Drug Policy

Drug Laws: Designed to Make Sure Drugs Cause More Harm Than They Otherwise Would

How "antirave" policies make sure more drug users get hurt.


Rolling Stone has an interesting profile of the world of harm reduction organizations who try to station themselves as huge festive gatherings where we have reason to believe often ignorant and amateur people might be taking illegal drugs that could be dangerous—particularly when the drug's true composition is unknown or where people might not know how to manage their water intake properly along with the drug experience.

The bullet point for people collecting yet more reasons why the war on drugs seems almost deliberately designed to make sure the existence and use of illegal drugs causes more harm than they would if the government just left it alone:

Some events, like California's Lightning in a Bottle and Portugal's Boom Festival, have become models for psychedelic harm reduction for their integration of services like drug-checking, trip-sitting and education on how to stay cool, hydrated and calm during a festival. In Europe and Canada, where harm reduction has become more mainstream, drug-checking and other risk minimization techniques are common.

One obstacle to enforcing this model across the U.S., advocates say, is the Illicit Drugs Anti-Proliferation Act, passed by Congress in 2003, which imposes harsh fines on event organizers who allow or encourage drug use on their premises. (The bill is frequently known as the Rave Act, or Reducing Americans' Vulnerability to Ecstasy Act, for the name under which it was originally proposed by then-Senator Joe Biden in 2002.) Dede Goldsmith, the mother of Mary "Shelley" Goldsmith, a University of Virginia sophomore who died after taking MDMA at Washington, D.C.'s Echostage in 2013, has launched a campaign to Amend the Rave Act in order to assure event organizers that harm reduction campaigns will not lead to prosecutions.

Thank you Joe Biden. You are a perfect presidential candidate for the modern Democratic Party—a dedicated advocate of officious busybodism, even when it turns fatal.

Andrew Bazos is chairman of CrowdRx, a medical services company for large events like Bonnaroo, Coachella, Electric Zoo and Electric Forest, along with venues like Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium. From his perspective, harm reduction groups can raise complicated questions. "It's a little bit trickier for a promoter to directly ally themselves with these entities," he tells RS, particularly when it comes to drug-checking. "I don't think we're ready to be offering that as a free service at our shows, because there's a tacit acceptance that drugs are okay if we do that. We don't get into the politics of that."

Try this slogan on for size: "Without government, who would punish event organizers for instituting (or even allowing) sensible safety measures that might keep their clientele healthy and alive?"

Not even to mention that a legal market generally produces reputable products of predictable and non-fatal make-up, not random crap.

Joe Biden doesn't care. Joe Biden doesn't have to care.

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  1. Why should anyone read RS at all given their track record. Gell-Mann amnesia effect?

    1. No serious person reads RS anymore. It was already lame when PJ O’Rourke wrote for them but at least you’d know you were getting at least one funny insightful article.
      It’s devolved into a top 100, top 50 lists ad nauseum that emulates those annoying 1000 things to do books. Yes, let’s turn our lives into a to-do list. That’s the spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
      And of course now its already empty pages are filled with silly Lefty fantasyland bullshit about how reactionary Conservatives like the Kochs are ruining mother earth. The fake rape story was hardly a surprise.
      At least Tiger Beat has amazing fold outs you can hang on your wall.

      1. I can still take teen steam serious, right?

        1. At your own peril. Could land you on the sex offenders watch list.

      2. Lefty fantasyland bullshit

        It was like that when I read it regularly in the late 80s. Prolly worse now.

      3. And let’s not forget this is the magazine who said that Kurt cobain is the 12th greatest guitarist ever

  2. Government is the name for the cruel things we do to innocent people together.

  3. Joe Biden isn’t fully aware of the implications of his policies, lol


    1. Jpoe biden is a horrific earthquake of shitty brain think.

      1. Cat 5, for sure.

        1. I woke up last night (around 3 am) to a Cat 2.5 earthquake. True story.

          1. Was this cat 2.5 in years or fucking earth shakes?

        2. So shitty it’s using hurricane measures for earthquakes of stupid!

  4. the war on drugs seems almost deliberately designed to make sure the existence and use of illegal drugs causes more harm than they would if the government just left it alone

    Seems? It absolutely is. It’s a parasitic scheme to gain money and power through other people’s desire to get high. The stratospheric increase in government power, spending, fining, imprisonment, etc is all almost directly attributable to the drug war, including things like gutting the 4th Amendment for DUIs and cops being able to search people’s property if they “smelled the odor of marijuana”. Think of it as a massive tax on people’s desire for mind-altering substances. And the tax collectors are the cops.

