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Kamala Harris for Vice President? A Disappeared Article Fuels Speculation.

Plus: Trump's new plan for "Dreamers," Dems reject marijuana legalization, and more...


"I'm going to have a choice the first week in August," said Biden. Speculation about who Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will pick as his running mate is getting out of control as the announcement becomes more imminent. Biden said months ago that it would definitely be a woman and, while a multitude of names have been thrown around in the press as potential contenders, many are betting on California Sen. Kamala Harris—though her attempt to portray Biden as a racist on the debate stage last summer may still complicate things.

About the dust-up, Harris "laughed and said, 'that's politics.' She had no remorse," former Sen. Chris Dodd (and a member of Biden's vice presidential search team) told Politico.

This and similar complaints have prompted accusations of sexism from some prominent progressive women. "When your pals help you pick your lady VP based on how contrite she is about having challenged you in a debate," tweeted New York magazine writer Rebecca Traister.

But let's not gloss over what Harris actually did to Biden. It may well be just politics, but it was certainly not Harris simply disagreeing with or challenging Biden during a debate.

Harris framed Biden's former opposition to federal busing mandates to racially integrate schools to make him appear racist and out-of-touch—and then was ready with merchandise to sell around these digs. After a lot of media attention and donations garnered by her attack on Biden, Harris "clarified" that she also opposed a federal busing mandate. It was a backhanded and hypocritical fundraising ploy at Biden's expense.

Still, Biden and Harris have been awfully chummy lately.

Now, a media mistake and Biden's notes are fueling even more speculation that Harris will be the one.

First, Politico briefly published text—dated August 1—that declared Harris to be the vice presidential pick, prompting some to wonder if the publication had a scoop it had mistakenly offered up too soon. (Clicking the former page URL now will lead you to an error page.)

It's common for news outlets to pre-write items like this around a number of possible outcomes, and that may be all that's going on here. Politico could have similar slugs for others at the ready, too. However, it's not common for journalists writing slug articles like this to fabricate direct quotes (usually you just use placeholder text, like "TKTKTK," where you want a future quote to go), as the Politico text that went up yesterday does.

It states that "in his announcement, Biden called Harris 'a worthy opponent and a worthy running mate.'"

So, what's going on there is anyone's guess. On Monday, Politico told readers not to "count Susan Rice out of the vice presidential contest" and ran a piece skeptical of Harris' chances to be Biden's running mate.

But Biden's notes during a press conference yesterday are also fueling speculation. An image captured by the Associated Press showed Harris' name followed by five talking points:

  • "Do not hold grudges."
  • "Campaigned with me & Jill."
  • "Talented."
  • "Great help to campaign."
  • "Great respect for her."

But this list could easily be things that Biden would say about Harris if she's not his pick but he still wants to convey that there's no bad blood.

(Personally, I'm just amused—or maybe saddened—that such basic comments even needed to be written down, as if Biden couldn't come up with positive things to say about Harris unscripted…)

"Biden ultimately did not field a question specifically about Harris," the A.P. reports. And "Biden also sidestepped specific questions about the timing of his decision on a running mate, an approach reflected in another entry on Biden's notepad. Under the heading 'VP,' Biden wrote 'highly qualified' and 'diverse group,' signifying his intention not to tease out any more details."

Biden did, however, tell reporters that he would "have a choice the first week in August, and I promise I'll let you know when I do."

Aside from Harris and Rice, those reportedly in the contest include Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and California Rep. Karen Bass.

Already, Biden's rumored Harris selection has a lot of people—including Warren fans—angry or questioning the wisdom of his choice. Harris' prosecutor past is a liability especially during a period of such scrutiny toward police and our criminal justice system. Selecting Harris will also remind Americans of her attacks on him, with their potential to make both Harris and Biden look bad.

Many have focused on the fact that Harris is a woman of color as a reason Biden should pick her over Warren. And there's certainly another overlooked perk: dirt on Trump-related activities.


Democratic Party leadership is out of touch on marijuana. "On Monday the Democratic National Committee rejected an amendment to put a plank supporting marijuana legalization into the party's platform," notes Reason's Scott Shackford. "The final vote against, 50-106, is almost a perfect inversion of the two-thirds of the public who want legalization."


The Trump administration is taking "steps to wind down legal protections for hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought into the country as children, often called 'Dreamers,'" NBC News reports. The White House said yesterday it will "reject initial requests and application fees for new filings, consider all applications for renewal on a case-by-case basis but limit renewals to one year rather than two, and reject all applications for advance parole unless there are 'extraordinary circumstances'" as it undertakes a legal review of its plans to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

The Supreme Court ruled against Trump's attempted DACA elimination in June.

The "ruling is a victory for DACA recipients, but a very limited one," wrote Eugene Volokh at the time. His take:

The Supreme Court correctly concluded that the Trump administration's shoddy rationale for rescinding DACA violated the Administrative Procedure Act because it failed to offer any justification for repealing the central element of the DACA program: forbearance on deportation of undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children. But Trump or a future president could still rescind DACA if they are willing to offer such a justification in the future and pay the political price of doing so. For that reason, I strongly agree with co-blogger Jonathan Adler's view that this is a very narrow decision.

Today's ruling does not definitively end either the legal or the political battle over DACA. Ultimately, only Congress can do that, by finally passing a law definitively protecting "Dreamers" from deportation and giving them permanent resident status in the United States. Until then, they will not be fully safe.


• The feds are conditioning protesters' release from jail on them not attending any more protests.

• "A National Guard officer will testify Tuesday at a congressional hearing that the June 1 clearing of protesters outside the White House was 'an unnecessary escalation of the use of force,'" writes Reason's C.J. Ciaramella.

• More on Republicans' proposed stimulus bill.

• "Universal Pictures and AMC Entertainment, the No. 1 movie chain in the world, have reached a deal to allow movies to move to homes after a mere three weeks in theaters in the United States, almost certainly changing the way that Hollywood does business," reports The New York Times.

• Attorney General William Barr talks Operation Legend:

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  2. Kamala Harris was my first choice for the Democratic nomination, so I'd really like to see Biden pick her for VP. In that role she could lead the Biden Administration's effort to revive race-based busing nationwide.


    1. Harris buys Biden California's electoral votes, snatching them away from Trump.

      1. Biden is going to win no matter who his running mate is. The goal is to pick someone who can best promote social justice after taking office.

        1. The goal is to pick someone the democrats can promote as "centrist", while sliding in the real candidate in the VP slot.
          A reading of the 25th amendment to the US constitution gives the ploy away. Run Biden as a "uniting centrist" while hiding the true fascist in plain sight as the VP. Then drop the 25th a week or so after the election, after enough cabinet members have been seduced or replaced, and away they go.
          And, as an added bonus, since it is unlikely that the democrats will get the White House without also getting the Senate, they can designate by legislation that the DNC is the "other body" that will make all future designations of fitness to serve.

          (From the 25th amendment, section 4: ' . . . Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide . . . ")

          1. I have no doubt Biden's VP will really be the one running the country if he's elected, but even the Dems wouldn't be so craven as to drop the 25th a week or two after the inauguration (it wouldn't be the election, since Trump remains President until January 21st). Barring a full-on collapse by Biden, I suspect they'd probably wait until after the mid-terms to do something like that. A 2010-style shellacking in particular would give them enough cover to say, "He just can't handle the rigors at his age and health situation, so he's stepping down."

            1. All of which is moot, since we're in the middle of a civil war already.

              And if Trump loses, USA is over

              1. Regardless of whatever show they try to put on

              2. Do you really believe that?

                1. I do.
                  Trump's a self-centered blowhard who acts impulsively, but the Western left and the Democrats are misanthropic authoritarians and utterly evil.

                  1. Well then Harris is the clear choice.

                  2. I'm gonna go sit on the toilet and bask in the aroma of your opinion.

                2. I can see how someone who thinks the reaction to covid and the "protests" have been totally natural and spontaneous would disagree.
                  I just don't get how anyone can be that naive.
                  And it's not like the Ds have been shy about what their plans are: mail in voting and no electoral college, court packing, green new deal, and total control of tech/media.
                  And that's just what they say openly

                  1. "I just don’t get how anyone can be that naive."

                    I just don't see how someone can think it's all some coordinated plot. Call me naive. I don't care. I think that saying it's some organized anarchist totalitarian whatever is, well, giving them too much credit. It also makes it really easy to dismiss what might be some real concerns that the people actually have. Saying "No it's not about police abuse! They just hate cops!" means you can now dismiss police abuse. Saying "No it's not about racism! " means you dismiss racism. I'm sure there are some organized assholes, but they're the minority. Were the hippies in the 60s an organized effort to overthrow the government, or were they just a bunch of dumb 20-somethings with nothing better to do? How is this different?

                    1. So you think the soviet union is running blm?

                    2. You do understand that the protests are against pretty much 100% fantasy?

                    3. "You do understand that the protests are against pretty much 100% fantasy?"

                      I wouldn't say fantasy. Like I said before they're protesting the wrong thing. Police will always be abusive. Their job is to use violence upon the governed. The protesters should be against the lock downs and against too many laws.

                    4. I agree with you there, sarc.
                      They are conspicuously NOT against the lockdowns and too many laws.
                      Unbelievably convenient.

                      The lockdowns are the greatest crime the US government has ever committed against its people since slavery (if you want to put slavery on the government).
                      Yet we get civil unrest that is pro fascism (union of party, local gov, and Corporate America).

                      That is not accidental

              3. I believed that shit when I was listening to talk radio. Vote McCain or the country is lost! The most important election of our generation! So I did. First and only time I ever pulled the lever for a Party member. I felt dirty afterwards. Soiled. Like I'd taken a shit in my pants and then gone for a long bike ride. Ugh. Not doing that again.

                It isn't the end of the world.

                1. 0.0000000013/10

                2. "It isn’t the end of the world"

                  Says you.

                  No, just a giant step toward an inevitable decline. Like Caligula becoming emperor, not the end in itself, more like an accelerant.

                  1. Inevitable is the key word. Nothing you do will make a difference. It's stupid to get worked up about it. Eat, drink and be merry!

                  2. I generally think of recipes as suggestions, except for baking. That's more chemistry. Anyway, here's something to try. Mix up some soy sauce with a small amount of sesame oil. Toss some chicken wings in it, and roast for 45 @425. Serve with sweet Thai chili sauce. Doing that will have as much of an effect on the decline as talking about politics or voting. Enjoy the sweet, salty taste of apathy.

                    1. Your mom is quite the enabler.

                3. So did that actually happen or is this one of those times that you were talking about to me the other day when you're trying to fit in so you say things about yourself that aren't true?

                  1. Yes it happened. The part where I let talk radio influence me into voting for a douche. Not the part about peddling with warm shit in my shorts.

                    1. And so your point is that you're a mentally weak, easily manipulated loser?

                    2. Yes, Tulpa. That was my point.

                    3. Great White Knight glad we got that cleared up.

                    4. I am the real White Knight and I just want to say I’ve never voted for anyone based on something I heard on talk radio.

                4. I was listening to talk radio. Vote McCain... So I did

                  Lol, you never voted for McCain.
                  Your lies aren't fooling anyone. Your little story reads like every leftist strawman portrayal of the little peoples motivations, ever.

                  1. You know, you chose your name well.

              4. There is way too much latte consumption and Disney channel watching for this to be a civil war.

                Put down the iPad and go chat with your neighbors. Go for a walk in a park. Order some Chinese food.

          2. Why use the 25th at all?

            Keep Biden mumbling around for two terms and then hand the presidency over to the VP--and bam, you've got a 16 year term

      2. As a prosecutor, Harris was on both wrong sides of the police misconduct issue, prosecuting non-violent drug offenders for drugs she took herself, and allowing Oakland cops to run a human trafficking ring.

        1. That was my first thought. Plus she’s only slightly more charming than Hillary.

    2. But what can she do for Koch?

      1. Ask Willie Brown.

        VP Side Piece.

