Illinois Denies First Amendment Rights to Medical Marijuana Businesses

Law forbidding businesses involved in medical marijuana distribution from giving to candidates in Illinois, or candidates accepting such money, challenged in federal court.


The state of Illinois launched a medical marijuana program at the beginning of 2014. So it is now legal to be involved in the business of distributing medical marijuana.

At the same time Illinois made it illegal for businesses in that industry to donate to political campaigns in the state, or for candidates to accept such money, either directly or via a Political Action Committee. One legislator involved in passing the law admitted this absurdly intrusive and First Amendment-violating rule was just to "appease 'conservative' and 'hesitant' colleagues."

Thomas Hawk/Foter

In a case called Ball v. Madigan (Madigan is Lisa Madigan, Illinois' attorney general), two politicians with the Libertarian Party challenged that law in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois as the blatant First Amendment violation it is. Lawyers from the Liberty Justice Center and the Pillar of Law Institute are representing plaintiffs Claire Ball and Scott Schluter.

Ball was a candidate for comptroller who wanted to be able to receive campaign funding from people involved in medical marijuana distribution. Schluter was a candidate for the 117th state representative district in Illinois, and he wanted the same thing. As their original suit, filed last November, stated, they:

seek declaratory and injunctive relief to eliminate the chill this law creates in exercising their First Amendment rights. Were they free to do so, Plaintiffs would start soliciting and accepting campaign contributions now and in any future elections from medical cannabis cultivators and dispensaries.

The plaintiffs last week filed a motion for summary judgment in the case, which convincingly argues that the law is absurdly and obviously unconstitutional.

Some excerpts:

Illinois decided to ban but one class of political speakers—those favoring marijuana legalization—from engaging in the same sort of political association that is typically recognized and free from abridgement. This effort does not combat corruption. It only silences emerging voices and hinders competitive campaigns by unorthodox candidates. Under the First Amendment, this cannot stand…..

Illinois' ban on political contributions by medical cannabis organizations violates the First Amendment on its face because it infringes on such organizations' freedom of speech and freedom of association and is not narrowly tailored to serve a governmental interest in preventing quid pro quo corruption…

Nowhere in the [state's medical marijuana] law or in its legislative history is there any concern about medical marijuana organizations corrupting the political process of Illinois. This is understandable. For years, the use of medical marijuana has been criminalized and most sales or transactions have occurred on the black market. During that time, there are no known attempts by underground marijuana entities to unduly influence politicians in Illinois. There has been no ReeferGate. It is only now that an industry attempts to legitimize itself by bringing itself under public scrutiny, oversight, and regulation that Illinois has banned it from participating in the political process…

As per Citizens United, the filing notes:

That individuals employed by a medical marijuana organization may make contributions in their individual capacity does nothing to cure the ban on medical marijuana organizations from making campaign contributions. A corporation is different than the separable, distinct individuals that establish it, and it enjoys its own ability to engage in political free speech and association. 

The law being challenged should face "strict scrutiny" by the court, requiring that the law further a compelling state interest by the most narrowly tailored means possible.

This Court should subject the contribution ban…to strict scrutiny….the ban acts as a prior restraint against free speech and association by banning particular groups of people—medical cannabis organizations and candidates for political office— from giving and accepting campaign contributions. Any sort of prior restraint comes before a court with a "heavy presumption against its constitutionality." ….

Second, the ban is a content-based restriction on speech, which supports a strict scrutiny standard of review. The Supreme Court has "insisted that 'laws favoring some speakers over others demand strict scrutiny when the legislature's speaker preference reflects a content preference.'"

And there is no evidence of any compelling state interest being furthered by these prejudicial laws, the filing argues:

Defendants can produce no evidence that the contribution ban serves any anti-corruption purpose. Defendants' discovery responses reveal that the State has no legislative record or other evidence indicating that medical cannabis organizations were or are corrupting the political process of Illinois…Defendants only state theoretical and speculative concerns with no evidentiary basis, claiming, for example, that "medical cannabis cultivation centers and dispensary organizations give rises (sic) to threat of actual or apparent corruption greater than other businesses because the medical cannabis pilot program is new and untested"….

Such speculation fails to satisfy the government's burden and cannot justify the complete denial of the First Amendment right to support candidates through campaign contributions.

A Pillar of Law press release on the summary judgment motion filing.

