"Glenn Reynolds: U.S. attorney chills Reason-able speech": The Instapundit Weighs in On Our Gag Order

"Feds menace free speech as Reason magazine ordered to identify commenters and remain mum."


Writing in USA Today, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit and University of Tennessee Law School raises serious and disturbing questions about Reason and some of our commenters at the hands of federal prosecutors.

As regular readers know, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York subpoenaed records of six commenters who responded to a post about the sentence given to Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht. On top of the request for information about the commenters, the feds also slapped a gag order on us, preventing us from even discussing the existence of the subpoena and, with a healthy does of Kafka, the gag order. Read Matt Welch and my account of it all here.

Reynolds writes:

When the government orders people not to talk about what it's doing, it's hard to keep track of what it's doing. That's what the First Amendment is intended to prevent. It's ironic that the Obama administration — whose supporters in 2008 made much of threats to civil liberties from George W. Bush's national security apparatus — has so thoroughly embraced surveillance and gag orders.

But if it won't support a prosecution, why gather this information? Bharara's office isn't talking, but I suspect that the purpose of this exercise is to chill speech: To send a signal that whether or not the First Amendment protects your right to talk smack about a federal judge, you'd be wise not to do so if you don't want to attract the attention of the feds, who might choose to share your information with employers or the news media. Consider it a sort of prosecutorial brush-back pitch, if you like.

Of course, the First Amendment term for "brush-back pitch" is "chilling effect." The goal, presumably, is to discourage speech protected under the First Amendment, but disliked by authorities. That's an odd thing from a prosecutor who is sworn to uphold the Constitution — but, these days, perhaps not as odd as all that. Add this case to the mounting pile of evidence that out-of-control prosecutors need to be reined in. Starting, perhaps, with the Southern District of New York.

Read the whole thing here.

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  1. “Add this case to the mounting pile of evidence that out-of-control prosecutors need to be reined in. Starting, perhaps, with the Southern District of New York.”

    So who’s bringing the woodchippers?

    /sarc, Mr. Bharara.

    1. I don’t know, but this one’s got his name written all over it.

      1. Literally.

        1. It is well known that the law interprets all words literally. That is why these insidious comments posted on Reason were not mere “hyperbole,” any more than the criminally deceitful emails sent by a “satirist” in New York were mere poor efforts at parody or blustery expressions of anger. See the documentation of America’s leading criminal satire case at:

          And, lest the point of my remark be misunderstood, I believe it is worth reminding “freedom of speech” bloggers like Popehat and Volokh (and Reynolds and Gillespie and all the others) that when we don’t stand up for everyone’s rights, we should not be surprised when our own rights end up getting trampled on with big black boots.

      2. They seriously need to cover the shaft of that PTO unit.

        1. Not to mention having a cover on the belt driven off the PTO.

          Work boots instead of flip flops would also be good.

          1. Gloves too. And tucking in those shirts so they don’t get snagged by those branches.

            Going out on limb and add ear/eye protection to the list.

    2. I don’t wanna be the guy that gets off to woodchippers…


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  2. “So although the First Amendment gives you the right to say nasty things ? and, even, to say them anonymously ? it doesn’t stop federal investigators from issuing a subpoena in an effort to discover your identity.”

    And we’re supposed to accept this as settled law?

    As if the courts give a fig for settled law if they find it inconvenient. They’re happy to rip entire legal procedents and traditions out by the roots and throw them in the…let me start over, they’re happy to ignore legal precedents and traditions.

    So why not ignore this one, especially since it’s retarded?

    Why *not* quash subpoenas which chill First Amendment speech?

    1. I was under the very clear impression that the First DID stop investigators from issuing subpoenas except for the specific circumstances. If saying nasty things can trigger an investigation, the Amendment is pointless.

      1. But every time some legal commenter like Reynolds weighs in, they say they can issue those subpoenas.

        Or let me clarify – judicial *precedents* say the 1st Amendment allows this.

        That doesn’t mean the 1st Amendment *does* allow it, of course.

        1. But my contention is that courts can turn on a dime, so that what they took for granted was legal yesterday becomes illegal today.

          So why can’t they turn on a dime on *this* issue, too?

          1. turning on a dime makes the First and practically other law subject to no more than the whims of the party in charge. If the feds can investigate you for saying things, you don’t really have free speech.

            1. I agree. Harassment of free speech is as unconstitutional as prosecution for it. Unfortunately the Constitution is dead. It is ignored by politicians and their henchman prosecutors, and it is ignored by the courts both with impunity.

            2. It’s always been that way. Lincoln, Wilson’s famous attacks on those who dared to distribute anti-draft literature, Alien & Sedition nonsense. Words on a piece of paper cannot protect a right unless there is a sufficiently large and motivated portion of the general & political populations who believe in it.

              I think someone named Spooner may have had something to say about the effectiveness of documents that propose to bind future generations to the present generation’s beliefs.

    2. “And we’re supposed to accept this as settled law?”

      I don’t know about that, but I think we’ve shown them that we’re not scared or intimidated.

      Ken “Chiparoonie” Shultz

      Incidentally, now would probably be a great time to have a donations drive. I bet there are people who never knew they wanted to give to Reason before that would absolutely give now if they were prompted.