    And when people get hurt or die because of the drug war, they can point to the drugs instead of the war and say “see why we need this war? Even harder now?”

    1. It’s funny, we call the War on Drugs “stupid” or “idiotic” or “insane,” but it’s obvious the people waging it know exactly what they’re doing, and why.

      1. Some people are just obsessed idiots, like the people who want all drugs banned because their stupid kid OD’ed or something. But yeah, many of the people waging it are fully aware that it’s just another way to increase their own power and wealth. You know, like cops. And prison guards. And court-mandated drug “education” programs. There is a laundry list of parasites that feed off the drug war, and none of them want the gravy train to come to an end.

      2. Human brains are well developed for spinning the truth. I suppose most of these drug warriors see their actions as heroic. That’s the hardest obstacle to overcome. Yes, they’re holding jobs because of this horrific nonsense, but I truly think the worst politicians really have convinced themselves that they are heroes and when they blatantly steal from the public they are also convinced that they are underpaid for their mostly unrecognized heroism.
        It’s really fucking sad.

        1. Agreed. I think we do ourselves a disservice when we portray our opponents as mustache-twirling supervillains. Sure, there are cynics in every camp who promote a point of view solely for their own gain, but they are minority. Far more dangerous is the doe-eyed soccer mom positively convinced of the moral rectitude of her cause, and that’s what most of these people are.

          1. Fuck off, sockpuppet.

          2. Disagree. The politicians are all evil scum who know exactly what they’re doing. It’s the idiots who vote for them who are stupid.

            1. Isn’t it possible that there are some of both types?

              It’s not like it really makes a significant difference, anyway… Whether they impose tyranny out of malice or good intentions, we’re still left with tyranny.

              1. That’s the message I hoped to convey. Willing bilind stupidity is ‘evil’ just the same. I don’t really look at the world in the good and evil dichotomy. To me either you’re a fucking leech or you’re a genuine productive human that someone is willing to trade with.
                The soccer mom who loses a kid to OD is not the villain, it’s the ignorant leech of a politician that capitalizes on her loss to make himself heroic.
                My point is that we are dealing with sick people here. These drug warriors are sick fucks.

      3. Are you sure they know what they are doing?

        “We found out later on that, Constitutionally, you can not ban a type of music,” said Ma. “Plus, I, like my opponents said, I didn’t really know what was going on.”

        She got elected

        Oh, I guess you and Ed are right.

        So did she

        1. “Never attribute to malice what can be chalked up to ineptitude.”

        2. There’s too much money in it…for the plebes. For companies. But her anti-profit sniveling aside, that’s all just a smokescreen to convince your average anti-profit moron to vote for her and keep the drug war gravy train going for the government. Because anti-profit morons are really, really stupid and will vote against “capitalism” and profit over, say, legalizing weed. It’s truly amazing how what they hate defines all their actions.

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    1. I like going to the Zoo.

    2. Charles Bukowski on acid.

      1. He’s a bit in a lather, tonight.

    3. Exactly.

          1. You’re a jerk. A complete kneebiter.

            1. Uhhhhhhhhh – NO! You are!

  6. The bill is frequently known as the Rave Act, or Reducing Americans’ Vulnerability to Ecstasy Act, for the name under which it was originally proposed by then-Senator Joe Biden in 2002.

    “…in a law Congress dubbed ‘the IDAP Act’. This legislator suggested ‘the Rave Act’ but was shouted down at the Senate club.”

  7. Health and long life are the gifts of the X.

  8. “Next, the court dismissed Phillips’s defense ? that he wasn’t engaging in sexual-orientation discrimination because he was happy to serve gay customers, just not to help celebrate gay weddings ? by arguing that, in this case, “conduct cannot be divorced from status,” especially when “conduct is so closely correlated with the status that it is engaged in exclusively or predominantly by persons who have that particular status.” Does this mean that a refusal to bake a Confederate-flag cake would be deemed discrimination against white people? Somehow, I suspect not.”


    Also, for those denying any link between the Obergefell decision and the “I want cake” cases, the Colorado Court of appeals, in today’s right-to-cake decision, *cited Obergefell as a precedent.* They used Obergefell to reject any distinction between the *status* of being gay, and the *conduct* of getting gay-married. Thus, refusing to bake a wedding cake for Adam and Steve’s Special Day is just the same as saying “we don’t let gays in our shop.”

    (from Colorado courts Web site)


    (see pp. 16-17)

    1. C’mon – we hashed this out last night. Let it go for one night please.

  9. Why the FUCK is the FBI and law enforcement going after ISIS is my goddamn question?
    WHY the FUCK is ISIS a problem for American law makers?
    WHY the FUCK is ISIS so bizarrely on the tubes and times?

