Portland Protests

Dispatch From Portland: The Fire Next Time

The protests continue, as does the tear gassing.


I decide not to hit the protests so early this time. Before 10 p.m., it's mostly people milling in the park across from the federal building, asking if you've heard of Riot Ribs, and why don't you write about that? COVID-19 is on the rise in Portland and the streets and traffic remind me of what it was like in NYC in mid-May: eerily empty, few other cars, very few people as I drive up Broadway. 

Or at least this is how it was before the tear gassing started.

There are not many people walking to the federal building, three or four kids I might take for LARPersblack bandanas pulled over their faces, black bike helmets, black jeansbut who knows? I've just had dinner with a friend who gently tried to school me on the protestors' more radical factions. 

"They're not all anarchists, some of them really want to help people that are in trouble," he said, "and sometimes that help means they need to use violence." 

I tell him radicalism is going mainstream, is going Main Street, is vanilla-fying in Portland like no city I've seen. I ask, if someone's mission is to help, and that "help" can mean violence, might it not prove tempting to distort what constitutes people deserving of help and people deserving of violence? 

"But doesn't everybody do this?" he asks.

Four blocks from the Lownsdale Square and the rib-eaters; from the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse and Multnomah County Justice Centersite of the nightly protests and police confrontations on which the world is fixatedit's dead quiet, with the only whomp-whomp sound of a helicopter very high overhead. A few blocks more and that sound gives way to someone shouting through a bullhorn. It sounds like Mayor Ted Wheeler, whom my friend mentioned would be making his first appearance at the protests.

"It's him, in the blue sweater," a girl tells me, though I can barely hear her. The crowds are out here early, many thousands, the bulk of them jeering at Wheeler standing before Justice Center. Onto the building's face is beamed, in alien green, THEODORE, FANCY SEEING YOU HERE. THESE ARE OUR DEMANDS, which include FEDS OUT OF PORTLAND NOW and YOU, TED WHEELER, NEED TO RESIGN. Wheeler has been trying to tell the crowd that Trump's sending federal forces to protect the courthouse is "an unconstitutional occupation"; that "the tactics that have been used by our federal officers are abhorrent." And you'd think this would be what the crowd wants to hear, but they more seem to want to shout that Wheeler "SUCKS FED TIT" and to chant, over and over, "FUCK TED WHEELER." Soon enough Wheeler will, as will we all, be tear-gassed, and then led away by a plainclothes detail. 

Next door at the federal building, a man named Rufus has set up a folding table and is selling commemorative t-shirts for between $35 and $50 a pop with slogans like BLACK LIVES MATTER and NOBODY DIED WHEN KAEPERNICK TOOK A KNEE. How's business?

"Good," he says, though I don't see anyone buying. I see instead a lot of young people gathering at the fence that's been re-erected in front of the building. They're particularly interested, it seems, in how the fencing is joined together.

"See that nut? They didn't weld it on," a young man on one knee and digging through a knapsack tells me. I ask if he brought tools. 

He nods. "Gotta find my wrench," he says.

Unlike two nights ago, when there was no fence and the action seemed more freeform hooliganism, the crowd tonight, of more than a thousand people, seems more organized, more sober. They're here to antagonize the feds, no doubt, shouting slurs and throwing Styrofoam coolers and a BBQ grill over the fence. But they're also helping each other, talking about how they can do better tomorrow, because they will definitely be coming tomorrow, how tomorrow they will bring a Dremel, and a better mask, and more protective goggles to give away.

"I think people rise to the level of what's needed," a girl with her face covered tells me.

"FILM THE POLICE, NOT THE PROTESTORS!" someone yells into a bullhorn every few minutes. This is in order to protect people's identities, though the idea that people will not film is ridiculous. Everybody has their phone or camera out. 

Still, people are remarkably cooperative. They know the protocols and follow them. They "WALK DON'T RUN!" when the feds shoot tear gas out of the building. There are people helpfully stationed, offering eye wipes and water, or pulling out leaf blowers and directing the gas away from protestors and back at the feds, or asking if you need a medic. It's night 55 of the protests. People know their roles.

Just before 11 p.m., young people in gas masks lay down improvised shields—a cafeteria tray, a garbage can lid—and start to shake the fence, lifting it from its mooring. It's enough of a commotion that the feds start playing the recorded message meant to get the crowd to disperse, "THIS IS THE FEDERAL—" only to have the message parroted back, "THIS IS THE PEOPLE OF PORTLAND. GO HOME NOW. YOU ARE IN VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION. GO HOME NOW" and then completely drowned out with chants of, "WHOSE STREETS? OUR STREETS!" and "DIE, PIGS, DIE!"

The fence-rattlers take a break to light some garbage on fire and throw it over the fence.

"Why are you doing this?!" a young woman implores whoever will listen. "You're giving them a reason to shoot at us!" 

She and the young man she's with confer. "We've got to try," she tells him. 

I ask them what they're trying. 

"When they start the fires, we come and try to stop them," the young man says. He both puts out the fires himself and explains to the crowd why the tactic is only going to make things worse.

Does it work?