  3. “It’s ironic that the Obama administration ? whose supporters in 2008 made much of threats to civil liberties from George W. Bush’s national security apparatus ? has so thoroughly embraced surveillance and gag orders.”

    You make a good point, Mr. Reynolds. However, I don’t regard it as ironic, since I never believed that the democrats were actually concerned about the threats to civil liberties when Bush was in power. Most Americans were, which is why they hit that administration over the head with it. The issue was a convenient and effective political weapon.

    But, for them, these liberties were never a value in and of themselves, as demonstrated by the fact that the democrats attacked and undermined them when they took over.

    1. Go Team! It is okay if ‘our’ guy does it, horrible when the other guy does. That’s pretty much it.

      1. What my democrat friends tell me is that McCain and Romney would have been worse. Which is likely true.

        1. “What my democrat friends tell me is that McCain and Romney would have been worse. Which is likely true.”

          McCain would have been worse on civil liberties because McCain has an eternal warboner and is of the Grahamian opinion that all rights can and should be sacrificed to the war effort.

          Romney likely would not have been worse. On civil liberties Romney didn’t *care* so in all likelihood Romney’s civil rights record would look very similar to Obama’s, but Romney isn’t enough of a true believer to really be worse than Obama.

        2. What makes you say that…there isn’t any evidence other than you like the Blue Team. And your friends are partisan idiots.

        3. What my democrat friends tell me is that McCain and Romney would have been worse. Which is likely true.

          I sincerely doubt it. McCain or Romney would have had at least some scrutiny from the media. It would have been “cool” to challenge McCain or Romney’s government overreach.

          Whether by inclination or failure on their part, it’s pretty clear that even the Bush administration was, in a lot of ways, better on civil liberties than the current administration. And, as a practical matter, the distinction between inclination and failure is one with little substantive difference.

        4. Who gives a shit if they would have been worse? What does that have to do with anything?

          That is like your asshole grandpa, upon seeing you stub your toe, say “Better than being poked in the eye with a sharp stick.” Well, yes, you stupid bastard, but that doesn’t mean it is good.

          Well, you were raped. Coulda been worse, at least you weren’t raped anally with broken glass!

          Well, you were sent to jail for 60 days with no trial. Coulda been worse, the cops could have just shot you!

          Well, North Korea just dropped a nuke on New York. Coulda been worse, at least it wasn’t Russia.

          When one says “It coulda been worse,” the correct response is to kick the speaker as hard as possible in the crotch. When they complain, respond with “Coulda been worse, I could have stabbed you instead.”

      2. My retort is that when you vote for them, you’re telling them that you approve of them since they can’t tell the difference between a genuine supporter and a low information voter.

        1. Oh, I think they can, I just don’t think they GAF…

          1. No, they CAN tell the difference. They WANT the low info voters. Voters who listen to their pre-election promises cause problem post election.

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        1. It’s true, we are easy to reach. Actually, not so much; the bridges act as a filter keeping most NYCers away from our little slice of not quite Heaven, but the closest we are gonna get this far into Damn Yankee territory.

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            1. I think I love you. Also, I have that vinyl. One good turn deserves another.


            2. Jesus – my childhood just flashed before my eyes.

          2. the bridges act as a filter keeping most NYCers away from our little slice of not quite Heaven

            That and the 2 hour subway ride. (Disclaimer: I don’t know if it actually takes 2 hours but it sure looks like it. I live in NYC but yeah the Rockaways are totally off the beaten path – never been there.)

    2. The video’s description, written in German, roughly translates to: “Thank you for 12 ‘beautiful years,’ Laura! You’ve really earned half. Greetings also to my successor.”

      That dude doesn’t seem to be taking the situation very well.

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      1. Haha…or kids. Of course, the state owns kids now so I suppose they would be safe.

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    2. Worldofbear? …. NTTATWWT

  6. Preet Bharara.. served Reason with a subpoena ordering it to turn over the IP addresses and other identifying information for those commenters.. Was that legal? Probably.

    Not if legality is a subset of constitutionality. The federal government has no authority to investigate threats, even legitimate ones.

    1. Isn’t Preet a girl’s name? I know several women named Preet but this is the first man I’ve ever heard of with that name.

      1. Preet is a bitch’s name. A cowardly bitch.

        1. Bigoted AND misogynistic. In eight words. Well done.

          1. I’m making a specific reference.

      2. Isn’t Betty a woman’s name?

        1. +1 gopher nunchucks

        2. Greatest bad Kung Fu movie of all time.

  7. How much wood would a wood-chipper chip if a wood-chipper could chip wood?

    (I’m sure somebody already did this, but I didn’t see it so it didn’t happen.)

    1. “Oh, I see your problem, it’s clogged with _______ ___________. Clean them out and it should work fine.”

    2. How much Preet could a Preet chipper chip if a Preet chipper could chip Preet?

      1. Would you really really want to put THAT in a chipper? If so, you don’t care much for your equipment. Isn’t a manure spreader more appropriate, anyway?

        1. *disclaimer: I was not seriously suggesting putting anyone, even a piece-of-shit attorney into a manure spreader. Heaven forbid the Dept of Ag finds out someone was spreading toxic waste in their fields.

  8. [The following link is solely designed to to cater to historical interest, to illustrate the kind of stuff courts are willing to do with the First Amendment]

    “passed a law restricting freedom of speech. In 1798, Congress passed the Sedition Act….

