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Homeland Security Acting Like 'An Occupying Army' Says Sen. Wyden, After Federal Agents Shoot Peaceful Portland Protester

Plus: Free press threats, marriage licensing woes, Fiona Apple fights for prisoners, Trump spox talk up masks, and more...


Federal law enforcement agencies "are surging resources" in protest areas. A young man was hospitalized Saturday and required facial reconstruction surgery after being shot in the head by an impact munition that federal agents fired into a crowd of peaceful protesters in Portland, Oregon. The agents were there to carry out a recent executive order, framed by the White House as a move to protect national parks and monuments.

Twenty-six-year-old Donavan LaBella was holding a speaker above his head across from the federal courthouse in downtown Portland when one of a group of camouflage-clad federal agents threw some sort of smoking, flashing canister at him. LaBella rolled the canister away from this feet, into an empty portion of the street, then held up the speaker again. Suddenly there was a loud bang, then some sort of impact munition (a.k.a. "firearm-delivered projectiles," such as rubber bullets or bean bags) flying through the air. Then LaBella falls to the ground. Other protesters come to his aid and drag him out of the street.

Video captured the whole horrifying incident.

"An American has been shot and sent to the hospital for apparently exercising his right of free speech," marveled Steven Strauss, a visiting professor at Princeton.

Donavan's mom, Desiree LaBella, told Oregon Public Broadcasting that her son had sustained skull and facial fractures and had to have facial reconstruction surgery. As of Sunday morning, he was responding to doctors and able to move his arms and legs.

"Desiree LaBella said she planned to contact an attorney Monday for a possible lawsuit on behalf of her son," reports Oregon Public Broadcasting. "She spoke to her son via computer late Sunday morning and said that while he was awake, doctors were monitoring his neurological condition and continuing work to drain blood from his brain."

The U.S. Marshals Service said in a statement that it was "aware of the incident" and it was "currently being investigated."

What happened to Donovan LaBella demonstrates "the consequences of Donald Trump unilaterally dispatching fed'l law enforcement into U.S. cities," Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) tweeted on Sunday. "Trump & Homeland Security must now answer why fed'l officers are acting like an occupying army."

A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official told NPR that hundreds of federal agents—including members of the U.S. Marshals' Special Operations Group, as well as a Border Patrol Tactical Unit—had been deployed in Portland and elsewhere around the country as part of Trump's June 26 executive order. DHS "sent officers to Portland; Seattle; Washington, D.C.; and Gettysburg National Park in Pennsylvania, according to a DHS official who spoke on background."

At a military briefing in Florida last Friday, President Donald Trump asked for an update on protests in Portland, saying to the DHS head "we sent you there recently….And you people are handling it very nicely."

Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf told Trump "we should have more support of the local police there. But again, the Department of Homeland Security, along with the DOJ, FBI and others are surging resources and we're starting to make a difference there."

NPR notes that "Wolf claimed there had been violence against officers in Portland. DHS later clarified Wolf was referring to fireworks shot toward officers as well as protesters pointing lasers at federal police. Several protesters in Portland were charged with assault on a federal officer because of those actions."


Free press facing growing threats around the globe. Journalists around the world are facing governmental threats to their safety and freedom. "Power is consolidating power," Maria Ressa, co-founder of the Filipino news site Rappler, told Ben Smith of The New York Times.

Smith looks at how "journalism that confronts power"—in the Philippines, Malaysia, Hungary, Russia, and elsewhere—is being thwarted and those writing and publishing it are being attacked:

Ms. Ressa [who was convicted under a new "cyber libel" law] is awaiting her appeal. Lina Attalah, the editor in chief of one of Egypt's few remaining independent voices, Mada Masr, was arrested while interviewing an activist in May and is also out on bail. A Meduza correspondent was held by police in Moscow for two nights on trumped-up drug charges last summer.

"They are the little Gaulish village holding out against Rome," marveled Naresh Fernandes, the editor and co-founder of Scroll, an Indian news site. Scroll, like the Hong Kong Free Press, represents a different strain in the current crisis for independent media—both are digital outlets in countries now rolling back their once-robust free press traditions….

The attacks on them are a tribute to their power, to an independence that reflects the best promise of the internet and to the threats they pose to corrupt and autocratic leaders.

More here.


Get government out of marriage licensing.


• Fiona Apple speaks out for people in prisons wracked by COVID-19:

• President Donald Trump donned a mask in public for the first time over the weekend. "It's really essential to wear masks," Admiral Adm. Brett Giroir, an assistant secretary at the Department of Health and human Services, told ABC's This Week. "We have to have like 90 percent of people wearing the masks in public in the hot spot areas. If we don't have that, we will not get control of the virus."

• Jerome Adams of the U.S. Public Health Service—who started the pandemic telling people that masks didn't work—has changed his tune, telling Face the Nation that "once upon a time, we prescribed cigarettes for asthmatics, and leeches and cocaine and heroin for people as medical treatments….When we learn better, we do better."

• Florida continued to report bad COVID-19 numbers over the weekend:

• A somber look at the decline of U.S. newspapers.

• Mike Masnick with an interesting and nuanced take on the Harper's letter.

• "The practice of civil asset forfeiture in contemporary times has its roots in the War on Drugs, and is often defended on the grounds that it's necessary to seize ill-gotten assets from drug lords. But in reality, the practice often sweeps up either completely innocent people or those only peripherally related to criminal activity," writes the Orange County Register editorial board.

• Protecting and serving:

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  1. Twenty-six-year-old Donavan LaBella was holding a speaker above his head across from the federal courthouse in downtown Portland when one of a group of camouflage-clad federal agents threw some sort of smoking, flashing canister at him.

    They’d all heard that Peter Gabriel song before.

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      2020. smh.

    4. >>that Peter Gabriel song

      i wanna say Shock the Monkey but it sounds racist

      1. Just realized it was “in your eyes”
        That’s pretty damn hilarious…


        Too soon?

        1. Yes, which is why I stopped short of pointing that out in my comment, you monster.

          1. brevity soul wit

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  2. Smith looks at how “journalism that confronts power”—in the Philippines, Malaysia, Hungary, Russia, and elsewhere…

    Elsewhere being Trump’s America.

    1. Journalists ARE power in America. They are part of the system, and in many cases they are a pseudo-branch of various intelligence agencies.

  3. If it’s Not “Cancel Culture,” What Kind of Culture is it? Another long week in the all-stick, no-carrot revolution

    Last Friday, over 500 students and lecturers signed a letter denouncing Harvard professor Steven Pinker. Citing five tweets and one line from a book, the signatories demanded Pinker be repudiated by the Linguistics Society of America for a history of “speaking over genuine grievances” at “the exact moment when Black and Brown people are mobilizing against systemic racism.”

    The charges were beyond obscure. The effort to find traces of racism in Pinker’s massive bibliography of public statements recalled the way excited Christians periodically discover the face of Jesus in tree stumps or wall mold.

    Pinker for instance is accused of having tweeted “Police kill too many people, black and white” (an “all lives matter” trope, signatories cried!), of using the phrase “urban crime” (a dog whistle!), and of calling it “statistically obtuse” to suggest the incel murderer of six women at UCSB was not acting as part of a sexist pattern.

    That last episode particularly enraged signatories, as evidence of “downplaying the actual murder of six women.” Unfortunately, none of the accusing lecturers and PhD candidates, who presumably have done research before, noticed the actual spree killing to which Pinker referred involved two women and four men, not six women. But who’s counting? “Regardless of the identities of his victims,” the letter-writers noted in a bitter correction, “the murderer was driven by misogyny.”

    1. Math is hard.

      1. And who knows what the assigned-female-at-birth victims actually identified as, genderally speaking?

        1. Shit. So newer-age Barbie now has to say “Gender is hard”.

          And she has a penis.

    2. “Misogyny” being the new competitor to Uber?

    3. Well, since they have a list of 600 offenders, when does the school intend to hold hearings on the infringement of academic freedom?

  4. Get government out of marriage licensing.

    Then how will I force others to accept my non-traditional (but within bounds) marriage as culturally valid? And also get special privileges that others with weird ideas about marriage don’t get.

    1. I’m old enough to remember the Gay battle cry of the ’60s, ’70s, “Government Out of the Bedroom.” Now, it’s Government Into the Bedroom,” to validate your life choices.

    2. Government should have nothing to do with Marriage outside of contract enforcement as to the agreed to terms of said marriage.

      Make every marriage a contract, or a non contract of no liabilities for either partner if so desired.

    WATCH: Anti-Paedophilia protestors clash with Antifa during #MarchforInnocence. Article on the day’s events forthcoming.

    1. After reading the comments, it appears that they are very much like Antifa. Anyone who criticizes their tactics is a pedo just like anyone who criticizes Antifa is a fascist.

  6. Fiona Apple speaks out for people in prisons wracked by COVID-19…

    Man, I hate to be that cynical, but didn’t she just put out a new album?

    1. Yup, and it’s awful. I liked ‘Tidal’ too, when it came out 20 some odd years ago.

  7. President Donald Trump donned a mask in public for the first time over the weekend.

    And his necktie turned from red to blue.