"They listened to me earlier and said, 'Yeah, that makes sense,' but…" 

"We have to go, sorry," the young woman says, pulling him into the crowd, where their message is most certainly not heard over the bang-and-flash of the feds' first tear gas volley. The crowd undulates away from the fencing. They're walking, not running, not mowing each other down, which would be super easy, what with a thousand people stumbling and coughing. The gas is very bad tonight, worse than it was two nights ago. I pass several men writhing on the ground, though in truth I can barely see.

"Here, here," a young woman says, pressing a baggie of wipes into my hand, then following me and offering a set of plastic protective glasses. Thank you.

This scene—people heading up to the fence, the feds telling them to disperse, people yelling back, "GO FUCK YOURSELVES!" and throwing flaming trash at the building, initiating another volley of tear gas—happens three more times. It's a bit Groundhog Day, and also nauseating, the gas has some people close to barfing, and it's sticky, or maybe that's the wipes, making you feel covered in glue. More and more people are falling back, kids carrying Go-Pros and hockey sticks melting into the night.

As some musicians play "The Imperial March" from Star Wars, I head to the front line one more time. Cattycorner from the federal building is a man I noticed earlier. In dad jeans and ball cap, he stands out. 

"Can you tell me what's going on?" he asks. 

I can try, and run through the coordinates that got Portland here, that got federal troops here.

"Right," he says, and keeps staring at the building. His name is Paul. He tells me he drove 50 miles to be here. 

"I'm a farmer, semi-retired," he says. "I used to live and work in Portland, I raised my kids here, and I came here tonight to bear witness to what these kids are going through, what maybe my grandkids will go through. I'm really trying to understand what each side wants."

He says this with an honest sense of wonder, some sadness, watching these young people rushing back and forth, back and forth, falling, rising, where does it lead?

There's another tear gas volley, very strong, it smells like church incense gone wrong, everybody knows their escape routes by now and also how to flow back, to work whatever they will do in front of the federal building, set fires, offer water, shoot off fireworks or bop past to a rap song whose lyrics are "fuck Donald Trump." The scene looks to me as it did the other night, like a 2020 Delacroix.

'STAY TOGETHER! STAY TIGHT! STAY TOGETHER! STAY TIGHT!" the crowd chants as it re-stations itself one block to the south, in reaction to a stronger message from the feds, that the crowd needs to disperse now, that the streets will be closed down, and again, I am amazed that a group that can look so anarchistic has the ability to move as one, though to where, who yet can say.

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  1. “I am amazed that a group that can look so anarchistic has the ability to move as one”
    Training is the key.
    And funding.

    1. All of them moving as one is easy. They’re sheep, not cats.

        1. Since we’re using animal references, let’s be honest – they’re lemmings.

          1. They’re lemmings.

            You’re an obsolete bigot.

            Everybody is something.

            1. Your statement is based upon a major falsehood. Lemmings don’t actually follow each other blindly. And you are the largest bigot I’ve ever seen.

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            2. Lemmings are somethings. Only geckos are nothings.

            3. You look pale, Rev. Hope you’re not coming down with anything.

              1. For a bugchaser like Kirkland you can bet on it.

            4. “You’re an obsolete bigot.”

              Asshole bigot projects. Again.

    2. “I am amazed that a group that can look so anarchistic has the ability to move as one, though to where, who yet can say”

      Hiveminds are good at that kind of thing.
      Hasn’t she ever see ants?

    3. They aren’t anarchists. They’re just nihilists.

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    Democracy dies in darkness…

    1. Yes. The protestors. Who are helping people. With violence.

  3. I’ve seen some spineless, pathetic politicians, but this Ted Wheeler gentleman may take the cake. Kowtowing to a bunch of moronic, violent “protesters” that don’t even like him.

    1. Yeah, I was going to comment that the “yielding to the mob” tactic doesn’t seem to be working for him.

  4. Civil disobedience is still disobedience. Bonk bonk on the head!


    Just kidding.

    Here’s to hoping society decides to stop doing whatever these people don’t want and starts doing whatever it is they want because of their efforts. I can’t imagine why that wouldn’t happen.

    1. Does civil disobedience include blinding federal officers? Inquiring minds want to know? If a significant amount of protesters disagreed with actions like settong fires, they wouldn’t be happening because the people doing it would be getting their asses kicked.

      1. This is not civil disobedience; this is insurrection.

        1. That’s good though right? Like an erection?

          1. Only if you’re the one getting raped.

  5. https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1286444014627983360
    At the riot on 22–23 July, rioters threw incendiary devices (eg molotov cocktails) over the fence protecting the federal courthouse, starting a large fire. They broke part of the fence & started fires all around the park.
    made no arrests.

  6. https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1286406849659432962
    Toddlers and very young children are marched outside the Portland federal courthouse. They carry signs and say, “F— the police” on cue from the adults. One toddler does the black power fist. #BlackLivesMatter

  7. The protesters in Portland are so obnoxious.

    How obnoxious are they?

    The protesters in Portland are so obnoxious, they making average Americans, who were once genuinely upset about police brutality, start wishing that the police would go into Portland and beat the shit out of the “protesters”.

    The last time I saw public opinion do a 180 on something like this was when it came out that the Bush Jr. administration was torturing terrorists. At the time, I didn’t it was possible to create sympathy for terrorists all over the world, much less in the United States, but somehow the Bush administration managed to snatch public opprobrium from the clutches of genuine sympathy for the War on Terror.