    Our prisons and FBI and FOP and local law enforcement would LOVE FUCKING LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE ISIS power when it comes to potheads and little fucking teenagers and their crystal meth and heads who bring stamps to deep trances.

    Nothing more would be loved more deeply by your local sheriff than his office be given ISIS like powers to literally kill pleasure dealers and imprison, beat, and torture your children and teens and heads over drugs.

    Why is ISIS so hated by our latent American tyranny? We sent Chelsea Manning into INDEFINITE SOLITARY CONFINEMENT over mags and food. At least ISIS ends up killing their imprisoned fucks after days of torture. Silk Road King Ulbricht gets imprisoned for life. ISIS doesn’t have life imprisonment. They don’t have time for that sick shit.

    1. When you purchase illicit recreational drugs on a black market you’re funding ISIS, teen pregnancy and fried eggs with broken yolks.

      1. And Hitler. Don’t forget Hitler.

      2. “fried eggs with broken yolks”

        You forgot the damn trigger warning for that!!

      3. I prefer my yolks broken.

    2. “We sent Chelsea Manning into INDEFINITE SOLITARY CONFINEMENT over mags and food.”

      Now be fair. The toothpaste was, indeed, past the expiration date.

      1. I shudder to imagine the type of person that would voluntarily put themselves into a position where they fuck someone over based on such a trivial thing.

        That’s a deep level of sadism.

  10. America is inherently ISIS-like without the street macabre. America is no improvement on ISIS no matter what the chattling on the tubes screech about. People are gunned down all the time by FOP constables running the streets like fucking terrorists chasing weed and coke while the smart Fish types cut the bellies of the young under their fucking donkey noses.

    Man, this shit is a literal fuckwang.

    1. Statists gonna state.

    2. Man, you had me right up until you used the word “literal.”

      1. Man, you fucking libertarian whore fuck… LET THE USE OF LITERAL be used occasion.

        JESUS FUCKING BUDDHA COCK, LIBERTARIAN GIVE ME ONE 1 one single one a single FUCKING ONE use of LITERAL and I DON”T FUCKING GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR LITERAL GENIUS RULES AND a billion classes that don’t allow for ‘literal’

        i like ‘literal’

        1. My mistake. Thought you misspelled “littoral.”

        2. This is LITERALLY the best thing I’ve read all day.

          Happy fucking Friday, oh Agile one!

          *toasts Agile*

  11. So would John or Crusty Juggler hit the Lactaid Cow?

    1. Needs more cowbell. And udder.

    2. Way too skinny for John

  12. FUCK horrible scat middle eastern filth but our prisons are LESS full than terrorist dungeons? Our laws are LESS confining and brutal than your average terrorist town? Yea, we ain’t cutting off limbs and toes but we send people into indefinite SOLITARY CONFINEMENT for years… I would ask for a shiv stabbed into my throat repeatedly by Alfonzo if I had to live in solitary more than a week. I would relish my balls hit by a battery and my nipples eaten by a fucking scorpion than live in solitary for three months.

    INDEFINITE SOLITARY CONFINEMENT is the ultimate ISIS in AMerica. Nothing kills, murders, destroys, and ameliorates the human spirit than months and months of goneness. Humans WANT an ISIS bullet in their head not an AMERICAN years long confinement with.n.o.t.h.i.n.g.

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  14. Sheriff of American anywhere county, we as American legislators decided tonight that ISIS has great laws in regards to drugs. As you know, sir and madam, the Drug War has been fraught with difficulties from time to time and the cocaines and pots and heroines pour still over the various lines and the meth is still made by those shitty poor Whites in all the counties bordering rich ones and Crack is an epidemic in the Black communities when the CIA can’t get its pure coke deliveries on time.

    1. So, Sheriff’s of America- we the American Congress and Senators are no happy to give you new laws we learned in that peaceful and almost idyllic ISIS town on youtube. All drug dealers should now sit in your county jails for a couple of months and then afterward have one of your more amoral deputies which we understand you all have many many of shoot that dealer in the head behind the prison. No foul. It’s all good. Makes the Republicans and communists happy. Also, Sheriff’s of America we would like you to undertake the wholesale removal of teens tripping on drugs at parties. Bring in your so fav military cute bearcats and tanks and toys and rip the fucker from their worthless parents and imprison these shitty hordes of teens for a few months and then…
      have a few of your more amoral deputies shoot them all in the head.

      No biggie. society is better for it, bros.

