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A Month Before Louisville Drug Warriors Killed Breonna Taylor, They Knew the 'Suspicious Packages' She Supposedly Was Receiving Came From Amazon

The detective who obtained the search warrant cited the deliveries to falsely implicate Taylor in drug trafficking.


Even after Breonna Taylor broke up with Jamarcus Glover, he continued to receive packages at her apartment in Louisville, Kentucky. That arrangement had lethal consequences, because it was the main justification for the reckless, fruitless March 13 drug raid that killed Taylor, an unarmed 26-year-old EMT with no criminal record.

Police obtained the no-knock warrant to search Taylor's apartment by suggesting that Glover, who was arrested for drug dealing that same night, had been stashing "narcotics and/or proceeds from the sale of narcotics" there. But according to newly released transcripts of interviews with Louisville police officers, they knew a month before they invaded Taylor's home that Glover's packages contained neither of those things.

The interviews, conducted as part of an internal investigation after the raid, reveal that Joshua Jaynes, the detective who obtained the search warrant that proved to be Taylor's death warrant, learned in early February that there was nothing suspicious about the packages that Glover had delivered at her apartment, which came from Amazon. Jaynes nevertheless used those packages to imply that she was involved in Glover's illegal activity, which Glover insists is not true.

According to Jaynes' search warrant affidavit, he saw Glover pick up a USPS package at Taylor's apartment on January 16. He later told Sgt. Jason Vance, an investigator with the Louisville Metro Police Department's Public Integrity Unit, that he asked Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, who worked with the local Postal Inspector's Office as a member of the department's Airport Interdiction Team (and who later participated in the raid that killed Taylor), to look into the mail that Glover was receiving.

Initially, it seemed that Jaynes had discovered important evidence in the case against Glover. According to Jaynes, Mattingly told him the Postal Inspector's Office was "doing [an] investigation on this guy" because "he's getting suspicious packages." Jaynes was excited at the prospect of a "reversal" that would catch Glover accepting delivery of "dope" detected by the postal service. "I was like, 'That's awesome,'" he said in the May 19 interview with Vance. "I was pumped. I was like, 'This is perfect.' I was like, 'This is how we're gonna get this guy is through reversal.'"

But "this guy," it turned out, was not Jamarcus Glover. It was a man named Jason Glover, and the "suspicious packages" had nothing to do with Taylor. According to Jaynes, Mattingly reported that "your guy just gets Amazon or mail packages there." The phrase "or mail packages" leaves Jaynes some wiggle room to claim he reasonably suspected that Jamarcus Glover was having drug money, if not "dope," sent to Taylor's apartment. But that part seems to be a convenient invention. Later in the same interview, Jaynes said this:

[Mattingly] told me that [Glover] either gets Amazon—Amazon or mail. I remember "Amazon" resonating in my head. I just remember the word Amazon. And it could have been mail packages or mail or just mail. I—I can't remember.

In a May 15 interview with WDRB, the local Fox TV station, Tony Gooden, a postal inspector in Louisville, said city police had never consulted with his office about the packages Glover received at Taylor's apartment. Gooden added that a different law enforcement agency, which he declined to identify, had asked about the packages in January, when his office concluded "there's no packages of interest going there." My former Reason colleague Radley Balko, writing at The Washington Postreported that "a source with knowledge of the case has since told me that the packages contained clothes and shoes."

Unless we think it is plausible that Amazon was involved in Glover's drug business, the source of the packages showed that Jaynes' suspicions about them were unjustified. By his account, he knew that "in the first week of February." But that did not stop him from seeking a warrant to search Taylor's apartment on March 12.

"Affiant verified through a US Postal Inspector that Jamarcus Glover has been receiving packages at 3003 Springfield Drive #4 [Taylor's apartment]," he wrote. "Affiant knows through training and experience that it is not uncommon for drug traffickers to receive mail packages at different locations to avoid detection from law enforcement. Affiant believes, through training and experience, that Mr. J. Glover may be keeping narcotics and/or proceeds from the sale of narcotics at 3003 Springfield Drive #4 for safekeeping."