        1. LOL

      2. She can also be in charge of dismantling Orange Hitler's racist policy of "border enforcement" and replacing it with Mr. Koch's vision of unlimited, unrestricted immigration.


      3. If Harris the VP candidate Biden is done.

        They will have the lowest black vote turnout in history.

    3. Except she's not a natural born citizen because her parents weren't citizens when she was born.

      1. McCain wasn't a natural born citizen either. The law granted him citizenship status when he was 2 years old.

        And Bush and Cheney were both residents of the same state, meaning they shouldn't have been eligible to be elected together.

        1. Wyoming and Texas are two DIFFERENT states.

          1. All flyover states look alike.

        2. If they were both residents of the same state, then the electors of that state couldn't have voted for both of them. They would presumably have cast their votes for Bush and then "thrown away" their VP votes. Bush would still have been Pres, I just don't know what would have happened with the VP position.

          1. A Bush-Lieberman administration?

      2. Harris was born in California.

        1. Yes but a natural born citizen is someone born in a country to citizen parents.

          1. Not according to US law.

            1. Nope.
              You're talking about US practice.
              US law does not, and never has, granted birthright citizenship based on geography.
              Read the words of the people who wrote the 14th amendment themselves. They directly address the issue.
              It's one of the many frauds progressive government has committed on the people

              1. 8 USC 1401

                The following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth:
                (a)a person born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof;

                1. Do you see the words "natural" or "born" in that law?

                  1. a person born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof
                    Natural born citizen is not defined anywhere in the Constitution. Courts have relied on common law definitions and concluded it is simply a citizen due to the nature of birth.

                    1. No federal court has ever ruled specifically on the question so it's undefined.

                    2. No federal court has ever ruled specifically on the question so it’s undefined.
                      The term is only used once in listing qualifications for president. There aren't many opportunities for bringing a case, but SCOTUS did declare it falls on common law interpretation in Minor v Happersett.

                    3. The discussion in Minor favors my argument.

                2. "And subject to the jurisdiction thereof"

                  Type that into duckduckgo and have a gander.
                  Like i said, the people who wrote the amendment addressed that question directly

                  1. It means complete jurisdiction territorial AND nationality. No matter where you are in the world the US had jurisdiction over your actions and you can be tried and punished for crimes you commit on other countries. The idea that the Founding Fathers would approve of the child of a tourist who owes allegiance to another country could become the POTUS is beyond absurd. The POTUS is meant to be solely, wholly and only a US citizen.

                  2. See United States v. Wong Kim Ark. A person born in the US to Chinese nationals residing in the US is a citizen at birth.

                    1. A citizen yes a natural born citizen...maybe.

                  3. The people who wrote that amendment should have been more precise if they meant to restrict it to people born in the US only to US citizens. They could have, but didn't.

                    1. "Subject to the jurisdiction thereof" means not owing allegiance to any foriegn country. You see even when you leave your country you're still subject to its laws.

                    2. 31 CFR 515.329

                      The terms person subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and person subject to U.S. jurisdiction include:

                      (a) Any individual, wherever located, who is a citizen or resident of the United States;

                    3. Exactly and those born in the US to non citizens are under the national jurisdiction of the country to which their parents are citizens.

                    4. Exactly and those born in the US to non citizens are under the national jurisdiction of the country to which their parents are citizens.
                      Not if there parents are residents. Resident aliens are under US jurisdiction as well.

  3. Virus-linked hunger tied to 10,000 child deaths each month

    All around the world, the coronavirus and its restrictions are pushing already hungry communities over the edge, cutting off meager farms from markets and isolating villages from food and medical aid. Virus-linked hunger is leading to the deaths of 10,000 more children a month over the first year of the pandemic, according to an urgent call to action from the United Nations shared with The Associated Press ahead of its publication in the Lancet medical journal.

    Further, more than 550,000 additional children each month are being struck by what is called wasting, according to the U.N. — malnutrition that manifests in spindly limbs and distended bellies. Over a year, that’s up 6.7 million from last year’s total of 47 million. Wasting and stunting can permanently damage children physically and mentally, transforming individual tragedies into a generational catastrophe.

    1. Psychopaths don't care. Lock it all down.

      1. The dead kids are not their own. The virus might infect them personally, so preventing that is the priority.

    2. If these kids weren't some of the biggest Karens in this whole lockdown, they would be livid to realize just how much their future is being stolen by the old people that are currently in charge. By the time they figure out how SS, Medicare and this Lockdown are basically "Old Fucker Protection Programs" they will have done immeasurable damage to this country.

      1. The kids aren't too bright. They're too dumb to realize that despite all their hemming an hawing and rioting, they'll end up going to the polls and voting to reinforce the same old system that always promises them freebies but ends up robbing them blind instead.

      2. I think these idiot adult children really expect a new future where government largess supplies all their needs and satisfies all their wants. They will be livid later on when the system either never materializes or crashes as it ramps up, and they all have to live like people in Cuba.

    3. These kids are not Americans, dinguses. Our kids are fat, which is different than distended bellies

  4. More Sunlight Pours Into Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein Sagas

    MANHATTAN (CN) — A year after a dam of secrecy burst over the sex-trafficking case of the now-deceased Jeffrey Epstein, a federal judge Thursday ordered the release of another torrent of files.

    The soon-to-be-public documents come from a 2015 lawsuit against Epstein’s accused accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, whose depositions in that case form the basis of two now-pending perjury charges against her.

    1. There is a 1996 report to the NYPD they are refusing to release about Maxwell

      1. Who made the report? How can it be kept confidential after all that time?

        1. NYPD , two birds one stone

        2. I know Sarcasmic and jeff are going to hate me for using a NYT link because I think they are biased (they are). But that's because they are dumb.

          1. Thanks for the link.

            Jesus, those girls were sold the fuck out. Great Job, FBI! Good Effort! At least you tried...

            I laughed at the Times getting the dig in on Trump. "She's not for you." LOL.

  5. Lawyer for Covington Catholic’s Nick Sandmann Threatens CNN’s Brian Stelter and Others for Tweeting About Defamation Case

    This retweet by @brianstelter may have cost him his job at @CNN. It is called breach of confidentiality agreement. Brian Stelter is a liar. I know how to deal with liars.

    1. It might cost him his job at CNN, but that marshmallow is too well-connected to stay unemployed for long. He's just pop up later on at MSNBC or CBS.

      1. They're too stupid and arrogant to just shut the hell up. It baffles me how such morons have such high opinions of themselves.

        1. They live in a social bubble where everyone thinks the same as they do.

      2. In Stelter's case, it's more like he's too good of a useful idiot to let go. That guy has never had one single second's thought about the possibility that the narrative he's blindly selling might be even a little bit of bullshit. He's the perfect propagandist, the kind that really believes what he's spewing.

        1. He reminds me of 1984's Tom Parsons.

        2. They don't call guys like him NPCs for nothing.

    2. Get 'em! Take them for everything they're worth!

  6. Families get to pay extra for this, on top of taxes:
    From the South Pasadena (CA) Unified School District: schools will be online-only. However, students UP TO 8th GRADE can go to “extended day care” eight hours daily - and attend their online classes while staying together in rooms holding up to 12 students!

    1. It's not like most public schools at this point are anything other than glorified daycare centers and holding pens, especially on the California coast and in the large urban areas. Anyone with means sends their kids to charter schools and private schools, not the local neighborhood school, unless they live in a wealthy or high upper middle class white enclave.

    2. I know a bunch of people in South Pas. Houses there carry around a $150 - $200k premium because the schools are really good there. This is a punch in the face that they will all meekly accept without a peep.

      Many of the families there are one income families so they will not make use of this. Meanwhile the dual income families are forced to pay an extra $180/week to send their kids to a school just like last year, except that their brave, essential teachers remotely dial in and they are babysat by menial workers.

      1. "and they are babysat by menial workers"

        Most likely POC wage slaves not in the union - - - - - -



    This survey explains so much about the public’s response to #Covid. 1,000 people in several countries were asked what percentage of their nation’s population had died of the virus. Answers ranged from 3% in Germany to 9% (30M people!)in the US. Congrats panic porners. You’ve won.

    1. So JFree was right? Everybody Panic?

    2. In the US, we've had approximately 0.05 deaths per 100 people attributed to Covid. And that number is probably inflated.

      1. probably?

        1. Was being generous.

      2. In the US, we’ve had approximately 0.05 deaths per 100 people attributed to Covid.

        OMG!!! That's like 500 per cent !!!!!11!!!!1!!!!1!

      3. Citation needed. Most experts say the deaths are substantially undercounted.

    3. OMG. People are impressionable retards.


    BREAKING: Google Purges Breitbart from Search Results

    Election. Interference.

    1. Unpossible. Everyone knows it’s all run by algorithms. Right?

      1. JuST sTaRT YouR owN SeaRCh EnGIne iF YOu do'Nt lIkE IT!!!

        1. But how much will I make each month?

        2. Meh if druggies can find the silk road on the deep web, I'm sure the conservatives can find Breitbart. Unless conservatives are dumber then the druggies.

          1. .025/10

            1. .00154757 / 3.1415926535

            2. The idea was cute, but you really ought to stick to actual instances of performative outrage.

              1. .0000000000000001/10

      2. Al Gore was a democrat, right?

        Maybe he DID invent the internet.

    2. I just typed it in and it shows up so NO

    3. You should try searching google before posting nonsense.

      And private company -- market forces at work.

      1. .00000000017/10

      2. "Libertarian principles should only be applicable to the feds"

        I think big companies who own public utilities should avoid censorship and voluntarily practice libertarian principles too.

  9. Joe Biden does't need any help in California, but Biden is under a lot of pressure to pick a woman of color, and Kamala Harris would do a lot to protect Biden from accusations of not being a law and order candidate--since, you know, she has a long history of being pro-police in all the most disgusting ways possible.

    Wouldn't it be ironic if Biden picked a candidate of color in order to placate Black Lives Matter only to pick one who has historically defended the status quo on the police?

    Not if by "ironic" we mean unexpected. Rising to the top of the Democrat heap has long been about making enough symbolic gestures to signal support--only to turn around and sell the concerns of radical progressives down the river.

    P.S. Barack Obama raided state legal medical marijuana clinics in California hundreds of times during his administration.

    1. Jeez, Biden. Ask Duckworth to do it. It's not that difficult a decision. War vet, woman of color, Senator, and most importantly, not someone who had more black men put in chains than the Confederacy.

      1. I'd be delighted if he picked a harridan like Harris or Abrams.

        Conversely, though she's a harridan too, I'm not thrilled that he might ask Michelle Obama to do it.

      2. How does she do under the glare of the national spotlight?

        How does she match up against Pence in a televised debate?

        Kamala Harris has been there and done that.

        1. She got her ass handed to her in 15 seconds on national television by a newbie who'd rather be surfing. The only pressure Harris has been under was when she was fucking Willie Brown to jumpstart her career.

          Are you going to point to Harris's stunning legislative record next?

        2. "We need to have a conversation about that. Next question? Never mind, let me ask that for you..."

          1. Whenever someone tells me "we need to have a conversation about..." I find it impossible to listen because I'm too busy fighting the urge to punch them in the face.

            1. Its never a conversation either, because that word implies you get a say.

              "We need to have you listen to me lecture you about..." is much more accurate.

        3. She's a glass cannon. She's decent on offense as long as you don't look too hard at her record, or think about what she's said. But she has zero defense. She doesn't know how to handle criticism, because like most liberals, she's used to being able to silence anyone who dares complain.

          1. Bingo. She had absolutely nothing other than calling Gabbard a 3rd tier candidate when confronted with her own record. She may have polished that turd a little since but it's going to be very difficult to walk back. Then again, it isn't like red team is really going to be wanting to call the pot crimson.

      3. There's too much internal pressure right now to pick a black woman. Duckworth would tick off a lot of progressive stack checkmarks, but she's not black, so that's a longshot.

        I wouldn't be surprised at all if she's in the running for either Pres or VP in 2024, though.