    Same thing here.

    I’m not saying that peaceful protesting is wrong. I am saying that it’s become counterproductive in Portland–if the goal is to bring attention to racism and end police brutality. For goodness’ sake, average people will start vocally calling for the police to clear the streets in Portland–if they haven’t already.

    1. Remember the 1972 election. Nixon was certainly not loved, hated even by the mainstream media, and the nation almost all wanted out of Vietnam, yet the leftward lurch of the Democrats under McGovern and civil unrest led to an historic sweep for Tricky Dick.

    2. Police reform doesn’t help the left, thus it had to be sabotaged at all costs.

      As you watch what the left has done over the last 5 years, and especially in 2020: how can you remain indifferent?
      How is the prospect of them gaining power not utterly horrifying?
      Do you real yet that this is a war, a very real existential crisis?

    3. The conflict in any protest movement is really between the actual legitimate protesters and the people who come in and riot/loot/take advantage of the situation for personal gain, or just because it’s “fun”.

      1. Again, arson was up 280% in June 2020 compared to June 2019–and President Trump wasn’t in Portland in June. That surge in arson numbers isn’t because of peaceful protesters.

        If Martin Luther King were alive today, I doubt he would associate himself with what’s happening in Portland. Read this about King’s reaction to the Watts riots:

        “King’s bold truth-telling alienated him from much of the white political and media establishment that had contributed to his rise, in part by contrasting his Christian faith and philosophy of nonviolence with Malcolm X and the rise of black nationalism, self-defense and political self-determination.”


        After the Watts riots, MLK listened intently to the black community of Los Angeles, and he excoriated racists all over the country. If he were alive today, I suspect he’d excoriate the violent white kids in Portland, who are vandalizing the city, burning down its buildings, and generally making a mess of things–in the name of civil rights for blacks? It’s hard to imagine MLK endorsing that in any way.

        Because of Portland, more and more Americans have stopped talking about what we can do to end police brutality against blacks in cities like Minneapolis and started asking questions like, “What will it take to make these spoiled white kids stop destroying the city of Portland?”

        I am sure there are African-Americans in Portland who have legitimate complaints about racism and the way they’re treated in this country by the police, but how can anyone be expected to hear their voices over the sound of fire trucks running around to put out fires set by “protesters”.

        I’ll add this, too–the media is doing a big disservice to peaceful protesters by refusing to user the word “rioter” to differentiate between peaceful protesters, on the one hand, and vandalism, looting, and arson on the other. If the media refers to them all as “protesters”, regardless of whether they’re violent, we shouldn’t be surprised if people start associating protests with violence–and that’s exactly what’s happening. The protesters are marching past our house?! Becky, grab your gun.

        1. There are no peaceful protesters present at day 50 of riots

    4. Person, woman, man, camera, camera, camera, camera….I couldn’t complete it.

  8. https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1286100603916054529
    Graphic: Shane V. Green, who is black, walked inside a NE Portland laundromat & used a sharp handsaw to attack two women. Responding police located him on a nearby street but the arrest was interrupted by Portlanders who screamed at & taunted officers, accusing them of racism.

    1. I have been told by many here that blckong police from interceding is not a violation of the NAP. Those idiots can go fuck their ignorant idealism.

      1. Well, depends on how the blocking happens. And what the police are doing.

      2. Part of what killed George Floyd was the surrounding crowd causing enough of a commotion that paramedics couldn’t get to the scene to assist Floyd through his heart condition.

  9. Need a good war – draft their asses, marine sergeants beating them into conformity, make them fight for something worthwhile. Something long term in say China.

    1. Freedom through compulsion. How nice.

    2. Just clear all the documents and computers out of the federal buildings, lock the doors, and leave. If the peaceful protesters burn the buildings down, rebuild them later in Medford, Coos Bay, or Pendleton.
      What will happen to the election if Portland burns on national TV?

      1. I agree. Let the local gov’t and the dipshits who continaully vote them into office feel the full power of the darkside and have no one to scapegoat. I would also recommend deducting the cost of rebuilding and relocating fed personal from federal funding coming into the state– starting with any public school funding, it obviously failed spectaculary.

        1. They can destroy everything else in Portland.
          They don’t get the courthouse

          1. Nardz, I agree. The Federal courthouse is symbolic of the American idea that all citizens are equal in the eyes of the law. The courthouse is our last bastion of hope where a citizen may go to protect and preserve their liberties. These people, who are insurrectionists, seek to destroy that ideal and replace it with Marxism.

            It is obvious why the insurrectionists target Federal courthouses.

            1. The erectionists are scary. I no like!!!!

      2. If Portland burns, it’s because Trump let is happen to interfere with the election.

        Seriously, do you even CNN?

      3. That makes the most sense of anything I’ve heard. Feds get out and the protests will subside. Having feds without insignia pull protestors at random into unmarked vans riles everyone up especially when they see it happening.

        1. Not at random. And even USAToday radio issued a statement that the lacking insignia line is misinformation. They were wearing insignia of the CBP and had police prominently marked on their chests and back. Hyperbole and repeating misinformation riles me up, because it is just blatantly buying into propaganda.

