George Floyd

Minnesota Man Dies After Video Shows Cop Pressing Knee to His Neck for Nearly 8 Minutes

Minneapolis police said George Floyd died after he "appeared to be suffering medical distress."


UPDATE: Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced on Tuesday afternoon that four officers involved in the death of George Floyd were terminated.

A Minnesota man named George Floyd died Monday after a bystander video showed him begging for air while a police officer held a knee to his neck.

According to a statement by the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD), officers responded to reports of a forgery and were advised that the suspect appeared to be under the influence. Floyd was sitting in his car when officers arrived on the scene and commanded him to exit his vehicle. The statement says that Floyd got out of his car, physically resisted the officers, and was handcuffed. It was then that officers noticed that Floyd "appeared to be suffering medical distress." (The statement does not provide further detail.)

But a bystander captured 10 minutes of the interaction on video. When the video starts, an MPD officer is seen pressing his knee into the side of Floyd's neck while he's on the ground and handcuffed.

Floyd is heard pleading with the officer, repeatedly saying, "I can't breathe," "My neck hurts," and "They gone kill me." He continues to move his head, presumably in an attempt to breathe.

"You got him down, man! Let him breathe at least," a bystander is heard saying in the background. Another comments that his nose is bleeding. Others ask how long the officers plan to keep him on the ground and question the decision to keep him pinned by the neck.

At one point, another officer on the scene responds to the criticisms, saying that they tried to put Floyd in the police vehicle "for 10 minutes."

About four minutes in, Floyd stops moving. That's when the officer whose knee is pressed to Floyd's neck pulls out what bystanders identify as mace and the other officer on scene moves to get between the officer and the crowd.

The bystanders continue to tell the officers that Floyd isn't responding and urge them to check his pulse. The officer continues to keep his knee pressed to Floyd's neck until emergency medical services arrive, which was called by the officers.

Floyd was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center. He died shortly after.

MPD confirmed that neither Floyd nor the officers used weapons in the incident, that the officers were not injured, and that the officers involved were wearing body cameras, which were activated at the time.

MPD has requested that the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigate the incident. The FBI will also be part of the investigation.

Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, who is involved with cases like Ahmaud Arbery's and Breonna Taylor's, announced on Twitter that he is representing Floyd's family in court.

"This abusive, excessive, and inhumane use of force cost the life of a man who was being detained by the police for questioning about a non-violent charge," Crump said in a statement.

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  1. MPD confirmed … that the officers were not injured

    Officer Safety.

    1. That’s where I stopped reading. Once I learned all these brave heroes went home safely at night I realized there was no story to read.

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      2. Are you drinking the clorox?

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    2. I’m so sick and tired of the police brutality in this country this man was murdered plain and simple. These four murderers need to be held accountable for their actions period! They better stand trial for murder not man slaughter. We the people are tired of them getting away with murder. LOCK THEM UP!

  2. And all those good cops stood around and watched, no doubt looking closely for any sign of a bad cop, but they did not see it, so all are good cops.

    Give ’em all cookies, send them home safely, the report can wait til tomorrow.

    1. I’m sure watching watching a man dies after “having a knew placed on his neck” was very traumatic. Two weeks paid vacation all around and a therapist courtesy of the MN taxpayers for these Heroes in Blue.

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  3. Sigh….anyone care to make a bet that the term ‘Qualified Immunity’ will rear it’s ugly head?

    1. This can all be handled with Union Arbitration.

    2. Yep. How would the cop be expected to know that pinning a guy to ground with a knee to his neck could possibly lead to physical distress or death?

      1. Well, it doesn’t matter if they knew pinning him by the neck might kill him.
        The QI question is has there ever been a case where pinning someone to the ground by the neck for exactly “nearly 8 minures” is against the law.

        1. Not “against the law”. A violation of constitutional rights.

          So even if they knew that murder was against the law, even for police, they have to have known that it was a violation of constitutional rights… So it had to be adjudicated in the courts previously, in an exactly comparable case.

          Sometime in the next century, maybe they’ll have most of this sorted out… but for now, how is a peace officer to know that strangling someone to death isn’t good police work?

      2. Especially when the cop is grossly overweight. Would he do the same to his own son?

      3. He didn’t die until he was at the hospital. The medical examiner said the knee to the throat “contributed” to his death but we haven’t heard the cause of death put on the death certificate. It sounds to me like he suffered a heart attack, probably from the exertion of resisting arrest for around 4 minutes, and the cops actions actually had nothing to do with his death.