        1. But is she really Black? Or black?

    2. I don't see how anyone could accuse Biden of not being pro-lawn order since he's based his whole career around it.

      1. I'm pro-lawn order too! Those damn kids should stay off of mine.

        1. Hey, they're just peacefully protesting

    Joe Biden forgot where he was again. The Democrats are literally running an old man who doesn’t know where he is half the time. Insanity.


      Biden Tells Reporters He Doesn't Know Where He Is

    2. Just wait until Biden humiliates Drumpf in the debates.


      1. Mtrueman said this almost verbatim to me when I suggested Joey Diapers might not be the humble genius he once was.


    ARRESTED: Edward Schinzing faces 20 years in prison & a mandatory minimum of 5 years for federal arson inside Portland Justice Center. Schinzing was identified because he has his last name tattooed across his upper back.


      Apparently the guy who threw an explosive at the federal courthouse in Portland has been identified in a review of the vest his grandma bought for him to riot in. You couldn't make this up.

      1. I don't think meemaw will be getting a visit from her grandson for a while.

        1. He's going to be too busy making some special new friends in prison. LOL.

  12. Kamala Harris.


    1. Heels Up Harris

    2. Will Willie go with?

      1. Little willy Willy won't, won't go.

    3. Did she pass the Biden sniff test?

  13. CDC Director Says There are More Suicides and Overdoses than COVID Deaths

    Center for Disease Control Director Robert Redfield testified in a Buck Institute webinar that suicides and drug overdoses have surpassed the death rate for COVID-19. Redfield argued that lockdowns and lack of public schooling constituted a disproportionally negative impact on young peoples’ mental health.

    “We’re seeing, sadly, far greater suicides now than we are deaths from COVID. We’re seeing far greater deaths from drug overdose that are above excess that we had as background than we are seeing the deaths from COVID,” he said.

    Roughly 146,000 people have died from COVID or COVID-related causes in the U.S., according to CDC data.

    The most recent publicized federal data records 48,000 deaths from suicide and at least 1.4 million attempts in 2018. In 2019, almost 71,000 people died from drug overdoses.

    1. But as we've seen, some deaths in this country matter and some don't.
      Covid deaths matter, and suicides don't. Blacks killed by cops matter, and blacks killed by gangbangers don't. And so on.

      1. Hmm, almost as if people were looking for political advantage...


    These two Black Lives Matter protesters have been charged with beating the snot out of gay progressive Democrat lawmaker Tim Carpenter when he filmed them protesting in Madison, WI.

    1. Victimless crime.

      1. And of course, one of the perps is a troon.

        1. if ya say so. My money is still on "man who thinks he's a woman, but the media won't tell the truth because it's politically incorrect"

      2. It was a mostly peaceful beating.

      3. Was he insured?

    2. Hilariously, Carpenter was there to support them.

      1. Which ones? The SJWs or the anarchists? Pretty sure those are contradictory philosophies.

    3. The word, black, doesn’t appear anywhere in the article. Nor “BLM”.

      1. Found Nadler.

        1. ???

          1. Found Nadler’s driver.

  15. Biden may end up nominating Harris for AG. Her senate seat won’t be filled by the gop. If you thought holder was bad wait for this chick. He will make his VP some proggie left wing piece of trash as well. We may well see the end of our constitutional republic this decade.

    1. 1.4/10

    2. "We may well see the end of our constitutional republic this decade."

      Well, if you want to make a progressive omelette...gotta break those BOR eggs, right? Inalienable rights and shit just gets in the way of things like progress.

  16. Party of Science, bitches
    New Zealand allows Polynesian students with significantly lower grades into med school and allows them to graduate with grades that would fail whites.

    "Medicine does not need society's brightest students, it benefits from them but doesn't need them."

    1. Society needs darker students.

    2. I've not been, but my family that did visit NZ, twenty years ago, mentioned that even back then, Kiwis had some serious guilt and accompanying overcompensation when it came to the Maori.

    3. Well, Science does not need math.

    4. Witches need doctors too.

    5. Nice to see NZ medical schools have the same standards as California Upstairs Medical College.

      1. Hi everybody!

    6. ah, so they're choosing the Tijuana alley doctor form of healthcare. Bold choice!

    7. So, now we are blaming things that happen in New Zealand on the Democratic Party.

  17. Ten charts you probably haven't seen about Covid if you only pay attention to main stream sources.

    1. Cdc director says suicides and drug overdoses have passed covid deaths again. Let's keep that economy shut down!

    2. Also glad to see the bang up job Reason is doing on reporting the massive censorship of doctors and medical experts who had the temerity to have a different viewpoint on conflicting medical studies than the democrats do.

      1. Heck, Squarespace also shut down their site.

        But, hey, no problem.

        That doesn't seem like collusion at all.

        Just wonder where the geeks at Twitter et al have the medical knowledge to call their info fake. The WHO? A group who couldn't find their ass with both hands.

      2. They should start their own social media and web hosting companies, stupid lazy frontline doctors

    3. Thanks, Jesse. Looks like The Science says we are fucked. 8-(

      1. Actually doesn't at all. it is showing that the vector for transmissions, ie the surge the last few weeks in the Sun Belt is following the same pattern as the normal Flu season, as an example. This makes infections predictable.

        It also demonstrates why we normalize data, something the Media apparently forgot.

        And it also proves Krugman is a hack.

        1. And it also proves Krugman is a hack.

          This is something that still needed proving?

  18. More bad economic news.'s benefactor Charles Koch only earned $249,000,000 yesterday.

    That's not enough to get him back into the top 10 where he belongs.


    1. 0/10

      1. Okay, this account has been around long enough for me to say that I clearly am not getting the joke.

        1. I think it’s pretty funny.

      2. He's a parody account so of course he's going to be performative.

  19. "though her attempt to portray Biden as a racist on the debate stage last summer may still complicate things."

    Luckily he doesn't remember it

  20. Some in the media have begun reporting accurately on the riots...

    Wonder why the change. Messaging not working?

    1. Well, now that the riots are caused by Trump sending in the federales, we'll see these peaceful protesters turned feral savages.

    2. Nice to see that 9News still has some professionals working on staff. The "independent" (i.e., state Democrat mouthpieces) orgs like Colorado Public Radio, the Colorado Independent, and Westword notably are pretending this riot never even happened. There's literally nothing on their sites covering this.

      Most LOL part is they arrested the guy who shot at the Jeep that was speeding through the rioters' highway roadblock.

      1. Westword has never been anything but a magazine for socialists and teens hopelessly pretending that their city was cool enough to rate something like the New Yorker. I remember how that paper lined the tables and floors of Muddy's and Paris like a rat cage- except instead of rats, it was clove smoking teenager boys with too much makeup and girls with not enough underwear.

        Fun times.

        1. Westword has always been garbage, for the most part, although Alan Prendergast has done some interesting pieces. He's one of the few media figures left who was mentored by old-school journalists, however, so the quality of his work stands out.

    3. Because its becoming obvious that the riots won't achieve their objectives and, by running long, public opinion is turning against them in a bad way.

      Hence the narrative shift to this all being 'far right violence' now.

    4. The "peaceful protests" aren't polling well, so they're no longer useful. Watch as the mainstream media narrative changes and we never hear about peaceful protests again.

    NFL end zones will bear "End Racism" and "It Takes All of Us" messages in home openers

    1. /face palm.

      1. What about "It's For The Children"?! Why does the NFL hate children?!

        1. Because BLM is an organization that opposes 'traditional families'.
          And the NFL is in the tank for full on Marxism.
          Funny as hell; the Disney property NBA courts are also going full on anti-family.

    2. The players, of course, will be donating large portions of their outrageous salaries to the cause. Not.

    3. I thought nothing would kill my love of sports.

      I was proven wrong.

      I intend to watch exactly zero sports at all. Permanently. Fuck, shut the NFL down over concussion concerns, which certainly is a virtually infinitely more likely problem for players than COVID.

      1. Trump should issue an executive order prohibiting any organization that promotes Marxism from using the word "national" in their name, or advertising.
        It would probably lose in the courts, but watching the heads explode on the left would be worth it.

        1. Or an EO insisting that sports with a known issue with concussions suspend play until they develop a suitable solution to the problem.

          Bye bye soccer and football there.

      2. I've been watching MLW (Whiffle Ball) on youtube. Love it!

      3. Honestly, one of the unexpected benefits of the shutdowns is that I have no motivation anymore to keep up on sports. I really could not care less at this point how the local sportsball teams end up doing, and it's not because of the tiresome virtue-signaling, it's because following these teams turned out to be a massive time-suck.

        1. I went back to Denver back in late June and while my brother still has his Broncos shrine, they were brought up exactly never. Sunday games were mainly a reason for the family to get together, so I am wondering what will replace that in the future.

        2. Was watching hockey last night. Didn’t see any virtue signaling messages on the jerseys or the ice. Admittedly, I did not watch pregame.

    4. What about "Bros Before Hos"?

    5. Fuck it, I'm officially done with the NFL. My interest has been waning in the past couple of years anyway.

    6. Well, it's over. It will now be the National Sarcastaball League.

      I sincerely hope the Washington Football Team will keep that name permanently. It's not as apt as The Strong Womyn, but it's still pretty great.

      1. I'm a bit curious to see the media meltdown should the Washington Football Team's band play "Hail to the Redskins" following a score.

      2. Hopefully they don't do something dumb like Stanford when they changed their name from the Indians to the Cardinal. The Washington Burgundy is even lamer than Redskins, which was kind of a stupid name to begin with, anyway.

        I agree that keeping Washington Football Team would actually be pretty cool.

  22. One cherry picked tweet about the Barr hearing. Like it never even happened. Nice work there Reason.

    1. They also didn’t cover this in the morning links:

      Boy, Trump really vetted those doctors before touting them to the nation.

      1. A has nothing to do with B. So A must be wrong because you disagree with B.

        You can also now dismiss all the other doctors because she was part of the group that was speaking.

        Honest discourse from sarcasmic.

        1. Ummmmm.... what?

        2. As I said yesterday, I don’t know whether HCQ is an effective treatment. My entire point is this is another examine of Trump’s irresponsibility.

        1. Refutation of a point I wasn’t arguing. The point is that Trump is recklessly dabbling in medical advice without any due diligence.

    1. We live in a police state in large part because of idiots like you. What a fucking waste of human life.

      1. We live in a police state...
        LOL. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

      2. .0115/10

      3. Right. It's got nothing at all to do with progressives deciding to regulate every single human interaction. You guys understand that laws only work if they're enforced right? Did you think enforcement just meant asking really really nicely?

        1. So, police are out arresting people for passing counterfeit money, traffic violations, murder, spraying graffiti on courthouses, looting, using drugs — these are only things that Democrats think should be illegal? Seems to me all the things I just listed are things republicans think should be illegal, too.

          1. I was thinking more along the lines of Eric Garner being killed over loose cigarettes and things like stop and frisk, jailing parents over children's school truancy. It's not an R or D problem, it's a problem with all statists, which is what both R and Ds really are. They're all okay with using violence to achieve their prefered aesthetic cultural and political preferences.

          2. Democrats seem to have taken property damage off the list, however.

  23. The feds are conditioning protesters' release from jail on them not attending any more protests.

    From what I've seen many of those slobs could use some conditioning.

  24. A National Guard officer will testify Tuesday at a congressional hearing that the June 1 clearing of protesters outside the White House was 'an unnecessary escalation of the use of force...

    The #Resistance isn't going to forget you were a member of the Vichy government just because you joined the fight when the war was almost over.

    1. I expect they will do more than shave their heads and ban them and their illegitmate child from the village

      1. +1. Band of Brothers

  25. More on Republicans' proposed stimulus bill.

    Subsidized men's health care (in the form of free blue pills for old, white men).

  26. "Do not hold grudges."
    "Campaigned with me & Jill."
    "Great help to campaign."
    "Great respect for her."