    1. Suddenly, masks aren’t cool anymore.

      1. Just pandering to the virus.

      2. Suddenly, masks aren’t cool anymore.


    How Islam moderated slavery
    Islam’s approach to slavery added the idea that freedom was the natural state of affairs for human beings and in line with this it limited the opportunities to enslave people, commended the freeing of slaves and regulated the way slaves were treated:

    Islam greatly limited those who could be enslaved and under what circumstances (although these restrictions were often evaded)
    Islam treated slaves as human beings as well as property
    Islam banned the mistreatment of slaves – indeed the tradition repeatedly stresses the importance of treating slaves with kindness and compassion
    Islam allowed slaves to achieve their freedom and made freeing slaves a virtuous act
    Islam barred Muslims from enslaving other Muslims

    1. Slaves came from many places
      Unlike the Atlantic slave traders, Muslims enslaved people from many cultures as well as Africa. Other sources included the Balkans, Central Asia and Mediterranean Europe.

      1. Equal opportunity slavery? Would this be okay with racial justice warriors?

        1. Yes as long as it’s called socialism. Look at the great nation of Cuba, where you are forced to work and you don’t get paid, and you master determines what you get

          1. “From each according to his abilities” is not a request.

      2. There were even a few raids on iceland iirc.

    2. Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
      Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

      Time for a lyric change. BBC says it totes OK.

    3. Never mind the history, there are people being enslaved even now in places like Libya. (Missing Quadaffi yet, Libyans?) It is at least partly racially-based, because the slaves are usually from African countries south of Libya (i.e. black, but no doubt at least some are Muslims). They are lured by Libyan slavers with phoney promises of safe passage to Europe or elsewhere and are instead sold off to Libyans to work as unpaid labor.

      I don’t know if it’s more amazing and disheartening that this is going on in the 21st century or that the press is largely trying to ignore it.

      1. The globalists tried to create a new Multicultural World Order, and instead ended up reviving African chattel slavery, tribal warfare throughout the Middle East, and are about to ignite an insurrectionist anarcho-communist race war in one of the largest nuclear-armed nations in the world (not to mention nuke powers India and China getting spicy with each other).

      2. Or Mauritania, the official shittiest country in the world, which didn’t ban slavery until 1981 and had no laws enforcing the ban until 2007. Something like 4% of the population is still enslaved.

        1. I told that to some BLM idiot on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. If you really were offended by slavery, you would be trying to do something about the slavery that exists today instead of tearing down statues of people who owned slaves 150 or more years ago. The person literally had no response to other than to say that I was just an out of touch old white guy.

          The one thing that all of these people have in common is a near total inability to think rationally or respond to rational arguments. The education system really has done a job on these people.

          1. To paraphrase Instapundit, when we finally defund higher ed, they will claim it is due to “anti intellectualism”

          2. I think that’s human nature. You have to choose to think rationally and it’s hard.

          3. What lie shall we believe?

            Tearing down the statues achieves the goal that shuts the idea up that something was offensive.

            Those statues weren’t forcing anyone to do anything.

            But some kind of poly-rhetoric was behind these operations.

            Tearing down statues looks like the facade — a body acting but not specifically doing the hard-core thinking. Moving ahead on existing queue of political goals already in bill form looks like incentive.

            “Confederacy survivors, tear down this wall!”

    4. so, Washington and Jefferson should be praised for being goodMuslims? I am so confused…

    5. Muslims cut the dicks and balls off of pre-adolencent boys so they can guard muslim’s slave sex toys. So, yeah.

    6. Yes force castration. Ritual strangulations. Sex slavery. Shackled to a galley oar, in your own filth until you died is so humane.

  9. …once upon a time, we prescribed cigarettes for asthmatics, and leeches and cocaine and heroin for people as medical treatments…

    Yeah, about that…

    1. The good old days. * Sniff. *

    2. Cocaine is still used for eye surgery and the morphine you get after surgery is basically heroin.

      1. Amphetamines are prescribed to children, but yeah look how much better we are than our stupid ancestors. They didn’t even think to give their stuff a different name like we do!

      2. Science much? Morphine is not basically heroin. Heroin is a derivative, formed by acetylation of morphine. It’s @ twice as powerful as morphine.

    1. Several local reports on the incident do not mention the BLM connection to the murder.

      “What?! And get *shot*?!”

    2. The lack of national attention on this stuff is astounding…

      The range I’ve seen as to BLM related deaths over the last 6 weeks is 22-26 incidents or shootings related to either protests or due to agitation/conflict regarding BLM slogans/arguments.

      It is insane this is being ignored or narrative fixed for the most part.

      1. Yep. Another thing that’s conspicuous by its absence is the SCOTUS Oklahoma ruling.

    3. There was also the guy in Michigan who ran his car head-on into a guy riding a Harley because he assumed that anyone riding a Harley was a “white supremacist.” Of the guy who punched out that 92-year-old woman in New York.

      This is the poisonous fruit of academia and mass media, along with race mongers like Tim Wise, over the last 50 years–they’ve managed to finally whip minorities into a destructive frenzy but won’t take any responsibility for the destruction they’ve incited.

    4. Remember: It’s Only a Hate Crime when Whitey Does It

  10. “A somber look at the decline of U.S. newspapers.”

    Maybe Charles Koch can use his hard-earned fortune to keep newspapers in business like he does for Reason Magazine. The arrangement could be identical — receive generous funding from Mr. Koch as long as you promote his agenda of unlimited, unrestricted immigration (and no minimum wage).


  11. This is the highest single-day increase any state has ever reported since the pandemic began.

    How much work is the word reported doing in that statement?

    1. “Damn that increased testing!”

      1. Deaths remain consistent, and about 10x less than the rate of NY. Praise NY!!!

    2. I thought masks had this thing under control!

    3. A lot. That sentence is misleading in a lot of ways. The “increase” is an increase to the tally of positive tests, most likely not a single day increase in infections. These numbers are meaningless without knowing time of onset for the infections.

      Stop reporting raw testing numbers. All it does is scare people who can’t be bothered to look into what they actually represent.

      1. That’s the goal

  12. In CA our family got 5 ballots this year. There are only 3 registered voters in our house and my son’s ballot came before he even turned 18. Then he got another one. I just chucked it, obviously. But how many people don’t?

    1. Nancy Pelosi’s unemployed Chines spy was waiting to grab those ballots from your trash.

      1. Thought it was Feinstein’s spy.

        1. Both. There is probably overlap.

          1. Perhaps they were Kung Flu fighting over the ballot.

  13. A somber look at the decline of U.S. newspapers.

    Probably should have learned how to make their headlines clickbaity.

    1. Or how to code?

  14. The Redskins are changing their name.

    “Scalp ’em, swamp ‘um
    We will take ‘um big score
    Read ‘um, Weep ‘um,
    Touchdown! — We want heap more

    Fight on
    Fight on
    ’til you have won
    Sons of Washington

    Rah! Rah! Rah!

    Hail to the Redskins
    Hail victory
    Braves on the Warpath
    Fight for Old Dixie

    Daniel Snyder had one redeeming quality.

    That’s in the past tense.

    Haven’t missed a game in decades. Stayed with them through . . . thin and thin.

    Don’t give a shit about my hometown team anymore.

    Looking forward to November. That has a lot to do with football and nothing to do with football. A society that can’t tolerate the team name “Redskins” is an intolerant society.

    1. P.S. Seeing my hometown overrun by government bureaucrats and parasites from elsewhere in the country coming to work for and write about the government isn’t the only reason I’m a libertarian capitalist, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt.

      People in Idaho and Montana who are disgusted at the sight of the places they love being overrun by Californians who are trying to change the local way of life have nothing on me and the good people I grew up with. Going home, now, is like being in Invasion of the Bodysnatchers after all hope is lost.

    2. P.S. If you grew up somewhere between DC and Baltimore, you may have lived to lose the Colts, “the Bullets”, and the Redskins.

      1. Hey, what were the Clippers, chopped liver?

        1. They were the Buffalo Braves.

        2. My San Diego experience was intermittent.

          Spent a year in sixth grade in San Diego. Didn’t pay much attention to the Clippers. I was already a Bullets fan in the days of Elvin Hayes, Wes Unseld, et. al. They used to sell ticket packages to the Capital Center itself–as I recall, I was just a kid. But the parental units would get like ten Capitals’ games and ten Bullets games.

          Anyway, the folks moved to San Diego permanently when I was in boarding school in Virginia, and I hardly noticed the Clippers existed in San Diego over the summers. When the Clippers moved to Los Angeles, far fewer people cared than when the Chargers moved, and not many people in San Diego cared about that. There were so many people from elsewhere in the country, and a lot of them, back then, were from Mexico. They’d have been more likely to care about the Padres than basketball. And they were far more likely to care about the Dodgers than the Padres–because the Dodgers broadcast games down in Mexico.

          Incidentally, that’s why the Redskins were playing big for “Old Dixie”, too. There was no local professional football team in the South between DC and Atlanta, and the Redskins were broadcasting their games to the Carolinas like they were the home team. Before the Carolina Panthers and the Tennessee Titans, they broadcast themselves on radio as the home team–going all the way back to before the NFL in the 1930s and 1940s.

          The Redskins were the last team to integrate because they were the last team in the southern market that wasn’t Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami, or Houston, one of which was thought of as like the New York City of the South, one of which was thought of as a horrible place of immoral people, and the other two aren’t really thought of as being part of the South culturally. Houston is culturally part of the South, but they’re more so culturally part of Texas. If Texas went to war with the South, I suppose the people of Houston might feel something like General Robert E. Lee. It wouldn’t be that they support the cause itself, whatever it would be, so much as they couldn’t bring themselves to take up arms against Texas.