          1. Why would CBP be in Portland to guard a federal building?

            1. Because Portland is a port city and has an international airport.

              It’s also with in 200 miles of an international border (the coast).

              1. I assume you meant 100 miles.

        2. And according to the story earlier today, it is understandable that they aren’t wearing name tags. Even before the feds showed up, the rioters where writing down license plate numbers of police and civil servants and then showing up at their homes to threaten them, including threatening their lives. You can disagree with them not wearing name tags but you can’t deny it may serve a legitimate function.

        3. Yea, Lester, that totes makes sense.
          I’m sure they were just rioting the previous 40 straight days because they knew the feds were coming anyway

        4. Yes, taking the dog away from the henhouse will stop the fox, too

      4. They can’t abandon the courthouse to the mob.
        Morale 101
        Honestly better to mow down every piece of trash in the crowd than let them take the building.

      5. Can’t speak for the rest of the country, but in Oregon, the electoral college votes of this state are going to Biden, whether PDX burns or not.

        1. Or more accurately, the votes of Portland and Salem and Astoria are going for Biden while Eastern Oregon would love to be part of Idaho (as would Eastern Washington) or their own state.

          1. Honestly, it might be possible to de-escalate some of the civil divisiveness by further splitting up the states. Let Jackson, Wyoming, eastern California/Oregon/Washington, the Rio Grande Valley and the Dallas-San Antonio corridor in Texas, all of Illinois that isn’t Cook County, upstate New York, etc., break off and form their own states to run their affairs how they see fit.

            1. Split off these counties from Illinois: Cook, Lake, McHenry, Kane, DuPage, Kendall, and Will. Make it the state of Chicago, and let the rest of Illinois go its own way.

      6. That’s actually not a bad idea. And then tell Wheeler to get fucked like Trump did to Minneapolis when he comes begging for money to rebuild his smoking turd of a city.

    3. Do you think the army wants this bunch?

      And if we sent them to China, having already been indoctrinated in leftism, how do you know they won’t join the CCP and fight against us?

      1. I’d like them to fight for China against us (officially, not like they are now) but I doubt china would let them
        Maybe as meat shields

        1. Meat shields describes the function of 90% of the PLA.

        2. Who raised you people? Jesus fucking christ.

        3. Isn’t that how they’re effectively acting now?

  10. The Revolution Will Not Be Twitterised

    1. There will be no pictures of you and Willie May
      Pushing that shopping cart down the block on the dead run
      Or trying to slide that color TV into a stolen ambulance

      …Well yeah, okay, there will probably be some looting and violence, but…

      Like the sentiment of not, The revolution will not be televised is great spoken word music.

      1. Gil Scott Heron is great. I was listening to the new Run the Jewels the other day and really liking it, digging both the production and the words. One track on that album borrows a riff from “Ether,” the first track on Gang of Four’s Entertainment!, an album I absolutely adore. Gang of Four were (are?) unabashed Marxists, and I have no love for the BLM/DIE politics Run the Jewels anthemizes, but hey, music is music. Using art to draw ideological boundaries is for the kind of people currently tearing down Portland.

        1. RTJ is killing it like always.

          “At some point in the future, they’re going to try to label us a ‘Political Rap Group’ and that we are not. We don’t care what party you belong to, we don’t care who you supported, we don’t care what you’re doing tomorrow, politically. We care that socially every one of you know you are absolutely born free and nothing has a right to interrupt that freedom. We love you.” – Killer Mike | @NPR | 2/6/2017

  11. “Feds out of Portland”
    So they are secessionists.

    1. And a Republican in the White House. History repeats.

      1. First as tragedy, then as farce.

    2. The “Whose streets? Our streets!” chant really passes me off.
      No, you collectivist little shits, Daddy Gov is just letting you play. And if it weren’t for Daddy Gov’s protection, Americans might come along and sweep you the fuck out of them

      1. True

  12. Can someone explain to me the logic of federal law enforcement (not troops like the author stated) inside a federal building is unconstitutional and an occupation?

    1. The POTUS is a colored person, and some people have issues with it.

      1. Not sure o saw anything like that at the Tea Party Rallies I attended, but maybe it was hidden. Shrug.

    2. I can explain it easily–for the people chanting this, logic has literally nothing to do with it.

      It’s power, just power…. power all the way down, sir.

    3. Because they are not limiting themselves to the federal building

      1. They pretty much are, other than some targeted arrests for questioning, after which the individuals are released. And all the arrests are directly related to the attacks against the federal building, which is well within the purview of federal law enforcement, even for a staunch federalist.

        1. Can the feds pull people off the street without formally arresting them?

          You must go with police only if you are formally arrested for an offense or formally detained for questioning about an indictable offense.

          You must also go with police for a blood or breath test in relation to a drink or drug driving offense.

          Otherwise, if police ask you to go with them to the police station, you can refuse.

          The police can’t force you to go to the police station without arresting you. If they insist that you go with them, you can ask if you’re under arrest. If not, you don’t have to go.

          If these feds don’t have probable cause, they could be sued for false arrest. However the person suing has a very, very low probability of success.

          1. You just stated it, they can detain you for questioning in relationship to an indictable offense. That doesn’t actually require an indictment it just has to be part of an investigation. You answered your own question. Thanks for playing and proving my point.

