Joe Biden

Is Joe Biden Getting Closer to Supporting Marijuana Legalization?

In New Hampshire, Biden says marijuana should be "basically legalized." That's an accurate representation of his proposed policies, but it also shows how he's lagging on the issue.


Former Vice President Joe Biden has a long history as a drug warrior. While he's come a long way since the 1990s, Biden is still struggling to adjust to the modern reality of the Democratic Party.

But like the rusty weather vane that he is, Biden seems to be inching closer to the current consensus among Democrats, 78 percent of whom believe marijuana should be legalized. Yet even as he seeks the Democratic Party nomination for president, he remains unwilling to take the final step of supporting full legalization.

That internal struggle was on full display in an answer Biden gave during a campaign event in New Hampshire this week. The former vice president was confronted by a staffer from the Marijuana Policy Project, a nonprofit that supports legalization, and asked to explain his position on legalization.

"It is at the point where it has to be, basically, legalized," Biden says in an audio recording obtained and published by Politico."But I'm not prepared to do it as long as there [are] serious medical people saying we should determine what other side effects would occur," Biden added, mentioning that he would have the Center for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health weigh-in.

Biden's stance on legalization has been a bit confusing during the early stages of the 2020 campaign. He accidentally tripped over some long-debunked drug war propaganda in November when he characterized marijuana as a "gateway drug" while talking to an Iowa audience. Sen. Cory Booker (D–N.J.) took Biden to task for that comment during a subsequent debate, but even then Biden would not abandon his study-first-legalize-later approach. But he appears to have learned a lesson about messaging. In the audio clip published by Politico, Biden twice says he doesn't consider marijuana a gateway drug.

Officially, Biden's campaign says he would "decriminalize the use of cannabis and automatically expunge all prior cannabis use convictions." Biden would also allow the states to decide whether to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. At the federal level, he would fully legalize marijuana for medical purposes and would ask Congress to reschedule cannabis so it would no longer be so difficult to study. 

That's a set of positions that could be fairly accurately summed up as "basically legalized," as Biden put it in New Hampshire.

But it's not the same as actually legalized. And even though Biden has laid out a set of policies that would have been radical in any previous presidential election, he now seems to be lagging behind his fellow Democrats.

"Joe Biden has only recently evolved his position on marijuana policy," Violet Cavendish, communications manager for MPP, said via email. "He may hold a more progressive view on marijuana reform now than he has in the past, but his position still remains far behind nearly all of the other presidential candidates and it comes with a caveat: He's indicated that he won't move forward with legalization without scientific research to back his case."

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is the only other Democratic candidate in the 2020 field who does not support ending marijuana prohibition. Like Biden, Bloomberg's stance has shifted just a bit. Last year, Bloomberg called legalizing weed "perhaps the stupidest thing we've ever done," but he's more recently said that "putting people in jail for marijuana" is "really dumb."

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  1. anything to get any vote from anywhere from anyone, even those darn pot smoking kids

    1. Really. Exactly who even gives a ruck what this senile, morally bankrupt, corrupt, latent sexual predator thinks about anything? He isn’t getting nominated, and he isn’t going to be president.

      The only questions I want him to answer are about his criminal activities as VP. So we can finally put him and his criminal family in prison where they belong. Along with most other powerful democrats.

      1. Ditto!

      2. You should start your own magazine where what you give a fuck about can be the standard for what gets covered.

        And you really think “we” are in a position to put “them” in prison? You are quite right about the immorality of the left (to which I’d add pretty much all politicians). But they are the ones who decide who goes to prison. That’s what makes them powerful. And none of them wants to stop the gravy train of perks and no-show jobs for their families and friends.

  2. “That internal struggle was on full display in an answer Biden gave during a campaign event in New Hampshire this week. The former vice president was confronted by a staffer from the Marijuana Policy Project, a nonprofit that supports legalization, and asked to explain his position on legalization. Biden stared at the microphone, put another Cheetoh in his mouth, starting chuckling, asked, ‘Who did you say you were again?’, and then began talking about his favorite Night Court episodes.”

    1. That’s our Joe!

      But seriously, trying to divine a politician’s thoughts and opinions and intents by what he says is a fool’s errand.

    2. Be nice. Reagan, who also wanted cops out shooting hippies, ‘ricans and brown people over plant leaves, also suffered from senile dementia. To this day Biden has no clue that sending narcs and tax looters to raid banks causes money to flee, credit to collapse, and a flood of bankruptcies to bring the fractional reserve banking system crashing down. The guy elbowed aside God’s Own Prohibitionists for being soft on plant leaves and allowing teenagers to set foot outside of prisons in 1987 – 1992 and beyond. Read the record.