          P.S. So, yes, the Clippers are chopped liver.

          1. I believe the Atlanta. New Orleans, Houston and Miami franchises existence as NFL teams post dated integration. Houston and Miami started as AFL teams. Washington was as far south (east of the Rockies) as the NFL got when that happened.

            1. Correction: east of the Mississippi.

              1. Right. We were the professional NFL team of the South.

                . . . and professional sports has always been less elitist than college sports.

                My understanding is that Pop Warner became famous for coaching a team from an Indian boarding school (forced assimilation) that was so good it was able to put up a really good fight against the best two football teams of the day–which were Harvard and Yale.

                The game was so brutal back then that dozens of players on the relatively few teams there were died on the field during play every year. Football itself was introduced at schools as a substitute for participation in the military. With the Civil War and the Indian Wars over, it was thought that American men no longer had the means or the opportunity to develop and prove their manliness–and football was seen as one way to compensate for that.

                My understanding is that the forward pass was first introduced after a season of unusually high deaths on the football field–with signs that the game was only becoming more brutal. There were calls to ban it. The forwards pass made it so that the defensive players pulled up off the front line, and the whole point of offense wasn’t just to bash your way through the the line anymore. Deaths decreased and after people saw the first couple of “bombs” completed for quick scores, the game became more exciting.

                Anyway, the ferocity of indigenous players in that especially violent era of football was legendary–and kids still play Pop Warner football today! Meanwhile, the imagery of indigenous people’s has been picked up by average Americans as an indication of being from a particular place and indigenous to that place–at least sine the Boston Tea Party, when the participants dressed up as Indians. Regardless of their intent, what it showed was that they had started to think of themselves as indigenous Americans rather than as English. Add in the association (appropriate or otherwise) of indigenous peoples with being wild and free, and that’s the essence of what “Redskins” meant to local fans going back 87 years. We are indigenous untamed southern rebels.

                It was supposed to be a little offensive. Pride always is a little offensive.

            2. That’s correct–the Redskins moved to DC in the late 30s; the South (if you consider Texas to be part of the South) didn’t get another team until the Cowboys were activated in response to Lamar Hunt starting up the AFL.

              College football has always been bigger in the South than the pro game, even after all this time. They fill up 100,000 seat stadiums with ease.

      2. First few basketball games I ever went to were Bullets games – of the Chris Webber, Juwan Howard era

      3. when I was in Philly pops used to take me to Memorial Stadium when the Royals and Red Sox were in town so we could see some AL ball.

        1. Why do you want to see that?

          I once watched Jake Peavy pitch against Mad Dog Maddux in Padres’ stadium. Every pitch was a thrill!

          Maddux and Peavy were friends and rivals, with Maddux being something like a mentor to Peavy. Peavy was at the top his game, but Maddux was no longer at the height of his career. Still, Maddux wouldn’t give an inch. He pitched for that win against the up and coming Peavy like it was the last game of the world series.

          There were only a few hits in the game. The pitching duel went into the late innings. Maddux wouldn’t go out of the game and let someone else take the win over Peavy, and so, where the Padres might have sent in Hoffman with his deadly change up in the past, they just let Peavy keep pitching. Finally someone homered off of Maddux to win the game. Who homered?

          Peavy of course!

          That can’t happen in an American League game. They’re the ones who are missing out.

          1. we had Phillies season tix (I was @game 5 in ’83) but I was a Royals and Sox fan so my dad would take me to Baltimore to see them … it was the 80s … I am anti-DH don’t worry.

      4. Getting more local, the Potomac Nationals minor league baseball team used the be the Cannons. I’ll continue calling it Cannons Stadium even after they left PW and went to Fburg

      5. I remember when they changed the name Baltimore Bullets because it was too closely associated with violence.

        Capitol Bullets did the trick.

    3. Fun fact: By NOT changing their name, the Cowboys can claim they won again.

      1. Thanks for rubbing salt in my wounds!

      2. go. Cowboys.

    4. They’ll have to change city (Washington) and District (Columbia) names too.

    5. Poor Ken. His favorite club of grown men playing a children’s ball game had to change their name. I hope he doesn’t lose too much sleep over it.

      1. You suck.

      2. One or both of the following are probably true.

        1) You’re a pantywaist who never played sports or never enjoyed playing them.

        2) You’re an elitist who imagines your qualitative preferences are somehow superior to those of others.

        1. Wrong, as usual. I watch quite a lot of grown men playing children’s ball games and played hockey middle school through high school. I just thought your Boomer tantrum about one of the world’s biggest douchebags having to change his dumb team name was lame

          1. Hmm, the Washington Douchebags…

            1. Are you sure “a libertarian” lives in Washington?

            2. Washington Parasites.

      3. Ken should have bought the club formerly known as Redskins, if he wanted to keep the name. Now, all he can do is complain that the owners are exercising their freedom.

        1. You deserve a bean bag to the face.

        2. Actually, as a customer, I can do more than that.

          I can not bother to subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket this season.

          I can not tune in to watch games and not buy merchandise–and a whole lot of other Redskins fans can do that, too.

          One of the reasons market forces are better than democratic government is because companies are far more sensitive to consumer behavior than politicians are to voters.

          Write a letter to McDonalds complaining about the service in one of their restaurants and include your contact information. Then write a similar letter to your congressman complaining about the service at your local National Park. Tell us about the answers you get. I dare you.

    6. Hail to the Deadskins
      Hail Misery
      Knaves on a poor path
      Fight for Mediocracy

      1. Nicely done

        1. Oh, and I might steal this

    7. “Redskin” is a tad more offensive than “Braves” or “Chiefs” or other courage-affirming names.

      The main argument for keeping “Redskins” is to avoid giving the SJWs a taste of blood.

      1. “The main argument for keeping “Redskins” is to avoid giving the SJWs a taste of blood.”

        The SJWs aren’t the ones buying season tickets, paying a premium to watch the games on NFL Sunday Ticket, buying jerseys and other merchandise for their kids, and teaching their kids to become consumers of Redskins merchandise in the future.

        This is the SJWs inflicting their opinions on consumers who don’t share them, and cutting off your consumers has financial consequences.

      2. >>“Redskin” is a tad more offensive

        to you?

      3. I keep asking people why the name Redskins is offensive (racist).
        They reply slong the lines of “It’s obvious- think of if you had a team named the Blackskins”
        So then I ask if there’s something inherently negative about having red or black or any color skin. And if not, how is Redskins racist?
        Haven’t gotten any answers.

        Because the obvious conclusion is that it’s racist to identify people/groups primarily by their skin color.
        Of course, if that’s the case…

    8. They should have just dropped the S at the end and put the Bolton’s sigil on the helmet (the flayed man). Problem solved. Do the same with the Cleveland Indians, change the symbol to the chakra wheel. Kansas City Chiefs to the Navy Rank Insignia for E-7’s (Chief), Atlanta Braves the symbol for the Green Beret’s (or they could rotate the various special forces symbols). They could just write the Indians out of sports with little effort.

    9. Sorry about that. Everyone was being well-behaved this morning, and I just had to go and goad Ken. I’ll try to practice more self-restraint.

  15. Mike Masnick with an interesting and nuanced take on the Harper‘s letter.

    It was crafted to get the response it got?

    1. A lot of hand waving about the poor saps legitimately unjustly roasted alive by the twitter mob, and it uses the phrase “refuses to learn” for hypothetical people he seems to believe would have said objectively wrong things.

      Not all that nuanced mischaracterization of the situation.

    To calculate the burden of 2009 pandemic influenza A (pH1N1) in the United States, we extrapolated from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Emerging Infections Program laboratory-confirmed hospitalizations across the entire United States, and then corrected for underreporting. From 12 April 2009 to 10 April 2010, we estimate that approximately 60.8 million cases (range: 43.3-89.3 million)

    1. A Coronavirus Chart The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You To See

      According to the CDC, nearly 61 million Americans were infected during the H1N1 pandemic. That’s more than twice as big as the largest city in the world, Shanghai. So, currently, COVID-19 patients may amount to the third-largest city in the United States, but H1N1 patients amount to the largest city in the world more than twice over.

      But, you know, we’re losing the war against the coronavirus.

      Ron Klain, who was Biden’s chief of staff at the time of the H1N1 pandemic and is currently advising his campaign, says it was mere luck that H1N1 wasn’t more deadly. “It is purely a fortuity that this isn’t one of the great mass casualty events in American history,” Klain said of H1N1 in 2019. “It had nothing to do with us doing anything right. It just had to do with luck. If anyone thinks that this can’t happen again, they don’t have to go back to 1918, they just have to go back to 2009, 2010, and imagine a virus with a different lethality, and you can just do the math on that.”

      1. 100,000 Americans died from that.

        1. So roughly one third the abortion deaths?

      2. But, you know, we’re losing the war against the coronavirus.

        I pretty sure if coronavirus was actually a serious disease (instead of less deadly than the flu), then people might actually … take it seriously?

        1. I’m pretty sure if it was not an election year, which started with a booming economy, and with a polarizing president up for reelection (and hated by most of the media), then people would not have been told to take a virus so seriously.