      1. Also, if your amoral deputies are trolling all the new religious camps that have no sprung up since music festivals, parties, and average American life is now gone… check for those secretive and smart old heads…. if you find them… American sheriffs imprison them for a few months and then have your most amoral deputies shoot them in the head out back…

        After that…bro, wait what? the towns are dead and shit is creep. streets lead to North Korea. Cities have dark clouds over them like the Saudis made. And Indiana is now a Syrian war party? Cali is overrun by Mehiko Maf?

        America is dead now the drug war is won? yea, you dumbass shit eaters.

  15. OT: I seldom share music with anyone. Musical taste is such a subjective thing, but this was so good I figured this one’s a can’t miss.


    137 likes so far. If some jackhole gives this video a thumbs-down, I’m going to kill the Internet with my bare hands.

    1. never challenge a jackhole to give a down finger in a Libertarian slipstream, Mr Jackal. A million down fingers just because…. but….

      However, as much my inert nature is to instantly be difficult to your persuasion you have posited material that gives my slanted arrangement of cognitive gears pause and hence after throwing shit keys down… yes… this is ridiculously nice.

      I shall languish in your link, dear. Like a fat cock dribbling streams of cum under a Shakespearean reader. I shall.

      1. So yes I am actually pulling my trippable brain back from the nuance… because tones and beats can cause the man who is stoned and hammered and coked up to enter into a literal world created of colors by beats that resonate within his skull.. like a trip hologram… yes.. I think I shall do this…..

        1. I would like both of them nekkid tho

    2. She has a very peculiar playing pose.

      Lovely performance, though.

      1. the spit collector has breached realities.

      2. Looks like a fairly standard classical guitar posture to me.

  16. OT: this guy:

    LOL, sorry pal, but the super wealthy currently have over 20 TRILLION (that’s trillion with a T) just sitting in off-shore accounts earning interest. That’s more money than a human can even begin to process.

    And that my confused little friend, is the problem – the super-wealthy have accumulated SO much of the wealth over the last 40 years that they only end up spending and investing a tiny fraction of it at this point. The rest is kept in large vaults very much like your Uncle Scrooge reference. How ironic.

    And even when they “invest”, which I’m sure will be your next right wing talking point thrown out, it largely just goes into the stock market, where the bulk of any profits go into the hands of….you guessed it, CEO’s and large stockholders like themselves…certainly not the average worker.

    How do you think this “funneling” of all the wealth to the top has occurred over the last several decades?

    So of course the economy is stalled. The vast majority of the people have little to no wealth or expendable income, it’s all at the top.

    1. From this terrible post:


    2. No link, so I can only assume this is a parody that you wrote (just kidding!)

    3. Uh… if it’s accumulating interest, it ain’t sitting in off-shore accounts, you muppet. Does this guy not understand the most basic premise of investment?

      1. Not to mention the huge returns that are being made today on interest bearing accounts.

        1. If the ultra wealthy are dumb enough to park their money in off-shore accounts making a pittance, leaving the entrepreneurial investment opportunities open to the rest of us… why is he complaining? Other than being a complete muppet and misapprehending how the wealthy get and stay wealthy.

          1. Off shore accounts are not for 97 percent of the world.

            If America would embrace the trillions of boys and girls in that little party at the top they’d be happy giving dollars to the state that appreciated them. And I really don’t care if that boy and girl made their trillions from mommy or daddy. Can someone in this shitty state agree to bringing billionaire’s home?

            I think billionaire’s are good for this free country. Let them live in peace. And spread their shit in peace.

        2. +0.00002%

      2. Besides, if it is sitting in an offshore account, how can they swim in their coins?

    4. Sean Brody
      8/14/15 2:06pm
      Stupid people don’t want to think, they want to be entertained.

      Sean gets it a little better than he realizes.

    5. The Republican presidential primary campaign is, to a large extent, a convention of white male fantasy enthusiasts.

      Stopped right there after the 1st sentence. The projection is too much to bear.

    6. And even when they “invest” … it largely just goes into the stock market, where the bulk of any profits go into the hands of….you guessed it, CEO’s and large stockholders like themselves

      But wait a minute, we have a few enlightened progressives who post here, and they routinely show us how well the stock market is doing as evidence that Obama is single-handedly fixing the economy.

      Which is it: is the stock market just a way for 1% fatcats to add to their Scrooge McDuck vaults of coins, or is it a sign that the middle and lower classes are prospering?

    7. Awesome derp.

      So the evil rich have all of their money in secret vaults overseas (somehow earning that dirty jew interest in these vaults) instead of investing it over here. AND, when they do invest it over here, all the profits go the rich anyway. I can’t, even.

