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Waco Police Continue Campaign to Keep Us From Knowing What Happened During Waco Biker Gang Massacre


As I reported at length last week, there is plenty of reason to doubt the official police story of what happened last month at and around the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas where nine people were killed and 18 wounded in a shootout.

Police claim the tragedy was mostly or entirely a result of a melee of crazy biker gangs shooting at each other. Many eyewitnesses insist most of the shooting, wounding, and killing was done by police after one biker shot at another. Objective video or ballistic evidence has still not been released, nor have police told a very convincing story as to why they were surrounding this meeting of a biker political group called the Confederation of Clubs and Independents to begin with.

This week the obfuscation continues, as reported in local TV station KCEN, regarding an attempt by attorney F. Clinton Broden, representing Matthew Clendennen who is suing the city over false arrest, to get video evidence from the Twin Peaks restaurant via subpoena that he insists will exonerate his client . (Clendennen's story is told at length in my story at the above link):

the subpoena was served on Patrick Keating, an attorney with Haynes & Boone in Dallas and the attorney for the Waco Twin Peaks franchisee. Mr. Keating had previously agreed to accept service of the subpoena on behalf of his client and to produce the video in compliance with the subpoena by 9:00 am on June 26, 2015.

The City of Waco moved to quash the subpoena Thursday afternoon, the reason given in the motion, in part, was "release of the information would interfere with the investigation."

According to Broden's press release, the only party that can move to quash a subpoena is the party to whom the subpoena is issued, in this case the Waco Twin Peaks franchisee.

"It is troubling that the City of Waco would go to such lengths to suppress this video," said Broden. "The Waco Police have repeatedly given the public contradictory information about the events at Twin Peaks and have said that the video will support its current version of the facts, yet they have now taken this extraordinary measure to interfere with the subpoena process," he added.

Waco police continue a simultaneous quest to learn more themselves about what happened that day, and keep the rest of us from learning anything:

Waco Police issued a separate press release Thursday stating they would not be releasing any additional details about what happened in the months leading up to the shootings between the two biker gangs, the Bandidos and Cossacks, allegedly involved in the shootings.

The press release also stated that Waco Police detectives have been completing search warrants for the cell phones that were confiscated in the incident.

Waco's document calling to quash the subpoena, which states in part that the only evidence Clendennen and his lawyer are legally entitled to has to come from the state itself, the people who illegitimately arrested and are trying to convict his client.