Lawyer Benjamin Barr with the Pillar of Law Institute says in an email that he anticipates a victory for his clients on this motion for summary judgment to get Illinois to stop enforcing that law later this summer.

This case is about laws that try to create conflict between medical marijuana and the First Amendment. I've reported in the past on an ongoing case about how the government tries to use medical marijuana as an excuse to violate citizens' Second Amendment rights.

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  1. Ball was a candidate for comptroller who wanted to be able to receive campaign funding from people involved in medical marijuana distribution.

    I guess incumbents find they can get by with campaign funds from Big Morphine and other acceptable donors.

    1. Big Dust, FTW!!!

      /Really, let's just get the "Big ____" comments out the way

          1. Big Crack?

            I can't find it right now, but a headline a few decades read "Police Discover Crack in Australia."


  3. One legislator involved in passing the law admitted this absurdly intrusive and First Amendment-violating rule was just to "appease 'conservative' and 'hesitant' colleagues."

    Appease them or get them to vote for it? Or, perhaps some sort of backroom dealmaking. Who knows? It probably doesn't matter too much. I'm guessing the Rs were just worried that this whole thing just gives more financial backing to the legalization special interest, and understandably so. The Ds almost certainly view it in the same way. Either way, special interest groups aren't exactly corrupting the political process. They are exactly part of that process. The Illinois political system can't be much more corrupt than it is anyway.

    1. Everybody is part of a special interest. (Multiple special interests, really.)

      1. Exactly.

  4. All campaign contributions should be limited to $420

    1. What you did there, see it did I.

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  6. Why should you care about a bunch of stoners? Wake me up when these hypocrites support legalizing opiates, until then I don't want to hear about special privileges for one group of drug users.

    I mean, sure I support their right to use marijuana, it's just that I will only support that right in the context of a campaign to legalize *all* drugs, otherwise I won't lift a finger to help, other than my middle finger, of course.

    Because I just hate those damn stoners and would enjoy seeing them get screwed.


    1. Bunch of dumb culture-war obsessives!


      1. Libertarian candidates should contemptuously reject any donations from these drug kingpins, and instead try to reach out to the Prohibition Party's voters.


        1. HOW in Blues Blazes am ahs a gonna keep mah sarcasm meter fine-tuned with all these /sarc labels?!?!?

          (nut-sarc if you catch me in a moment of honesty, but PWEASE tell NO ONE about THAT!!!)

    2. Well, as it stands, an opiate dealer *has* the 'right' to lobby his political masters with donations while the perfectly legal MJ owner has had that right stripped from him.

  7. 1965 is the new 2016.

    In other words, today tolerance appears again as what it was in its origins, at the beginning of the modern period--a partisan goal, a subversive liberating notion and practice. Conversely, what is proclaimed and practiced as tolerance today, is in many of its most effective manifestations serving the cause of oppression.

    1. I found that essay kind of one-dimensional.

      1. The committee is meeting to determine whether or not your comment is worthy of toleration.

  8. And if that post above wasn't bad enough. Try this.

    "Nothing is ever solved, you know, when you have a gun in your hand except..."

    Yes, she finishes that statement with the dumbest thing you've ever heard.

    1. The worst possible scenario? The fuck does that even mean? Everyone in a 30 foot radius automatically gets just riddled with AIDS? It's confounding that someone would put so little thought into their own hypothetical that "the overt show of force makes the would-be attacker run off like a bitch" wouldn't occur to them as a plausible scenario.

      1. By "worst possible scenario" she must be including self defense. Statists gonna state.

    2. Hillary should soon be on the phone to this gal.

      "Hi, glad to have your support, listen, could you, like, shut up until after the election?"

      1. "In fact, I want you to get out there in front of the camera and introduce a platform plank about how much the Democratic party loves hunters and the Second Amendment and how the media totally distorted your personal thoughts as somehow reflecting the Party's beliefs. Got that?"

    3. And shit like this is why Trump is on the ballot.

      I've got an uncle, he worked for Ford his whole life, even got a nice gig working as a shop steward for the UAW. He practically sings 'Look for the Union Label' in in his sleep.

      He also likes hunting. He really likes hunting. He has a bunch of deer heads and a couple of grizzly heads mounted in his living room..

      The guy has voted straight Democrat for the past 60 years. But now he's a Trump supporter.

      I don't see this working out any better than Nixon's southern strategy.

  9. corrupting the political process of Illinois

    Like that could ever happen.

