate,
        — clearly someone who is incapable of being impartial — removed foreign policy from what is always known as the foreign policy debate, for third-tier issues SHE cares about, not what most voters care about.

        For obvious reasons…

    2. Or because he’s a big baby who can’t speak sensibly about anything. Heaven forbid he conduct himself like an adult at any point in time.

      But hey, I’m sure you tweet like a teenage girl just like he does about how everyone is so unfair to you. Boo hoo

      1. You’re right. Joe Biden is a big baby.

    3. Trump should set up a national Zoom call that you can dial into and run it live from the podium so you can dial into that while Biden is talking. And vice versa to be honest.

  39. As a PA resident, the late voting isn’t principally about the presidency: it is about the House Of Representatives, and turning state legislature. It is about making PA into Orange County, where 100% of Republicans leading on Election Day lose. Well have a state and federal legislature representing PA with 66% Dems, while having Trump +2.

    1. Don’t give up that fight.

      In California, we’re weren’t even allowed to vote for a Republican to send to the U.S. Senate in the last election.

      We could only vote for one of two Democrats, and (SPOILER ALERT) the Democrat won!

    2. I live in Pittsburgh, and anticipate that tens of thousands of ballots (all voting for Biden) without postmarks will arrive three days after the election.

      Since local mail typically arrives just one or two days after it is sent, nobody will know if ballots (without postmarks) that arrive on November 6 were mailed before or after November 3.

      PA election officials (i.e. partisan Democrats) and the PA Supreme Court (i.e. partisan Democrats) will count all ballots that arrive after November 3.

      1. Postmarks are often barely visible.

        Roberts is a real piece of shit for voting with Lefty justices to allow this.

        Another reason to vote Trump and make sure he is in office to replace Breyer when he dies and replace Thomas with a younger justice.

      2. The post office can also change the date on the postmark stamp

  40. The big news of the day is the Justice Department filing antitrust charges against Google–in regards to their dominance in advertising. The real purpose of an antitrust suit is to get the target company to enter into a consent decree. With a consent decree, they can get around the First Amendment or any other legal barriers to making Google do whatever they want. That’s how they made the tobacco industry, for instance, sign away the protection for its First Amendment rights in regards to advertising.

    No doubt, some of the things Google does to maintain its dominance in advertising are anti-competitive. If you can’t uninstall the Google search engine that came by default with your Android phone (like you can with every other app), my understanding is that’s because Google paid your phone manufacturer to make it that way. If and because Google engages in anti-competitive behavior in advertising that way, of course, doesn’t mean they should be pushed into a consent decree that forces them to spin off YouTube–if President Trump wins reelection.

    More importantly, if Joe Biden wins in the upcoming election, it doesn’t mean Google should be forced into a consent decree that requires them to crack down on hate speech on YouTube–as progressives define it–either. But that is exactly what the Biden administration will do if given the chance.

    A progressive administration will use this antitrust case to force Google into a consent decree that requires them to block “racist” speech that opposes affirmative action or BLM, “misogynistic” speech that opposes abortion, “homophobic” speech that opposes gay marriage, and “xenophobic” speech that supports building a wall. That’s what the progressives want from Google, that and a crackdown on speech that criticizes Democratic candidates, which appears to be their working definition of a conspiracy theory.

    If and when the progressives inflict an anti-conservative, anti-Republican speech code on social media, it will happen by way of consent decrees–like the one the Justice Department started perusing by launching their antitrust case against Google today. And if you think Google’s policing of speech on YouTube is bad today, wait ’til you see it when compliance with a consent decree is overseen and policed directly by the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

    1. “In the name of sticking up for the First Amendment—which protects people from censorship and compelled speech by their government, not the other way around—and stopping bias, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee want to help compel the platforming of speech that could help their side.”


      This should be seen within the context of what I wrote above. The argument is and has been about whether the progressives should force Facebook and Google, especially, to enter into consent decrees–which is the ultimate goal of pretty much every antitrust action. Facebook has been facing an antitrust action by the Federal Trade Commission and Google has been facing an antitrust action by the Justice Department for more than a year now. Whomever controls the Senate and the White House when that consent decree is reached will shape the form of speech on these platforms for years to come–just like the consent decree that broke the studio system in Hollywood changed the nature of the movie business.

      In other words, these questions by the Republicans in the Senate about Facebook’s and Twitter’s behavior are not happening in a vacuum. If the Democrats are openly campaigning on using the government to censor speech on social media, the Republicans may have a libertarian pro-First Amendment duty to bring progressives bias to light. If the ultimate reason why Twitter and Facebook refused to let people link to legitimate news was because it was damaging to a Democratic candidate, then that speaks directly to whether the Democrats should be allowed to police speech on social media by way of a forthcoming consent decree.