        1. You’re an idiot!

        2. I was wondering how long it would take for some socon apologist for brutality to pop up. It is not necessary to put weight on someone’s neck to subdue them especially when they are complaining they can’t breathe. Take a look at the video stupid.

    3. I volunteer to put my knee on each of these police officers’ necks for ten minutes each. We can handcuff them so they won’t injure themselves struggling, and I promise I won’t use any additional weight. Afterwards, I promise to call for any required medical care; I’m sure they have good healthcare plans.

      1. 100% agreed I think that’s a great idea if they live then so be it if they die so be it. This is probably the best idea I’ve heard bravo!

    4. Qualified immunity is only the start. Want to bet they successfully sue to have themselves reinstated?

  4. Let’s Both Sides this up:

    “The police shouldn’t have choked him to death to be sure, but he was threatening the entire world’s population by being outside… and he was a horrible racist who should’ve been shunned by all private social media companies”

    1. Blacks can’t be racist, you silly goose!

  5. This looks like an actual case of police abuse…too bad the BLM vultures are swooping in – but maybe even the BLM can’t blow this case.

    1. I have been assured by idiots here that BLM is a tiny powerless group and that discussing them is racist.

      1. Lots of people comment here – as for my own view, sometimes BLM finds a nut like the proverbial blind squirrel, sometimes they *are* the nuts.

    2. “too bad the BLM vultures are swooping in”

      Too bad they didn’t swoop in while the police were killing the guy. They probably would have stopped if they found themselves surrounded by angry black militants.

      1. It sure is sad when you watch police in action and realize that justice would be better served by violence from bystanders. But that’s where we are so long as police are not held appropriately to account.

        Looks like the public outcry is gonna make this guy get charged (he’ll probably plea down to excessive force and get a BS sentence, if even that). The other three will appeal and be reinstated because no police doctrine allows officers to actually help prevent another officer from murdering someone apparently. If there had been no video, nothing would have happened.

        1. “justice would be better served by violence from bystanders”

          Absolutely this. Just once, I’d like to see the bystanders charge in and detain (using only the minimum force necessary, of course) the members of the armed gang that are in the process of killing someone. And when I say, “Just once,” I mean every single time it happens until it stops happening. And by “only the minimum force necessary,” I mean kill every single member of the armed gang.

          1. I’m surprised that no one has come out with a BLM app that allows users to alert others when police are engaged in this sort of behavior so that a flash mob can congregate on the scene. It would be interesting to see how the police would react to being surrounded by dozens, or possibly hundreds, of angry people moments after a cop has just killed someone.

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          2. Right maybe then these murderous thugs will think twice about what they’re doing.

      2. The same angry black militants that swoop in to interfere with routine arrests?

    3. You did see the name of race huckster “Benjamin Crump”, didn’t you?

      1. Yeah, it’s not encouraging. But damn, this incident sure is disgusting.

  6. Too bad this happened in a blue state. Otherwise there would be new grounds to impeach Trump.

    1. I’m glad you’re focused on the important aspects of this story.

      1. He hit the nail on the head with his observation. Democrats would be declaring this proof of Trump’s racism and Schiff would be announcing that he had proof that Trump personally called and told the officers to keep their knee on his neck.

        1. But it was Trump’s fault. Don’t you remember that one time a couple years ago when Trump said police brutality is OK? This never would have happened if Trump didn’t say that.

    2. Minneapolis has had a Republican Mayor for 2 days since 1962.

    3. You’re an idiot.

  7. “Forgery is NOT a crime punishable by death.”

    If only civil rights activists realized that EVERY crime is a crime punishable by death, we might all find some common ground about the horrible scope and power of our government. Unfortunately, I am certain this guy will be advocating for new laws tomorrow.

    1. This.

      Every time someone says “there ought to be a law” what you’re actually saying is “a non-zero number of people need to be put to death over this”. Some percentage of police interactions end like the one in the article, if you advocate for police interacting with people this is what you’re asking for.

      1. There ought to be a law against people saying “there ought to be a law”.

        1. “Forgery is NOT a crime punishable by death.”

          But, non-compliance and resisting arrest ARE punishable by death.

