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Trump Warns America: 'Biden's America' Will Look Like Trump's America

Plus: Alice Marie Johnson's RNC speech, Twitter bans bots pretending to be disillusioned black Democrats, and more...


Scenes inside and outside the White House gates last night presented a stark and jarring contrast. On one side, President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence used the place—and, later, the Washington Monument—as a backdrop for their 2020 presidential campaign, bright with billboards and fireworks and filled with an unmasked crowd of the conservative political elite. Holding part of the Republican National Convention (RNC) on the White House lawn is unprecedented in American history; if it's not illegal under rules meant to separate politics from governing, it is at least an unnerving display of a sort more familiar in autocratic regimes than in countries holding free elections.

On the other side—in the square that has now been crowned Black Lives Matter Plaza and in the surrounding streets—crowds gathered to protest Trump and violent, unaccountable policing with chants, go-go music, and a determination to "take the noise straight to the White House" and "#DrownOutTrump," as texts from the activist group Shut Down D.C. put it. As the evening began, the scene had "sort of an outdoor concert vibe," as Reason's Robby Soave put it. Videos show outpourings of pain and anger, too, but—though there were sporadic harsher confrontations later in the night (including a group confronting Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, and someone throwing a bike at him)—the protests refrained from turning into a chaotic or violent scene like we've seen in Kenosha and Portland, while still reinforcing the unrest and protest alive on U.S. streets.

Trump's RNC speech wasn't merely disorienting in contrast to the scene outside. It also struck a weird contrast with what's going on in the country (and the larger world) right now.

In the RNC's world, the COVID-19 pandemic (when it was mentioned at all) was a story of how Trump's quick thinking had saved countless lives, how the more than 180,000 who have died are just sad but inevitable casualties of China's negligence, and how we've already reached a turning point, with a vaccine or "miracle" cure just around the corner.

In this world, riots and crime spikes in certain cities are a preview of what would happen under a President Joe Biden, even though it's Trump rather than Biden who's been in power for nearly four years. (Crime and unrest were also sometimes blamed on Democratic city leaders, and positioned as a reason to vote Trump, despite the fact that neither president changes who is in charge of American cities and states.)

Blowing up select places where protests have turned into looting and chaos, Trump and his team made it sound as if all of America is filled with some dangerous mix of antifa, communists, Black Lives Matter, and illegal immigrants running rampant on the streets and destroying America's way of life. (In actuality, most cities that have seen protests over the last few months have not seen violent scenes like those on the streets of Portland and Kenosha.)

Every presidential campaign contains a certain amount of overwrought "this is the most important election of your life" rhetoric, but the RNC dialed it up unbelievably this week, suggesting again and again that America as we know it would not exist under a Biden administration and the only way to prevent a dystopian hellscape from spilling over into your backyard is to vote Trump. Or as Rudy Giuliani summed up the message last night in an all-caps text to my husband, Asawin Suebsaeng of The Daily Beast: "VIOLENCE IS COMING TO YOU."

That was part of the pitch, anyway. The final night of the RNC on Thursday was, like its predecessors, a bizarre display of trying to have it all ways. We heard that Trump the ISIS Slayer would surge our military strength abroad, and also that he was anti-war and committed to bringing troops home. Trump had ended mass incarceration, and he would also stop the flow of drugs across our borders, increase penalties for a range of things, and see that all the bad guys were locked up.

And while the Trump we watch on TV and Twitter is very publicly crass, cranky, "politically incorrect," self-centered, tone-deaf, rude, derogatory about women and immigrants, sexually libertine, morally flexible, and kind of nuts, his staff and family repeatedly assured us that in private he is thoughtful and polite and respects women and has plenty of black and brown friends.

But even though the messaging was a bit all over the place, the predominant message was that Biden and his vice presidential pick, Kamala Harris, are the embodiment of a left turning toward socialism and anarchy. That what you see in images of chaos and fire is somehow what Biden wants and what will only grow worse if you do not vote for Trump.

It was a bizarre message for an incumbent president to run on, to say the least. Whatever might happen under Biden, this quite literally is happening under Trump.

But—ooh, look, fireworks from behind the Washington Monument and an opera singer belting out "Hallelujah." This is Trump-approved programming. Everything else is commie trash. Pay no attention to any voices on the other side of the gates…

Here was Biden's response:


The highlight of last night (and probably the whole RNC) was a speech from Alice Marie Johnson, who talked about being sentenced to life in prison on a drug charge and, after more than two decades, being pardoned by President Trump after her cause was taken up by Kim Kardashian West.

You can watch the whole thing here.


• The "Commitment March: Get Your Knee Off Our Necks" March, organized by Al Sharpton, takes place in Washington, D.C., today, the 57th anniversary of Martin Luther King's famous "I have a dream" speech.

• Is Facebook "the real 'Silent Majority'"?

• "Twitter has taken action to stop a spam operation that pushed messages from fake accounts about Black people abandoning the Democratic Party," reports NBC.

• Ivanka Trump once "seemed to be more of a check than a rubber stamp on her father's agenda." Not anymore.

• "If Trump wins, I reckon America will burn. If Trump loses, America will burn." Bridget Phetasy on why she won't vote in this election.

• "Holly Curry stopped at a shop to get some muffins and left her six children in the car while she ran in to get them. She was gone for less than 10 minutes. It was only 67 degrees outside. When she came back to her car, two police officers told her she shouldn't leave her kids in the car and wrote up a 'JC3 form'—a hotline-type alert that would be forwarded to Kentucky's Child Protective Services." Here's what happened next.

• More on the Hatch Act, which huge swaths of the RNC may have violated:

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  1. Maybe it will look like Weld's America.

    1. The president forced all the rioters and protesters to commit hundreds of millions in damage.

      Weird how a libertarian magazine that usually promotes Rand Paul ignored officers having to escort him away from a crowd or protesters trying to stop a bus of RNC attendees from leaving peacefully.

      1. "he alone is responsible for the chaos in our country".
        Riiiiight. Every single problem in the country is either caused by Trump or made worse by him. Every. Single. One. What a simple world some people live in.

        1. Orange Man... omnipotent?!?

          1. Omnipresent at least.

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        2. The democrats who have been cheering on the violence certainly aren’t responsible.

          1. The goes double for the ones committing the violence.

          2. Has Brown actually written anything that isn't 'Trump is literally Hitler' and/or a parroting of Democratic Party talking points? Send your thugs out into the street to burn and loot, and then call it the other guy's fault. Of course Brown and her ilk are the same ones saying that every pissant dictator, world tyrant, and terrorist nation are also the fault of America, and even that Hitler was a natural response to American actions of the time.

            Take responsibility for your own dirtbags and dullards this time. There will be a few people buying into this narrative, but given enough time and information as to the tolerance of Democrats running Democrat cities in Democrat States for Democrats rioters, most people are figuring it out. The rest weren't going to vote for anyone besides a Democrat anyway. Like Tony, they are too stupid to think for themselves.

            1. Glad I cancelled my reason subscription.

        3. The Trump pen and phone is mightier than the sword.

      2. Trump did that with his mean words!

        Trump made liberals attack Rand Paul!

        Keep going ENB, you're doing great! Just make sure the Trump 2020 campaign gets your address right before they send you the checks.

        1. Attack? Did they touch him? If anyone had "attacked" Rand Paul, that pansy would still be cowering on the ground.

          Citizens petitioning an elected representative to stop being such a tone-deaf, disaffected, obsolete bigot? On a public sidewalk or street? Sounds like a refreshing libertarian moment in America to me.

          Or, to people who can't abide the idea of a clinger politician hearing some disapproving words from everyday citizens -- a depraved hellscape!

          1. Sigh. Just as dumb and ignorant as the crowd around Paul.

          2. Rand Paul has been attacked before, FACT, he probably has a little ptsd which is natural after such an attack and him being wary of violent crowds is smart

            1. He was beat up by his neighbor over neighborly issues. Hardly comparative.

              1. The other neighbors all said that was a lie, that the guy who assaulted Paul was a hardcore leftist, and that Paul had never had any kind of confrontation with him prior to the assault and that the story about "debris" in Paul's yard was b.s.

                He made up the story about the yard dispute *after* he realized that he was facing possible federal charges for assaulting a U.S. Senator. And the feckless DOJ let him off the hook.

                But I'm sure you just think he was fighting the good fight...which is why people like that just need to be put down, not argued with. None of you is worth the time or effort for an argument...what you really need is a good, hard dose of real brutality until you slither back under your rocks.

                1. DOL is a dishonest piece of shit that likes to believe things that fit the lefty narrative regardless if they’re true or not.

                  1. And yet you still have never produced a single example of me endorsing leftist positions. Or is opposing corruption and foreign influence in our politics is a leftist position now?

                    1. Are you against AIPAC?

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                2. I don’t think anyone thinks Rand Paul’s neighbor was “fighting the good fight” regardless of whether he beat Paul over lawn clippings or politics.

                3. Really, and I suppose you have a good source?

                  Then I wonder why federal prosecutors opted to allege a more traditional motive for the attack. And other articles where the neighbors are interviewed tells the same tale.


                  1. "However, federal prosecutors on Friday said Boucher admitted the assault but denied it was politically motivated. Boucher's lawyer also denied previously that politics had anything to go with the fight."

                    Yeah, that clinches it for me...when I want to know about a crime, I find it is always best to get the facts from the alleged perpetrator because they have no skin in the game.

                    If you are well off enough to live in a senator's neighborhood, you don't have any real fucking problems.

                    I guess Paul should put the brush in his living room next time. I'm actually surprised (and a teeny bit impressed) that a senator was mowing his own grass.

                    I'm generally not a big Rand Paul fan, but this guy who attacked him sounds like a total pussy douche canoe. If you're going to fight someone do it with a frontal attack.

              2. and shot at on a softball field, but no biggy.

                1. Forgot about that. Yes, he was.

                  1. It’s easy to forget that time someone almost assassinated a bunch of Republicans when you’re a lefty.

                    1. Anyone who does NOT suck R Mac's clit, AND Trump's Sacred Dick, with UTMOST devotion, is a LEFTIST, Government Almighty DAMN it all to HELL and back!!!!

                    2. You’re my fiddle you crazy ass.

                    3. Or you’re not a lefty, but you have a life.

                    4. Nobody believes you have a life.

          3. Let your old eyes relax from all the kiddie porn you watch and then rewatch the attack on rand. Maybe when your eyes aren't bleary from hours of kiddie porn you'll notice the bike thrown at him that was blocked by, and almost knocked over, the cop and grabbed to hold up

          4. The obsolete bigot who is the only person in the Senate trying to end qualified immunity and no-knock raids? Biden and Harris are the authoritarians.

          5. “ Citizens petitioning an elected representative to stop being such a tone-deaf, disaffected, obsolete bigot? On a public sidewalk or street?”

            When they start forcing people to hand over their universal mail-in ballots, will that still be a good idea,

          6. You do realize Rand Paul wrote the Breonna Taylor act that would end no knock raids like the one that she got killed in right?

            1. The Reverend doesn't do comparative analysis. He's just a Leftwing bigot. Rand Paul isn't Rightwing, therefore he's a despicable pansy clinger.

        2. the news media types (including our fearless editor) seem shocked that Republicans are trying to pin the mostly peaceful protests on Democrats. But the voters can see clearly that it is Democrat mayors and governors who are allowing the not entirely peaceful protests to continue, Democrat DAs who aren't prosecuting criminals, and Democrat city councils who have been running their cities into the ground and doing nothing to improve policing.

      3. “Leadership: Whatever happens, you’re responsible. If it doesn’t happen, you’re responsible.”

        1. Stop blaming others for you and your pedophile friends' shittiness.
          Because if we play by those rules, you don't survive the month

        2. One of the dumbest things ever said.

          1. Eh, I’m sure he’ll say something just as stupid at some point today.

            1. “He” referring to Trump?

              1. There it is.

              2. Trump was referring to a business right?

                Are you that much of a mussolini fan you thought to apply it to society?