      1. “senile dementia”

        I wasn’t suggesting that.

        I’m suggesting he’s always high.

        1. As a kite.

        2. Hank is higher than all of her put together.

  3. Nobody is buying what Biden is selling. It’s all shtick and not particularly well disguised, either. Throw the Burisma scandal on top of it, and he’s toast.

    Nobody in their right mind is going to vote for this senile dinosaur.

    1. Once the DNC makes him the candidate people will. That seems to be the plan.

      1. If Biden is the nominee, we may very well see the lowest voter turnout for Democrats in decades – and Trump will pick up the Electoral College and the popular vote.

        1. Just not enough bigots and superstitious slack-jaws left in America to position Trump for another Electoral College trickshot. Too many old clingers dying off; too many young people are tolerant, educated, reasoning, and modern. It sounds like you should spend less time in the can’t-keep-up backwaters.

          1. Actually the really young kids think the millennials are a bunch of lame pussies, which is how the young ones view the older generation. A lot of them like Trump.

            The democrats have nothing and nobody. A drooling senile gaffe machine in Biden, an annoying old woman like Warren, aHowdy Doody looking homo kid who has only ever been a mayor, and an ancient Bolshevist idiot.

            None of those fools are getting elected. So get ready for four more years of Trump you worthless bitch.

          2. “Just not enough bigots and superstitious slack-jaws left in America to position Trump for another Electoral College trickshot.”

            Not enough asshole bigots to keep him out, asshole bigot.

          3. The abrasive monotony of your latest bromide exhudes a distinctly suicidal twang.

      2. Buttigieg seems to be the candidate The Party is trying to push into the nomination. But they’ll take anyone except (and do anything to prevent) Bernie.

        1. “The Party is trying to push into the nomination.”

          That’s what poppers are for. It relaxes the process.

          1. ‘Poppers’ always make me think of that excellent scene in ‘Hannibal’ where Lecter tricks Mason Verger into taking a powerful hallucinogen in the guise of a popper.

        2. If the Dem Party has ONE single molecule of common sense, they will do ANYTHING to prevent the nomination of Comrade Bernie! Putting Comrade Bernie up against Trump is a sure-fire LOSER idea!

          (The USA isn’t quite ready for Communism just yet… 4 more years of Trump, stupid trade wars, and the resulting economic collapse, MIGHT do the trick, though!)

          There’s a 70% chance of recession in the next six months, new study from MIT and State Street finds

          1. Thanks for the update Krugman.

          2. Look, none of the candidate – current or dropped out – have any chance against Trump.

            Bernie’s bad, sure, but in the long-run these shenanigans they’re pulling to keep him out is hurting their credibility among their own party members.

            1. Bloomberg’s ads now cover the spectrum: He’s gonna save the earth, provide free medical care to everyone, root out corruption, make sure no one ever gets shot again, and, oh, yeah, beat Trump.
              There is no lack of dimbulbs buying that sort of shit; see the Rev as an example, but it sure seems like there aren’t enough to make it stick.

        3. A failed mayor would slide in seamlessly into a failed democratic president.

          1. Doesn’t he have to be a failed senator or VP before becoming a failed president? I think there’s a learning curve in there somewhere.

        4. “Buttigieg seems to be the candidate The Party is trying to push into the nomination”
          The DNC can say farewell to the Black and Latino vote, and what little they retained of the white working class.
          They’ll have a concrete lock on the haute bourgeoisie wine-drinking wife demographic though.

        5. I don’t think oriole are going to get that excited for some Homo Howdy Doody, except for th the ones who are committed progtards.

  4. Reason has been labeling legalizing marijuana for years too, when they knew it was it was only partial legalization with much still illegal.

  5. Did Hunter get caught smoking an illegal doobie?

    1. Hunter says he doesn’t remember smoking pot because he was too high on cocaine.

  6. Is Joe Biden Is Getting Closer to Supporting Marijuana Legalization?

    Does it matter? He’s a senator so he doesn’t have any real say or influence in what that state is doing and he’s not going to be president. He’s looking like he’s not even going to be able to secure the nomination.

    4th place.

    So it really doesn’t matter that some dude who’s stances have changed as often as the wind who is on his way out of politics forever might be glomming on the latest bandwagon in a desperate attempt to stay electable is or is not supporting.