    "Uses nice shampoo"

    1. "has sex to advance her political career"

      1. But would anybody really want to have sex with it? Honestly. Brutally unattractive and a bitch to boot.

        1. Tell that to willy brown

      2. "Pothead" - "could borrow for dementia"

  27. "or maybe saddened". But ya still gonna vote for him, right?

  28. Personally, I'm just amused—or maybe saddened—that such basic comments even needed to be written down, as if Biden couldn't come up with positive things to say about Harris unscripted…

    Nothing about Harris is ever off-script and Biden came from an administration that relied heavily on the teleprompter.

  29. Universal Pictures and AMC Entertainment, the No. 1 movie chain in the world, have reached a deal to allow movies to move to homes after a mere three weeks in theaters in the United States...

    Get ready for a buttload more Chinese content (i.e. ChiCom appeasement) in your Hollywood blockbusters.

    1. What's the fucking point of even going to the theater, then? Theaters were already in trouble when the video release date got shortened from 12 months to 6 months.

      The theaters have essentially signed their own execution warrant with this. Hope all the middle managers working for AMC and Regal have their resumes updated, they're going to need them ready to go in about a year.

      1. I don't think you get it- AMC likely negotiated hard to just get 3 weeks instead of simultaneous release.

  30. Harris "laughed and said, 'that's politics.'"

    Rich laughed and said, "Fuck you."

    1. And she said "fine. What's in it for me?"


    Protesters have gathered outside the home of Chad Wolf, acting secretary of Homeland Security. They are here to protest against DHS sending federal agents to Portland after rioters continue to target the federal courthouse in the city.

    1. Perhaps DHS will send federal agents to the home of Chad Wolf?

    2. They were on Twitter, trying to doxx his family members last week. For 'educating them in person.'

      Talk about a guy where, "Fuck around and find out", has some teeth.

      1. ‘educating them in person.’

        I thought the saying was "It's not my job to educate you." Very confusing!

    3. Any relation to Dick?

  32. "The final vote against, 50-106, is almost a perfect inversion of the two-thirds of the public who want legalization."

    Follow. The. Money. And. Pass. The. Doritos.

  33. BIDEN/HARRIS 2020: Your Law and Order Choice.

    1. Except in 2021 the Order will be HARRIS/(Biden).

      1. Harris/Pelosi

        1. RIP Joe Biden
          11/20/42 - 1/21/21

          1. Clinton was the first president to get caught getting a BJ in the Oval Office. Will Biden be the first to die from a BJ in the Oval Office?

    2. Old joke. She offered super sex. Joe chose the soup.

  34. You know how the rest of the world was doing so much better with COVID-19 because Trump sucks?

    That narrative isn't working out so well. The places they were saying were doing a better job compared to the U.S. are experiencing outbreaks again.

    As soon as they start lifting restrictions and lock-downs anywhere in the world, COVID-19 start spreading again. It's just a hard fact the more people interact with each other, the more the virus starts spreading again. And it really doesn't matter where. Spain, Italy, Hong Kong, Germany, . . . they're all experiencing outbreaks--and that isn't Trump's fault.

    Lock downs only stop the virus from spreading so long as they're in place. You cannot lock the economy down long enough so that the virus will stop spreading when you reopen it--so long as there isn't a vaccine. And people will not tolerate lockdowns January--and the economy can't handle lockdowns for that long.

    The best policy is the one that lets local leaders put restrictions in place when the number of severe cases approaches the number of ICU beds available and allows local leaders to keep the economy open otherwise. And that's exactly what we've done.

    1. Spain, Italy, Hong Kong, Germany, . . . they’re all experiencing outbreaks–and that isn’t Trump’s fault.

      Sure it is. He didn't send ventilators fast enough, or something.

      1. drank all the hydroxycholoroquine.

    2. Meanwhile in Europe, the anti-migrant hysteria may be going full retard.

      "The Italian government will send soldiers to Sicily to stop recently arrived migrants leaving holding centers after a raft of breakouts in recent days, including some by people who had been quarantined to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

      The government has said none of the escapees had tested positive for the virus and that most had been caught soon after breaking out of the facilities.

      The EU is working with the Libyan "coastguard" to turn back migrants in the Mediterranean. The Libyan "coastguard" is trained and funded by the EU, and their primary function is to intercept migrants bound for Europe. Plenty of the returned migrants have been shot, killed, tortured, . . .

      Europe was always more brutal in its treatment of migrants than we are. Never confuse the way EU members treat each other's citizens with the way EU countries treat people from outside the EU. The idea that the way they handle immigration better than we do is mostly a fantasy, much like the the fantasy that the way they handled COVID-19 was better.

      1. What's worse from the perspective of the left?

        1) Paying what amounts to militias to intercept sub-Saharan migrants in the Mediterranean and take them back to Libya to be tortured and murdered?

        2) Holding migrants in prison conditions, guarding them with the military, and shooting at them if they try to escape?

        It's actually a false dichotomy--'cause it looks like the Europeans are doing both.

      2. There's a video out there of some migrants sinking their own boat because they mistakenly thought a merchant ship was an Italian naval vessel. A bunch of the idiots ended up drowning almost immediately because they didn't know how to swim.

      3. But it does create a dilemma for many progressives. Do they continue demanding open borders and generous treatment for immigrants, or do they indulge their pandemic fears and exclude foreigners (including those typhoid Marys from other states)?

      4. I think this is more Italian policy than EU policy. The EU policy for years has been to welcome hundreds of thousands migrants each year with open arms over the objections of most EU members before each EU member was compelled to take their share of the migrants. This policy continued even during the Brexit debacle, which the europhile establishment blamed on immigration (because the British that voted to leave were so damn racist), meaning that the immigration policy was more important than keeping the UK in the EU. Italy keeping migrants in refugee camps is more Italy disregarding EU policy in favor of its own than a change in EU policy. This would fit the trend of Italy becoming more euroskeptic over the years, and especially after they got hit hard by coronavirus and got no help from the EU or EU member states fighting it.

        1. That's more the way they market things rather than the way things are. The populist backlash we saw against the left and the center from France to Germany and from Italy to the UK circa 2016 was largely about their immigration policies.

          "Despite its record of abuses, Libya's EU-funded and -trained coast guard is the bloc's preferred partner to prevent migrants from reaching European soil. Having intercepted some 20,000 people in 2017 alone, the coast guard in the Mediterranean is efficient; it is not as good, however, at abiding by the law. InfoMigrants takes a look at the funding, training and questionable monitoring of the loosely organized force whose members are often former militia."

          1. It's like they're training and paying Barbary pirates to do their dirty work for them--keeping sub-Saharan Africans from reaching Europe.

            "The Barbary pirates, sometimes called Barbary corsairs or Ottoman corsairs, were Ottoman and Berber pirates and privateers who operated from North Africa, based primarily in the ports of Salé, Rabat, Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli."


            1. Ken, have you talked to Italians, or read their discussions? They've had a giant influx of MENA refugees since Tunisia kicked off, and the Neapolitan in the street can't stand them. The MENA guys are yet another insular minority that won't assimilate, won't adopt Italian culture, and act like typical young, family-less men. I.e. Assholes.

              Why should the Italians have to absorb these people because you feel bad about their situation in MENA?

              Moreover, this is why I keep telling you all that Biden winning in 2020 means no more wins for this ideological group of Republicans again. These same groups will be imported here by the ship load in the intervening two years, provided they vote D. And they do and will.

      5. They somehow manage to pretend that formerly independent nations coming together to form a mutant version of states in the United States is 'free immigration' of some new style as opposed to just finally today catching up to the United States circa 250 years ago.

        Turns out, states within a nation tend to have the exact kind of borders Reason-styled libertarians prefer even while national borders never have, and probably never will, match up with their preferences without a whole lot of war.


    Walmart has 1.5 million employees
    Amazon has 750,000 employees
    Kroger has 500,000 employees
    Costco has 254,000 employees

    3,354,000 total U.S. employees

    These employees come in contact with thousands per day yet none are reporting excessive 'COVID' cases.

    1. Yeah, so what's your point?
      All are in the tank for the full on fascism of mandatory "cloth face coverings" in open defiance of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

      1. I remember when people argued the Disabilities Act itself was fascism.


    During this detainment, another woman got involved and she was also detained.

    “I’m a nice young woman from Wisconsin ... you guys are fucking pieces of shit!” she yelled after being taken down by officers.

    1. Did you see the woman pepper-spraying maskless people?

      Perhaps she'll get infected during a stint in jail.


    Sports Illustrated’s ‘curviest model ever’ talks ‘life-changing’ swimsuit shoot

    1. pfff that's not what I was expecting. The parentheses make more sense now.

      1. She is a fatass. Stop with the euphemisms.

        1. Good thing she's by the water so the beachgoers can keep her skin from drying out until Animal Rescue can get her back out to sea.

    2. Made me realize that SI's cash cow is now just a cow.

      1. I wonder if Vogue or Cosmo will ever feature "hot guys" with man tits and beer bellies?
        That's probably different though, because reasons.

    3. I'm digging the twatter comments.

  38. the Democratic National Committee rejected an amendment to put a plank supporting marijuana legalization into the party's platform,"

    apparently kowtowing to the Correctional Officers' Union.

    1. Kamala for VP!

  39. Ummmm......
    My Girlfriend went to the protest today. Let me just say if I find the Feds that hit my GF with pepper balls it wont be pretty. Im so angry. Be glad I wasn't there.

    1. My buddy had a girlfriend that used to accidentally burn herself with a curling iron every couple of weeks!

      1. The pic are of the hickeys on her neck. She is cheating on him.

        1. I know.

          "I accidentally burned my neck with a curling iron" used to be the standard explanation for a cheating girlfriend appears to have hickeys on her neck. Nowadays, I guess they're going for, "I was shot with a pepper ball by the police at the BLM rally".

          1. I thought you were going for the 'hiding she'd been abused' joke.

            In that vein...a cop goes, "Racist? How can I be racist? I mean, look at my wife. She has a black eye and I still love her..."

    2. That's the true definition of cuck, right?

      1. Black Cucks Matter? Or is that cocks?

    3. I bet Erik's GF's actual boyfriend will take that federal dude down. Then bone his GF right in front of Erik.

    4. That has to be the most unusual parody account I have ever seen.

      1. It's a special one

      2. It's not quite as lulzy as Godfrey Elfwick (Rest in Power) or Titania McGrath, but there's some real gems. Take this, for instance:

        "You think that"s bad? I work at the post office and lets just say some ballots wont be delivered"

      3. Is that a parody account, or some chinese bot-net trying to keep the outrage going?

    5. My Girlfriend went to the protest today. Let me just say if I find the Feds that hit my GF with pepper balls it wont be pretty. Im so angry. Be glad I wasn’t there.

      LOL, sure thing internet tuff gai, sure thing. "Watch out guys, we're dealing with a badass over here!"

  40. Why can't Justin Trudeau stop being such a corrupt piece of shit?

    "Ottawa (AFP) - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will give much-anticipated testimony this week over his role in awarding a government contract to a charity that paid members of his family large sums of money, the House of Commons said Monday.

    1. He's trying to be the Clinton of Canada?

      1. I believe there is a national tendency among a lot of Canadians swing voters to want to do the opposite of whatever the Americans are doing.

        When we have Obama, they have Harper.

        When we have Trump, they have Trudeau!

        We can have an interdependent relationship, Canada without being codependent. It doesn't have to be this way.

        1. We Canadian's are always a decade behind the US in political trends.

      2. The Bidens. General, don't forget the Bidens.

  41. About the dust-up, Harris "laughed and said, 'that's politics.' She had no remorse," former Sen. Chris Dodd

    At least he's honest about the fact that we can't take anything any candidate says seriously. Everything is always politics with them. In other words, they will lie whenever they see fit and then laugh it off as "that's politics". All the more reason to never vote for anyone in either major party.

    1. I do hope Trump and Pence mention "waitress sandwich" anytime Biden tries to discuss women's issues. I mean, he (well, his handlers) chose Dodd willingly.