                1. You can try to spin it that way. He didn’t state any restrictions on the type of leadership he was referring to.

                  1. Wait, you're accusing me of spin? What was the quote said in regards to? Work it out slowly.

                    1. It was made in regards to leadership.

                    2. There are few people less qualified to opine on leadership than a resentful lemming like white knight

                    3. Leadership of what dear WK? Sound out your words. Or are you actually advocating for a corporatist society?

                    4. Trump didn’t put any qualifier on the type of leadership he was referring to when he said it.

        3. except for BLM and anitfa leadership. then people are on their own for responsibility.

          1. Black Lives Matter consists of a confederation of organizations, each having leaders. However, many of the videos linked to here in the commentariat in the past weeks are of thugs who have no affiliation with Black Lives Matter, and were engaging in violence at times when there were no Black Lives Matter-organized event happening.

            Antifa is purposely decentralized, so it doesn’t have any central leaders.

            1. That's a straight up True Scotsman fallacy.

              1. Its easily answerable too. Ask those rioters what groups they belong to.

                You will hear BLM, Antifa, Anarchy blah blah, parent's basement patrol...

                1. "Its easily answerable too. Ask those rioters what groups they belong to."

                  Asking rioters what group they belong to in the middle of a riot is not easily done at all.

                  1. Then just GFY anyway

      4. It has always been the rules of the Presidential game in America that the Commander in Chief gets to take credit for and has to accept blame for everything that happens during his administration.

        It’s never made sense, but it’s always been how the rhetorical game is played. Biden was playing by those rules when he made his quote, as Trump was when he made the quote I just quoted above.

        1. Its never made sense... yet you have fully committed to repeating it.

          Putting economic numbers on the president is dumb. Blaming him for actions of cities is just retarded. Yet here you're defending it.

          1. Kinda like how it’s wrong to claim someone is on coke if you don’t know if he is, but it’s ok for him to repeat that gossip.

            At least he’s consistent with his hypocrisy.

            1. It was totally OK for me to repeat the gossip, acknowledging that it is true or not.

              1. and it was fine to convict a 17 year old in your words prior to watching the actual video and then claim the video was too grainy to see the kid being fucking chased so you're sticking to your original assertion?

                1. Link to where I did that.

                  1. The White Knight
                    August.26.2020 at 11:32 pm
                    I just spent 11 minutes watching the video that shows everything. Where is the evidence of self defense in a shaky video of people running around shooting guns?

                    Want to keep asking me for evidence of what you said?

                    1. Why was he being chased? The video doesn’t answer that.

                      There were all these alt-right apologists posting video analysis “proving” that a Molotov cocktail was thrown at him.

                      Really?! From that fuzzy video? Something was thrown at him. The person supposedly throwing a Molotov cocktail at him, ran straight into where the supposed explosion would occur.

                    2. Why was he being chased? The video doesn’t answer that.

                      Stop stanning for child molesters and violent thugs, shitstain.

                    3. This country is fucked. I have no hope for a recovery now. These people are not living in reality. They are now defending a teenage mass shooter who shot and killed several unarmed people. This is beyond the pale.

                    4. DoL one clearly had a pistol. He wasn't a mass shooter, as he didn't go out to shoot people unprovoked and the video is clear that he tried to retreat multiple times from the crowd (even before the first shooting) before he fired. He shot one man, called 911 and then tried to turn himself in. The crowd chased him, began beating him (you don't consider a club a weapon, because that is what a skateboard is, when you are hitting someone with it, a club) and he shot the man. Another man ran up with a glock, and indicated he wasn't going to shoot Kyle. Kyle lowered his weapon and the guy then swung his pistol into the shooting position, at which time Kyle shot him in the arm. Once the guy dropped the pistol Kyle got up and walked over to the cops with his hands in the air. Once again you are totally misrepresenting what went on and using inflammatory language to do so.

                    5. They are now defending a teenage mass shooter who shot and killed several unarmed people.

                      No, you useless fuckwad. He shot and killed a convicted child molester who was chasing him down to beat him up (after being caught on camera earlier in the night saying "SHOOT ME NIGGA! SHOOT ME NIGGA!"), another thug with domestic violence charges on his record who tried to brain him with a skateboard after he tripped and fell on the ground, and blew the bicep off of a convicted felon who was illegally carrying a handgun and admitted afterwards to his friend that he regretted not emptying the entire magazine into the kid. He also shot at a guy who tried to execute a jump-kick to his head, scared him off, but didn't try to shoot that same guy after he ran off.

                      "Mass shooter"? Fuck off with your left-wing talking points. He killed two wastes of life and shot another, all of whom were either trying to beat him up or kill him.

                      You're literally parroting everything you've read in your commie propoganda rags and on the boob tube MSM channels. Your opinion means less than jack shit in this case, you dumb bozo. Kyle's a goddamn hero and deserves a Medal of Honor for taking out two of your lefty criminal buddies and nearly turning another into a one-armed bandit, and he did it with the minimum force required to extricate himself and get to safety.

                      Now kindly go fuck off back your hole.

                    6. "DoL one clearly had a pistol."

                      We have a shaky video. Maybe it was a pistol. Maybe it was a non-operative prop pistol. Maybe it was an air gun.

                      Despite JesseAz's attempts to twist what I said the other day, I made two major points: (a) I felt sorry for the 17-year-old kid who has probably f'd up his life and will probably go to prison; (b) it is too early to jump to conclusions about what happened.

                      I'll say it again -- it is too early to jump to conclusions. Example: You think you saw a pistol in that video. Don't be so sure what you actually saw.

                    7. "No, you useless fuckwad. He shot and killed a convicted child molester who was chasing him down to beat him up..."

                      Let's assume it is true that Joseph Rosenbaum was a convicted child molester, which I am having trouble confirming other than claims on sites like Are you saying that it's OK that Rittenhouse was out there being a vigilante and doing street justice.

                      If he is a convicted child molestor, why was he out of jail or prison? Maybe he had served his time, or there is some other explanation.

                      As for his second and third shooting victims; seems like we should take into account that they were chasing Rittenhouse AFTER he had shot someone in front of them.

                    8. We have a shaky video. Maybe it was a pistol. Maybe it was a non-operative prop pistol. Maybe it was an air gun.

                      No, you dishonest fucker. There's pictures all over the web showing him holding the Glock in the EXACT SAME FUCKING HAND as his hamburgered arm. His buddy revealed that Gage wished he had emptied the entire magazine into Rittenhouse.

                      You're just blatantly lying right now.

                    9. So, you didn’t get the info about the gum from the shaky video. Can you link to your sources?

                    10. So, you didn’t get the info about the gum from the shaky video. Can you link to your sources?

                      Google "gage grosskreutz handgun" and pull up the Images section, you dishonest fuckwad. Or, you could just read the DA complaint if you're not too fucking lazy.

                      Let’s assume it is true that Joseph Rosenbaum was a convicted child molester, which I am having trouble confirming other than claims on sites

                      Another instance of White Knight bad faith argumentation, but since he's resorted to well-poisoning here and isn't worth engaging due to him being a lying-ass dog, readers can google "Joseph Rosenbaum sex offender" and bring up the Images section, which shows multiple pages with screenshots of the Wisconsin registry and his updated mugshot before they took his profile down due to Rittenhouse putting him down.

                    11. Had time to look at it now. The images, if they are authentic, show that he was convicted of having sex with a minor in December 2002. He was 36 when he died, so, depending on his birthdate, he was roughly 18 at the time. I see some people claiming that he was a "Class 3" offender, and that it means he had sex with someone under 12 OR used drugs or alcohol in the offense, although I'm not sure where they go that.

                      Like I said, more facts will come out. JesseAz falsely claims that I "convicted Kyle Rittenhouse", but you are saying it's A-OK that he killed Rosenbaum because you just know he was a sex offender. Even though you don't really know any details.

                    12. LMAO. You got proved wrong and now you're desperately trying to compensate with massive amounts of cope.

                2. "and it was fine to convict a 17 year old in your words"

                  You conveniently dropped one of your accusations against me. Link to where I convicted a 17 year old in words.

      5. Nope, Trump didn’t. Neither did Biden.

        At the end of the day, rioting and looting is each individual thug’s individual ethical choice.

        1. Do you even recognize that this comment after your other 2 makes you look completely dishonest?

          1. From the guy who berated me about Kyle Rittenhouse: read the gun laws yourself instead of believing the lying news media — he was allowed to legally carry a weapon.

            You were completely bluffing. He is now charged with illegally carrying a weapon. You didn’t read anything before you said that. You were bluffing, which is a form of lying.

            1. I’ll raise you a grand.

              1. I've offered a monetary bet to all of you unamerican cowards for months now. No takers.

                1. Did you switch socks out of embarassment?

                  1. Just take the bet, or shut the fuck up, bitch ass coward.

                2. Fuck off you dishonest piece of shit.

                  1. Still no bet then? Cowards, the lot of you.

                    And you know it, too.

                    1. You were caught lying in the very same thread you asked us to bet you about lying and wouldn’t admit it. You would never admit to losing, no matter what. So who would take such a bet?

              2. On what? If it's the bet I made upthread that Reason would write something about the Rand Paul incident by the end of the day, Reason did.

                1. That I am who I say I am. That is all.

                  I have offered any monetary amount plus loser has to leave reason boards forever, on honor. No takers.

                  1. Dude, I’m on your side here. I was responding to R Mac, just as you were.

                    It’s OK the threads are confusing. On my iPhone the web page sometimes keeps loading and elements jumping around while I’m trying to enter comments.

                    1. No worries. I thought you hadn't seen me propose my wager before. I'll post it again, just so everyone can see what bitch ass, shit talking, cowards Jesse and co. are.

                      I will show proof of any claims (pick one) I have made about myself on these message boards to a neutral party whom we can both agree on. Any $ amount and loser has to leave reason.

                      Jesse, it is intensely cowardly and unmanly to decline this bet and still try to claim I'm not who I am. Bitch-like.

                    2. Dude, I’m on your side here.

                      Of course you are. A couple of sissy bitches weeping because their lefty boos got limited by a 17-year-old.

                    3. I have seen your proposal before. And seen how nobody takes it up.

                      I, too, get accused of being a leftist a lot, with no evidence. If I say anything critical of Republicans or Trump, then it is apparently incontrovertible proof that I am a leftist, spouting leftist talking points.

                      Never mind, that it is solidly a part of libertarian tradition to soundly criticize both major parties.

                2. It was a joke because you kept saying JesseAZ was bluffing. It was funny watching you two suck each other off over a joke neither of you got.

            2. Yes. Authorities have never mis applied the law for political reasons.

              How fucking stupid are you? The law says what it says. The d.a. isn't the law.

              Charging someone isn't a conviction.

              1. Minors aged 14-17 may possess a firearm without an adult present if the Hunter Safety course is completed

                Now remember your claim. It was illegal for a 17 to open carry period.

                Ignorant fuck.

                1. He was from Illinois. There’s no way he completed the Wisconsin hunter safety course.

                  1. That wasn't your claim shithead. You said a 17 year old couldn't open carry.

                    1. Actually, what I literally said is that we shouldn’t draw conclusions right away about what happened. And, as an example, I noted that I just saw a news story that said he didn’t have the legal right to be open carrying a weapon.

                      It’s amazing how you will accuse others of being dishonest, when you regularly traffic in half-truths.

                    2. I just posted what you literally said.

                      How are you still continuing this?

                    3. Actually, what I literally said is that we shouldn’t draw conclusions right away about what happened

                      No, you actually didn't say that at all. Your OP just posted that you read something in the news and regurgitated it as fact.

                    4. I regurgitated as a fact that the news had said that. It was on a thread where the argument I was making is that we shouldn't draw conclusions and we should wait for more news.

                    5. Stop lying.

                  2. There’s no way he completed the Wisconsin hunter safety course.

                    I can't speak to Kyle specifically and neither can you. I can say that I live further from the border than Kyle does and 2 of my own children have completed the course (in Kenosha County no less) and I know at least a half dozen other kids who have too.

