Election 2020

Democrats Wimp Out on Federal Marijuana Legalization. Thanks, Joe Biden!

The party rejects a position shared by two-thirds of the country (but not its presidential nominee).


It's 2020 and the leadership of the Democratic Party still cannot get it together on marijuana legalization, which two-thirds of Americans support.

According to Pew polling data, support for full legalization crossed the 50 percent threshold back in 2010 and has been growing ever since. Much like support for gay marriage recognition, this seems to be a permanent cultural shift in attitudes.

But unlike the Democratic Party's embrace of gay marriage, its leadership cannot seem to line up behind marijuana legalization, even as the Black Lives Matter and criminal justice reform movements highlight precisely how the drug war has led to the overpolicing and harassment of black communities.

Marijuana Moment reports that on Monday the Democratic National Committee rejected an amendment to put a plank supporting marijuana legalization into the party's platform. The final vote against, 50-106, is almost a perfect inversion of the two-thirds of the public who want legalization.

Instead, Marijuana Moment reports, the platform will retain language that Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden hammered out with a criminal justice task force that included Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I–Vt.) supporters. It stops short of marijuana legalization but does call for federal reforms:

"Democrats will decriminalize marijuana use and reschedule it through executive action on the federal level. We will support legalization of medical marijuana, and believe states should be able to make their own decisions about recreational use. The Justice Department should not launch federal prosecutions of conduct that is legal at the state level. All past criminal convictions for cannabis use should be automatically expunged."

It's nice that the Democrats say that the Justice Department "should not launch federal prosecutions," but that's fundamentally meaningless as a policy proposal. Remember all the screaming that President Donald Trump has too much influence over a Justice Department some believe should be operating independently? Shifting marijuana so that it's in a less restrictive schedule in the Controlled Substances Act will still give the Justice Department plenty of reasons to go after marijuana users and dealers should they choose to.

And while the Justice Department isn't a huge driver of marijuana arrests and prosecutions these days, it does still happen, particularly when people are caught trying to transport marijuana across state lines from states where it has been legalized to states where it has not been. Just in June, for example, the Drug Enforcement Administration filed federal charges against an attorney they caught allegedly conspiring to fly cannabis oil across the country from California in a private Learjet for sale elsewhere. The man now faces a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison if convicted.

On the state and local level, marijuana offenses still account for 40 percent of drug-related arrests. And the vast majority of those arrests (more than 90 percent) are for possession, not manufacture or sale.

These aren't small numbers, but Biden, after all these years, is still resistant to full marijuana legalization. He brags about being a leader in publicly embracing gay marriage, reversing his old position against it and embracing it in 2012—even before President Barack Obama would publicly do so.

But with marijuana, Biden's historical support of harsh criminal justice tactics has weakened but not faded. And it appears that the Democratic leadership is unwilling to force Biden to accept the reality that Americans would strongly prefer marijuana to be fully legalized, not just decriminalized. While decriminalization is an improvement, it leaves in place mechanisms for unequal enforcement, and research shows that black people are more likely to still be arrested or punished for marijuana possession than white people in states where marijuana has only been decriminalized. And overall, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, marijuana arrest rates in states where the drug has been decriminalized are about eight times higher than in states where it has been fully legalized.

The federalist component of the platform is laudable from a libertarian perspective, if for no reason other than continued state-level legalization shows that the world isn't ending in states that have given the citizenry permission to toke up. Their successes should make other states less afraid to follow suit. It's not unlike how state-level recognition of gay marriage showed that it was ultimately not a big deal and as the public saw more of these relationships and families, resistance largely crumbled away.

Nevertheless, it's absurd for the Democratic Party to want to use the current activism for criminal justice and police reform as a contrast to Trump's cheerleading for crackdowns, but they can't even force Biden to accept the simplest and most popular of drug war reforms that will—in very profound and important ways—reduce overpolicing of black communities.

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  1. what on earth would ever make you think Federal (D) wants legal green?

    1. Exactly. If the drug war went away, half the cops in the nation would have nothing to do but patrol neighborhoods, respond to emergency calls, or help organize neighborhood picnics. Can’t have that. Hell, you don’t even need to wear a gun to do those things.

      1. Reasonistas keep pretending that the GOP hates weed and the Dems are all for partaking, which doesn’t seem grounded in reality.
        Just watch Mitch McConnell frolic in a field of cannabis.