      2. As well put as I have ever seen it, right there.

      3. That is not police interaction, that is police brutality. It is not unique at all, blacks are routinely subject to this kind of treatment while kids all in all white subberbia get geeked up on crack all they want and the cops don’t touch them. And you wonder why blacks call the police pigs. The mayor is regretful, however he, like all mayors, are partially to blame. Some US municipalities are sourcing out police training to foreign agencies. These foreign agencies train these cops to treat Americans like potential terrorists rather than human beings. The police in the US have become nothing more than a quasi-military, rambo style force, who attract sadistic morons.

        The fact that the fat cop kept his knee, and full weight of his body on the victim’s neck, who was in handcuffs and posed no danger to him, showed his sadistic intent to inflict as much torture as long possible on man pleading for help. That cop should be charged and put away. As one intelligent police chief in a big city said, I regret to say, the main job of the police in America, is to keep poor people in their place.

        1. What an odd post… .was this supposed to be a parody?

          Really weird.. mixing in racist screeds with ordinary police brutality language.. Makes me think it is a false flag.

          Police abusing their authority is red meat for libertarians. Why toss in the racist non-sequiturs?

    2. Don’t be stupid! My policy won’t kill anyone! It’s just a fine if you do something I don’t like!

      1. Unless you don’t pay the fine or you get snarky. Then they’re authorized to go all Judge Dredd on your ass. As long as they follow proper procedure of course.

      2. lol Brandybuck. Do you remember writing this not even a week ago ? How’s your theory holding up ?

        “Cops botch a raid and kill friendly white pothead: “Cops are out of control!”

        Cops botch a raid and kill a Black family, one of whom has pot: “Procedures were followed, nothing to see here, move along.”

        Crazy how many “libertarians” seek out excuses for police misconduct when the victim is Black. They’re not libertarians, they’re not even conservatives, they’re fucking bigot neanderthals with a police fetish.” -Brandybuck

        1. Are you that bad at detecting sarcasm? Go on literally any article ever written on this site about police killing an innocent person and you’ll find someone posting “Procedures were followed, nothing to see here, move along.” It’s a joke about how the cops investigate themselves and never find any wrong doing. In no way is that an endorsement of the cops behavior.
          If you go over to The Onion, don’t post any serious rebuttals to their headlines, that entire site is satire.

          1. lol please don’t try to explain sarcasm or the internet to me.
            You can read the thread for yourself and see that he wasn’t being sarcastic and actually doubled down on it.

            Muzzled Woodchipper
            May.22.2020 at 1:42 pm
            Are you fucking retarded?

            May.22.2020 at 4:14 pm
            What? You’re excusing this gross police misconduct? And what fevered reason can you possibly call it anything other than manslaughter?

  8. I wonder what cops would do if they learned that some “civilian” had been attacked and proceeded to lean on his attacker’s neck for several minutes? Would the cop let off the civilian because he was simply using reasonable force against an aggressor?

    1. I blame Colin Kaepernick.

      1. I wasn’t actually replying here. Damn this site is broken on mobile.

        1. Well, you are supposed to BE HOME!!!!!
          Quit going out and using mobile; stay home and take the keyboard of a desktop computer under the bed with you while you wear a mask.
          Baby killer!
          Grandma killer!

  9. They are so fully aware of their own immunity to real consequences that they are willing to cause a person’s death on video.

    1. And casually call it “suffered a medical issue”.

      Kinda like the old euphemism about lead poisoning for someone who got shot. Except it is “suffered a medical issue” for “strangled to death”. Bonus points for “they noticed” his medical issue. Kind of a nice parallel to “the weapon discharged”.

  10. Techniques were followed policies will change and everyone will take knee to neck compression classes. now go away

    1. He was probably fired for not following policy. It clearly states that knee pressure should be applied to the front of the neck directly on the esophagus and preferably on the larynx if visible.

  11. Every time a protected class resists arrest, millions of virtue signal seeds are sown.
    Combine this with a cop who takes it too far, and you have a legitimate grievance.
    But every time they make this about race they lose me.
    Please send me some instance of police brutality that didn’t involve physically resisting arrest. I’m sure they’re out there.

    1. Fortunately, Reason covers police abuse even if the victims aren’t black.

      There was that awful video of the white homeless guy getting killed, and the white guy in a drug bust getting killed by a plainclothes cop, etc.

      Of course, there is usually some factor where you can say, “if he’d behaved better he wouldn’t have been killed.” Being a nutty homeless guy wandering all over town was what attracted police attention in the first case, and in the second case the guy was trying to help in a drug deal.