                    The more you speak, the more I think you don't own a gun and/or haven't ever gone hunting. The idea that a gun owner wouldn't know the laws of a state 20 mi. away, especially one so renowned as an outdoors/hunting location is a bit baffling.

                    1. I live further from the border than Kyle does

                      On the IL side that is.

                    2. WK doesn't actually think through his arguments. Then he pretends he didn't say what he actually said.

                    3. I stand corrected. I got that went.

                      Still doesn’t change that JesseAz is bluffing. There is no way JesseAz knows whether he has completed the Wisconsin hunter safety course or not.

                    4. Especially given the fact that his mom is a cop and a gun owner as well.

                    5. There is no way JesseAz knows whether he has completed the Wisconsin hunter safety course or not.

                      There's no way you do, either, but you're happy to infer that he didn't.

                    6. There is no way JesseAz knows whether he has completed the Wisconsin hunter safety course or not.

                      First, I never made the claim I did. I responded to your actual claim, posted here for everyone to see. Yet it is ironic you post this since you said this...

                      He was from Illinois. There’s no way he completed the Wisconsin hunter safety course.

                      You're pathetic.

                    7. Haha another pummeling of white knight’s stupidity!

                    8. There’s no way you do, either, but you’re happy to infer that he didn’t.

                      And counterintuitively to the region no less. AFAIK, if Kyle (or anyone else in the region) wanted to zero his rifle on an actual range 100 yds. or longer, he's got his choice between a couple of 90+ min. drives in IL or a (couple?) 20 min. drive(s) to WI.

                    9. Actually, I have been hunting. But it is true that I have never lived in Illinois or Wisconsin, nor taken a hunting safety course.

                    10. "There’s no way you do, either, but you’re happy to infer that he didn’t."

                      JesseAz is the one who made the claim that he KNOWS that it was legal for Kyle Rittenhouse to be carrying that rifle.

                      Even if he did take the hunting safety course for Wisconsin, which none of us knows, that doesn't mean he was allowed to be open carrying in a vigilante action on city streets, nowhere near any hunting area.

                    11. JesseAz, claiming he KNOWS that the news story is wrong. He doesn't know any such thing:


                    12. Hahaha you got pummeled!

                    13. Actually, I have been hunting.

                      LOL, no, you're clearly fishing and failing miserably.

                    14. That's interesting, White Knight. I don't know how other states do it, but in Texas and California, you need proof of taking a hunters' safety course before they'll issue you a hunting license.

                      Yet you've written you've never taken a hunters safety course, but that you have been hunting in the past. Did you not have a license, or what?

                    15. Michigan too. What state did you hunt in white knight?

                    16. Nope, didn't have a hunting license. I was on my uncle's land, and I was hunting with my cousin, so not sure of the legalities.

                  3. Here are your actual words:

                    The White Knight
                    August.26.2020 at 11:04 pm
                    Example of more facts tricking in: just saw a news story that 17 year olds are not allowed to openly carry a weapon in Wisconsin, so he had the weapon there illegally.

                    1. That is not a claim on my part that the news story is true. The context, which you are leaving out on purpose, was that I was arguing for not jumping to conclusions about what happened.

                    2. That is not a claim on my part that the news story is true.

                      Stop lying.

                    3. This is just pathetic on your part WK. You're still trying to claim you didn't say what was plainly said.

                    4. Your words are there for everyone to see, wk.
                      I always figured you were just a midwit asshole, but this kinda denial of clear reality makes me lean toward you being as psychotic as chemjeff.
                      Please keep doubling down - I enjoy it

                    5. Between this and the whole stealing handles thing, I’m starting to lean towards at least some sort of personality disorder, if not a true sociopath.

                    6. Red Rocks White Privilege
                      "That is not a claim on my part that the news story is true.

                      Stop lying."

                      Commands from the second-biggest liar on these pages (besides JesseSPAZ the Trumptatorshit luster), to stop lying... Now THAT is rich!!!

                    7. Commands from the second-biggest liar on these pages

                      Someone's pissed because he thinks his crown's about to be stolen.

                      BTW, your buddy Dumbfuck Hihnsano--a man so odious, his own son and daughter-in-law weren't even connected to him on Facebook-- shuffled off the mortal coil last month. Guess the coof finally got him.

                  4. Most states, including Wisconsin, honor hunter safety courses taught in other states. Keep reaching. Illinois law has nothing to do with what he can legally do in Wisconsin. This is a huge reach. And, guess what, this is applicable under the Commerce Clause. Washington State tried to ban Washington residents from buying tobacco in Idaho (lower taxes) the courts ruled that this is a violation of the commerce clause, you can not ban your state's citizens from participating in a legal activity in another state. I don't even know where you got that idea. Marijuana is illegal for anything but medicinal in Idaho, but I can fly to Washington or Colorado and toke up as much as I want.

                    1. Illinois law has nothing to do with what he can legally do in Wisconsin.

                      Mentioned this below, this isn't 100% true (see ongoing trial of Jeffrey Reinking), but I'd like to think that the legal minds involved are aware of the broader ramifications of their decisions.

                    2. a) Nobody here knows that Rittenhouse had a legally registered gun, whether he took any hunting courses, or whether having taken a hunting course made it OK for him to be walking around a city street at night with a gun. YET JesseAz claims that he has read the relevant laws, and KNOWS.
                      b) My main point, which JesseAz keeps trying to distort, is that we shouldn't be jumping to conclusions about what we know.

                  5. I don't have a dog in this fight (nor do I care), but thought I'd contribute that most states have Hunter's Safety Education reciprocity. I can't speak to Wisconsin specifically, but I'm a certified instructor in Kansas, and we accept hunter's safety from all 50 states.

                    1. I'll help WK out.

                      Reciprocity. All U.S. states, provinces, and countries that have mandatory hunter education requirements will accept the Wisconsin Hunter Education Safety Certificate. Likewise, Wisconsin will accept Hunter Education certifications that are issued by other jurisdictions that meet official IHEA-USA requirements.


                    2. Haha. This might be one of the most embarrassing fuckups by WK yet!

                      He made a guarantee about something he knows absolutely nothing about!

                      White Knight, I’m saying this out of kindness: you should sit this out the rest of the day.

                    3. R Mac, why do these guys try to claim knowledge they obviously don't have, and yet is so ridiculously easy to find?

                      If you haven't gone hunting, or made a mistake interpreting the sometimes arcane and Byzantine hunting regulations, just say so. I make mistakes all of the time here. It's no big deal. But I dont keep doubling down on clear bullshit either.

                  6. Hunter safety course is irrelevant.

                  7. "There’s no way"

                    Cite? Otherwise you lose.

              2. This is how I know you are bluffing. If you had actually done any analysis yourself, you would know that you need to look at Wisconsin and Illinois law.

                1. Your claim was teenagers couldn't open carry in wisconsin dumbfuck. Because you heard it on the news.

                  Stop trying to change your argument.

                2. Illinois law does not apply to him while he is in Wisconsin. There is this thing called federalism and the commerce clause, and in this case the commerce clause actually does apply. The courts have ruled a state cannot prevent it's citizens from conducting legal activities in another state, on multiple occasions, as that would violate the interstate commerce clause.

                  1. Illinois law does not apply to him while he is in Wisconsin.

                    Slight disagreement, better said as this is unclear (which still makes WK's statement that you *need* to incorrect). Jeffrey Reinking (the father who gave the Waffle House shooter his guns) is still facing a criminal trial and the motion to dismiss was denied.

                  2. He started the evening in Illinois, but more importantly ended the evening in Illinois, presumably still possessing the weapon he used to kill two people. Illinois law may well be involved.

                    As I said before, and JesseAz has done his best to distort, my point is there are a lot of facts that need to come out. Anyone rushing to dismiss or convict him is playing armchair lawyer.

                    1. No, you're intentionally gaslighting like you always do because your lefty boos got their shit pushed in by a 17-year-old.

      6. It is awful that Rand Paul is being treated this way, when he has tried to make good police reform law, while Kampala Harris publicly showboated and criticized him.

        It’s Friday morning, and it just happened Thursday evening. I’ll bet there will be a post about it here on the Reason blog by the end of the day.

        1. Who are you to comment on what kind of articles Reason should write?

          1. He's the guy faking sympathy for rand paul.

            1. Does your tinfoil hat allow you to tell who is faking their feelings? Is this the "Special Power" that you lust after bringing to the table, to help out your Utopian Trumptatorshit? Are you applying for a cabinet job?

            2. So JesseSPAZ... I'm here to tell you, your narcissistic lying, egotistical power mania, inability to admit error, and EVIL, thoroughly nauseate me.

              Now... What does your tinfoil hat say about my feelings? Fake, or real?

            3. Lol. Now the shit eater is white Knighting for WK. The irony.

        1. Oh you poor thing you can't read time here let me help

          "ROBBY SOAVE | 8.28.2020 11:08 AM"

          August.28.2020 at 10:27 am
          The president forced all the rioters and protesters to commit hundreds of millions in damage.

          Weird how a libertarian magazine"

          1. You're right, they posted the article a whole forty minutes after Jesse's comment. They must have seen his comment and published the article right after thinking nobody would notice. Yep, I bet that's exactly what happened.

            1. It amuses me that you guys keep posting us being right about things thinking they make us wrong.

              1. Oh, I know your post was correct, it was just a retarded point to make. Rand Paul being assaulted wasn't ignored, Soave posted an article about it less than an hour later. By that logic every media outlet is 'ignoring' a story until the very second they publish the actual article. Like I said, retarded.

                By the way, you never answered me last night...which of my statements or beliefs makes me a "liberal"? I assume you have something to back that up with and aren't just talking shit, so let's hear it.

                1. I'm sorry you're mad because I made you look bad.

                  1. I'm sorry that the point sailed right over your head, though I doubt that's unusual for you.

                2. So I was right. Good to know. Instead of highlighting amusement at a guillotine and passing off a tweet about peaceful protests, why so little emphasis on the violence? Violence is not a pro libertarian ideal.

                  1. Yes, your completely retarded point was 100% correct. You should be proud of that!

                    Also I completely agree, the mob violence should be emphasized more. Several members of the staff here are guilty of downplaying what's going on, and that's shitty. Not sure how that makes me a "liberal" though. Can we assume that you were just talking shit, then?

                    1. “Also I completely agree, the mob violence should be emphasized more. Several members of the staff here are guilty of downplaying what’s going on, and that’s shitty.”

                      You mean like ENB? The writer of this article, within the comments section of which Jesse raised the complaint?

                      WTF was your point then?

                    2. Funny, JesseAz didn’t mention ENB. He mentioned Reason. Nice try.

                    3. Who wrote this article retard?

      7. They published an article about the attacks on Rand Paul. They can't include every story in the Roundup, and it's not surprising they didn't include that one. It's funny/ironic but ultimately pretty insignificant.

        1. Sorry dude, they published it forty minutes later than Jesse wanted. Doesn't count.

    2. Hello.

      The guillotine is here!"

      I wouldn't joke about that.

      Teen Reason: The Reign of Terror was most peaceful protestors high jacked by Jacobins.

      Didn't Rand get attacked again?

      1. Teen Reason - I like that

        ENB at Teen Reason - "8 Reasons why violence against wrongthink is totes Hawt"

        1. "Teen Reason – I like that"

          Inevitable when your lodestar is the Juicebox Mafia.

      2. No, but there was mostly peaceful bicycle thrown at him and his escort.

        1. Phew!

        2. that bike never assaulted anyone before. It has been mostly peaceful.

          1. Nobody needs a bike with more than 10 speeds.

          2. we need more common sense bike control laws

      3. Attached again? Are you referring to his being attacked by his neighbor over yard trimmings?

        1. Attached to what retard?

          1. “Attacked”, but you could figure that out on your own.

        2. Wait. You still think the attack was over yard trimmings? Holy fucking shit you're dumb

          1. It was. The neighbor may have disliked Paul’s politics but he tackled him over lawn trimmings.

            1. Lol. God you're pathetic. Every other neighbor on the street said it wasn't about trimmings dumbfuck. You're believing the words of a felon trying to excuse his actions as fact.

