Portland Protests

After Failing To Quell Unrest, the Feds Will Depart From Portland

President Trump sent federal agents to squash protests, but the situation has continuously escalated.


Federal agents in Portland, Oregon, who were sent to quell months-long protests in the city, will begin pulling out tomorrow, Gov. Kate Brown (D) announced Wednesday.

The tactical teams, who arrived in Portland in early July following a June 26 executive order from President Donald Trump, were charged with protecting federal property and supporting local police against "rioters, arsonists, and left-wing extremists," but their presence appears to have only emboldened demonstrators who refocused their efforts around protesting the feds.

Demonstrations spread across the country after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, forcing new life into the conversation around police reform. Whether you think protests in Portland—and across the country more generally—were peaceful likely hinged on where you read about them. ABC, for instance, reported Sunday that protesters in California set a courthouse on fire, vandalized a police station, and assaulted police officers after a "peaceful demonstration intensified."

But casting protests as either peaceful or violent is an oversimplification. Nancy Rommelmann provided some nuanced coverage on the subject for Reason:

The fence-rattlers take a break to light some garbage on fire and throw it over the fence.

"Why are you doing this?!" a young woman implores whoever will listen. "You're giving them a reason to shoot at us!"

She and the young man she's with confer. "We've got to try," she tells him.

I ask them what they're trying.

"When they start the fires, we come and try to stop them," the young man says. He both puts out the fires himself and explains to the crowd why the tactic is only going to make things worse.

In short, some protesters were violent, some weren't. The dominant media narrative has largely omitted that distinction, leaving many people outside confused over what exactly was happening on the ground. One thing that is not disputed, however, is that the feds' arrival made the situation much worse.

As Reason's Elizabeth Nolan Brown highlights, agents with the Department of Homeland Security (which oversees the officers deployed by Trump's executive order) aren't trained in crowd control tactics. Rather, they're drilled in how to fight on a battlefield. So perhaps that explains why someone like Donavan LaBella, who was merely standing across the street from federal agents, was pelted with munition and later required facial reconstruction surgery. There was also at least one report of a protester being scooped up and detained in an unmarked van and a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union that details federal officers shooting photographer Mathieu Lewis-Rolland 10 times leaving him with "severe lacerations, welts, and bruises all over his upper body."

"Unfortunately, thanks to the federal government flooding our neighborhoods with billions of dollars of military equipment and property over the years," writes Sen. Rand Paul (R–Ky.), "the line between peace officer and soldier of war has become increasingly blurry."

Before leaving, federal agents will work with Oregon State Police to ensure security at the federal courthouse in Portland, which has been the subject of repeated fireworks attacks from protesters.

NEXT: We Should Name Military Bases After Lynched Black Veterans Who Fought for Freedoms They Were Denied

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  1. We shall see.

    1. It is already fake news. DHS and Trump both said today that their statement on leaving required Portlandia to stop attacking the Courthouse.

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  2. Thank god. Now the morally righteous peaceniks dressed in all black military garb can get back to exercising their rights to roam around at 3am to peacefully break windows, start fires, draw graffiti, block traffic and physically accost any one who stands in their way. You know, for equality.

  3. So, the state admits it could’ve stopped this at any moment. Good to know.

  4. “Portland, which has been the subject of repeated fireworks attacks from protesters.”

    Are Molotov cocktails considered a firework? My 4th of July party next year is going to be off the hook!!!


    1. That merely says they were attacked with fireworks, not that they weren’t also attacked by other means.

      1. Lying by omission.

      2. Looks like Binion got himself a little burner login: Wnoise
        Hey Billy,
        I want the Federal troops out of all of these cities almost as much as I want these ‘peaceful protesters’ to show up on your lawn…
        Maybe I want them both equally tbh

      3. By this logic there’s nothing to be angry about. Floyd was merely detained for a few minutes, move along now.

        The fact that Floyd stopped being detained once he died being omitted is just as irrelevant as the distinction between molotov cocktails & fireworks being used to commit arson against the feds here being omitted. And for the super slow among us, neither of those omissions are minor.

    2. I wonder if Binion would describe Ted and Tina Turner’s relationship as having a few mostly peaceful domestic disputes? I feel like he knows more than he’s letting on…..

      1. Ike and Tina. Damn you lack of an edit button!!!!!!

      2. “Ted and Tina Turner”

        Explains the DV…

      3. His exact description was “marital bliss which later intensified”.

  5. https://twitter.com/DHS_Wolf/status/1288510427807326209

    Acting Secretary Chad Wolf
    As I told the Governor yesterday, federal law enforcement will remain in Portland until the violent activity toward our federal facilities ends. We are not removing any law enforcement while our facilities and law enforcement remain under attack.

    1. In a few days we should know who was lying. Well, could be both of them, I suppose.

  6. some protesters were violent

    Rioters. They’re called RIOTERS.