      3. Here it is folks, direct from the CDC website, this week only!
        Unvaccinated Asymptomatic Persons, Including Those at High Risk for Influenza Complications
        No recommendation can be made at this time for mask use in the community by asymptomatic persons, including those at high risk for complications, to prevent exposure to influenza viruses

        EVERYONE must accept the SCIENCE that a “cloth face covering” is effective against the Communist Chinese Virus, but not against ANY other virus in the world.
        EVERYONE is also welcome to contemplate what the response wold have been of anyone other than Trump were president.
        My vote is for crickets.

        1. Could not find that on the CDC website. Please provide a link to that page.

        2. Yeh, link please?

        3. I think they recently changed it, to prevent people like Longtobefree from pointing out what kind of dickheads they were being about COVID vice other infectious respiratory viruses. The old guidance here:

  17. But in reality, the practice often sweeps up either completely innocent people or those only peripherally related to criminal activity…

    But the money is guilty as sin.

    1. Well, guilty until it’s in blue hands.

  18. There is no such thing as “peaceful protestors” in Portland. They are roving gangs of blackshirt thugs who have been terrorizing the city for months. Just tell the truth for once.

    1. I wonder if even one journalist can find a record of a Tea Party protest getting out of hand and needing to be controlled by cops firing tear gas, rubber bullets, or water cannon? That’s what “peaceful protests” are. They aren’t marching onto Interstates or occupying public or private property for weeks on end, or roaming through neighborhoods where fringe elements attach themselves to the protest and smash windows and vandalize things.

      1. A peaceful protest is the yearly Roe v. Wade protest where a half a million or more people march on the Mall and the DCMPD doesn’t even need to pay overtime.

        1. Yeah, pro-life activists have
          a clean, non-violent record.

          1. They do. There hasn’t been any violence at a pro life rally in years or maybe ever. Thanks for the link proving my point.

          2. 2 examples, over 20 years ago, not occurring at rallies. What was your point?

      2. But words and even feelings are violence, and the very concepts promoted by the Tea Party cause emotional death to progressives and SJWs. So NOT peaceful, right?

      3. Well Brian Ross did identify James Holmes, the Colorado movie shooter, as matching a name on a Tea Party list. Close enough for journolism work.

      4. I remember a journalist showing on his Twitter the differences between OWS – pans to a mess left behind by thoughtless pigs – and the TP where everyone respectfully picked up after themselves and left no mess.

        Values. How do they work?

    2. The major media has gone so far in describing violent riots as peaceful protests that I have to look with scepticism and get independent confirmation of any description of a protestor as peaceful.

      1. I always double check the date on the front page of legacy media.

        1. There should be a Twilight Zone episode or a hilarious dark comedy where the hero goes back in time to save the world and, waking up in an autonomous zone on Juneteenth, can’t even begin to make heads or tails of his situation. Who’s the President? What day is it? What country am I in?

          Twelve Monkeys meets Idiocracy.

    3. Yep. There have been riots in Portland every day for a month and a half, but I’m supposed to believe that Saturday was the one day where they decided to be peaceful? Fuck them, and fuck ENB for writing this shit.

      1. Pretty amazing eh?

      2. Well, given the views of their Presidential nominee (We MUST be actively anti-racist, after all), this magazine is depressingly in line with modern “libertarian” thought.

    4. Oh, I’m sure there are some peaceful protesters. Though I don’t know why they bother trying at this point.

      1. I’m pretty sure they are there exclusively to provide cover for the rioters…whether they realize it or not

    5. Right. Homeland security is the occupying army, and not the violent assholes rampaging through the city, destroying public property, terrorizing citizens, depriving indivuduals of the use of their private property, and assaulting people, are not at all an occupying army.

      I hate it they’re making me take the side of DHS. I hate DHS. But, these “peaceful protests” are way out of control. Portland is a far left commie shithole, but there are decent people living in Oregon who are going to have to pay the bill for this, and those people deserve to be protected from these scumbags.

  19. Biden proclaims the ‘European’ identity of America: “Our culture is not imported from some African nation.”

    1. Biden can be a crook – and he is – it’s not a problem with the hivemind.
      Biden says ridiculous garbage almost non-stop – no problem.

      Biden is a puppet to the extreme left and the corrupt mega-corporate media billionaires. (and Chinese communist elite rulers)
      But somehow there are Bernie Bros who are fine with it all.

      1. Don’t forget a $500,000.00 tax cheat, General, don’t forget a $500,000.00 tax cheat.

      2. The Bernie Bros are jobbers, just like he is.

    2. JFC what a mess. ‘Jurisprudential’? I’m dying. I’m telling you 2020 is killing us more than the CCP virus.

  20. Police officer: any body position is suspicious

    “I learned it from the TSA, OK?!”

  21. To stop ‘cancel culture,’ protect people’s viewpoints under civil rights law

    1. Hey, internet lawyers, if someone goes around calling people saying I’m evil and trying to get them to stop paying me, can I sue?

      How does this differ with a Twitter mob.

      1. You potentially can. There is a cause of action called tortuous interference with contract. If what they are saying is a lie, then you have a cause of action.

        If I call your employer and say you are a convicted thief and get you fired or that you called a customer a racial slur and you didn’t, you would have an action.

        The problem arises in that the statement must be false or a tort, like threatening violence against your customers. Courts have been loath to consider terms like “racist” to be objective enough to be considered false rather than just an opinion.

      2. And in this case, the problem is that you are evil. jK. love.

  22. BLM protest turns antisemetic. Remember when the media had kittens because John Lewis claimed without any proof at all that someone at a Tea Party rally called him the N word? BLM shouts straight up antisemitism on camera and the media doesn’t say a word.

    1. Christian Tabash, a rising senior at Harvard, led the march [and] said during the protest that Palestinian liberation was “intrinsically tied to Black Lives Matter.”

      That rising senior had jolly well better change his name to Ahmed or something.

      1. That is so funny as to be beyond parody. Palestinians are Arabs last I checked. Arabs still practice black slavery in a few places. I would love to put that dumb ass on the West Bank for a few weeks and let him find out first hand how much “black lives matter” to Palestinians.

        Christ what a dumb ass.

        1. As I’ve said, no Arabs want to deal with the Palestinians. They likely know something.

          1. What led up to Black September made an impression on Arab leadership. Nobody wants to be the next Jordan in that regard.

            The funny thing is, for a fraction of what Qatar is going to piss away to host the World Cup (assuming we ever play professional sports again), the Gulf nations could easily house, clothe, feed, and educate this group of people. The Saudis—never mind the Iraqis, who could use the Sunni help—even have enough citizens that doing so wouldn’t be that much of a demographic hiccup.

            But no one will do it.

            1. Most of the GCC couldn’t give a squirt of piss for the Palestinians because the Palis are aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar has to walk this fine line between not pissing off the US, not pissing off their GCC neighbors, and not pissing off Iran because they share the gas field that makes Qatar so wealthy. Iran uses Hezbollah and its militias as proxies, but their main goal is destroying Israel utterly, they just don’t want to get things started until they have a nuke to use against Tel Aviv and can invade from Lebanon. After that, they assume the Palestinians will simply take over whatever is left.

    2. “BLM protest turns antisemetic.”

      Uh, no.
      They have been anti-semetic, anti-America, and anti-family since day one. Go read their website.

    3. Notice how all big tough football players including that putz Aaron Rodgers piled on Brees?

      De Sean Jackson spews some serious retarded hate and we get….crickets.

      Where’s Malcolm ‘Cry baby’ Jenkins when you need him?

      Such brave heroes athletes of the five major leagues.


      1. But they agree with Jenkins. So that is different.

        1. “We oppose racism. Who says Hitler is racist? He’s not Frederick Douglass!” — NFL players.

          Showing further that repeated head trauma is not good for people to not come across as imbeciles.

    4. Hmm… they seem to be following the exact same playbook as the Woman’s march. Weird.

      1. Curious. Almost as if BLM were the bitch of FeministWhiteWomen’s Antifa. Or something.


      It sounds like it wasn’t a Black Lives Matter event, although the organizer, Christian Tabash, wants to tie his anti-Israel agenda to Black Lives Matter:

      “The march, led by Harvard University rising senior Christian Tabash, attracted about 200 people who carried signs with messages either supporting the Palestinian Liberation Organization or Black Lives Matter. The event, although independently organized, was held in tandem with a series of “Day of Rage” demonstrations against Israel’s territorial claims on the West Bank.”

      1. Guilt by association is only valid if directed at the right?

        1. See the reporting on Charlottesville and the deliberate misquote of Trump for example. Or the reporting on the Tea Party.

        2. It is never valid.

          1. I agree, a libertarian. It is never valid.

            1. Yes it is. When you voluntarily associate yourself with something or someone, you are giving your support to it. And that is exactly what happened here. BLM is like all Marxist organizations antisemetic.

              You don’t understand what the term means.

              1. It’s not clear that BLM voluntarily associated themselves with Tabash.

                1. YEs. They let him come to their rally and did nothing to stop him from saying what he did. They clearly are okay with his message or they would do something about it.

                  BLM is rife with anti Semites. That has been true from the beginning. THe entire left is antisemitic and has been for several years now.

                2. Sorry, I misread the articles. It’s says it was an independently organized event, so it wasn’t “their rally”, as I said above.

                3. I do this all the time. I’ll read an article that says that people in some march are holding up signs that say, “Black lives matter!”, and I’ll jump to the conclusion that the organization called Black Lives Matter organizes the march.