      1. You would think Reason would be more nuanced.

        1. Different people have different qualitative preferences. Things like sex worker rights and free expression on the internet may be more important to ENB than, say, the Second Amendment or taxes are to me. ENB certainly isn’t saying this because she doesn’t care about free expression on the internet. She’s apparently opposed to repealing Section 230 for more or less the same reasons I am. I don’t think people fully appreciate what this antitrust action means. It’s like a Rorschach test. People see the government going after social media, and they tend to think it means whatever they want it to mean. Some people think it means the government will finally make social media safe for conservatives. Some people think it will finally make social media safe from conservatives.

          ENB has written a lot on Section 230, so it’s understandable if she tends to see Republican conservatives on the Senate Judiciary Committee wanting to embarrass social media executives in public in that light. It’s easy not to notice that the Senate Judiciary Committee also oversees the Justice Department, and that means any consent decree the Justice Department squeezes out of Google will legitimately fall under their scrutiny (even if it doesn’t require their consent).

          Back in the summer of 2019, when the economy was doing great, it looked like President Trump would do just as well or better than he did in 2016, and the antitrust actions of the FTC and the Justice Department looked like they’d be geared towards questions about Section 230, giving conservatives a fair shake on social media, etc. Now that Mr. Trump’s reelection chances are in doubt, we need to recalibrate our thinking to consider what a consent decree would look like if it were negotiated under the supervision of President Biden. For all we know, Liz Warren could be in charge of the FTC when it negotiates a consent decree with Facebook.

          Everybody’s been looking at this from the perspective of today, but if Biden is elected, it’s a completely different equation. Progressives have a hard time understanding the consequences of things that haven’t happened yet, but antitrust and what’s likely to happen as a result of these cases is a very different equation depending on whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden is the one negotiating it. I think ENB’s heart is in the right place, here. I think it’s just that the big picture is still emerging.

          The First Amendment doesn’t count for shit if you sign the protection for your rights away in a consent decree (see the tobacco industry), and Section 230 is already even less important than the First Amendment. Yes, let’s argue for keeping Section 230 in place, but what happens after the consent decree may depend on who’s in the White House for the next four years more than anything else. And with or without Section 230, I don’t want the social justice warriors in charge of writing the rules and enforcing them for social media.

  41. Google and Its Creepy, ‘Leftist Agenda’ Exposed in Latest Video From Project Veritas

    “Because we are in America, the wind is blowing toward Democrats. Because GOP equals Trump and Trump equals GOP.

    Everybody hates it, even though GOP may have good traits, no one wants to acknowledge them right now.

    So, the wind is blowing in toward Democrats, so let’s skew the results towards Democrats.

    1. “When Trump won the first time, people were crying in the corridors of Google. There were protests, there were marches. There were like I guess, group therapy sessions for employees, organized by HR.”

      My favorite part.

  42. So why has Reason refused to publish any articles or commentary highlighting Hunter Biden’s computer or e-mails, or Joe Biden’s corruption as Vice President?

    1. Give it a couple of weeks, and maybe they will.

    2. Reason Ignore-O-Meter:

      It’s Not Real
      It’s Russian Disinfo
      It’s Real But Doesn’t Matter <– YOU ARE HERE
      It Matters But Not Very Much
      This is Old News
      Shut Up Racist

      1. +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

        Democrats and Republicans are the same.
        You can’t know what is Libertarian, so stop pointing out differences.

        1. The bulk of the Reason staff refuse to vote for even the Libertarian candidate. Fuck them. I come her for the comments at this point.



    My favorite part:

    “While the letter’s signatories presented no new evidence”
    Quote Tweet

    · 11h
    More than 50 former senior intelligence officials have signed on to a letter outlining their belief that the recent disclosure of emails allegedly belonging to Joe Biden’s son “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

    1. It has all the hallmarks of it including Hunter and Joe Biden not mentioning that it is fake. Are they on the Russian payroll too?

      1. Given everything that has occurred over the last few years, why should I have any faith that any of those intelligence officials actually know what a Russian information operation looks like?

      2. John, that is the stunner. Neither Quid Pro Joe nor his crackhead son are denying the authenticity of the emails or pictures.

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    Two Catholic Churches were burned down by protesters in Chile over the weekend.

    The attacks on Christianity are only getting worse

    1. This is just the beginning. Look at Jeff, Kirkland and Tony here.

    2. The Red Hot Chile Popers haven’t been an item of interest for years.

    3. Socialism. The other religion of peace.

      1. ‘Where have you gone, General Pinochet? A nation turns its lonely skies to you.’