In his interview with Jaynes, Vance wondered about that claim. "If you glanced at this affidavit," Vance said, "you would be like, 'Man, I thought he said that they weren't receiving suspicious packages.' You're not saying suspicious package; you're just saying packages, period."

Vance framed the issue this way:

Vance: For somebody who may not be familiar with narcotics-type investigations, are you saying that just because he wasn't getting suspicious packages doesn't mean that he wasn't involved in drug trafficking?

Jaynes: Correct. Yes, he very much was so, yes.

The relevant question, of course, is not whether Glover was "involved in drug trafficking"; police had considerable evidence of that, gleaned from surveillance of a suspected "trap house" on Elliott Avenue and a suspected "stash house" on  Muhammad Ali Boulevard. The question is whether Taylor was "involved in drug trafficking," and police had no evidence of that, aside from her continued contact with Glover and her willingness to let him use her apartment for Amazon deliveries.

Jaynes not only misrepresented those packages as evidence of Taylor's complicity. As Balko has noted, the detective offered no evidence specific to her that would justify a no-knock warrant. He simply cut-and-pasted boilerplate about the risk of violent resistance and/or evidence destruction in drug cases, which the Supreme Court has said is not enough to justify dispensing with the usual knock-and-announce rule.

"There was clearly no probable cause to believe drugs were being dealt from her apartment, and no probable cause that Breonna or her boyfriend [Kenneth Walker] were doing anything illegal," says Daniel Klein, a former Albuquerque police sergeant who writes about law enforcement issues, in an email. "Yet the assistant district attorney and the [circuit] court judge not only approved the warrant…they approved it to be a no-knock warrant executed in the middle of the night!"

Lonita Baker, an attorney representing Taylor's family, notes other discrepancies in Jaynes' warrant applications, including an incorrect description of the car that Taylor was driving at the time and the erroneous attribution of Taylor's cellphone number to Glover. Those mistakes, she told the NBC station in Louisville, reflect "the sloppiness of the entire investigation." Baker said it was "disappointing" that Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who investigated the raid itself, did not also look at the justification for the warrant, which Cameron said the FBI is investigating.

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  1. It was only a matter of time before Amazon tried to dominate the illicit drug market.

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    2. They already do.

      It’s not inconceivable for a drug distributor to set up as an Amazon Seller, then ship “orders” to dealers that look legitimate.

      1. Observe how National Socialist Comstock Law reasoning works. Paying for a product you want requires Gestapo approval to gain “legitimacy.” But making up lies to enable illiterate goons to break into a home and murder the inhabitants is by default legit. The problem in this case is they forgot to bring throwdown guns, throwdown dope and a throwdown coroner’s report saying the victim was already dead from reefer madness BEFORE the cops riddled her with bullets. Only that oversight threw the “legitimacy” of the murder into question.

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      2. The reviews would out the distributor. “5 stars, dude. This is some bomb-ass weed!!”

      3. This police hater, Sullum, does what people do. He cherry picks the information. No mention here of the taped conversations or gps record for Jamarcus’ car. He mentioned the stash house without saying that the drugs were found hanging in a tree outside. Stash house, trap house and Breonnas place. One for the drugs, one for business and one for money. That’s how small time drug sellers do, chop.

        1. And ultimately none of the details on either side are going to matter. BLM having seized on this case as a’cause’ will stink up the whole thing sufficiently that most people will side with the cops, because as thuggish and venal as the cops may be, BLM and Antifa make them look like goddamned choirboys.

          This case stank of police bungling from the get-go. Even if Taylor WAS assisting a known drug dealer, the raid was badly conceived, badly planned, and badly carried out. And not in isolation; far too many warrants are served on poor information, excess enthusiasm, and no thought.

          But the cause of police reform is effectively lost; Black Lives Matter has tied it to street violence, vandalism, arson, murder, and loud idiocy.

          1. Right as usual, csps

      4. I’m so glad that our system has set that up to be a pretense to justifiable homicide. Good comment, you fucking asshole.

    3. The illegal war on drugs has many casualties. Bounty hunters gone amuck.

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    1. What does a video of peaceful demonstrators in Portland have to do with this?

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      2. What peaceful demonstration in Portland? Haven’t heard of any. Know of a long, unopposed riot, with lots of vandalism, arson, and assault, but no peaceful demonstrations.

