Kenosha Shooting

NBA, MLB Games Postponed as Players Protest Jacob Blake Shooting

The Milwaukee Bucks refused to come out of the locker room for their scheduled game on Wednesday afternoon against the Orlando Magic. Other teams are planning similar protests.


The National Basketball Association's playoffs came to an abrupt halt on Wednesday after players boycotted scheduled games to protest the shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man, by a white police officer.

What began with a boycott carried out by a single professional basketball team quickly spread across the league and the rest of the sports world, with two other NBA games and at least one Major League Baseball game called off as additional players joined the cause.

The Milwaukee Bucks were supposed to play the fifth game of their first-round series against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday afternoon, but Bucks players refused to leave the locker room for the start of the game. After initially warming up in the arena, players for the Magic walked off the court before the scheduled tip-off. With other teams reportedly planning similar boycotts in upcoming games, the NBA made the decision to cancel Wednesday's entire slate of playoff games.

"Some things are bigger than basketball," Alex Lasry, the Bucks' senior vice president, said in a statement. "The stand taken today by the players and (the organization) shows that we're fed up. Enough is enough. Change needs to happen. I'm incredibly proud of our guys and we stand 100 percent behind our players ready to assist and bring about real change."

Some Bucks players were trying to get in contact with Josh Kaul, Wisconsin's state attorney general, according to The Athletic's Shams Charania.

Kenosha, Wisconsin, where Blake was shot in the back at point-blank range at least seven times on Sunday afternoon, is about 30 miles south of Milwaukee. The small city has been wracked by violent protests in the days since Blake's shooting, culminating in the destruction of several businesses and the deaths of at least two people.

The Milwaukee Brewers, a Major League Baseball team, canceled their game on Wednesday evening in order to protest Blake's shooting. Other baseball teams are reportedly considering boycotting games as well.

NBA players and coaches have spent the past few days speaking out about Blake's shooting. On Monday, Chis Paul of the Oklahoma City Thunder—who also happens to be the president of the NBA Players Association—used a postgame interview to share his thoughts on what had taken place in Kenosha on Sunday.

"It's not right. It's not right," he said. "There's a lot of stuff going on in the country. Sports—it's cool, it's good…but there are the real issues we have to start addressing."

And on Tuesday night, it was Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers who focused his postgame news conference on how police violence against black Americans has been politicized.

Shortly after the Bucks-Magic game was postponed Wednesday, superstar Lebron James weighed in on Twitter.

When the NBA restarted its season after a months-long COVID-19 disruption, the league allowed players to wear pre-approved political statements on the back of their jerseys. Many players have opted to wear expressions supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and other statements calling attention to police violence towards black Americans. The court where the NBA is playing all its playoffs games—at the Walt Disney World resort near Orlando, Florida, inside a so-called "bubble" to protect against the spread of COVID-19—is painted with the phrase "Black Lives Matter."

On Wednesday, those sentiments jumped beyond what the league likely intended. Adrian Wojnarowski, an ESPN reporter covering the NBA playoffs, wrote on Twitter that the players' boycott caught team owners and league officials by surprise. "This is a pivot point for the NBA and professional sports in North America," he wrote.

It remains to be seen what will come of Wednesday's boycott, or whether the protests will disrupt more games in the days to come. Already, the incident has demonstrated how much power professional athletes have to call attention to issues that stretch far beyond the arenas and playing fields. In 1968, some of the NBA's star players discussed a similar boycott in the wake of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., but couldn't stir up enough support to make it happen.

Times have clearly changed. But as professional athletes made clear on Wednesday, they have not changed enough.

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140 responses to “NBA, MLB Games Postponed as Players Protest Jacob Blake Shooting

  1. >i>"The stand taken today by the players and (the organization) shows that we're fed up. Enough is enough. Change needs to happen.

    So they won't be coming back later in the week or next month, cause change isn't going to happen that quickly?

    1. Change is already happening; look at the viewership ratings.

      1. Cue Mexican toothless laughing guy gif.

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    2. Plenty of change will happen next season if they don't want their high paying jobs, because lots of other people do want them.