    “…Still another man was found guilty of sedition for saying that he wished that the wadding of a cannon fired in a salute to President [John] Adams would hit him in the seat of the pants.

    “…[President Thomas Jefferson] He pardoned all those convicted under this law.”…..anger.html

    1. A better description of the incident:

      “Local Federalist politicians overreached even more when a drunkard named Luther Baldwin was arrested while Adams was passing through Newark, New Jersey, on his way from the capital (then in Philadelphia) to his home in Quincy, Massachusetts. One barfly, noting that Adams had already passed by but the cannons for his 16 gun salute still were firing, commented, “There goes the president and they are firing at his ass.” Baldwin, drunk, said, “I don’t care if they fire through his ass.” Arrested for that statement and jailed for several days, Baldwin also emerged a hero.”

      (from worldmag)

      According to One Night Stands with American History, the trial was presided over by George Washington’s nephew Bushrod, a Supreme Court justice.

  9. The licentious is hated by proper chins. The untoward is glanced at with shock. On the sidewalk of Anytown, earth humans are compelled biologically to conform to the whims of the greatest pull and push of practiced norms and demanded conditions.

    Fringes grease their forefinger and then slide this finger gently into the butthole of biological compulsion and in this fingering of the butthole of normal society lies the wit and magic of entertainment, song, drama, poetry, illustration, abstraction, and the multitude of arts- some of which are losing their connection to the inverted, obtuse, and abstract- trading the inquiring bombastic trips on strange horizon for the sake of the sensitive and concerned. Kneeling prostrate to collective fear the adventurous and perverted are shamed into submission by those who spread their asses and legs to conforming elites who demand milquetoast in their hoods of ivy and brick and even the government beams.

    Fuck normality. Fuck your motherfucking suburban cultures.

    Church and political ‘progress’ is fine- until you goddamn fucks destroy the essence of erudite spasms, intellectual perversion, trips on letters, rolling fingers smashing pianos and keyboards that FUCK with modern rules and codes… that disorganize the modern happiness of parameters and demanded emotional responses.

    Society is being emptied of drama and stilted off beat wormholes.

    1. Fringes grease their forefinger and then slide this finger gently into the butthole of biological compulsion and in this fingering of the butthole of normal society…


        1. Good one.

          I’ll see you some Primus and Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver

          1. Fuckin’ Hilarious. LMAO:)

            Let me teach you how to eat


            1. Great. Now I’m hungry *and* horny. Thanks a lot.

              More music to listen to whilst reading Agile Cyborg

              1. Nice. Now I just need some of his stash to go with it.. Actually that’s probably not the best idea since I’m working tomorrow. There’s always next weekend:)

    2. rolling fingers smashing pianos and keyboards that FUCK with modern rules and codes… that disorganize the modern happiness of parameters and demanded emotional responses.

      For you, Plucking A.

    3. /passes the dutchie.

  10. Preet Bharara.. served Reason with a subpoena ordering it to turn over the IP addresses and other identifying information for those commenters.. Was that legal? Probably.

    It became legal when Reason complied with the subpoena. The question is moot now.

    1. Submission to a demand that is literally backed by violence doesn’t make that demand legal. And while the question of legality may be moot in this case, it will certainly happen again. Reynolds may be helping the cause by arguing against the gag order, but he’s hurting it by ignoring the blatant unconstitutionality of the subpoena.

    2. SIV|6.21.15 @ 8:36PM|#
      “[…]It became legal when Reason complied with the subpoena.[…]”

      That would have much more cred if you were to explain how YOU chose not to comply with a federal subpoena.
      I’ll be waiting…

  11. It’s ironic that the Obama administration

    At some point, we need to transition from the Ironic Obama Administration into the As-Expected Obama Administration.

    1. Yeah, no shit. How is his two-faced executive nose-dive into tyranny ironic to anyone anymore.

    2. It’s unprecedented. And surprising.

      It’s always surprising to the President’s admin.

    3. Can’t deny that the Lightbringer Means Well,

      1. Incomplete, let me finish, if I may…. “Lightbringer Means Well, FYTW!”?

  12. It’s ironic that the Obama administration ? whose supporters in 2008 made much of threats to civil liberties from George W. Bush’s national security apparatus ? has so thoroughly embraced surveillance and gag orders.

    But the surveillance and gag orders would have been *worse* in a GOP administration! Anyway, the thorough embracing saves and creates *jobs*.

    Seriously, as others have pointed out — a lotta guys would use another word besides “ironic”.

    1. It’s like rain on your wedding.

      1. It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife

        [Disclaimer – I’m referring to a butter knife]

        1. My wood-chipper is made from butter knives. Very inefficient.

          1. But SUPER safe. I applaud the manufacturer.

        2. It’s like meeting the woodchipper of my dreams…

  13. The frothings of Internet commenters, of course, are apt to be regarded as low-value speech.

    Et tu, Insty?

    1. Yeah, I learn more from commenters – even the weirdos – than from many online pundits.

      1. Half the time I go straight to the comments and I might RTFA if anyone’s discussing it.

        1. You know who doesn’t go straight to the comments ….

          1. Postrel?

            1. Yeah, you need to sit through an hour-long video about “glamour” before commenting.

          2. The author?

          3. Both good answers, but I was thinking of Agile Cyborg.

            1. “Thinking” and “Agile Cyborg” should not be used in the same sentence.