  2. First of all-who the hell is Jason Glover? Is he Glover’s brother, or is it an alias Jamarcus used just for the purposes of ordering shit on Amazon and having it send to Taylor’s apartment? It’s really not hard to enter a false name on an Amazon order form.

    Just saying, “No it’s a different guy” without showing me that it actually is a different guy doesn’t convince me, especially when Glover actually was picking up packages at her apartment.

    What’s worse is that it’s entirely irrelevant to the fucking point you’re making. Why tell us this information that’s distracting to the bigger point that the detective knew there was nothing suspicious about the packages, but still requested a warrant (a no-knock warrant!) for Taylor’s house?

    Joshua Jaynes is probably the main villain of this whole story. The Gerald Goines of Louisville. At least for the rest of the locations he sought a warrant for, it seemed he’d actually done his homework, but why did he want to break into Taylor’s apartment when he had such little reason to?

    1. First of all-who the hell is Jason Glover?

      That’s a good question. Unfortunately, it’s one the cops are required to answer before they go seeking a warrant for a Jamarcus Glover, they aren’t supposed to be able to do as you have done and just assume that it might be an alias. The law is kind of picky about these sorts of things.

    2. Lots of unrelated people out there with the same last name. There is no rational reason to suppose that Jason Glover has any ties whatsoever to Jamarcus Glover.

    3. Criminals often use false names for mail, utilities, and credit cards. Muslims and illegal aliens often use false names and slang names and noms de guer. It’s not a big surprise that one Glover is a criminal receiving packages as a different Glover at someone else’s house.

      1. There are also lots of unrelated people with the same last name. I Googled “James Glover” There are dozens of James Glovers. There is zero reason to suspect that the James Glover in this case is an alias for Jamarcus Glover

      2. Yeah, except your comment is full of it. The mail Jamarcus Glover received at Taylor’s apartment was addressed to him in his name and included his bank statement and phone bill.

  3. I was somewhat disappointed to find nothing in this article to justify the claim made in the headline that these were “drug warriors” rather than run-of-the-mill ‘roided up rabid pitbulls with a hard-on to kill somebody who don’t much give a shit who. Do you honestly believe that if it weren’t for the War on Drug Users these guys wouldn’t be doing this shit? Because I totally believe that they would, the drug thing is just an excuse for them to go all jack-booted thug and absent that excuse they’d just find another.

    1. The reason for all this is in black and white in the article. Another LEA was involved and giving the orders to the local detectives because of some other overarching scheme that needed rolling out.

      It should this come as no surprise that the media took hold of this debacle and ran with a false narrative for what was it? 8 months before we finally got the truth from the (non)indictment.

      I think we all know who the LEA that declined to be mentioned is.

    2. Um, all the officers involved are from the Louisville PD narcotics unit.

      1. Gosh, what a SURPRISE! No less surprising these killer narcs First Responders™ are freed of charges and probably at this moment breaking in another door to riddle someone else with gunfire as they sleep. Thank God for American justice and Star Chamber dismissals. Let’s all line up to vote for some more of that! Go Team Trump! Git them poor, dissolute, uncovered wretches!

    3. These are rabid roided warriors. These are chickenshit lazy assholes who take shortcuts to pad their stats and do everything possible to meet the least resistance, including a nighttime raid and shooting blindly at the slightest provocation.

      1. Typo. These are ^NOT^ rabid roided…

      2. You mean… the victims were SNORING in contempt?! THAT was the provocation?

    4. Actually, I DO believe that if not for the drug war, these people wouldn’t be running around playing ‘Gangbusters’ with live ammunition. The drug war has been used as an excuse for serious erosions to a citizen’s protections against over enthusiasm by cops. No-knock warrants, ‘dynamic entry’ raids, asset forfeiture, and the like are all accepted because of Holy Drug War.


      Drugs destroy lives. So do a lot of things. I’m less and less persuaded that the cure isn’t worse than the disease.

      But it doesn’t matter. No useful degree of police reform will be achieved while the Fascist Left is burning cities ostensibly in support of said reform.

  4. up with Jamarcus Glover

    “Of course he had a hard life… his name is ‘Jamarcus'”.