  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_cC0mAsPKQ

    Hillary Clinton says she likes Snapchat because ‘those messages disappear all by themselves.’

    Um…her speechwriters are a bit tone deaf, aren’t they?

    1. As much as she likes SnatchTwat?

    2. Oh my God. Is she really that fucking dense?

    3. I’m almost starting to feel sorry for her, which makes me think she’s about done.

  18. My former fucking band did NOT get through the qualifier into the World Pipe Band Championship final tomorrow morning (~5:00am Eastern). Hmmm – they haven’t made the final even once since I left. We always made it when I played (well, except the very last year when dumbass across the circle from me decided how to forget playing and made a shitload of mistakes).

    Anyhoooo – watching “The Rock” with Mrs. Almanian, cause I haven’t had my fill yet this week of bad Nicholas Cage and non-“Zardoz” Sean Connery. Speaking of which, was telling my son about “Zardoz” – couldn’t find it anywhere. Maybe I’ll take another look on Amazon – he must see that movie at least once before he hits 21.

    1. A wife? And a kid? And you play bagpipes? Do they know? Is it your deepest, darkest secret?

    2. well this a collection of letters from the american government laser that I suppose is awesome but my cocaine is fucking with by brain at this singular moment…
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    3. You ever played in one of those thousand-pipe marches? My God, talk about a wave of sheer testosterone and primal aggression. It’s amazing anyone is left standing after one of those formations sweeps by.

      1. I hope to get to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo just once before I depart this wretched vale of tears.

    4. I never made it all the way through Zardoz but really want to. BTW just checked Amazon – it’s there.

    5. The Rock is most surely not one of Cage’s bad performances.

      1. Cage has [i]good[/i] performances? What movie was this that this terrible “actor” had a good performance in?

        1. Damnit, how do you guys get your text formatted on the comments?

  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AH74bbcq3M

    Sam Harris on the idiocy of studies regarding prayer.


    Sam Harris tears out an Islam apologists heart and eats it.

    Sam Harris is awesome.

    1. I bought his “guide to spirituality without religion” for my brother, who is a very recent convert to obnoxious anti-Christian bigotry. I don’t know whether he considers himself an atheist, but the way he talks reminds me of myself as a teenager. It’s a little unsettling given that his sole complaint with the religion is that sometimes fundamentalists say things he doesn’t agree with.

      Been meaning to borrow it back and leaf through.

      1. Sam Harris is not safe for religious disconnectors.

        Commodious spittoon is the avenue for your brother…. please release your knowledge to him and offer him unto these threads… Sam Harris is weak and socialistic.

        1. “Sam Harris is weak and socialistic.”

          What? I normally love you, AC, but Sam Harris is a great man. Even when I disagree with him I learn something.

          1. Sam Harris is awesome baby. I love Sam. I love Sam’s arms. I love Sam knees. I love Sam Harris ankles. I love his shit. I would fuck Sam’s cock.

            But his writings on the science of morality I disagree with. He has stated unreasonable sciences on ethics.

        2. Sam Harris is weak and socialistic

          Time to lay off the psychotics, AC.

          1. Suck me Palin hot mama. I love Sammy boy and I am an atheist shit but Harris has a few fucking directives I disagree wid. Perio. I love Sam Harris and I refuse to lay off psychs, man. what the motherfucking fuck…
            I love Sam Harris but I disagree with his sci fi but I have to not do coke, booze, and pot now…. well, thank you Mrs, Palin. I guess my trippy fuck world can’t question sir human of the universe Sam Harris. Well, I do. Sam harris is a beautiful atheistic boy I love but I don’t like his science of morality. It isn’t pure in spite of the fact that Sam is kinda like bacon- super awesome on the back of throat.

      2. “I bought his “guide to spirituality without religion” for my brother, who is a very recent convert to obnoxious anti-Christian bigotry. I don’t know whether he considers himself an atheist, but the way he talks reminds me of myself as a teenager.”

        Harris is great because he’s such a trenchant thinker and really doesn’t allow his emotions to run away with him. It’s always funny how he gets accused of ‘bigotry’ against Muslims for…like…pointing out what actual opinion polls tell us about global Muslim beliefs, etc.

        The problem with Atheism is that there are basically two groups – the Harris sort who back up their beliefs with evidence and acknowledge that some religions are provably worse than others and the whiny American atheists who spend 99% of their time bitching about Christianity because sometimes Christians say mean things about gay people.