    1. +1 Blago

      Blagojevich was overheard on a recorded phone call saying "I've got this thing, and it's f**king golden. I'm just not giving it up for f**king nothing." He was also recorded as saying, "it's a f**king valuable thing, you just don't give it away for nothing", and that "If I don't get what I want ... I'll just take the Senate seat myself."

    2. GUARD: "Sir, there's some trouble in the ex-Illinois-Governor's wing..."

      WARDEN: "What is it *this* time?"

      GUARD: "Well, sir, they claim we served the wrong wine with their dinner again. They're making quite a fuss."

      1. Eh. The head of the New York City correction officers union is a Ferragamo man. The city's union guys have better taste than the Illinois governors.

      2. Its the Illinois Governor's wing - they don't drink any wine that isn't sold in half liter bottles in convenience stores.

  10. Drone taxi. This is what I need.



    2. I saw an article on that thing awhile back. Super cool.

      Unfortunately, drones are exceptionally inefficient and don't scale well (helicopters do better). I'm slightly surprised they'd go with a quadcopter design for that. If ONE of the four motors fail, the thing becomes a bizarrely shaped lawn dart that is spinning wildly out of control. Not to mention any sort of computer glitch.

      As someone who has built and played with a quad quite a bit, I'm here to tell you that my ass is not getting on one of those things.

      1. LOL not like any jurisdiction will allow the thing.

  11. I found some horrendous derp last night. It's some of the worst I've seen outside of the Derponomicon. So of course, it is a perfect subject for everyone's favorite game.

    Spot the Not: famous women on Clinton breaking the glass ceiling

    1. Now, it's up to us to elect Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most experienced presidential candidate in history, to the White House where we need her to be.

    2. There's so much more women need to accomplish to feel like we have arrived in American culture. Hillary Clinton's nomination is hopefully the beginning.

    3. She's strong, smart, bold, and kind. She'll be an amazing president. It's time for a Mrs. President, and I can't think of anyone better than Hillary Clinton.

    1. 4. I feel a tremendous rush of pride because this is a woman who is more than qualified to be president. Isn't it interesting how a barrier seems insurmountable -- until it comes down? I hope girls across the country are thinking, "That could be me."

      5. I won't say that I never thought I'd see the day when a woman would be nominated for president, because as a feminist, a mom and a leader of a national women's organization, I knew this day would come. But I'm particularly proud that it is Hillary Clinton who is making history today.

      6. When Clinton graciously committed herself to campaigning for Obama and unifying the party, I was sad yet proud. When she made her 18-million-cracks-in-the-glass-ceiling speech, I wept. She will be a great president who will do her best to unite the country. I wish her the goddesses' speed.

      Those wishing to be thoroughly disgusted may read the whole thing here:


      1. I know if given a platform without boundaries, she can change the world.

        "I know if given a world without boundaries, she can change the platform."

        "I know if boundaries change within a platform, she can give the world."

        "I know if she can whirl a platform without boundaries, she can be forgiven."


        Oh, I'll say 4.

      2. Man, these Spot the Nots have gotten really difficult. Whichever one is the fake, you've written a good one.

        6 seems the most over-the-top: "graciously committed herself" sounds like a dig at Clinton Herself, and the references to goddesses is the sort of thing I'd think they'd keep under wraps.

        So I'll guess 6.

        1. SPOILER: It's one of the real ones, I was wrong. Erica Jong the pornographer - I mean novelist.

        2. 6 was one of my top two guesses because of "goddesses' speed" It sounds like something one of the Portlandia feminist bookstore characters would say.

          So my next guess is 3. "I can't think of anyone better than Hillary Clinton" They're not usually so blatant with their lying. A used Kleenex would be better

            1. It just needs an accompanying audio loop of Hillary cackling for 10 hours

    2. #3 is Stuart Smalley.

    3. It's time for a Mrs. President...

      It's Madame President. Sheesh. Kids these days.

      1. It's the "Mrs.", because PATRIARCHY! No self respecting SJW-type will cop to," Mrs.," usage.

  12. I had a chat with a Trump hater yesterday. It was amazing and a little sad to see how upset he got. Any time I presented him with a factual claim and told him to look it up if he didn't believe it, he just said the internet is all lies and propaganda.

    The most interesting part was when he said Trump will inspire terrorist attacks because he proposed banning Muslim immigration. I said "if that happens, wouldn't that prove he was right?"