                  I need to learn to slow down and not make unwarranted assumptions when reading. It doesn’t help that writers at some do the alt-right news sites I visit will make the assumptions for me.

                  1. I need to learn to slow down and not make unwarranted assumptions when reading.

                    If you did, You’d be the only one here.

      2. Did anyone at BLM object to it? Do anything to disassociate from it? No. So, they didn’t have a problem with it.

        1. First of all, have you actually checked if anyone at BLM said anything about it?

          Second, silence could have many explanations.

          1. When someone is at your rally using your name, silence has one explanation. This is who BLM is. Stop lying and pretending otherwise.

          2. Of course, I’m well aware I’m not using the word, lying, here in any conventional sense. You weren’t lying about anything, White Knight, but simply disagreeing with me, quite honestly with no lies committed.

            It’s just that I like to hold court here and have all the conservatives and conservatives-leaning commenters look up to me as sort of their factional leader. Then when you come along and point out problems with the ideas that I am holding forth with, it embarrasses and angers me.

            And, I admit, I easily anger. It’s a problem I’ve struggled with all my life.

    6. That also happened in LA. The organization BLM is antisemitic .

    GOP voter registrations outpace Dems in swing states: report

    1. Not where I live. Dems finally, after 150 years, have a voter registration edge on the GOP.

      1. whereabouts are you?

        1. The planet Stupiter

        2. Philly suburbs

  24. a digital ad will never be worth what a print ad once was.

    Yep. You could wrap fish with a print ad.

    1. What is the cost comparison? Pretty sure it costs more to print newspaper ads than to post internet ads.

  25. I guess we can start labeling Widen (Oregon Antifa) now. That seems to be who he represents. My God, how dare the federal government not allow Antifa to burn the courthouses down.

    1. Notice how ENB parroted the lie, despite the fact that they were trying to destroy federal property. Also note the newspeak “impact munition”–it was a fucking bean bag.

      “Trump & Homeland Security must now answer why fed’l officers are acting like an occupying army.”

      Because your revolutionary vanguard are committing property damage and insurrection, you treasonous piece of monkey shit. You should be grateful Trump hasn’t actually gone full Assad on you and your fellow commies.

      1. don’t forget the assault and murder. They’re literally attacking people in the streets. Kinda wishing Trump did some Pinochet helicopter rides

      2. “Trump & Homeland Security must now answer why fed’l officers are acting like an occupying army.”

        LOL. An occupying army that isn’t doing much occupying.

        How galactically ignorant of world history do you have to be, to think the US’s response to—what is it now? Six weeks of unrest?—constitutes an occupying army? She’d have fainted to see what the ’68 National Guard would be doing in a similar situation right now. Or noted despots like the French, or post WW2 to about twenty years ago German polizei.

      3. Notice how “impact munition” was played up, but Fireworks being shot at officers was played down

        1. And lasers. Leaving aside the possibility of blinding by laser pointers how were the officers not to know the lasers weren’t laser sights?

    2. Oh, and a white woman was ambushed and executed in Indianapolis this past week for telling a bunch of feral BLM goons that “all lives matter.” Bonus–her husband is Hispanic.

      I’m sure the liberaltarians will be along any minute now to assure us, like good little Wormtongues, that these people are mostly sane and only concerned with police brutality and “black lives,” as opposed to a black supremacist movement.

      1. And the 8 year old girl was shot in Atlanta last week. And the guy in Provo Utah was shot a couple of weeks ago.

        These are “peaceful protests” except for the occasional gun fire and murders. I guess the NAP is suspended if you are protesting for BLM or something.

        1. Pandemic health rules, too.

        2. don’t forget the BLMer who shot up his own protest in Louisville

        3. I guess you might classify me as a “liberaltarian”. What I want to remind people of is that people are individuals, and Americans have a Constitutional right to peacefully protest, so individuals that aren’t engaging in thuggery and are being peaceful are doing nothing wrong, and shouldn’t be subject to guilt by association.

          Also, there have been several comments here and links to articles where this or that person has been described as being associated with Black Lives Matter, when no link to Black Lives Matter has been established.

          1. Nope, sorry. You don’t get to separate yourself from the violent element now that they’ve killed children and unarmed women, after 6 weeks of doing nothing to stop it. BLM is permanently associated with all of it because they have done nothing as an organization to disavow or detach from it. The violence was committed in their name. They sponsored, inflamed, and participated in it, so now they own that dead little girl.

            1. Far from doing anything, their supporters have began verbally attacking anyone who brings these incidents up. See Don Lemon’s interview with Terry Crews.

              1. So, we are treating people as groups, rather than as individuals? And, worse, assigning them into groups that we, not they, are defining? Sounds kinda collectivist.

                1. So, we are treating people as groups, rather than as individuals?

                  The dude that got beanbagged was treated as an individual.

                2. If they assemble with others, they become a group. That’s how it works in the real world.

          2. And one of the Wormtongues pops in with his disingenuous bullshit.

            1. Be careful. He’ll teach you a lesson. The dumb piece of shit did it all weekend long. He thinks that stealing handles will get people to submit to his demands. All while pretending that he has the moral high ground.

              He might be a sociopath.

      2. Depends on who you mean by “these people”.

        1. Zeb, these things are violent and everyone knows it. No one who goes to these things is peaceful. They are either there to do violence or serve as a shield for those who do. Stop pretending otherwise.

          1. Which things? There have been entirely peaceful BLM protests. I’ve seen them.

          2. If you are just talking about Portland, then I have no idea.

            If you are talking about everyone who goes and holds up a BLM sign, then you are full of crap. I think they are dopes or dupes if they thing that BLM just means that you care about black people getting killed by cops. But I don’t buy that they are all complicit in the rioting. I have no idea. And I don’t think you do either. So I think it’s better to avoid painting with too broad a brush. Shit isn’t going to get less stupid in this country unless people actually try to understand each other when they disagree.

            1. BLM is an extremist organization that has proven itself to be very comfortable with violence. “Black lives matter” is a statement of fact that is universally accepted by all decent people. BLM as an organization chose their name for that very purpose- because it muddies the line between the statement of fact and the Marxist extremist organization sponsoring these riots, and makes any rejection of BLM a rejection of “black lives matter.” It’s a disgusting manipulation of people who want to be good and do the right by others. It is the ultimate gaslighting. Regular, decent people have been terrorized into supporting BLM, because the personal cost of doing anything else is too high.
              You can’t have a conversation with that, and you can’t have a conversation about that until people are no longer terrified of BLM as an organization.

              1. I agree entirely with your characterization. But I disagree with your contention that you can’t have a conversation. In fact, I’d say that it is vital to have that conversation with as many people as possible as soon as possible before the indoctrination goes too deep. For the true believers, there’s no hope. But I think most people out there with BLM signs are the gaslighting victims you are talking about and those people should be engaged with and not just dismissed as irredeemable.

                1. Most of them are fine with the violence Zeb. Violence happens at all of these protests and no one does anything about it or does anything to assist the police in stopping it. They are accessories to it.


    Miami man arrested for damaging police cars claims his group recruits others to incite violence at protests. Sure looks like a dreaded “white supremacist” doesn’t he?

    1. Lopez claimed to belong to a group called the “Southern Slaves”

      You know what else was abbreviated “SS”?

      1. USA Today gives what might be the best correction ever.

        After “fact checking” a claim by those “meh principles” conservatives over at the “Lincoln Project accusing the Trump campaign of using “Nazi symbolism” because they have an eagle on a campaign t-shirt as “true”, USA today issues the following correction,

        The claims that a Trump campaign T-shirt has come under criticism for using a symbol similar to a Nazi eagle is TRUE, based on our research. But it is worth noting that the eagle is a common symbol in American politics, and is included in the presidential seal of the U.S., as well as many federal departments.

        You can’t make up how stupid the media is.

        1. it is worth noting that the eagle is a common symbol in American politics, and is included in the presidential seal of the U.S., as well as many federal departments.

          Now, *that* is excellent journalism!

        2. Rather telling that the Lincoln Project neocons see Nazi symbolism everywhere.

          1. The projection is real.

          2. No joke. The Lincoln Project might be the most epic temper tantrum in history.

            “Hey, remember when we led the most idiotic foreign policy decision in our recent history?”

        3. No stupider than the average American.

          1. I don’t think the average American sees an eagle thinks “Nazi”. Doing that is a special breed of stupid found only in academia and the media.

        4. So it looks like the USA Today blocks Wikipedia from it’s reporters doing research.
          The swastika or sauwastika — as a character, 卐 (right-facing or clockwise) or 卍 (left-facing or counterclockwise) respectively — is a geometrical figure and an ancient religious icon in the cultures of Eurasia. It is used as a symbol of divinity and spirituality in Indian religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.[1][2][3] In the Western world, it was a symbol of auspiciousness and good luck until the 1930s[4] when the right-facing tilted form became a feature of Nazi symbolism as an emblem of the Aryan race. As a result of World War II and the Holocaust, many people in the West still strongly associate it with Nazism and antisemitism.[5][6] Swastika still continues to be used as a symbol of good luck and prosperity in Hindu and Buddhist countries such as Nepal, India, Mongolia, and China. Swastika is very commonly used in Hindu marriage ceremonies.

          The Eagle has been used by USA, Mexico, most of Europe at one time or another, and the vaunted, oppressed “American Indian”.