              1. More like ‘channeling’, man…

                1. Transcending. AC is the fuckin’ man! That prose is gold.

          4. Tulpa and the sockpuppets?

      2. Agreed. I tend to stick around this site mostly for the comments. Yeah, there are some good articles here, no doubt about it. But I get sick of how the writers tend to always have to throw in some eye roll worthy garbage in some topics. “Sure, those Christian bakers have a reprehensible view on homosexuality, but they have the right to be backwards-thinking bigots.”

        1. I’m waiting for Gillespie’s take on Charleston. Can he really go against the Progs on such an issue? It involves two issues he is weak on: Guns and Race.

          1. I’m really hoping Reason doesn’t chose to cover a historical flag flying over a memorial to the South Carolinians who died carrying it into combat as some sort of “important issue” raised by the Charleston massacre. I fear they won’t be able to resist joining the prog-pile.

            1. I wonder how they will explain that blaming shootings on violent videogames is stupid, banning flag-burning is stupid but blaming a flag for a shooting is not.

            2. Also it would be pretty rich to complain about violent symbolism considering this very thread.

        2. You should tell Michael Hihn that – he seems to think people *run away* from libertarianism because of Reason’s commenters.

          1. Personally I think the commenters are better than the articles.

          2. And what is Psycho Mike’s deal? Has he some Tulpa/Mary-esque problems?

            1. He thinks he is God’s gift to Libertarianism and that he would be the Libertarian emperor of the world if it weren’t for all the other Libertarians fucking it up for him. Or something retarded like that.

              1. And by other Libertarians he means “posers” because he is the only true Libertarian.

            2. Assuming it actually is Hihn and not someone using his name (which I think is what is happening).

              He believes the coarseness of the discourse here reflects badly on (l)ibertarianism. The idea is that we are basically a fringe group and the mainstream will point ot all our worst and say they are examples of the norm (while downplaying the worst of their side as not being part of the ‘mainstream’).

              He’s . . . not wrong. To an extent.

              But he a) forgets that mainstream internet comunications (ie comments and social media of the common man, not edited for publication articles) rarely rise high enough to even know there’s an end to their sewer.

              and b) He comes in cussing and insulting – which is the exact same behavior he calls out others on.

              Its really b) that has turned people against him. If he stuck by his principles and came by to drop down a reasoned argument or two as to the damage we might be doing to ‘the cause’ then people would at least take him seriously – not necessarily *agree* with him, just not treat him like a troll.

              1. mainstream internet comunications (ie comments and social media of the common man, not edited for publication articles) rarely rise high enough to even know there’s an end to their sewer

                Except here they do – which is why he is full of it. Anyone who hangs out here for more than 10 minutes an hour will figure that out. I would not be here if the character of the commentary actually resembled what our accusers claim.

              2. Its really b) that has turned people against him

                I would actually say it was c) Hihn’s penchant for Holocaust denial.

                Though I do think he does suffer from a mental illness.

                1. Hihn’s penchant for Holocaust denial.


                2. Though I do think [Hihn] does suffer from a mental illness.

                  The guy is in his 70s. I think it’s just senility and mental rigidity.

              3. Yeah, I’ve been to the comment section at other political blogs. This is like tea with the queen in comparison.

                1. The shear stupidity at HuffPo (commentators AND writers) is more offensive than anything I have ever read here. Even from our trolls.

                  1. I followed Balko over to Huffpo. The crowd over there is insufferable and ignorant to a fault. It was impossible to have any sort of conversation – our trolls would have been the literati of most threads.

                    It was a shame too, because the agitator crowd was.the best community around for a short while. The trip to huffpo killed that.

              4. Ag

                I think it really is the Mike Hihn living in Boise.

                1. I, and Francisco, accused him of being Mary. And then he edited his facebook post.

                  Also Hinh has admitted to be willingly obtuse in arguments because he hates us.

              5. Agammamon|6.21.15 @ 10:32PM|#
                ‘[…]He believes the coarseness of the discourse here reflects badly on (l)ibertarianism. The idea is that we are basically a fringe group and the mainstream will point ot all our worst and say they are examples of the norm (while downplaying the worst of their side as not being part of the ‘mainstream’).[…]”

                You’re taking him at his word; I don’t.
                He’s a tired old fart with an enormous ego, trying to find some relevance again by riding on a controversy.
                Did you see the ‘threat’ that he was screen-shotting the insults aimed toward him to ‘show them to the Kochs’?
                Does he think those pages will be erased? Does he think he’ll be the savior of libertarianism by his ‘brave acts’?
                No. He’s a tired old fart with an enormous ego hoping to be relevant again.

                1. Again, I strong suspect that he suffers from some sort of vascular dementia.

              6. Assuming it actually is Hihn and not someone using his name (which I think is what is happening).

                No, it’s really Hihn. I have proof. He modified his face-thingy page at my request.

                He is simply, batshit cray cray.

                1. From Francisco’s link:

                  I LOVE baiting goobers ? who REFUSE to acknowledge what the website clearly says. To thugs, facts are secondary to suppression.

                  So yeah, he admits to being a troll.

