Ben Carson

Ben Carson's Blackness, Legal Weed Fail, and Criminal Justice Reform Backlash: Matt Welch and Kmele Foster on Sirius XM at Noon ET

Call 877-974-7487 to heckle the former Independents co-hosts!


At noon New York time I will be hosting Sirius XM's Insight Hour, wrangling alongside me beloved co-former-Independents co-host Kmele Foster, to talk about the left-right kerfuffle over the meaning of Ben Carson's blackness, the reasons why Ohio voters rejected legal weed (we will be joined on that segment by Marijuana Policy Project Executive Director Rob Kampia), and the attempted backlash against criminal justice reform. Should be a lively show.

AND YOU CAN CALL IN: 877-974-7487.

NEXT: A.M. Links: Bernie vs. Hillary, Bush Sr. Disses Cheney in New Biography, Denver Police Union Fights Body Camera Policy

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    I dunno, will Lucy be there?

    1. 877-OHH-ELLNO

  2. Don’t forget Carson’s belief that the Great Pyramids were grain silos. What an idiot.

    1. Duh, Everyone knows they were actually spaceports.

        1. I thought they were Judas Cradles for the Gods.

    2. Nah, he’s obviously just a huge fan of the Civilization games.

      1. That was my first thought. Uh, I mean NEEEERRRRRRRRRRRD!

        1. I wonder what his thoughts are on colonizing Alpha Centauri. “We need more government funding on laser research, so we can build the Planetary Party Lounge!”

          1. To bad we can’t run Morgan for president.

  3. I’ll call in and ask to compare and contrast family medical leave policies in U.S. Capitalist utopia Vs Danish socialist hellhole.…..amily.html

    1. I took 5 years off to raise my kids.

      You should try having skills and being good at things. It has worked out incredibly well for me in the U.S. Capitalist utopia.

      1. But that’s not *fair*! I mean, you used your hard work and ambitionprivilege!

        1. Incredibly, this is what they actually believe – people are born in a certain caste with some level of innate abilities that cannot be altered.

          1. Luckily, my caste just requires fluent use of English.

      2. You forgot to post your anonbot link at the end.

      3. Maybe in socialist hellhole I can get away from assholes that think their app building skills make them better than everyone else.

        1. In socialist hellhole, apps build you!

        2. You’re just butthurt because NipAlert never took off.

          1. Isn’t that the one with Sheri Belafonte and her dogs?

          2. Be careful. Brian is going to come around and label you a racist.

            1. I don’t know who you’re referring to but here’s the reference for anyone who didn’t get it.

            2. Speaking of racists, have YOU stopped being a racist yet?


        3. Where’s Holgar when you need him?

    2. Maybe you can ask for help with what words mean, while you’re at it.

    3. Good News! Mortgages are dischargeable in bankruptcy in Denmark!

      1. Whaddya mean I don’t pay my bills?
        Why dya think I’m BROKE? HUH!?

    4. ” …in U.S. Capitalist utopia Vs Danish socialist hellhole.”

      You do realize that Bernie Sanders mischaracterized Denmark. Whether he lied or is just confused, he got it wrong.

      “Denmark’s prime minister says Bernie Sanders is wrong to call his country socialist”

  4. The “meaning of Ben Carson’s blackness”? Like, he’s got a lot of melanin genes?

    1. -1 Ta-Nehisi

    2. It means that Republicans are TEH RACEIST. What else could it mean?

  5. The guy on hate radio yesterday (Wayne Beson?) explained that support for Ben Carson proves that Republicans are racist. This seems logical.

    1. That’s because Ben Carson is not really black like President Blacky McBlack Black. Carson’s not adequately subservient to the white liberal class.

      1. I hear he’s actually a Scotsman.

        1. He’s in the army, actually.

    2. Everything Republicans do is motivated by racism.
      Republicans support a black man for president.
      Therefore it’s because they are racist.

      1. The explanation (such as it was) was that by voting for Carson, racists could say, “See? I voted for a nigger, so I can’t be racist.”

        God, I love Hate Radio.

        1. That overcompensating mindset sounds familiar, but not from Republicans, at least not on this issue.

          1. The Chewbacca defense?

    3. 31 flavors of ice cream at Baskin-Robbins proves that Republicans are Racist

      1. How can you have 31 flavors when there’s children going hungry?

        In Republican areas, they aren’t allowed to serve anything with chocolate in it.

        1. Your options are wintergreen or unflavored!

      2. Hi Gilmore,

        Why do You think it is that White right-wingers obsess over whether liberals think they are racist or not? You dismiss their ideas outright so why would you care what they think since we all know that Leftists are intellectually deficient.

        If you vote for a politician that is going to slash your future Social Security benefit because that politician appeals to your sense of victimhood doesn’t that officially make you a moron idiot? Just wondering what you think, friend.

        1. YOURE A RACIST
          YOURE A RACIST
          YOURE A RACIST
          YOURE A RACIST
          YOURE A RACIST
          YOURE A RACIST

          “Would you stop that please?”