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  2. So did Orlando win due to forfeit?
    What was the over/under?
    What was the point spread?
    Is there a new Vegas line for if a team will actually show up?

    1. Yeah, Rev. When I read this under the headline, "The Milwaukee Bucks refused to come out of the locker room for their scheduled game on Wednesday afternoon against the Orlando Magic. " I thought, "So, they forfeited, right?"

      No balls, NBA. Betcha they'd have made them forfeit if refusing to play was because of a pro Hong Kong autonomy protest.

      1. You kidding? NBA players don't care about any chink that isn't giving them a paycheck.

        1. I live in the same city as Daryl Morey. Believe me, I'm aware.

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    2. Yeah, I would have respected that. Protest and forfeit a playoff game, then try to win the series with a one game disadvantage.

      1. That's what makes modern leftist protesting so hollow - no consequences.
        You're not sacrificing anything if you don't face any negative consequences for your activism

        1. That doesn't matter. No consequences goes both ways, they're not risking anything and they're not actually accomplishing anything. It's all just grating righteous indignation. I'm curious if the average black person watches this and sees that all the SJWs are actually accomplishing is tearing down statues and getting some preachy intro videos to old movies on HBO and starts to wonder if the people that are claiming to help them have any idea what they're doing.

  3. Also it's funny seeing LeBron James trying to take the moral high ground, hopefully he will charter a helicopter on a foggy day

    1. Jason Whitlock totally clowned James yesterday on outkick.

      1. "Jason Whitlock totally clowned James yesterday on outkick."

        A gluttonous asshole I've had the misfortune to actually meet, but he will call em like he sees em when it comes to racial bullshit.

    2. LeBron thinks the answer is voting. Which may actually be right, but it's not voting for more Democrats to keep ruining their cities and mismanaging their police forces. But he won't come out and say the obvious -- vote for Republicans, for stronger economic growth and higher standards for law and order and policing and not bowing down to police unions.

      1. LeBron is a Dem tool

  4. Thus endeth all government subsidies for pro "sports"
    If the millionaires and billionaires want to turn their sport franchises into political action committees, feel free. But no more tax money. No more use of municipal stadiums without FULL cost recovery.
    Given the anti-family (at Disney no less) and pro Marx posting on the BLM web site, Trump might want to prohibit use of the term "national".

    1. Here is an upvote for you.

  5. They won’t be missed.

    1. Now we have mutual boycotts. I bet I can hold out longer. I have many years head start.

  6. The 0.3% of Americans watching these playoffs are devastated.

    1. What else is there to watch? Actual sports was the only break we got from people arguing about everything on the news and online and on sports talk shows.

      1. "Actual sports was the only break we got from people arguing about everything on the news and online and on sports talk shows."

        Whats this "we" business. I stopped watching sports more than 40 years ago.

    2. I was enjoying the games.
      Funny thing - I had been watching them instead of the RNC, but last night didn't have that option.
      Let's hope they lost some D votes through people tuning into the competition

  7. Just when you thought that the NBA couldn't get more insufferable.

  8. Such brave. Much hero.

    China gets the NBA to Shut Up and Dribble

    Fuck those multimillionaire hypocrites.

    1. Fuck the NBA.

      Fuck the Bucs.

      Fuck LeBron James.

      Racist assholes, everyone.

      1. Well said. A million up votes.

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    2. They're gonna blame their dwindling audience on the coronavirus, too . . .

      It's because there aren't any crowds at games!

      It won't be until the first season after a vaccine is widely available that we see how much damage these leagues have done to their brands--the NBA most of all.

      They're gonna end up with a subscriber base in the U.S. composed of little more than progressives and social justice warriors--and those people are generally not paying a premium to watch games on TV or go to the stadium either.

      1. They’re gonna end up with a subscriber base in the U.S. composed of little more than progressives and social justice warriors–and those people are generally not paying a premium to watch games on TV or go to the stadium either.

        In true equity of outcomes fashion, the same people who don't watch women's basketball and say they support it will not watch socialist men's basketball and say they support that.

      2. Thing is, NBA is already in trouble due to super reliance on cable TV deals. Their network broadcasts draw abysmal ratings so it's unlikely NBC or anybody else will pony up much for them. And with the cable being decimated by cord cutting, ESPN is already bleeding money and TNT and TBS can make equal money for less cost if they so choose to do so.