        I’ve outright heard Islam apologists say ‘well sure there are Muslim extremists, but what about the Westboro Baptist Church?’ When you’re comparing global mass homicide by Islamists to a group of 30 Christians who have never killed anyone, you’re pretty much proving my point about which religion is the greater threat to liberty, rationality, life, and secular values.

        1. The problem with atheism is that the thoughtful secularists let themselves be coopted by young progressives trying to fight their way to the top (or bottom, depending on your perspective) of the progressive stack. It’s not about advancing the cause of secularism, for whatever that was worth, it’s just another communal wank-fest over how enlightened they are.

          1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuaraSEMsnM

            ^ That’s why I like this guy. He’s a total asshole who is incredibly mean, but only to people who desperately need to be insulted.

            He has no time for the prog atheists and absolutely destroys people who oppose secular values, which means he’s always getting into trouble when people call him an anti-Muslim bigot.

            He’s a legitimate secularist though and does not give a shit about the idiot Millenial atheists who are just leftists whining about daddy’s church.

            1. I just realized Jedediah Bila is Pam Geller in a decade.

              Get married, Jedediah. To me. I don’t see age. But I do see wrinkles.

            2. As a libertarian atheist, I see the prog atheist as an adherent of one of the two ideologies competing for the title of “most harmful to humanity”. It’s a neck-and-neck race with Islamism, but it’s too close to call now.

          2. I am an atheist and I hate atheists because they cut emotions off and they die like little fuck vines on their own lives.

  20. I’l like to walk into CVS and buy some LSD or MDA – maybe both.

    The person at the drug counter may ask = would you like to speak with a pharmacist about your LSD?

    Maybe – is she as cute as you?

    1. lsd is harder to get today but you should buy it european.

      The dea hates Americans so they killed all great and safe lsd because Huckabee and Rubio and that ass monkey fucker Grassley thinks your children should die in a rave.

      deep web and buy short stamps… don’t over buy.

      1. So you’re not into philately?

        1. that, jester, is fucking lubricious and redankulously funnaliciousnessly insansely fucked up laughter volcano tsunami that killed thousands…? yes, people died because of Jez. But those dead people aren’t realz. they are letters groaning under the tips of fingers, right, yea. no one died because jester decided to release his shotgun of funny on the world tonight. so biff. yo…

          jester. you ricked racked rocked worlds i need to teleport into that have died from laughter?

          You killed entire planets. how is this a great post? jester. YOU KILLED PLANETS WITH YOUR joke? bro.

          I know have to find planets that have NOT been killed by the jester.

          Can someone STOP this jester from killing trillions of live things with his jokes?

          just perusing…. i don’t know how science can survive with this jester thing doing his bitch ass thing…
          I’m simply just investing in ideas and how the gurus of the future avoid being killed by this bitch, the ‘jester’ and all.

          1. Jeez. I was just trying to separate your comment from the next one. For artistic reasons. My handle says it all. No need for sarc// etc. I’m the real deal when it comes to freedom. I know. I know. I don’t post enough anymore for anyone to know.
            Peace bro.

    2. LSD? Long slender dick? Is that a compliment?

  21. Trump: Someone in GOP Should Run for Senator Against Rand Paul


  22. Oathkeepers leader defends his group’s efforts in Ferguson:

    “There were actually no shots fired, and, interestingly enough, no arrests were made while our guys were on the streets.”


    “Far from wanted [sic] to be seen as a threat, Rhodes explained that his group traveled to Ferguson with weapons in tow as a lesson to those who have bought into the “false choice being presented to the American people that the only way to stop arson and looters is to trample on the First Amendment rights of the protesters or to have a hypermilitarized police state.”…

    “Much of the blame for the presentation of that so-called false choice, Rhodes claimed, lies with St. Louis Police Chief Jon Belmar.

    “Rhodes claimed that Belmar shares a faulty ideology with too many across the U.S. in his position that “only the police should have firearms.””


    1. Let me finish that sentence. Only police should have firearms…pointed at them at all times so they fucking behave.

  23. Man my new love in hip hop is sway. I love sway. Fucking ran across sway on lil dick and I fell in love with sway. Bitch is a nigga with sweet tongue, and sweet thought. And his smile is sweet and the nigga is brilliant. Rich smart. Sweet smile with that tight gleam. Sway, I love you baby.

    1. Swayers are the new swingers.

  24. Ok, so the atheist ufo’s slammed into my trip tonight and I love my boys but Sam Harris’s claim that science can answer moral questions is posted here:

    Because Sam has moral answers for this.