    1. I think most people understand that some protesters have been peaceful while others have been violent (rioters). The article suggests that the “dominant media narrative has largely omitted that distinction”. I don’t watch TV – but do a fair amount of reading every day and I am confident most people know there are both good and bad actors in almost all the protests. Perhaps it’s more a question of which group is dominating – the peaceful protesters or the rioters. I suspect it’s not hard for a few bad actors to make the situations much worse for everybody else. The Feds may have made the situation in Portland worse, but I won’t be shocked if Portland remains a mess – and sometimes dangerous – for quite a while. Portland’s Mayor and police department don’t seem to know to get their city under reasonable control. More property damage will occur, more trash will accumulate.

      1. ” The Feds may have made the situation in Portland worse”

        I expect that, absent the feds being in Portland, the court building would have long since become a charred ruin. And the actual problem has been not deploying enough forces to actually capture the rioters, rather than merely fend them off. Proportional use of force just keeps fights going, rather than ending them.

        1. And the actual problem has been not deploying enough forces to actually capture the rioters, rather than merely fend them off.

          They have captured and arrested many. But because the local politicians support the rioters they are immediately released without consequence.

          1. My understanding is that the criminals the Feds have arrested are in Fed custory, and can’t be released by local rantacops or even minions sent from Katie Brown.
            My bet is they have been or will be transported to Eastern Oregon and tried there. Same district, so legal. OUT of Portland Metro area.

            1. Perhaps. I didn’t read that criticism as specific to feds [“absent the feds being in Portland”] and thus my comment is about the general ineffectiveness of LE. They can’t be effective with the politicians undermining them, and those politicians want to extend the riots.

      2. In what world are the useful idiots who keep showing up to give cover to rioters “good actors”?

        These “protests” nationwide are a fucking joke that are really about projecting a misanthropic fantasy onto America so a bunch of assholes have an excuse to inflict their bile on innocent strangers.

        1. They have first amendment rights anyway.

          1. Violent rioting is not a 1st Amendment protected right. Peaceably assembling? Yes. Violent rioting? Not at all.

            1. Some people are protesting during the day, and others are vandalizing at night. Nobody’s defending vandalism. Nardz was denying the legitimacy of the protests on the grounds that he doens’t agree with their message.

              1. .025/10

              2. Nobody’s defending vandalism.


                1. Well, I’m not.

                  You, however, are defending escalating violence with federal goons for the sake of a Trump political stunt, are you not?

                  1. You, however, are defending escalating violence with federal goons for the sake of a Trump political stunt, are you not?

                    No, your inability to understand reality remains perfect.

                    1. Dont bother. Tony is either a remarkably poorly executed parody, or dumber than a box of rocks. He likes the attention.

          2. Yes. Idiots have 1A rights, too.

      3. Portland is already a shithole, has been for about 7 years and going down hill..

        Iirc, didn’t this very publication write an article within the past 2 years about the hairdresser of 20 years in Portland who was forced to close her salon because they changed the laws regarding homeless people in Portland? they were shitting and living on her stoop and parking area, threatening patrons, and scaring away business and employees. I’m almost positive it was a reason article.

        Just remember that next time you want to visit that tard factory. Homeless people AND rioters are both non-prosecutable there.

  7. Almost no one I speak to even knows where Portland is much less of the ongoing violence. That city could burn to embers and barely anyone would notice. That town has a severe case of second city itis.

    1. That town has a severe case of second city itis.

      Third city-itis! – Chicago Resident

  8. Billy once again slants the coverage. He waited until the last paragraph to mention the fact that the feds only agreed to leave after the locals agreed to begin protecting federal property. Now it may be doing but Wolfe stated that this has been their goal all along and that they’ve been talking to Brown about doing this since before they arrived in Portland. Who was it that predicted that if Trump withdrew the federal agents like they requested, Reason will be portraying this as a loss for Trump? Wonder how they will portray Trump’s decision to withdraw 11,000 troops from Germany? Nearly 6400 will be brought back to the states, the others will be transferred to central and eastern European NATO allies to deter growing Russian antagonism. Surely this will be seen as a capitulation to Putin or something. Fuck Trump but fuck false narratives just as much. Fuck the LP too, for going full in with the current BLM schadenfreude and tweeting positive things about someone who was killed while violating the NAP. Can we have one decent party that actually sticks to principles and honors individual liberties?

    1. Wonder how they will portray Trump’s decision to withdraw 11,000 troops from Germany?

      Too local for Reason coverage.

      1. While they are still some posts and bases that can be closed, we are actually getting close to a point that we cannot train, house and equip our troops properly if we closed to many more bases and posts.

        1. Sorry squirrels this was supposed to be posted in a different comment section. Not sure how it ended up here.

    2. The 6400 that come home will be a capitulation to Putin that endangers our allies and the rest of the world. The 4600 who move east will be more proof of Trumps warmongering, his failure to end foreign wars, and a needless and petty provocation of the Russians.

      Shikha will write the first, Billy the middle, and ENB the last.

