George Floyd

Minneapolis Police Killed George Floyd, Then Failed To Protect Property Owners From Riots

Police departments exist to protect people's persons and property. The Minneapolis Police Department has failed to do either.


Police in Minneapolis catalyzed Wednesday night's violent protests by killing George Floyd on Monday. They've since done a terrible job of protecting innocent property owners from being victimized by the rioting that's erupted in response to Floyd's death.

Floyd was killed Monday night after being stopped by four officers with the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) on suspicion of forgery. During his arrest, one of the officers held his knee on Floyd's neck for eight minutes while the man complained that he couldn't breathe. Floyd later died in the hospital.

Video of the incident, and later factual discrepancies in the police account of the event, was enough to get all four officers fired on Tuesday, and for the U.S. Department of Justice to open a civil rights investigation into Floyd's death.

Neither move has been enough to mollify many in Minneapolis, who've taken to the streets for two nights of demonstrations that have turned increasingly violent.

On Tuesday, protestors vandalized police vehicles and threw rocks at a local MPD precinct building where the four fired officers involved in Floyd's death were assigned. Police responded with rubber bullets and tear gas.

Things escalated dramatically last night when further demonstrations resulted in the looting of local businesses. At least 16 buildings were damaged in the protests, according to the city's fire chief.

Videos and photos of the protests and their aftermath show an Autozone being torched, a Target being looted, and an under-construction apartment complex being set on fire.

One of the few bright spots was video captured by reporters of several armed men protecting a tobacconist from rioters. Their presence could well have prevented the business from being vandalized or even destroyed.

That these four amateurs were able to protect this one business raises the question of why the city's more numerous and better equipped professional police weren't able to protect other businesses in a similar fashion.

Police departments exist, at least on paper, in order to protect people's rights and people's property. Over the past couple of days, police in Minneapolis have proven unable to do either.

Minneapolis City Councilmember Jeremiah Ellison summed up their failure pretty well in a tweet.

Obviously, the destruction of businesses that had nothing to do with Floyd's death is unjustified. Anyone guilty of vandalism or theft during the past few days of protest deserves to be punished.

None of this relieves police of their responsibility to ensure public order or protect innocent people and businesses from being violated.

In response to questions about last night's destruction, Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo put the blame onto outside agitators, saying, "People involved in the criminal conduct last night were not known Minneapolitans." Perhaps he should look closer to home when trying to assign blame for the root of the destruction of the past few days.

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281 responses to “Minneapolis Police Killed George Floyd, Then Failed To Protect Property Owners From Riots

  1. Do you see the common thread? Cops went home safely. What more can be asked of them? Someone's got to use up all those taxpayer dollars.

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    2. As long as the union's members are safe-- and paying their dues on time-- it's all good.

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    4. Police seem to exist to protect each other,
      a well meaning officer will find himself sequestered
      in the station.Those 2 armed civilians should
      make any cop embarrassed,doing their
      job for free.Maybe we should give a
      gun to every voter and disband
      and hand the cops their
      walking papers.

      1. For millennia societies have existed without police and historians have not reported a problem. A century ago policing started in England with unarmed uniformed dispute settlers. Violence was avoided by their mediation. This spread to the new world, evolved, and now police arrive and escalate the violence quickly into death. It happens routinely. And people keep calling them. Why? Could it be they are indoctrinated all thru public school to trust, obey, all forms of govt.? That is the prime goal of mandatory govt. brainwashing.

        1. That’s just because in places like Rome, the military and the police were the same thing. Is that what you want?

  2. So if the police won't protect life and property, why not the National Guard?

    1. The National Guard doesn't need police protection.

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    2. probably because the National Guard isn't trained in policing, and if they get unleashed, there will be dead rioters/looters. No one wants to be the one who takes that political hit for a pile of bodies.

    3. "Minneapolis Police Killed George Floyd, Then Failed To Protect Property Owners From Riots"

      How about a truthful headline: Minneapolis police killed George Floyd, then blacks and other minorities proceed to show that they do in fact need heavy handed policing.

      1. If the police went around murdering my family, friends and neighbors, in broad daylight, whilst knowingly being filmed, I too would need some “heavy handed policing”.

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      2. Are all police murderous thugs because of 4? No. Did all police refuse to protect their neighborhoods? Yes. Did "some" thugs riot? Yes. Did some citizens peacefully protest? Yes. And you, Gasman, choose to ignore the vast majority of peaceful and use the thugs as proof ALL blacks/minorities need to be treated like thugs. How do you know some of the looters were not blacks/minorities? You don't. You just "ass"U me it to justify your prejudices.

    4. If the people won't protect themselves (guns empower the weak to match the strongest), then they don't deserve freedom and won't get it. Respect begins with each of us as individuals. Sacrifice of the self to anyone, on principle, is self-enslavement, inhuman, and immoral.

  3. get the MOPAR parts out *then* torch the autozone, guys...

    1. This comment would be almost funny if it weren't so depressing. The saddest parts of this whole mess: that innocent people are losing both their lives and their livelihoods, (including a business that was owned by an African American fire-fighter) to the looters because of a police brutality murder, and the police and government will use this for more removal of liberties from everyone there.

      1. "including a business that was owned by an African American"
        Even the MN governor laments that minority-owned businesses are getting torched. If the arsonists would just go after whitey (and big corporations like Target), everything would be totes ok


    Protester: "We need our guns to fight off an oppressive, tyrannical government!"

    Tyrannical government: "Give us your guns."

    Protester: "Ok."

    1. A lot of conservatives are being red pilled over this. If the left can avoid overreaction (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA), they may stay that way.

      1. I hope so. Might finally see some cop accountability.

        But, really, what's the fucking point of carrying around a rifle if you're going to just give it up when the cops tell you to?

        1. The choice becomes, fire on the cop or give up the rifle because the courts have said that any cop who is scared can shoot you if you refuse an order and cops are scared shitless of armed citizens. To a non-cop, the choice not to fire on someone who is not yet threatening them is easy.

          1. I guess that's why we had that massacre in Michigan at the state house a couple weeks back. Wait... maybe I misremembered.
            Cops are scared shitless of armed citizens only in certain places and certain contexts. Next time Michiganders people want to show off how brave a bunch of 2nd amendment defenders they are, try taking a bunch of Detroit Brothers to their march on the sataehouse.

    2. Wow that's f'd up

  5. Floyd later died in the hospital."
    No the hospital confirmed he died which does not mean he didn't die on the scene either way murder there or in a few days its still murder

    1. Don't cop unions hand out qualified immunity? like a 00 license to kill before the badge number? If they and the looter media platforms lose protection from lawsuits, maybe politicians can even be questioned soon...

    2. Just to play the Devil's Advocate, I'd be interested in hearing what the cause of death was. Regardless, I doubt having a knee to his neck was good for him.

      I did watch the video, and it's pretty disturbing. That said, one of the cops did go over and seemed to check his pulse at some point after he'd stopped moving, and then walked away, as if he'd gotten some assurance from that test. Then again, for all I know, he didn't find a pulse and then just decided it wasn't his problem.

      1. I’m thinking he checked his pulse and decided to call emt Or like you said. Not his problem but it is now

        1. Nah, at that point, EMTs had already been called. So he either found a pulse, or didn't find one and just decided he wasn't gonna rock the boat.

      2. He might have just wanted confirmation that the danger was over and not only would he be going home safe that night, but he had a paid vacation coming up and was working out where he would take the wife and kids.

        1. EMTs said he had no pulse or signs of life when they put him in the ambulance. They kept trying to restart his heart but failed. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

          1. I hadn't heard that yet. Could you share a linkie?

      3. 100% agree. I see reports that the medical examiner said the knee on the neck "contributed" to his death, but I haven't been able to find the actual cause of death. It looks to me like his 4 minute fight resisting arrest led to his own heart attack. As far as I'm concerned he essentially caused his own death and the cops didn't do anything wrong. These "protesters" wouldn't give a thimble of warm spit for Floyd last week, today he's just useful for a political cause or reason to destroy and rob. It's not very heartening to see so many professed libertarians spewing this kind of crap before finding out what the entire story is.