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    “During the years that [Joe Biden] was helping the credit card industry win passage of a law making it harder for consumers to file for bankruptcy protection, his son had a consulting agreement that lasted five years with one of the largest companies pushing for the changes.”
    Quote Tweet

    Liz Franczak
    · Oct 18
    NYT reporting on hunter biden’s $100k retainer from MBNA back in 2008. the Obama team called Bidens relationship with the banks, including Hunter’s, “one of the most sensitive issues they examined” during vetting.

    1. Not a retainer, a salary –

      “Fresh out of college, credit-card giant MBNA put him on its payroll as “senior vice president” earning more than $100,000 a year, plus an undisclosed signing bonus. Delaware-based MBNA at the time was Biden’s largest donor and lobbying the Delaware senator for bankruptcy reforms that would make it harder for consumers to declare bankruptcy and write off credit-card debt.”

      All the gory details:

      1. I hate it when they use ‘prodigal son’ incorrectly. Hunter is certainly a complete fuck up who loves to waste money, but his father has never disapproved of him and he is definitely not repentant.

        Hunter is nothing but his father’s son. Perfectly happy accepting all that filthy lucre.


    Yes, well, not surprising because — for those of us who have served — what
    did was the scummiest thing you could possibly do to a fellow-service member.

    They’re called Jodis. Cal Cunningham is a Jodi.
    Quote Tweet

    Breitbart News
    · 16h
    Four U.S. Army veterans condemned North Carolina Democrat Senate candidate Cal Cunningham for his extramarital affair with a disabled combat veteran’s wife, in a new campaign ad by Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) on Monday morning.

    1. Imagine if Cunningham was a Republican! We all know the MSM would be pushing so hard he’d basically have to resign his campaign. When it’s a Dem, crickets.

      This is the exact reason that Trump is so popular. People are tired of the MSM and they’re blatant bias towards Dems.


    The United States embassy in Trinidad and Tobago Friday called on the Venezuelan government to take action as state-flagged FSO Nabarima continues its apparent three-month-long capsize into the Gulf of Paria.

    Locals fear the derelict vessel is about to dump its near 55 million gallons of oil right at the mouth of the Caribbean Sea.

    1. Nasty list, in the photos I’ve seen of it. I wonder if it’s even seaworthy enough to get towed to a terminal where it can be offloaded? And given its oil cargo is likely that Venezuelan, one-step-above-sludge crap they call oil, not many terminals can likely offload it or want it.

      Venezuela likely owes the US money, right? Any way of the US executing some self-help here and killing two birds with one oily stone?


    24 hours after a migrant beheaded a teacher
    Quote Tweet Police cars revolving light
    · Oct 17
    BREAKING – France: Protesters on the march towards the Elysee in Paris to demand the regularization of undocumented migrants, the closure of detention centers, and housing for all.

    1. lol Paris sacked again.

  51. Are any of these companies truly private when they are so intertwined with government and the public?

    1. ^this.

      They are not.

      To be fair, every industry in america is heavily regulated to the point where it might as well be a branch of government.


    I think this matters a lot. Watch what happens when Trump loses and we have a fully politicized news media that openly acts as an arm of the party in power, and dismisses all dissent as Russian disinformation. You’re going to love it, I’m sure.


      I don’t use mental illness as a metaphor. I mean it literally: the way so much of liberal America has been trained to believe RUSSIA is behind everything unpleasant in life, and to dismiss everything the minute liars like CIA & Schiff scream the world, is a collective pathology.

      Whatever your ideology: just stop and ponder what a powerful weapon it is to train a population to believe some mid-rate foreign power is behind all of the nation’s woes – so they never focus on real domestic power – and to instantly disregard all information by screaming RUSSIA.

  53. By decree of emperor Newsom:
    “Newsom says California will review FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines before releasing them to public ”

    1. Newsom is enjoying his power a little too much and doesn’t want a vaccine to interupt his reign of power grabbing.

  54. Time to bring the hammer down on social media. Finally.

    1. I don’t think you want Biden to bring that hammer down.

      Biden probably won’t tell us whether he’ll use a consent decree to make Google police hate speech and keep Republican conspiracy theories off of YouTube–at least not until sometime after he tells us whether he intends to pack the Supreme Court.


    And Ireland just went to a three-mile travel limit. For SIX weeks. “Visits to private homes or gardens will not be permitted and there are to be no gatherings.”

    Ireland has 5 million people and 34 Covid patients in intensive care.