      I don’t think the police habitually go after innocent saintly types – unless there’s some mistaken identity of course, or unless the guy was in a traffic accident and the cops want to check his blood for drugs to cover their asses. But more often is a scenario where somebody was arguably behaving badly, where the question is whether this was legally sufficient to justify what the cops did.

      1. “Fortunately, Reason covers police abuse even if the victims aren’t black.”

        They used to.
        Used to be a nut punch every week.

        Nowadays, who can find the time with so much Orange Man Badding to get done?

    2. “Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey apologized to the black community Tuesday in a post on his Facebook page.

      “Being Black in America should not be a death sentence. For five minutes, we watched a white officer press his knee into a Black man’s neck. Five minutes. When you hear someone calling for help, you’re supposed to help. This officer failed in the most basic, human sense,” Frey posted.”

      1. Screw that, what evidence is there that this particular episode was motivated by racism?

        I think the case of the Somalian-American cop shooting the white Australian woman took place in Minneapolis. Was that based on white racism? Was there an apology to the “white community” or (more plausibly) a diplomatic apology to Australia? (An apology to Australia would at least be plausible because it’s a separate country, and the U. S. (I hope) would want an apology in analagous circumstances in the death of an American abroad.)

        Now, with the politicians and media picking up and running with the “white supremacy!” frame, the actual issue of Minneapolis having abusive cops will degenerate into the usual ritualistic racism kabuki dance.

        1. There’s no evidence of racism other than what color skin the participants happened to have.
          That skin color may have played a role, but was unlikely the motivating force and hardly the most important factor.
          The ginger bitch of a mayor is trying to deflect from the wrongs committed by those under his supervision by stoking stereotypical tensions and appealing to the ethereal force of Racism as cause.
          I hope someone puts a bullet in that piece of shit’s head.
          Don’t particularly care what color their skin happens to be.

        2. Ya. Sure racism plays a role in police misconduct, but it’s a specter. There’s no way to actually fight it directly. You can fight police misconduct and the lack of police accountability directly, but there’s no appetite for that because every call for such action by anyone who isn’t a BLM lefty is met with accusations of “derailing the conversation on race.” And as a consequence, the collation interested in holding law enforcement (and DAs and Judges) to account never grows.

          1. Yep.
            Turning it into a race issue is a clever little trick.
            No reform needed, because Racism did it.

    3. It is disappointing every time these things get racialized. I don’t think it would be that hard to get most of the American public up in arms about these kind of things. If the media really cared, they would label these as executions and maybe we could all agree that something needs to be done. Policing involves a huge amount of risk on the part of the officers, but that’s why it requires even more responsibility.
      BLM is useful to the media precisely because it tribalises these matters and pits the people who are the victims of the abuses against each other. As long as we’re at each other’s throats in feuds that by their nature can’t have easy, quick resolutions, we won’t have the time or the energy to go after them. White conservatives seeing these things and instinctively waving a flag for the boys in blue just to be contrarian is the exact reaction that the media, police unions and politicians are trying to stoke.

      1. I can’t read minds, but their behavior is consistent with the motives you describe.

        Almost as if they’re less interested in justice and more interested in getting out the black vote against Trump (who as we all know is the secret power behind the throne in Minneapolis).

        1. It’s not just getting out the vote against Trump. They have been shaming an entire community into voting exactly the same way for decades with the racist assumption that everyone with the same skin color has the motivations, desires and needs. Sometimes it seems like the media has just intentionally carved up the country into a bunch of disparate groups with competing interests into two coalitions that together equal about 50% on each side and just have us go at each other’s throats about cultural issues. The media and the politicians just sit back and watch as they go ahead with all their real plans that are never publicly discussed or up for debate like mass surveillance, the drug war, fiscal policy ect.

      2. well said.

    4. Move a muscle while a 225 pound gorilla is kneeling on your neck = you deserve to die.

      I hope you get murdered by the most stereotypical blacks and latinos in your town.

    5. Daniel Shaver comes to mind.

      1. Cmon, he was totally resisting. All he had to do was lie down, flat on the ground, with his hands in front of him, and then not move, while at the same time crossing his ankles and then crawling toward the officer. If he’d just done that, he’d still be alive today.

        You can’t let dangerous men with Airsoft rifles walk free if you want a safe society.

    6. “Please send me some instance of police brutality that didn’t involve physically resisting arrest. I’m sure they’re out there.”