        1. It’s not very heartening to see so many professed libertarians spewing this kind of crap before finding out what the entire story is.

          You missed a bit on the right side of your mouth.

      4. I'd say being choked to death by a muscular 210 lb. man with his full body weight being applied via knee on neck. Mr. Floyd, being in his 40s and black, in spite of a muscular build, may have had a heart condition. I didn't see that the officer was trying to kill him but obviously his method of gaining "compliance" left much to be desired, given that Floyd is DEAD. At minimum, the officer was callously indifferent to Floyd's suffering, and given that he was already cuffed, the knee on neck seemed unnecessary and gratuitously brutal. The officer should be arrested immediately on an open homicide charge as the circumstances appear to show probable cause of manslaughter, and that under color of authority. Why he hasn't shows yet another systematic problem, that MPD has an apparent problem with disciplining its members and has itself become a threat to public safety.

    3. An officer on the scene (one of the infamous 4?) checked Floyd's pulse while the knee was still on the neck and told Dereck he got NO PULSE. Dereck kept his knee in place for 3 more seconds (just to make sure?)

  6. Acevedo -- Arradondo -- how about we stop hiring police whose names begin with A? We can get to B-Z later.

    1. Reason's got dibs on the Bees.

  7. Racism in America today…

    Rioting and looting is not a fix!

    Ignoring and failing to stop the rioting and looting isn't a fix either!

    NOT electing more racist assholes like Trump ***IS*** a part of the fix!

    1. Yeah, when will Trump take responsibility for the actions of Minneapolis municipal police?!

      1. When will Trump take responsibility for all the racist bullshit things he has done and said IN THE LINKED ARTICLE?

        When is Trump going to "go back to where he came from" in Germany?

        1. When you shit your pants verbally like this, does that bring up the urges as well?

          1. All Hail Der TrumpfenFuhrer, Full of Grace
            Savior of the human race!
            Never mind, us all, He will disgrace!
            Conservatards, above all, MUST save face!

            1. Poor Old Mex you lost your mind

        2. Your handle is apropos, Sqrlsy. Whatever your assessment of the President, he is NOT responsible for this tragedy. The brutal cops that killed George Floyd are for his death. The thugs that looted and burned as a lame EXCUSE, DISHONORING what should be an expression of public grief over the needless killing of a man over a purported fake $20 bill, THEY alone are responsible. If I had it my way, there'd be a quick-reaction force to deal with these race riots, including sending in attack helicopters with miniguns, after repeated warnings over the radio, TV, and loudspeakers that the rioters were to disperse peacefully. Then I'd have the chopper crews lay down murderous fire for about 1 minute, which would put about 5,000 rounds in an area the size of a football field. Then send in infantry to mop up anyone that does anything under than lay prone under instructions and submit to be arrested. Then pile up the bodies in the parking lot, pour on the diesel, and light 'em up, and broadcast it on social media, saying, "THIS is how it ENDS if you RIOT! Go Home!"

          1. You have some really kinky sexual fantasies, fat man.

    2. Your a part of the problem.
      You want to make sure there's no broad accountability and nothing changes?
      Cry about Racism and then go off on your personal insecurities and bullshit.
      Blame the Racism! Because otherwise might be tough

      1. Conservatards, above all, MUST save face!

      2. All Hail Der TrumpfenFuhrer, Full of Grace
        Savior of the human race!
        Never mind, us all, He’ll disgrace!
        Conservatards, above all, MUST save face!
        In glory, a glaze of Vaseline,
        Behold Stormy Daniels, our Queen!
        What a scene, what a scene!
        The Donald? NEVER so obscene!
        Now don’t you DARE throw a fit,
        It won’t matter, not even a bit,
        We mustn’t ever, EVER quit,
        We be saved, by The Trumptatorshit!

  8. Police departments exist to protect people's persons and property.

    You new here, kid?

    1. exist to cull the Snoopy population.

    2. Ragnar in Minnesota: Do you know the conditions of existence in those People's States? Since production and trade—not violence—were decreed to be crimes...

  9. Let’s disband the police. That will certainly lead to utopia, especially in Democratic run cities. Those are are the most peaceful and racially harmonious cities in the country already.

    1. NAZI Germany put the police on steroids, and that didn't work so well for them, either! Ditto fascist Italy, Stalinist USSR, Maoist China, and many more! We need BALANCE, not law-and-order on steroids! Police that serve to protect people and property, not police who "serve" to favor the "right" political, ethnic, nationalistic, religious, etc., "good people" against the scapegoats! And Der TrumpfenFuhrer is THE most dangerous scapegoater here in the USA today! (Not talking India's Modi, Russia's Putin, etc.).

    2. Sorry, I unintentionally flagged your comment for review. Just hit the wrong button. 🙁

      But I wanted to say that any violence in Democratic cities is ultimately the GOP's fault. I mean, those were obviously Republicans who attempted to lynch Jussie Smollett.

      1. For that flag crime, your benefactor loses a billion next week.


  10. Obviously, the destruction of businesses that had nothing to do with Floyd's death is unjustified.

    Obviously, the rioters disagree.

    1. Obviously, looters and arsonists are also doing the wrong thing, just as the bad cops in this situation very much did the wrong thing.

      Being angry at bad cops is not justification, excuse, or reason for destroying the random property of others. For all the looters and arsonists knew, the people who owned or worked at those businesses were actively involved in police reform efforts. There's nothing rational about it, and nothing moral about it.

      1. What is this "rational" of which you speak?

        1. ... as elusive around here as Reason ...

      2. Fuck off killjoy. As with all other riots, police were undercover instigating bad behavior. Reports and videos of men dressed in all black with gas masks on were seen throughout social media. These guys walked alone or with one other agent following at a distance. They were seen roughing people up and walking away from buildings that just caught fire or were looted.

        To top it off, social media began censoring these reports or any mention of agitprop or agents provocateurs.

        1. Wet works!!!

          1. Chief of Police: Democrat
            Hennepin County DA: Democrat
            Prior County DA: Amy Klobuchar
            Mayor of Minneapolis: Democrat
            Governor: Democrat

            1. The same police force that can't cover up or explain a murder by four of its officers, is somehow able to infiltrate dozens of covert operatives to start fires, break into businesses, and generally start shit---all without any of this coming to light. Sure, big fella. Sure.

              Isn't it a little early in the day to be this stoned and paranoid? On the other hand, you can't spend the day wasted if you don't start early.

              1. Why would it be hard to inflitrate a riot? I mean there are lots of people who don't know each other walking around, if you can't inflitrate that you need to go back to kindergarten. And the fact that 4 random cops got caught because someone had a camera doesn't mean the cops can't conspire. It just means these four were crap at it.

                I'm not saying that the cops did what he said, but it wouldn't be the first time and you've given no reason to disbelieve it.

                1. And keep quiet their involvement? In a group as traditionally risk-averse as modern city bureaucracies, which the police are definitely a part of?

                  Why is simple incompetence and a bordering-on-evil indifference to their citizens, coupled with a feral underclass that's been penned up for the last two-three months, not enough to explain what a clusterfuck these MSP riots have been? You don't need a conspiracy. In fact, a conspiracy is usually the wrong answer to whichever question you're wrestling with.

        2. I heard there was similar stuff at Ferguson. It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but honestly, with the stuff we're learning about the FBI, and how broad the surveillance state is, I wouldn't be surprised.

          1. It's part of their master plan - destroy Democrat strongholds in order to re-elect Trump. The same guy they tried, but failed to frame with Crossfire Hurricane...

        3. How can you look at yourself in the mirror, or sleep at night?

          I am sure there was plenty of shenanigans going around, the authorities certainly aren't blameless, but they certainly aren't the only cause of violence, and lots of people who support the protests also support or at least tolerate the violence.

          The person who should fuck off, is you.

    2. It's just an excuse to burn, loot, and pillage. Too bad the man whom at worst passed a fake twenty is DEAD, while these thugs will likely never be punished.