  9. ENB states that DHS agents are trained to fight on a battlefield. Why do we think that?

    They are certainly dressed for the cosplay, but there’s no evidence they are actually trained for a battlefield.

    1. I would not be surprised to learn they receive the same sort of combat training that MPs get, ie. how to deal with infiltration and other asymmetric attacks.

      It is in the job description.

    2. I honestly don’t get the camo tactical gear. Maybe it’s just a case of CPB being so overwhelming unpopular that they’d rather not be obvious?

      It’s not disturbing or anything, it’s just pretty stupid.

      1. I suspect it’s just that they’ve got good reasons for wearing tactical gear, (It’s got pockets!) and it doesn’t come in powder blue.

        If they really wanted camouflage, there’s an urban pattern they’re conspicuously not wearing.

      2. These are specialized Border patrol units that specialize in intercepting drug and human smugglers. Most of their missions involve reconnaissance in the desert (thus why their camo is a desert or dry land pattern). General border patrol does not wear camo.

      3. Multicam uniforms make perfect sense for federal police tactical teams (which is what we are seeing deployed) since they need to be ready and able to deploy anywhere in the country, which can range from a snow capped mountain, to rain soaked jungles, to an arid desert. Their job description means they need to be able to go toe to toe with terrorists, cartels, and other heavily armed and trained suspects which means effective camo is a key component to tactical effectiveness.

        There are already excellent supply chains in place to acquire flame retardant multicam uniforms since it’s what the US Army uses.

        The only other option that makes any sense is for them to have a special non-camo uniform specifically for anti-riot/protective security roles (which they would almost never use), which honestly sounds like it would be a waste of money (and the complaints about federal agents wearing camo is coming from people who already think police spending is too high and/or wasteful)

    3. A lot of these guys are ex-military, some with actual combat experience from Iraq and Afghanistan.

      1. So, they didn’t receive it as CBP, but as servicemembers. Also, we were taught riot and crowd control in the Army as part of base defense training, so ENB isn’t even right about that aspect.

  10. “peaceful demonstration intensified.”

    That’s hilarious and beyond parody. The Onion needs to just wrap it up at this point.

  11. Binion’s about as trustworthy as Nadler, which is to say not at all.

  12. Now we get to see whether the demonstrators – who were demonstrating rather forcibly for more than two years in Portland – will accept victory and return to their mothers’ basements. Or if the Federal Courthouse burns to the ground.
    I suggest if the latter, the building remain as it is like the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedänknis Kirche in Berlin…as reminder to don’t do this again.

    1. Capitalism is still alive and well, which means they will not return to their mothers’ basements.

      They’ll find some other cause to wrap the Marxism in, but rest assured these people won’t stop until everyone is as broke, useless and angry as they are.

      1. ^^

  13. >>sent federal agents to squash protests

    misspelled riots. why do you lie to the reader?

    1. And in this fucking article he has the temerity to talk about how the coverage has been occasionally misleading.

      1. i didn’t get past the underheadline

    2. The agents weren’t there to “squash” anyone, protestors or rioters. They were there to protect federal property.

      The mendacity of the writing on this site’s better suited to f-ing CNN. Bunch of lying leftist dirtbags.

  14. Wow, Reason is already pivoting. The riots are no longer “peaceful protests”, they’re now “unrest”. At this rate, Friday’s Reason Roundup will be headlined “Portland Wracked by Months of Violence As Trump Fails to Stop Right-Wing Riots”.

    1. at this point they might as well change the title of the publication to
      Lack of Reason

    2. Abc is already parading some guy with an umbrella from an “all white motorcycle gang” as the sole catalyst for riots in some town. It was so stupid i didnt even watch to find out what town. Direct quote from their coverage “the protests were completely peaceful until “umbrella man” broke the windows of an autozone. The protest only got out of hand after umbrella man incited the violence. He’s been identified as a member of an all white motorcycle gang. Authorities are currently trying to acquire his cell phone data”

  15. Who could have possibly predicted that the federal government would bungle their mission beyond all belief and leave things worse than they found them?

    1. .5/10

  16. My guess is that by sending officers to Portland, the Trump admin put a focus on the failure of local and state governments to quell the violence. Democrats are seeing that they can’t blame this on Trump, so now they have to do their phony baloney jobs and actually go out in force and stop the mayhem. Something they could have done all along and chose not to.
    Democrats really are scum.

  17. Good for Trump. Let Portland deal with Portland. If the federal buildings are burned, the Feds can demand restitution from either Ted Wheeler or the Oregon state government for failing to provide minimal protections.

    Portland (and Seattle) are nothing but honeypots. Trump shouldn’t fall for it.

    1. He doesn’t even have to demand restitution or try to fix the building.

      An image of the burned out husk of Portland with “This is what Democratic leadership gets you” superimposed on it would make a fine campaign ad.

      1. The riots have already been a highly effective SuperPAC for the Trump campaign.

      2. With a clip of Wheeler stating , I stand by you “no matter what”. Play that clip over and over with clips of the violence.

