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'What, What'? Missing South Park Already?


Still bummed South Park's 19th season series is over?

It's tough—I know—rewatching Cartman's deflategate hallucination for the umpteenth time, sharing a laugh around the water cooler over Mr. Garrison's Trump-like hatred of illegal Canadian immigrants, wishing PC Principal's violent P.C. outbursts were real.

Okay, maybe not "wishing" that exactly.

While South Park's dark farce fits perfectly in its bright cartoon universe, the show's use of pop cultural references for its parodies has lead to real world consequences—particulary when it comes to copyright. 

Electronic Frontier Foundation's Parker Higgins recently sat down with Reason TV to explain how scene of Butters dancing in his own homoerotic version of 'What, What (in the Butt)' wound up in the most widely cited lawsuit in courtrooms of the last five years and inadvertently expanded free speech for everyone.

In 2010, EFF became unlikely allies with media giant Viacom—the owner of South Park—who was sued by Brownmark Films after a 2008 episode called "Canada on Strike" parodied a popular viral video by musician Samwell.

The case eventually made its way to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals where the judges ruled in favor of South Park and Viacom. The ruling has become an important one in entertainment law because it says that a fair use lawsuit can be stopped before going to trial—which can help content creators avoid the huge costs of litigation brought on by frivolous copyright lawsuits.

"Under the Supreme Court this is the highest precedent that you can have—that this Butters video is fair use," Higgins says. "The thing that's a little less fun is the fact it can stop lawsuits early."

So why wait for the next season of South Park to start? Under fair use, you (and a very close friend) can star in own homoerotic homage to Tweek x Craig. How kawaii!

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  1. What if Trump and Hilary got divorced from their current spouses and then married each other and yet kept running for the nomination of their parties.

    I would watch the fuck out that reality series.

    1. We could call it “We may never reach peak retard, but you can see it from here.”

      1. There was a show called ‘Twin Peaks’. Never got into it. Could the name be recycled?

  2. Stopped watching when Chef left.

  3. This season as a whole was tremendous, both for the humor and satire. Also, the music has been spot on, as Swain’s link shows.

  4. Overrated.

      1. H&R is a *not* a safe space to criticize South Park.

        I may as well be this guy.

        1. i get that’s supposed to be a cute joke, and maybe expresses how Long Islanders/NJites feel unloved in the city…

          …but football has a negligable fanbase in Manhattan. Its just not a football town. No one gives a shit. Especially not the Asians and Hispanics (who i thought had the best lines there). Baseball is #1, basketball a close second… but football is more an outer borough, Staten Island/NJ/Long Island/Westchester thing. I mean, there are fans, its just that no one cares who you root for.

          In fact, during various sports playoff seasons… i’d go to proper ‘sports bars’ and find that 80% of the people who were there to watch the game…. were all transplants from elsewhere. with the largest, noisiest group being Boston fans.

          1. the largest, noisiest group being Boston fans.

            That, my friends, is a tautology.

        2. Also, pedantic detail = the guy there does a loop of union square. which is… about a 3-block area.

        3. Hahahaha I see there is a whole genre of “x hours walking in NYC as a y“. Well I’m glad something good came out of that nonsense with the cat-calling.

  5. If Reason likes South Park so much, maybe Nick should start dressing and wearing his hair like Kenny instead of the Fonz?

    1. A warmer jacket might do him some good.

      1. Respect his authoriteh, bitches.

  6. KRAMER: May I have one of those, madam?

    GEORGE: Madame? What are you calling me madam for?

    KRAMER: They’re ladies’ glasses.

    (Kramer takes George’s glasses and shows him the inside)

    KRAMER: Now look here, see it’s right here: Gloria Vanderbilt Collection.

    GEORGE: He sold me ladies’ glasses!

    1. I just went to the eye doctor a couple days ago – impossible not to keep that in mind.

  7. A hint of the potential horrors of the coming year

    “Clinton alleged Trump was “becoming ISIS’ best recruiter” based on his call to ban Muslims from entering the country, and other recent comments.