    He also did not react well when I pointed out that Obama has added more to the national debt than Bush, that the labor participation is at a historic low, and more people are on food stamps than ever.

    It is was less a conversation and more him ranting about all the reasons Trump is the next Hitler.

    I'm not voting for Trump, but I must admit it would be very fun to watch him drive progs berserk.

    1. I had an Uber driver actually tell me that he wants to send African Americans back to Africa. With a straight fucking face. She 'heard' it somewhere, apparently.

      1. Oh it's amazing how uniformed people are. I've had very similar conversations with people about candidates and issues. I'm like where in the hell did that crazy shit come from.

    2. yeah, I won't vote for him either but the tears would no doubt be quite yummy.

    3. Trump and Trump! What is Trump? It is Controller, is it not?

      1. It's clubs, pay attention.

      2. He's Trump, he's Trump
        He's in my head...


        1. Yet you took a dig at me for my Quiet Riot ref. The hypocrisy.

          1. Yeah but QR are a guilty pleasure. POTUSA are just awful, hence the apology in advance.

            1. They both have their time and their place.

              1. One has a place in my heart.

            2. They both have their time and their place.

              1. One has a place on the trash heap of history.

        2. Trump lingered last in line for brains and the ones he got were sort of rotten and insane!

          You're a monster.

    4. To paraphrase what someone said about GW Bush: The worst thing progs do is make me defend the guy.

      "No, I don't support him, but I don't think he's a Nazi."

      "No, I don't think he's worse than Hillary."

      If you can call that defending him.

  13. Good thing MJ is "legal", huh?

  14. I mentioned yesterday that I was playing around with sodium phosphate solution for making meat juicy.

    I will never make chicken again without it.

    1. Interesting. I always brine pork chops and loin with salt and sugar and stuff but have never used phosphate.

      1. This is a whole 'nother universe.

        Different than brine.

        I tried it with Tri Tip last night. Sold. But tonight, with chicken, it was ridiculous. I bought the shittiest store brand chicken I could find, and it still came out delicious and juicy.

  15. Fuckin darkness drifts behind these people, man. You wander home late from work in the rain and the wind slaps you in the face like a bitch and a wolf bites you in the arm and sumbitch motherfucker steals your goddamn hours and somehow you stagger onto the porch of your peeling hovel and unlock the door to fucking happy mystical assholes with fur you ain't got a single shred of decency to share with after a day spent bent over a goddamn metal desk with sneering fuck-boss results raping you empty of bowels of love- but you reach inside and scavenge slivers of hammock humanity handed peacefully to those three helpless critters who need some outreach. Sweet goddamn animals. Sweet fucking four-legged spaceships sometimes I want to fly off into unique ethers swimming with dreams and porcupines wearing miniskirts with dappled barracudas imprinted on their polyester knits.

    1. I read this to the tune of Simon and Garfunkel's 'Sounds of Silence'.

    2. Gotta take the good with the bad, A C.

    1. 2,339 comments? Seriously? Who has time to read through all that... oh who am I kidding.

      1. Read a few. My favorite: "fiscally conservative and socially liberal is a political oxymoron."

        Succinct and perfect example of progressive thinking.

        1. Read a few.

          I did. But there are so many comments it's obviously just people chiming in with bluster rather than any meaningful conversation going on.

          1. Tend to leave the subjects out of my sentences. Can't stop doing that. Was unaware of the misunderstandings that causes. *I* read a few.

            1. Do that a lot too.

      2. Huh...I got through ~30 comments and then saw a field of strawman and ignorance. And all was right with the world.

  16. Mountains are dead and trees don't talk and grass doesn't give a FUCK about your shit and space blings and bends on the winds of a billion existentials in spite of our shit fucking human problems. NOTHING that is not human thinks our goddamn motherfucking CRAP is worth pausing a single goddamn second for. PROOF?

    Every fucking century of this human shit we pull multitudes of generations through a zillion occurrences under a disinterested motherfucking aqua sea with puffy white massive cotton dreams attached above that will brighten the gardens of those fortunate enough to survive the constant mistake disease of recurrent governing hellions with forefingers on the touchscreens of bombs and motherfucking lasers.

    Brains breed roads and human roads eat themselves while the rays of the stars bounce through eternity.