    And, again, all these people are suddenly becoming soft on drug use once their stance on the drug war no longer matters. He’ll probably be a LEAP spokesperson in a couple of years.

    1. Joe Biden is not a senator, nor has he been one since he became the former VP. He is no one.

      1. Even better

        *rubs hands together while smiling*


    “Joe Biden might kinda sorta legalize weed” will be the Twitter quote from Reason’s endorsement.


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          Also according to the same source, JesseSPAZ is TOTALLY on board with dictatorship (presumably so long as it is an “R” dictator that we are talking of).
          With reference to Trump, JesseSPAZ says…
          “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions He performed.”

          I say again, this is important…
          “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions He performed.”
          We need a BRILLIANTLY persuasive new movie from JesseSPAZ to “Wake Up, America!”, to flesh out the concept that “The Triumph of The Will of The Trump, Trumps All”! Including the USA Constitution. In fact, USA military personnel should start swearing allegiance to Trump, NOT to some stupid, moldering old piece of paper!
          Previous Powerful People have blazed a path for us to follow here, slackers!!!

          Trump trumps the USA Constitution according to JesseSPAZ! What more can I say?

          1. You say a lot of dumb incoherent shit.

            1. Do you recall the awesome enchanter named “Tim”, in “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail”? The one who could “summon fire without flint or tinder”? Well, you remind me of Tim… You are an enchanter who can summon persuasion without facts or logic!

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                    Watching you go slowly insane has been magical.

                  2. Waiting for you to buy a dictionary so I dont have to tell you what the words mean.

                    1. With reference to Trump, JesseSPAZ says…
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                2. I’m happy to have you being insane here, FWIW.

            2. Jesse, he’s obsessed with you.

              1. He’s pathetic.

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                  How about we just ignore the commenters and comments we don’t like unless we have a substantive rebuttal? I’ve bee trying (with mixed results, admittedly). This could be a much more pleasant and interesting place it half of the content wasn’t people just being giant assholes to each other.

              2. I know. It would be more fun living in his head if he would stop with the shit eating.

      2. “Is “Rip Torn” yet ANOTHER incarnation of Tulpa?”

        Owning you at no cost.

        1. So you admit that your endless days of non-stop thread-shitting costs you nothing? I can see the truth of that, since you are too stupid and evil to do ANYTHING else, that is even vaguely productive, with your time! (Fucking your mom doesn’t count as productive; I’d hate to see the results).

      3. There is a lot of Mary in fake Tulpa. He too thinks he is some master manipulator making the puppets dance, when he’s really just a pathetic asshole.

  8. “basically legalized.”
    This is a politician lying through his teeth. Something is legal or not.
    Taxing something is not the same as legalizing it.
    Regulating something into impossibility is not legalizing something.
    Legalizing something is repealing completely all existing laws, regulations, and everything else affecting that something. No new things, just repeal all aspects of it’s illegality.


  10. Joe could blow tubes on my couch I’m still never voting for him

    1. What if Pete blew things on your couch? Would he have your vote?

      1. I wonder if he plans to keep cruising if he wins the white house? Will he still have a secret Grindr profile that the Secret Service pretends they don’t know about?

        1. Grindr’s owned by the Chinese so no.

          His secret service will be selected by him. He’ll choose by criteria such as skill, performance, and how they look without a shirt on. No fats, no fems, no spice, no rice, no curry, no chocolate.

          1. We he sign an executive order requiring the Secret Service to buy only male hookers?

    1. Unknown individuals and or highly credentialed organizations, at a yet to be revealed time, have thoroughly debunked any past, current or future charges of impropriety of any sort involving anyone with the surname Biden. The Biden campaign has provided written instructions to the media specifying what may or may not be published on the subject and the media has responded with almost unanimous support. Even libertarian free speech advocates like Reason magazine are in full compliance. Sadly these instructions have not yet been fully absorbed by a handful of conspiracy theorists like yourself. You would do well to study these instructions prior to commenting any further on the subject.

      1. Oh my goodness…

      2. Wow. So the media has literally just been repeating what the Biden campaign wants. You would think they would have shown HOW the impropriety of his actions have been debunked, but it just shows friendly organizations asserting it without evidence. If the prosecutor was so corrupt that he needed to be removed then wouldn’t it be wise to say what exactly he was doing?
        I swear, people have no ability to think and ask relevant questions

    2. I think the impeachment process did more damage to Biden than any announcement a foreign leader could make.

  11. My question is, what’s it gonna take for Bloomberg to win back Gillespie?

    1. Become the democratic candidate.

    2. A coupon good for ten free Bloomberg Back Rubs?

  12. Who cares? Joe Biden isn’t going anywhere other than to visit his 2nd son in the marble orchard or federal prison .

  13. If Biden gives a qualified ‘yes’ to marijuana “legalization”, how long will it be before we get The Libertarian Case for Uncle Joe.