    1. Can all the Sam Harris lovers of his morality show up in this thread and show the proof of Sam’s shit

      Is Sam Harris’s name on prison politics?
      Is Sam Harris’s name all over this site for fighting against the horrors of the drug wars?
      Is Sam Harris the most prolific atheist shit ever spreading energy that a single fucking Libertarian ever cared about?
      Is Sam Harris fighting for Chelsea Manning?
      Is Sam Harris fighting for Ross Ulbricht?
      Is Sam Harris fighting to free low level offenders from American gulags?

      Why does Sam Harris matter?

      He doesn’t.

      He is a shitty weak atheistic fuck writer who is chasing dragons I don’t give a shit about.

      Sam Harris is weak and so it goes.

      1. I mean, sure, it makes him largely irrelevant for our concerns. But from what I’ve heard of the guy, he’s a rare voice on (I assume) the left condemning Muslim extremists.

        1. My sweet lord the great Hitchens did this. I don’t follow Sam. I did follow Hitch. I don’t recognize Harris unless I have to rape his fullness. I love Hitch.

        2. If you can stomach Joe Rogan, his interview with Harris is interesting.

          1. Stomache Joe Rogan? Joe Rogan is a lovely boy. And i have followed Harris with Rogan but Harris’s theories are n’t working for me. And I love Rogan and Harris. Harris claims science can establish morality…. this is what the nazis imagined…

            Science cannot establish morality. Only persistent rejection of killers and demands for peace can. Science kills us. Science is making tons of ways RIGHT THE FUCKING NOW to control humans, kill humans, corral humans, spy on humans, and FUCK humans up the collective ass…
            PRAISE SAM HARRIS. Science is awesome, SAM. It can kill, maim, fell, weaken, watch, break, and cause the fall of entire neighborhoods, SAM/

            Praise Science.

            It generally wants a hamburger to kill or control its neighbors.

            1. Rogan is a straight shooter, but misses simple concepts at times (don’t we all). Conflating science and philosophy has become a massive problem, AC. I’m with you there.

              1. Straff power monster
                sweep unrest in the metric
                of rivers and light daliance.

  25. Thinking of taking up guitar. Got zero musical background. At 45, a waste of time?

    1. Thinking of taking up guitar. Got zero musical background. At 45, a waste of time?

      I took it up at 17, AKA 23 years ago. I had a modest musical background but a pretty good ear. What helped me keep the fire going when those strings hurt my fingers and the small muscles in my hands got sore was the fact that my Paul Simon fandom was at it’s zenith, and I absolutely HAD to learn to play those songs. And seeing what the instrument was capable of led me into way, way more interesting music than the radio garbage I was raised with: Adrian Legg, Leo Kottke, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Joe Pass, Charlie Byrd, etc.

      I’m biased, but it’s anything but a waste of time. Like anything else worth doing, it sucks in the beginning.

    2. At 45, a waste of time?

      Not at all, I took up jazz piano at 40 and am still at it 7 years later, just don’t expect to play like Joe Pass or Zappa anytime soon.

  26. Sam Harris is an Amazon atheist. Write books make a few bucks and never stand for jack shit because his shit is weak and old and I am FUCKING surprised that libertarians are not questioning this bitch.

    I hate god but I refuse to offend my libertarian sisters and brothers in this world. and Sam harris thinks his pile of pages can offer some shit for who the fuck.

    Well, FUCK Sam Harris because he claims morality is science and ISIS would love Sam Harris because the caliphate has loved science for hundreds of years- to the point where they have created mind-blowing math.

  27. I have to offer a rainbow to my brothers and sisters who love the Jesus Lord.
    Because I am loving the philosophies you are horrified by I want you to know
    I love you… I am NOT anti CHRISTIAN. Libertarian Christians will always have my
    Period. peace out, John and the sweet men and 1.2 babes that love jesus.

    Libertarians should not reject the religions EVER in spite of my love for atheistic travels

    1. Literally the voice of Reason.

      1. You know I love you.?

        1. I do know, sweetmeat, I do.

          1. A time hung on hooks
            and looks broke the breaks
            underneath the books
            where adventures cried to scream…..

  28. If you call youself Palin Buttplug but you toss letters edged with socialism you are a fail…
    You are using an avatar that manipulates and scourges and it is wrong. You aren’t related to Palin.
    You should be rejected forever and not a word spoken or written to you from this day forward.

    Release the name Palin Buttplug if you are an intellectual… its gone on too long….

    I am Agile. and I am a Cyborg. I love myself and I will take the beatings and loves of these threads.

    But I am actually very agile and I love robots. YOU HATE PALIN. YOU HATE BUTTPLUGS?

    Why not name yourself an honest name Palin ButtPlug?