    1. Nice. Always good to see you around here AC.

  17. You are a sound reflecting on the winds, man. Your essence is transparent and quick. Lost to the chords of the gods. Never in the crowds of thousands of generations has existed the reality of collective life after death. Massive clouds of dead voices captured and still rolling off a thousand discs... Leukemia killed many, overdoses, cancers, and suicides leaving imprints still reflected on by evolving thousands and millions. And the dead will arise if we don't melt ourselves into sandscripts. The dead are alive like the dead mountains and the light of the sun. the dead will live without orgasm and ripples but the dead nonetheless live en masse ever more so as avenues of the dead invade the connective tissue of the living on so many fucking planes. the living enriched by the ancients and moderns cut off and mist but everlasting.

    I saw a boy sit in front of a large window today and later he died. the common disease of today erased his flesh. But the echoes of his creativities will last goddamn forever... like the million valleys of bursting screaming voices and flashes of inspirations lost but still found.

  18. Tears are ladders to the deepest self. and a smile builds an infinite laser that melts the heart of mystics.

  19. Everyone has an alley filled with garbage and dark angels, bro. This alley snakes behind your pituitary gland and most forget it exists because most spend much of their time avoiding it. But everyone from 10 until 100 will have to walk the alley of their transcendent self... most, unfortunately, will do this while dying from a heart attack.

  20. OT: I was reading this story on The Federalist about how Trump is really not a media genius at all

    link text

    It has a link to this YouGov poll: link text

    And it is brutal. Trump has been in this a year and Americans still dislike as much now as then. The progress made by Don among republicans is outweighed by the fact that Dems and indies hate him MORE now than then. He's gotten worse among non-republicans.

    This guy not only has no chance in November, any republican who doesn't run from him or worse is stupid enough to endorse him may be signing their political death warrants.

    The relevancy libertarianism has in the future is, for now, directly proportional to how much libertarians shit on Trump and his supporters. These guys are the untermensch of America. They will be the butt of jokes for decades.

    1. Hey look guys, I found something that confirms all my priors! Check it out!

      1. It's called 'reality'. You may want to get acquainted.

  21. Reality is defined and pristine. Unequivocal. Pure. Unquestionable. Fuck the goddamn bullshit deity of Musk extrapolated fund-raising schizophrenic ass fuck.

    Reality will remain. It is. Just is. However, what can be questioned is the formulation of the objects and Ayn missed this because my queen never did LSD on the level i have. I KNOW MOTHERFUCKERS that RED is distinct and only associated with tendrils of description. RED cannot exist outside eyeballs, paint, and molecular structure. However, a pigeon when you are tripping on the sleds of mushrooms becomes a pigeon with a gigantic black cock that somehow wears a tophat and bra and wants you roll over so Mr. Super Pigeon can FUCK your asshole with his strapped on gigantic black pigeon cock. and so on.

    1. I must say, A C, that tonight you are quite well-perpectivizing a big picture.

      1. *well-perspectivizing*

        It's been a long day.

        1. Rich is a long sun bending around a magnetic world spearing its beams into the converging galaxies of the wills of a million planets. Rich is the release of this galactic spiral.

  22. Man, the obsession some conservatives have with babies sure is creepy. Aside from the fact that babies fucking suck, it's so...overweening. Actual quote:

    "We need a new life script for women that helps them achieve the vast majority's goals of becoming mothers and working part-time or not at all to help sustain family life rather than making it seem impossible that they ever can do so, and compensating for this societal failure by telling them they should feel bad for having those goals in the first place."


    1. You never cease to delight and amaze.

      1. Thank you.

    2. It notes that student debt is a deterrent against young women having children.

      Sounds sensible to me.

      1. Yes, that part was reasonable. The part that admonishes woman against having life goals other than pumping out infants is not remotely reasonable. It is disgraceful.

        1. So, it's disgraceful to say: "...if you want to have children at all (and, in general, you should), you should aim to start having them before you are 30 years old"?

          1. I would think the only controversial part of that would be the part in parentheses, but the author's focus is on whether to have children during peak childbearing years or in your 30s.

            1. "We need a new life script for women that helps them achieve the vast majority's goals of becoming mothers and working part-time or not at all to help sustain family life rather than making it seem impossible that they ever can do so, and compensating for this societal failure by telling them they should feel bad for having those goals in the first place."

              compensating for this societal failure by telling them they should feel bad for having those goals in the first place."

              She's talking about shaming woman for having career goals. Fuck her and fuck you for your mendacity.

              1. And fuck babies too.

              2. No offense, but you're reading that totally backwards.

                The speaker is saying that the current climate is shaming women for having goals of becoming mothers.