  14. Who cares? He isnt winning.

  15. I’m not the first person to notice that Boehm seems to interpret everything Trump does and says in its worst possible light, but, holy shit, is he starting to interpret everything Biden does and says in its best possible light?!

    It’s still too early to be talking about Biden Derangement Syndrome. More likely, Boehm is just looking at Biden in relation to Trump, which makes this plain ol’ TDS.

    If Osama bin Laden’s corpse threw his turban into the ring at this point, Boehm would only see him in a positive light compared to President Trump.

    At least Osama bin Laden wasn’t Islamophobic, amirite Boehm? . . . . . and Osama bin Laden never tried to build a wall between us and Mexico. Could it be that Osama bin Laden’s corpse is moving towards open borders?

    1. Right but you’re an idiot and a liar. It’s why you lost your shit when I brought it up. You know you got caught lying, like Nardz did to you which also made you lose your aspie mind.

      1. Doesn’t work, turd.

        1. God just finish going senile dumbass you never have any idea what the fuck is going on anyway.

        2. Based on how pissed of and trolly Ken got when he posted the conversation and was told he was clearly wrong, it appears to be working great.

          1. Sevo’s upset because he stupidy inserted himself into somehing that had fuck all to do with him, made a fool of himself, and hates that he looked even dumber than normal.

            Just like Ken, when you make Sevo look bad he tantrums.

            1. Sevo is one of Ken’s sockpuppets, just like “Gray Jay” Or whatever his rando to suddenly constant poster ass is. Ken does it because no one likes to talk to him, and he can’t stand being ignored. I think if he weren’t so amazingly tone deaf and autistic he’d realize how obvious it is.

              1. Mmmm dunno about that. But Sevo sure doesn’t mind being Ken’s jizz repository.

    2. It’s the whole magazine. Republicans and Trump are always evil. Democrats at worst get the treatment of “yeah, this is shitty and of course I hate socialism, but look at what this random Republican said!”

  16. He could have done something for those 8 years he was vice president. Barry could have used his pen and phone to reschedule it.

  17. Why would Reason waste space on what Joe Biden thinks about Pot..seriously again libertarians can be viewed as for legalizing pot and not much else. But then gain Reason stands for legal pot (ok no problem with that) and open borders (big threat to our liberty)…and getting invited to the woke parties in DC, NYC and LA.

  18. Is Reason is getting closer to real journalism?

    1. I guess I caused the “editors” to wake up 3 hours after this was posted with the original title, “Is Joe Biden Is Getting Closer to Supporting Marijuana Legalization?”

  19. That’s clearly a ‘no’. Because there are no serious medical people saying we need to study side effects before legalizing.

    99% of people who want to use it use it anyway, and whatever side effects there are can only be made worse by continued prohibition.

    Saying we need more studies is nothing but a drug warrior delay tactic. No amount of studying would ever be enough, they will always demand more information. Biden probably won’t go after legal states, but he’ll do fuck all to move forward in any way federally, and won’t lift a finger to encourage more states to legalize. In fact hell probably repeat his demand for more info.

  20. He’ll suck your dick like sucking a golf ball through 50 feet of garden hose if he thinks it’ll keep his campaign alive.

    It doesn’t matter what Biden claims he’ll support…his political career is over and the Senate is now investigating him for corruption. Maybe you should write on that story.

    1. his political career is over and the Senate is now investigating him for corruption. Maybe you should write on that story.


  21. The platform says what the Dems are going to vote for and against. They are bound by agreement to make electric power as illegal as the republicans seek to make birth control. The one bunch of socialists still bounce like a ping-pong ball between Soviet nuclear winter and global warming doomcrying. while these other fascists will not rest until Comstock laws again put women and doctors on a chain gang over mail-order condoms. Biden has been on record as a violent bigoted prohibitionist since 1986–just like all the Dixiecrats.

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  25. Joe Biden is getting closer to irrelevance. By the second.

  26. Biden will NEVER go along with reducing government power until and unless the public is overwhelmingly against him and he realizes in his dim fog that it’s costing him something to stick to his pig-headed position.

    Fuck that guy.


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