      Philando Castile – fatal police brutality in that case. Come on, your request was easier than most questions on “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader”…

  12. Is there anything in the department’s policies that specifically prohibit an officer casually holding their knee on someone’s neck until the person dies? If not then there’s no way the cop could have possibly known he was doing something wrong.

    1. If anything, Officer Friendly here deserves a promotion for identifying deficiencies in the department’s training methods and policies.

      1. I wish I was joking, but I’m not. The law doesn’t not apply to cops. Only department policy.

    2. Something something… procedures were followed… mumble mumble… additional training will be implemented… blah blah blah.

    3. he was resisting…. get with it.
      Do you want the black and white parts of america to mingle? Or the two sides of punisher’s face to unite?

  13. I’ll note here that these police work for cities and states run by democrats. So if you vote democrat you ain’t black.

  14. Did the cop make it home safely?

  15. Clearly the man was a clinger and his woke government betters were just ramming the culture war down his neck! Something us revs have been calling for the last few years

  16. It’s a shame the cops all had their black leather “fuck you up” beating gloves on and never got a chance to use them.

    1. You could tell that the cop that was standing and facing the camera was just itching for the bystanders to come close enough that he could claim, “They approached me in a threatening manner and I feared for my life.” But he knew the camera was there, so he couldn’t just start beating.

  17. That’s murder. Straight up. Not negligent homicide. Murder.

    1. Yes, but you’ll never prove intent, especially when DA’s habitually pack juries with cop-sympathizers (not being a cop-sympathizer makes you biased, you see) and the judge won’t allow the video to be played for the jury. Charge him with murder and he’ll be acquitted. It sucks, but if this guy does more than a year for this, I’ll be flabbergasted.

    2. Nope. The definition of murder does not include “…unless it appears to be in some way oppressing a protected class, then intent or malice aforethought don’t matter.”

      It’s a crime, and they will be prosecuted and convicted, probably of something that’s an over-charge, which will then be reduced on appeal 2 years from now.

  18. All the good citizens stood and watched too. At least one recorded the whole thing with a phone. Why didn’t they swarm the cops and handle the problem?

    1. Perhaps afraid of getting shot and killed?

      1. No. they couldn’t figure out ow to take the cops down from 6 feet away.
        Just another C19 death.

        1. Seriously, though, this is like with the “why don’t you prolifers kill people?” question. It would be an act of war, and an act of war, at least in mainstream thinking, must meet the just war criteria.

          So where is the “reasonable chance of success” in such an act of war?

          1. “Reasonable chance of success” is great to look at hours, days, or weeks later. I suspect most revolutions wouldn’t have happened it the people weighed their chances.

            1. “I suspect most revolutions wouldn’t have happened it the people weighed their chances.”

              The “revolutions” where people didn’t make at least some effort to weigh their chances have generally gone down in history as “insurrections” and “failed rebellions.” Not noble and glorious, just very bloody.

          2. Acts of war happen between countries, not individuals. Individual self-defense and the defense of others is not subject to international opinion on what constitutes just war.

            If just war theory applied to individual self-defense, it wouldn’t be permissible to protect oneself against armed attackers if unarmed oneself.

    2. I guess they thought they could get them to listen to reason. People tend to assume that if you inform a police officer they’re killing an unconscious man that maybe he’ll say, “Oops I’ll quit killing him now” but of course that would be the equivalent of taking orders from mere citizens so their pointing it out forced the police to assert their authority and prove they have to power to recklessly endanger life as they see fit.

      1. “Dude can’t breath. You’re literally choking him to death. Look, this is being livestreamed. He’s already cuffed, and you’re probably going to kill him on video.”

      2. I agree with this post.

  19. I doubt I could stand and watch for more than a minute or so. I would either leave or go offensive and at least knock the cop off the guy.

    1. It was nice knowing you. I recommend pre-planing your funeral.

      1. Nah. I would leave. I’m to old to fight for what’s right.

      2. But if I had terminal cancer and a few months to live…hmmm…who knows?

  20. The sheep stood around and said “Bah!” at the wolves.

  21. If people want this crap to stop they will have to do it themselves. On the spot as it occurs.

  22. UPDATE: Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced on Tuesday afternoon that four officers involved in the death of George Floyd were terminated.

    I look forward to hearing about their exploits at the next department that inevitably hires them.

    1. Although I would be surprised if this termination didn’t violate some “due process” clause in their union contract and gets overturned.