        1. The ad reads:
          ‘Biden’s America…’
          Vote wise, vote safe, vote TRUMP!


        2. The story really does write itself, doesn’t it?

  18. What the author of this article is missing is that the “protesters” WANT the FEDS there. They can’t claim FED oppression unless they entice them there in the first place. What better way to entice them than to poke the dog, poke the dog, poke the dog. And since local authorities do absolutely nothing to squelch this nonsense, the FEDS are left with no choice than to protect their courthouse.

    So, obviously, forcing their hand in having to defend their Federal Courthouse plays perfectly in the hands of these anarchists. They then get to play the victim…which seems to be the strategy of these folks wherever possible.

    1. What the author of this article is missing is that the “protesters” WANT the FEDS there. They can’t claim FED oppression unless they entice them there in the first place.

      Yes, that’s WHY Trump should remove the Feds. This entire thing is political theater. I was against have any federal intervention into the riots, but I thought it was understandable that they’d be deployed to protect federal property. However, I’m now thinking that the federal property should be abandoned if for no other reason than to move the chessboard into a more favorable position.

    2. I honestly think the majority of the country would be just fine with the feds mowing down that whole crowd

  19. A libertarian perspective in the article. A comments thread full of lame excuses for violent federal overreach. Same bullshit, different day.

    Remember when Clinton did this and you guys had a fucking stroke over it?

    Shall we expect under a Biden administration for you guys to demand that armed rightwing goons on terrorist watch lists move about with impunity while any twitch of agitation from black people and liberals deserves the full force of American might? I can pretty much assume that to be the case going forward, right?

    1. When did Clinton have to send in federal agents to protect federal property because right wing protestors were destroying it? No we don’t remember because nothing similar actually ever happened. So, fuck off with your false whataboutism.

      1. Since when did you care so much about government property that you’re willing to give up your federalist and limited-government principles over it?

        Unfortunately Clinton did have a little run-in with rightwingers destroying a federal building. They succeeded that time, of course.

        1. What made McVeigh right wing?

          1. He was white and it fits Tony’s narrative. McVeigh was executed. I would have been just as happy if the feds had gutshot him and let him bleed out. But I am glad that the government didn’t do that and instead arrested, prosecuted and executed the asshole. And I don’t know a single conservative that feels differently.v

          2. His manifesto spelled it out pretty clearly. It’s actually called “I Explain Herein Why I Bombed the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.”

            He was mad about Waco and Ruby Ridge. He didn’t destroy a church or charter school, he destroyed a federal building picked at random to punish the US federal government. He was a gun fanatic and Nazi sympathizer. It literally does not get any more rightwing than that.

            1. That’s not evidence of being right wing

              1. Being a Nazi gun nut with grievances with the federal government isn’t evidence of being right wing?

                1. Most the right wing reject the idea that Nazis are right wing, further, Nazisms roots were left wing.

                  1. If the Nazis weren’t on the extreme right, then these terms don’t make any sense and we should stop using them.

                    1. Lmao tony doesn’t know what nazi stands for!

                      Here’s a hint…the word socialist is in it. The same lefty socialism your buddy bernie loves. Yes bernie sanders has the same exact ideology as hitler, he just blames corporations instead of jews for the worlds problems.

                    2. Their roots are in leftism, there roots were 20th century progressivism (so much that the New Deal was directly borrowed from Mussolini and Hitler) and socialism. No the designations are completely arbitrary and have changed with time. Your side classifies them as the right to generalize about everyone on the right and dismiss them.

                    3. That would make sense if only we wanted the entire range of politics to be socialist. Aaah – we’ve discovered why left wingers like to think this.

                    4. So the “left wing right wing” spectrum encompasses everything from international socialism on the left, and national socialism on the right?

                      Well, OK, you’re right. Those terms don’t make any sense and we should stop using them.

            2. >>He was mad about Waco and Ruby Ridge.

              #me too. doesn’t make me rightwing

        2. Two men, not thousands of protestors and it was a legitimate use of federal policing to arrest and prosecute them. May they rot in hell. There is nothing inheritently large government or anti-federalist about the federal government protecting federal buildings. This should have been handled by the Marshals service, one of the few legitimate federal police agencies (they and the postal inspectors).
          Comparing Timothy McVeigh to the Portland protestors is just fucking intellectually dishonest. Further, implying the right at all had any problem with McVeigh being arrested, tried, convicted and executes is just a fucking partisan lie. He was a terrorist and deserved what he got. Now stop arguing straw men and try some intellectual honesty for a change.

          1. It remains a fact that domestic rightwing ideology has killed far more Americans than domestic leftwing ideology. So maybe we should all proportion our fears to the existing threats.

            Remember when Obama tried to monitor rightwing terrorists and got ALL KINDS OF SHIT over it?

            1. .0005/10

            2. So maybe we should all proportion our fears to the existing threats

              Ok. McVeigh has been dead for nearly 2 decades, and left-wing rioters are killing people right now.