          2. Why should I give a fuck about your allies getting party-vanned? You certainly wouldn’t give a damn if it was happening to your political enemies.

            Stop acting out the political version of the “smug atheist” meme, it’s completely transparent.

            1. Because it could happen to you, too. That is why you should care about the liberties of others. Their liberty is your liberty.

              1. “Bro the communists are getting arrested bro you have to really care please bro what about freedom bro yeah I know these people hate you and would hurt you and your family and take your shit if they had the chance but please bro please care what about libertarian values bro please bro what if you’re next dude think about it man go fight it out with ex-special forces and ranger batt guys so we can free the demiqueer non-binary anarchocommunists bro who’s going to do drag queen story hour or get your fired for your tweets bro come on man be real.”

          3. You can absolutely be brought in for questioning. You can absolutely be detained as a person of interest. You can absolutely be held for up to 24-72 hours,mdepending onnthe day and the jurisdiction, without charges.
            You people who lie out your ass, or are just supremely stupid, or that great combo of ignorant and arrogant, aren’t fooling anybody with the crap talking points you pull out of your ass and fling against the wall.

            1. If the status quo currently legally permits unnamed officers throwing random people into unmarked vans, without charges, without an arrest and without any due process, and to hold them in a cage for days, then the status quo is wrong and should be changed.

              1. The only person who’s been literally thrown into a van in this country recently is Hillary.

            2. Right, which means they have arrested you.

        2. Yeah, no, they are not. I saw a few videos of these thugs throwing people into unmarked vehicles and they were not on federal property. But why am I not surprised you are cheering on these jackboots? The entire DHS should be abolished. Except for John.

          1. How cute. The idiot is mad.

            That is proper protocol in cases like this.

            It is funny watching your arguments. If the feds tackled and took down rioters in the middle of the crowd youd scream bloody murder. So they wait until away from crowds to do so, and you scream bloody murder.

            You’re just plain ignorant.

          2. They don’t have to be on federal property to be detained in a federal investigation. And I’ve seen the videos also. No one was thrown. That is pure hyperbole. And disingenuous.

          3. And who is cheering them on? I was pointing out the difference between the hype and what is actually going on. If you think actual facts are cheering on, that explains all your problems.

          4. The only person who’s been literally thrown into a van in this country recently is Hillary.

            1. He, I’m sure Chi-town has another black site up and running by now.

          5. Ah, the old Floor is Lava legal doctrine

      2. But then again, I am not surprised you are buying into the complete hyperbolic propaganda of the rioters. You are more than half sympathetic to progressives, as you’ve shown time and again. You call other people bootlickers and slavers while completely forgiving the authoritarianism of the progressive left.

      3. They are not matching down the streets. They are not conducting roadblocks. They are not enforcing curfews. They are not taking over the civil government. They aren’t troops. Basically they are not doing anything that an army of occupation would do to actually occupy a city. Nor, according to the courts is it unconstitutional to detain someone temporarily for questioning during an active investigation. You may disagree with the courts, but that is how the courts currently view the question. Weren’t you on here last year defending the FBI questioning of Flynn without mirandizing him and denying he needed a lawyer and then charging him with lying to federal law enforcement? So it is okay when the feds do it to someone you dislike but it automatically becomes occupation when it is done to someone you sympathize with?

        1. Eunuch is just really desperate to be liked, and he still thinks leftists are the cool kids

          1. Have you ever made any sense? If I was so desperate to be liked, why would I be posting comments here?

            1. Because nobody likes you anywhere. Here at least you can impress Jeff.

            2. Chipper Morning Wood———————
              July.23.2020 at 10:42 pm
              “Have you ever made any sense? If I was so desperate to be liked, why would I be posting comments here?”

              YOU are asking THAT?!
              Fuck off you slimy piece of lefty shit.

            3. I like you, Chipper.

        2. DOL was pulling some hilariously ridiculous glow-in-the-dark shit a couple days ago, basically daring the ” wannabe soldiers of fortune” to pick up a gun because there was supposedly real, actual tyranny going on, and if we didn’t do it, we weren’t real libertarians.

          LMAO, get fucked. If DOL and his luminescent buddies really think Trump = Hitler, they can get off their comfortable asses and start the shooting themselves. We’re certainly under no obligation to help them in their little insurrectionist LARP. I initially thought he wouldn’t want to leave his kid without a father by kicking off a real, actual war with the feds, but hey, MUH PRINCIPULZ and all that.

          1. Well he was special forces like he loves to tell everyone.

            1. The funny thing is I knew a few ex SF and Rangers when I was in. And I only knew because of the third tabs. They never had to tell anyone.

        3. And who is marching down the streets, conducting roadblocks, and enforcing their own arbitrary edicts, frequently with violence, while the local pretend government hide under their desks? The rioters. More cop than the cops.

        4. Oh good heavens. So because they are not 100% an “occupying army” that makes it okay to throw random people into unmarked vans with zero due process?

          Was Flynn thrown into an unmarked van without an arrest or being read his Miranda rights?

          People are calling them “troops” because they are behaving like black ops soldiers in war. I don’t see their shiny nametags or any semblance of a formal arrest. People are not even being told WHY they are being thrown into vans.