              You are pathetic.

          2. Or was Black Lives Matter behind it because they didn’t issue a statement condemning the neighbor’s violence.

            1. Someone's touchy over his BLM boos always getting criticized for rioting and burning shit to the ground.

              1. Wk loves the pedophiles.
                Wonder if Mike Laursen has some child rape skeletons in his closet

                1. Many leftists do. NYT was trying to sympathize men going after 13 year olds this week.

    3. Maybe it will look like Weld’s America.

      A saloon on every corner? I suppose there are worse possible Americas...

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  2. Ivanka Trump once "seemed to be more of a check than a rubber stamp on her father's agenda." Not anymore.

    She might have noticed there's no dearth of checks.


    Biden, speaking to students at Sichuan University in Chengdu over the weekend, was addressing a question about the U.S. economy and the safety of Chinese assets when he veered into a discussion of demographic change, entitlement spending and social policy.

    He was suggesting that the one-child policy has eroded the “safety net” for elderly Chinese. But in doing so, he also appeared to defend the policy.

    “You have no safety net. Your policy has been one which I fully understand -- I'm not second-guessing -- of one child per family,” Biden said. “The result being that you’re in a position where one wage earner will be taking care of four retired people. Not sustainable.”

    1. Blanked Out Spots On China's Maps Helped Us Uncover Xinjiang's Camps

      Prisons and internment camps need to be near infrastructure — you need to get large amounts of building materials and heavy machinery there to build them for starters. Chinese authorities would have also needed good roads and railways to bring newly detained people there by the thousand, as they did in the early months of the mass internment campaign. Analyzing locations near major infrastructure was therefore a good way to focus our initial search. This left us with around 50,000 locations to look at.

    2. And then Biden attempted to order Kung Pao chicken and some fried rice.

      1. C’MON MAN! You know I’m all about that General Tso’s.

      2. Flied Lice?

        1. So he’s not really sniffing all those women’s hair, he’s picking out lice for them?

        2. It's fried rice, you plick!

      3. Bat soup with dog dumpling?

        1. Dog face pony soldier dumplings sound rather filling.

    3. Far be it from me to bring to these pages, the deluge of links that you do daily, but why are you citing an article from nine years ago?

      1. Biden is currently running for President.

        1. He is?

        2. I wouldn't say running... shambling along like a slow zombie maybe.

          1. Doddering.

            1. How is anyone supposed to know what speed he's going when he's hiding off camera in a bunker 99% of the time?

        3. So I've heard.

          What about that specific 9-year-old statement made it memorable for you to repeat?

          Meh, carry on. You do great work here.

          1. Here I was thinking that Biden was sounding pretty coherent in that argument. Now I know it was from 9 years ago. That explains it.

      2. Well we did have Reason prove to us yesterday that Biden was better on criminal reforms because his campaign page said more than Trumps.

    4. Your policy has been one which I fully understand — I’m not second-guessing — of one child per family,” Biden said.

      Yeah, this guy is totally OK with doing the same thing to Americans. They should keep him from speaking in public. His dementia has let the mask slip completely off and the Progressive agenda is nakedly apparent.

  4. If Trump wins, I reckon America will burn. If Trump loses, America will burn.

    But the ashes are still Trump's, though. Right?

    1. Ashes to ashes,
      Dust to dust,
      If we didn't have assholes,
      Our bodies would bust!

      So we MUST pick one asshole or the other... Trump or Biden!
      Would you rather have your hair smelt, or your pussy grabbed?

      1. The medication is their to help you. Quit palming the pills.

        1. He trades his meds to other patients for their poo, which he eats as a snack.

          1. Apparently his dad fed him droppings from a rabbit hutch. He often mentions it.

          2. Do you recall the awesome enchanter named “Tim”, in “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail”? The one who could “summon fire without flint or tinder”? Well, you remind me of Tim… You are an enchanter who can summon persuasion without facts or logic!

            So I discussed your awesome talents with some dear personal friends on the Reason staff… Accordingly…

            Reason staff has asked me to convey the following message to you:

            Hi Fantastically Talented Author:

            Obviously, you are a silver-tongued orator, and you also know how to translate your spectacular talents to the written word! We at Reason have need for writers like you, who have near-magical persuasive powers, without having to write at great, tedious length, or resorting to boring facts and citations.

            At Reason, we pay above-market-band salaries to permanent staff, or above-market-band per-word-based fees to freelancers, at your choice. To both permanent staff, and to free-lancers, we provide excellent health, dental, and vision benefits. We also provide FREE unlimited access to nubile young groupies, although we do firmly stipulate that persuasion, not coercion, MUST be applied when taking advantage of said nubile young groupies.

            Please send your resume, and another sample of your writings, along with your salary or fee demands, to .

            Thank You! -Reason Staff

            1. This copypasta is as stale as the dinner of last week's shit you munched.

              1. Citation please, lying Rocks-for-Brains?

       is in need of your brilliant, creative writing skills! They NEED your undocumented (but demented) and dim-witted lying skills! Have you applied yet?

                1. Don't feed this idiot, guys.

                  1. Starting with YOU, self-righteous hypocrite! I DARE you to shut up! NO ONE will miss your empty-headed, vacuous, meaningless blather!

                    1. No he said don't feed you, meaning deprive you of the shit you eat.

                2. Rocks remain smarter than Shtsy-Munching One.

                  1. Still no citation about me eating shit? If you were smart, and NOT lying, you could come up with at least some faint evidence, liar! "Rocks for Brains eats shit". Now I am just as smart as you, liar!

                    "You eat shit." Did you come up with these brilliant ideas for posting, all by yourself, or did your mom come down to the basement to help you compose these brilliant thoughts?

                    1. Shit-muncher tries denying that he eats shit.

                    2. Liar can't back up its lies... Did the Evil One take you under its wings, and teach you raw, unmitigated lying skills?

                      You COULD try and make your lies FUNNY at the very least!

                      "You eat shit!!!!" BWAH-ha-ha, I am a brilliant comedian now!

                    3. But it's not a lie. You do eat shit.

                    4. It isn't a lie that you are a willing slave to the Evil One, then, who inspires your lies.

                      You would be well advised to gain some self-insight. I recommend that you start with M. Scott Peck, The People of the Lie.

                    5. Shitsy projecting more than a 24-screen movie theater.

                    6. Red Rocks for Brains can NOT (stubbornly, willfully will not) see its own evil! Red Rocks for Brains is PROUD of being evil! Noted... Others are taking notes as well, evil asshole!

                    7. SQRLSY One
                      July.2.2020 at 5:11 pm
                      Port-a-potties ARE buffets.


            2. Hey shitbreath leave me out of your insane ramblings.

              1. “Dear Abby” is a personal friend of mine. She gets some VERY strange letters! For my amusement, she forwards some of them to me from time to time. Here is a relevant one:

                Dear Abby, Dear Abby,
                My life is a mess,
                Even Bill Clinton won’t stain my dress,
                I whinny seductively for the horses,
                They tell me my picnic is short a few courses,
                My real name is Mary Stack,
                NO ONE wants my hairy crack!
                On disability, I live all alone,
                Spend desperate nights by the phone,
                I found a man named Richard Decker,
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                I am beastly, yes! But my crack’s full of yeasts!

                So Dear Abby, that’s just a poetic summary… You can read about the Love of my Life, Richard Decker, here:
                Farmers kept refusing to let him have sex with their animals. So he sought revenge, authorities say.
                Decker the hairy pecker told me a summary of his story as below:
                Decker: “Can I have sex with your horse?”
                Farmer: “Lemme go ask the horse.”
                Farmer: “My horse says ‘neigh’!”
                And THAT was straight from the horse’s mouth! I’m not horsin’ around, here, no mare!

                So Decker the hairy pecker told me that, apparently never even realizing just HOW DEEPLY it hurt me, that he was all interested in farm beasts, while totally ignoring MEEE!!

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                But Dear Abby, the horses ALL keep on saying “neigh” to my whinnying sexual advances!
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                Dear Abby, please don’t tell me “get therapy”… I can’t afford it on my disability check!

                Now, along with my crack full of yeasts… I am developing anorexia! Some are calling me a “quarter pounder with cheese”, but they are NOT interested at ALL, in eating me!!! They will NOT snack on my crack!

                What will I DO, Dear Abby?!?!?

                -Desperately Seeking Horses, Men, or ANYTHING, in Fort Worth,
                Yours Truly,
                Mary Stack / Tulpa / Mary’s Period / “.” / Satan

                1. Thank you for doing what you were told.

        2. "The medication is their ..."

          Their meds? Whose meds? WHERE did you go to stupid school? I think if we'd look inside your head, we'd find ZERO "there" in there! Just air, not even a hare, nor a hair!

      2. Assholes provide your favorite treat.

        1. With reference to Trump, JesseSPAZ says…
          “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions He performed.”

          We all know that you lust for a Trumptatorship… You think that Trump will let you in on the pussy-grabbing, as a reward for your support.

          Guess again!

          See “the night of the long knives” at… Ernst Röhm (head brownshirt, street brawler, for Hitler) thought his support of Hitler would leave him sitting pretty. So sorry, Ernst Röhm, Hitler had another thing coming for you…

          Right here on comments, we see the same thing. The “brownshirts” of the commentary (JesseSPAZ etyc.) expect payback (war spoils) from “winning” Orange Hitler, just as Ernst Röhm did from “winning” Hitler.
          They and their ilk, too, have another thing coming… Orange Hitler will throw them under the bus, the VERY first instant that Orange Hitler finds it to be convenient to him… Just as Shitler-Hitler threw Ernst Röhm under the bus!

      3. Or, in Tara reeds case, maybe both?

        Haha. He was probably sniffing that finger after the pussy grabbing, er, I mean penetration, amirite?

    1. We're all gonna freeze!!!!!

      1. So 80's ...


    I’m guessing the Democrats’ internal polling on the current rioting and protesting is looking really bad, because the New York Times this morning declares a five-alarm fire with this new story (I’ve bolded some revealing bits of the reportage):

    How Chaos in Kenosha Is Already Swaying Some Voters in Wisconsin

    . . . [S]ome voters who were less sure of their choice said the chaos in their city and the inability of elected leaders to stop it were currently nudging them toward the Republicans.

    And some Democrats, nervous about condemning the looting because they said they understood the rage behind it, worried that what was happening in their town might backfire and aid the president’s re-election prospects.

    Ellen Ferwerda, who owns an antique furniture store downtown just blocks from the worst of the destruction that is now closed, said that she was desperate for Mr. Trump to lose in November but that she had “huge concern” the unrest in her town could help him win. She added that local Democratic leaders seemed hesitant to condemn the mayhem.

    “I think they just don’t know what to say,” she said. “People are afraid to take a stance either way, but I do think it’s strange they’re all being so quiet. Our mayor has disappeared. It’s like, ‘Where is he?’”

    1. It will be interesting to see how Chicago handles this latest BLM demonstration set for Saturday, along Michigan Avenue. BLM was considerate enough to inform Chicago Wednesday of their intentions. I think it's a setup to show the gathered media that Democratic-run cities like Chicago are now arresting demonstrators instead of watching them.

      1. As long as they don't tourch the cunt mayor's house they can do whatever they want

    2. Kenosha truly fucked up their narrative--a bunch of out-of-towner BLM/Antifags not only incited a riot and burned property in a red-leaning suburb (the guys who got party-vanned by the Feds there a couple days ago were "snack van" Antifa terrorists from Portland), even the heavily edited videos clearly show that St. Kyle was acting in self-defense and not going on an indiscriminate rampaging murder spree, and people are not buying the DNC-supporting media spin on the criminal-record Antifag thugs that he righteously shot.

      1. And the "people" he ended have long criminal records as abusers.
        Kyle of Kenosha, first of his name and protector of burbs

        1. 'Whose streets? Kyle's streets.'

          Or "That's three. UAV now inbound."

          Kid showed absolutely phenomenal restraint and discrimination. I'd have blasted that idiot with the Glock, again in the chest or head, but Kyle stopped shooting immediately after the threat had been stopped.