        1. Not clicking that. Tortoises can’t frolick.

          1. Boooooooooooooooo

            1. Yes, your Klan hood condom does look like a little tiny ghost, now put your pants back on.

              1. .47/10

                1. probably just me but “performative outrage” makes me lol every day in a row

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          2. Until you’ve seen the turtle picking big, sticky buds in a field of weed, you never know the definition of frolic.

        2. Most republicans don’t care about pot, and have little issue with legalizing it.

        3. I have been an activist for legalization since 1989. While no party gets perfect scores on the issue, the GOP is more Neanderthal on the topic, without any real doubt.

    2. There’s too much money in it, a wise lady once said.

      1. The Feds have a hidden tax incentive to keep pot illegal, and it is HUGE. Lots of folks don’t know about it…

        The Surprising Reason the U.S. May Be Reluctant to Legalize Marijuana
        It’s all about the green. No, the other green.

        1. There is a simple explanation, which has been there since Day One: Deliberate Ignorance. That, in addition to a desire to punish anyone they think is violating social rules (having more fun than they are), is all the explanation needed. If bigotry turns out to be profitable, so much the better.

          You can prove that money is not the real issue. Just ask them. Lots of them will tell you flat out that they would rather have the pleasure of punishing people, even if it costs more in tax dollars and produces worse results.

    3. Certainly not with a big famous drug warrior as their candidate! I mean, who in their right mind thought Biden would get soft on the drug war after being a huge force for escalation for 30 years in congress?

      Biden says ‘if you don’t vote for me you aint’ black’. I say if you’re black and vote for Biden you’re insane.

      1. right. Mr. Three Strikes is now Ganja Joe somehow.

      2. I have been a legalization activist for thirty years. Biden doesn’t win awards on this topic but he is still better than Trump. I am quite sure that, if I could get an hour with Biden or his top staff, things would change. Trump couldn’t sit still long enough for the explanation.

        That’s the big difference.

        1. In what way is Biden better than Trump on drug legalization? He was in the white house with a proud marijuana user in the big chair, and they did nothing. In fact, their justice department sometimes aggressively prosecuted state licensed producers.

          If the past is prologue, all you need to do is send in a hot pop starlette to talk to him and he’ll do something on legalization.

    4. I grow my own weed. It’s an easy plant to manage and just like my tomatoes it’s fun to grow. I am seventy two years old and I have been smoking weed most of my life. I couldn’t give a shit if it’s legal or not.

  2. I had hoped Trump would push legalization. I think it was one of the unemphasized reasons that he got along so poorly with Sessions. I am not surprised but disappointed that Biden has no balls.

    1. I cannot imagine what would happen if Trump descheduled cannabis ahead of November. Heads would explode. People would be backed into uncomfortable corners.

      1. “The Russians are trying to get Americans high!”

      2. He should do it.The Dems couldn’t stop themselves from screaming, muh treaties! If they win that will be the excuse for not rescheduling too.

      3. He’d win 45 states.

        1. Even promising to deschedule Marijuana and derivatives—which should be solely within his power—would be a gigantic Godsend. “Vote for me, and I’ll make it that, federally, getting weed anywhere just takes a doctor’s prescription.”

          I don’t think he’d need Congress for an EO like that.

        2. Not even close. I guess you haven’t actually talked to any of the people working on this topic.

      4. Pot smokers would celebrate and it wouldn’t make much difference, otherwise. For one thing, there is no reason to vote for a legalizer if it is already legalized.

    2. Why would Trump push for legalization? What does that do for his fragile man-baby ego?

      1. .015/10

        1. How would it own the libs to give them what they want? By that logic, he should come out as an anti-racist. That would show them.

          1. Hard for him to do that, when the Democrats define “racist” as, “Not a Democrat”.

          2. The jury is still out on whether or not they collectively actually want it. Certainly Democrat leaders recognize they benefit from prohibition with the extra opportunities it gives law enforcement to interact with the public, and with the fees and fines that prohibition provides for the coffers, and the business it gives to connected treatment facilities and prison interests. But mostly it would be a juke to the left of their presumptive candidate.