          1. O GUD HEBENS

  13. According to this, there’s at least one young couple who show up to this every night and try to put out fires and/or convince people not to start fires. I get that they’re trying to embrace a show of peaceful protest, but perhaps at some point they should stop associating with this crowd.

    1. Hope they stay safe. Based upon history, they will be the mobs next target for violence.

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  15. Trump is hoping against hope that the protestors in Portland and other places (Chicago is next) get more and more reactive so that he can look like a “law and order” hero. The federal agents are a giant troll. Every time a roiled-up recently unemployed millenial lights a dumpster fire next to the federal building he wins a propaganda round and the homeland security pseudo swat guys get to spray more teargas and roil everyone up more.

    1. So the unemployed millennials destroying government property is Trump’s fault because he is protecting government property? The rioters weren’t destroying public and private property before Trump sent in law enforcement to protect a federal courthouse? Or is are you just trying to blame all the violence on one person rather than the actual initiators? I am going to go with the third option because the first two are just fucking lacking any resemblance to reality. Keep up the good work.

      1. Nope it’s not Trump’s fault. I’m saying he is playing them and he is succeeding.

        1. So he is protecting federal property that they are intent on destroying and you state he is playing them? And if he is succeeding it is directly a result of 50 days of violence in Portland.

    2. You are so right about everything. It is all Trump’s fault. Pete Carrol not electing to let Lynch attempt the TD from the 1 yard line and thus losing the Superbowl, all Trump’s fault. The Hindenburg. Trump’s fault. The reign of terror. Right you are Trump’s fault.

      1. It’s happened before, man! From X-Files

        1. Reason seems to desperately want to be part of the revolution because it’s so cool but on the other hand it’s so retarded too.

      2. Now why the fuck did you have to bring up SB49? I was having a good evening! Damn you!

        1. Because it still hurts man. Although I think a play action drag route to the corner would have been a better call. Not the quick slant.

          1. It does hurt. Hawks would have been one of the few franchises to win 2 in a row (nobody has ever won 3 in a row), instead are probably more remembered for that failed play than the defense that won it for them the year before.

            1. And almost won it that game. That and Wilson’s improv plays in the 4th quarter. I live how they always say his arm is understength when he generally leads the league in passes over 25 yards, almost half of which are the result of broken plays he stretches out into big gains.

              1. Who says his arm is under strength?
                He’s widely acknowledged as the best deep ball passer in the league.
                Check his Madden ratings if you doubt me (not that Madden is infallible – their lists of the 10 highest rated players in the game at each position have been drawing quite a bit of well deserved criticism – but in this case, their rating matches league opinion)

                1. I think most people now realize his arm strength is above average, and a lot think he’s a potential HOF QB. Even Pete Prisco has admitted Wilson is actually pretty good at football.

                2. It was more during his earlier career I will admit. But as a lifelong 12 it still burns me up.

                  1. They included passes of 12+ yards. We were discussing 25+ yards.

                    1. And it says something about how common the read offense is anymore that sportswriters consider a 12 yard pass a deep pass.

            2. Yea, well… at least you got one.
              I’ve been a Falcons fan for 20 years, and my father is a lifelong Browns fan.
              So much woe

              1. The Factory of Sadness

    3. Lester224
      July.23.2020 at 8:56 pm
      “Trump is hoping against hope that the protestors in Portland and other places (Chicago is next) get more and more reactive so that he can look like a “law and order” hero…”

      And TDS victims like you are hoping the Ds somehow duck responsibility for this

    4. Trump is clearly reading from the Nixon playbook. Use protests to scare people into voting for Team Red in order to “keep them safe” from the violent radicals.

      1. Maybe the radicals shouldn’t be so violent.

  16. Soon enough Wheeler will, as will we all, be tear-gassed, and then led away by a plainclothes detail.

    Which just goes to show you, although it may be slow, there is justice. Maybe next time the feds will toss him in the back of one of those vans and give him an old-time tune up. Ain’t we got fun?

    1. He wanted to be gassed with the protesters. The self-flagellation is a testament to the depth of his devotion.

      It’s like getting baptized. Now you’re one of us.

      That was his dream anyway.

      1. It was a dream alright: “FUCK TED WHEELER”

    2. He was led away by his detail not because of the tear gas but because the mob was getting more unruly and threatening him. She kind of left that part out.

    3. I wonder how much his “plain clothes detail” is getting paid, and if they’re cops on assignment or private contractors (paid by tax dollars either way, of course).
      If they’re cops, how have they not told him to go fuck himself yet?
      Last night would’ve been the perfect time to quit. Just dip out while he’s making his little speech and let him deal with the mess he’s created

      1. Leftists will only stop if you force them to.
        Violence is the only deterrent they understand

      2. If even half of the rumors about how the Clintons and Obamas treated their Secret Service details are true, it makes you wonder the same thing.

        1. I happen to have some inside info on how Andy Cuomo treats his State Police detail, and it’s easily as bad as any of those rumors. I wholeheartedly believe that the rumors underplay the reality.

        2. I suspect they screen for very particular personality types in that job.


    4. “…Which just goes to show you, although it may be slow, there is justice. Maybe next time the feds will toss him in the back of one of those vans and give him an old-time tune up. Ain’t we got fun?..”