          And ROFLcopter at interstate Antifa packs whining that Rittenhouse crossed state lines to help out. Among which was cleaning their graffiti off a courthouse earlier that day.

          1. The videos, when put together, are fucking incredible. A pudgy 17-year-old mixed-race kid acted with the poise of someone 20 years older in not only extricating himself from a situation in which people were literally trying to kill him, he applied just enough deadly force that he can't be accused of indiscriminately targeting people.

            I saw the DA complaint, and it's amazing--he's definitely getting overcharged, but the DA practically lays out in detail how St. Kyle was acting in self-defense the entire time and is essentially making his case for him. If he has even a halfway decent defense attorney (and now that Nick Sandmann's attorney apparently is getting involved, it appears that will be the case), he actually has a decent chance of getting out of this thing with minimal, if any, damage, and will have rid the human race of a couple of scuzzbags in the process.

            Too bad Bicep Boy didn't get to join them, but the fact that he's a convicted felon and was in possession of a firearm is probably not going to go well for him, either.

            1. I should add that Bicep Boy's buddy opened his fat, flappy mouth on Facebook and claimed that BB said he wanted to "empty his entire clip" into Kyle. Way to provide extra evidence for Kyle's self-defense case, you Antifag goon.

              1. Not like intelligence is part of their skill set.

                Losing, on the other hand...

                1. Google "Gaige Grosskreutz, Jacob Marshall"--the latter was mouthing off on his Facebook page about it. It comes up with articles that have screenshots of Marshall relaying what Grosskreutz told him.

                  1. Thanks. He almost makes me want to get on Twitter so I can follow him.

            2. "and now that Nick Sandmann’s attorney apparently is getting involved, it appears that will be the case"

              Lin Wood gon get paid again

            3. One of the major media outlets called him a white supremacist. So probably going to make out well when all is said and done.

              1. Heh, even the ADL came out and said, "Welp, we looked but he doesn't appear to be a white supremacist."

              2. Public figure, likely no showing of malice.

                Though let's see if they double down on the slander...

      2. "St. Kyle".

        Holy fuck you guys are sick in the head.

        1. PBUH

          And fuck you and your violent thug Antifa buddies.

        2. "Holy fuck you guys are sick in the head."

          Welcome to right-wing nutjobs, GOP-style! Ann Coulter, Attila the Hun, Rash Limburger, and Hitler are their inspirations, although they usually won't 'fess up to the latter one!

          1. Shitsy's mad that his criminal lefty boos got ventilated.

        3. ahhh. More proof that DoL is an ignorant leftist.

          1. Anyone who disagrees with JesseSPAZ (or doesn't suck dick for the Trumptatorshit) is an ignorant leftist, of course!

            Meanwhile, JesseSPAZ regards theyself as a brilliant intellectual genius, right up there with “Stable Genius” the Orange-Haired!

            Stable Genius Junior keeps right on advocating more and more and MORE POWER to the Trumptatorshit, NEVER EVER being smart enough to realize that sooner or later, said new POTUS-powers will end up in the hands of the BidenFuhrer or other political enemy of the oh-so-smart JesseBahnFuhrer!

            So JesseBahnFuhrer… 1 or 2 days before the likely upcoming inauguration of the BidenFuhrer, next January, will you STILL be advocating more power for the Trumptatorshit? Just HOW arrogantly stupid and short-sighted ARE you, anyway?

          2. More proof that jesse is a scared fascist.

            1. Why should he be scared? We just saw what a fresh-faced 17-year-old can do to your buddies.

              1. Do you have any concern that your 17-year-old hero may have fucked up his life, and may be facing years in prison?

                1. I'm more happy that his actions upset you and that you're desperately trying to blackpill people about it.

            2. More proof that DOL is a leftist that doesn’t believe in property rights or the 2nd amendment, and gets all his info from left wing sources.

    3. Why is she more worried about Trump getting re-elected when her livelihood being burned down?

      These people are scary. Politics uber all.

      1. She still thinks that because she's on their side, she doesn't have to worry about that.

        1. She's planning raising the fist when they come to burn her store.

  6. if it's not illegal under rules meant to separate politics from governing, it is at least an unnerving display of a sort more familiar in autocratic regimes than in countries holding free elections.

    Serious question ENB, are you retarded ?

    1. How would she know?

    2. They use covid to stop the convention crowds then bitch where he does the convention without crowds.

      1. Demos - These are unconventional times during the Covid
        Later - This display at the RNC is unconventional.


    3. "Holding part of the Republican National Convention (RNC) on the White House lawn is" much ado about nothing.
      The pearl clutchers must have stained their pearls by now

    4. Well, it's his house. How is this really different from basement bunker Biden?

    5. ENB needs to get her ass over to Jezebel. She can be the house "libertarian" there.

  7. ... his staff and family repeatedly assured us that in private he is thoughtful and polite and respects women and has plenty of black and brown friends.

    Terrible politician. He's doing it backwards.

    1. LBJ, is that you?

      1. +1 Executive Office meeting while taking a shit.

  8. If Donald Trump Targets Journalists, Thank Obama

    Criticism of Mr. Obama’s stance on press freedom, government transparency and secrecy is hotly disputed by the White House, but many journalism groups say the record is clear. Over the past eight years, the administration has prosecuted nine cases involving whistle-blowers and leakers, compared with only three by all previous administrations combined. It has repeatedly used the Espionage Act, a relic of World War I-era red-baiting, not to prosecute spies but to go after government officials who talked to journalists.

    Under Mr. Obama, the Justice Department and the F.B.I. have spied on reporters by monitoring their phone records, labeled one journalist an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal case for simply doing reporting and issued subpoenas to other reporters to try to force them to reveal their sources and testify in criminal cases.

    I experienced this pressure firsthand when the administration tried to compel me to testify to reveal my confidential sources in a criminal leak investigation.

    1. But critics say the crackdown has had a much greater chilling effect on press freedom than Mr. Obama acknowledges. In a scathing 2013 report for the Committee to Protect Journalists, Leonard Downie, a former executive editor of The Washington Post who now teaches at Arizona State University, said the war on leaks and other efforts to control information was “the most aggressive I’ve seen since the Nixon administration, when I was one of the editors involved in The Washington Post’s investigation of Watergate.”

    2. did you see the press and the left making fun of the daily caller reporter for getting robbed at gun point yesterday?

      1. I missed that. Was it a mostly peaceful mugging?

  9. (including a group confronting Sen. Rand Paul, and someone throwing a bike at him)

    Chanting "say her name, completely unaware that he authored the Breonna Taylor Act".

    1. Violently attacked by his own neighbor, the first Senator to come down with COVID, and now chased down Pennsylvania avenue by a mob. Rand Paul is a doctor, a libertarian, and a very smart man. No wonder the left wants to silence him.

      1. Let's not forget the BernieBro who tried to murder him and a bunch of other softball players with that SKS.

        1. Damn you!

      2. You left out the part where he was on the Senate Republican softball team that literally came under fire from a left-wing nutjob.

        The guy should just absolutely shame cowards like Wyden and Wheeler every time he speaks.

        1. they play real baseball, not softball. his dad hit a home run in a big league park.

          1. Hardball baseball, huh? I had no idea. I'd heard it was a softball practice. Go them, baseballs are tough to hit.

            Absolutely amazing killing ground selection by the BernieBro, FWIW. Very few egress points, large, confined, little cover. So amazing, it's difficult to see how a derelict like him didn't have help.

            Thank God he was too stupid to take out Scalise's minders first, or it would have been a titanic, American political history-changing slaughter.

  10. More on the Hatch Act, which huge swaths of the RNC may have violated

    Fuck off.

    1. narrator: they didn't violate the act.

    2. Considering Strazele posted that link of an under-secretary of DHS saying she's voting for Biden, I'd say the Hatch Act is pretty much irrelevant now.

      Looks like we're going to see a return of the spoils system here pretty soon; poor Chester Arthur must be rolling in his grave.

      1. At least with the Spoils System you could turf out the Civil Service every four years or so, instead of letting them ingrow within D.C. worse than a street diabetic's yellowed toenails.

        1. It really is an Ogre's Choice of sorts--corruption quickly or corruption slowly.

          1. The one thing I will say about the spoils system is that by removing civil servants every 4 years, there was less incentive to try and build up the system. You only had the power for 4 years. If you benefactor loses or leaves office you also leave office. The government only started growing out of control after the system ended. Maybe it is just correlation, but that doesn't necessarily rule out causation. How big a pain in the ass would it be for the president to have to appoint all new civil servants when they take office, given the size of our civil service today. Reading about how frustrating it was for Presidents to have to comb through all the applicants, I can imagine many were "fuck this, if this government gets any bigger I won't have time to do anything."

            1. "How big a pain in the ass would it be for the president to have to appoint all new civil servants when they take office, given the size of our civil service today. Reading about how frustrating it was for Presidents to have to comb through all the applicants, I can imagine many were “fuck this, if this government gets any bigger I won’t have time to do anything.”

              Marbury v. Madison-esque. I think it would profoundly shrink the size of the Federal government. As well as making the centralization that running an empire requires, extremely difficult. Not sure we'd like the economic changes that would imply though.

          2. The spoils system is far superior. At least the next administration has the chance to "clean house".

      2. Lol.

        You guys never notice how you stick to the same argument format every single fucking time you need to defend trump from his obvious displays of lawlessness?

        "Whatabout both sides?!"

        This is a KGB tactic that you have had fed to you so many times by your right wing shared myth that you call news, that now you all have internalized it and apply it as a knee jerk to any and all challenges.

        "Trump admin members, like all of them violated the hatch act? Yeah, well wattabout the undersecretary of whatever! See?! Both sides are the same!"

        This of course ignores any sense of proportionality, decency, tradition, and common sense. Of course the entire admin violating the hatch act on the white house lawn in a move that has never been done by any of our presidents in 2 and a half centuries is not the same as some no name undersecretary of whatever making a comment to some reporter. But you guys know this. Deep down, you do.

        1. The 1980s called and they want their foreign policy back.

          Yes, shitheap, when your side does it, the other side is going to do it too. Too bad "it's okay when we do it!" has been the hallmark of leftist ideology going back to the French Revolution. You're just mad that your enemies stopped giving a shit and embraced your double standard.

          1. ^ This of course ignores any sense of proportionality, decency, tradition, and common sense.

            1. LOL--and there goes the MUH PRINCIPLUZ invocation.

          2. lol you are still doing it. Seriously. Try just defending Trump's actions on their merits alone without invoking hillary, obama, or any other democrat. Just give it a shot.

            1. I stopped giving a shit about the merits when your buddies confirmed that they will always exercise a double standard.

  11. So, if we used tactical nukes simultaneously on DC, Portland, and pretty much all hot spots for R and D activism, would that be a net gain for society?

    And remind me where reason HQ is.

    1. In The deep depths of a Koch brothers colon

    2. Why only tactical?

      1. I live down wind from Chicago.

        1. "Lex, my mother lives in Hackensack."

        2. Same here. I’m moving back to Lincoln Park in a couple weeks... Should be interesting.

      2. "Efficiency and progress is ours once more
        Now that we have the Neutron bomb
        It's nice and quick and clean and gets things done
        Away with excess enemy
        But no less value to property
        No sense in war but perfect sense at home

        Behold the sparkle of champagne
        The crime rate's gone, feel free again
        Oh, life's a breeze with you, Miss Lily White
        Jane Fonda on the screen today
        Convinced the liberals it's okay
        So let's get dressed to dance away the night"

        1. We will all go together when we go. Ever since Wernher von Braun learned Chinese, anyway.

          1. "Once ze rockets are up, who cares where zey come down? Zat's not my department..."

  12. "As he takes the stage tonight, remember: he alone is responsible for the chaos in our country."

    Trump must be pretty busy, flying from Portland, to Chicago, to Kenosha, to loot and burn.

    1. When did Trump have time to found BLM?

      The man doesn't sleep!

      1. He's some kind of demiurge or evil trickster god in their heads. They allot him magical powers to influence men and nature.