          Since this is Reason; on the other hand, we have always been at war with Eurasia.

          1. “Swastika still continues to be used as a symbol of good luck and prosperity in Hindu and Buddhist countries such as Nepal, India, Mongolia, and China. Swastika is very commonly used in Hindu marriage ceremonies.”

            It’s a big, pre-WW2 symbol on SW Native American stuff too. The ‘whirled logs’ can be found on kivas, pottery, and, hilariously, on the unit insignia of the 45th Infantry Division. They changed it pretty quickly. Old patches are worth some money.

        5. It’s worse than that John.

          They’re illiberal enemies of America.

          Think of it. In order to print obvious garbage like that, you have to be sufficient ignorant and possess a hate of America to begin with to believe it’s inherently evil.

          1. Consider this headlines. Perhaps one of the most misleading and irresponsible I’ve seen yet.

            Gee, I thought governors sending infected patients to their deaths was worse. But I’m just an idiot Canadian.

            Or notice that NY’s numbers are far worse than Florida.


            1. They are straight up fascists. But most of them are on the payroll of the Chinese government. So, they have that going for them.

              1. You forgot to mention they kill babies. Are they even human John?

                1. “you forgot to mention they kill babies.”

                  and harvest the organs….nice of you to help by thinking of additional examples to prove his point of how evil they are

                2. You’re certainly not.

        6. It’s not like the Nazis weren’t co-opting the extremely-common eagle symbols that are basically a legacy of the Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia (later the empire of Prussia and German Empire) both used eagles, which were also heavily used by many of the smaller countries that formed them.

          That’s like pointing out that the French National Emblem has a fasces on it-literally the symbol of fascism. Why? Because these symbols are extremely old and pre-date the fascist movements of the 20th century.

        7. Well, if the eagle is making the ok symbol with one of its claws they may have a point.

          1. Good point.

      2. Some Chevrolet models?

      3. “Super Sport”?

      4. Stainless steel?

    2. I had a friend on social media last week warning everyone that the “NAACP has uncovered proof that white supremacist groups across the country are going to be performing initiations this weekend, and will be looking to kidnap black men and boys in order to murder them”


      1. Be sure to flash your high beams at them.

  27. Hmm, Reason seems uninterested in the Libertarian candidate for President deciding to go super woke.

    Shocking, I know.

    1. I appreciate Jo here

      The Trump train is always boarding

  28. Fiona Apple speaks out for people in prisons wracked by COVID-19

    Oh dear–a bunch of thieves, murderers, rapists, and child molesters are sick with the coof. With any luck, this will be a self-correcting problem.

    1. Give each prisoner a mask. I have heard masks stop the transmission of the Covid virus.

      You’re welcome.

      1. And Hand sanitizer

        1. Can’t… they’ll drink it, I picked up 2 bottles of 98% “industial grade” ethanol when the pandemic panic hit and all the local distillers stepped up to provide sanitizer

      2. Or let them protest. The virus is instantly blocked from entering your bloodstream if you chant “Black Lives Matter” like an insipid cultist.

    2. What she needs is a good defense, ’cause I feel she’s like a criminal.

  29. Peaceful Protest, Portland? Only a hardcore Marxists propagandists could make such a statement without laughing at themselves.

    Watch, like the Governor of Minnesota, Oregon will want financial help to deal with the damage caused by their “peaceful protest!”

    1. One suspects Oregon will not want this kind of help.

    2. So peaceful that the governor of Minnesota asked for Federal money and was (rightly) refused.

      These motherfuckers purposely didn’t enforce the law, blamed Trump for the mess they created and then have the guts to ask for money from the Feds.

      In real life don’t we call people who act this way, ‘dead beats’?

      1. No, they are oppressed people suffering economic hardship and entitled to federal compensation.

  30. NPR notes that “Wolf claimed there had been violence against officers in Portland. DHS later clarified Wolf was referring to fireworks shot toward officers as well as protesters pointing lasers at federal police. Several protesters in Portland were charged with assault on a federal officer because of those actions.”

    But progressives have told me that words are violence. So if protestors say mean things to cops and threaten their emotional safety, the cops have justification to bust some heads, right?

    1. Notice how “impact munition” was played up, but Fireworks being shot at officers was played down

      Also, Silence is Violence, so they were violent whenever they stopped shouting

  31. I’ve written here before about how social media censorship is mostly advertising related. Advertisers won’t buy ads on your social media platform if you can’t guarantee that the ads won’t show up next to user generated content against immigration, BLM, gay marriage, etc.

    Well, guess what? It turns out the same thing happens with the news media, too. Only when the advertisers refuse to buy ads associated with news media stories, it isn’t just anti-immigration, anti-gay marriage, and anti-BLM content they don’t want their brands associated with. They don’t want their advertising to appear next to stories that are pro-BLM, for instance, either!

    “Last month Target Corp. told a leading online news publisher not to run its ads in stories related to the Black Lives Matter movement. Articles mentioning police-brutality victims such as “Breonna Taylor” and “George Floyd” were off limits, as were those with the word “protests.”

    Target and other advertisers that compiled similar “blocklists” say they were respecting the sensitivity of the issue and wanted to avoid the appearance of exploiting tragedies. News publishers say such moves effectively punish media companies for covering important issues, since they earn less money from content where ad-blocking is prevalent.

    . . . .

    “It’s defunding our journalism at a time when it’s imperative for us to be the front lines doing this kind of work,” said Paul Wallace, Vice Media’s vice president for global revenue products and services. Black Lives Matter coverage was Vice’s most popular news in June, yet commanded ad prices 57% lower than news about other topics because so many brands are actively avoiding placing ads in those articles, he said.

    “The most frustrating part of all of this is that the brands that are sending this stuff are standing on a pedestal saying that they support BLM,” he said.

    —-July 12, 2020

    It wasn’t just Target. The article says MTV doesn’t want their advertising to appear next to anything BLM related either! They didn’t want their advertising to appear next to anything with the word “BLM” in it, and they didn’t want their adverting to appear next to anything with the word “protester” in it either!

    “MTV, the youth-oriented cable channel owned by ViacomCBS Inc., also avoided ad placements near articles about the protests and unrest. It asked the same leading publisher to avoid placing its ads in stories that mention words including “Breonna Taylor,” “Ahmaud Aubery” [sic], “George Floyd,” “Black Lives Matter,” “protests,” “racism,” “hate” and “policing.”


    Watching the news media cry in pain because advertisers won’t pay to have their brands associated with their coverage of “BLM” or “protesters” because the media’s coverage is so highly offensive to the consumers they’re trying to reach–that would be hilarious by itself. The larger point is this: How far ahead of the average American consumer is the news media running on these issues if advertisers are worried about offending the MTV demographic with their biased coverage?!

    1. I thought those companies were in love with anti-America, anti-semitic, anti-family, Marxist loving organizations.
      What happened?

      1. I’m so glad you said that–because that’s my point:

        They make public statements in favor of Black Lives Matter–so it isn’t that they’re against Black Lives Matter per se.

        The only explanation that makes sense to me is that the advertisers only want to support Black Lives Matter when they can make their own statement in their own ad or in their own press release.

        The only explanation that makes sense to me is that they can’t stand the way the media is covering these topics–and they don’t want their name brands associated with the coverage

        It’s the “journalism”. The coverage is biased and so bad, they’re ashamed to be associated with it.

        Is there another way to interpret this that makes more sense?

        1. Is there another way to interpret this that makes more sense?

          In addition to news being less partisan, free speech use to be more clear. When you watched a Target ad right after a newscast about David Duke inciting a riot, you didn’t just automatically associate Target’s message with Duke’s. Even if the news portrayed Duke in a favorable light or as a misunderstood victim, you didn’t just assume Target agreed with that standpoint.

          1. You’re right.

            Plenty of people today think you can’t support free speech without supporting the worst thing anyone could say.

            . . . which is irrational.

            “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

            It’s like Voltaire was never born.

            1. It’s like we’re entering a dark age, where the things average people used to know have been overwhelmed by a plague of ignorance.

              1. Not ignorance. Knowledge has been replaced by religious dogma. So much for that whole enlightenment thing.

        2. Interesting perspective. I have thought of it differently: that these companies are too worried about the backlash that might (will?) come their way if they don’t make a statement. I’ve seen statements on social media by SJW types that claim something to the effect of “I’ve made a note of those companies that haven’t come out in support of BLM and I won’t be supporting those companies anymore.”

          To me it seems that about 99% of the time, businesses are worried about their bottom lines (which they should be, it’s why they exist in the first place), and that this case is no different.

    2. I’ve seen one or two large brands just completely write off advertising in the US for the rest of the year due to this shit show. They figure that they’re only going to be risking pissing off half their consumer base, so best to play it safe

  32. “An American has been shot and sent to the hospital for apparently exercising his right of free speech,” marveled Steven Strauss, a visiting professor at Princeton.

    A mostly peaceful protester also killed someone for expressing their disagreement. Not only did zero Princeton Professors object but it didn’t even make the Reason Roundup.

    I guess the dead woman was wrong, only Lives Useful to the Far Left and ENB Matter.

    1. Is that Eagle on the quarter?

      1. No, just the football millionaire Eagles that want slogans from anti-America, anti-semetic, anti-family, pro-Marxist organizations put in their stadiums.