    1. If it saves just one Mick…

    2. three mile travel limit i didn’t know that the virus kicks in at over 3 miles. this is when you realize there is no science to this

    3. the fuck is a three-mile travel limit enforced?

      1. the fuck is a three-mile travel limit enforced?

        Gleefully, by deputized soccer hooligans dressed as leprechauns?

    4. Shouldn’t that be 5 kilometers?


    O.J. Simpson

    1. What’s more difficult rushing for over 1000 yards in a single season, or cutting two people thoughts in one night?

      If you haven’t seen it oj did a call in show in the early to mid 90s, and they didn’t screen the calls at all its halarious.

      1. That is a fantastic bit of unintentional comedy. Also funny is the commenter in that YouTube thread who thought it was certain that Nevada was going to put OJ away for the rest of his life. Not so fast…

        I just wish the guy would go away. Even if I have doubts that he killed those two. Though I definitely think he was there for the aftermath, and certainly did his best to clean up after it.

  57. “Marching Orders for the Next Investment Chief of CalPERS: More Private Equity”
    “The nation’s biggest public pension fund is consistently short of the billions of dollars it needs to pay all retirees their pensions. And it continues to calculate that it can meet those obligations only if it gets the kind of big investment gains promised by private equity.
    The strategy involves putting money into funds managed by firms such as the Blackstone Group and Carlyle, which buy companies and retool them with the goal of selling them or taking them public. Even as some of the fund’s trustees have misgivings — they say the private equity business is opaque and illiquid and carries high fees — they say they have little choice….”

    The funding is based on a ‘pull-it-out-of-your-ass’ requirement of 7% return and the article ignores CalPERS idiotic SJ investment policies (no guns, no tobacco and I think no petroleum) which have served to push the return down even in good times.
    But according to commie kid, CA had a balanced budget one year by making the minimum payment on the credit card balance.

    1. Biden will save them. Watch.

  58. Twitter refuses to unlock New York Post account unless Hunter Biden posts deleted

    1. But vile racist garbage from the left remain untouched.

  59. P.S. Google remains dominant in online advertising, but Amazon continues to eat into their share. A big chunk of Google’s ad revenue comes from people searching for products through their search engine, but they can’t offer customers free shipping on everything without even knowing who the customer is buying it from or where the customer is located. Amazon can and does offer free shipping to everyone and everywhere–and that’s a big part of what Amazon Prime is all about. People with Amazon Prime often don’t bother searching for products on Google. They go straight to Amazon’s website to do the search–because they know they’re getting free shipping. And all the data suggests that Amazon is eating Google’s lunch this way. The share of online advertising that Google has recently lost is mostly going to Amazon.

    Walmart is also gearing up to compete in advertising–which is what the consortium of Oracle and Walmart (or Microsoft and Walmart) teaming up to buy TikTok’s U.S. assets was all about. Amazon collects a tremendous amount of data about its customers through its website, but TikTok’s value is as a source of consumer data, too. It’s hard to believe that a company could be more vertically integrated than Amazon, but with a hit app like TikTok in the fold, and with a younger skewing audience, no less, the Walmart/Oracle/TikTok combination should offer some serious competition to Amazon and Google–not just in terms of retail but also in terms of advertising.

    You want to make it so that Google can’t pay phone manufacturers not to put competing search engines on their phones by default anymore, maybe that’s one thing. I think the argument that Google doesn’t have enough competition in advertising, however, is a tough sell.

    1. Google is now running TV ads on finding what you want near you via a google search, and the product listings look like they were lifted right off an Amazon page.
      Just the data you need to pitch advertising bandwidth to, oh, catfood buyers.

      1. I’m not exactly sure what you’re going for, here, but they often compete with each other and cooperate with each other in different businesses in different ways–is that what you’re saying? And I think that’s more or less a good thing so long as everyone is doing everything consequentially.

        We want Google/YouTube, Amazon, and Oracel/Walmart/TikTok to compete with each other. If hamstringing Google in the areas in which it fights with Amazon is a solution, then what’s the solution to competing with Amazon? And even if Google is selling data to Amazon, don’t we also want Google to compete with Amazon–and isn’t their ability to serve effective ads to Amazon’s retail competition part of that?

        I read a story yesterday about the CEO of AT&T complaining about companies like Google and Amazon being anti competitive by refusing to let his HBOMax app on their platforms at reasonable rates for shared revenue and advertising, etc. He didn’t mention Roku, which is beating the crap out of Amazon’s FireTV. Why doesn’t AT&T strike a deal with Roku–because they’re a huge tech concern, too? Roku isn’t a huge tech company. Meanwhile, there’s Amazon’s Prime Video app is available on Roku, and Amazon just made it so that Roku’s app is now available on Prime.