    2. In the days when words meant things “terminated” meant killed didn’t it?

    3. You are suggesting that “terminated” does not mean “taken out back and shot in the base of the skull, *NKVD style*?

    4. “Terminated,” eh? Not arrested? Not indicted?

      Officers must live in constant fear of losing their jobs if know that all it takes to get fired is actively killing a man.

  23. At best, it is an act of lazy stupidity. It was less of a hassle to keep the guy subdued by kneeling on his neck than putting him in a less dangerous position.

    I doubt the police officer’s thinking was racist, per se. Just that it was easier…for him, and the guy he was kneeling on was a bad guy, so it is not as if he deserves any sympathy.

    1. so it is not as if he deserves any sympathy.
      Nor due process.. or oxygen..

  24. I caught the Denver cops doing the same thing. Fortunately the guy lived.

  25. “…Cop Pressing Knee to His Neck for Nearly 8 Minutes”

    Seems the guy wasn’t sufficiently deferential…

    1. Well, resisting arrest and non-compliance are punishable by death.

  26. If you ever want proof that all cops are dirty, just watch they way the block the view of people when one of their own does something wrong. It’s amazing how they instantly start to cover up for each other and no one hangs back of they’re needed. Cops who cover up the dirt of other cops are just as dirty.

    1. “Cops who cover up the dirt of other cops are just as dirty.”

      The cops don’t need to cover up. The are brazen enough to kill unarmed citizens in day light in front of witnesses. Fearing the consequences of their actions might help to put an end to this sort of thing.

  27. Video evidence. Criminalize lying. Ask questions.

    Make everything public, transparent, Leave the lying weasels no wiggle room. Demand answers from all levels of government.

  28. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

  29. If that is not evidence of murder there is no such thing.

    1. Fully agree. Not manslaughter, not homicide, that was murder.

      All four need to be charged with murder.

      1. “All four need to be charged with murder.”

        In the hands of our corrupt legal system (prosecutors and judges) that’s the equivalent of a free pass for police to murder with impunity.

        The State controls all the evidence and where police are concerned judges and prosecutors typically work together to suppress all evidence that would support a guilty plea while only presenting only evidence that leads to a not guilty verdict. It’s simply the reverse of what they do to everyone who is not a member of their ruling class.

        Combined with the legal right to lie under oath without consequence during the trial and hand picked jury of mostly white suburban soccer moms raised on episodes of Law and Order conditioned to believe all cops are valorious truth tellers and heroes and you have an easy not guilty, or at a minimum hung jury verdict. The judge and prosecutor can then look innocently into the TV of viewers who no nothing about the corrupt evidentiary rules that drives the mass incarceration of no cops and claim “well golly, we did all we could!”

        The system in rotten to the core when it comes to anything like police accountability at all levels. They murder and rape with impunity because the truth is we, the American people don’t just allow that, but reward it.

        We prefer to have criminal sociopaths running the criminal system to carry out our own worst fantasies for us that we would NEVER think of doing ourselves, unless we were part of a lynch mob of course.
        The police are primarily there for social control and to remove the guilt that being part of a lynch mob might later bring us.

    2. What is YOUR definition of murder? What are it’s elements, and how would you prove them here?

      Hint – this doesn’t meet the legal definition of murder, going way too far in a physical altercation isn’t murder.

  30. And before Floyds corpse even gets to room temperature the slimy Benjamin Crump is right there to help the family win the ghetto lottery!

  31. “It was then that officers noticed that Floyd “appeared to be suffering medical distress”

    So of course they threw him on the ground and choked him to death. I don’t know a single thing they could have done instead.

    1. Since they didn’t mention exactly when it was they noticed Floyd “appeared to be suffering medical distress,” that’s a true statement. They noticed that Floyd appeared to be suffering medical distress right after their buddy put his knee on Floyd’s neck. But since they didn’t mention the knee, they don’t have to point out that it was afterwards. They’re just leaving out the stupid little irrelevant details, so that their bosses don’t have to spend so much time reading.

  32. I’ve read somewhere that veterans of the force with more roots within in the community are starting to retire (in part due to BLM hostility) and new recruits are sparse. Maybe the union or the sheriffs around the country are just filling in the gaps by moving personnel around or promoting from below. One of the cops who pummeled Kelly transferred despite prior records of anger managment.