              7. He’s . . . not wrong. To an extent.

                As I read it, Hihn was involved in “the Dallas accord”, some attempt at avoiding scaring the masses with discussions between minarchists and anarchists. You can see what a great success that was for the libertarian party. (/sarc)

                The problem with people like Hihn is that he thinks like an elderly democratic socialist or progressive: he thinks libertarian ideas are realized by voting libertarians into positions of power. In fact, an incompetent and ineffective president at war with Congress is probably far better from a libertarian perspective than a skillful libertarian leaning politician. Even more effective are new business models and new technologies.

                Being nice and making political compromises is not even wrong, it’s just irrelevant.

            3. I looked him up on the Idaho sex offender registry. I’m not going to say I wasn’t surprised to not see him listed but I also would not have been shocked to see his name there.

              I also looked him up in the MENSA registry and he wasn’t there either. Again, not surprised.

      3. ::yelling over the din of woodchippers::


        1. Do the commentors have degrees from Columbia that included credits for carrying a matress on one’s back for a semester?

          1. Real commenters have no use for mattresses.

  14. As always – the First casualty of the chilling is the alt text….

    1. It’s self-referential alt-text.

    2. sound of wood-chipper in background

      1. hahahahahhaha…..

  15. It’s ironic that the Obama administration

    Seven years is too long to be that na?ve. I don’t read too many people saying that Robespierre, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, Pol Pot, etc.were behaving ironically from their statements in opposition.

  16. Also how close are we to the point were Reason’s employees and commenters will be thrown in jail for criticizing the government?

    1. It depends on how close we are to juvenile blather being deemed criticism of the government and not merely actual threats.

      1. Well in totalitarian shitholes any criticism of the government is an “actual threat”. The Reason 6 and Welch weren’t thrown into prison because of the subpoena after all.

        1. It was just a scare tactic….and it failed miserably, as it should. Fucking totalitarian shit weasels.

        2. You can beat the rap, but you won’t beat the ride. Which was the point of the Instapundit article, I think.

          We’re there yet, but I have a bad feeling that whoever wins next year (bar Paul, of course), it’s going to happen before the 2020 elections.

    2. It depends how recently a judge or lawyers had sex.

  17. Well something good did come of all this.


    1. Bite my shiny metal ass.

  18. Has anyone seen Sam Woods’ Goodbye Mr. Chips?

  19. Dammit:

    Has anyone seen Sam Wood’s Goodbye Mr. Chips?

  20. Hey – belated congrats to Banjos and sloopy on baby….what, number fifty or something. Awesome, and glad everyone’s OK!

    Happy Father’s Day to sloopy and all you other mugs.

    1. Yes, Happy Fathers’ Day, and I hear Banjos had something to do with it, too, so good on her!

  21. Despite complying, Reason did win in one area: disclosing the subpoena and getting the gag-order overturned.

    Presumably they (strongly) requested voluntary compliance of confidentiality because they want to speed up the subpoena process by avoiding going to a judge for a gag order.

    So the lesson seems to be: if there’s no official gag order, disclose it immediately.

  22. Reason should be glad they aren’t based in Europe since a recent European court decision determined that websites can be held liable for defamatory comments made IN THE COMMENT SECTION.

    “But the European Court of Human Rights ruled Tuesday that Delfi, an Estonian news website, can be liable for the anonymous defamatory comments readers post on its articles.

    The news website published an article in 2006 about a ferry company called SLK. The New York Times reports that the piece racked up thousands of comments, many of which made negative, derogatory, and even threatening remarks about the company and its owners. SLK asked Delfi to delete the comments, and the site took them down six weeks later. Still, SLK took Delfi to court in Estonia, where the site was found to be liable and was fined a small amount. Then Delfi appealed to the higher court.”

    Welp, Europe had a good run. That continent is royally fucked.

    1. Well they fucked themselves so they deserve the constant burning sensation in their arses. That said, we don’t seem to be far behind.

    2. They should have just surrendered to Hitler to start with instead of dragging it out.

    3. “Welp, Europe had a good run.”

      I don’t think so. For a long period of time, it seemed the major sporting event in Europe was killing huge numbers of the folks who lived on the other side of some arbitrary line.
      It’s not all negative that the US has nukes (except for the US taxpayers); the nuking futs Euros decided to quit doing that under the fear that some US ‘cowboy’ would plop one on the Arc d’ Triumph.
      So they decided to regulate each other to death instead. Or steal all their money.

    4. Does Europe ever tire of being wrong?

  23. If you don’t read Instapundit, you should.

    Professor Reynolds has this linked at the top of his blog.

    He reads the comments here too.

    1. Man there are a lot of fucked up stories that come out of that area. I probably wouldn’t notice but my sister lives there. No, that is not her.

    2. He reads the comments here too.

      Good – may he take my plea to heart and never again link to garbage like that which isn’t remotely “newsworthy”.

      1. Reynolds has varied tastes. He posts a lot of legitimate news stuff, posts a lot about technology and science, and will also post tabloid shit for fun. He posts so many times a day that it’s not like posting ridiculous tabloid nonsense is taking space from anything else since it’s only 1 of 15 posts he’ll make in a day.

        1. Fair enough – I don’t follow him. Actually I’m more annoyed with the Daily News. They used to be a decent alternative to the elitist Times and the garbage Post. Now they combine the worst of both.