        And most of the players aren't blessed with useful skills. Without basketball, they are just antisocial cunts with very sketchy education (because athletes in high school and college aren't known for being forced to actually learn much of anything)

    3. Was about to post a comment to this effect. I wonder when they'll take on the literal genocide going on in China right now.

      1. Or in Chicago. Lots of black lives apparently don’t matter.

  9. If police can't do their jobs then it's a good thing we have the second amendment. We will likely see a rise in 'well regulated militias' across the country. That's a healthy thing. (And America is the only country on the face of the earth this is possible, so spare me the 'Somalia' fearmongering.) Much of black crime is within the black community (black-on-black crime) and what they're saying is, "Don't protect us from ourselves any more." So fine, don't.

    Now what to do with unemployed police? Well I sound like a broken record already but the solution is for rich people to establish resort colonies so they can retire and vote for small government, low tax libertarians and abolish big government and charity. This is the point and promise of America and the Judeo-Christian tradition. We need not be scared of paradise on earth as it is in heaven.

    1. The problem is that the police and DAs are all too happy to arrest and try people who use their 2a rights to defend themselves.

        1. Job protection. The idea that other people might have the tools to commit violence is very scary to police.

    2. If police can’t do their jobs then it’s a good thing we have the second amendment. We will likely see a rise in ‘well regulated militias’ across the country. That’s a healthy thing.

      Yeah it would be a healthy thing but you R's don't know shit about the Constitution itself which forms the basis of what was amended in the 2A.

      Specifically - To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;

      That is specifically an enumerated Congressional responsibility - not a state responsibility - except for the two specific retentions of state power (appointing officers and training) with the third added by the 2A (keep and bear arms).

      R's abdicating this issue - at the federal level - means that R's are implictly accepting the notion that that 'discipline' means that shooting the unarmed in the back is fit and proper.

      1. The guy was a violent felon with multiple warrants of domestic violence out for his arrest. Fuck him and fuck you.

        1. Like I said you obviously believe shooting unarmed people in the back is fitting and proper.

          1. He wasn't unarmed, dickhead.

            Let's see: you're a proven fuckhead bedwetter on epidemiology, foreign policy, police use of force, and I forget what else. Go sit at home behind a locked door, wearing a PAPR, and let the adults talk, OK?

          2. I believe violent felons end up getting what they deserve.

            1. And if that means a little bit of "street justice" by agents of the state, well, what's really to complain about, anyway?

              1. Not surprised that you'd stick up for a guy who got convicted of third-degree sexual assault on a minor.

          3. Who says he was unarmed?

      2. You should have read the comment carefully. I don't think its serious, but a sarcastic criticism.

        Although I do take into my own hands what the authorities can't handle. I learned how to do this in Costa Rica and have done so 3 times in the States. Look like I'll be doing more of it in the future.

  10. They refuse to play?

    I refuse to pay to watch millionaires disrespect the national anthem.

    I wish the Caps had kept Trotz. I'd still have games to watch.

    1. Doesn't look as if we'll be passing each other on F Street next season either. At the least the Pens and Jackets went out before us.

      Anyone but Philly.

      1. Y'all quit your bellyaching. My city's first NHL team moved to Calgary and the second to Winnipeg (Atlanta Flames/Thrashers).

        1. but hockey belongs in Canada, where it's cold

        2. The Thrashers sabotaged the pro hockey in ATL experiment.
          They were never competitive.

  11. I think we all agree that we need criminal justice and policing reform, but pardon me if I have a hard time taking NBA players seriously after everything that happened over Hong Kong.

    1. The only good thing about the NBA is that they stay out of international politics.

      1. You've been taking lessons from OBL too.

  12. Give both teams a loss and move on.

  13. They staged boycotts even after new info on the shooting emerged.

    When any movement exists solely for the cause, regardless of facts and details, they become a cult. Blm is a cult.

    You cannot hope for reforms on a cult that actively ignores reason.