  42. You pick a VP based on shoring up your expected vote. But Harris got booted from the race early. She's NOT a popular figure, except in a very narrow set of blindered feminists. She has a political history that while mostly overlooked in the milquetoast primaries, will bite her on the ass in the general. Especially her role in incarcerating Black men at record numbers.

    Of course, no one else but Bernie did well in the primaries either. My hope would be Tulsi Gabbard, the only adult on stage. Not that I agree with here, but the only one who shows that she understands what principles mean. My big fear is a Warren pick. That's assuming he wants a female VP. On the male side, Buttigieg is palatable, Steyer and Bloomberg might force me to relocate to Canada.

    1. "She has a political history that while mostly overlooked in the milquetoast primaries, will bite her on the ass in the general. Especially her role in incarcerating Black men at record numbers."

      I think you're reading this backwards.

      If the protests continue, they may become the dominant narrative in the upcoming election. Trump is promoting himself as the law and order candidate. If Biden picks an apologist for the police state, then he's insulating himself against Trump's charges of being anti-police. Meanwhile, most of the Democratic party will quickly ignore and forget everything bad they said about her in the past--especially because she's a person of color.

      This would be like that time Bill Clinton executed an effective retard just to prove that he was tough on crime. That did not hurt Clinton's chances. And the left was only too happy to ignore it (sans Christopher Hitchens).

    2. Constitutional qualifications:
      Over 35
      US Citizen

      Democratic qualifications:

      No chance this goes wrong

    3. Warren's not getting anywhere near the VP slot, she's a white woman. I could see her getting Secretary or State or Attorney General, however.

      1. I could see her getting Secretary or State or Attorney General, however.

        *shudders* Probably the worst thing about a possible Biden presidency isn't Biden himself. Everyone with a lick of common sense knows the senile old fool will only be a figurehead. It'll be his VP and his cabinet secretaries who will be the real power, and I doubt he has the mental capacity to really pick his own cabinet, it will be whoever the hell the DNC tells him to pick and that's potentially scary as hell.

    4. My hope would be Tulsi Gabbard, the only adult on stage.

      Unfortunately she has the drawback of not being a "woman of color." Or at least not enough of one (apparently she is part Samoan on her father's side). While I also didn't agree with many of her policy positions outside of maybe foreign policy, she at least seemed to have some principles besides "me want power!" At the very least she was about the only D candidate that didn't make me want to throw up in my mouth everytime she opened her mouth to speak.

  43. Re: pandemic education pods.

    Doing this for yourself is racist, systemic racism, because it leave out the less privileged. Same logic would apply to you doing anything yourself, because that is privilege.

    Hence the only position that isn't systemic racism is total, 100% dependence on government.

  44. An entire day went by as the Democrats beclowned themselves against AG Barr. Did Reason write up anything on how ridiculous House democrats looked? How utterly rude and nonsensical they were? How if that had been one of Obama's AGs the media and Reason would have been all over the GOP? No ENB just pushes some tweet on Barr making some minor mistake.

    You want Trump and Barr out but you're not at all ready for the shitstorm that is coming from one party rule.

    1. On the other hand, to be sure, they are all salivating at the possible federal positions available.

    2. Imagine if congress were filled with people like chemjeff, buttplug, espresso, white knight, eunuch, pod, and Tony...
      Wait - we don't have to imagine it.
      That's exactly what we saw yesterday

      1. Jeff is AOC, Nuttplug is Hillary, Sqrls is Biden, Tony would be Barney Frank?

        1. You're giving them too much credit - did you see Nadler's all stars yesterday?

        2. Sqrls is a cross between gir from invader Zim, Jim from taxi, the rodie from wayns world 2, and fomey the squirrel (though not as coherent as any of them)

  45. "You want Trump and Barr out but you’re not at all ready for the shitstorm that is coming from one party rule"

    No, TDS mandates seeing nothing beyond how bad orange man is and how he must go; and Biden is simply not Trump, and that is reason enough to vote for him. NOTHING can possibly be worse than Trump, you see.

    1. Robespierre was guillotined and the revolution ended with a military dictatorship under Napoleon that resulted in years of constant warfare.

      Just sayin'.

      1. We are not getting communism or even socialism. And one way or another Trump will leave office and we will have no more Trump. So, we won't get more Trump and we are not getting BLMistan. But, if the left keeps fucking around, we might get Pinochet.

        1. Well, Pinochet is better than literally every single leftist dictator in history. I mean, he did leave office without having to be killed first.

          1. Pinochet had around 10,000 people shot. I am not going to say having people summarily shot is a good thing. I will say, however, Pinochet shot the right 10,000 people and in doing so saved Chili from becoming Cuba.

            1. And for how many leftist dictators is 10,000 a "shockingly low death count"? Leftists usually hit the high 6 digit numbers at minimum.

              1. And he left a free country that thrived both under him and after he left office.

          2. Pinochet wasn't a leftist dictator.

            Pinochet was a rightist dictator.

            He saw that Chile was heavily infected with leftism and he took them out.

            Chile was too far gone to be able to get rid of them through a purely political process.

            So he used force.

            Let us hope that we share such resolve.

      2. You're talking like history repeats itself or something.

        Nah, it just gets "re-framed."

        1. History repeating itself first as tragedy and then as comedy was the one truthful thing Marx ever said.

          1. And yet Samuel Clements is still more quotable and the worst he seems to have done is fought for the Confederacy for a hot minute until deserting.

            "History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes."

      3. People forget that Napoleon was actually a massive improvement for the French at that point. This despite the fact that his warmongering caused fights that spread beyond Europe to India, North Africa, and the Americas.

    2. Except many here are arguing that Trump AND Biden are terrible choices.

      1. "Groupthink is fun"

  46. I'm guessing Joe really wants Michelle Obama to be his running mate and he can't tell the difference between Michelle and Kamala, you know how them colored gals all look alike to old Joe.

    1. As far as I know this is the only site where you can actually post something like that...unless some federal attorney gets his panties bunched up about wood chippers.

  47. People who think Harris is going to motivate black turnout are delusional. First, there has already been a black President. So, the prospect of a black VP is not very historic and not historic enough to motivate blacks to turn out anything like Obama did. Second, black culture is by white Prog standards very misogynistic. Black men are likely to be repelled by a black female VP candidate. This is especially true when the candidate is someone with as horrible of a record as Harris.

    Harris is a sure loser of a pick.

    1. Do you really think that anyone outside of libertarian circles is going to have any idea about Harris and her terrible record of prosecutorial abuses? Some on the far left piped up during the primary, but those folks are extremely motivated by hatred of Trump. They are not saying a word during the general election.

      In a normal world where facts matter, Biden's key role in raising criminal penalties in ways that disproportionately affected blacks and Harris' terrible record as a prosecutor would compare very poorly with Trump's record of criminal justice reform that specifically targets issues affecting African Americans.

      But this is not a normal world where facts matter. Facts are extremely unlikely to even make it to the stage.

      1. Yes I do. First, Trump will point them out and contrast them with his record with a vengeance. Second, her record is well known among Democrats and the black community. Think about it, she was the only black candidate this year and she got virtually no black support in the primaries. There is a reason for that. The black community knows exactly who she is and wanted no part of her. That doesn't mean they are going to vote for Trump if she is the pick. It just means her as VP will do nothing to solve the Democrats black turnout problem and will probably make it worse.

        1. Cory Booker may be a closet case, but he's still Black, last I heard. Not that anyone supported him either.

          Good point on Blacks not caring about Harris. Though whether that was due to her gender or job, I don't know.

          1. I think she's just about the least charismatic person alive.
            Freaking Hillary had more charisma

            1. The thing about her "charisma" is that she looks like she's faking it.

              She's smart. Pretty. Tough. She should be appealing... but when she tries to be funny or smile or relate a story, it always sounds fake. Like a sociopath acting the part of a caring friend. Going through all the correct motions, just not quite pulling it off.

              She was actually perfectly in her element as an AG. That's kind of exactly what is required for the role.

        2. From most of the black people I asked about why they voted, or were going to vote, for Obama they almost ubiquitously said it was because he was going to give them money in one form or another.

          When it didn't happen, they were pretty mad and I would suppose they might not be as trusting the second time around.

          Of course, just about everyone I asked was a registered nurse so none of them actually needed the money and it's not a great cross section. Just interesting to me, really. Especially since the ACA didn't do nurses any real favors in particular.

    2. It isn't that Harris will drive the Democrat base to the polls because of her race. It's that a lot of people will stay home if Biden doesn't pick a woman of color.

      All the news outlets that matter have been saying for weeks now that Biden's nominee for Vice President must be black and must be a woman, and if Biden goes against that, he's risking a lower turn out from voters who think that's really, really important.

      1. . . . and it's not just black voters who think that's important. All those white liberals out there for whom signaling matters more than anything else (or so they think), they won't turn out for Biden if he betrays black America by nominating someone who isn't a black woman. That's what they care about.

        1. If I were to write an alternate history novel, it would be the one where Colin Powell was the first black president--and he was the president during 9/11. Does Barack Obama still have the same novel appeal in that world? Does President Trump arise as a populist reaction to Obama in that world? And does race play as important a role in the election of 2020 as it does today?

          1. The answer to both of those is no. Although, Trump was a reaction to Bush as much as he was Obama.

          2. I think I prefer your alternate history.

            Can we get a do-over?

          3. only if President Powell was like 1/10 the insufferable douchebag he turned out to be

        2. Black voters won't think it is important if Harris is the pick. As far as white liberals go, I have no doubt they want that. But, again, Harris and her appalling record on criminal justice cancels that out. The far left base is demanding a black woman. You are right about that. The problem is that they have no black women who are qualified and make decent candidates. Harris is the closest thing they have and her record makes her unacceptable to the very people who are demanding a black woman. At best Harris is a wash with those people. She might not depress turnout but she isn't going to drive it either.

        3. it’s not just black voters who think that’s important. All those white liberals out there for whom signaling matters more than anything else (or so they think), they won’t turn out for Biden if he betrays black America by nominating someone who isn’t a black woman.

          I would even go so far as to say that the average white virtue signaling "Karen" probably care far more about the race and gender of Biden's VP pick than the vast majority of black voters.

      2. And trans. She must be trans as well. Or non-binary.

        Biden is so old and so white, they might even need for the VP to be an underage, undocumented immigrant non-binary trans polygamist black female, just to balance him out.

        1. This isn't being driven by the concerns of the far left and their wish list. This is the general consensus in the Democratic party.

          ESPN will join CNN and MSNBC is denouncing Biden for his pick if he doesn't pick a black woman. I don't think he has any rational choice but to pick a black woman.

          . . . so he might as well pick one that's insulates him from criticism for being soft on rioting and anti-police. That will play well for him in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin--against Trump's charges of being anti-police.

          1. Val Demings ticks those boxes too. And from a state Biden needs.

            Chief of Police is mostly ceremonial anyway. I doubt there's video of her Macing a crackhead when she was a street cop.

        2. Soooooo......... OBL for VP?

    3. Black men are likely to be repelled by a black female VP candidate. This is especially true when the candidate is someone with as horrible of a record as Harris.

      All Trump's campaign would have to do is run a few adds reminding everyone how many young black men Harris sent to prison for having a little weed in their pockets.

  48. Kamala is the perfect choice. It would illustrate how out of touch and clueless the DNC is and would cut Biden's chances in half.

    1. I agree. I am dumbfounded that anyone could be so out of touch with the country that they would think she is a good pick. They would be better off picking one of the Karen governors like the one in New Mexico or Michigan. Yeah, they wouldn't be so great either but they would at least appeal to a certain type of suburban white woman. Harris doesn't appeal to anyone except party insiders. She is the Jeb Bush of the Democratic party.

    2. I would be amused if he picks Abrams, though. Mostly because it would mean people might start paying attention to what she has to say and then realize how little she has to say.