              Proportion your fears accordingly.

              1. Rightwing terrorists are killing people right now, in far greater numbers than any BLM protesters. You just don’t know that because you get your information from sources sympathetic to the rightwing terrorists.

                1. Where? Name one fucking incident. You can’t because that is pure bullshit. It isn’t happening.

                    1. How much credibility can an article and database have when it says that the murders at Chaz/chop don’t exist and aren’t linked to anti-fascists.

                    2. Again this article tries to imply all white supremacists are right wing, it includes almost every mass shooting conducted by a white guy even when the aforementioned white guy was a registered Democrat and it doesn’t state that any attacks have happened recently. It also fails to mention the five murders directly linked to the current riots/protests, including one of a black Trump supporter. It includes the OKC bombing, which accounts for over a 6th of the deaths referenced. The Las Vegas shooting, despite no evidence he was politically motivated, the El Paso shooting, which was conducted by a radical environmentalist (hardly a right wing stance). So basically over a third of these deaths right off the bat are bullshit statistics that the writer twists to fit their narrative. It’s fairly typical of the Guardian.

                    3. Lmao 2 black teens killed in one weekend in chop zone by chop “security”…

                      But your article can only find one death by antifa violence?

                      You really are a fucking retard.

                2. dude, you need some help
                  turn off Rachel Maddow and smoke a joint, maybe watch some comedies or something to take your mind of the boogeyman you been programmed to believe in

                  “We checked under your bed Tony, there’s no monsters, now drink your glass of water and go back to bed mister”

                  1. I’m not worried about the actual threat of rightwing terrorism, so you definitely shouldn’t be worried about the phantom threat of BLM anarchists burning cities down.

                    1. That is because most of what is labeled right wing terrorism is not right wing nor very prevalent.

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            3. You mean when he sicced his IRS attack dogs on political opposition?

            4. Obama was not monitoring terrorist groups, they were mostly Grass Roots conservative organizations that for the most part rejected racism and violence. Most also were not accused of any crime other than having the wrong political views. BLM protests have resulted in people assaulted and killed, destruction of property, theft, arson etc. And no, there is no evidence of any right wing “terrorist” group killing blacks or anyone else.

              1. Yes there is, you just don’t know about it because you haven’t looked.

                1. No, there isn’t. Your citation you posted above is a false narrative that is contains a number of mistakes or deliberate obfuscation. Reason had ran a number of stories disproving the thesis behind your supposition.

            5. I mean domestic leftwing ideology has killed millions of black babies at the hands of an organization founded by a eugenicist. The right wingers have a lot of catching up to do actually.

        3. If you’re bringing up McVeigh, let’s talk about McVeigh. McVeigh was a terrorist, and I have no problem calling him such.

          I cheered when McVeigh was captured, and I cheered when he was sentenced, and I cheered when that sentence was carried out.

          1. And if AOC ever blows up a building, I won’t be sad about her arrest either.

            Well I’m glad we’ve established that neither of us favors wanton mass murder. Phew, cleared that bar.

            1. So why did you straw man that conservatives were upset when Clinton ordered him arrested? Can you be honest at all?

              1. No. He can’t. His sole purpose is to chum these comments threads for hits. Lying, misrepresenting the record, committing every logical fallacy in the book. Whatever it takes to troll a response.

                Been that way here for a long time.

            2. Thanks for letting us hold your hand as we shit on your straw man and sources all the way to you admitting you were wrong. And you’re such a retard you don’t even realize you just admitted that.

        4. You are such a mendacious little shit.

          Remember when Clinton did this and you guys had a fucking stroke over it?

          That could have easily been referring to Ruby Ridge and Waco, and yeah, we had a fucking stroke over it, and justifiably so, I think.

          But then it become clear that you were only baiting the hook, which was to claim that we “had a fucking stroke” over the Feds tracking McVeigh, which is utter bullshit.

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    2. I remember when Clinton sent in the cavalry to a fucking religious compound and murdered a bunch of people who never once became violent until they were attacked with force on their own property.

    3. 76 American citizens died in Waco, women and children roasted alive. I can’t even imagine what the response would be if something even close to that happened today. We have nationwide protests and riots for weeks following the death of a man in Minnesota.

      I don’t think you’re actually so dumb that you don’t see the disparity.

    4. If Obama had done 1/100th of what Trump has done in Portland, all these commenters now defending Trump’s actions would be the first ones throwing Molotov cocktails at Obama himself.

      1. Uhmm there were several reporters and at least one film maker in jail who would like a word with you about your revisionism.

        1. Yup, Obama threw a reporter in jail. That was pretty bad. And I am quite sure that you and other right-wingers got upset at that. And for good reason. It was wrong.

          Now, we have Trump throwing hundreds of protestors in jail, in unmarked vans, without being charged formally with any crime. And you are… angry? upset?

          1. Not hundreds. Two were detained and released. Stop with the fucking hyperbole. Try using actual facts. No one has been detained indefinitely without being charged. Two were detained for questioning and then released. Just stop lying.