        The fact that they’re often both competing with each other and cooperating with each other tells me that the markets are in massive flux, with consumers making the ultimate choices about how things play out–and I don’t see how the Justice Department, the President, or the courts need to be involved by way of an antitrust suit. Where are consumers complaining about the excessive prices they’re being charged by Google?

        1. If hamstringing Google in the areas in which it fights with Amazon is a solution, then what’s the solution to competing with Amazon?

          Angel investment from the CIA.

        2. My point was simply that Google is competing in a new way and ‘lifting’ Amazon’s format.
          Wife bought something from Walmart’s e-commerce site recently, and remarked it was very like Amazon. If you were setting up an e-commerce operation, you’d be crazy not to duplicate what Amazon does; they do it well, and people are used to it.
          And, yes, I’m all for competition; Duck Duck Go, Bing and Google get my searches more or less at random.

          1. Check out Startpage!

        3. “And I think that’s more or less a good thing so long as everyone is doing everything consequentially [consensually].”


    2. Just for the record, the “free” Amazon prime shipping costs $119/yr

      1. I understand.

        I also understand that Amazon Prime members often don’t bother looking for a better deal by way of a search on Google when they know the shipping from Amazon won’t cost them any more than they’re already paying for the membership.

        And Google has a hard time competing with that because they can’t offer that.

        Meanwhile, a lot of Amazon’s advertising money comes from product placements based on different users’ searches. That’s a direct competitor to Google’s business–which does the same thing.

        1. I also understand that Amazon Prime members often don’t bother looking for a better deal by way of a search on Google

          I think you’re right and they over pay quite often.

          I usually compare Amazon and the direct seller of the product if there is one. Recently just saved $150 on a monitor doing that.

    3. Add to it that, if I want reviews on a particular good, Amazon’s reviews are usually a hell of a lot more reliable than Google’s. Duckduckgo even has a hard time, even as you develop an eye for ‘review sites’ that are thinly disguised shills or scrapers of better quality content.

    4. Except Amazon’s search engine sucks so bad that half the time I use DuckDuckGo to find products in their site.

  60. I thought this article was amusing, but not for the reasons the author did:

    Troy Aikman and Joe Buck perfectly slam flyovers amid COVID-19 pandemic on hot mic

    Ryan Young
    Writer, Yahoo Sports Oct 19, 2020, 5:30 PM

    As Raymond James Stadium in Tampa is allowing just 25 percent fan capacity, the two longtime announcers didn’t understand why a flyover was happening at all.

    Aikman: “That’s a lot of jet fuel just to do a little flyover.”

    Buck: “That’s your hard-earned money and your tax dollars at work.”

    Aikman: “That stuff ain’t happening with [a] Kamala-Biden ticket, I’ll tell you that right now partner.”

    Leaving aside the fact that the flying hours for these flyovers, while themselves not really necessary, are already budgeted for the year, even Aikman understands that Biden’s going to be nothing more than a puppet President, and Willie Horton’s Whore is actually going to be the one running the country.

    1. Kamala-Biden, even Concussion Troy knows she is the real top of the ticket.

    2. If Biden somehow wins and the Democrats take Congress, then they will pack the courts and that may be the end of the Republic. If, however, he wins but the Republicans hold the Senate, then the Democrats can’t pack the courts and thus are stuck facing somewhat fair elections and a Republic. IF that happens, a Biden win will be a tragic comedy. Neither Biden nor Harris have the race card to play the way Obama did to keep people from hating them. People hated Obama’s policies but the race card prevented most of them from hating him personally. So, they just took it out on other Democrats down the ticket resulting in a bloodbath for Democratic office holders under Obama. Biden and or Harris wouldn’t have that luxury. People would be free to hate them and would. And without the Senate, their lunatic base would be a giant ball of resentment over unmet expectations.

      I don’t think Biden would last more than a year in office. He will either die or be run out of office within a year or two. That would leave Harris who is the least charismatic person I have ever seen in politics. Harris would have no real base of support beyond the media. It would be a giant flaming train wreck.

      1. Yeah, as much of a corrupt piece of shit that Biden is, and the emails on Hunter’s laptop confirm it, he’s basically a Trojan horse. Kamala wouldn’t have even gotten a sniff of the VP slot after getting her ass kicked in the primary, if she wasn’t the one the DNC actually wanted in charge of things. She’s basically Black Hillary, and the party sees her as the means to rectify Hillary’s 2016 fuckups and get the Uniparty grift machine up and running again.