  11. Here’s a tip. Stop harassing citizens over stupid shit that eventually results in a confrontation that some police don’t have the training to deal with. Instead of guys like Joe Biden who spent years promoting bigger government and more draconian laws that lead to this elect people who pay more than lip service to your rights. Democrats do a terrible job at civil rights because they are a bunch of scared pussy liberals assholes. Case in point they will probably start passing more gun laws because of riots caused by their failure to reign in the police.

    1. Instead Biden was the biggest promoter of more prisons and more gun laws and bigger police responses to the drug and terror wars. Fuck him and every one of his supporters.

  12. Many kudos to Reason for realizing that rioting and looting are not libertarian values, in stark contrast to their breathless teen groupie coverage of the Ferguson riots in 2014.

    Still I can't help but wonder what would the reaction here would have been had the cops used the level of force necessary to prevent the Target from getting trashed.

    If the cops are expected to protect property from a large violent mob then it's going to require them to use measures that would make most Reason contributors reflexively scream "police brutality".

    Eventually the effete upper-crust white liberals who run Minneapolis are going to have to decide whether they want to keep coddling the rioters or protect the economic viability of their city. If they dont want to become Detroit-On-The-Mississippi then the cops are going to have to bust some heads, and it isn't going to be pretty.

    1. Do you have a link to show that someone at Reason supported the Ferguson riots?

      But you've got a point in that anything the cops could possibly do to prevent or stop rioters from trashing a business would cause even more death and probably escalate the situation to a full blown urban battle.

      1. Here you go

        On August 13, 2014, Ferguson Police Department (FPD) and St. Charles County Sheriff's Department (SCCSD) dressed in riot gear fired rubber bullets and tear gas at Ferguson, Missouri residents protesting the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. An officer from the Ferguson Police Department allegedly shot Brown to death on August 9.

        Reason spent most of the event calling the rioters "protestors"

      2. Then there is the always reliable Ed Krayewski saying that riots are a good thing

        On the other hand, as pointed out by Thaddeus Russell on Twitter yesterday, anti-police riots have led to real police reforms before. In Cincinnati, for example, as a 2011 USA Today article explains:

        Nothing says "Libertarian" like cheering on a leftist mob destroying private property.

        1. And lest it be considered an 'Ed Krayewski problem' Thaddeus Russell himself is something of a Reason darling.

          Also, honorable mention should go out to ENB for repeatedly defending Antifa as some sort of decentralized freedom network shortly after a documented member firebombed an immigrant detention center and well after they had been conclusively shown on multiple occasions to be responsible for multiple-assailant attacks on singular, unarmed, and otherwise innocent bystanders.

        2. I mean, I'd argue that if you're unable to get justice through legal channels, extra-legal channels are your only option. Now, that doesn't mean looting and burning down random businesses, but at some point you do need to start fighting back. A large part of the reason there was so much hatred in Ferguson was because even though Brown's death was justified, the police had been abusing their authority and essentially stealing from the poor in the area. There were deeper problems then the one guy who got shot.

      3. Then we have Special Ed telling us that the riots didn't actually happen. They were just a lie made up by the "militarized police"

        Prior to the MSHP takeover of riot control in Ferguson on Thursday—which saw peaceful protests and a decidedly demilitarized police presence at night—the Ferguson Police Department and various St. Louis law enforcement agencies deployed militarized units in response to reports of looting during some of the protests. At the time the counterinsurgent-like response appeared disproportionate, looking for a problem that didn't exist. As I warned last Thursday, based on Johnson's reports, the police's militarized response to protests may have helped create a cause for that response. On Friday, Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) called for "martial law" to be imposed in Ferguson. Residents, like one the Post spoke to, blamed the unrest on outsiders and people who wanted to "vent and loot." The NAACP has backed Nixon's decision to send the National Guard in.

        1. I volunteered to help clean up after the Ferguson riots. I can assure anyone who doubts that they did in fact happen.

          Much of the anger behind the protests, and eventual riots, was justified. Much of it was not. Just like many of the actions of the protesters were justified - when they took the form of demontrations or civil disobedience - and others were not - when some of them became violent rioters, looters, and arsonists.

          1. Rioters need to start taking that shit to the capitals, and high office politicians' houses

          2. The cops start all the looting - they always do.

        2. Damn.

          That Juice fella vanished like a fart in the wind.

          1. Juice is good people; he'll be back. Damned if John wasn't really prepared for that question though.

            It's great having proof that bolsters what you remembered about a particular situation. In this case, the writers at Reason never finding a riot they couldn't make excuses for having.

            1. "the writers at Reason never finding a riot they couldn’t make excuses for having."

              One is coming that they will not like it.

      4. Jay Nixon declared a "state of emergency" in Ferguson, ordering a curfew between midnight and 5:00 a.m. CDT. At about 12:45 a.m. police fired tear gas at protesters. According to accounts on Twitter, police announced that they would be arresting everyone. Cops created a "zone" for journalists to remain in. Huffington Post journalist Ryan Reilly said on Twitter that he and other reporters asked cops to allow a small group of reporters to get closer to the police action—they were, predictably, denied. The adage that "it's better to ask forgiveness than seek permission" probably applies here.

        Meanwhile in a pretty depressing journalism fail, Politico's Byron Tau, also in Ferguson, explained on Twitter that the First Amendment's "subject to reasonable time and place restrictions." He can't witness police enforcing those restrictions because he's in the "first amendment zone" behind riot police, where the view is obscured.

        There are also reports of shots fired from multiple observers on the ground. Reilly tweeted that police radio also mentioned a person shot, though it was unclear if it was by a rubber bullet or the traditional kind. CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill, on the ground in Ferguson, tweeted that a "kid" was shot but not by police.

        Police show up and impose a curfew to stop people from burning shit down and Ed thinks that is the end of world. Special Ed's fainting fits over police efforts to protect property and stop a riot over the course of a couple of nights stand in stark contrast to Reason's current at best ambivelent attitude towards governments locking most of America in their homes for going on three months now.

        Do you need any more Juice because I am really enjoying going down memory lane here watching reason cheer on the rioters and repeat every single media lie about the case.

        1. I forget: what was their stance on the whole Freddy Gray deal, and the burning down part of Baltimore that resulted?

        2. Damn. John brought the CVS receipt.

          1. Seriously. I logged on thinking I was going to have find these articles myself, when John went and did all the heavy lifting for me.

            If you notice while reading those links unlike Britches' even-handed treatment of the Minneapolis riots here Krayewski couldn't gin up a single word of outrage about the wanton destruction of property.

            Reason's Ferguson coverage was disgusting.

            1. In the wake of Garner some guy traveled to NYC and shot two cops in cold blood. He chastised another writer for describing it as an "ambush" because it didn't meet his personal super autistic definition. "Crazy" was really too kind a nickname for that guy.

    2. Hundreds of cops were surrounding and guarding the murdering cop's home so it's possible they lacked the manpower to orotect the Target.

      1. That's possible. It might have been the cops were giving the middle finger to the community and saying "screw you, we're going to protect our own."

        But given the political leanings of the mayor and city council, I'm betting it was more a case of the mayor making it clear to the cops that he'd rather have video of burning businesses on the evening news than video of MPD officers arresting young black men they caught looting.

        Which is stupid, because a strong show of force at the beginning would have likely prevented a lot of damage to both sides.

        1. This is what Qualufied Immunity and Police Unions wrought.
          Yes we have to improve race relations. But the idea that until race relations improve that this has to continue is crazy and worse.

        2. A strong show of force for peaceful protests? That’s only indicia of the expectation of undercover cops to have successfully caused a riot.

          1. When people start breaking stuff and lighting things on fire that's when the cops should move in. When they don't it sends the message to the violent protesters that it's party time and they can do whatever they want.

            Back on the last day of the 2002 Olympics a few hundred alcohol-fueled visitors got a little rowdy in downtown SLC and started breaking some windows.

            SLCPD responded immediately in riot gear, formed a human wedge, and walked down the street straight into the middle of the crowd, swinging their hippie-beatin' sticks with enthusiasm.

            Instead of escalating the situation the crowd immediately melted away. No one was arrested, no property was damaged further, and aside from a few bruises no one was hurt.