  5. “Through training and experience.”

    1. Apparently that’s all it takes.

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  7. Regardless whether or not she had drugs, she didn’t deserve to be executed for it. This is what 50 years of tough on drugs has gotten us. It’s just another excuse for over-roided super cops to use the power they think the badge gives them to do whatever they want. She was murdered because they plotted to pin a crime on her and ended up executing her instead.

    It also shows that NOBODY reads affidavits for warrants. The rubber stamp probably needs to be replaced by now since it gets used so often. Every person who approved this warrant should be charged as as part of this murder.

    1. This. Cops can’t do this shit without corrupt or just lazy prosecutors and judges signing off. When do we defund these assholes?

      1. No prosecutor is lazy. They are by design corrupt af. To pretend that the judges don’t know about and aren’t already dick deep in this ass fuckery of Joe six pack, is either abject self-delusion or shameless licking of commie boot.

  8. What about the thing that “everybody knows”, that Taylor had been holding money for him for quite a while. In the pantheon of things that “everybody knows” but there is no provenance for is that the police have phone calls where they talk about exactly that fact.

    Is that made up? Disinformation?

    The version I heard with the most credibility was that this was discovered in recordings that were not examined before the warrant was issued, and therefore are not directly germain to the examination of the validity of the warrant…. But might speak to the veracity of claims about packages that are only from Amazon and are only clothes and shoes.

    Remember, she does not have to be a saint for this to still be a good example for the ills of our war on drugs, rubber stamp warrant applications and warrior cop tactics.

    1. I think the War On Drugs should be ended, and that no-knock warrants are almost always a bad tactic. But reading the documents from the investigation makes it obvious that the search warrants were not based on the parcel deliveries.

      The Louisville PD website re the case is here:

      The most useful document is the “Report On The Breanna Taylor Narcotics investigation, which is the second document from the top. You should read it if you want to be clear on what was actually happened. Media reports implied that this was another “wrong address” no-knock shooting, which it was not.

      The warrants were based in part on the fact that she frequently allowed Glover to use her car while commuting between his home and the traphouse; and that his bank statement and other records listed her address as his.

      The jail phone call records start on Page 13 of the Report. A caller tells Glover he “got Bre killed”; he protests that Kenneth Walker got Breanna killed by shooting at the police, and states that if he had been there he would have had enough sense not to shoot at the police. Later he discloses to his baby momma that he had $8,000 stashed at “Bre’s” house.

      Short form: WOD sucks, no-knock sucks, but I don’t see any police misconduct here.

      1. They lied on the sworn affidavit for the warrant, but you “don’t see any police misconduct here”? It’s blind fools like you that let police get away with murder – literally in this case, because that lie was a felony, and a death resulting from a felony is felony murder.

        1. Not only that but despite the outright lies on the warrant affidavit, he assumes that the document he is pointing to is not itself full of lies.

      2. Thus spake Tricky Prickears. With today’s kind of courage, Americans in 1932 would have tsk tsked that some dry killers occasionally engage in firearms abuse, but let’s keep the Volstead Act as amended by the Five and Ten law making light beer a felony and get used to banking panics, currency contraction, bankruptcies, unemployment, violence and vigilantes hunting down dry agents to collect the bounty as Herbert Hoover was sworn in for a second term.

  9. “The whole good cop/bad cop question can be disposed of much more decisively. We need not enumerate what proportion of cops appears to be good or listen to someone’s anecdote about his Uncle Charlie, an allegedly good cop. We need only consider the following: (1) a cop’s job is to enforce the laws, all of them; (2) many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even cruel and wicked; (3) therefore every cop has agreed to act as an enforcer for laws that are manifestly unjust or even cruel and wicked. There are no good cops.” ~Robert Higgs

  10. There were LOTS of packages not from Amazon.

    1. Exactly. And it’s suspicious to get packages for someone else at your unoccupied home, then have a known criminal picking up those packages.

    2. Whoa. Meticulous presentation and analysis of facts. Is that against the Reason TOS?

  11. Thanks again for the update Jacob.

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  13. Mattingly reported that “your guy just gets Amazon or mail packages there.” The phrase “or mail packages” leaves Jaynes some wiggle room

    It seems to me packing drugs in Amazon packaging would be an excellent way to disguise drug shipments.