      1. Picking Abrams as VP would likely be the next step in the country's slide to Mugabification. At least Harris or Susan Rice would be competent. I could actually see Putin egging her on just to get a laugh out of her doing the Sassy Black Woman act.

        Abrams would be like one of the women getting filmed on Worldstar brawling at Chuck E. Cheese being put in charge of the country.

  49. Question:

    How much of the Q-Anon conspiracy theory is a gaslighting attempt by the left, designed to discredit any information that comes out about the efforts of the Obama administration to undermine the transition to the Trump administration?

    I ask because suddenly Q-Anon is a really popular target of reporting. I follow several skeptic publications, and they all have put out something debunking/describing Q-Anon in the last couple of weeks. As far as I know, nothing has really happened with Q-Anon types lately. Yet suddenly Twitter is after them, skeptic groups (who are staffed by largely left-leaning folk) are reporting about it...

    What happened? Well, Ghislaine Maxwell got arrested for one. Which started my mind wondering... these skeptic groups all emphasized the pizza-gate pedophile ring aspect of Q-Anon. They used it to dismiss the entire topic out of hand..... "They claim the world is run by a secret ring of pedophiles! This is the supposed deep state that was out to get Trump."

    See the jujitsu? Pedophiles at a pizza place is goofy... so charges of a deep state plot are goofy and should be dismissed. So should any sex with minors allegations that come up.

    And what are we thinking is about to come up? Well, the first time we heard of Epstein, there were allegations that Bill Clinton had ridden on the Lolita Express 18 times, repeatedly visiting his private island hideaway. Then there was a deal with prosecutors and the entire thing disappeared. People making claims about the Lolita Express were kooks. No credible source would touch it.
    They all called it Republican smear tactics. That's the sort of thing Alex Jones would talk about. ( I mean, what sort of credible national political reporter would ever find the notion that a former president who was in a sex scandal with a young intern was now having sex with underage girls on a private island newsworthy?)

    And now here comes Maxwell. She's the recruiter that brought in the girls. Certainly she knows all of the dirty secrets, including how Epstein managed to convert a capacity for convincing young women to have sex with rich old men into a vast amount of wealth.

    At the same time, Attorney General Barr is promising a report on the activities of Obama Administration officials in their "investigation" of Russian attempts to spy on the Trump campaign. So there is a related group that desperately needs this report to be discredited before it even hits the public.

    And then there's Q-Anon. A conspiracy theory that connects the deep state to pedophiles.

    As far as I know, nobody knows who the 4-chan denizen Q is. But it is odd that Q links a conspiracy to use the levers of power to get Trump with a group that is organized around having sex with underage women. And the Clinton camp links a conspiracy to use the levers of power to get Trump with a group that was organized around having sex with underage women.

    And odd that a bunch of disparate groups decided to resurrect Q-Anon as a ready-made debunked conspiracy theory all at the same time.

    1. It would not surprise me at all if Q Anon is some half assed CIA misinformation campaign like what you describe. Along those lines, Obama kept the birther stuff alive specifically so he could point to it as a way to discredit his critics and especially things like Fast and Furious and whatever the hell actually happened at Bengazi that had the truth ever been fully told and understood by the public would have been enormous scandals.

      1. The truth has been told.
        Clinton and Rice lied.

        1. Some of the truth has been told but not all of it. We still don't know why the ambassador was there and why he was left without security in such a dangerous place or what the hell the CIA compound next door was doing.

          1. We don't?
            I thought it was pretty well established that they were running weapons out of that annex up to jihadists (sorry, "moderate" rebels) up in Syria

            1. H calling the deceased Ambassador "Chris" all over the place like he was her child was particularly disgusting even for her.

    2. "How much of the Q-Anon conspiracy theory is a gaslighting attempt by the left, designed to discredit any information that comes out about the efforts of the Obama administration to undermine the transition to the Trump administration?

      Dude, you need to take a vacation.

      Start a new hobby. Something you've never done before.

      Work on designing yourself a cabin or a hot rod. Get into opera or scuba.

      Find something else to do.

      1. Come on, you gotta admit that it is a pretty good jumping off point for wildly uninformed speculation!

        1. I'm citing Poe's Law here.

          If you're seriously considering the implications of double-reverse QAnon, then you need to take a break from your daily routine.

          If you're sarcastically considering the implications of double-reverse QAnon, then you can't blame people for mistaking your sarcasm for the real thing.

          1. Not really serious. Not really sarcastic. More in the useless grey zone of comment section BS.

            Although it is odd that Q-Anon suddenly became a big target over the last two weeks. I had not heard that name for quite a long time, and suddenly it is a top priority. They even widely reported General Flynn as a Q-Anon supporter because of some secret symbols in a family photo he posted.

            So that part of the wild and baseless speculation is probably true... Q-Anon is being dragged back to the front page because of Barr's impending report and the activity taking place with Stone and Flynn. The democrats are extremely fired up about discrediting Barr and any investigation taking place into the Russia investigation. They are even pushing impeachment of Barr already. So tying him to conspiracy theories is not at all a stretch.

            Every description of Q-Anon I heard over the last 2 weeks was "this is the conspiracy theory that there is a deep state that was out to get Trump. This is about the investigation of Russian collusion. It is just nuts."

            So no separation between Q-Anon and "they were out to get Trump". Those are one and the same for this crowd. If you believe "they were out to get Trump", you believe in Q-Anon and a pedophile ring that runs the world. This was fairly explicit on the skeptic reporting about "what is Q-anon?".

            That's a pretty good jumping off point for feckless speculation on the internet.

            1. Ken is pretty stubborn on his theories, even when directly refuted by events.
              He still tries to deny that George Soros was a Nazi collaborator, despite Soros saying it himself

            2. I think QAnon has been in the news a lot lately because social media has been cracking down on QAnon posts and content creators over the last couple of weeks.

              I think the two most likely reasons for that crackdown are:

              1) Social media is concerned about the Democrats cracking down on the them if they don't clean up the "fake news" ahead of the upcoming election.

              2) The social media CEOs are due to be grilled on national television later today--by both Democrats and Republicans--and they wanted to be able to say they're doing their part by cracking down on QAnon content ahead of that broadcast.

        2. I have seen a lot of online speculation that can be very crazy. I would recommend watching the Netflix show, Filthy Rich, which is a 4 part documentary on Epstein.

          The show is largely sourced by attorneys for his victims, so it is less based on shadowy back room deals and hearsay, and more about things that people actually testified to.

          The things I got from it include: Epstein liked his girls in the 13 - 15 year range- just after pubescence. He liked sharing them around. Once he got you on that island, it was all over- you were trapped. He had lots of conservatives on his side too.

          There also decent evidence that he lead two lives with a lot of the people he brokered power with. For example, he used the Lolita Express to do a big tour of Africa for Aids awareness, with several celebrities. But even his victims say this trip was on the up and up with no funny business.

          Anyway, I found that it was very balanced.

    3. I mean, what sort of credible national political reporter would ever find the notion that a former president who was in a sex scandal with a young intern was now having sex with underage girls on a private island newsworthy?

      It depends on what the party affiliation of the former president is.

    4. There is plenty of "real" Q and fake Q, and the Q people know it so they just go with whatever info they like at the moment.
      I've not really dug into it, but I did look at the pizza(pedo) gate thing and there are some things associated with that whole thing that are definitely true:

      - the Deep State is real. This shouldn't even be questionable.
      - the Russia story was a hoax from the moment they started working on it in late 2015/early 2016 (before it was put out into the public. Trump's approach threatened to reveal that Russia/Putin isn't the world's biggest bad guy, something that the Global Socialist (non)Workers Party can't allow. A US-Russo alliance is the most threatening thing in the world to GAZI dominion. But this was all obvious to anyone who really looked at it or thought about it long before "Q" ever made an appearance
      - the Podesta-Alefantis (owner of the pizza place, ex of David Brock) crowd are very likely pedophiles, and at the very least into pedophile imagery. Their taste in art, Instagram pics of toddlers in various situations, and conversation amongst themselves is otherwise inexplicable. This crowd is intimately connected to and part of the Deep State/Dem highest circles.

      Now some specifics of the Q theory are a bit outlandish, and likely false. No, there wasn't a dungeon in the pizza place with kids being trafficked constantly. Wayfair, Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart are probably not all fronts for selling kidnapped children (though there might be a grain of truth to something similar). And no, there aren't a bunch of clones of executed celebrities running around.
      But is it inconceivable that the most powerful people in the world, who most of us will agree are terrible human beings, can only get off on committing the most vile transgression? That they would ritualize and form a community around it, and that signaling to each other in public would be an expression of their power and arrogance?
      It's not like there isn't precedent - remember the Catholic Church? Now think all the way back to the Greeks, Romans, and pretty much every elite class through history.
      And the Epstein situation is a glaring red flag. Almost everyone in DC was connected to him (he visited the Obama Whitehouse numerous times). Plus Weiner.

      What kicked off the recent Q bomb is, from what I've seen, 3 things: mostly the arrest of Maxwell (and Epstein's "suicide" was only a year ago), the Wayfair coincidences, and Chrissy Tiegen's Twitter history. Maxwell may or may not be cooperating with the feds (who may or may not be on the up and up). The Wayfair thing is weird, but thin. And why is John Legend (Tiegen's husband) hanging out with the Clintons and Obama so much?

      I'm agnostic on it. There's more than nothing there, but enough ridiculousness to discredit a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if a good portion of that is subterfuge.
      Maybe we'll find out.

      What I find most unfortunate is that the Q crowd obsesses over the satanic pedophile cult theory, often damaging their credibility and keeping them distracted to what is undoubtedly real and imminent.
      There is absolutely a conspiracy going on right now: war against the US (and Trump, and The People) via covid19 and "civil unrest".
      But the Q crowd is misdirected and kept complacent by the promises of vague prophecy and "sealed indictments".

      War is here, and it is existential.

    5. Q-anon is the boogieman the Left makes up to blame for all the violence that Antifa (which really doesn’t exist, they’ll tell you) commits.

    6. How much of the Q-Anon conspiracy theory is a gaslighting attempt by the left,

      Isn't a ring that traffics in underage girls with connections to the deep state and the dems exactly why Epstein and Maxwell didn't kill themselves?

      How is it 'gaslighting' then? Or 'debunked'?

  50. "Cited as still angry that Germany is "taking advantage" and "not paying their NATO fees" Trump has moved to withdraw about 12,000 troops from Germany, Bloomberg reports."

    1. No European 'socialist' economy can be called a success while they get these subsidies from us.

      1. We spend 3.4% of GDP on the military. Germany spends a smidge over 1%. Canada spends a smidge under 1%.

        Yeah, a 2% of gdp "subsidy" in having the US handle things for you is pretty good for your government ledger.

        1. BTW, the UK, Greece, Estonia and Poland are the only Nato countries who are reaching the targeted 2% GDP spending on defense.

          1. And they probably weren't persuaded by Trump, but respectively by Turkey and Russia.

        2. So we spend 4x as much, hence subsidy.

          1. But thanks for the ammo for when our debts crash the economy and the left tries to blame capitalism and military spending.

            1. That's not the kind of ammo we're going to need...

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  52. Sweden Unveils ‘Promising’ Covid-19 Data as New Cases Plunge

    “With numbers diminishing very quickly in Sweden, we see no point in wearing a face mask in Sweden, not even on public transport,” he said.

    Tegnell has consistently argued that Sweden’s approach is more sustainable than the sudden lockdowns imposed elsewhere. With the risk that Covid-19 might be around for years, he says completely shutting down society isn’t a long-term option.

    Meanwhile, many countries that thought they’d brought the virus under control are now seeing second waves. Tegnell called those developments “worrying.”

    “The positive trend is reversing, with an increase in the number of cases in Spain, Romania and Belgium, among others,” he said.