            This could have been avoided if MPD had been given the green light to shut it down as soon as it started.

    3. "Still I can’t help but wonder what would the reaction here would have been had the cops used the level of force necessary to prevent the Target from getting trashed."

      Exactly this. If the Minneapolis cops did what used to be done to stop riots---shoot to wound---the Reeeeeee! from the writers at Reason could be heard in California. "How can you shoot people over property? The death penalty isn't used for thieves." Et cetera.

      LOL at the view expressed here in some of the comments that looting is somehow going to induce the affected business owners to pressure police to not kill people they're arresting. All the business owners are going to do is reconsider continuing to do business in the hood.

      It's likely the cops who killed that guy are guilty of depraved indifference homicide. If so, then convict them of it, and figure out what is so wrong with that department than three cops can watch a fourth apply a blood strangle to a guy on the curb, and not get him to knock it the hell off. And wonder who the hell else these clowns have done that to, but managed not to get caught on camera.

      1. All the business owners are going to do is reconsider continuing to do business in the hood.

        Motherfucking this. I am not a racist, but I most definitely am culturist, and I have no problem saying that hood culture is objectively defective and inferior.

        1. I am not a racist, but I most definitely am culturist,

          Heh. "I'm not racist because I can (refuse to) use a dictionary to lie to myself."

          1. In response to my comment that while their isn't a racist bone in my body, I have no problem admitting I'm an unabashed culturist, mad.casual tosses off:

            Heh. “I’m not racist because I can (refuse to) use a dictionary to lie to myself.”

            Projection much? Seriously, fuck off, fucktard. Hood counterculture is just as defective and inferior whether it's being promulgated by whites, blacks, or purples. It has nothing to do with the race of the idiots who perpetuate and exploit that particular milieu.

        2. Which will, in turn, fuel the intellectual think-pieces declaring that capitalism has failed and is a tool of white oppression and supremacy, because look at how under-served poor, non-white neighborhoods are!

      2. The last paragraph sums it up so well. How the officer that killed Floyd lasted 19 years on the department, and apparently NONE of the complaints resulted in any disciplinary action, seems incredulous. Obviously there's been a systematic problem with increasing brutality by MPD, and this in a city dominated by DEMOCRATS, please keep that in mind. Of course the Democrat politicians are "owned" by the police unions. And in so many states they've used police to enforce these wrong-headed and unjustified COVID-19 "lockdowns". See a connection?

      3. "It’s likely the cops who killed that guy are guilty of depraved indifference homicide."

        Maybe for the ones who stood and watched. The one with his actual knee on the guy is committing a willful and overt act so is guilty of murder

        1. It's a willful act, but I don't see the intent to kill. If he wanted to kill him, he could have pulled a Mehserle, and just shot the guy. I see a dumbass cop using a hold he wasn't trained fully on, that asphyxiated the guy he was trying to arrest. He, and any reasonable officer in his position, should have realized that this hold had a decent chance of causing enough respiratory distress to kill someone. Even if Floyd was on enough drugs to stone an elephant. (Which is likely what MPD is hoping the toxicology reports on Floyd reveal.) The police arrest the intoxicated too. It's not something novel for them, and they still don't get to kill the guy in an attempt to arrest him.

          Anyway, I think the cop recklessly disregarded that risk. That makes it manslaughter, not murder. He needs to go away for a long time, absent other evidence coming to light. His coworkers have some lesser culpability, but I'm fine with jail for them too. So far.

          1. You should read the Minnesota law on manslaughter. Its going to be tough to argue manslaughter in court, too.

          2. " but I don’t see the intent to kill."

            So, not first degree. I can see that. But to continue holding your knee to someone's neck after they have said they can't breath, and then continue to do so even after admitting there is an issue by summoning EMS? Maybe second degree, most surely third degree.

            609.195 MURDER IN THE THIRD DEGREE.
            (a) Whoever, without intent to effect the death of any person, causes the death of another by perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind, without regard for human life, is guilty of murder in the third degree and may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than 25 years.


    4. Not surprised by the authoritarian response. You’re ok with people being killed, and if someone speaks out kill more. An auto zone or target are not more valuable than lives. You should stop advocating massacre over civil disobedience

      1. "An auto zone or target are not more valuable than lives."

        Have your town adopt that as the official civic motto, and watch business start booming!

        1. Cry more over a broken window while denying racist violence, thug.

          1. Yes, there are literally only two choices: Support police brutality or support rioting.

            That's what's great about leftists like yourself, they have such an appreciation of nuance and complexity.

            1. Worship Jesus or burn in hell forever. Sound familiar?

              1. Yeah, I hear a lot of ignorant leftists and/or atheists saying that.

                1. Why the latter even worry about it always escapes me. It's not like threats from a Flying Spaghetti Monster should matter either.

                  But, it always get's back to what Heinlein said about there being two kinds of people. And you are all birds of a feather, the only difference being the color of your plumage.

              2. Have you accepted Greta Thunberg into your heart?

      2. Yes we're OK with theives who refuse to surrender when caught theiving being shot. Almost everyone is. An auto zone or target is more valuable than the life of a human parasite who makes everyone else's life harder. When prices go up in the ghetto and they have to walk further to get when they want, scum looters and their ilk are to blame. How long does someone have to work and walk because of a looting scumbag before he says "I'd reather you shot that guy."? It's not authoritarian to ask that property be respected.

        1. This bullshit narrative the left is pushing about 'It's ok to break the law as long as it's one of our sacred cows' isn't going to end well for them.

      3. White leftists are always willing to watch the poor POC burn down their neighborhoods, while they join in and cosplay the 1960s.

        They sing a different tune when "those people" show up in their neighborhoods wanting to redistribute their possessions. Funny how that works.

    5. They could have easily protected everyone’s property by removing the four cops from the scene handcuffed in the back of a cruiser rather than letting them drive home in one.

    6. The amount of force needed to protect those businesses wouldn't have been that great. Notice how a few guys hanging around with AR-15s managed it without a single death? But even if the cops had shot some looters who would have complained? Shooting an actual criminal who is actually committing a crime and is actually dangerous would win the cops points, not lose them. The public want criminals arrested, they just don't want them strangled after they have stopped resisting.

    7. Maybe the owners, workers, and customers at Target and other businesses should be allowed to pack heat themselves. How pro-Second Amendment are the city leaders of Minneapolis? Aren't there ways for police forces to act in case of riots like this one that should not be considered excessive force? (Fire extinguishers surely would have been helpful here...)

  13. "Police departments exist to protect people's persons and property."

    No they don't. SCOTUS has said so more than once. The cops are there to fill out the paperwork after they loot and burn your store.

    1. Cops are glorified janitors. Their job is to take out the trash after the party is over.

    2. Warren v. District of Columbia, 1981. The police have no duty to protect individuals or their property.

  14. There were riots like this when I was a kid and now an old man I still see them. Minneapolis has certainly done a poor job at addressing the incident. Every major city should have a response plan to allow people to vent their anger but not like this. When MLK was assassinated Bobby Kennedy did hold up, he went to the people. The city leaders should be there talking to the crowd, then listening, listening, listening. Finally these incidents have to stop. You have to treat black men like everyone else.

    1. You have to treat black men like everyone else.

      That would be raciss.

    2. Could it be more than a coincidence that 2 months after the MLK riots, and after RFK made conciliatory gestures to black leaders, that he was assassinated? Maybe our "betters" DON'T want race relations solved. Anything that divides us all serves THEM.

      1. “Maybe our “betters” DON’T want race relations solved. Anything that divides us all serves THEM.”

        This is true. And the most effective tool for division is collective guilt and grievance. Why treat people like individuals when they can seed resentment on a large scale?

    3. "... a response plan to allow people to vent their anger..."


      The statist positively oozes from your every pore doesn't it?

  15. This is the game police are starting to play in this country. They go out and do something unbeliebably bad and then when the public complains, they just throw up their hands and refuse to do their jobs and leave the public at the mercy of the criminals. This is what they did on an even larger scale than here in Baltimore. The city finally had had enough and wanted something done about the police killing the guy handcuffed in the back of the van. So, what did the cops do in response? Just stopped doing their jobs and let the murder rate go through the roof.