    1. Yeah, but the way Amazon handles shipping, it would be easy to verify if the shipments to a given address originated from Amazon or not.

      If they did, now you are supposing an Amazon delivery to A, but B somehow intercepts the package, replaces the contents with drugs, then reinserts the package into the delivery stream.

      1. If they did, now you are supposing an Amazon delivery to A, but B somehow intercepts the package, replaces the contents with drugs, then reinserts the package into the delivery stream.

        No, I suppose that they pick up some used Amazon packages from a dumpster, stick a new label over the destination address, put the drugs in there, and mail it again. No “interception” needed.

        Nobody checks, or even knows, whether the sender address is correct, or even whether the sender address is a valid fulfillment center.

        1. “Nobody checks, or even knows, whether the sender address is correct, or even whether the sender address is a valid fulfillment center.”

          The shippers don’t know, because they don’t have any reason to check. The problem is that police intercepting a “suspicious package” can check and would have very little difficulty finding the answers.

          1. The shipper knows where it was shipped from. Is there even a fulfillment center in that location?

          2. Amazon will know if they shipped a package to the receiving address and would have no reason not to cooperate with a police investigation of drug shipments made in Amazon boxes.

          1. The police didn’t have the packages. All they had were reports that Taylor had received packages for the drug dealer, the drug dealer picked them up from her, and then took them to a drug house. That’s probable cause for a search warrant.

            The postal service told them that some came from Amazon and didn’t seem suspicious. That doesn’t invalidate the search warrant because she might have been receiving both Amazon and drug packages for him, the Amazon packages might have been a cover, or she might have been receiving other packages.

            The search warrant was valid and justified under current law.

            1. Any “Amazon package” is going to have a tracking # on it. Even without intercepting the package, any Nosy Parker can copy that number and run it on the website of the shipping company, be it UPS, FedEx, USPS. I don’t get many Amazon packages, and am not sure how tracking of packages delivered entirely within their system is handled. The Big River does a lot of shipping with only the last mile handled by USPS, though. UPS Mail Innovations and FedEx Smartpost work that way. Trump has bitched about Amazon using these sorts of deals. Postal Service employees can often gain access to secure areas of properties other delivery services can’t, and the competition can’t use official mailboxes or PO Boxes, If the investigators wanted to find out if “Amazon deliveries” were really from Amazon, they could, and without opening them. Could they get caught snooping on a security camera? Sure. Louisville PD was reported as being in a squabble with the local postal official who would have signed off on collecting such info, so LPD lied on the warrant application.

    2. What is wrong with ‘drugs’? They have a legitimate use and an illicit use. We will never be able to deny the ‘fatally clumsy’.

      1. We’re not talking about whether drugs ought to be legal, but whether police were justified to obtain a search warrant and execute it. And the fact is: under current law, they were. That’s the end of this story.

        You want to change drug laws? Fine, go ahead.

        1. Ok, but you brought it up first.
          Now I have already said; “The case, it seems, is not that the police fired in self-defense but that they were there in the first place.”
          BOTH issues are of vital concern here, …maybe “Drug War” more than ANYTHING ELSE, these DEA raids with shots fired happen every other day.

          1. No, I didn’t bring it up first. All I said was that the search warrant was legal and justified under current law. That’s good enough for me.

            In principle, I think drugs should be legal, but until they are, people should get prosecuted and punished as current law provides.

            1. Hypothesis: “Privacy rights” are enough to strike down laws against certain medical procedures, so why not drug laws? Posit a 9th Amendment right to self-medicate, and its all unconstitutional. {Of course, courts don’t support this theory…}

              1. SCOTUS judgments are arbitrary to begin with, so sure, why not?

  14. Given that the plot thickens, it so appears anyhow, what was the actual basis for the issuance of any kind of search warrant, No Knock, Please Might We Enter or anything else. Might it be that the issuing magistrate or judge has any number of questions to answer, questions that are not being asked?

  15. Regarding these Drug Warriors, how come they have not been pensioned off, having honorably or as some would have it, dishonorably, served the public, their employers.