    1. FUCK Palin ButtPlug you fool communist.

      Name yourself a real fucking letters. You shitty prisoner of losers.

  29. in the mists of fallen rains
    a mountain cried under the stars
    i slept on the carpet of peyote and
    my arms played with a subtle thing
    of neon lights and my legs walked
    to a codeine ufo of pure fucking metal
    floating underneath the orange sands

    you know a boy earned his arrows
    and a little girl killed her pikes and family
    might have a chief that brings reflections
    outside the banks of white ash and small
    maples and kindness is not a river language

    the chief would travel the tired river before
    his life would be seized by old Ohioan greater
    brains…. and his little boy and girl would
    be taken and tossed in a camp becuase they
    were ‘indians/…. worthless fodder to
    invading europeans that are my family.

    I did not sign up to have previous great
    families killed and sold out by rich farmers
    in Ohio who don’t deserve a single fucking acre
    they own because most German farmers in this
    state got rich off fucking the indians and
    their families ride around in 50 thousand dollar FORD
    trucks and I literally hate every single one of them
    because the entirety of this side of OHIO wealth was
    wrenched from dumbass indians.

    I fucking hate humans

  30. Not a single FUCKING rich german Baptist in the western part of Ohio has a single right to be rich.
    NOT a SINGLE fucking one of them. HUGE millions exist around here while the trailers and old towns die…

    Native Americans were the lottery for what we see in modern Ohio.

    They saw pennies and death and the white man realized trillions…..

    Unreal… man I cannot even begin to love Kasich and his vile history. and Native Americans once owned Polaris that was seized for old dollars and that horrible old man with muscles in california invested in that world…

    Ohio Indians made billionaires out of white people and not a single one of these whites will give the original gods credit…

    I wish Ohio native Americans had nuclear arms and would have killed all the Europeans invading them… but the Native Ohio Americans might not have had nuclear warfare but they did enjoy cutting bellies of European fucks open and tying their entrails to trees and sticking a blaze under European ass until their entire stomache unraveled and the European fell down and looked at the sun and the high of death commence…

  31. The American white boys
    farm all the fields across an
    entire geography because their government killed
    and corralled all the human chaff in their path

    American farmers are genocidal fucks, man.
    I don’t give a single motherfucking reality you
    present to me….
    American farming exists because millions of native
    Americans were displaced

    And watch the average American farmer… arrogant, big truck,
    a real asshole, strong and tall on the fallen…

    like the Bonanza boy… watching over his white boy fields around streets and towns named after indians that don’t exist anymore….

    America is a very strange place, bro

  32. a tap of lost
    shelved in the bows
    i fell underneath the crete
    i was dead and buried
    and trying to love the lost
    and my arms scraped the
    dirt and wood of my forlorn
    boat upon the tired streams
    and waters where the old
    deamons haunt like storms
    and lightnis and violent ponies
    with nasty foreheads of bulls
    and iron lungs.

  33. In the stems of winds
    a churn floats like art voles
    in wands and tranks and wanks
    and winks and twinks so
    develop clip clap old school

    I met an old handsome black dude
    when I was 14 in inner city Toledo and
    Dad had me paint his graphics because I
    was good.. very good…. and I painted this
    black master old boy’s ship on the ghetto
    block with great ship and Mr. Handsome Black
    Man gave me a check and
    he brought me back into his secret kingdom
    and I thought for a moment and it was crazy
    awesome Mr. Nigga Hot Stuff Sir,,, thank you
    for that…

    Mr. Nigga Hot Stuff Barber in ghetto Toledo in
    1987 had 14 mirrors in his bedroom and he
    had switches for 5 of them? yes, you don’t get this at 14
    and Mr. Nigga Hot Stuff Barber had an entire 20 by 20 mirror above his bed right
    outside his shop and his nigga wife was 40 and
    I imagined being a white boy being ground out between the two black powers and I never felt bad about that thought… I finished the lettering job with being killed by 80’s crips but I was hoping to be fucked by these crazy black business people but I think I was too young… which is fair…
    I wish I was 18… I would’ve fucked that hot black barber and his milf black wife if they wanted me….

  34. Lyle Lovett is loved by Imus but….
    Lyle isn’t making shit I like Imus you mummy.

    Townes Van Zandt wrecks me among other lines and my fave place which is this place, reason.
    Imus I love you, sir.

    the great Imus of old school. I L up yo.

    And Townes Van….

    Old school is deep and raw and I miss this generation and everything
    I am now witnessing is shitty and awful and weak
    and why would anyone own cable tv anymore

    1. If I needed you, would you come?

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