          1. A world where the news can’t report on a pit bull performing cunnilingus on a morbidly obese 18-year old woman is not a world I want to live in.

            1. I mean, the dog’s name was 2-face. If you’re the kind of family where you name your dog 2-face, someone in that family is having sex with that dog.

              1. Or you could just be a Batman fan, I guess.

    3. And as disgusting as that is, why are they wasting tax dollars prosecuting her? I mean if they want to punish her, her face is on the internet next to that story. What else needs to happen here. It’s not like the dog really gives a shit either. It obviously has poor judgement to begin with.

      1. It obviously has poor judgement to begin with.

        I hate that I laffed.

    4. “He reads the comments here too.”

      Glenn Reynolds posted one of my comments from a reason article on his site. Hetherefore doesn’t seem quite so squeamish about this comment section as Postrel, et al.

      I also believe John posted a comment about libertarians which was quoted on Instapundit’s site and eventually became so popular it became this meme. Don’t quote me on that though, since someone here told me about it so I heard about it second hand.

      1. “Glenn Reynolds posted one of my comments from a reason article on his site. Hetherefore doesn’t seem quite so squeamish about this comment section as Postrel, et al.”

        All of those (obligatory) “tut-tut” comments are no more than social-signalling.
        Postrel and the rest are noting their middle-brow positions similar to those who swore they ‘didn’t watch TV’ in the late ’50s and ’60s, while they somehow caught every reference to what one of the characters said in Bonanza.

        1. while they somehow caught every reference to what one of the characters said in Bonanza.

          That’s the thing though, I don’t think they “get” it. While I wouldn’t expect Postrel to understand the Church of the Subgenius cum Discordianism atmosphere, I’m disappointed that Nick, for all his leather-jacketed Anarcho-Punk cred, doesn’t truly understand that all this is merely a digital manifestation of a Hakim Bey TAZ.

          1. HM, did you catch Hinh threatening to show screen shots to the Kochs?
            Now, I have no idea of the Koch bothers ™ give a shit, but I’m sure there is some portion of contributors to Reason who are, or would pretend to be, offended by some of the speech here, including a LOT of mine.
            So Nick (liking his job, since he gets to do while hanging out in a small Ohio college town) is probably sensitive to various pressures.

            1. Fair enough.

              If that’s the case, then moderate. But don’t pretend to celebrate your site as a unique bastion of unfiltered commentary and then act like a 12 year old girl who is mortified because she was just spotted at the mall with her mother. Nick could act as an ambassador, saying “The subversive humor found in the comments of HnR that are typed by 21st century Pucks is an expression of an inherent distaste of the gravity with which the mainstream views the political situation, a situation libertarians view as a farce. Etc. Etc. Blah, Blah, Blah.” But he chooses not to.

              1. Could he choose not to because he does not want to vocally endorse it? I mean, for all the good there is (everything you or I post, for example) there are some things that are just nutty (Hihn, me).

                I would be adverse to giving anything a vocal endorsement that I did not have control over or have complete faith in.

              2. HM,
                I’m not really concerned if Nick or anyone else ‘defends’ my vulgarity. If Nick finds it helpful to make mealy-mouthed statements in order to keep Reason going, why, I’ll be right behind him on the podium smiling BIG!
                That sort of tut-tutting rolls off my back with no problem at all. Hell, I live in SF; can you imagine what sort of griping I get when I don’t bother smiling and nodding to some lefty POS at dinner?

              3. Or you could just go with the truth. A lot of the stories and articles that get posted here are, well, nut punches. And, if you’re reading the stories regularly, you’re going to find you need to blow off a little steam, even if its with a bit of gallows humor. The alternative is finding yourself with a rage aneurysm.

            2. “Now, I have no idea of the Koch bothers ™ give a shit, but I’m sure there is some portion of contributors to Reason who are, or would pretend to be, offended by some of the speech here, including a LOT of mine.”

              Does anyone seriously think the Kochs would give a shit about Reason’s comments? I mean really? ENB is actively supportive of Nicole’s argument that all age of consent laws are rights violations.

              So they employ someone who supports more controversial positions than anything I have ever said, yet somehow the comments are going to phase the Koch Brothers? If the Kochs got screenshots of random comments from Michael Hihn, they would probably laugh their asses off, assuming they even saw the comments and the email didn’t go into some sort of spam folder.

              1. Hihn is the reason there are close to 1400 comments on that tread. He is a treasure, and by treasure I mean a very opinionated, twisted, steamy pile of dog doo drizzled with lunatic sauce.

                1. CJ, are you trying out for AC’s job?
                  I like it better, since it didn’t run on to 20 paragraphs of ‘WIH was THAT?!’.

                  1. I took that as an insult! I need to improve my game.

                    No one can fill AC’s shoes. No one. He is a treasure, if by treasure you mean a freshly mined emerald that just emerged, gleaning, from the moist vagine of a Columbian princess.

          2. You expect Nick to walk Jesse Walker’s beat ?

            1. Heh. I wouldn’t mind Walker as editor, and Reason moving closer to the Fortean Times.

        2. no more than social-signalling

          Indeed. I sneer inside whenever a commentator feels the need to do that sort of obligatory throat-clearing. We saw the same thing with the attack on Pamela Gellar. “Terrorist attacks are wrong, but that Pamela Gellar sure is a horrible person.” Same thing with us, “Infringing on first amendment rights is wrong, but those Reason commenters sure are scum!”