            1. Good on you. Pretty much that.

        2. It is always funny when this fourth grader routine about “owning the libs” comes up.

  3. Hey all of ye Reasonoid readers! Do NOT bother to read this article! Do NOT bother to read (or read about) ANY links, facts, or logic contained in this article and video! Do NOT bother to trouble your pretty little heads about silly factual details gathered by useless Reason-writer eggheads!

    Because I, the SMARTEST ONE, can “summarize” it ALL for you! Here it is, above article summarized: “Senile Mackerel Snapper Bad”!

    (/Sarc, revenge for moronic “summaries” about “Orange Man Bad”)

    1. .00000001/10

      1. I have a question. Does your scale go into negative territory? -10/10? Or is it strictly 0-10.

        Because giving Hihn a -10 would be kinda funny.

    2. Take your meds Tim. You’re not enchanting when you’re like this [manic].

      1. LOL, this one is actually funny!

  4. They also elected not to include Medicare for All in their official platform–but I wouldn’t worry about that either. The Democrats want both legal marijuana and Medicare for All. They just don’t want to campaign on those issues officially.

    1. The federal bureaucracy, especially State, HHS and DEA don’t want legal marijuana. I’d wager the DEA would offer the least resistance of the three.

      1. I suspect it’s more about the police unions in places like New York City, New Jersey, and elsewhere.

        The reason those cities still don’t have recreational marijuana isn’t because the Republicans are in the way. It’s because of the law enforcement unions. Democrats can’t get recreational marijuana in those places, even when the Democrats are running things.

        I can’t think of any states where the Democrat controlled legislature passed legislation to make recreational marijuana legal. The only reason they were able to do it in places like California, Washington State, etc. is because it was passed by referendum.

        The only hope for places where the police unions is that the marijuana growers, workers, etc. are represented by the same umbrella union that represents the law enforcement unions.

        1. Point being, Biden is still concerned about the law enforcement union support all over the country, and he’d rather not go against them. It’s the same reason he came out against defunding the police. Reform? Okay. Defund, what are you, crazy?!

          1. reform right into the Biden estate of course …

    2. I wish you would explain that to some leftist activists who get so distraught about the platform that they forget to vote for a governing majority to exist to accomplish anything on it.

  5. Why would anyone expect the democratic platform to support any policy based on individual choice?

    1. Or state by state choices.

      1. Even when they talked a lot about “states’ rights,” they had all sorts of exceptions to this principle, like enforcing racism.

        Now they say states’ rights is racist except when *they* do it.

  6. “It’s 2020 and the leadership of the Democratic Party still cannot get it together on marijuana legalization, which two-thirds of Americans support.”

    They keep using that word “democracy.” I don’t think it means what they think it means.

  7. It’s just a matter of time. Once we have realistic presidential candidates who were born in the 70s it will all change.

    1. As opposed to in their 70s. Or 80s.

    2. Ivanka 2024!

      1. It will be her turn!

  8. I think there’s a danger, here, of faulting the Democrats for being insufficiently elitist, too. The party platform is about winning votes from undecided voters. It’s a game plan.

    If the swing voters of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin aren’t on board with recreational marijuana yet, I’m not sure it’s the job of the Democratic party to campaign on inflicting something on them over their objections and against their will.

    It isn’t that I don’t support the legalization of recreational marijuana, but I don’t see elitism as a wining issue in the industrial heartland, and I don’t fault the Democrats for being insufficiently elitist. Elitists in the Democratic party are shitheads to the extent that they argue for coercive measure specifically because average people don’t want them.

    1. Weed is now elitist, I thought coke was the drug of the elite? Just being a bit pedantic but I’d say it is more a coastal urban policy preference. There are “elites” in rural America with their own form of rural elitism.

      I agree though that it is a calculated choice like Obama being against gay marriage before he was for it.

      1. Welll.. harris did laugh about her own weed use after locking up many for their use.

        1. That makes her a monstrous hypocritical cunt; elitism may or may not apply. **thinks on it for a second** Yeah she is an elitist monstrous hypocritical cunt.

        2. listened to Snoop years before the rest of us too. pioneer.

    2. I have been working as an active on this issue since 1989. I really don’t get this “elitist” thing with regard to marijuana. What does that even mean?

      1. peeps pool thousands to rent private plane to fly to legal state and fly back w/as much as is purchasable simply for their own stash … if that’s not privilege it doesn’t exist.