            1. Why I am not more upset is because the narrative you are pushing is completely false. It has no real resemblance. Show me one reputable source saying hundreds have been arrested and detained indefinitely without being charged. You can’t because it never fucking happened.

  20. Trump should have ignored Portland. Sending in the Feds will only serve to hinder his re-election bid (unless this is his goal). Portland is seeing the reality of their politics and should be left to lay in the bed they made.

    1. They are.
      They just don’t get to conquer the courthouse.
      Are there any libertarians who have the slightest clue about human psychology?

  21. Ignoring the data, Billy Binion and Reason continue to push a narrative that there aren’t any riots except b/c of Federal troops and imagined police brutality to minorities:
    – the reality is there has been rioting in Oregon and Washington for a variety of excuses for over 20 years. In any given year, it has been against free trade(!) or capitalism, for Marxism (Mayday), and numerous other rationalizations
    – the latest is BLM; a pre-text for rioting in a state like Oregon (which is 2.2% black!) and Washington, which is a little higher
    – Portland has been call “the whitest (big) city in America, and Oregon itself had statutes on the books for 75 years after the Civil War prohibiting black people from enter the state
    – in any given protest, there will be white Antifas/protestors demanding blacks not talk to black police offices. Why?
    I want narrative, I’ll read WaPo and the NYT…

  22. their presence appears to have only emboldened demonstrators who refocused their efforts around protesting the feds.

    Isn’t it odd protest supporters make a big deal to correct everyone that rioters and protesters are different, but then they turn around and refer to rioters as protesters.

    ABC, for instance, reported Sunday that protesters in California set a courthouse on fire, vandalized a police station, and assaulted police officers after a “peaceful demonstration intensified.”

    Using the term protester to hide what the rioters are doing is supporting the rioters. It’s not surprising to see this covers just about every Reason writer.

    1. Whether someone is engaged in protest or property destruction kind of depends on whether they’re protesting or destroying property, doesn’t it?

      Do you want the piggies to make no distinction and collectively punish anyone on the street that looks at them funny? Is that the libertarian way?

      1. Whether someone is engaged in protest or property destruction kind of depends on whether they’re protesting or destroying property, doesn’t it?

        It’s almost like this is my point and I’m criticizing Binion for hiding this distinction. If you could read instead of assuming everyone you hate writes what you wish so you could feel better you’d step on your dick less often. Maybe try to understand what people write one fucking time.

        Do you want the piggies to make no distinction and collectively punish anyone on the street that looks at them funny? Is that the libertarian way?

        It’s interesting the summary you claim is my position is exactly the opposite of what I wrote. Your perfect record of drawing conclusions not supportable by the statement you pretend to be responding to remains intact. You must be the biggest fucking idiot who has ever posted on the internet.

        1. My apologies. I assumed that you were swinging pedantic nonsense around the room like an autistic kid and didn’t give you any credit for not actually taking Trump’s side like everyone else here. Really, I was wrong to assume that.

          1. No you just assume since we don’t parrot your talking points we are taking Trump’s side. You don’t even read what we write but respond with generalizations, talking points and strawmans.

      2. .0000075/10

      3. Could you specifically say how you would want the federal agents (or other police) to apprehend individual rioters when they are in a large crowd of supposedly peaceful protesters?

        From my perspective, the only way to do this without dispersing the entire crowd would be to charge into the crowd, make your way through the crowd, and then individually arrest the person seen committing the offense. Charging into the crowed and maneuvering your way through them would likely lead to far more violent outcomes (shoving people out of the way, arresting people that intentionally block LEOs, etc.) and would be far more dangerous to both officers and demonstrators than utilizing pepper spray and tear gas to disperse the entire crowd.

        1. Better to let 100 criminals go free than imprison 1 innocent person.

          It’s their job, not mine.

          1. Better to let 100 criminals go free than imprison 1 innocent person.

            So is that 200 federal officers they’ll allow to protect the courthouse in exchange for the two black kids that they killed in CHAZ?

            You know Blackstone was a jurist speaking with regard to the judicial system, right?

            It is of more importance to the community that innocence should be protected, than it is, that guilt should be punished; for guilt and crimes are so frequent in this world, that all of them cannot be punished….when innocence itself, is brought to the bar and condemned, especially to die, the subject will exclaim, ‘it is immaterial to me whether I behave well or ill, for virtue itself is no security.’ And if such a sentiment as this were to take hold in the mind of the subject that would be the end of all security whatsoever

            – JQA

            Sounds like Feds picking people up off the street to protect innocent and releasing them without charging them a short time later is precisely the sort of executing protection while preserving innocence that Blackstone, Franklin, Adams, etc. were driving at.