  14. Meh so what it was a terrible season anyway. And I’m over pro and college sports for good.

    1. It's amazing how little you actually miss it when it's not being broadcast in your face constantly.

      I'd even venture to say that these leagues going out of business would be a net gain for society.

      1. That. I still shake my head when I think about it.

        I loved professional sports. The back office machinations, the strategy, the honesty of it.

        All gone.

        1. How many articles has Reason published lamenting how these teams get MASSIVE tax breaks and millions in taxpayer funding to build these stadiums and arenas, and even with the extra events that get scheduled there, they still rarely make the entities giving them all this cheddar any return on investment? Dozens?

          I wonder how long these leagues would last if they actually had to pay their own way. Hell, the WNBA is basically a tax write-off for the NBA because it has NEVER made money in its entire existence. They were largely playing in small college arenas the last couple of years because they have about the same attendance as indoor lacrosse.

  15. Hey, if you don't like that your job is to make millions to play basketball, if you hate the people paying your paychecks, you're quite free to quit.

    At some point the NBA owners might jointly decide that they can make more money with less talented players making MUCH less money who will shut up and play. If you want to run the business, form your own league.

    1. I would love to protest as well, but my "moral outrage skill set" pays quite a bit less than NBA minimum. So I had to stay at work, where I would not be watching basketball anyway. And I would pick a different case to protest. How I wish I could afford to be as morally outraged as NBA players!

    2. haha. Yeah I'm sure the owners can make a ton of money watching a bunch of HS basketball players (who are going to have to be white cuz the black ones are continually getting hassled by the cops). Perhaps they can market the TV viewing audience as - basketball players who look like you and you also get to see the owners in action owning the team during a game.

      1. "...who are going to have to be white cuz the black ones are continually getting hassled by the cops..."

        What is it like to be this stupid and frankly incurious about how the world works?

      2. LOL--go check out the Mr. Colorado Basketball list sometime.

        Awful lot of white boys have been mixed in there the last 25-plus years.

      3. It wouldn't have to generate a ton of revenue if you cut out the massive expense of their salary. If your top paid player is making $800,000 instead of $40,000,000, you've really put a dent into your operating costs.

        You'd lose a lot of viewers, but you're losing viewers anyway when professional basketball players can decide they'll refuse to play basketball any time there's a political incident they dislike.

      4. Flint Tropics?

        Really though, major league sports are the top 1% of the top 1%. If everyone in the NBA quit, the next 500 guys who took their jobs would still be really good at basketball, and would play for a lot less money.

        1. The NBA has the problem that viewers now know, for a fact, that they don't give a shit about the game. It's hard for fans to get invested when the players won't get invested.

    3. it seems like someone would be better equipped to fight for a cause they believe in if they kept their multi-million dollar day job so they had some money to buy some influence

  16. Ha ha ha...who cares about the NBA or MLB? the only sport anyone care about is UFC and Dana White is speaking tonight at the GOP Convention. Woke sports are dead. No one cares what pro athletes who have 5 kids from 5 different women pontificate about justice..are you paying your child support?

    1. Never enjoyed MMA. Use to like basketball in the 90s. Always liked football for gambling, but that's turning out to suck ass now too. I guess it's European soccer for me

      1. You didn't catch all the BLM marketing in the premier league recently? They're just as woke as the rest of them. But frankly, they lost me when UEFA created a whole new set of rules targeted at two specific clubs.

  17. Agree or disagree, the NBA isn't long for this world no matter your politics. Viewership is already down 40% and I hardly doubt this will improve those numbers

  18. The right-wing bigots and faux libertarian slack-jaws sure hate the NBA.

    Just like they hate modern America.

    Stomping these clingers in the culture war is fun and important. It's probably time to stop going easy on them.

    1. "...Stomping these clingers in the culture war is fun and important. It’s probably time to stop going easy on them."

      Oh, internet tuff-gai!!!
      Fuck you, you slimy piece of lefty shit. I'm betting a kid with a sling-shot would make you shit your pants.

    2. You're so weird dude.

    3. Not as much fun as stomping your ass in the road war will be. Just ask Mr. "Shoot me, nigga!". Oh, you can't, he had his empty brain pan ventilated.