        1. Uuuuuh, sure they do. Because that’s obviously the cheapest and easiest way to get good weed anywhere.

          Where do you get these stories?

      2. Elitists, as everyone’s betters, absolutely know what is better for everyone else and do not care what the masses have to say when it does not align with their superior determinations and agendas.

        An elitist’s use of marijuana does not equate with a commoner’s use.

        1. I was looking for a definition of “elitist”, thanks. For example, if I saw a dog, a can of beans, and an elitist on a street corner, how would I tell which one is the “elitist?”

      3. “I have been working as an active on this issue since 1989. I really don’t get this “elitist” thing with regard to marijuana. What does that even mean?”

        I thought I made that clear.

        Elitism is when politicians and bureaucrats inflict their will on the American people over their objections and against their will–and it’s especially apparent when it’s practiced by progressives, who are all about inflicting policies on the American people specifically because they don’t want them.

        I’m as in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana as the next libertarian. I’m not an elitist, and I’m not about to stand by idly while progressives turn marijuana legalization into just one more issue that (according to them) needs to be inflicted on people who don’t want it specifically because they don’t want it.

        The progressives push immigration reform–over the objections of average Americans and without the input of their representatives in Congress as required by the Constitution. Progressives push gun control–because so many people don’t want it. Progressives push climate change “treaties” like the Paris Accord–specifically because people don’t want it. In fact, the whole point of progressivism is to use the coercive power of government to inflict their will on people who don’t want it for the supposed benefit of people they like.

        Populism in all its forms, from left to right, is always, always, always a reaction to elitism.


        If you want to see marijuana legalization take a step backwards, see what happens when the Democrats turn marijuana legalization into an elitist cause. You’ll see a populist reaction materialize against it where all the momentum was for legalization before. They’ll react to legalization like they react to lock-downs, gun control, or bans on large sugary soft drinks. The point of legalization isn’t to use the coercive power of the state to inflict our libertarian will on an unwilling population. It’s to persuade our fellow Americans to want legalization.

        Again, in every state I can think of where recreational marijuana has been legalized, it’s been legalized through referendums–where the voters inflicted their will on the politicians, who wouldn’t have voted to legalize marijuana and consistently refused to do so. California, Oregon, Washington state . . . The reason New York state doesn’t have legalized recreational marijuana isn’t because the government is controlled by the Republicans. It’s because they don’t have a referendum process. And the reason it doesn’t work without a referendum process is because the referendum process is easiest way to override the objections of progressive elitists.

        When legalization becomes a progressive issue for elitists, people will turn against it like they never did before.

        I had a Muslim girlfriend. She grew up in the Middle East. She was so glad not to have to cover anymore when her family moved to Europe. She never thought she’d want to cover again . . . right up until the moment the French government told her she wasn’t allowed to cover. Suddenly she wanted to cover again. Isn’t it funny how that works? The momentum for legalization will continue so long as it remains an issue of persuasion rather something progressives want to inflict on people whether they want it or not.

        1. Lefties are liars. Marijuana is not legal by any sense of the word.

          Democrats made weed illegal almost a century ago and are only deregulating it to buy votes from idiot white weed smokers.

          1. Prove you really have no clue at all about the subject in 25 words or less. You have the good proof here, but you just need to trim a few words.

        2. So “elitist” is a general rant against any vague person I think I don’t like because I think they might have some power over me. And then lots and lots of words which don’t offer much more.

          “If you want to see marijuana legalization take a step backwards, see what happens when the Democrats turn marijuana legalization into an elitist cause. ”

          Like I said, I have been working on this cause for thirty years. I have been talking with the leaders of the major reform organizations on a daily basis for most of that time.

          What I see in your response is someone who doesn’t really have any clue about how we got this far, and really likes the notion that there is some evil conspiracy afoot. Yes, there is an evil conspiracy, but not the one you thought. Take it from someone who has studied it for thirty years.

    3. “I’m not sure it’s the job of the Democratic party to campaign on inflicting something on them over their objections and against their will.”