        If Harris ends up in the big seat before the mid-terms, the chances of a Red Wave go up exponentially because she has the uncanny ability to make people increasingly despise her the longer they listen to her, and would likely vote for Republicans out of sheer spite.

        1. “Kamala wouldn’t have even gotten a sniff of the VP slot after getting her ass kicked in the primary, if she wasn’t the one the DNC actually wanted in charge of things.”

          Biden could have picked anyone he wanted to be his Vice President–so long as it was a woman of color. That was largely dictated to him by the party. Biden promised to choose a woman as his running mate if he won the nomination–way back during the primaries. It was a nod to #MeToo. When he announced Kamala Harris was his running mate, it was a nod to BLM and the liberals in his party base who wanted to see a woman of color on the ticket.

          Here’s the finalists he had to choose from:

          Liz Warren was so bad, she came in third in Massachusetts. If she can’t win in Massachusetts, why would she win anywhere else? No one has ever been so delusional as someone who imagines that Liz Warren is a popular person. Gretchen Whitmer might have helped him win Michigan–if so many people didn’t hate her for the lockdowns. Flip a coin on the other two, and Kamala Harris had a 50/50 chance of being his pick.

          1. How was Harris a nod to BLM? A lot of black people actually despise her because of her prosecutorial background. That was why Tulsi’s shanking of her sunk her presidential campaign all by itself.

            If making a nod to BLM was the goal, Stacey Abrams would be the running mate, especially given what a race-monger she is and how thirsty she acted for the slot.

            1. White progressives in the suburbs cared as much or more about seeing Biden make the gesture. He needed a woman of color on the ticket, and Kamala Harris went on the ticket so that he wouldn’t seem to anti-law and order, amid the riots, since she’s a bootlicker.

              He needed a bootlicking woman of color, and Kamala Harris is exactly that. That’s why she’s on the ticket.

        2. “If Harris ends up in the big seat before the mid-terms, the chances of a Red Wave go up exponentially because she has the uncanny ability to make people increasingly despise her the longer they listen to her, and would likely vote for Republicans out of sheer spite.”

          Not if another electorate gets imported. I don’t think many realize that their victory in this election—after all of the authoritarian, self-destructive bullshit they’ve pulled—would be evidence of a revolutionary, not evolutionary, change in how this country works.

          They will have zero reason to moderate their approach after taking office. Why should they, when they haven’t been punished for it, but instead have been rewarded? Take a look—I know it’s awful—at that Yglesias article advocating a USA population of 1 billion. Sad Beard didn’t come up with that shit himself. It’s preparation for a complete revolution in how we run things in this country.

    3. Either they do the flyovers, or they just do training flights. The fuel is going to get burned up no matter what.

    4. I don’t know if it was intentional, but by “Willie Horton’s Whore”, I think you meant Willie Brown.

      Willie Horton was the vicious murderer in the ads that sank the Dukakis campaign.

    5. >>>even Aikman understands

      dude’s pretty fucking stupid. concussions or otherwise.

      1. For someone who used to be a starting NFL quarterback, that is a serious lack of situational awareness to get caught on a hot mike. Way to be in a fucking bubble, Troy.


    If PA is really close, and bunch of ballots come in three days later — without postmarks — to decide the election, it’s going to be really ugly.

    1. “…it’s going to be really ugly.”

      OK: it’s really ugly. Now what? Do you think the Right is actually going to get off their ass? Especially when they’ve seen that what happens is you get Rittenhouse’d at best, and McVeigh at worst?

      I’ll believe it when I see it. If ‘really ugly’ means only more bitching on the Internet, I think Harris and her handlers will happily fade it.


    My last bill from my cell phone company said that they were a private company, that they could censor whomever they wanted and that they found that my last phone call was not supported by ‘the science’ – so I am prevented from calling my kids for 1 week.

    1. Just wait and see what your private ‘power company’ will do if you approach your carbon quota for the month.


    Is it my imagination or are ex-intel heads from the Obama/Biden administration running a completely obvious disinformation campaign on the American public while asking to be returned to power?

    1. Nope, we have a fully weaponized partnership between intelligence agencies, social media, and “mainstream” media to create a one party Democratic state, where they retroactively will all previous elections by packing the courts, and pack Congress and the EC by admitting left-friendly states.

      DC as states (may as well admit it as 10 separate ones as admit it as 1, the whole point is to make political backlash irrelevant) will give the government veto power over any attempt to rein it in, and the packed court system will rule various aspects of socialism as “fundamental human rights” making it unconstitutional to eliminate government programs.

    2. He’s just noticing this now? It’s not an accident that roughly half of the people the Democrats ran for seats in the mid-terms were spooks or have ties to the spook community.