          Yeah, right, buddy (Ilya Somin, I’m looking at you). Either they’ve never actually talked to real humans outside an Ivy League faculty lounge, or they’re furiously trying to maintain their cred with that same faculty lounge crowd.

  24. In case anyone missed it the other day: Hilarious interview with Ann Coulter, about her role in Sharknado 3:

    Did you talk politics with anyone on the Sharknado 3 set?

    I converted one of the sharks to the Libertarian Party. That wasn’t what I was going for, but it’s a start anyway. The rest of them pretty much cowered in my presence. Some of them bowed.

    I hear you die in the movie. How?

    I die of natural causes. Ahem, hello? The movie is called Sharknado. How do you think I die?

    1. Do you think you’re a good actor?

      I think I’m as good an actor as Lena Dunham, so no.

      snortgiggles *wipes screen*

  25. “The goal, presumably, is to discourage speech protected under the First Amendment, but disliked by authorities. That’s an odd thing from a prosecutor who is sworn to uphold the Constitution ”

    Puh-leeze. When is the last time that windbag stepped in a court room? Parties to court actions are prohibited from talking to 3rd parties all the time. That’s weak sauce argumentation that Obama is out to get you, nick.

    Here’s what I will say to you guys: you’ll be ok. And nick you’ll have a story to go on and on and on and on about to your grandkids about how you were persecuted by progressive Nazis in the Justice Department– and how you beat the rap.

    1. Amsoc

      The weak sauce is Preet’s. And it is dripping down your chin.

      Even if you discount the unconstitutionality of the original subpoena as well as the informal gag order with the request to keep quiet to give the DoJ time to get an actual gag order there is the broken window issue of how much taxpayer money will be used if it will ampunt to nothing.

      1. Yeah, it’s dumb. Although I will say that part of me wants to be there if a cop ever shows up at the door of whatever fly-ridden trailer park these six commenters live in.

        My wife is a defense lawyer and the thing that defense lawyers can definitely teach you is that DAs issue dumb subpoenas and blow cases out of proportion ever single fucking day. But, that doesn’t mean that whatever progressive bugbear you think is chasing you in the night is targeting something so insubstantial as comments from Besides, everyone knows that Obama is using the IRS to put nick Gillespie out of a job and preferably get him deported to the Somalian model state. You know what they say: if you don’t like it here…

        If I say simply that this case is a dumb one and that these commenters are asshats, can we just agree to agree and move on? Rand Paul needs more help, you know.

        1. Your wife is a lawyer yet she was incapable of understanding the mortgage contract into which she willing entered?

          Of course you want the state to pubish others that don’t subscribe to socialism. That really is a big part of playing for team socialist.

          The comments are being targeted. Still reeling from losing an argument to a bot?

          It isn’t a dumb case, it is unconstitutional and solely being pushed to discourage dissenting speech against the government.

    2. Shitbag speaks!

      american socialist|6.21.15 @ 11:18PM|#
      “[…]Parties to court actions are prohibited from talking to 3rd parties all the time. That’s weak sauce argumentation that Obama is out to get you, nick.[…]”

      So because you *claim* it has become common, why, it’s just fine?
      Do you wonder why you’re considered similar to what is pumped out of a porta-potty? Maybe your slimy apologia for any government action might have something to do with it.
      It’s a real shame your mom didn’t have access abortion; if she’d had any idea what a pathetic POS she was carrying, any honorable woman would have demanded it.

      1. Since you brought up the nazis below, I thought I’d just say to you that right-wingers aren’t to 2015 what Jews were to 1934. You know, as kind of a PSA.

        Tell me more about your time spreading limited government and liberty in Vietnam. That’s always good for a laugh.

        1. As you are to the current regime in power 2015 what Walter Duranty was to the Soviets in 1934, and that’s nothing to be shrill about. You know, as kind of a PSA.

        2. Amsoc

          As a PSA please explain Mao’s purges.

    3. Fellate the state, fellate the state…that seems to commie kids position. Pretty funny, but not a surprise.

    1. Three year old blog with thirty-eight comments. Are you “commie athiest”?

      1. He might be “joe from Lowell.” There was a regular troll here for a while by that name. It seems like american socialist is even dumber and more obnoxious, but maybe my memory of joe from Lowell has gotten fuzzy.

        1. “joe from lowell” is a regular in the LG&M comments

          1. Hence my wondering why american socialist pointed to that thread.

        2. Joe was a run-of-the-mill liberal who occasionally had something worthwhile to contribute… until the infamous “they do God’s work in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods” comment got him laughed out of the park and he disappeared.

    2. Did you have a point, shitgbag, or are we to read through that and hope to find something that supports your stupidity?

    3. What I see in that post is Glenn Reynolds making a lot of reasonable and legitimate points about Clinton’s gross incompetence as Secretary of State and a semi-literate moron blogger at Lawyers, Guns, and Money purposefully ignoring the legitimate criticism to mock Reynolds’ comedic timing.

      For supposedly intelligent people, leftists sure do spend a lot of time avoiding substantive arguments, huh?