        1. Orange Man Omnipotent.

    2. It might be worth re-electing Trump just to see if TDS can actually make peoples' heads explode.

      1. If they don't do it themselves, we'll have to do it for them

        1. Just follow the actions of St. Kyle--don't start shit, but if shit gets started, employ just enough force to extricate yourself from the situation.

          1. Right.
            Show up, don't initiate, but be ready.
            Armed citizens have every bit as much (actually more) right to be where the "protesters" are as the "protesters" themselves do.
            And fuck anyone who wants to argue otherwise

          2. "St Kyle"

            Great idea to send 17 year olds with m4's into a protest/riot unsupervised. Great idea. You fucking morons. Kyle may very well never see the outside of a prison yard again.

            Another great idea from the people who brought you "let's ignore corona virus and see what happens".

            1. You're just assmad that a 17-year-old kid made mincemeat of your lefty boos.

            2. You're really gonna die on this hill DoL? You should choose a hill with less video to die on.

              1. He's been gone for at least 3-4 days, probably from helping his Antifart buddies burn down shit in Kenosha like the "snack van" dude from Oregon that the feds picked up, and seems blissfully unaware that video of what happened is all over the fucking internet.

                1. Actually I was traveling for business out in rural Trump country with limited cell coverage. Got to see all the overall-wearing fat bubbas refuse masks in the middle of a severe outbreak first hand.

                  I'm flattered that you care so much about me though.

                  1. I was happy to see your buddies get ventilated.

              2. Which part of the video justifies shooting into crowds?

                1. Shooting into crowds? He deliberately targeted the people attacking him and did so with a minimum of engagement.

                  If only he had been "shooting into crowds," more of your buddies might be deservedly in the ground.

            3. You are a self proclaimed veteran. What age can you enlist in the military?
              We trust 17 y.o. every day to defend us with ME carbines in other words.

              1. Unsupervised, we do? No, 17 y/o's in the military are micromanaged within an inch of their life. Think a little harder.

                1. Maybe St. Kyle (PBUH) can be their weapons instructor at basic, because he showed impeccable marksmanship skills.

                  1. While you make light of the situation, two people have been killed and a teenager has probably thrown his life away.

                    1. Two criminal wastes of life have been killed, one's been maimed, and it's unfortunate the teenager had enough good sense and situational awareness to not ventilate more of them.

                      I'm happy your allies getting ventilated has made you so upset that you've been desperately gaslighting people through the whole thread.

                2. This should be amusing...

      2. It will be something.

      3. Maybe we'll get a re-enactment of Jonestown.

      4. TDS would become PTSD

    3. It's true: you can learn everything that the Democratic Party tries to do in secret, just by paying attention to what they accuse their political opponents of doing.

    4. when she gets raped tonight, remember she wore that skirt.

      1. "when she gets raped tonight, remember she wore that skirt."

        What she was armed? And she killed the rapist? She's a vigilante! Charge her with homicide.

  13. "With New Blackouts Looming, Newsom Orders Investigation of Heat Wave Power Outages"

    Well, let's require reliable sources of energy like gas-powered generators to be shut down and replace them with solar and wind, which deliver energy with the reliability of rolling a 7.
    What could go wrong there?

    1. Can't be that. Must be the kulaks and wreckers.

      1. Trump. See above.

    2. You'd think all these watermelons putting solar panels on their homes in Cali would reduce the load on the grid so this wouldn't be necessary, but I guess not.

      1. Hey, that solar power does not belong to them.

    3. This is the same guy who ordered an investigation into spiking gasoline prices right after the 30% increase in State taxes on gasoline went into effect.

      1. Either a retard or a political genius.

        (I guess that applies to all our current "leaders")

        1. He's in office and you aren't. I'll let you decide which is which.

  14. The guillotine is here!

    ENB, please feel free at any time.

    1. why wish that? She's part of Trumps libertarian outreach. Every time this bitch regurgitates DNC talking points more votes to go Trump.

      Keep going Sweety! You're doing great!

  15. Leftism has been tolerated too long.
    They need to be stopped

    1. They need to be stopped... By Nadless Nardless, who is obviously PREGNANT, because she is missing her period!!!

      They need to be stopped by utter FASCISM as favored by Nadless Nardless and JesseSPAZ and R Mac and Tulpa and Mother's Bottomless Regrets and ALL the other fascists who frequent these pages!

      1. “It will be seen that, as used, the word ‘Fascism’ is almost entirely meaningless. In conversation, of course, it is used even more wildly than in print.
        I have heard it applied to farmers, shopkeepers, Social Credit, corporal punishment, fox-hunting, bull-fighting, the 1922 Committee, the 1941 Committee, Kipling, Gandhi, Chiang Kai-Shek, homosexuality, Priestley’s broadcasts, Youth Hostels, astrology, women, dogs and I do not know what else.”
        - George Orwell, "What is Fascism?" Tribune (UK magazine) - 1944

  16. filled with an unmasked crowd of the conservative political elite

    So, the picture above this comment is of a family outside the house where the father lives. Just sayin.

  17. Thanks to Matt Welch for exposing what a Big Spending, Big Government Liar Trump is:

    In fiscal year 2020, before the coronavirus pandemic triggered a record amount of spending, the federal government was on course to cough up $4.79 trillion—$2.98 trillion mandatory, $1.44 trillion discretionary, and $380 billion in interest.

    So under Trump's signature, before any true crisis hit, the annual price tag of government went up by $937 billion in less than four years—more than the $870 billion price hike Obama produced in an eight-year span that included a massive federal response to a financial meltdown.

    Vote Libertarian - punish the GOP for their profligate spending.

    1. Vote libertarian so you can be proud as Jojo spits out BLM talking points

    2. So we are still ignoring how government spending originates huh?

    3. The D's control congress, they had fought to spend three times as much, and Trump couldn't veto.
      Welch and Nuttplug are so dishonest.

    4. Vote for Him, she has no congressional support so she won't be able to change anything. The spending will go on. She may veto spending bills, but eventually she'll have to compromise or have her veto overridden.

    5. I'm voting for Biden who promises massive cuts to the federal budget.


    In this thread, you'll find leftists defending murderous pedophiles (not unlike some here do)

    1. In that thread, half the people are chemjeff and the other half are his socks

      1. Good point

        I find the hate directed at Tim Pool odd, maybe because I don't know who he is outside of being some dude on Twitter

        1. He's basically an independent reporter on youtube. He describes himself as a center left classical liberal. Voted for Obama in '08, didn't vote in '12 or '16 but is on the record as planning to vote for Trump this year. Mostly sick of the far left and mainstream media's bullshit.

          1. IE, they hate him because he doesn’t toe The Party line.

        2. He's an old-school (as in pre-2000ish), anti-elitist, pro-working class, pro-individual liberty, slightly paranoid, liberal. He gets the hate because he is a heretic.

    2. Tim is correct.

      Several people dies in CHAZ and none of the authors here gave a shit. Two aggressive dirtbags get waxed in Kenosha and they freak out.

      No, nothing obvious about any of it.

    1. Lol.

  19. I just had to pop in today to day bravo to ENB and all the schreeching, powerless libertopians that currently occupy Reason. You're doing Trump's bidding splendidly. I used to get mad when I would come here and see nothing but Koch cock gobbling, but I've come to enjoy watching your drift into irrelevency. A once great publication ruined by beltway panderers.

    I truly enjoyed the part where you glossed over the assault on a sitting congressmen, the only one with even a shred of libertarian in him.

    Congratulations and please keep going. I look forward to your Vox buyout.

    1. I truly enjoyed the part where you glossed over the assault on a sitting congressmen, the only one with even a shred of libertarian in him.

      They went after the one guy in Congress that introduced legislation that would have ended the very thing that led to Breonna Taylor's death.

      Goes to show that you can pander try these chucklefucks and give them everything they ask for, and it still won't be enough. They want you broke, dead, your children raped and brainwashed, and they think it's funny.

      1. i believe he introduced that bill because it was the right thing to do and he wasn't pandering to any side.

        1. Yeah, shows what happens when you follow MUH PRINCIPLZ in support of people that actually hate your guts and couldn't care less what you might do to help them.

      2. "They want you dead but will settle for your submission" - MM

    2. Hi Rev. Go fuck yourself.

  20. Fuckin' LOL at those Blue Check Morons trying to pin the chaos caused by their foot soldiers on Trump.

    They wanted SOOOOOO badly for him to send in the troops to put down their gayop insurrection so they could shriek about "BLUMPH'S AMERIKKKA!", and they're pissed that he didn't take the bait.

    It's pathetic how transparent they've become in their disingenuousness.

    1. What's even better is feckless mendacious cunt governors asking for Federal money and Trump telling them no.

      THAT'S why I like Trump.

      Go eat a bag of dicks.

      You made your bed, lie in it assholes.

      Sucks for the good people in those states but the power is with them. Next time vote these buffoons out. If not, it's on them.

      1. What’s even better is feckless mendacious cunt governors asking for Federal money and Trump telling them no.


        For the most part I think he's handled the rioting about as well as I would expect any president to. Not perfectly, but overall not bad.

  21. I’m not just saying this because I generally disagree with you, hate the way you write, am somewhat repulsed by your physical appearance and think you are poison to the cause of liberty, ENB you are shockingly stupid.

    1. LOL! 'and youse funny lookin, too' is the part that made me laugh the hardest.

    2. On the head, you hit that.

      1. Talking like yoda, we are now?

  22. Swedish Health Agency approves limited soccer crowds

    Swedish concert goers and soccer fans can be allowed back in venues from October after the country’s Health Agency accepted a government proposal to raise the limit for some events to 500 from the current 50.

    With the number of new infections and COVID-19 deaths falling in Sweden, the government said last week it planned to introduce exceptions to the 50-person maximum for events from Oct. 1.

    1. Sweden played this perfectly. They really did.

      Well see in the fall but so far....liberty was preserved by avoiding pernicious lockdowns and mask mandates because they followed actual established science.

      Meanwhile, places like France, Germany and Spain are running around like Keystone Cops placing their bets on mass mask mandates. Paris made me laugh. Masks everywhere except in your car. Idiots.

      1. Let me amend this. They admitted they messed up with the nursing homes so it wasn't perfect. But they ADMITTED that mistake.

        Even there they show humility. Have the Governors of MI, NY, NJ ever accepted culpability for their disastrous handling of nursing homes?

        Nope. They keep letting hubris get in the way. Horrible people and leaders.

        1. Have the Governors of MI, NY, NJ ever accepted culpability for their disastrous handling of nursing homes?

          They may not have a choice in the matter once the DOJ gets done with them.

    Lockdown 'killed two people for every three that died of coronavirus': 16,000 people in the UK died in five weeks as hospitals shut down to deal with COVID while 25,000 died from the virus
    16,000 people died because they didn't get healthcare from March 23 to May 1
    At the same time, 25,000 Britons died of coronavirus at the pandemic's height
    Of the 16,000, 6,000 were unwell people who were too scared to go to A&E
    It is feared that 81,500 people could die over next 50 years because of lockdown
    In the next five years, 1,400 could die as they were diagnosed with cancer late

    1. At least they're asking one of the important questions now, finally. "How many lives did the lockdowns cost?" Maybe someday they'll get around to wondering, "How many lives did the lockdowns save?" so that they can do a proper cost-benefit calculation. I won't hold my breath though.

    2. Hope on the horizon?
      "Emmanuel Macron was the first leader to drop this little bombshell. Last week he said that France can’t cope with the “collateral damage” of a second lockdown, explaining that “zero risk never exists in any society”. Italy joined in three days later, with the health minister hinting that the country will not return to national hibernation. Meanwhile, after lauding China’s draconian lockdown, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is imploring countries to avoid battening down the hatches again.

  24. "...Holding part of the Republican National Convention (RNC) on the White House lawn is unprecedented in American history; if it's not illegal under rules meant to separate politics from governing, it is at least an unnerving display of a sort more familiar in autocratic regimes than in countries holding free elections..."

    At least the editorials are signed here.

    1. It is not as if holding a national convention by video conferencing instead of a meeting hall because of fears of a pandemic is also unprecedented.