    The cops are basically holding public order hostage as a way to avoid being held accountable for misconduct. And I honestly don't know what the hell we are going to do about it.

    1. Imma gonna say "we" won't be doing anything about it. More likely, people will be forced to take responsibility for their own safety. Whether that turns out for good, bad or indifferent remains to be seen.

      1. That's called urban flight, and for the cities, it won't turn out well.

    2. Make union representation of cops illegal, and start firing any cop that steps out of line on the job. You kill someone with your knee? Sure, maybe prosecution is a dicey play- but you'll get no union lawyer, and even if we can't prosecute you, we can actually fire you with zero chance of reinstatement a year later after union arbitration. With the current structure, you have two options: do nothing, or prosecute for murder. The middle ground has been completely eliminated.

      1. Make union representation of cops illegal, and start firing any cop that steps out of line on the job.


        The problem remains until individual accountability returns, accountability being what the unions oppose 100%.

        1. Didn't JFK sign an EO allowing government monopoly minions to unionize? And didn't Jane Byrne and Ron Reagan push back at that?

      2. Just changes the nature of corruption, but doesn't really mitigate it. Now you have brass that aren't really accountable to anyone unless things become politically inconvenient.

        Not to mention you've picked a fairly convenient case to deny right of contract or association. Nor have you shown what role the union had in delaying any criminal charges.

        The city is free to amend future contract agreements that maybe union representation doesn't apply in suspected instances of murder of the job.

    3. Starting? Maybe spreading. I've seen the NYPD play that game for the last 30 years.

    4. That’s the tactic they’re deploying, holding back and letting it burn like petulant unaccountable children. What I want to know is what the f*** their superiors at city hall are doing.

  16. Large elements of the African American community are their own worst enemy. From continually electing leftist redistributionists to fanning the flames of the victim mentality to black on black violent crime—how many of these looters are perpetrators of street crimes in their own community? Obviously the decent members of the Minneapolis black community aren’t burning the local businesses.

    May 8th a black sniper killed an elderly white couple visiting a veterans cemetery in Delaware, but nothing from the media. Nothing.

    The killer cop needs to be brought to justice and obviously what he did was heinous but let’s not delude ourselves too much.

    1. May 8th a black sniper killed an elderly white couple visiting a veterans cemetery in Delaware, but nothing from the media. Nothing.

      I hadn't heard about that. How'd you hear about it?

      Anyway, you'd think that would be a pretty juicy news story.

      1. I found it on Instagram with a link, I was like dang this needs to be way more prominent in the news cycle, really sad for the victims family.

      2. Was it caught on camera with the sniper grinning? And then sniper was not arrested?

        1. Covered for a day or two on Philly/Delaware news. Killer is dead and cops "haven't been able to discover a motive yet." Killer had no connection with victims.

      3. Doesn't fit the lamestream media's narrative "whitey be racist".

        And this incident was NOT a "race thing", but opportunists and race-baiters turned it into one. It was a POLICE BRUTALITY thing. Any pathetic cries of racism, I shut my ears to, and just say, "If you don't like it here, LEAVE! Just LEAVE! No one will shoot you in the back as you get on the jetway to your outbound flight! Why would I want you to stay if you're not happy? GO!"

      1. Reverse the races. It'd be front page news at CNN for a week. Along with all of the fodder that accompanies news of the act: "Does Trump's rhetoric encourage these alt-right violent outbursts?" "What loophole did the racist killer exploit to get a gun?" "Should Twitter crack down on these racists?" And so on. All the shit that got spewed after Dylann Roof shot up that church. The fact that I know Roof's name, but couldn't tell you this guy's.

        Instead, it's a 'Meh. Dogs bite, it's what they do," kind of story.

  17. That these four amateurs were able to protect this one business raises the question of why the city's more numerous and better equipped professional police weren't able to protect other businesses in a similar fashion.

    Well, you made them throw away their handbook. If they can't constrict the airway of a handcuffed and prone citizen how do you expect them to do their job?

    1. Well it's official... Trump is literally Hitler, which means DeVos is literally Himmler. This is a prelude to the transgender ovens.

      (*obvious sarcasm)

      1. … on second thought, given the context of the linked article, maybe DeVos should be referred to as literally Hermler.

      2. This is a prelude to the transgender ovens.

        Is it still genocide if you only burn off their genitals?

        Wait, why am I asking? Genocide is just a social construct that I don't subscribe to! Voila! Forcibly spay and neuter them all!

        1. *Gendocide

      3. Are transovens refrigerators that identify as ovens?

    2. "The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference says its policy complies with a state law barring schools from discriminating against transgender students."

      Which gets to the strange heart of the matter. You cannot have women's sports divisions without discrimination. If a women's sports divisions are allowed, the basis of discrimination has to make some sort of sense. There is no good objective reason to base the discrimination on gender identity.

  18. Are there no Roof Koreans in Minnesota?

    1. Only Roof Somalians.

      They are sitting this one out.

    2. "WE RIDE AGAIN!"

  19. I saw a video where George Floyd was already in handcuffs and being led away off camera. Then. in another video I see Floyd on the ground with a cop kneeling on his neck. Anyone know what happened in between?

    1. Yes, two more cops arrived with orders to kill the dude in front of everyone.

  20. I think most of these comments are way over the top. I live in Minneapolis, my brother lives four blocks from the burned buildings, it looks like a war zone. The cops didn’t hurt or kill anyone in the mayhem, and only person who died in the whole thing was one guy who broke into a pawn shop and the owner shot him. People are not understanding this is several blocks, there would be no way to block it all off. I’d say the cops did pretty well considering, and while the violent criminals that did all this should be punished, these businesses are insured for this very reason. What would have been required by the cops to keep this from happening would not have gone over well with the media or the legitimate protesters, so they walked a fine line pretty well.

    1. Yes they did. I was hard on them above, but the truth is if they had done their jobs the same people screaming about this would be screaming about that. The answer I suppose is to let land owners shoot anyone who tries to loot their property on sight. Let the business owners do the dirty work.

      I think the cop in this case needs to be charged with murder. But that doesn't give people the right to steal and destroy things. If you do that, you deserve whatever you get.

      1. More authoritarians, keep advocating for violence. You’re documented as being a racist here. You get violent Everytime. Keep posting violence and excuses for cops

        1. Yes people have a right to defend their property. And of course you assume anyone who riots is black. Take your racist bullshit back to Stormfront.

          1. Lol, you’re basically G rated Storm Front. Keep calling for shooting more people, filth. Your mouth garbage may work here, but you clearly will just say anything.

            1. And you assume shooting looters means shooting black people because you think only black people are rioters. The superior white race would never riot in your mind

              You are a vile white supremacist. Everything you say stems from your belief that white people have a moral obligation to help inferior black people.

      2. Just the one cop? Three other cops stood around and did jackshit. The crowd was protesting for him to get his knee off the poor man's neck, and those other three cops set up crowd control for him. They kept the crowd from bumrushing the murdering cop.

        The other three are accessories to murder. Charge them all.

        1. I tend to agree. Not sure if they have a felony murder statute, but if so it clearly applies.

      3. if the owners have to shoot the looters which I am all for WTF good are the cops? they should be disarmed and disbanded

    2. Thier police captain today said it to dangerous for the police so they will do nothing.

    3. If the cops didn’t have provocateurs on the ground causing peaceful protests to devolve into riots, the cops wouldn’t have had such a head time.

      1. Had the crowd simply kicking said provocateurs ass and moving along to the PD and other fine government institutions instead of JOINING IN, I might have some respect for them. It's really hard not to to be pissed at both sides here.

    4. I will wager that many of these businesses won't be able to renew their insurance, IF they actually had any, and soon we'll see most of them boarded up and abandoned. And then about a year from now we'll hear the cry, "it's RACISM why we don't have any decent shopping and 'have' to get groceries from a high-priced convenience store that's a veritable fortress!" Or is it that a culture of irresponsibility and thuggery wasn't swiftly and severely dealt with when it erupted in rioting and violence?