      1. I'm telling you. Either Plug or the bad Rev knew the guys who got shot. It's the only reason I can think of why they'd be this butthurt about it.

        1. Arthur L. Hicklib lives in Pennsylvania. He power-leveled himself a few months ago talking about how he knew Tom Wolf.

          Shriek has already said that he lives in Georgia. It's pretty amazing how many lefties that comment here turn out to be white trash from the sticks--Tony's from a family of Oklahoma rednecks, and grb revealed that he was from a family of crackers, too.

    4. I love basketball. And watching movies. I don't let the actors' loony politics keep from enjoying a good film, and I don't care if the athletes have a different take on political issues than I do. But if they don't want to play, they're only hurting themselves, and making themselves less able to support the causes they believe in.

    5. So you support the blatant racism of a league where 80% of the players represent a race with only 13% of the population?
      Figures, you bigoted and faux libertarian slack-jaw.

  19. Let me be the first to welcome any new fans to NHL hockey. I'll be happy to explain "icing," or you can just watch the opening of "Slapshot."

    1. Or the first time the Hanson Brothers play

      1. Considering you're talking to hockey neophytes, probably best to clarify that they do not watch this.

        1. That is worse than Rickrolling. Well played, sir.

    2. Why is offsides illegal though? It's like they're banning a fast break. Make the goalie earn it.

    3. And remember rule 27.7, goalkeepers can score a goal, but only from behind the center line.

  20. We need white bread and white circuses.

    1. Even fewer people watch golf and lacrosse, so I don't know what you're crying about.

      1. I am not crying. I am joyful at the prospect of a basketball free evening.

        1. You can do that by just turning off the TV, stupid.

          1. Be patient. He has autism.

          2. Is my turning off the TV worth an article in Reason, followed by dozens of angry, resentful comments? So far, no.

            1. Guess you'll have to go on suffering, then, but I'm sure you're used to it.

        2. We already had 4 months of basketball free evenings. This blows.

      2. Actually golf has better viewership numbers this year than basketball or baseball.

        1. Golf is probably the least fucked up professional sport right now. Beyond the fact that they have given into the retardation by not having galleries for the most part, they seem to minimally participate in virus theater (masks and the like). A lot of sports seem to think that they will get people to tune in by emphasizing (relentlessly...) how "responsible" they are being, making sure no one not on the field of play is EVER seen with an uncovered face, constantly talking about testing and the virus, etc. Not to mention the BLM stupidity. It's almost like that's exactly the opposite of what people want to see and hear about at this point. And I would say that as a group, golfers are almost certainly the most conservative and even libertarian professional athletes out there. Beyond golf being traditionally seen as a "Republican" game (though much less true now than, say, 50 years ago), it is a game that is about and rewards individual effort and excellence. Heck, even the great minority star is at a minimum apolitical, if not outright conservative.

          Really, the dempanic has been good for the game of golf in general. After several years of decline, there has been a marked increase in participation this year. Obviously this is because, in some areas, it's about the only thing you can do that is semi-normal. Will be interesting to see if the uptick in interest sticks.

  21. Yeah, all those athaleets have lots of career options after they poison their money trees. Like, um ... well, look how good OJ did!

    This comment not approved by the NBA, MLB, or BLM.

  22. Whatever, I’m watching NXT anyway

  23. Change does need to happen but I don’t think you’re going to like it.

    I don’t know why blacks have free will but make more bad choices than others.

    What the fuck do they want from me?

    Be specific.

    1. What do they want?

      Not to be shot in the back by a government official?

      1. Guy was a violent asshole that got what he deserved.

      2. Cops have the right and responsibility to detain people.

        When same people resist arrest and then reach into concealed compartments the police have to assume they’re only going to resist with more force.

        BLM protesting, looting and vandalizing dipshits escalate the encounters with police and blame them posthumously.

    2. They want you to "scientifically prove" that slavery happened, stormfag.

    3. What the fuck do they want from me?
      Same as anyone else. You gone.

    4. Like I thought, nobody knows.

  24. They can protest any way they like. But you all know damn well that the league only allowed it because there are zero fans in the audience and they can easily make up the game later on. If this happened during a regular season, they definitely would have played.