    “They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists,” the former secretary of state said.

    On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sunday, Trump dismissed Clinton’s criticism, knocking her as a “liar” and “weak.”

    “It’s just another Hillary lie,” Trump said. “She lies like crazy about everything — whether it’s trips where she was being gunned down in a helicopter, or an airplane. She’s a liar and everybody knows that.””

    I am honestly surprised he didn’t add, “and she’s fat and ugly too.”

    1. “They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists,”

      If that’s true, how does it not lend credence to Trump’s POV?

      1. Apparently, when insulted by Trump many Muslims have no choice but to become violent extremists.

        1. The idea that otherwise normal, innocent* people can be converted into mass-killing jihadis by watching offensive videos seems to be a go-to device in Hillary’s bullshit-arsenal

          *eh? see what i did there?

        2. I agree. If I were a Muslim inclined to living a full life and raising my family and then saw a Donald Trump video, I’d throw my life away in violent abandon even though I know it wouldn’t change anything anyway, because you know, that’s how they think.

    2. Well, no surprise there… As we know, Hillary seems to believe that video clips can cause Muslims to start blowing shit up as if they just can’t help themselves.

      1. Hillary jindirectly calls muslims idiots and indirectly supports trump’s statement. wow.

  8. Paul slams Congress over trillion-dollar spending bill he claims no one read…..tcmp=hpbt1

    1. “I voted against it because I won’t vote for these enormous bills that no one has a chance to read,” the GOP White House hopeful said.

      That’s just crazy talk, Rand. Everyone else votes for them.

      1. Clearly not a team player

        1. Indeed. How else can we get anything done?

          1. Exactly. Under Rand we’d have a do nothing congress and Rand wouldn’t even say he has to act on his own! They’d get nothing done, the horror! They couldn’t pass any 10,000 page spending bills that no one read! How could we possibly live through that?

            /the progtards

            1. We *have* to do *something*!

      2. Yet another reason why Rand is the best candidate by far. Americans don’t deserve him though. They deserve Trump or Hillary and that’s what they’ll get.

    2. I like the ‘he claims no one read’. Didn’t they pass this bill within a few days of it being available to read?, I guess some speed readers might scan over 2,000 plus pages in a few days, but can anyone really read and digest what’s in a 2,000 page bill in a couple days.

      1. I don’t think anyone could fully digest the possible effects of something like this no matter how long they have to read it. I’m sure it’s chock full of vague and ambiguous legal speak that could be interpreted in a number of different ways depending on who’s interpreting it and what their own personal goal is as far as the law is concerned.

        1. So even if he read it, he’d vote against it? I LIKE the guy!

    3. FFS, we’ve been over this, Paul. You have to pass it in order to read it.

  9. Curt Smith: Why we sued to protect religious freedom

    “Last spring an alliance of national and state media, big business and gay rights activists took our economy hostage. Fortunately since then we have seen remarkable gains across Indiana. More Hoosiers are working than ever, unemployment is markedly lower than the national rate, Forbes magazine reports we have the eighth-best business climate in America, and more than $2 billion in new economic projects are in the state’s pipeline. But as we prepare for the next session of the General Assembly, some are again threatening to harm Indiana. This lawsuit serves notice we are ready to fight back.

    “Our conviction as a conservative, public policy advocacy nonprofit is that freedom is not a fixed, finite commodity which the legislature reapportions from time to time between and among the now-favored groups. Our founding freedoms must be first preserved and protected for all Hoosiers, gay and straight, young and old, black and white, male and female, elite and commoner alike.”

  10. Trump and Hillary are doing tremendous parodies of South Park.

  11. Mr. Garrison’s Trump-like hatred of illegal Canadian immigrants

    Oh come on now, let’s not be comparing Trump to Mr. Garrison. Trump’s hating on Muslims and Mexicans, it’s totally uncalled for. But Garrison is talking about Canadians. Fucking Canadians! They’re the worst! Totally justified, blame Canada!

  12. Remember the guy who a cop shot as he was crawling out of his car? Well he died.

    The DA is “looking” at a possible involuntary manslaughter charge.