    There’s really only two reasons why this happened in a post Ferguson era – the cop is actually racist, or he’s grossly incompetent. I’ve walked outside without masks and police cars often just drove right past me. I was at a beach last week without mask and beach patrol on bike just passed right by me. The police have adjusted their strategy on approaching minor crimes, it’s been happening for a while.

    Your body camera is on, and bystanders are recording you. What possible good can come out of you putting your knee on a person’s neck when he’s under control? What would be your excuse? Is that from the police manual?

  33. How to solve this problem? Well, you could give the police more BLM-endorsed training and make sure that the force is diverse and sensitive and all that. However, remember that this is a government agency we’re talking about. You might solve one problem but another one will squirt out as a result.

    Or, you could could take matters in to your own hands and not commit crimes.

    1. “Or, you could could take matters in to your own hands and not commit crimes.”

      Even better, never be suspected of committing crimes.

      1. Well, one obviously doesn’t have complete control over being suspected of crime. But you do have control over yourself. The best way to keep from getting killed or beaten by the police is to avoid high-risk situations that put you in the path of the police.

        When I used to ride my bike as a kid, I’d avoid the HUD neighborhoods to keep from getting my butt kicked and my bike stolen. I’d avoid the redneck neighborhoods to keep from getting chased and bitten by their stupid dogs.

        Despite how your grandma raised you, choosing to not be a criminal is low hanging fruit for avoiding the cops.

        Also, not acting, dressing, talking, or behaving like you just spent several years in prison would probably help keep away the cops and the Karens.

        If you want to fight the a-holes in the police department, not giving them the club to beat you with is a great way to start.

        1. Yes massuh, no massuh, I ain’t need you to choke me to death massuh.

        2. I can see how sitting in your car could be construed as a crime. Especially if your a young black male.

        3. You’re clearly right here. Obviously if he didn’t want to be killed like a guy writing a check in a place where someone might accuse him of forgery, he shouldn’t be a guy writing a check in a place where someone might accuse him of forgery. Clearly, he should use credit cards and order from Amazon like the white suburban soccer moms.

    2. I’ll just leave this here…

      Three Felonies A Day

    3. ah, I was wondering where the members of the victim blaming police union would appear.

      “Well, you could give the police more BLM-endorsed training and make sure that the force is diverse and sensitive and all that.”

      In the book The End of Policing, Vitale, Alex S. shows pretty conclusively that those measure have had 0 impact on how police behave, and why should it? To the police the public is made up of little more than white women and cockroaches who deserve extermination.

      “Or, you could could take matters in to your own hands and not commit crimes.”

      Sure, just as during WWII in Nazi Germany you could have taken matters into your own hands by not choosing Jewish parents.

      Even if you support the death penalty, it’s probably best to leave that in the hands of the jury and not the arresting officer.

  34. Innocent until proven guilty.

  35. Our police force is comprised primarily of pigs and goons.

    1. It’s easy to identify the police that are not pigs and goons.

      They’re the cops that stand by silently trying to block civilian phone video as the pigs and goons murder and rape the American people with impunity.

  36. Your tax dollars hard at work.

  37. It’s SO simple. Floyd was a drug dealer who was making regular payments to the police for protection. Apparently he fell behind in his payments.
    Let that be a lesson to the other drug dealers.

  38. Jesus Christ when the fuck is this shit going to be stopped?

  39. The police state grows as our freedom dies. That poor man was murdered plain and simple. I do not trust law enforcement. Everyone is suspect to them. Including you.

  40. Cops should not be allowed to possess knees while on duty.

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  42. The entire video is extremely disturbing to watch.
    Bystanders are telling the cop he is strangling the man to death, and he continues to kneel on the guys neck.
    The victim says several times “I can’t breathe” and the cop continues to press on his neck.
    His partner doesn’t even let glance at him killing the victim, but spends his time keeping the bystanders on the sidewalk.

  43. The good news is that the community got the opportunity to steal alcohol, electronics and sneakers from stores in their neighborhood.

    This was a terrible crime, but all the claims of racism and oppression are weakened by the criminal behavior that almost certainly follows each of these events.

    Somewhere in the US a person who fits my demographics of race, religion, age, sex, etc is being wronged – I won’t be smashing the window of the liquor store on the corner, or stealing a flat screen to avenge that person. The owners and/or employees of those stores had nothing to do with the initial wrong.

  44. The video didn’t cause the guy to die.

  45. This is a very controversial topic. The statement says that Floyd got out of his car, physically resisted the officers, and was handcuffed. oilfield electrician

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