  23. Federal Authorities need to stay out of it and let these mayors allow their cities to continue being pillaged and destroyed.
    Vote in Communists, get communists…..
    Just make sure to keep filming all of the it so you can run a 2020 ad in October labeled” Biden’s America

    I live in one of these cities so I feel I can say, this is my neighbors fault for voting in radical, ineffective leadership. Trump’s an orange turd but he;s not the authoritarian I am afraid of…that would be the DNC as a whole, from 2016 til now they have proven, repeatedly, politics > their constituents wants & needs.

    1. If Biden wins the election, prefacing every spittle-flecked rant with “Only in Biden’s America” will never… ever get old.

      Oh, and the Era of Biden… that’s gonna be a hoot.

      1. ‘In these times of Biden we need to’
        insert hyperbolic, virtuous rant here
        as afraid of a Biden administration I am, it would get hilarious quite often

        1. It’s not Biden. It’s whatever radical they choose for a running mate.

          Biden will be declared senile and then the real lefty will be in charge.

          Biden is the Trojan horse.

      2. Baitin’ and incitin’ in Biden’s America. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  24. Whether it was a good idea or a bad one – or a good idea poorly carried out – the goal was not to quell “unrest”; the goal was to protect federal buildings and property from attacks. And yes, for Trump to seem like he’s capable of doing anything in a competent manner; which he’s not. He’s a repulsive moron and it’s hard to tell from day-to-day whether he’s more of the one or more of the other.
    The Reason coverage of this issue has been appallingly bad and hysterical. The illiberal left and illiberal right need to be confronted and some alternative needs to be around. But the libertarians at this publication are failing miserably.

    1. He’s a repulsive moron and it’s hard to tell from day-to-day whether he’s more of the one or more of the other.

      He’s a repulsive moron who from day-to-day proves himself to be either morally, intellectually, or both superior to his peers and predecessors. Are you really going to tell me that Trump’s handling of Portland or Syria or Iran was worse than Nixon’s handling of Kent State or Obama’s handling of Syria, or Bush’s handling of Iraq?

      When Trump was sworn in, HRC lamented that the Party of Lincoln had become the Party of Trump. At this point in their respected presidencies, Lincoln had shuttered more newspapers, put down more insurrections, voided and violated more fundamental Constitutional rights, and overseen the killing of more innocent Americans than Trump by at least an order of magnitude (sometimes several) in every category.

      I don’t like Trump personally, but the continued portrayal of him as a walking, chaotic evil, moral hazard who just stumbled into the White House was pretty dumb at it’s inception and is increasingly appearing like a rejection of rational thought and in some lights and to certain degrees, a plea to be put down (i.e. better to be shot dead by Nixon or Lincoln than to live exceedingly, arguably excessively, free and peacefully under Trump).

  25. The article starts out with a lie, and repeats it twice more.

    President Trump sent federal agents to squash protests,

    He did NOT send them to “squashprotests”. Heps got no issue with PROTESTS.

    But things like industraial lazers in officer’s eyes (assault), aerial fireworks)NOT “firecrackers”, Molotov Cockails, pavement stones, bricks, and for pound demolition hammers briskly applied to the backs of law enforcement personnel are NOT “peaceful protests’, Nor is arson, breaking windows, spraypainting grafitti, throwing bags of feces, paint, urine, “peaceful protests”. Not even “redress of greivances” includes anyb of those activities.

    These are acts of war. And MUST be met with sufficient force to not only quell but to detain and charge the perpetraitors.

    1. Well put and correct.
      Laser eye damage is often very permanent.
      Burned up nerves in the retina do not regenerate.

  26. I see bozo Billy Binnion is back to lying. The feds were sent to protect the federal property, not quell the protests as his own fucking article states.

    DHS may not be crowd control but it also is not trained for a battlefield. Jesus Fucking Christ dude, get back on planet Earth.

    And lets be clear here, they’re not simply being pelted with fireworks, though that is dangerous enough. They’re being assaulted with IEDs in a prolonged attempt to burn the building to the ground (peaceful protest, right you marxist apologist) and maim as many people who get in their way as possible.

    Maybe if you were honest for once instead of relentlessly pushing leftist newspeak on us you might be held in something other than contempt.

  27. The FEDS were there to protect Federal Property not quell the riots.

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  29. Way too many bootlickers here at Reason.
    Way way too many.

    1. Says the person who bootlicks the left any chance he gets.

      1. Oh fuck off. I am tired of this nonsense.
        You just don’t like it that I don’t criticize the left as vociferously as you do.
        Unless I’m shouting and screaming that they are GODLESS MARXIST AMERICA-HATERS then that means I’m on Team Blue. Well fuck that.
        I believe Team Red is a bigger danger to the Republic at this point in time and I do not pretend to be “balanced” in that opinion. None of that should be confused with loyalty to Team Blue. Their ideas are generally awful and I don’t intend to support the bulk of them now or ever. (They have a couple of decent ideas, but then again so does Team Red.)
        I’m so tired of this Red-Blue false dichotomy. They both suck on such a monumental level. Stop playing their stupid game and start thinking for yourself.