      Deaths per Million:
      NJ 1791
      NY 1682
      MA 1241
      CT 1241
      RI 949
      DC 826
      LA 821
      MI 643
      IL 603
      DE 596
      MD 572
      PA 564
      Sweden 564

      First confirmed case in Sweden - January 24
      First confirmed case in NJ/NY/MA - March 1-2
      First confirmed case in PA -March 6

      Q1 GDP: Sweden +0.1% vs US -5.0%

      1. If we had honest and intelligent public health leadership, this would be getting very close study.

        If we had honest and intelligent science reporting, this would be getting a lot of play in the media.

        1. 6/10

          1. Dang.... I gotta up my game.

            1. you got a whole number. that's like a birthday cake.

              1. The Judge grades like an Engineering Professor. 6/10 is outstanding.

  53. leave Biden alone all he's ever wanted is someone willing to accept his advances

  54. Babylon Bee calls it for Aunt Jemima and that's good enough for me.

    1. "She's a clean, articulate woman of color, she's a self-made businesswoman, and she's a great listener," Biden said as he unveiled his pick for vice president. "We were looking at two criteria for my VP: her race and her gender, and Jemima nailed both qualifications."

      "Plus, she smells fantastic. Welcome to Team Joe, toots!" He then put his hands on the neck of the bottle and caressed it, giving the bottle of maple syrup a good sniff.

      AAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Priceless!

      1. They are the only people who seem to be able to do political satire these days. That's really top-shelf stuff.

        1. They've been really ragging on Biden. He supports vote-by-telegram. He's going to start podcasting, with his first released on a 45 rpm single.

  55. Kamala Harris is going to do for Joe Biden what she did for Willie Brown?


      But she might comp him a hair-sniff a couple of times. It is the least she could do, since they have no intention of letting him actually steer the ship. They might let him stay in office for a minute, as long as he behaves himself.

      1. I'm picturing Joe sitting along the wall of the Oval Office with a big ol' box of Legos. Periodically a staffer will come by to give him a juice box and some animal crackers.

        1. The legos part wouldn't work.

          Biden fancies himself as an intellectual powerhouse. He has actually proclaimed himself the smartest man in the room many times. He's got a bigger record of that sort of behavior than Trump.

          So if they are going to let him keep the title, they'll have to keep running meetings for him where he can feel smart.

          Actually, despite the snark, this is how it always works. And not just for presidents. I used to work for a company owned by a billionaire. He was surrounded by handlers who controlled what he was allowed to see very tightly. People at that level have to be able to make very consequential decisions in very short periods of time based on extremely limited information. So letting a little bit of the wrong information get through results in bad decisions.

          It isn't necessarily nefarious, but it ends up with people surrounding the top guy seeing themselves as the real brains of the operation. They often are.. they have much more detailed knowledge of operations. It is a delicate balance.

          We have heard this with Trump. The chief complaint of the whistleblowers has been that Trump didn't do and say what they told him to do and say. This lets you know that there is an expectation that someone 4 or 5 levels down is actually calling the shots and the president is just the face of the organization.

          1. The guy who says he's the smartest guy in the room is never the smartest guy in the room.

            I can see that he'll need something to make him feel important. Maybe a train set? Democrats love trains for some reason, just tell him he's designing high speed rail.

          2. "He has actually proclaimed himself the smartest man in the room many times."

            Which is true...everytime he goes to the outhouse.

  56. Questions that no one would ever actually have the balls to ask Kamala Harris:

    "How does it feel to be the VP pick knowing that the only reason you were chosen was because of your race and gender?"

    "How does it feel to know that with your record as a prosecutor the only way you'll likely become president is if Biden either croaks or amendment 25 is invoked due to his being a senile, doddering old fool?"

    1. She has no morals, so I'm guessing the answer to both of those is "as long as I win it's great!"

  57. Kamala Harris is going to do for Joe Biden what she did for Willie Brown?Insoluble World

  58. "Umbrella Man" who started the vandalism at the very first George Floyd inspired riot, turns out to be white supremacist agent provocateur.

    1. .0125/10

      1. This was an anonymous tip that came from a 3rd party that didn't want to be identified to the cops. Fake News.

        1. No, he is a CT bitten right wing nutcase like yourself.

          1. .000000000001/10

    2. Which is more plausible:
      1) Umbrella Man was a far-left radical looking to destroy shit, or
      2) Umbrella Man was a far-right white supremacist who knew that his target audience had such low impulse control that the very act of seeing someone destroy and loot property would start a riot?

      1. My favorite is the Richmond Police claiming that the riots were started by "white supremacists". Okay, which white supremacists and what charges are they facing. The Richmond Police can't answer that question. So, either they are lying or they decided to not arrest and charge the evil "white supremacists" out of kindness or something.

      2. Or, how about option 3

        They have spent the last two months desperately searching for anyone they could call a boogaloo white supremacist to hang responsibility for all rioting on. This is the first guy they found.

        Retroactively it became the first and only inciting event from which all rioting and looting flowed.

        I have not heard that this auto parts store was the first place looted before. Maybe it was. But it is unquestionable that Antifa types burned buildings and police vehicles across this country, covering them in their slogans. And the press tried to tell me that those were all white supremacists too. So the well is kind of poisoned for me on this one.

        1. It's ironic given that only a few months ago, Richmond had 10,000+ of those "boogaloo white supremacists" in town. Pretty much all of them were armed, and yet no violence occurred.

        2. It's pretty funny that "boogaloo boys" didn't even crop up as a term until the same time that the riots started, and that they supposedly had an "identifying mark" of wearing hawaiian shirts.

          If I didn't know better, I'd say this was another 4chan prank that got picked up by the media as fact, like the "ok"/"made you look" hand signal being a white power gang sign did a couple years ago.

          1. I have to agree with this assessment.

            I was in Duluth MN about 3 weeks ago at the Walmart on top of the hill. They had a huge selection of Hawaiian style shirts... like, legit 5 racks of different Hawaiian style shirts. It makes me wonder if the authors of the Boogaloo dress code didn't look at a trending style and put that on their description of the dress code.

          2. If I didn’t know better, I’d say this was another 4chan prank that got picked up by the media as fact, like the “ok”/”made you look” hand signal being a white power gang sign did a couple years ago.

            Wouldn't surprise me one bit. There's some retards in the media who to this day still think the "OK" hand signal is a white supremacist gang sign despite the fact that it's been debunked many times over. These people are fucking morons.

        3. Try Option 4. Take the (ridiculous) claim at face value: A White Supremacist Nazi Outlaw Motorcycle Gang member started the violence. Potentially violent White supremacist groups are so riddled with Feds, it's practically a cliche. Ditto OMGs. Someone who's both?

          What are the chances that if this actually was the Nazi Biker they were hoping was responsible, that he was a Fed UC deciding to get the party started? A la "Tear Up Texas."

          1. A glow-in-the-dark inciting a riot would not be out of the question.

      3. 3) Umbrella Man is a cop.

    3. Police have identified a suspect, according to a search warrant affidavit first reported by the Star Tribune and confirmed by NBC affiliate KARE.

      No, police think he was a member of a biker gang and got a search warrant based on an anonymous tip. They don't know anything.

      I know you are dumb as a post but you are not this dumb. Do you just think no one reads the articles you post?

      Meanwhile, Andy Ngo identifies some of these "white supremacists" who were rioting in Richmond.

      Leftism is and has always been based on the use of political violence and terror. It is the essence of what leftism is. Stop fucking lying or go lie to people who are too dumb to know any better rather than here where everyone knows the truth.

      1. They are all so ugly

  59. “Cited as still angry that Germany is “taking advantage” and “not paying their NATO fees” Trump has moved to withdraw about 12,000 troops from Germany, Bloomberg reports.”

    Jio Customer Care

  60. Biden said months ago that it would definitely be a woman and, while a multitude of names have been thrown around in the press as potential contenders, many are betting on California Sen. Kamala Harris

    My bet is on Geraldine Ferraro.

  61. Speaking of conspiracy theories, is anyone else paying attention to these weird fucking seeds that keep showing up unsolicited in people's mail?

    "U.S. federal agencies are investigating suspicious and unsolicited packages of seeds that have been arriving at addresses across America and appear to come from China.

    Anyone who receives the shipments should hold onto the seeds and packaging and immediately contact officials, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said in a statement."

    "U.S. Warns Against Planting Mystery Seeds From China"


    The concern is that the seeds may be invasive species or genetically modified to cross with other seeds and destroy crops, contaminate the food supply, etc.

    Maybe there's a reasonable explanation. Maybe some distribution company in China got people's orders screwed up and sent seeds to people who were supposed to be getting something else by accident. Maybe the reasonable explanation is that the CCP or someone else in China is fucking with us.

    1. I have seen this show up on /r/whatisthisthing a few times over the last month or two.

      here is one from two years ago

      A common theme is that companies in China send items to US addresses unsolicited so they can post "real" reviews on Amazon, ebay, etc. as a verified buyer. What they actually put in the package doesn't matter, so it is usually something cheap.

      Since the first hit that came up on a search was from 2 years ago, I'm going to explain this away as "someone in the media noticed something on the internet that has been around for a long time and it became a thing because they brought it to everyone's attention".

      1. That's a perfectly reasonable explanation.


        1. Which leads me right back to my go-to for everything..... What excuse does the press have for this sort of reporting?

          It is my constant whipping boy these days. It took me about 15 seconds to search that up. Every news network is running with this story. Yet nobody could be bothered to do a simple google search?

          1. The excuse is that they don't report any more. They spend all day surfing and then write a long article about what they did. Some of them go on a field trip to the white house, and then write an essay about how the orange man was bad to them.

            Nobody goes out and INVESTIGATES anything any more. Why do a bunch of work on an article for 2 weeks, when you could get 10x the clicks by recycling 100 twitter threads in the same timeframe.

            This is why Models scared our leaders into lockdown- Nobody wanted to call hospitals or get real data on what was happening. So they wrote a book report on the first thing that some asshole with Excel posted on the internet.

          2. It took me about 15 seconds to search that up. Every news network is running with this story. Yet nobody could be bothered to do a simple google search?

            Well, then they might have figured out that it was a big nothing-burger of a story and that's no way to keep people in a constant state of fear and panic.

      2. So... just like covid

  62. About the dust-up, Harris "laughed and said, 'that's politics.' She had no remorse," former Sen. Chris Dodd (and a member of Biden's vice presidential search team) told Politico.

    I'm glad to hear Democrats admit that accusations of racism aren't true and are just dirty politics.

  63. Trump defends hydroxychloroquine in press briefing after Twitter deletes video

    The Con Man hawking his snake oil again.

    1. What did the FBI send you some fake child porn in one of their honey traps?

  64. The feds are conditioning protesters' release from jail on them not attending any more protests.

    There's nothing more tyrannical, more terrifying, more oppressive than a dictatorial regime asking for a pinky promise before releasing you from the gulag.

    1. That is probably the most reasonable term ever put on bail. Since reason thinks looting and rioting is a civil right, they are shocked and angry about it.

  65. Why is Donald Trump Jr amplifying a quack who believes in 'demon sperm'?

    Enter Dr Stella Immanuel. A Houston-based pediatrician and pastor of a church called Fire Power Ministries, Immanuel made internet history on Monday after she spoke on the steps of the US supreme court with a group of rightwing physicians who refer to themselves as America’s Frontline Doctors. (The group is supported by the conservative Tea Party Patriots.) In comments that were live-streamed by the far-right Breitbart News, Immanuel brashly stated that “Covid has a cure” in hydroxychloroquine, a claim that has been roundly rejected by the medical establishment. She also said that, with hydroxychloroquine, she can “stop Covid in its tracks in 30 days”. Then she invited the world to look her up.

    Trump likes his crazy-ass psycho types.

    1. Thank you for telling us all about "demon sperm".

      Everything I know about Biden's Green New Deal, the Democrats' support for that and Medicare for All, and President Trump's foreign policy seems unimportant now.

      Because "demon sperm".

      1. Biden rejected Bernie's Medicare For All and AOC's Green New Deal. That is why he won.

        I know that you wingnuts want to attach Biden to Bernie but it won't work.