      They seem to think it is

    4. Recreational is legal in Michigan

      1. Are the Michiganders who don’t like that fact still allowed to vote in presidential elections anyway?

  9. Meet the new boss same as the old boss

  10. A ‘perfect storm’ of opposition prevents marijuana from being fully legalized. First law enforcement agencies, federal state and local surely view it as a job killer. Then you’ve got social conservatives who think getting high is wrong.
    And finally, waiting in the wings are the liberal nanny-staters who would certainly worry about the health effects of legalization, should it ever happen.

    1. We figured out how to deal with all of that long ago, thanks. Yes, those are problems, but not at all insurmountable. In fact, they are nothing compared to what we have already done.

  11. The sound of the libertarian heart breaking. Maybe he’s not open borders and pro hooker either kids.

  12. Decriminalization is a good start. Progress not perfection.

    Still Shillin’ for Jill 2020

  13. So how would the feds ceasing to regulate marijuana affect the States’ ability to regulate it?

    If they’re after a federalist approach here, there’s still no reason to keep it illegal at all at the federal level. Just stop regulating it altogether and the result will be the States figuring it out on their own.

    1. Yep. Ken above says they shouldn’t impose it on the states, but I don’t see any reason why that would be the case. “It’s up to the states” should be the correct Constitutional position.

  14. This is too bad. I think that it is time for legalization. I think Democrats are taking the safe bet here. As the polling stands now Biden is leading and Senate leadership is in play, I think making any bold move is unlikely. Biden strength is not change it a rerun to normalcy, change will have to come later.

  15. Back in the late 90’s, when I finally admitted to myself that the LP had become an exercise in futility, I decided to go to one of the major parties, rather than just drop out of politics. So I looked closely at both of them.

    The Republican party often takes anti-liberty positions, and they’re not really all that hot on carrying through on their pro-liberty positions. But they’re pretty good on economic liberty, and if you’re poor you’re screwed.

    Meanwhile, where the Democrats take pro-liberty positions, they almost never act on them, and they’re increasingly determined to implement their anti-liberty views. Which includes hostility to economic liberties, freedom of speech, the right to keep and bear arms. Basically, they want you poor, gagged, and defenseless.

    If your sexual interests are very unconventional, I can see why you might like the Democrats. Otherwise, the Republicans are the better choice.

    1. I have a real problem with the Rs worship of blithering idiots like Trump. Cults are a deal breaker for me. Anything is better than lining up for drinks in Jonestown with all those folks.

      1. 1/10

        1. I see our judge of performative outrage doesn’t think right-wing outrage qualifies. Which, of course, is an act of performative outrage in and of itself.

          1. .000001/10

            1. Hey now – eunuch was trying really, really hard to sound smart.
              If you’re not gonna give him pity points, what’s left in life for him to hope for?

        2. Trump’s doctors asked him if he could identify an elephant and name the city he was in. Why do doctors do that with their patients?

      2. Funny; I thought it was common knowledge that the D’s were more gangster-member affiliate loyal than the Rs. Believe there’s even a consensus on it.

        1. Which planet would that be?

      3. And yet, Alexandria OC gets tons of free air time despite not only being a blithering idiot, but also a young socialist blithering idiot and everyone seems to think she makes sense.

        We essentially have a party of endless revolution in (D), and a party of moderates in (R). Conservatives aren’t even at the party anymore, and Libertarians never showed up.

        1. You do well to listen to AOC sometime. You may not agree with her but you would see that she is quite intelligent and has a future.

          1. Quite intelligent? Unemployment was down because everyone is working two jobs is quite intelligent? If you think that it explains a lot about your posts.

            1. I have no idea what you are talking about? My comment was that AOC is an intelligent, well spoken women with a political future.

              1. That is a quote from your well spoken, intelligent female when she tried to explain why unemployment was down last year and we were at near full employment. She was saying that the number of unemployed workers didn’t actually decrease but that those working just were working two jobs and that is why unemployment dropped. She then doubled down when someone explained how unemployment is actually calculated.

      4. Only people on the left think anybody worships Trump. That’s because the idea that people might rationally decide to support an imperfect candidate who isn’t a left-winger is just unthinkable on the left.

        We appreciate that he doesn’t cave under the first hint of pressure, or just toss aside everything he ran on the moment he is past the election, as ‘normal’ Republican Presidents tend to do. At the same time, his braggadocio is rather embarrassing, his morals aren’t all that impressive, (Though not an outlier among politicians.) and we could do with a lot less tweeting and drama.