        1. No, I also dislike the fact that you outright lie like you just did above. And the fact is that you are just a statist leftist authoritarian asshat who thinks it’s cool to lie and pretend you’re a libertarian. And yes, because the left is the least libertarian bunch of any political group. How about you fuck off crybaby. Don’t like to be criticized than don’t lie and criticize others with ad hominems. Calling everyone but you a bootlicker was how this whole thread started and now you are crying that I pointed out you never do anything but carry water for the left. It isn’t you don’t criticize them. You carry their fucking water. And you fucking lie. Like you lr ridiculous fucking claim that hundreds of protestors are being absconded by unmarked vans and being detained indefinitely without being charged. It was two individuals detained, questioned and released by clearly marked police officers in broad daylight. The fact that you have to fucking lie to make a point is what pisses me off the most. Fucking slaver. Fucking leftist bootlicker. Your are almost as intellectually dishonest as Tony, who I noticed you sucking up to and claiming to be a left Libertarian who supports coercive wealth distribution to combat poverty on the story about base renaming. Just fucking admit it, at least Tony is honest enough to admit he is a leftist. You bullshit about being a libertarian. You lie about what actually is happening. You give cover to Biden for his racist remarks. You give cover to Antifa and BLM. You are a fucking joke. And an immature crybaby who loves to insult others but than goes and tells the teacher when you get insulted.

        2. And if you notice today I called Trump an asshole, criticized Kelly Anne Conway and supported renaming bases. See, unlike you, I truly do not buy into the blue red scheme. You say you don’t and then spend countless hours on here defending the left and criticizing only the right. I don’t know, maybe you actually are so delusional that you actually do believe you aren’t a partisan, lefist hack, despite everyone else pointing out the evidence daily that that is exactly what you are.

  30. Bolsheviks only know force…like the Polish who spanked Troytsky when he invaded Poland…the only way to fight communists is by force. Sad by true…don’t retreat President Trump..continue the liberation of Portland.

  31. The mostly white anarchists (criminals) continue to up the ante of violence and peaceful libertarians blame the violence on the cops.
    How many innocent people have been affected by the mob violence and all the Reason people can see is “extreme” police violence?

    Don’t Libertarians cherish private property rights and peaceful commerce?

    If the police were as evil as BLM, Antifa, and Libertarians believe, these anarchists would not be kidnapped by Storm-troopers, they would be killed and disappeared.

  32. Your B Team, folks, stenographers for the Wokista Marxist professional lying class

  33. The Feds were never there to “Quell the Unrest or Protests”. They were there because people broke into the courthouse on July 4th (2020) and tried to set it on fire.

    They repeatedly attacked and tried to break into the courthouse itself. They tried to get through the metal fence with ox-actelyene torches and saws.

    I think birdshot through the fence, and BB shot rounds shout of been used. I saw a Portland (Video of) cruiser announcing “For the 12th time, you are being warned, tear gas may be used.” and they cursed and threw rocks and bottles at the car with the speaker.

    It seems 12 or more warnings being ignored those folks know what’s coming, and are inviting it in. They want that too happen.

    No mob of Federal agents was roaming around and looking for a crowd to start a riot. They kept trying to break into a Federal court and cause destruction, maybe a major fire.

  34. “After Failing To Quell Unrest, the Feds Will Depart From Portland”

    Oh. I thought the Feds were in Portland to protect the Federal Courthouse from being burned by “protestors”. Didn’t know that their brief was to quell unrest throughout the city.

  35. Bogus headline. Federal officers are not in Portland to quell unrest. They are there to protect Federal property, primarily the courthouse. Mission accomplished, as the courthouse is still standing. Rioters and dems were hoping for a Kent State shooting, but they haven’t gotten it. Now that the city continues to burn, and it’s clear that the Feds aren’t going to give them their massacre, they’re trying to figure out what to do next. My guess is that the monster has been let loose, and won’t get back on its leash quite so easily.

  36. This could have been handled so much better.

    When it became clear that local Portland authorities had no interest in maintaining order vis-a-vis destruction at the federal buildings, and when it had risen to the level of Presidential attention and decision, the right solution would have been:

    1. Send in the GSA to clear out the sensitive information in the building (paper files, electronic files, etc), and remove any very high-dollar equipment or other items of significant value;

    2. Fill out a change of address form at the Post Office;

    3. Inform the Portland police department that the building will be vacant for an extended period of time and ask them to conduct courtesy vacation checks of the building from time-to-time.

    Since the building is now empty, maybe the rioters would go find somewhere else to riot.

    If not, when the rioters set the building on fire every night, the Portland FD will have to deal with it, every night. That aint’ cheap.

    If it is significantly damaged by the rioters, Senate Republicans and the President would be more than happy to add $50-$100 million to the next coronavirus bill for construction of a brand spanking new federal courthouse across the river in Vancouver, WA.

  37. Billy Binion is an idiot. The feds weren’t there to quell the unrest, they are there to protect United States property.

  38. Billy Binion is an idiot. The feds weren’t there to quell the unrest, they are there to protect United States property.

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