Ted Cruz

Watch Nick Gillespie Talk Ted Cruz on Fox Business' Kennedy Tonite

Can Texas Ted win the libertarian vote in 2016? Tune in at 8 P.M. and midnight ET tonight.


I'll be on Kennedy's eponymous Fox Business show tonight, talking about Chris Christie's recent slagging of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul for their defense of basic civil liberties (each was against the recently ended NSA phone-metadata bulk-collection program).

The hostess and I spend more time talking about whether Ted Cruz can woo libertarians in large numbers? I'm pretty skeptical of that, given his penchant for culture war battling and his willingness to bust the budget when it comes to defense spending. What do you think, readers?

Tune in to Fox Business at 8 P.M. or at midnight to catch the show. Go here for the show's Facebook page.