      1. True! 1000% and getting insurance in this zip code will be more costly, so goods will be more costly, but it will be unfair.

  21. At least the murderers didn't kill the guy over a cigarette or a joint. Thanks to ENB for the reporting, the explanation and the link.

  22. Jesse Jackson is now on the scene. I expect calm and order to return any minute now

    1. LOL'd. Well done.

      Surprised he's still alive. Talk about someone who needs to watch out for the COVID.

      1. Readers, please note that government employees are also in social media comment sections, encouraging racism and all manner of divisiveness.

        1. Dude, go pack another bowl and stare at your lava lamp. Your whole scheme you keep spamming after every other comment, takes for granted the Minneapolis Police Department is in control enough to send undercover officers into riots to commit crimes. Or go onto this most minor of social media sites to promote some narrative that makes sense in your crazy fucking head.

          MPD isn't in control of anything. They can't keep anything secret, protect anyone, or even know what Reason magazine is.

          You're not important enough that people need to include you in their plans, Granite.

  23. Funny how cops tell us to talk to them, but when cops get in trouble they remain silent. They're smart enough to know never to talk to the police

  24. All I know is that if this sort of shit keeps up, the people of Minneapolis are liable to start voting Democrat.

    1. Worse. My understanding is that the last Mayoral race was D/D/L. They might have to vote libertarian.

    2. The only bright spot in all this tragedy is that major law enforcement organizations have publicly come out to condemn the killing of Mr. Floyd. The Blue Line is breaking but my God how many Black Americans have to die for this country to finally realize that our overzealous militarized police forces are are completely and totally out of control. End the war on drugs, on poverty, and Black Americans NOW

      1. It's totes all about skin color.
        I mean, focusing on race no matter any other factors and without looking at statistical context has worked well so far... right?
        No, no, no - the problem couldn't be an unaccountable government and overly aggressive police force under them...
        But let's keep beating that Racism drum. Super productive

        1. If it's about race then maybe we should also consider who those people have been voting into office for the last century.

          I mean, it would be the worst sort of racism to claim that they lack the agency to be responsible for their own voting habits, wouldn't it?

          Rather antidemocratic too.

  25. This is what happens when Antifa runs a city.

    1. See the above for what right wing, racist propaganda can do to your brain. Keep making Welch money.

      1. Do you ever have a thought that isn't hateful?

        1. It's likely one of Mary's socks, so No. Too angry for Tony, too articulate for SQRL.

          What is it with libertarianism and its attraction to crazy people to come and mess with libertarians and people who want to discuss it?

  26. Burning and looting.
    The cycle of senseless violence continues.
    Bad people on both sides...

  27. Sad. Another life lost to Covid.

    1. and buildings

  28. Four white racists the cops won’t touch, big surprise.

    1. What makes you think they were racist? At least one of those four guys was black. Do you automatically assume any white man with a weapon is a racist?

      1. I see you found your comfort zone. Nothing to see here move on.

        FYI, you’re not a thinking mind. I’ll assume you’re a racist, the odds are in my favor. White guys with guns, ok! Minorities Protesting, taking a knee, bad.

    2. Are you referring to the Blue race? Because otherwise that was a mixed lot.

  29. You don't expect our heroes in blue to risk their safety for ordinary citizens do you?

  30. BLM Logic: We soooooo offended ya'll the only thing gonna comfort is riotin' and lootin' and shootin' and screamin'. Oddur people gotto suffer too!

  31. MPD Cops too busy eating Taco Salads with combs to protect the innocent property owners.

    Right, Amy?

  32. As I anticipated (and more so), the deadly kabuki dance is proceeding along its seemingly pre-ordained course.

    We have a police dept in Minneapolis where officers in separate incidents killed an innocent white Australian woman and a...well, not innocent, but man.

    The first incident could have led people to think, "wait a minute, do we have an abuse problem here which transcends race?" Maybe if Australians had rioted and burned down the American embassy and a few McDonalds restaurants, people would have taken the issue more seriously!

    Yes, let's restart the tired narrative of making people choose between the Oppressed Black Community (which maybe lets off a little steam now and then but, gosh, can you blame them?) and the Pure, New Professionalism Thin Blue Line (police abuse is just something Jesse Jackson made up).

    Are we really in the position of having to explain patiently that we're against wrongful police killings *and* against arson and looting? Does denunciation of one have to be preceded by a to-be-sure mantra that the other thing is bad, too?

    1. And let us consider the due process concerns which are involved when grand jurors and jurors know that voting the "wrong way" in the trial of a policeman could lead to renewed riots. Is it fair to the cop, even a guilty cop, to give him a trial in an atmosphere suffused with such incentives to bias?

    2. Bingo.
      Harping on "Racism" (whether a primary factor or not) is the easiest, most superficial way to approach these things - and let's the police off the hook.
      It collectivizes and abstracts the issue.
      Racism did it, not the individual (who will be appropriately sacrificed) and it's not a problem of law/policing, but the ethereal spirit Racism.
      Questions about the multitude and reach of laws or the extent of enforcement, about the role of police... are hard to think about, nuanced, and difficult to resolve.
      Let's just shout Racism and take the easy way out.

    3. George Floyd may have not necessarily been "innocent", but the charge was passing a fake TWENTY. At worst, even if he was 'resisting', by squirming while CUFFED, that still didn't justify the force employed which appears to have killed him. Sure, Justine Damond was wrongly killed by an over-reactive EEO baby on the force whom shouldn't have been trusted with a potato gun, but at least he was brought to justice. We are outraged because George Floyd is DEAD where he should be alive, thanks to the MPD.

      1. Yeah, and even if (IF) he needed restraining that should not involve placing your body weight on his neck via your knee. Between the shoulder blades would have sufficed.

    4. Australia auto-immolates reliably enough that Aussies rarely consider arson.

  33. Well, ya.. apparently the whole MPD was too busy protecting Derek Chauvin's house to protect anyone else:

    Could've just taken him into custody instead, but the thin blue line is more important than protecting the city, don't ya know.

    1. I saw a quick clip of them at night, but it looked like there were hundreds there.

      So the cops just abandoned the 3rd precinct.
      I wonder if they took the time to clear out their armory?

      1. I'm ok with burning down the police station.
        Indeed, I support burning down the police station.
        It sends a message... if it's the only thing you burn down.
        Unfortunately the assholes had to light up a liquor store across the street too.
        Because fuck trying to actually accomplish something

    2. Reddit is a wasteland. I made a comment on the libertarian reddit that of COURSE people have a right to use weapons to defend their property, or to defend a business from looters, and it got downvoted to hell. Because apparently the right to be secure in one's property is such an old-fashioned idea.

  34. "Police departments exist to protect people's persons and property. The Minneapolis Police Department has failed to do either."

    Police departments exist to protect our rights, but the Second Amendment exists for the same reason.

    I'll never forget seeing the people of Koreatown defend themselves and their stores from looters during the Rodney King riots.

    The police can't be everywhere in a riot situation. Even under normal circumstances, they often can't be there until after something terrible has already happened. The good news is that helplessness is a choice--or at least it should be.

    What are the gun laws like in Minneapolis?

    If they failed to protect the right of the people in Minneapolis to defend themselves during a breakdown in the rule of law, then the failure of the Minneapolis police department to be everywhere at once is the least of it.

    1. "What are the gun laws like in Minneapolis"
      Open carry with permit

      But like someone said above, it was like a warzone. Also, there are not a lot of law abiding people who own guns in Minneapolis, unlike rural areas. Every single liberal in the state lives there

      1. What do you think would happen to a business owner in that neighborhood if s/he decided to go Roof Korean on a few of the rioters? If your answer is anything other than 'prison, for some variety of criminal homicide', it's likely wrong.

        Too many cameras, too easy to move data to the cloud, too many lawyers, for someone to shoot a rioter or three, and shrug their shoulders about it when the cops came asking questions a week or two later. Unlike all of the unsolved murders and woundings that happened in the wake of the L.A. Riots. Much easier---especially in times of COVID---to just take an insurance payout (but watch out for that insurrection casualty exclusion) and leave the hood to some other entrepreneurs.