      Hell, look at Buttigieg. After the Iowa caucus debacle, it came out that he’s got some pretty shady connections to Democratic dark money organizations, which would certainly go a long way in explaining why he got so much media attention to begin with. He was also an intel officer in the Reserves.

      The glow-in-the-darks certainly aren’t being all that secretive about planting their operatives in office. The irony is that if Adams had read some legitimate socialist sites, he would have seen that this had all been documented already.


    Serious question: Does being a Democrat turn you into this or do people who are already like this become Democrats?

    1. Sociopaths become Democrats to control people and never leave the Democrat Party no matter how bad it gets.

      Other people might be Democrats because you’re Union or your parents were Democrats. They are leaving the Party of slavery in droves.

    2. Nature, plus nurture. Dem rhetoric is designed to create this in the emotionally weak.

    3. When I imagine Tony that’s the image I get.

    4. Lol, I’ve seen a similar version of with a screeching chimp in one of the panels. The chimp makes a more coherent statement.

      Also, note that every single person in that mash-up is a woman. Talk about a great argument for repealing the 19th Amendment, because people that emotional and unhinged enough should not be allowed to vote.

      1. “Also, note that every single person in that mash-up is a woman. Talk about a great argument for repealing the 19th Amendment, because people that emotional and unhinged enough should not be allowed to vote.”

        If we ever get that Octavian that was discussed in yesterday’s Roundup, that’s a likely development. As well as a truly dizzying pendulum swing to the far Right reaches of social conservatism.

        1. “If __________ isn’t thrown out/kept from office, it will be The Handmaid’s Tale!”

          Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy, because they’re certainly doing they’re best to show that Islam Was Right About Women.

    5. It’s a social media reinforcement loop. They’re in a tightly sealed echo chamber and the crazies get amplified, leading to the more sane majority to believe that the crazy behavior is normal and thus they start acting more crazy. The Overton window of crazy moves, gratifying the crazy behavior of the crazies, who then get even crazier.

      1. The COVID lockdowns haven’t helped, because these same lunatics have been marinating in this idiocy for the last six months.

        If they weren’t at home all day, they would have a lot less time to sit around and kvetch over every stupid little thing, and probably be a lot less neurotic as a result.

        1. I imagine some of them had jobs in the beforetime, and at those jobs they had coworkers who would call them out for being functionally retarded. They were already in an echo chamber online, but at least when they had to go out into the real world there was a chance someone could check them.

          Now that they’re stuck at home all the time all they have is Twitter and the people stupid and crazy enough to live with them. Absolutely no chance for a reality check to happen.

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  66. As one who has never liked, trusted or used Facebook, Twitter or other social media, never owned or used a smart phone (and have never sent a text message), I urge everyone who is upset at their most recent censoring (they’ve done it thousands of times) to discontinue their use.

    1. Most people don’t use Twitter. It has at most 10 or 20 million users world wide and a good number of those are bots. Twitter only matters to the media. It doesn’t mean shit to the rest of the country.

      People do use Facebook, but they do it to trade cat pictures and memes. They don’t get their news from it.

      1. Precisely.
        My son describes it well; “I have in my pocket an electronic device that has the capability to connect me with anyone on the planet, and provide access to all knowledge in the universe. I use it to trade snarky comments with total strangers, and look a funny videos of cats.”

      2. Bingo! Twitter is a cesspool for media elitist. An echochamber for Marxism and propaganda. It’s made “journalist” lazy. Instead of actually doing any real work, they just link to bullshit on Twitter. Or in ENB’s case, far left “journalist” such as Matt Yglesias.

  67. “…Force Facebook and Twitter Heads To Testify About Hunter Biden Article”

    Really? So what are those two going to tell us about the article that isn’t already in the article?

    Oh wait, did you mean Cruz wants them to explain why they suppressed any attempts to link or otherwise communicate about the article?

    A simple mistake of meaning, one any competent editor could make at any time, to be sure.

  68. BTW, new book from Shelby Steele – “Shame”:
    “…Liberalism’s great sin was to steal responsibility for black problems away from black people, leaving them vulnerable to destructive social forces, such as the drug epidemic of the 70s and 80s. It was the suffering of blacks that justified liberalism’s demand for power, but this only relegates blacks to permanent victimhood and alienates them from the power to uplift themselves…”

  69. The rapper known as “50 cent” endorsed Trump yesterday.

    Is he a racist? Is he a closet white nationalist? I’m so confused.

    1. famous man supports president. confusion abounds.

    2. Well, according to Biden, he ain’t black no more, so the left can ignore him.

  70. the Congress v. Social Media war is now at Ludicrous Speed.