  25. "Peaceful protests near the White House"

    If you just keep looking, see what you can find?


    After owners notified the players that salaries would be cut 25-30% if the playoffs were cancelled,
    & the players folded. It was all a stunt. Performance theater.

    1. Athletes are complete morons.

      Tannehill....for the love of God. That was retarded.

      Lifelong sports junkie I was. No more. I went cold turkey. Don't miss it.

      1. Did the NHL just cancel their season?
        Saw a tweet saying they did last night, but I didn't follow up to see if it was bs or not

        1. Postponed until Saturday. Until now, the NHL was doing fine but gas like Kane and Dumba are shit disturbing and making it miserable for all.

          So dumb on so many levels and will accomplish set fuck all. I don't understand owners who tolerate this crap on their dime.

          And didn't Goodell apologize to Kaepernickelspeigel?

          The struggle sessions continue.

      2. Brian Urlacher sums the difference between his NFL days and now:
        "Brett Favre played the MNF game the day his dad died, threw 4 TDs in the first half, and was a legend for playing in the face of adversity.
        NBA players boycott the playoffs because a dude reaching for a knife, wanted on a felony sexual assault warrant, was shot by police."

        1. The athletes of today are in better shape, stronger, faster and more talented than those of the past depending on metrics.

          But they have no mental fortitude. Lebron seriously has mental issues the way he talks like a pussy.

          Give me a team of Pete Rose, Bill Russell, Bobby Clarke, Lawrence Taylor and whoever else you may want to insert over any of these babies of today. They'll get slaughtered just on heart and grit alone.

          1. LeBron has the maturity of your average child sitcom star.

            1. He pretty much is a child sitcom star.

              He's been treated like a "star" probably since his pee-wee basketball days. I'm sure he was just handed everything growing up and never really had to work at anything other than basketball his entire life. Pretty much the only difference between him and a child star is that he probably wasn't passed around and used by a bunch of pedo's. Although you never know, youth sports has its share of sickos too.

              Oh, and last but not least: the NBA has pretty much become a joke, much like the average sitcom.

          2. As great as LeBron is at basketball, he'll never be the greatest.
            Because LeBron is a bitch.
            If my life depended on winning a basketball game, there are a lot of players I'd take before Queen James

            1. WITHOUT question I'd take Jordan over him.

              He's a coach killing, drama queen, half-hearted player.

              Jordan was a man.

        2. The fallout from that post was hilarious--a bunch of has-been college players from the UNM football team had a limpout and claimed that Urlacher was fine with them getting shot in the back for no reason.

          1. It's literally personality disorder
            If you disagree with the left, you want them dead.
            Well, since yall want it to be that way...

        3. Cue the "OMGZ Brian Urlacher is such a RACIST (also, who is Brian Urlacher?)" screeching from the blue haired Twitter brigade in 3... 2... 1...

          1. It's already happening.


            Now Urlacher may be barred from buying an ownership stake in the Mets with A-Rod.

            1. MLB, in a post-WuFlu, post cable stranglehold on tv fees, actually turning away someone with money wanting to invest because of a touch of wrongthink??

              Cue the Goodfellas dinner laughing-their-asses-off scene. How utterly ridiculous.

            2. Hell, they're doing him a favor by preventing him from 1) paying Bobby Bonilla a million a year to sit on his ass, and 2) owning the Mets.

    2. "If you want to strike, that's fine, you're just not going to get paid."

    3. I think they backed down because of China. Lebron rolled over for the CCP during Hong Kong, I'm sure he did it again. No protesting state violence!

  27. Trump Warns America: 'Biden's America' Will Look Like Trump's America

    That's a scary thought. A Literal Hitler in office, indiscriminately killing blacks and gays and Jews, running roughshod over the Constitution, demanding oaths of fealty to his person, interested only in himself, not giving a shit about the poor and downtrodden, demonizing anybody that stands against him? *sigh*, I might just as well vote for Trump if Biden's going to be no different.

    1. But Biden will bring dignity back to the oval office... and hair sniffing, and Depends, and President Kamala.

      1. And bedtime at 8:00

  28. Nah. I think Trump was on cue.

    I liked that guy in the wheel chair from the other night.

    I liked the overall message from the RNC. Of course there was going to be cliches, embellishment and provocations but the main message was fine by me.

    When socialists say they want to socialist you take them at face value. Downplaying them is exactly how they get into power and before you know it....Zap! Piff! Paff!

    Nip that shit in the bud.

    Also. I think it's time to grab Elizabeth and have her face the victims of these 'peaceful protestors'.

    1. Better to have her face the actual protestors, and experience some peace first-hand.

      1. Should satisfy her rape fantasies

  29. "Trump Warns America: ‘Biden’s America’ Will Look Like Trump’s America"

    Criminal and tax reform alone changed the lives of many.

    He didn't get the country into a war.

    The economy was in excellent shape.

    And a few other policy victories.

    Yeh, sure Liz.

    1. Liz is a fucking hack. She and Dalmia are peas in the same idiotic pod.

  30. "though there were sporadic harsher confrontations later in the night (including a group confronting Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, and someone throwing a bike at him)—the protests refrained from turning into a chaotic or violent scene"

    Go fuck yourself ENB, you mendacious shill.

    1. "As the evening began, the scene had "sort of an outdoor concert vibe," as Reason's Robby Soave put it"

      I've stood up for Robby a lot in the past when he said stupid shit, because of his willingness to buck the narrative and do some actual investigative journalism.
      But fuck you too Robby.

      This isn't a peasant revolution against injustice. That happened in 2016.
      This is a pogrom of revenge against the workers, financed by globalist billionaires, and advanced by the establishment and the clerisy.

      1. And covered up by the corporate propagandists.

      2. It's also the second time the leftists have tried to murder Rand Paul. And the third time they've assaulted him.

        These people are the enemy and Reason is on their side. That's the takeaway from this article.

      3. No offense, but anyone who could not see that Rico's gyrations were nothing more than a form of triangulation, and that he's simply a more subtle variation on a well established pattern common here really needs to wake up and smell the coffee party.

      4. yep. the fuck you too Robby part too.

  31. Genghis Khan sometimes forced innocent civilians to go in advance of his army, forcing his opponents to either fire arrows on their own people or surrender. Those protesting peacefully alongside those throwing rocks, lighting fires, spraying paint, and looting are all volunteers shielding the violent among themselves. So, maybe not so innocent.
    How can the police identify and arrest people committing felonies when they melt back into a crowd that claims to be peaceful?

    1. Her inability to understand this sublet distinction (just look at how the Brown and Black shirts operated and all Marxist terror groups that operated in Europe in the post-war era. They were mostly 'peaceful' until they were not), is quite interesting.

      Even someone who shows up at a rally fully intent on being peaceful can easily get swept up in the mob hysteria of violence.

    2. How can we tell the difference between peaceful open-carry rednecks and the ones who intend to shoot them some negroes? Maybe take their guns away just in case.

      1. I'm sorry, I wasn't listening.

  32. I am loving how ENB regurgitates Democratic Party talking points. We went from her saying "what riots?" to "how could Trump allow riots". Literally the exact messaging that the Democratic Party is work shopping now. Maybe the Russians put Trump up to having riots, ding bat ENB?

    Oh, also rioters tried to assault Rand yesterday, so weird it wasn't in the links.

    1. No surprise. ENB tore up her Randy Paul poster when he kept ignoring her sexts.

      1. She also accused Rand of being a Russian, so let's not pretend like she has a brain or anything.


      No @politico, we were not “confronted” by protestors. We were circled by a hateful mob shouting vile expletives, preventing us from moving.


    Norms are important. But let's also not forget that FDR accepted the Democratic nomination in 1940 from...the White House. PSA: History didn't start in 2016.

    1. Isn't Trump just sheltering in place with his family, like he's supposed to?

  34. So now a ENB thinks Trump should send in federal police to these cities where Democrat leaders won’t let local police stop these mostly peaceful riots?

    1. Trump is responsible for the violence at the totally peaceful riots.

      1. ENB has gone full 1984.

        1. So what are we up to now? Journolist 4? 5?

          Do they think we're blind as well as dumb?

          1. If you think Koch world cares about individual rights and free markets then yes, you are blind and dumb.

            1. That was probably the biggest reason I walked away from libertarianism...once I realized that it was nothing but a scam by globalist opportunists like the Kochs to improve their bottom line.

              They only care about free markets when they can make money from them. They love protectionism when they can make money from it. They're making money from China, so they're fine with China destroying the U.S. with anti-free market practices. They are simple refusing to see what China's endgame is...or maybe they just don't care.

              1. 'Thou shall not suffer wages, or the prices for goods, to ever rise.'

              2. "They are simpl[y] refusing to see what China’s endgame is…or maybe they just don’t care."

                'In the long run, we're all dead.'

    2. ENB is a progressive and literally nothing more. She is also exceptionally dumb. It's important to keep that in mind.

  35. "Really it was Sally Yates who freed Alice Johnson"

    1. Actually it was probably some rank and file prison guard, who should get the Nobel Prize and Time's Man Of The Year cover, because orange man bad.

      1. Hey, anyone remember when Trump arranged for the first mideast country since Egypt and Jordan, 50 years ago, to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, thus recognizing their right to exist?

        1. Local story.

          1. Haha

        2. What Local paper had that story?

          1. The Washington Post covered it, between Parade and the Family Circus.

        3. Normally a rousing success like that would be a hot topic in an election year. But I think the media was screaming in outrage over mailboxes getting swapped for refit and repaint.

        4. Strange, I didn't see that on CNN or MSNBC. You sure this isn't fake news?

  36. In this world, riots and crime spikes in certain cities are a preview of what would happen under a President Joe Biden, even though it's Trump rather than Biden who's been in power for nearly four years.
    According to this RNC, America is currently a dysfunctional, chaotic hellscape where there is violence and looting everywhere.

    Who is President?
    As he takes the stage tonight, remember: he alone is responsible for the chaos in our country.
    It was a bizarre message for an incumbent president to run on, to say the least. Whatever might happen under Biden, this quite literally is happening under Trump.

    I see everyone's got their talking points down. "The riots are all Trump's fault, and if you don't vote for Joe Biden you'll get more of this, so you better elect the senile old hair sniffer instead of the mean old orange man."

    And don't even think about holding the people doing the rioting, looting, and burning accountable for their actions. They can't help it, you see. It's the mere existence of the mean old orange man that causes them to do this. They have no choice, don't you know.

    1. And what exactly do they want Trump to do about the rioting anyway? Send in the National Guard, regardless of whether the state and local officials have requested it? They've spent the last 4 years accusing him of being a dictator, are they now just pissed that he's not acting like a dictator?

      1. The entire strategy, from the beginning, is to frame every situation as a lose-lose for him. They constantly complain about how many high-level bureaucrat jobs have been open since he took office while simultaneously insinuating that any one that would work for him will be kicked out of polite society and never allowed to work again. Then the shriek "He doesn't hire competent people!" They want to call him a dictator. If he sends in anyone from the various Federal branches to help local enforcement, he proves them right, if he shows restraint, he's an apathetic monster who is "solely responsible" for the violent actions of thousands of individuals.

        People who don't support him can see that the media is playing a game of heads we win, tails he loses on every single issue. Blatantly refusing to allow someone, no matter how personally sleazy, the opportunity to perform any action in good faith may not be the great strategy that they think it is.

    2. And don’t blame the local government for allowing this to continue either.

    3. The DNC support defunding police. Then Biden, after that child molester violent thug gets shot, takes to Twitter and talks about how he's gonna be the Sheriff when President.

      This party is at war with itself it's so spectacularly stupid. Crickets from Reason on this fact. Seems to me the DNC's message IS precisely the sort of stuff an ostensibly libertarian magazine should tackle. Instead, it's this weird, infantile TDS gibberish I can get anywhere else.

      The DNC is like that Two Spider-Mans meme pointing at himself.

      They're out of their fucken incoherent minds.