        As for Hong Kong, and property destruction, there are few witnesses if the CCP doesn't want any. They're going to use soldiers, not cops, as police, and their ROE is going to be one hell of a lot looser. Different culture too.

    2. Heres what MPD's brilliant Men In Blue were doing in response to the looting:

      1. They should've beat the shit out of those cops

      2. At least a bunch of the commenters seem to have their heads on mostly straight. Btw, did anyone notice that the Louisville KY protest had 7 people shot last night? Apparently there were also protests that got out of control in NY and Ohio

  35. How are the people of Hong Kong looking?

    The people of Hong Kong are having pretty much all their freedom taken away and are being placed under the boot of a police state.

    There have been plenty of peaceful protesters beaten for no good reason. Some of them have died.

    How many private businesses are the people of Hong Kong looting or burning down?

    1. The struggle between between HK and BLM is much like night and day. The former is facing an existential threat from a global power with a proven record of human abuses. The rest of their world cowers before the Chinese scepter. When the struggle is human and universal "This race's lives matter" is redundant. I don't think I've ever heard of "Jewish Lives Matter" even though they're the most persecuted people in history.

      BLM invents a world where every single apparent police misconduct on black people is premeditated act of racism. They're incensed by "All Lives Matter" because it ignores what they think is a systematic police hunting of black people. The assumption is that cops wouldn't do what they do to white people. Whether instances of police brutality is a result of negligence, incompetence or honest mistake is not interesting to them.

      This is how the left operates. They rage at every convention and colleges, burning down buildings and assaulting cops and people as if they're courageously standing up to a great oppressive power. In reality, society coddles them. POCs and foreigners make up half of America and they live in relative peace and stability, without major conflict between tribes that mar other parts of the world.

      Floyd's death was a tragedy. But preventing it is a matter of policy changes, not dramatic overhaul of society or vigilantism against police. The chances of you getting shot by a cop is probably lower than the odds of you dying of Covid.

      1. BLM invents a world where every single apparent police misconduct on black people is premeditated act of racism

        One of Reason's very few real world successes is helping seed this narrative.

        1. The primacy of the Racism narrative actually serves to cover and perpetuate the Left's control and police power.
          It obscures the reality of citizens rather than subjects and the nature of rights.
          Divide and deflect

  36. Just read that Chauvin and Floyd worked security at the same club. Was there animosity?

    1. Small world. Really small world.

      Maybe the DA can get a higher murder charge to stick against the cop now? Just that fact, if proven, helps make this look a lot less accidental.

  37. I'm visiting my parents in St. Paul now as their stay at home order recently lifted. Lots of businesses in their suburb closed early as the protesters apparently threatened to spread up here. Minneapolis has been going downhill for awhile but now St Paul too? Where muh boring but safe upper midwest gone? Its sad

    1. Culture trumps politics. You allow the shitheads in to riot and burn you get what you get.

        1. Some twitterer pointed out the three cops in the three high profile Minneapolis killings are non-white. Seems like an honest media might've interrupted the hate whitey fest to mention that.

  38. Anyway, enough about these riots, let's talk about a completely different subject - the food deserts in communities of color where there are fewer good stores than in other neighborhoods!


      1. Those racists, now they're closing their stores!

      2. How dark was that comment?

  39. "I can't get past the differences between the Minneapolis BLM protest and anti-lockdown protests

    "In Minneapolis, police tear-gas unarmed protesters opposing racist violence — but armed Trumpers get the red carpet

    "...No doubt liberals are in danger of letting conservatives drag them into a nitpicky, line-by-line debate over what constitutes "peaceful protest" and who started what in Minneapolis. But there's no reason to get into that....

    "...If cops can stand by calmly while men with guns scream in their faces, they sure as hell don't have to tear-gas a crowd of peaceful protesters just because somebody broke a window....

    "Of course, there's also the difference in tactics. The BLM protesters are almost entirely nonviolent. The fact that a few of them acted out and caused minor property damage (breaking windows, not bodies) doesn't change that...."


    1. You'll never guess who wrote this, and where:

    2. You'll never guess who wrote this, and where:

        1. +1 don't give them the clicks

    3. ya know, it's almost as if the cops DON'T want to start something with a group of heavily armed men. It's almost as if they know that if they do, some of them won't be going home. I also remember that the BLM protest a few years back down in Dallas was perfectly peaceful too, despite half the attendees showing up with guns, up until one jackass with a sniper rifle decided to see how many cops he could kill

  40. This is what "burn it all down" looks like. If the law doesn't apply to everybody then it applies to nobody. It's all well and good to say everybody should follow the law but when it's mainly the one side that gets away with ignoring the law, how long should the other side put up with that? Isn't that how we got Trump and isn't that how we defend Trump?

    Shall we talk about Hillary and Comey and Clapper and Brennan and all the rest? Why aren't they all in jail or filing their appeals from death row? Well, obviously, they haven't actually committed any crimes, have they? At least none that any reasonable prosecutor would pursue an indictment over. See, that's how the system works. If they deserved to be in jail, they'd be in jail; since they're not in jail, obviously they've done nothing to deserve going to jail for. Qualified impunity!

    And yet, at some point, one would hope there would be angry mobs carrying torches and pitchforks and ropes when enough people refuse to accept that laws are only for the little people and decide that if the justice system can no longer be counted on to provide justice, the people must take matters into their own hands. Would it be legal to drag these people out into the street and execute them without due process? Certainly not, but when you see the legal system protects the worst criminals and there's no hope of ever seeing justice being done, what else can you do?

    You riot, you tear shit up, you make it painful for people to continue to ignore your complaints. Is it fair that innocent people get caught in the crossfire? Of course not, but at some point you stop giving a shit. If I'm getting fucked over by the system and you're just walking on by and not offering to help, that doesn't give me the right to fuck you over just to see how you like being fucked over, but surely you can see the temptation. And if you're in a position where your squeals about getting fucked over can draw more attention than mine, the temptation is that much stronger. And maybe that's what's going on in Minneapolis right now.

    1. If I’m getting fucked over by the system and you’re just walking on by and not offering to help, that doesn’t give me the right to fuck you over just to see how you like being fucked over, but surely you can see the temptation. And if you’re in a position where your squeals about getting fucked over can draw more attention than mine, the temptation is that much stronger. And maybe that’s what’s going on in Minneapolis

      As I'm reading this there's a stream in the background with some white kid explaining that Minneapolis was build on "genocide and chattel slavery" as blacks are milling about a burning liquor store. Now some teenage black girl is screaming about standing with her people after years and years of hurting. Are the teachers searching her backpack too often, Jerryskids? Is her pain because nobody hears her squeals about her mean homeroom teacher?

    2. I would offer a different hypothesis.

      Some opportunistic criminals have attached themselves to a protest movement in order to steal and destroy.

      There are plenty of people who want to protest peacefully, but the criminal opportunists find an excellent opportunity to hitchhike on the protests in order to be criminals while feeling righteous about it.

      Criminals like this behaved similarly in the much more murky Ferguson situation, where in the end even the Obama justice department wouldn't press charges against the cop.

      And even making the very dubious assumption that these opportunistic criminals actually think of themselves as out there in human solidarity with a victim of police brutality, I don't see how making, in effect, a pro-police campaign commercial will serve that purpose.

      1. Some opportunistic criminals have attached themselves to a protest movement in order to steal and destroy.

        Whoa! You saying we shouldn't believe these 20 year olds about their centuries of oppression?

      2. Eddy is correct. I used to live in Minneapolis and the cops have always been racist. The initial night of protest on Tuesday was peaceful. On the second night the people out were divided into three groups; 1) the protesters, who were non-violent. 2) The opportunists, who seized the chance to start looting. In many cases the looting was several miles from the main protests. 3) The anarchists who arrived with incendiary devices to start fires. What? You thought the fires started by someone with a cigarette lighter? On the 3rd night the looters were out in force, taking advantage of the chaos to loot in different cities than Minneapolis. You can cut the government a break for being surprised on the 2nd night but it was a complete failure on all levels on the 3rd night.