                This is done so by being in the "rather than" part of the sentence.

                The goals described here are in the first part of the sentence: "the vast majority's goals of becoming mothers and working part-time or not at all to help sustain family life".

                It's an awkward sentence, but it doesn't say what you think it says.

  23. Switzerland rejected basic income yesterday, and that was just one of a slew of good pro-freedom referendum decisions.

    -A proposal to speed up the country's asylum process was backed by nearly 67%

    -The Pro Service Public initiative proposing that bosses of big public sector companies should not earn more than government ministers - a reflection of dissatisfaction with railways and telecoms provider Swisscom. It was rejected by 68% of the voters

    -A proposal to allow genetic testing of embryos before they are inserted in the uterus in cases of in-vitro fertilisation, where either parent carries a serious hereditary disease. It was passed, with 62% backing it

    -Transport financing: An initiative from the car lobby which wants more investment in roads. The government had urged a "No" vote, and it was rejected by 71%.


    The engagement of the Swiss people with their government and their relative liberty speaks against the notion of advancing liberty by refusing to vote or (somehow) disengaging from the system.

    1. And it also shows that people will vote broadly for pro-liberty reforms.

  24. This famous musician, born near Liverpool England, plans return to Liverpool during a tour in 2017.

  25. Golden State is stinking up the joint. Guess I chose a bad night to watch my first NBA in 6 years.

  26. What about that federal case a few decades back that upheld Puerto Rico's law against advertising local casinos to the locals? The US Sup. Ct. said that since the commonwealth could outlaw casinos entirely, they could take the lesser step of outlawing their advertising to some or all persons. Wouldn't that precedent apply to cannabis? I.e. since the state could outlaw cannabis, they're allowed to take the lesser step of outlawing politiciking by cannabiz?

  27. Trump is a reflection Cyto. Trump does not exist except for the gathering clouds of crowds that want to be identified with flames. Like a motherfucking forest burst of hell. Politics in fucking America has relegated the modern experiment of a million towns and their fucking happy parades of GOD FUCKING BLESS AMURICA into bureaucratic fodder plied by elites.

    Times are replete with uprisings and the constant of gathered humanity is this: when elites find a groove they wish to globalize however locally or beyond... the mathematics of their engorgement rarely mesh with those they ravage their beaks into.

    1. Slight bit of prophesy here: the Russians and Chinese are due for this which is why you notice the steel clamps coming down across the globe. Also notice the tide rising against. However, I do believe that times are far more tenuous than most realize. If you toss the tea leaves and roll a blunt and sniff a bit of a line of the times things are converging in ways the media is completely lost in.

      ALL media personalities, corporate media, writers for these horrible places, and magazines of journalists and even esteemed places where people go to supposedly great colleges to write for... that entire universe is fluff. Empty. Plain. Like dross. Everything mainstream they've created is artificial and devoid of real fruit. The media has been modified into empty husks.

      Their movie theaters are filled with cobwebs. The greatest supposed and even the grey- it's all become tepid and vastly amazing only to ant brains.

      The entire fucking world is breathing its last breathe, cyto

      1. We are not worthy. Seriously, this is more insightful than 90% of what the commentariat or the writers write.

  28. Humans dream larger than their planet, man
    But our violence pierces into the deepest void of our evolutions.

    1. Sometimes I wonder if nature is still testing whether humans' empathy or our sociopathy is the more advantageous trait.

      1. sociopathy is the more advantageous trait

        If one views life through the lenses of, "Only results matter; do whatever it takes to succeed,", and, "You do *WHATEVER* you want to do, *WHENEVER* you want, to *WHOMEVER* you want, just leave *ME* alone," there are no reservations preventing attempting at succeeding at whatever task is at hand. By definition, this would be be the most efficient with the least amount of artificial barriers (exemplar being Ron Bailey's assertion morals and ethics are these).

        Incidentally, I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that present day (l)ibertarianism is truly defined (in practice) and informed by the second descriptor.

        1. I would argue that everybody that's not a libertarian has sociopathic tendencies. The non-aggression principle is a central tenet of libertarianism.

          Every law is backed by the threat of violence, so anybody pushing for any new law should accept the possibility that someone might get killed for violating it. So everybody voting for new laws is voting for the state to shoot someone. Every new law invites the potential for shit to escalate and have a cop kill somebody. Just because a third party killed a guy enforcing some bullshit law you voted for doesn't wash the blood from your hands.