      Sarc or stupidity?

  17. some of them really want to help people that are in trouble,” he said, “and sometimes that help means they need to use violence.”

    Would it be more precise to say “and sometimes that want means they feel they need to use violence”?

    1. The funny thing is, is that the right had been saying this for awhile. It was a common defense for overthrowing Hussein, a murderer and borderline genocidal maniac who didn’t use tear gas but VX and Mustard gas on protestors. I doubt the one who said that would defend the US overthrowing Hussein (but possibly would support the overthrow of Gaddafi, who was probably the least troublesome Mideast dictator). Note I am not trying to justify the Iraqi war, just pointing out the probable hypocrisy.

    2. My main takeaway from this piece is Nancy needs better friends

  18. “Operation Legend” is sending troops to Chicago, Albuquerque and several other cities. The troops are already there in some instances. The stated goal is to address the high crime rates.

    It went from this scene in Portland, there were protesters and then the feds came – and now the headlines are used to it, and troops are going more places. “left” media blames the right wing. “rightwing” media blames leftist big government. With the civilians all busy blaming each other, ..what is this anyway. I have no expectation that the troops will leave. If there were going to be police reforms, demilitarization, et cetera, now the feds are already there and how much of a difference will it make. I’ll be honest I don’t see the “left” coming up with this on their own.

    1. They aren’t troops. They are law enforcement. Big fucking difference. Call them troops when it is the 4th ID rolling through downtown Chicago.

      1. You’re right. My mistake. Truly I have never realized how many different law enforcement agencies there are in the US.

      2. You’re right. My mistake. Truly I have never realized how many different law enforcement agencies there are in the US.

        What are federal investigators if not FBI? Does it just sound better than to say “35 FBI agents went to Albuquerque…”

        1. That is an entirely different debate and one where you will probably find we have common ground. However, I think a large problem is both the cops and many opposed to the cops think of them the same as soldiers. And trust me, they ain’t fucking soldiers. They often lack the discipline, or the mindset of soldiers. And the hyperbole of calling them troops is just disingenuous and propaganda.

          1. That’s an interesting point. Thank you.

            1. Here’s the thing. I’m sure most readers are ahead of me on this here. But it seems like the primary reason it’s not the National Guard in Portland instead of the DHS PACT task force is that the Guard is accountable to states, which in the case of Oregon and other places are not going to deploy their Guard troops to the protests. It seems that at the federal level there was a sense that they needed something that wasn’t troops but was under federal control. As other posters have pointed out the Marshals already exist. So this new task force is created and sent to Portland, where there are protests, and then three other places with significant crime but limited protests. I think “what are they trying to do?” is a reasonable question. It is definitely a type of propaganda and doesn’t do justice to the actual military and actual soldiers. The drug war is the favorite place to blur those lines. Here’s my crystal ball, they went to those cities to try to find the govt a drug war victory a la putting El Chapo in a Colorado prison. If they get it by November it could influence the election, or people might think it might.

              “DHS created the PACT, which will conduct ongoing assessments of potential civil unrest or destruction and allocate resources to protect people and property. This may involve potential surge activity to ensure the continuing protection of critical locations. DHS’s Office of Operations Coordination will also partner closely with the Departments of Justice and Interior to establish information and intelligence sharing.” 7/01/2020 dhs.gov/news

        2. “…What are federal investigators if not FBI? Does it just sound better than to say “35 FBI agents went to Albuquerque…”

          Need help moving those goal posts?

          1. Seems like he’s actually trying to think about it.

    2. My fault, not “troops,” “investigators.”
      What are they going to find between now and November?

      1. Who knows and in reality, who cares if they find it now or next January? Why the timeframe?

    3. Heh, all the tacticools in the country wouldn’t fix Albuquerque’s crime problem anyway.

    4. I honestly don’t understand the rationale for sending the Feds here to ABQ. We aren’t even having protests any more, from what I’ve seen.

      Though, I guess we probably will be again.

      1. It is so that Trump can flex his LAWN ORDER muscles and appear to be the tough Daddy Trump figure to keep everyone safe. Who cares if a few random people are tossed into unmarked vans. Can’t have a successful re-election omelette without breaking a few eggs.

  19. Just waiting for the next shooting story to break. Can’t be long now.

  20. O/T – Republican convention was just canceled.

    1. Yea, I’m pissed at Trump for that one.
      I was looking forward to hanging out down there.
      These public health “experts” need to hang

      1. Here was what “public health” experts said.


        However, as public health advocates, we do not condemn these gatherings as risky for COVID-19 transmission. We support them as vital to the national public health and to the threatened health specifically of Black people in the United States. We can show that support by facilitating safest protesting practices without detracting from demonstrators’ ability to gather and demand change. This should not be confused with a permissive stance on all gatherings, particularly protests against stay-home orders. Those actions not only oppose public health interventions, but are also rooted in white nationalism and run contrary to respect for Black lives. Protests against systemic racism, which fosters the disproportionate burden of COVID-19 on Black communities and also perpetuates police violence, must be supported.