    4. Let's hope ENB gets assaulted by rioters in DC. It would be a great laugh and well deserved


        I'm not sure it will be funnier than this, but pretty close in hilarity.

        1. Teen Reason:

          We're visibly shaken up here at Reason after peaceful protestors hurled a rock at our window and stole Nick Gillespie's leather jacket. It has plunged us into deep introspective crisis wondering why and what is our place in Trump's mean America.

          1. Fuck, without the jacket they're helpless. It was the only one who knew how to handle a gun.

          2. "But we bent the knee!"

          3. Not The Jacket!

          4. Just for clarification, the jacket owns Gillespie, not the other way around. It is sentient.

  37. ENB: Bias, just bias; doesn't even pretend otherwise.

  38. "...including a group confronting Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, and someone throwing a bike at him"

    What is it about this guy that seems to make others want to hurt him so much? I can think of quite a few more politicians who are much more deserving of such treatment.

    1. He tried to pass legislation that would end no knock warrants. Which is one of the excuses they use to mostly peacefully loot and riot, so they can’t have that.

    2. They hate him for the same reason that ENB hates him: there's not a (D) after his name. Literally nothing more. None of this has to do with police reform anymore.

      1. It never did

    3. Andrew Cuomo for one. Man does he deserve 'un schiaffo in faccia'.

      1. "A ship to the face"?

        "It appears Cuomo just got punched in the face by the Missouri on his vacation in Hawaii."

        1. Schiaffo means 'slap'.

  39. >> It also struck a weird contrast with what's going on in the country (and the larger world) right now.

    ya. T is real, everything else is theatre.

  40. The final night of the RNC on Thursday was, like its predecessors, a bizarre display of trying to have it all ways.

    The opposite of the purposeful tabula rasa we elected in 2008 and to some extent 2016.

  41. Is Facebook "the real 'Silent Majority'"?

    You wish on the silent part.

    1. majority part too.

  42. Well, one question answered about why Elizabeth Nolan Brown writes like she works for Pravda....her husband Asawin Suebsaeng (formerly of Mother Jones). Such a prize couple. They are truly meant for each other.

    1. Hey man, they're all just "independent thinkers" at Reason. That's why nearly all of them regurgitate the NYT editorial page uncritically.

      If this were the 1930's, Reason would be telling us how there is no starvation in Ukraine and how brave Duranty is for telling the truth.

  43. So if that's the case then I suppose there's no point in voting against Trump. Good!

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  45. Go-go music? So then there were go-go dancers? You can't have go-go music without the go-go dancers. Where are the pics?

    1. Have you seen the women involved in these mostly peaceful riots? You don’t want to see them go-go dancing.

  46. everything is written in Simpsons serials , but question is he was born in which year?
    regards : office com setup

  47. Austin Peterson is based (as the kids say).

    Austin Petersen
    Deeply concerning what happened to Rand Paul. If the police do not step up and defend him I promise you private citizens will, and the communists who died in Kenosha won't be the last.

    1. At this point, that suits me just fine. If the state and local authorities won't stop the riots and the feds keep waiting for the cities and states to figure it out as citizens are attacked, I have no problem at all with citizens solving the problem and protecting themselves.

      That's why we have a 2nd Amendment.

  48. You know, there were some really good speakers with good messages at the convention. Maybe some time should have been spent on that? Nah, let's be narcissistic high school smart-alecs and pounce on Trump and only Trump.

    I felt bad for the Mueller couple. Man, that was rough.

    Imagine your daughter being held captive knowing what they're doing to her and you can't do shit about it.

    And I totally believe Obama did shit for political purposes. 'We save our own' my ass.

  49. You elect Biden and Harris and you elect the Democrats, and while they may not want the violence and anarchy, they also clearly do not want to do anything about it. At least, not until it threatens them personally.

    1. If Biden is elected the rioting will undoubtedly end before he's sworn in. If they don't give a shit about appearances, it will end as soon as he's elected. If they want to make sure they give Trump a great big fuck you on his way out then they'll let it go on for a while longer.

      1. America held hostage.

      2. BLM came into existence in 2013 when a black Democrat was president.

        1. When the kid who could've been that president's son was killed?

          1. goddam white mexicans.

        2. As a desperate attempt to get black Americans riled up to go vote for Clinton, when the members of BLM weren't busy killing cops. It didn't work then either. Though they did manage to shoot some people.

        3. Who said anything about BLM? I'm talking about the rioting's Democratic government enablers.

  50. News flash to the mostly peaceful protesters: it isn't Donald Trump who's been running your cities for the past 4 or 5 decades.

  51. It is hard to think of how reason could be anymore transparently dishonest then to now claim Trump is somehow responsible for the riots when it opposed every single thing Trump did or proposed doing to help localities stop the riots. Democratic mayors and governors refused to enforce law and order and allowed riots to occur. Then refused help when offered by Trump. Reason then called Trump a tyrant for even offering to help and for sending federal law enforcement in to defend federal property.

    And now reason has the nerve to say "well all of these riots happened on Trump's watch". I don't understand how anyone could live with themselves while being paid to tell such an absurd lie. It is not like reason even pays well. Pathetic.

    1. >>how reason could be anymore transparently dishonest

      getting worse every day too

      1. They're leftists. That's all they are. They're proxies for the Democratic Party pretending to be libertarians to siphon away votes from the GOP.

        Problem is that Trump has deranged them so much they can no longer keep the mask in place.

        1. I usually leave the authors alone but this week ENB is compelling me to make fun of her.

  52. So basically, ENB is calling for Trump to come down hard on the rioters?

    I'm all in favor of that. Let's see it happen.

    1. November 4th...I will relish a huge crackdown regardless of the outcome.

      1. Libertarians jacking each other off over the prospect of state violence.

        1. Absolutely...especially if you end up on the receiving end of it, Tony.

          And believe us, you have it coming. You and your commie buddies want violence? You'll have it coming your way soon enough...good and hard.

          1. Uh huh. Are you the same armchair tough guys who could barely wheel their diabetic hocks to tea party rallies a decade ago?

            1. If you're one of the people who causes any trouble in the place where I live, you'll find out.

              And nobody will miss you when you're gone.

              1. You mean he isn't Hinn?

                1. Hihn died last month.

                  1. Oh shit, I thought you were joking, but I looked it up and he did.

                    He was obviously unstable, and mostly a pain, but I do remember one time when he actually calmed down and had a lucid conversation with me and it was relatively enjoyable and I really appreciated his attempt to actually engage rather than scold. Wish we could have seen more of that than his usual insanity, because he was capable of making good arguments. Condolences to his family.

            2. Your Antifart comrades got taken down and scared off in 10 minutes by a pudgy 17-year-old kid that was retreating throughout the whole encounter. I don't think you or anyone you're allying yourselves with is ready to actually be a martyr, and that fact makes you a bunch of bullying posers.

              So fuck around and find out.

              1. I don’t think you or anyone you’re allying yourselves with is ready to actually be a martyr

                As evidenced by the fact that the first thing they do when they encounter resistance is snivel and whine for the police they were just attacking to defend them.

                If it gets to the point where regular folks decide they're done tolerating people like Tony and their criminal behavior, the cops aren't going to be there to save his ass.

                1. I can't imagine Tony doing anything more criminal than performing some unnatural act with his keyboard. That would require leaving his basement decontamination shelter. So he's safe there.

              2. I just want to take that kids gun and destroy his racist ideology so that fewer people will die for no reason.

                1. No one believes any good intentions you think you're indicating there.

                2. Oh, and even the ADL came out and said, "Welp, we couldn't find anything to indicate that he's a white supremacist."

                  You're struggling against a figment of your imagination and it couldn't be more pathetic.

                  1. Oh okay that makes it okay that two people are dead I guess.

                    When given a choice you evil cunts always choose the asshole side. Were you mistreated as children?

                    1. No, but one of the evil cunts that was killed mistreated children, and the other beat his girlfriend.

                      You're standing up for them, so that makes you evil.

                3. I guarantee if you tried to take his gun, you'd be sporting a new earhole. Not that you have any brains to leak out of it.

        2. Libertarians jacking each other off over the prospect of state violence.

          Kill yourself

        3. Woah, hey, wait a minute, Tony. Not everyone here is a libertarian. Lots of conservatives and alt-right era.

  53. Covid cases already reported from the Republican convention roll call. A lot of old people in the fat man’s audience last night. I wonder if he’s trying to kill people so he can say losing wasn’t his fault, it was just the numbers.

    1. So not only does politics affect who spreads the virus, it effects how fast it incubates? Damn you’re dumb.

    2. Tony just tell yourself that crowd at the White House was there to burn and loot a local Best Buy in the name of racial justice and you will be fine with it.

      1. Oh no not a Best Buy! What will we do without such authentic historical American architecture.

        1. My offer to come over and burn your house down while we calmly discuss how my human right to express my existential angst by starting fires trumps your property rights. I guess it doubly doesn't matter since I highly doubt your home is authentic historical American architecture. That's now the standard for what gets to be left alone. I like the world you're building. It's unbelievably well thought through.

          1. Offer still stands.

          2. heh, heh; 'Trumps' his rights; I like that.

        2. Here you see what happens when Tony knows he has nothing.

          1. Unlike John and all the rest of you fascist cunts who just know the country is being burned down despite the fact that everyone is indoors. The better for Tucker Carlson to tell you how it is.

    3. Science says two weeks; my how time flies in your world.

      1. What was the rest of what you were saying? Science says two weeks for what?

        Science does not say it takes two weeks to get sick from an exposure.

  54. Again, the only person dumber than Trump for running *against himself* is the idiot who actually believes it.

  55. So, file this article in the portfolio under “WAPO Audition 8/28/20,” like so many others before it have?

    1. Like the Post would give Brown a second's glance. Buzzfeed likely isn't returning her calls at this point. Not that she won't keep trying.

  56. I hope we get a Libertarian magazine again since Reason is now a star studded platform of semi-hollywood types who have lost their way.

  57. Just for the record, the headline is a total lie.

    "Trump and his team made it sound as if all of America is filled with some dangerous mix of antifa, communists, Black Lives Matter, and illegal immigrants running rampant on the streets and destroying America's way of life. "

    No, just the parts ruled by democrats, which is true.
    Bad news for ya reason staff; we believe our lyin' eyes over your spin.

    1. What kind of drugs must you take to sleep I wonder after wallowing in this evil racist horseshit all day.

      The president is writing off half the country and all its cities because Democrats. How would you have reacted if Obama had said we ought to let Alabama either and die because he didn’t like the politics of its governor?

      You people are all crazy.

    2. Illegal immigrants are no longer a thing in Arizona and Texas?

  58. "Crime and unrest were also sometimes blamed on Democratic city leaders, and positioned as a reason to vote Trump, despite the fact that neither president changes who is in charge of American cities and states."

    During his time in office, political novice Trump has learned about federalism--there are limits to what the US president and the rest of the central government are permitted to do.

    During his 50 years in politics, Biden has not learned this.

  59. So the point of this argument is that it doesn't matter whether Trump or Biden wins.


  60. WIsconsin code:

    “Notwithstanding subs. (1) to (3), a person 12 years of age or older may possess or control a firearm and may hunt with a firearm, bow and arrow, or crossbow on land under the ownership of the person or the person's family if no license is required and if the firing of firearms is permitted on that land.”

    Kyle Rittenhouse was not hunting, so any hunting exceptions did not apply. He was over the age range for the hunting mentoring program, and even if he were in the age range, he would have to be accompanied by a mentor. Also, WI law forbids hunting near any building unless the person is there with the owner’s permission.

  61. "In the RNC's world, the COVID-19 pandemic (when it was mentioned at all) was a story of how Trump's quick thinking had saved countless lives"

    To quote a snippet from an article this morning in a Conservative Media outlet:

    ". . . Canada has reported 127,000 cases of the coronavirus. Just 5,300 of those cases have come in British Columbia. Washington State, with about one-fifth as many residents as Canada and a population about 2.5 million larger than British Columbia, has reported 75,000 cases . . ."

    That must explain why Canada, that did not ban flights from China until later, was hit a lot harder. /s

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