    3. Sure, but you have to admit there's a delicious irony in black people responding to the murder of one of their own--an activity that they indulge in on each other like it's a national sport--and think they're sticking it to whitey by torching their own infrastructure.

      This shit would honestly be a lot more interesting if they decided to try this in the suburbs instead of their own ghetto neighborhoods.

      1. We're talking about a minority of black people (maybe with some antifa-style white assistance, I don't know) who are into the violent stuff.

        And then of course there are the lefty intellectuals to contextualize the rioting and get angry at the people who get angry at the rioters.

        There are plenty of times in our history when violent mobs were generally white and black people were more likely to be on the receiving end of a riot than to be perpetrating one.

        But it seems that a few things have changed since those days. People can do all the civil-rights LARPing they want, but it's really tough to obscure the new realities.

        1. The problem isn't the existence of a violent mob.
          Now more than ever, violent mobs are called for.
          The problem is a violent mob that has no idea what to be outraged about and no goal other than throwing a temper tantrum for attention.
          More of us should join violent movs, but that violence needs to be turned against the right targets.
          AutoZones, liquor stores, and (yes) Targets aren't them

          1. I'd apply the Just War criteria. Would a violent revolutionary war be justified?

            No, because peaceful means have by no means been exhausted. Quite the contrary - the "weapons" of speech and press are operating at full capacity.

            And as for reasonable probability of success - no, I don't see it. I see a reasonable probability of destroying property, endangering more lives, and of course promoting a pro-police backlash. But not of overthrowing the regime by force.

      2. That behavior is impolitely referred to as a "chimpout". It's "impolite" because it's insulting to CHIMPANZEES, whom are God's creatures.

    4. //You riot, you tear shit up, you make it painful for people to continue to ignore your complaints.//

      That just makes it easier for me to shoot you, and I will. And, at some point, I don't care what your grievance is any longer.

      If that places us at an irreconcilable crossroads, so be it. I am going to choose myself over you, every single time.

      Bring it.

    5. "If the law doesn’t apply to everybody then it applies to nobody."

      Look at you, getting all naive and shit.

      The law does not apply to everybody. Hillary Clinton being a signature example. And why was Hillary safe? Party affiliation/being a member of the club. And don't think that's not part of the issue happening here. It starts at the top and migrates down.

      Not so much that those cops were actively thinking they could kill a man on video with impunity, but much more clearly their superiors thinking they were not going to be bothered by any of this, and initially trying to sweep it under the rug, just like with that middle aged Aussie woman.

      A Culture of Impunity has penetrated full thickness in much of the country.

  41. Have you guys noticed that the news media is avoiding the use of the word "riot"?

    They'll use the word "protest".

    I've seen it called an "upheaval".

    They're calling it a "disturbance".

    They won't call it a riot.

    Is it supposed to be racist to use the word "riot" or something?


      Definitely deliberate. He doesn't give an explanation but what else could it be?

    2. The citizenry still expects police to suppress rioting. By shooting the rioters, if necessary. It's less clear about what they want the police to do if it's only a 'protest', 'demonstration' or 'disturbance.'

      Yes, it's deliberate by the commentator, in an attempt to prevent police from quelling the disturbance. Another example of the Fourth Estate being a Fifth Column.

    3. When the narrative is lack of accountability, why are you surprised that words are minced?

    4. It is a revolt and you may be a target soon so put on some manners and stop being so pompous.

  42. Holy Fucking Shit.

    Some black chick was being shown on a stream by radical left agitators Unicorn Riot, and dropped this deuce of an observation in the loudest manner possible:

    "YOU ALLOWED us to burn down our city! Why are you ALLOWING it?"


    1. The light skinned chick with the braids and horizontal striped shirt? That's who I was talking about in my response to Jerryskids, but I paused it and DLive doesn't rewind.

      1. Yeah, that's the one. I wish I could make that shit into my ringtone.

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  44. It's a Democratic City in a Democratic state. It's not surprising that there is rampant police abuse, racism, and violence. Remember that when you go voting in November.

  45. And remember, these are "protests," not "riots."

    As in this article:

    "Protesters Set Fire to Minneapolis Police Precinct on Third Night of Protests...

    "The Minnesota State Capitol has been evacuated"

    If these are just protests, I'd hate to see what a riot would look like.

    1. That's what the line was in Bengazi.

  46. I don't know about the rest of you, but this certainly makes me want to rush right out and invest $30M in a low-income housing project in Minneapolis. While I'm at it, I'll piss away everything I earn in the future in development projects in Detroit and Portland.


  47. Loved the spin in the Washington Post's coverage...

    "...and several buildings caught fire."

    Spontaneous combustion? Were the buildings so upset by injustice that they self-immolated?

  48. //Police in Minneapolis catalyzed Wednesday night's violent protests by killing George Floyd on Monday.//

    Really? Not the rioters?


  49. The Minneapolis Police’s role in the murder of George Floyd and the ensuing rioting are inextricably connected as they are exclusive events, but to fault the police for not protecting property because of the rioting is a bridge too far. Rioting, and what it entails is not an ordinary occurrence – why should the Government be expected to protect against such an occurrence?

  50. The cop with knee on neck is definitely a bad guy who needs to be arrested and, barring some unforeseen circumstance, tried and have the full weight of justice applied. Life imprisonment, or whatever.

    But, there's no denying that part of the root of this problem is a perception among many people, white and black (but more white) that African-Americans, especially young males, are much more likely than whites to break the law and to be violent. So it's ironic when the aftermath of an incident like this is a full display on national TV that reinforces this belief.

  51. It's the weekend now. More people will be free from their jobs. Add in that a lot of this stuff is up in the North, where lockdowns are still going heavy, and you have extra unhappiness from that. I have a feeling that this weekend is gonna be a wild one.

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  53. I didnt need to read the article to know that the title is exactly what happened.

  54. When the national guard gets called in, business insurance usually does not cover what they call "acts of war"- so local government/LEO really screwed these (I've heard up to 170) businesses. All they had to do was arrest all 4 of the bad cops immediately and people wouldn't have burnt down that much of the community.

  55. As I understand, the police owe no particular service to the individual, their responsibility, according to various courts, being "to protect society", whatever that might mean.

  56. The Minneapolis police did not stop the rioters as the mob was keeping a six safe foot distance as they were looting.

  57. Police departments exist to protect people's persons and property? Bwahahaha. That's rich. Police departments exist to steal from people to get a paycheck.

    1. yep, they exist to steal from the citizenry and ensure that the politicians are obeyed.

  58. If the police are instructed - ordered - by city officials to not stop the violence, not to arrest looters and others, to retreat from any confrontation then how are they responsible for the failure of the city governments to protect the property of others?
    Yes, there are too many bad cops and too many bad police unions (among other things) protecting them. And too many juries, I might add, not holding officers accountable when they do abuse their powers. But this is not an example of bad policing. It's an example of intimidated leftwing politicians who sympathize with the protesters and fail to distinguish between legitimate protests and grievances and criminality.

  59. "Police departments exist to protect people's persons and property." Wrong on both counts. The police have no responsibility to protect citizens or their property. If you think about it for a moment it will make sense.

    There are approximately 686,665 full time law enforcement officers as of 2008 that serve 24/7. Divide that by 3 for 3 shifts and you are down to 228,888 police officers to protect 350,000,000 people and their property. That's 1 officer for every 1529 people.

    What they are responsible for and in fact are sworn to protect is the citizens' right to protect themselves, their property, and others.

    That is what the 2nd Amendment is all about. It is a God given right and does not depend on a single lawyer to make it your right. If you don't wish to exercise that right, that's OK too but you'll have to live with the consequences.

  60. To the "author': The title is wrong. Police only enforce the law and laws were written only to provide for punishment. You are in charge of your own shit. And you are one dumb fuck.

  61. They're Rioters, and they’re responsible for their own actions.

  62. Do the fundamentals still exist? Police departments exist, at least on paper, in order to protect people's rights and people's property. electrician belton tx

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