          – This is the apex of Amsoc’s wit

          1. Maybe you are just hearing voices in your head. People here accuse me of supporting mass murderers all the time. I don’t. I’m confident enough in my beliefs to ignore those assholes and I don’t vote for people who appeal to my victimhood about being called a fellow traveller for Stalin. I just support politicians who I think are going to do the best job. Maybe you should do that too and ignore all these a-holes who call you a racist.

            1. OMGOMGOMG! SICK BERN!!111!!!!

            2. Dude, maybe you could try not being an apologist for mass murderers. Just a thought.

            3. No one has accused you personally of that. They mock you for having a word in your handle that happened to like a good mass murderer and they – include me – tease you for it.

              So yeah. Claim to be a socialist but don’t expect us to be kind to that coercive ideology that usually ends up in gulags and death.

          2. For very large values of both “apex” and “wit.”



          I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH BRAH!!!!11!!1111!!!!

          1. I like you– a lot– but your spelling sucks.

            1. RAARRGH!!!1111!!!!!

              1. Your posts have progressed to indecipherabiliy. Strangely, I find it an improvement over where you are actually trying to make a point.

                1. He makes more sense than you do strangely enough.

    1. A boy reads Donald Trump quotes:

      Now they should do one with a 5 year old girl reading Shrillary’s lies about the email PHASE SKANDUL in chronological order with cuts to headlines refuting each lie. Then at the end have her say “what difference at this point does it make?”

      I’m not gonna hold my breath waiting for Buzz feed to criticize queen Shrill, though.

      1. My idea was to have Seth McFarlane do a voice over of Chris Christie at every GOP debate. Don’t change anything he says, just have it said by the voice of Peter on the Family Guy. It would be perfect.

        Hillary’s lies and statements are so facially ridiculous and insulting, you don’t need a kid to read them. Just get a good voice over guy to read them straight up. The effect would be similar to Leslie Neilson’s deadpan delivery in Airplane and the Naked Gun movies.

        1. That’s pretty good actually. And I don’t even like Family Guy.

          1. I can’t stand the show. But every time I see the commercials for it, I think “Chris Christie”.

    2. Except Latino groups are already out in front of Rockefeller Center protesting his appearance and how much you want to bet they’ll cave.

  6. Don’t give Kennedy that number, you fool.

    1. Wow – sexist much, FoE?

  7. I am currently fixated with watching Pirate Truther sing the blues. How can I stop listening to [Dweams] to watch something informational?

  8. Speaking of blackness, the way the media is covering the failure of the let the trannies use any bathroom they want ordinance in Houston is hysterical. Houston is according to the media “a predominately Democratic voting city”. Strictly speaking of course that is true. Given that Houston is in Texas, the readers of the New York Times no doubt comfort themselves with the knowledge some vague group of Democratic voting Texans was so narrow minded and evil they wouldn’t vote for the ordinance. The other way to describe Houston proper, as opposed to its endless suburbs, is that it is overwhelmingly black and Hispanic. Those Democratic voters are mostly black and Hispanic. That good Democrat voting minorities don’t seem to give a shit or in fact are hostile to the greatest most importantists civil rights issue of the age is a truth that the media considers just too horrible for their readers to have to contemplate.

    1. Yeah, the progtard media is going to have trouble understanding that the overwhelming majority of Americans aren’t going to get mobilized about letting sketchball dudes use the same bathroom/lockerroom as their daughters just because he’s decided to “identify” as female today. If that and gun control are the issues the left chooses to push in 2016, I think President Rubio will be elected by margins that would make Reagan jealous.

      1. It was pretty easy to see Tranny rights was going to be a bridge too far. But they confused getting a five four majority in the Supreme Court with actually winning the political argument on gay marriage and thought everyone would go for Tranny rights like they did gay marriage. First, everyone didn’t and hasn’t gone for gay marriage. They just got the Supreme Court to shove it down the country’s throat. And Tranny rights isn’t gay marriage anyway.

  9. “*me* beloved co-former-Independents co-host Kmele Foster” [emphasis added]

    Talk Like a Pirate Day was in September – It’s time to put your eyepatch, parrot and cutlass away until next fall.

  10. Was candidate Obama scrutinized ever properly scrutinized by the liberal dynastic media?

    1. That’s just a silly question

  11. Even on the radio Kmele is hot.

  12. Just saying, but fuck SIRIUS.

    I won’t have anything to do with them since firing Anthony Cumia for being Anthony Cumia.

  13. a court case just came down that a biologically male (no surgery etc) high school student who identifies as a girl must be allowed the same access to the high school girls locker room and showers as any other girl

    This case is interesting ime because I have yet to see any of my liberal SJW friends agree with it

    It seems peak gender retard has been reached

    My friend , whose gay daughter just got married and who is as progressive on gender as can be quit doing roller derby because the league now allows men who identify as women to participate

    She said they are beating the shit out of the ‘real’ women and she has had enough

    We’ve now reached the point where all
    That a kid needs to be able to have full access to female high school locker room and showers is to identify as female – biology is irrelevant

    It puts people otherwise 100% sympathetic with trans issues in the opposing camp for the first time

    If this makes its way to college it will
    Flip Title IX

    Biological men who identify as women will ‘count’ as female athletes for purposes of title IX

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