        Public health is as scientific as Lysenkoism, phrenology, and Nazi “racial science”

        1. So a bunch of protests with no clear goal and a bunch of associated violence is essential, but carrying out an election in a normal way is not.
          Conventions are bullshit anyway these days, so it doesn’t make any real difference.

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  22. Does anyone remember why the protests started anymore?

    I’m all for ending Civil Asset Forfeiture, particularly before a person is found guilty of a crime.

    I’m all for ending Qualified Immunity, particularly if juries are allowed penalize plaintiffs and their lawyers if they deem a lawsuit to be bogus and simply brought forth to harass the defendant.

    I’m all for the elimination of victimless crimes.

    The violent protests in Portland distracts from making real progress. The Republicans are apathetic to real change, but I figure that the Democrats don’t really want to make progress either because they need the social tension and divisions to maintain their power.

    If you want real change vote both Republicans and Democrats out of office and vote for the Libertarian candidate. The Republicans and Democrats have made the mess, so why trust them to solve it. The Libertarians have not been in power, so they surely can’t be to blame.

    The shock heard around the world would be for Jo Jorgensen to be elected as President in November. Not only as the first Libertarian, but as the first female president. jo20.com

    1. “…The violent protests in Portland distracts from making real progress. The Republicans are apathetic to real change, but I figure that the Democrats don’t really want to make progress either because they need the social tension and divisions to maintain their power.”

      “If you want real change vote both Republicans and Democrats out of office and vote for the Libertarian candidate. The Republicans and Democrats have made the mess, so why trust them to solve it. The Libertarians have not been in power, so they surely can’t be to blame.”
      I live in CA, so my vote for POTUS goes to the L-party candidate, but it doesn’t matter. If I thought it would, I’d vote for Trump.

      The shock heard around the world would be for Jo Jorgensen to be elected as President in November. Not only as the first Libertarian, but as the first female president. jo20.com

  23. Every time I look at Ted Wheeler I can’t help but get reminded of Ambassador Stevens.

    I have a feeling that before the year is over, one of these pro antifa mayors or governors will get seriously hurt, or even get killed. Ted Wheeler got a bit too cute walking straight into anarchists with security detail that was probably outnumbered 5 to 1. The Feds were likely too far away to do anything about the next Jared Loughner from emptying a clip on him at point black range.

    And that’s the question journos aren’t asking – what’s going through the mind of the next deranged mass shooter, as he obsessively watches footage over these riots? What’s the difference between a manifesto from someone like Chris Dorner and antifa?

    The left comically emphasizes mental health service in trying to defund the police. And yet they glorify and play out violence against the “system” in the grandest manner possible, feeding he revolutionary fantasies and resentment of incels and other mentally disturbed individuals of society?

    Has the left emphasized the importance of family? Personal responsibility? Basic morality and human warmth that goes beyond racial issues? No. Their entire world revolves around identity politics, and the society is perpetually divided between the oppressed and oppressor. Like religious fanatics, they want all of what they perceive to be evil (racist) to be purged and rendered as untouchables of society.

  24. “Soon enough Wheeler will, as will we all, be tear-gassed, and then led away by a plainclothes detail.”

    Hmm. Plainclothes cops without any identifying badges or labels. Sounds a lot like “secret” police. Guess it’s okay if they’re Socialist secret police.


    1. It is telling how the ‘journolists’ employ their verbiage without a single moment of introspection.

      Almost as if they do not give a shit.

  25. Look at all the bootlickers here literally defending federal mercenaries throwing people into unmarked vans with no respect for due process or the rights of the individuals. None of you have any idea whether the people thrown into vans have any connection whatsoever to property damage or any crime at all. You’re just blindly accepting the state’s rationalizations.

    If this were happening in a third world country, you would be calling it an authoritarian shithole. FFS this is the type of crap that the Chinese authorities do in response to the Hong Kong protests. And that is the model that you want to see emulated here?

    If this were happening under Obama, you’d be screaming about tyranny and grabbing your guns to defend against the severe encroachments against liberty.

    But because it’s people you don’t like that are being targeted (presumably – again you really have no idea who is being detained, and why), and it’s people you do like who are in charge, you trip over yourselves to defend this monstrosity.

    Federal police want to defend Federal property? Fine. Then that’s all they do. Stand there and put up the fencing and stop people from damaging the building. THAT’S IT. No more running around Portland in unmarked vans picking up random people. This is police state bullshit. It has to end.

  26. 1) Plainclothes sounds like they’re wearing Dockers. 😀 Pictures I’ve seen, they stand out from the crowd. I’d not want my name on anything, even if I was changing oil at the Jiffy Lube: these violent doxxers would burn my house down if I had the wrong cheap tattoo.

    2) These doofuses saying that the federal presence is unconstitutional is rich. Sorry, dudes, it was crafted by slave owners so it doesn’t apply to you. In the van you go!

    3) Yeah, what *do* they want? The city is full of white progressives. Are they upset that more Black people don’t live there?

    4) What makes me dislike these progressives more than anything is that they’ve made me start sounding like a conservative. Jesus.

  27. All I see is thugs and felons.

    1. Ok OK All I see are thugs and felons

      1. Is…are…dude it’s cool. As long as you don’t go full retard like Jeffy above and claim federal agents cannot arrest people outside of the federal courthouse, you’re welcome here.

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