  71. ENB – please stop pretending to be a Libertarian. Marriam-Webster was just caught changing the meaning of the word preference is a coordinated attempt to smear a SCOTUS candidate for saying a well established combination of words: sexual preference. You make no criticism of this redefining of works, which should upset any Libertarian; or any non-lefty for that matter. Not even a week later, here you are promoting Marriam-Webster.

    Fellow commenters: Except for the idiot trolls, I really enjoy most of the discussion here. Maybe it’s time we work together to launch a real Libertarian site? Reason hasn’t been Libertarian for quite some time, but they’re not evening hiding it any longer. It’s all TDS and what-about-ism around here with a healthy dose of Marxist propaganda. Time for a change of scenery and less clicks for these faux-Libertarians.

    1. which should upset any Libertarian; or any non-lefty for that matter.

      Or anyone who has read 1984…

    2. Right, because the hallmark of a true libertarian is never being critical of Republicans, and certainly a libertarian would never be critical of Republicans while they are in power.

      1. WTF are you even talking about? Did you read my post? ENB’s shameless memoryhole of Marriam-Webster hasn’t zero to do with either party.

        As far at the TDS claim, I stand by that 100%. Seriously, when was the last time this site criticized Democrats without ALSO taking a shot at Trump and/or GOP? And despite ample content for which to criticize Biden, it’s crickets around here. Bashing Trump? Welcome to it man. But to pretend that it’s evenhanded around her towards both parties is complete bullshit.

        And, I remember the Obama years and there was not nearly as much criticism toward Obama as Reason has dished our toward Trump. Not even fucking close.

        1. “Seriously, when was the last time this site criticized Democrats without ALSO taking a shot at Trump and/or GOP?”

          They did it all the time from about 12 years ago to 4 years ago. You know, when a Democrat was President.

    3. Hey that’s discrimination of us idiot trolls. Also if you launce an actual libritarian sight are me and obl allowed? And where does fist fit in the troll spectrum?

      1. Nothing but love for you and OBL. When I say trolls, I mean Tony, Jeffy, Kirkland and any other people that are clearly NOT libertarians in any way, shape or form.

        White Knight, you’re on the edge of slipping into the idiot troll realm. Read more before you post dude. And stop carrying water for rioters.

      2. Fist is in……. no matter where he goes.


  72. “The plan takes allegations about Twitter and Facebook’s alleged ‘censorship’ to absurd new heights.”

    E.N.B. really is shameless, isn’t she? In her tiny mind, corporations that accept subsidies from the American taxpayer have no obligation to respect their benefactors’ First Amendment rights. This is absurd, and it’s precisely why Beltway libertarianism is indistinguishable from corporate prostitution.

    Of course, we all know E.N.B. fully supports prostitution.

    1. Anything and everything to keep Trump from being re-elected. If you have to censor new stories to make that happen, they’ll make whatever excuses they need to. There is a term for this type of person. Useful idiot.

    2. well this is Reason where “Cuties” was defended. Hey how is your buddy Toobin? I’m waiting for the article the says he is just misunderstood and public masterbation is competely normal….Woody, Epstein, Wienstein, the majors of Anchorage (“Berke”), Weiner…..Spiztzer, the AG of New York, Marv Albert…oh boy something in the water I guess with these pols and media elites

  73. “alleged” censorship? ENB is a fucking worthless moron who doesn’t even understand what censorship is but feel entitled to lecture us about it.

    1. Yes.

    2. But 30 year old, unsubstantiated sexual harassment claims are 100% CREDIBLE!!! Well, as long as they’re against icky conservatives. If it’s about cool cat Bill Clinton, then the bitch is just a filthy liar.

  74. Mulai memikirkan Pod, bukan Jeff.

  75. However, no one knows about the truth behind the corruption seen.

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  77. The social media giants are just like the primary Fed dealers and most of the rest of wall street….they exist and enrich themselves due to govt subsidizes and privileges the rest of us don’t have. It comes down to the Fed again and again…they control the expansion of the credit supply through the investment banks who then distribute to their buddies /family members int he hedge funds who fund these companies. And you have to be in the “club” to get the money…some Irish or Italian kid who is a great software engineer and has a disruptive business idea will NEVER get funding like FB or Google did…wrong club… If FB and Google had t raise money like the rest of us they would not have cornered the market and have more competition today. Oh and their “woke” content managers are courtesy of wall street as well..the hedge and PE firms who fund the start ups have plenty of friends from Harvard or Brown (far left liberal art majors who work at the DNC) and these “friends” get the content management gigs to “control speech.” End the should only come from savings and break up google and FB…tomorrow.

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