          Don't want to be a sociopath? Accept responsibly and vote Libertarian.

          1. Clearly then, by your logic then, the abolition of all laws will, by logical necessity, eliminating all laws will eliminate all violence. Or some politician claiming because a particular law has been repealed, like say, murder law, then magically the murder rate is 0% and the crime rate has dropped.

            I'm sure Mafias will comply with the NAP in the absence of formal, written law. Lord of the Flies, much? It's a shame you weren't there to pontificate to the Russian Separatist why they shouldn't have taken arms in Donets'k, and I'm sure your impassioned plea would have prevented the annexation of Kreml. Cops are a Red Herring here; private actors are just as capable of spilling blood as gov. agents.

            Hobbes is right, and no amount of artificial barriers, such as the NAP, will ultimately overcome both rational and irrational, logical and emotional, self-interest, be it one individual, or a discrete "tribe"

            (l)ibertarians can't even agree where the line b'twixt aggression ends and property rights begins...

          2. HTML FAIL! grrrr

  29. Somehow the ego of our fantasies has merged with objective reality perused by the living and then blended with our dead and the goods ejaculated from this conflagration is the goddamn silly putty of star struck shit- the which I guess the screams of humongous portals of a zillion worlds emitting their dead lasers onto the dark sheets of our curved prison is sort of jarring and shit

  30. gather the whispers of your dreams, my boy
    shoving the sharpened tool of separation into the soil of the tears
    spilling like rainbow stairs into the centuries of your
    youth, boy

    gather the dreams of your mind, my boy
    wind your catastrophes like tsunamis upon the cliffs and beaches of coiled
    cultures tripping on the escapes merging under the shadows of
    religious tyranny mounted under the blades of cloth
    please run from their whippings, boy

    The flakes of massive steel cocks rising from the sands of fear
    and pages of death surrounded by magical periods erupting in the blood
    of those who infringe remotely even, boy

    liberty is a whisper tossed among scared stars

  31. i run from the bull of this hell
    i also stand to kill the bull of this hell
    i remove my blade as the bull of this hell approaches
    i am hurt and i fall as the bull of the world drives its ivory into
    me as my blade enters its heart.

    i killed the bull of the world under the dance of the stars
    and i cried

  32. it is but one single globe that will be run by a management crew, bro
    ALL countries will become ONE.
    THE entire thing will become without boundaries and UNDER the control of HORRIBLE FUCKING SHITS.

    guaranteed. the planet will NEVER be free because free requires LOTSA free- NOT lotsa money, prisons, and government.

    THIS fucking ends your fucking pro-capitalist. socialist, religious pro-government crap

    you want freedom? You do.... but most of your fucking turtle friends DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Good night wings.
      peace out, lovely liberty
      wave wave under the table next to sweet mama blonde's unshaved pussay
      Good night wings.
      peace out

      Ayn talked about a group of youth grabbed from her class in that shithole Russia several decades back of freedom lovers and they ALL disappeared and moz def none o' ya''ll or my eclectic ass ever heard of them since because, yea,
      this excitement of being alive and energized to power philosophy and rockets of thoughts can be gathered up and emptied into a desert of non-existence forever.

      under the frozen horror of tyranny crusty juggler, notgkc, rich, hamster, sevo, agammon, lap, tundra, straff, and all other boys and coupla girls i love be sent off into goneness...

  33. Freedom is as real as oxygen
    liberty SHOULD be earth wide recognized as real as blood
    THIS FUCKING earth is being run by goddamn retards in very vast stone homes and deep bank accounts who are unworthy of their privilege.
    THIS fucking earth is NOT free.
    PLEASE FREE EARTH. for humanity. Save humans from the nasty hellish beasts evolution has wrought on us and then maybe we can save the dogs and kitties.