  16. Stop.

    1. Yes, …it has not changed one thing except to in the end deny legitimate people the medicines they need, like the Opiates and the Benzodiazapines…

      1. Also, and this is the great missed lesson of Prohibition, if changing the law turns out to be a mistake, we can always change it again.

        The War on Drugs certainly appears to have been a mistake. By all means, let’s Call a halt and see what happens.

    2. We said that BEFORE God’s Own Prohibitionists stood pat on their shoot-first prohibitionism and prisons platform. Now that there is even some question about the legality of breaking down doors to shoot girls for ordering contraceptives by mail, I’m kind of keen to see how this plays out at vote counting time. Let the feathers fly where they will and let’s see if Gott is really Mitt the Uns.

      1. Prohibition was the brainchild of the progressive movement, not the GOP.

        But then lying through your teeth to score political points is also the brainchild of the progressive movement.

        As a famous progressive put it: The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.

    3. The “drug wars” will continue unless we permit unlicensed dealers to sell pot or other drugs in the black market. I wish libertarians would stop repeating like Pavlov’s dog every time incidents like this occur.

  17. Bear in mind, there was a dead body found in a car she rented (and loaned to her ex-boyfriend).

    If you look at all the stuff the police released, she clearly had ties to her supposed ex boyfriend

    The raid was still conducted poorly. It should never have been done at almost 1 am (and by only 3 cops). But it’s pretty clear there was evidence to get a warrant to search her place.

    1. The body was investigated. If it was good enough to say there’s no need to suspect her in that there’s probably not a reason to shoot her for it.

      1. They didn’t shoot “her for” anything.

        She got caught in the crossfire between her boyfriend and the police. We call that an accident.

        1. The point being there was no reason to suspect she was dangerous and thus raid her place in the middle of the night. That’s a tactic designed to disorient, and that’s why innocent people sometimes shoot cops when they do it (and why I have no sympathy for cops who are totally shot). It’s only a reasonable tactic if the person is more dangerous when aware than unaware.

          1. They raided her in the middle of the night not because they thought she was dangerous but because they wanted to raid all suspects at the same time and because they were concerned about destruction of evidence.

    2. Bingo. She was suspicious as hell.

      She was apparently the link to an ongoing criminal enterprise involving an ex she still was involved with, despite having a new boyfriend.

      People, stop doing financial and mail fraud for your good-for-nothing ex boyfriends.

    3. Oh, so NOW the killer narcs trot out ex-post-facto throwdown rumors of dead bodies in car trunks. Better late than never, right? Nice work Jeremy, or should I call you Spike?

      1. What they had was ample justification for a search warrant. That’s all that matters.

  18. End drug war. For ‘easy fruit’ 20 Million severest pain patients have been cut off or dangerously reduces of pain medicine, …the Medicinal Opiates, the only ones to suffer for the street, illicit use overdose issue called “opioid crisis”. The DOJ/AG has pocketed Billions and isnt going to stop unless resisted in public.

  19. Doesn’t matter how you try to lay it out, this is absolute, 100% Denial of Due Process of Law. A B.A.R. Association specialty. The cops are just their overly gung-ho, glorified hall monitors. The real criminals are wearing suits and robes.

    1. And are surrounded by bodyguards, qualified immunity and “shall not be questioned…”

  20. She wasn’t an EMT for years. Surveillance showed her at Glover’s house many times. Glover implicated in jailhouse phone calls.

    1. Irrelevant. Even if she was personally cooking meth and dealing it from her apartment that’s no excuse for shooting an unarmed woman in her bed during a no-announce raid in the middle of the night.

      But that’s not what she’s accused, of, right? She’s accused of letting an alleged drug dealer pick up alleged drug packages at her apartment. The raid was insanely disproportionate to the alleged crime.

      1. Thank you for this comment, some guy. This is the only comment worth listening to

      2. They knocked. Even Walker admitted to hearing knocks. I can’t believe people still believe that there was a no knock raid on Taylor. The only dispute is whether cops identified themselves.