  25. Just wait until the Masters in China catch wind of this. There will be hell to pay because the Chinese did not get their basketball tonight Adam Silver will need a very good pair of kneepads for all the sucking he is about to do.

  26. They cheapened and demeaned the game. It's strictly entertainment. Plus they love being in bed with China.

  27. And let's apply the everyman standard to the shooting. If I'm in a scuffle and the guy goes to his car, I'm shooting.

  28. It's funny. The stars will always have something, but the 3-8 man on the bench who were good enough to get drafted in the first year of collage, but about as smart as a barbie doll

  29. Players said they finally realized that kneeling and wearing BLM t-shirts and social justice slogans wasn't changing anything. So now their plan is to stop earning money so they can finally help change things.

    1. They have all been paid 100% for the season, only playoff bonuses at risk.

      If they wanted to do something, why not pool their resources and establish a private security force to police Chicago’s South side? They’d learn how tough it is.

      1. Better yet, purchase and fill warehouses with TVs and other bling in black neighborhoods for BLMS to loot on black floydays like pinyatas.

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  31. Does anybody really give a a ratsash? #23 can kiss my lilly white ash!!!

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  33. HERE► Brilliant article. I had wondered how future generations would view the mind boggling hysteria that is currently gripping the whole world, especially Europe and the USA. We look back at past centurhysteria can be – like a stampede. Thought the writer was a historian, his analysis is so sharpies and wonder how they could have been so stupid. I guess it shows how powerful mass . He has seen through the Emperor’s new clothes!Check my site.

  34. Thanks for letting me know. I've been boycotting both due to their support of the freedom hating BLM organization.

  35. Here’s what professional athletes need to understand and are going learn very quickly: they aren’t nearly as important as they like to think they are. The overwhelming majority of people can live just fine without them and don’t care if they never get another paycheck again in their pampered lives. They’re the living definition of “non-essential workers”!

    And all this goes quintuple for the WNBA. If the WNBA folded tomorrow, literally almost nobody in America would care one iota.

    1. But hey, who knows, maybe the communist Chinese will allow the NBA players to go start up a new league over there. Since they appear to be their real masters anyway.

  36. Say LeBron, I am continually checking your Twitter feed for admonishment of the murder of Laura Anderson and her step-father in South Carolina at the hands of a black man, Ty Sheem Ha Sheem Walters, following a traffic accident. I suppose you believe ONLY black lives matter. Maybe you are as large a racist bigot as those you decry.

  37. Well, the NBA did get the anti-white comment made by a player that the league ignored even more ignored with this.

  38. So we can assume they do not have a problem with rioting, looting, arson, beating the s**t out of people who don’t sufficiently respect BLM/antifa roadblocks, and general harassment of people going about their lives, since they don’t boycott because of that?

  39. This is really sad. Listening to Doc Rivers i understand. He feels the pain of people who are being treated unjustly. He feels that he is with them. He is one of them.

    "We love this country. Why don't they love us."

    It is powerful.

    And revealing.

    He is an us. We are a them.

    He has successfully been recruited by a racist appeal. So has LeBron.

    They don't think so. They won't believe it. But it is true. They are the same as the people waving confederate flags and complaining about "them" taking "our" jobs.

    Doc Rivers does not cry for Kelly Thomas. He does not cry for Daniel Shaver. They are not "us".

    Good job, #BLM. Mission accomplished.

    You turned "fix excessive force" into "people who look like me are victimized by people who do not look like me"

    Now you can turn the country from "us" to a bunch of "we" and "they" groups.

    Well done.

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  41. You would think that somewhere in this article, the actual facts of the case might be mentioned. Not the immediate spin and lies put out

    1. Why in hell would you think that?

  42. If nobody can give a current example of any policy that forces only blacks into a lower socioeconomic bracket and nobody can say specifically what blacks want, what the fuck are people supporting?

  43. They walked out for a criminal who reached for a weapon in his car but kept on playing when American presidents (including Obama) droned weddings. And of course they kiss China's rings.

    The pandemic is a necessary evil in sweeping away the excess culture in a nation that's bloated with debt. Ticket prices and subsidies for sports teams should be spent better elsewhere.

  44. Free Hong Kong.

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