        But I’d rather be embarrassed by somebody who fights for me, than be betrayed by somebody who does it in a cultured way. That’s not worship, that’s just a rational choice.

        1. Read my lips: no new taxes. Uh-huh, sure Republicans. Sure.

          Or his anointed son and Medicare part D. Remind me again how that’s doing?

          Or Romney (admittedly not elected) being a total racist one day and the next being a hero. I note the ‘hero’ part came after siding with Democrats.

          It may not be obvious, but I’m agreeing with you here.

        2. I would expand that to only people on the left, the center, libertarians and conservatives think anybody worships Trump. Clearly the Trump followers don’t believe this about themselves. They have a child’s faith in Trump just as Linus has in “The Great Pumpkin”.

          1. Thank you for proving his point. Now run along back to read your holy book, Vox.

        3. I like the guy.

          He fights, and he’s goofy as hell

          1. exactly. T is people.

        4. >>Only people on the left think anybody worships Trump.

          this. plus all that stuff above about choosing (R) > (D)

        5. Trump is not fighting for you. He’s not fighting for anything but his next fix of media attention. How can you possibly not see that?

          1. You know what really stings…

            Compare and contrast the clownish Trump as president with the staid and professional Obama as president.

            If you simply look at accomplishments – both for good and for evil, it is really hard to come to the conclusion that Obama was a better president. Of course, your personal priorities are decisive in this question – but you’ve got war, following constitutional law on war, criminal justice reform, medical insurance reform, immigration reforms…. Obama at least arguably made every one of those things objectively worse, and Trump at least didn’t make most of them worse, and did significantly improve some of them.

            There are tons of other objects for comparison… but most of them look pretty bad for Obama, outside of “jeez, this guy!”. I mean, Trump really takes the title on “jeez, this guy!”. I can’t think of anyone who comes close.

        6. “Only people on the left think anybody worships Trump.”

          Rick Perry, Mitch McC, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, Trump’s own “pastor” (in quotes because he never goes to church), and a long list of others have referred to Trump as The Chosen One and said that he was sent by God to save America.

          Every human lies from time to time. Just ask Trumpers to name any time that Trump has ever lied. You will get every lame dodge in the world, which will find end in the statement of “I don’t care if Trump lies, or what crimes he might commit.”

          Ask me how I know. I will tell you about the thousand or so examples I personally have witnessed.

          Now tell me how many times Trump lies and name a few of your favorites.

  16. I hear that CBD oil cures Covid.

  17. https://www.kxan.com/news/education/ymca-offers-virtual-learning-support-to-families-inside-austin-isd-buildings/

    Step 1: Close schools and make “virtual learning” mandatory.

    Step 2: Rent out school buildings to the YMCA.

    Step 3: Let the YMCA charge you $195 per week to watch your kids while they do “virtual learning” in the same school building.

  18. Senile Joe Biden claimed Republicans wanted to put black people back in chains and it looks like Joe just wants to keep them in chains.

    Joe puts the Dem in Dementia.

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  20. We all know democrats never are in favor of expanding liberty. They have been silent about pot as a party so they don’t drive away the younger voters, but you can bet they will be ready to go full law and order once the soccer mommies start complaining about it.

    1. Several large segments of the Democratic Party have come out in favor of legalization. Just to bring you up to date, circa 2010, or so.

  21. Biden gets an erection dreaming of new crimes suitable for the death penalty. He will not be on board with marijuana legalization anytime soon. Given how close to death he is this will not be changing.

    1. I have persuaded tougher people than him before.

  22. Here’s the thing. With federal legislation comes federal regulation and federal taxation (theft). Plus, every state that has legalized rec or med would have to throw their entire frameworks out the window to comply the the federal apparatus.

    1. Depends on the Federal apparatus and what it does, doesn’t it?

      1. Federal screws up pretty much everything it does

        1. Well, as long as we know the outcome we don’t have to think about anything, do we? I mean, the important thing is finding someone to blame for whatever we think the problem is. A good vague generalization does that.

          Good point.

  23. Where is Jeffy to defend Biden and say the left is better at individual liberties than the right?

    1. Who needs jeffey, unreason tries that bullshit every day.

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    3. Would that be the individual liberty to haul protesters into unmarked vans, specifically?