        The police opened fire only after Walker shot first. Even though castle doctrine does not apply in a police raid, because the cops weren’t in uniform and it’s not proven beyond reasonable doubt that Walker definitely ever heard the cops identify themselves, the prosecutor decided against charging Walker.

        The underlying operation that involved Taylor led to a bust of 3 trap houses and secured drugs and illegal guns. And it was based on anon insider information. Yeah, that goes against the libertarian narrative. But these kinds of raids probably save more lives than you think, especially in black neighborhoods. And Taylor was heard discussing trap houses with Glover while he was in prison.

        The cops might have lied about the packages, just as the FBI lied to obtain surveillance on Carter Page. Not entirely surprising, because prosecutors are keen on conviction, not unlike the woman currently running as VP. This is where real reform should be introduced. But as for the actual raid, evidence suggest that it was an accident.

        1. These raids don’t save even the lives of cops, much less any other lives. The war on drugs does not save lives as it has not reduced drug usage. Studies into raid tactics ubiquitous show almost no effect (and often a counter effect) on officer safety from these raids, and of course reduced safety for everyone else.

          1. All of that use irrelevant to the case. Right now, drugs are illegal, prosecution is draconian, and everybody knows that. Act accordingly or accept the consequences. That’s how a lawful and peaceful society works.

  21. Biggest garbage article today.

    1. Yeah, who cares about cops lying to get dangerous no-knock warrants of innocent peoples’ houses? What could possibly be wrong with that?

      1. No evidence of lying. No no knock warrant was executed.

    2. I agree with Jacob, but calling the cops drug warriors is not helpful. They are doing what they were ordered and trained to do. They do not make policy and they do not write laws. Grow up Jacob.

  22. This thing rapidly went from “a drug bust gone bad” to “a tragic misunderstanding” to “manslaughter”. Now it’s just creeping into “murder” territory. Someone should alert the local DA’s office. They may want to investigate.

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  24. As we all know, if Glover had been receiving boxes with illegal drugs or money at Taylor’s apartment, they definitely wouldn’t have been in Amazon boxes. They would have been in boxes marked “Definitely not drugs! Don’t look inside!” Nobody would ever pack anything illegal in Amazon boxes to avoid suspicion.

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  26. This thing rapidly went from “a drug bust gone bad” to “a tragic misunderstanding” to “manslaughter”. Now it’s just creeping into “murder” territory. read more

    1. It is murder. This innocent young woman, with her whole life ahead of her, was murdered on the unsubstantiated suspicions of premeditated murderers.

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  28. At the risk of pointing out the obvious, people regularly reuse Amazon boxes. Just because Amazon is printed on the outside does not mean the box’s contents came from Amazon. Just because a few boxes did come from Amazon does not mean that all boxes that came in an Amazon box were innocuous shoes and clothes.

    1. Why not check and see if the package actually originated from Amazon before raiding someone’s home? After all, packages shipped from Amazon are recorded and tracked. And if it did not come from Amazon, I suspect they might have worked with USPS to determine the actual origin.

  29. funny cops think they are protected as killers as if a law or their bosses or citizens are going to forgive their acts of really wrong really immature realities…cops separate themselves from the common public illegal and the very cause for such awful lifetimes…HEY GUYS WHEN LUCIFER COMES FOR YOU…YOULL ONLY HAVE ME..SO IM TELLING YOU NOW ID CUT YOUR HEADS no you have no chance.SO STOP LYING TO KIDS ABOUT LAW OR RESPONSIBILITY.YOU LOST THE KIDS BY 1980…YOUR MONSTERS YOULL DIE ONE DAY AND YOU SOUL IS MEAT FOR SATAN..FACE THAT COWARDS..GOD DONT PLAY

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  32. There’s problems with this media narrative. 1- She was not working as an EMT. 2 Her and her car are involved in a homicide. 3- Amazon boxes can be opened – repacked – resealed and passed along. 4- They knocked despite a no knock warrant. 5- The upstairs neighbors testified to this. And finally … shoot at a cop? You WILL be fired back upon.
    Yes, it’s a tragedy, but there’s a lot the media leaves out in order to keep their narrative

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  36. If you lie to a judge to obtain a search warrant or arrest warrant and the operation ends in injury or death the officer who lied needs to be held responsible.

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