    2. the greatest story of the year would involve a “peaceful protester” trying to destroy a “Nazi” eagle’s nest and then a fall resulting in a full body cast (not death, I’m not a monster plus full body casts are funny)

  33. “We have to have like 90 percent of people wearing the masks in public in the hot spot areas. If we don’t have that, we will not get control of the virus.”

    Newslash Admiral. You never will. Unless you lockdown the entire the country including politicians, Wall-Mart and bureaucrats; shut down parks, beaches and everything in between while declaring Martial Law, you ain’t gonna do fucken squat.

    It takes a special kind of illiterate useful idiot to defy the literature on masks and think this going to ‘combat’ the virus.

    You wear a mask, you’re an idiot. It may have some mild benefits but it’s not EMPIRICALLY established by evidence through reputable studies they work to the point of mandating them.

    This is can turn into another blunder on level of sending sick patients into old folks home. First off, you’re six months too late. Idiots.

    Second, consider the potential that herd immunity can be achieved. If the median age contracting it is falling then that can be seen as a good thing. Yukon Ho!

    Third, like they failed to consider the ‘trade-offs’ of a lockdown (and clearly they didn’t work as planned if they now push masks. Point to Sweden) they’re making the same mistakes with masks. Never the CDC/WHO say medical masks are indeed useless for the wider public instead recommending cloths. And even there I think they did it too for political reasons and shut people up. Mask handling is a huge issue. They can make people MORE sick.

    The cloth masks are even less backed up by evidence. The thing that makes me laugh is doctors claiming they don’t reduce oxygen. It completely defies basic logic. Anyone who has ever worn masks knows this to be false. It’s only normal they do. That’s why people pull them down. I cross country ski and put on a mask in -20 weather. I have to pull it down because of a leaking nose, need for fresh air and just all around hygienic reasons.

    The funny part about that is the CDC makes it clear cloth shouldn’t be worn in hospitals and doctors are. I’m telling you now, public health officials and politicians are talking straight out of their god damn asses.

    Soon environmental studies will come out telling us how turtles are choking on the mask strings.

    We’re run and ruled by clueless, incompetent buffoons who are trying to capture the plot through coercive measures.

    Bottom line: The corona virus is going through the population of North America. Let it run its course.

    Politicians fucked up. Everything they demand now is just political theatre designed to protect what’s left of their sorry ass reputations.

    Fucken sheep.

    1. never mind.

    2. These same people who will wear a mask and give up all of their civil rights and join the mob at the drop of a hat, think anyone who fought for the Confederacy in the civil war was evil You know, they would all have stood up against slavery and faced the condemnation of all of their friends and family and entire society. They are real free thinkers like that.

    3. You wear a mask, you’re an idiot. or you don’t get to buy food where it’s mandatory.

      1. I live in a hyper-progressive suburb of Boston (less than 9% voted for Trump in 2016). 95% of pedestrians wear face masks on the street. I never see people without masks in stores. And yet I shop everywhere without one. CVS, post office, grocery stores, liquor stores, Saks Fifth Avenue. Yes, I’m the only person without a mask inside. But the vast majority of store employees don’t care and are fine with me. Sure, in some places I’m asked to put on a mask, then I either leave or put one on, depending on how essential this store is for me. Never any confrontation.

    4. Yeah, I was LOL when this guy said 90%. What medical study provides this information? This is complete junk science! Oh yeah, that bandana is TOTALLY help you!

  34. • Florida continued to report bad COVID-19 numbers over the weekend:

    Up to 30% of the numbers appear to be either numbers backklogged prior to this month or the addition of antibody testing.

  35. We have turned over our lives and our economy to some folks, whose expertise is medical care, for a disease which has yet to kill 1/2 of 1/10 of 1 percent of the population.
    Does anyone else see that as a poor bargain?

    1. Meanwhile Sweden has managed to keep deaths down to a similar level without locking down or crashing their economy

  36. Twenty-six-year-old Donavan LaBella was holding a speaker above his head

    Are we sure he was part of the protest or was he just boom-boxing Careless Whisper outside his girlfriend’s window?

    1. letting us know what song was on would go along way towards lending support or no

    2. He was a good boy.


    Nursing school dead fired after telling students “all lives matter”. I mean the last thing anyone wants is nurses thinking every life matters equally. Right

    1. That’s scary. There seems to be an indoctrination pandemic.

      1. It’s been going on for 50 years, if not longer.

    2. The Fix asked Cicco why Neal-Boylan was fired, if not for her comments, but Cicco said in her statement that “we are not able to discuss specifics of a personnel matter.”

      “Ah, but you just did.”

  38. Dean fired. Not dead fired.

    1. At least not yet – – – – – – – –

    2. As long as they still can vote.

  39. So what’s the defense against law enforcement shattering this guy’s face for holding a bullhorn? How many of you who were against the DHS when it was formed are now in favor of them literally cracking skulls on protesters?

    I may not have agreed with what he was saying, but firing a rubber bullet into his face was utterly unjustified. We’re back to Kent State.

    1. The defense is this asshole was part of a violent group of people who have been terrorizing Portland for months and were trying to burn down federal buildings there. The fact that his job was to scream into the bullhorn rather than launch the Molotov cocktails and mortar rounds doesn’t make him anymore sympathetic or the police’s actions any less justifiable.

      The only mistake the police made was not firing a real bullet. The Antifa thugs that this guy is a part of don’t fire bean bags. If you don’t believe me, go ask the parents of the 8 year old girl in Atlanta, the husband of the woman in Indianapolis, BLM/Antifa murdered or the guy in Provo they tried to murder.

      Sorry but these are not protests anymore. They are acts of terrorism.

      1. But this particular individual appears to have been doing nothing more than standing around holding a boombox. What is the reason for shooting him in the face?

        1. They were no doubt shooting at people doing a lot more than that. He just got in the way, because he put himself in the way. Again, his job was to run the bullhorn. That doesn’t make him any less culpable for the violence that he was there to help enable.

        2. “What is the reason for shooting him in the face?”

          This particular guy? No idea, I’ve not seen the tapes or read any real reporting on it.

          An innocent person in general, getting clocked with less lethal during the middle of a riot? Because, as people have kept trying to tell you lot for the past few weeks: it is not possible during a riot for law enforcement to exercise the discretion and individualized care in use of force that we’ve grown accustomed to in this country. Riots are simply too chaotic, fast moving, with too many participants, for the cops to be discerning enough to only strike the guilty. Does that mean the cops are going to start volley firing belt-feds into the crowd? No. They’re going to do their best at the time. Accidents happen.

          That’s one of the reasons why rioting has been strongly discouraged in this country, with commensurate loosening of law enforcement’s rules of engagement during one. If that bothers people, stop rioting. Stop going to riots and whining that, “I didn’t do anything wrong!” No shit, but you were standing next to someone who was and, during a riot, that’s enough.

    2. “So what’s the defense against law enforcement shattering this guy’s face for holding a bullhorn?”

      Not sure I follow the logic here. Looks like a false dichotomy.

      If a cop brutalizes an armed robbery suspect, does that mean I need to stop being against armed robbery? If a cop brutalizes a protester, does that mean I have to start supporting the protester’s cause?

      Anti-fa sucks. The primary purpose of a black-bloc is to instigate violence with the police in the hope that they overreact. The black bloc then blends into the crowd. They perform this strategy in front of the cameras so the media will get shots of the police brutalizing people–often the wrong person–in the hope of delegitimizing the police and the state in the minds of viewers at home.

      Because I notice their tactics and point out that they are effective and sometimes successful doesn’t mean I’m defending police brutality. And because the police brutalize someone doesn’t mean I need to support anti-fa or any other “protesters” either.

      I’ll oppose subjecting terrorists and child molesters to police brutality, but for goodness’ sake, let’s not lose track of who the bad guys are here.

      How’s that Rage Against the Machine lyric go?

      You justified
      Those that died
      For wearin’ a badge and your cloaked in white

      That’s incorrect.

      Being the victim of police brutality doesn’t justify anything you’ve done.

      1. You flipped the first two lines

        But good reference!

      2. I mean… a little police brutality against child molesters couldn’t hurt… >_>

      3. The lyric’s are actually:

        Those who died are justified
        For wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites

        But whatever.

    3. We’re back to Kent State.

      No, then he and several other of those Antifa fucks would be dead. And if you’re fine with the protesters pointing lasers at the marshals’ faces, shooting rockets at them, and trying to actually burn the building down, then you’re really in no position to cry when some lefty dumbshit gets conked in the face with a bean bag.

    4. In this case, they peacefully dealt with a peaceful protester. I don’t see the problem here.

      1. haha, yeah, it was a peaceful response. What are you bitching about, Brandycuck?

      2. +infinity

    5. Shoulda been wearing a mask. Something defensive.

    6. At that range, the person shooting was pretty unlikely to be actually trying to hit the guy in the face.
      I would bet he was aiming for someone behind the guy. I would be interested to see what sorts of activity were going on behind him, that the released video does not show.

  40. What’s really going on in Portland is that whole neighborhoods have been occupied for more than a year by the Antifa terrorists, who beat people up for “looking conservative” and are never punished because the mayor and police commissioner are Antifans themselves. They even unjustly sent to prison a guy who shot back.

    It’s about damn time the military occupies the place and puts all the terrorists on trial, before we the public have to do it for ourselves.