  34. Earth needs wings and i want liberty to infect all its creatures.
    liberty is the purest oxygen
    spread your freedom, brother
    spring up and grasp the beams of your enthrall, my sister

  35. torn boxes in a basement with old carpet in 1984
    entire walls lined with sagging boxes and dreams
    i sat as a boy nestled between the records and
    the tunes of a million desperate concoctions ate my brain
    like angels and demons jostling for position under the lit tree

  36. Christmas in midnight June, love
    it is me and i on Reason, self.
    among my special brethren who strive to tolerate me but
    wisps swing and wind among the mountains of our hearts
    and my eruptions for whatever nought are best procured here
    in the waves of the bright lights who speak strongly and without reserve
    i am strangely inspired by this world to be
    i love my reason universe but i am not of it
    but i am of it, created by it and yet always struggling to
    knock at its door even as all the doors surround me so fucking locked
    and granite but this is the thing that makes my relationship with this needle into my fucking
    self head. i wish i could understand why christmas music is fucking playing. have i done to much fucking shit? why are all the songs about santa and sound of music and shit? what the goddamn fuck? i was eating records with mushroomheads on them and now this

  37. verses foaming off the gray box where we drop letters off the bridge man
    see that is what that gray lined box where you type shit is
    a fucking bungee drop for your letters
    that reason gray rectangle is like a bridge we fucking goddamn suicide letters off of, man

  38. type type...submit

    into the goddamn cliff winds, man

    see click

  39. so the comment box is a letter bungee drop for thoughts, dreams, ideas, concepts, bullshit, poems, and generally fuck uppery and maybe some sweet eyes lingering at my sweet smile.

  40. sauntering down gray lined boxes under the deep vocals of past poets singing the visions of geniuses pondering ever so sensitively the gradations of their remarkable moments lost in the stones of goneness but remembered by my wistful glasses of beer and wine and fucking lines. good night by warriors of memories. good mountains my special jaunters. Ever so peaceful hammocks on the narrows of space, my sisters and brothers on the unique world of reason.

  41. I have never said good bye to a lover in a world full of lovers that say good bye to each other
    i have been gifted with life long lovers.

  42. i have looked into my spirit and realized life is a sprint and affection is svelte and unique
    lovers are visions that morph into the rainbows of my soul
    my wife and my lover are the tides washing across the beaches of my intermissions.

  43. you cannot say good bye
    because existence often ends
    badly. And you cannot say badly bye
    because that would erase all the humans.
    So, kiss them and wish they get super powers
    from the dead stars trickling into their everyday
    bullshit and such.

    1. How do you know existence often ends badly?

      1. Do we rush to its end, dear?

        1. Of course not. We are fragile beings who fear the unknown.

          1. Then ending is jarring. Abrupt. Shocking.

            1. Of anyone, I should believe the Agile Cyborg. But I still think that there is much that we humans do not know.

              1. Butts is a valley teaming with secrets. And, yes, our vibrant selves are glittering streams of millions transcending the bondage of clutching irons. This is beauty of the garden of humanity, Butts.

                Your flower gently casts its shadow on the creation molecules of atoms nearby desperate for escape from a sun that can be filled with a billion earths.

                This is the paradox, my lovely dear.

                1. Aw, shit. That is the paradox. I do have a flower to tend to.

                  1. i hope it is a hibiscus

                    1. I have no specific preference. Goodnight AC

                    2. Svelte visions, stunning Butts.

  44. tones and words jiggle like a newbie stripper
    on the wrinkled reflections of bar orchestras
    soft notes uncrease the dreams of ageless and gentle
    reminisce swerving among the pinions of last year
    stuntmen clutching the poems of riffing tomes burst
    from the guts of those long looks in a mirror after 30.

  45. One day I sat on a branch in an Ohio wood
    perplexed as a young man with my decisions
    burdened with the weight of a future that hadn't
    even barely begun. And now I sit on a branch
    in an Ohio wood perplexed and burdened
    with the reality that I have reached my future
    and it will gently cease to feel anything at all, bro,

  46. Our life is a quiet notation on the threads of time, Butts. Lost in the waves of many reason.com decades and days.

    On the other hand, thrusting above the brutality of the ending of minutes exponentially empowers the minuscule and the delightful.

  47. threads on the binary waves of writers
    collect moments in times for seconds
    and those myriad compilations erupt like
    undersea volcanic disruptions that pass so
    fucking quickly into the void of the screens of times

    all the fucking bullshit that puked from my fingers tonight will be
    enveloped in goneness tomorrow, Butts. All of your erudite notations
    will disappear along with the rest of weeks, months, and years of comments.

    This very thread is symbolic of time and its orientation to death, life, eruption, crowd,
    expression, and liquid utterance. Tomorrow. gone. ended... enveloped in the chaos of
    server side amalgamation and even collation and often deletion after times.

    All this is mental graffiti, brother Butts and expressionistic death. Like splashings of fucking finger spittle
    on plastic lit letters for a time and then eviscerated like grandmothers.

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