      1. Oh no unmarked vans and peacefully detained and questioned and released. Oh the horror, the sheer horror. Oh my God, unmarked vans!!!!!!

        1. Yes. It is horror.

          It is horror when unmarked police vehicles are used to scoop people off the street in the dead of night.

          It is horror when the Federal “police” are heavily armed and militarized, wearing camo (FOR WAR) outfits, helmets, tear gas, rifles, etc., and they attack innocent protesters.

          A Police State is horror. You’re just a joke.

          1. Try now without the hyperbole and using actual facts. They were not scooped up in the middle of the night, two people were detained in broad daylight, yes the vehicles were unmarked but the agents were clearly marked as Police, their faces were not covered and they were filmed without any interference by the agents. The two were detained and released. Yes it is troubling but hardly secret police conducting secret arrests and indefinite detention. Dressing for war and militarization is a valid criticism, but hardly unique to the right and the left is no better at this, notice my original post was ridiculing the idea the left was any better than the right in regards to personal liberties, remember Obama actually jailed a person for “violating his parole” because he made a video Obama didn’t like. His DoJ also arrested and prosecuted several reporters and activist. So, no, this is not any indication the left is better than the right. Also, these two were detained and released.

            1. If Obama were still president you would be apoplectic over this, and don’t pretend otherwise.

  24. Scotty still wont admit that the Democrat party is the party of slavery.

    unreason wont even advocate for repeal of the controlled substances act as unconstitutional. Even the prohibitionists knew that they needed a constitutional amendment to ban alcohol.

    1. For fuck’s sake get a new shit-for-brains fake history talking point. These get old you know.

      We haven’t done Woodrow Wilson in a while. Talk about how all Democrats are eugenicists or something. Or make up some new horseshit! Have an imagination.

    2. “Scotty still wont admit that the Democrat party is the party of slavery.”

      I missed the 1960s and all of history since, too. How about you?

      Have you told all the black people you meet? Post video of the results.

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  26. “You want to know what this was really all about?” he asked with the bluntness of a man who, after public disgrace and a stretch in federal prison, had little left to protect. “The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.” – John Ehrlichman

    1. Anyone who wants the complete history, see Historical Research on Drug Policy in the Schaffer Library of Drug Policy. For those who don’t like much reading, see “Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way”, the four hour History Channel special on Youtube or Amazon.

  27. Just convince a few Republicans to go along with it and he’ll have a legislative platform instead of just a an executive one. But of course Republicans are never held accountable for their lack of progressiveness on this issue and many others. They’re expected to be cop-loving hillbillies! Vote for them to run everything!

  28. The Republic is on fire and you’re worried about cannabis legalization. This makes no sense. The focus should be getting Trump out of office and trying to restore the Republic.

    I used to respect this media outlet/magazine. No longer.

    As the Republic burns, you guys have a great day. *headpets*

    1. Folks can walk and chew gum at the same time you know. Not everyone has been completely overtaken with Trump Derangement Syndrome as to ignore other issues of importance.

      And isn’t the incarceration of drug “offenders” one of the big issues with BLM and common sense libertarians?

    2. Some people can work on two projects at once if both are important.

      I can’t figure out how they do it, either.

  29. It’s now the liberals that spew the old tired rhetoric of “but but…the children!”, when talking about pot legalization. It’s the same thing with vaping…”we gotta protect the children!”. Never mind the fact adults addicted to smoking are denied vaping alternatives and will ultimately add to the list of lung cancer casualties.

    It’s these GenX parents that are overly protective of their children that keep common sense legalization off the table.

  30. I think there is a sick mindset within the Democratic Party that still supports the drug war BECAUSE of what it does for black communities. This allows these “caring souls” to be the white knights and point to all the dysfunctional cultural breakdowns of black communities…and deflect blame from their own drug policies and redirect blame to systemic racism, oppressive cops, etc.

    1. I have been working on the topic for thirty years. I see all kinds of crazy ideas. This one is a fairly new wrinkle on nonsense.

      For one thing, you already put more thought into it than the prohibitionists did.

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  32. What did anyone really expect from a tired old man.

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  34. Democrats Wimp Out on Federal Marijuana Legalization. Thanks, Joe Biden!

    “Wimp out” suggests that Democrats were seriously considering it.

    In reality, they have simply been lying all along.

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