        1. Bernie attached himself to Biden.

          1. In the past, I've given dogs pills to prevent that from happening.

        2. Biden embraced his own Green New Deal, and the chances of him vetoing Medicare for All are practically nil.

          But that doesn't really matter. What really matters is "demon sperm".

    2. I saw Demon Sperm perform when I was in college.

    3. This is actually an important point.

      Trump pointed to a handful of scientists who have said or published things that support his earlier position on the malaria drug - this coming in the aftermath of news that the study showing that it caused heart attacks was flawed or fraudulent.

      That's all. I can guarantee that he didn't vet their credentials, look into all of their past relationships, none of it.

      But for this one topic, suddenly the press and the left believe that saying "I agree with that" is the same thing as endorsing everything a person has ever said.

      Now, they don't do this with eugenicists from their pantheon of great progressive heroes. Heck, they don't even do it with people who spout openly racist stuff as long as they agree with them on progressive issues.

      They run this playbook all the time. They even go so far as "Richard Spencer said he supports clean water... Sarah Palin's Buttplug supports clean water! Therefore, Sarah Palin's Buttplug is a white supremacist like Richard Spencer!"

  66. If y'all want a laugh, I believe this is Berthoud, Colorado. Either way, Antifa showed up to protest a Back The Blue demonstration, and no one was having it.

      1. yep, I saw a different vid last month of the irish demonstrating against the pedos... and guess who showed up to counterprotest? Anti-fuckin-fa. The cops had to step in to protect the soy boys from being lynched, there were some absolutely ripped sons of Eire ready to throw down. It's funny, considering how many antifa folks in the US either are registered sex offenders or show vocal support for pedos. The face of the democrat party, ladies and gents

        1. Was that in front of the BBC building which has the child rape statue on it?

        2. Yeah, considering how many of the Antifas getting arrested lately seem to have some kind of child porn or sexual predator charges on their record, it wouldn't surprise me that they showed up to support pedos.

        3. Anti-fuckin-fa?


          I can’t decide.

  67. You know what's cool about the internet? It never forgets. Remember back in January when Drumpf suggested Bloomberg was 'fooling' the Democrats by promising them an endless stream of money and would renege if he got nominated? And remember how the media said Drumpf was just 'scared of Bloomberg'?

    Today on NPR:

    Bloomberg Vowed To Spend Whatever It Takes To Beat Trump. Democrats Are Still Waiting

    1. You don't get to be that rich by betting on losing horses.

  68. I wonder what his campaign team is thinking - *if* Harris is a serious contender*.

    They say her national performance, right? Her brand of 'lawn order' didn't play well to a Democratic party that chose Biden as the safe pick.

    And she's not popular *at all* with the Republican side of the house. I don't see that she brings anything to the house. Gabbard seems to be way more popular - bringing in a third place showing to Biden and would seem non-offensive to the sorts of Americans that voted for Trump.

    Of course - she's white and hasn't faced the racism Harris has - who's life as the daughter of a doctor and an economist must have been total upper-middle class Hell.

    1. I wonder what his campaign team is thinking – *if* Harris is a serious contender*.

      You wonder what his campaign team is thinking showing up for work every day at the Biden Campaign.

      How many times does the dude have to stagger off stage before they ask themselves, "Biden is a serious contender?"

    2. I mean, if you think rationally about it, Warren wouldn't have been a terrible candidate. She can string a sentence together, is oriented to time and place and had a vagina. Sure, she scored one of the most massive own-goals in modern political history with her genetic ancestry test, but people forget that kind of stuff. Sure, her committed opposition won't, but she's not trying to win them over. She's trying to win over her own base and the wobbly middle that hasn't made up their minds.

      1. Unfortunately, people vote for president based on "gut instinct" reasons much more than policy statements.

        She's about as compelling as a suburban public library branch. It doesn't really matter what books they have, nobody is hanging out there who doesn't have to.

        She has a similar problem to Ted Cruz on the Republican side. He's just not all that likable either.

        The dems had a couple of people who had the "it" factor, but none of them really had a chance. Biden has always been a good politician, but he's at least a decade past his sell-by date. Tulsi was the most compelling of the bunch, and she never even got a look. Booker is pretty good as far as charisma goes, but also has some negatives in his personality.

        Harris is at least formidable. She lets her inner "inhuman monster" leak out too much for her to be a serious contender, but if she had any ability to keep her contempt for humanity concealed, she'd be a sure winner. She's smart, telegenic, tough as nails.. she's got everything except for the warm and fuzzies. As Bill Clinton demonstrated, being likable goes a long way.

        1. She’s about as compelling as a suburban public library branch. It doesn’t really matter what books they have, nobody is hanging out there who doesn’t have to.

          I agree, but we're not comparing her to Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan, we're comparing her to... Biden.

          1. Well, in reality I think we are comparing her to Mike Pence....


            Point taken.

            1. True, but I was talking not about a VP candidate, but an actual presidential candidate. That the DNC chose Biden over Warren is... strange.

              1. Biden could get minorities and blue collar whites to vote for him. Warren likely couldn't. Simple as that.

                You have to appear affable to get the nomination. Warren likely isn't affable with her own children. Nobody wants to take orders from the humorless bitch of a combination college professor and head of the neighborhood HOA vibe that Warren gives off.

      2. Warren is slightly more liked outside the Bernie Bro circles than Clinton is.

        The whole campaign would end up as Alzheimers Joe and Fauxahontus'. They could do an 'The Outlaw Josey Wales' skit where each takes a turn playing Lone Watie.

    3. Gabbard should be everything the Democratic party wants.

      Woman - check
      Minority - check
      Veteran - check
      Isn't literally senile - check
      Has appeal to "undecided" voters - check
      Young/hot enough to not be viewed as mother in law - check

      She'd actually be a solid choice if they hadn't actively torpedoed her. I guess advocating for not bombing all of our problems away is a deal breaker.

      1. Well of course but she's a Russian mole. At least that's what the Democrats told me.

        1. That really should've gotten them in more trouble than it did. She's a sitting Congresswoman and still active in the National Guard, and they accused her of treason and published it as widely as they could.

          Given her position if they actually thought that she was a Russian asset there should be some very serious investigations happening.

          1. Yeah, I don't get it at all. She's got a very high likability index. Even when I disagreed with her, I enjoyed hearing her talk about her views and my overall impression was a positive one. She was a really strong candidate. I thought she'd be able to stand next to Trump on stage and come out way ahead. Unlike Biden, who needs to avoid that at all costs.

            1. Right, I listened to her on Rogan's podcast (she was on there with Jocko Willink who is also good to listen to), and she was by far the most likeable Democrat I've heard speak in a long time.

              And I agree she'd have been the most capable of the bunch at dealing with Trump, I also think he couldn't be as vicious with her as he is with other people. She hasn't been in Congress long enough to have a huge record to attack (I guess that lack of record is a vulnerability), and going after her for anything she did prior to Congress would go over like a lead balloon.

              1. “Lack of record” was not a vulnerability in 08.

  69. Louis Gohmert, dumbest man in Congress, now has COVID after refusing to mask up.

    1. And how many thousands have it and wore masks?

    2. Because nobody with a mask ever got it.

    3. At least he's smart enough to not post kiddie porn links.

    4. If he dies from it, you get a point, if he doesn't die from it, you lose 10.

      1. I think we should let the “official judge” determine that scoring.

        1. Xe is tough, but fair.

  70. If it’s Kamala or Warren as VP, the chance I will vote dem go from 1% to zero.

    1. If Kamala is the VP, the chance I vote for Trump goes from 10% to 100%.

  71. An excellent compilation showing exactly how you do grandstanding.

    1. I saw the highlights. They didn't want his testimony, just a struggle session. Absolutely despicable.

      1. Barr should have peed on Nadler's desk. Lyndon Johnson would have

  72. She's not a natural born citizen.

  73. O/T - Do we really have to do things like this right now? We've all seen sci-fi movies. We know how it turns out.

    Scientists revive microbes from 100 million years ago

    1. The Thing was highly underrated.

      1. ?

        Its considered a classic of not only sci-fi but of cinema in general.

        1. now. John Carpenter almost didn't have a career because it was so heavily panned.

  74. The most sensible choice, as far as I can tell, would be Tammy Duckworth.

    Black Democrats might be pissed off that Biden settled on an Asian American, but hey, that voting bloc primarily hails from urban districts, which always go Democrat, or the Deep South, which always goes Republican and is prized by Dems only during primary season. Duckworth checks the female, ethnic minority, veteran, and disabled boxes, which should mollify a progressive wing concerned that her voting record isn't leftist enough.

    1. This makes sense but Democrats aren't rational about this kind of thing. An Asian woman didn't experience the discrimination a Black woman would've, which makes her unqualified to lead since the most important thing right now is racial justice. Only Black Democrats know how to solve the problems with Black America, which is why Detroit and Baltimore are such shining beacons of racial equity and prosperity.

      1. Only Black Democrats know how to solve the problems with Black America, which is why Detroit and Baltimore are such shining beacons of racial equity and prosperity.

        Good one.

        1. To be fair they don't seem to be rioting.

      2. The actual candidate for president is an old white man.

        1. At least he does not want to defund the police.

  75. *Looks up*

    Oh hey, another Shikha article with a click-bait title that I will refuse to click on. Keep on trolling, Sheek.

  76. Paints someone as racist. "That's politics".

    Kamala Harris is a prime example of someone that should not have political power. On this quote alone. Not to mention her horrid track record.

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  78. Warren is currently the top choice of most Democratic constituencies, including black voters. May be name recognition, but that's not nothing.

    Harris has good days and bad days as a politician, and she seems to be ambitious more than dutiful, but that remains to be seen. Maybe ambition is part of what you get when you're picking someone who might for real have to take over. I still think she'd be a risky choice because of her relative newness to the national stage and because I don't see her being terribly chummy with Biden.

    I was for Warren because I'm a fanboy, but I'm leaning to Rice after reading some arguments in her favor. She is better experienced than anyone on foreign policy and so could be the most plausible president of anyone on the list. Her negatives are that she's not a politician (though being a black woman is going to rub many Americans the wrong way no matter how good she is on the stump), and the fucking dumbass Benghazi thing, which no serious voter actually wants to rehash, so it's not something to worry about.

    1. No one here care what the fuck you aspire to 'think' "fan boy"

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  80. Let us remember these words from Kamala Harris.

    d restrictions on the ability to carry concealed guns.

    In the Feb. 13 decision, the court asserted that San Diego County violated the Second Amendment by requiring people to show "good cause" beyond a mere desire to carry a hidden firearm when applying for a concealed-carry weapons permit.

    Is this the same local law enforcement slaughtering black people in the streets?

  81. Black Democrats might be pissed off that Biden settled on an Asian American, but hey, that voting bloc primarily hails from urban districts, which always go Democrat, or the Deep South, which always goes Republican and is prized by Dems only during primary season. Duckworth checks the female, ethnic minority, veteran, and disabled boxes, which should mollify a progressive wing concerned that her voting record isn’t leftist enough.Jio Customer Care

  82. Black Democrats might be pissed off that Biden settled on an Asian American, but hey, that voting bloc primarily hails from urban districts, which always go Democrat, or the Deep South, which always goes Republican and is prized by Dems only during primary season. Duckworth checks the female, ethnic minority, veteran, and disabled boxes, which should mollify a progressive wing concerned that her voting record isn’t leftist enoughBhaichara Status

  83. Black Democrats might be pissed off that Biden settled on an Asian American, but hey, that voting bloc primarily hails from urban districts, which always go Democrat, or the Deep South, which always goes Republican and is prized by Dems only during primary season. Duckworth checks the female, ethnic minority, veteran, and disabled boxes, which should mollify a progressive wing concerned that her voting record isn’t leftist enougYoutube Thumbnail Downloader

  84. Bhaichara StatusBlack Democrats might be pissed off that Biden settled on an Asian American, but hey, that voting bloc primarily hails from urban districts, which always go Democrat, or the Deep South, which always goes Republican and is

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