    1. Yeah I remember that, it sounds like the cop ‘voluntarily’ shot him to me. I mean it didn’t sound like an accident.

  13. What, Hillary lies?

    Hillary’s weak, frankly, she’s got no stamina, she’s got nothing?.she couldn’t even get back on the stage. Nobody even knows what happened to her. It’s like she went home and went to sleep

    I lol’d.

    1. We need a president with tremendous intelligence, smarts, cunning, strength, and stamina.

      Trump’s Dark Souls build sounds terrible. Come on man, at least put some points into adaptability.

      1. I think to battle the Hildabeast, he just needs a firetruck filled with holy water. She’ll melt like the wicked witch of the west. Or maybe he could drop a house on her and use the firetruck on her flying monkey hordes.

    2. I can’t believe one of us didn’t write that.

      1. It sounds like something I’d say.

  14. Mr. Garrison’s Trump-like hatred of illegal Canadian immigrants

    It’s too late, we already walk among you.

    1. If I suspect there is a Canadian near me I just put on some Chuck Mangione and wait to see what happens next.

      1. Just put on some Nickleback and see if they cringe.

      2. My childhood just flashed before my eyes.

  15. So, I just updated greasonable..

    A couple bug fixes, plus inline vimeo and the ability to read Reason unthreaded.

    On the latter, unfortunately, you do need to refresh the page entirely to switch back and forth. I have a feeling, though, that those who want that won’t be switching back and forth.
    Fwiw, the comments still work the same, so there is a javascript link that points to the “parent” comment (note: the depth limitations of the comments mean I can’t tell the real parent comment of the bottom level).
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    Let me know of any issues..

      1. You flatter me, implying it was good enough to go major twice..

      2. Ah, I see, you merely mistook me for my godfather.

      3. Ah, I see, you merely mistook me for my godfather.

        1. For the record, I have never suggested immunity from squirrels.

  16. Warty, if you’re out there, a couple of days ago you posted this video. I finally got some time to watch it. Thank you, that is a damn fine video.

    1. I made a snarky remark after he posted it, but it really was a great video.

    2. That guy looks to me like he’s mostly been lifting jelly donuts.

      1. Maybe beer filled donuts.

        1. I know this, because I now have the same basic build that guy has. Lifting beers will do that. Or anything else with lots of sugar in it.

    1. the sidebar there is an accidentally-“accurate” summary

      Why has Libya got two governments?

      It doesn’t officially. But since Col Gaddafi’s fall in 2011, two rival factions have emerged that want power.

      Who are they?

      One is the General National Congress (GNC) which is allied to the Libya Dawn Islamist coalition. Some are moderate and some aren’t. The other faction is a coalition generally referred to as the House of Representatives, (HoR) which is more secular.

      So do they share an office?

      Certainly not. The GNC runs Tripoli, having pushed the HoR out of the Libyan capital last year. The HoR then moved to the eastern city of Tobruk, where it’s now a government in exile, even though it’s recognised internationally.

      Why don’t they get along?

      The GNC thinks the HoR is made up of ex-Gaddafi loyalists bent on returning the old regime to power. The HoR thinks the GNC wants hardline Islamic rule.

      Who’s right?

      There are actually moderates on both sides….””

      The un-asked question in that is, “And why does the US think its in the business of picking winners from this mess?”

      There’s also a lot of bullshit embedded in their euphemism, ‘moderate’, (aka “people who might do what we say”) Saddam was once a “moderate”

      1. Plus ?a change…

      2. One is the General National Congress (GNC)

        Well, Libya might be in a general state of anarchy, but at least Libyans have a place to shop for all of their nutritional supplement needs.

    1. That thing is creepy.

    1. I peed a bit.

    2. Is this not a problem for Blankistan to solve themselves? Why must America get involved in everything?

    3. Angela Merkel will probably ask them if they need a garage to park their tank in.

      If she doesn’t, they will have no choice but to commit jihad. Hillary said so.

  17. Well for once the kangaroo court gets it right.

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