    And it is not acceptable (or libertarian) for Reason to take the terrorists’ side in the conflict. We are already in a shooting civil war, but so far only one side is shooting. That must change.

    1. The moment they started attacking people and getting away with it, the feds should have been there. And reason’s constant excuse making and false equivalence is a new low ever for reason. I don’t care if the Proud Boys are the biggest assholes on planet earth. It is a free country and they can march in Portland without being attacked. And the people who attack them are the problem.

      Reason has spent years now calling the victims of Antifa “trolls” and “provocateurs” as if the problem is people exercising their 1st Amendment rights not the terrorists attacking them. It needs to stop.

      And it is long past the point where the public would be justified to take care of it. Go down to Portland and just shoot them. If that ever happens, that won’t be a civil war. It will be a massacre. Antifa has no popular support and no real power except the power to terrorize and bully. If the public ever decides to do something about it, it will be all over but reason crying about the poor peaceful Antifa.

      1. “no real power except the power to terrorize and bully. ” No, their power comes from politicians who know their constituents want the situation to continue or just don’t give a damn enough to vote the politicians out of office. If a majority of Portlanders don’t care or support antifa, then the situation won’t change. If there’s a “silent majority” then get off your knees, rise up and throw the assholes out of office.

        1. Very true. But the majority of Portland is center left. I know a ton of sort of center left liberals. And they are not Antifa or necessarily unreasonable people. But, what drives liberals like this as much as anything is the satisfaction that comes with thinking they are fighting for good against the intolerant right. To stand up to Antifa requires admitting that the far left is worse than the regular right and worse likely requires them to make an alliance with the right. Doing that means admitting that they haven’t been fighting the forces of intolerance and ignorance all this time but just reasonable people with whom they had reasonable disagreements. The typical center left liberal has too much of their personal self worth ties up in their politics to do that. They will end up submitting and supporting the Marxists and terrorists like Antifa and rationalize it by saying they had no choice because the right was worse.

          They will tell that to themselves right up until the bullet goes through their heads. They are just useless.

          1. Yup. nailed it.

    2. “And it is not acceptable (or libertarian) for Reason to take the terrorists’ side in the conflict. We are already in a shooting civil war, but so far only one side is shooting. That must change.”

      I see two scary scenarios in the future.

      1) If Trump wins in November . . .

      I’d expect anti-fa and their compatriots to riot big time. They’ll protest the results of the election until either Trump resigns or the national guard drives them away.

      2) If Biden wins but a conservative is elected in 2024 . . .

      It’ll be the same thing.

      A lot of people here may be too young to remember the protests during Hugo Chavez’s rise to power, his removal by the military, his return to power, and his reelection.,_strikes_and_the_recall_referendum

      That kind of protest movement and counter protest movement we’re looking at.

      These protesters don’t want to reform the system. They hate the Constitution. They want to burn it all down.

      1. If Trump wins, he will no longer have to worry about re-election and will be the 800 lb gorilla of American politics. Meanwhile, I think the rank and file Democrats will blame Antifa. So, my guess is, Trump crushes Antifa and a shit ton of them end up dead or in prison. The Democrats will cry and call Trump a tyrant but in fact be glad he wiped them out, though they will never say it.

        If Biden does win, I don’t think Antifa is smart enough to knock it off. My guess is they will be even more emboldened. And once it starts hurting the Democrats, my guess is after midterm losses that make 94 and 2010 seem like wins, the full weight of the federal government falls on them beyond what even Trump would do to them.

        Either way, I don’t see it turning out well for them. They are all spoiled children living on borrowed time but are just too stupid to know it.

        1. The other part of this is that the only reason anti-fa gets any more support now than they did before the virus is that the economy went bad. As the economy continues to improve, all that support they were getting will go the way last month’s hit on Netflix.

          I can’t even remember the “spark joy” lady’s name anymore.

          Meanwhile, as I linked above, advertisers won’t support this pro-anti-fa bullshit either.

          Reality has a way of reasserting itself, and anti-fa and their compatriots are living in a fantasy world without a police department.

          1. The country is not going to defund the police or allow these lunatics to be in charge. It is just a question of when they finally push so far that there is a critical mass that wants them gone.

      2. I see armed conflict kicking off after the election no matter what. Conservatives won’t believe for a second that Biden could win without cheating, especially considering how we’re already seeing plenty of shady shit with mail-in ballots and the media. The polls don’t mean shit, since the media’s in the bag for Biden and got them wrong last time. Meanwhile, said media has been pounding out the message that Orange Man is losing and ignoring any evidence that says otherwise, meaning these far-left assholes, who are being allowed to do what they want by their state governments, won’t accept a trump victory.

        1. If so, it won’t last long. Do you think Antifa is going to defeat the FBI or the national guard?

          1. I wouldn’t be surprised if part of Antifa was being supported by the FBI. Has it been so long that we’ve all forgotten, “Tear up Texas”?

            1. The FBI won’t be on their side if Trump wins re-election or Biden does and they become a negative for the Democrats.

    3. I was going to say something about occupying armies might be where you’re not looking, but thankfully someone came here and said it first.

      I will add this:

      An occupying army shot multiple people, at least two of them killed were two black teenagers, one shot execution style by the occupiers.

      I’ll let you google around to figure out what occupying army committed the atrocities.

      Hint: The occupying army can’t be sued and seems to enjoy unqualified immunity.

    4. By police commissioner, are your referring to police chief, Carmen Best? Or someone else?

      I’m not familiar with the organizational structure of the Seattle Police Department, but I cannot find a reference to its having a commisioner.

      The police chief, Best, was reportedly at odds with the mayor, and wanted to close down CHOP. Famously, she was quoted as saying, “Enough is enough.”

      1. Chop was in Seattle you half wit. This was in Portland. And Portland has allowed Antifa to terrorize the city and will throw you in jail for trying to defend yourself against them.

        1. Ha ha, Portland not Seattle, that White Knight really misread that one. Bet he’s too embarrassed to admit his mistake.

        2. Oh, man. That was a dumb mistake on my part.

          You got me dead to rights!

  41. “NBC News Sets Goal of a Workforce That Is Half Minority”
    “NEW YORK (AP) — NBC News leader Cesar Conde, in one of his first public acts in the job, has committed to building a workforce at the news organizations he supervises where at least half of the employees are minorities.[…]”

    I certainly hope some one slaps them with an anti-discrimination lawsuit.

    1. So a whole bunch of white wokesters are about to get canned in favor of colored people? “Wait a minute; you’re supposed to gore that other guy’s ox, not mine.”

    2. I don’t see how it doesn’t end with that. After they fire all of the white people, what do they have to lose by suing?

      1. I certainly hope some one slaps them with an anti-discrimination lawsuit.

        I hope somebody goes full Bostock on them and sues because the organization isn’t half female, half male, and half trans.

      2. That wasn’t exactly meant as a reply to you, John.

    3. Seems like he should be committed to having a workforce that is half competent; regardless of skin color. Hmmm, seems like some wise person once said, “I hope to be judged by the content of my character, not the color of my skin…”

  42. “Federal Agents Shoot Peaceful Portland Protester”

    I’ll take disingenuous cunt for 500 Alex. Maybe we should show up at your house and give you a good hard Portland Peaceful Protest?

    1. If you read The Gulag Archipelago, the psychology behind how you end up in a gulag is not far off the way ENB interprets reality.

    2. for legal reasons this is a joke and should be taken as such.

    3. In this case, it appears the victim really was not engaging in violent acts. Did you not read that part?

    4. Oh, man, sorry for losing my cool like that.

      I have issues with my temper, but I cannot afford counseling. My momma, who is a saint, really the most wonderful woman in the world, would be so ashamed of me if she knew I called a woman the c-word.

      I do have misgivings with ENB’s characterization of what happened, but I could have calmed down and found a more polite way to express that.

    5. You messed up your handle spoofing, a lib, but point taken. Being rude and misogynistic was wrong of me, and I’ll try to change.

      I do realize that people acting like assholes toward each other just because Internet forums allow them to hide their true identity is one of the factors degrading American society, and I shouldn’t be contributing to that.

      1. If it wasn’t so pathetic, it’d be funny.

  43. >>”We have to have like 90 percent of people wearing the masks in public in the hot spot areas.

    if 87% everyone dies.

  44. What happened to Donovan LaBella demonstrates “the consequences of Donald Trump unilaterally dispatching fed’l law enforcement into U.S. cities,” Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) tweeted on Sunday. “Trump & Homeland Security must now answer why fed’l officers are acting like an occupying army.”


  45. I don’t know the merits of this demonstrator’s soon-to-be lawsuit. The government screws up so much that maybe they actually managed to injure one of the few peaceful protesters in Portland.

    In general, though, if you’re on the lookout for non-peaceful protests, Portland would be the place to look.

  46. “Peaceful Portland protester?”
    That’s hysterical.
    That’s like saying, “Jewish Nazi.”

    1. Moderate Muslim.

  47. I live in Oregon. Wyden … is … a … joke. Portland is screwed because of these self-righteous dweebs.

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  53. “…a crowd of peaceful protesters…”

    Does that include the ones who were shining green lasers on the officers’ faces? Lasers that can damage vision? An act that can be a Federal Felony? Those peaceful protestors?

  54. Protesting peacefully, not disrupting other lives and not destroying things is one thing, but what these protestors, BLM and other militant groups are doing is another. MLK would be ashamed of all of this. Law and order matters!

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