      1. “What I see in that post is Glenn Reynolds making a lot of reasonable and legitimate points about Clinton’s gross incompetence as Secretary of State and a semi-literate moron blogger at Lawyers, Guns, and Money purposefully ignoring the legitimate criticism to mock Reynolds’ comedic timing.”

        Irish, you are more willing than I am to waste time proving shitbag is full of it.

        1. Am Soc isn’t even a real person, so proving him wrong is kind of like punching a CPR dummy.

          I really should be doing something else with my time, but it’s 11:00 PM on a Sunday, so it’s not like there’s anything more important for me to be doing at the moment.

  26. The brilliance of Oliver Willis:

    “actually, confederates are worse than nazis. at least the nazis didnt take up arms against their own country.”

    Yes – the fact that Nazis didn’t take up arms against their own country was kind of the problem, wasn’t it? Or does Willis think it was morally acceptable for Germans to refuse to resist the Nazis?

    1. What, no Beer Hall Putsch?

      Not to mention their attitude toward German Jews and any of their political opponents.

      1. It’s unsurprising Oliver Willis doesn’t know about The Night of the Long Knives when the SS culled the SA’s leadership at Hitler’s command. They killed almost 100 people in order to make sure Hitler had total power.

        There’s also the conspiracy theory about Hitler burning down the Reichstag on purpose. I don’t believe that story, but it’s at least been alleged and it’s hardly something Hitler wouldn’t have been willing to do.

    2. Say what you will about National Socialism, dude, but at least it’s an ethos they were patriotic.

      1. Without Nazi-ism I would not have been able to watch Joel Grey prance around on a stage, and really, where would I be right now if I did not have that?

  27. Hey, look at the bright side – you’ve got the perfect comeback anytime someone calls you all paranoid.

  28. “Yes – the fact that Nazis didn’t take up arms against their own country was kind of the problem, wasn’t it? Or does Willis think it was morally acceptable for Germans to refuse to resist the Nazis?”

    Well, on top of the failed logic, it’s not true:
    “As the Red Army approached Berlin and the Anglo-Americans reached the Elbe, on 19 March 1945 Hitler ordered the destruction of what remained of German industry, communications and transport systems. He was resolved that, if he did not survive, Germany too should be destroyed. The same ruthless nihilism and passion for destruction which had led to the extermination of six million Jews in death camps, to the biological ‘cleansing’ of the sub-human Slavs and other subject peoples in the New Order, was finally turned on his own people.”…..n-industry

    And, yes, there were internecine battles; Hitler hoped for the total erasure of the German nation.

  29. i always puke on the warm dead russian magician…. rasputin stout for my FUCKING FUCK pie lips has to drink rasputin cold… I retch pickles on the magic russian… every fucking goddam time.

  30. OT:

    As I am currently in MDT it is still early enough to finish watching Cross of Iron.

    1. Good movie.

      By the way, I just saw Gone Girl, which was quite well done. You may think at times that you know how it’ll end, but you probably don’t.

    2. I’m told it took mountains of cocaine to make that movie..

  31. The road to death is particular for us living dead. We collective around magic and sorcery in all its forms from the organized pew (Fox/Breitbart/CatholicNews) and the governmentalized square world (Ars/Gawker/Salon/Reddit wannabe intellectuals) but life is so fucking short and I think this shortness makes us demand wild claims like the world is going to end in 5 years because people eat twinkies. And the world will end soon because all the humans that will all be dead soon are concerned about plastic bags. And the world will end due to climate change from all the cars that climate change scientists drive and their pupils.

    If the climate will end soon why are all the professors and the students all over the world using cars and trains.

    Please FUCKING stop killing the planet climatocognescenti and pupils… Please. May all the reporters in the newspapers STOP using trains. Please, if you report on the goddamn climate change shit on Gawker- don’t FUCKING ride a train to work. If your dumb ass does…. contribute to planet murder, dummy.

    OWN your planet killing if you report on this shit…. only bicycles across the entire world from publishers on down to reporters… if the corporation touting this shit owns a GODDAMN LEXUS bust their motherfucking asses… if the publisher(s) have ever driven a Ford- BUST their asses….

  32. So if all the cries from the internet corners scream climate change why aren’t we FUCKING demanding that these cries DROP all forms of impact on their favorite strange science?

    FUCK running from these fucks and the pope.

    Hey, Gawker writer. ever ride a taxi to your dumbass project? Ever own a car, GAWKER goddamn reporter? Hey, Salon editors, do you all own cars? Or hire Cars? Hey, FUCKING mother earth, is your entire world filled with writers who live without a SINGLE FUCKING vehicle. HEY, VICE, your people… do they use. AIRPLANES.. I know they do.. been reading your shit for FUCKING decades….

    FUCK this climate change puke.

    NO ONE PUKING all over the goddamn internet is riding a bicycle from baby to teenager to grown person in Murica… AND if you have.. guess what- you are the ONLY FUCKING human being in Amurica that has.

    FUCK the climate change whores- FUCK climate change HOLLYWOOD and their FUCKING goddamn jets. FUCK climate change ‘scientist’ you dumbasses- trying to FUCK the place over with your goddamn communism shit….
    FUCK YOU all.

    NONE of you are living in the hills with a family with zero reliance on electrical power and car pollution…

    if you were… the government would be seizing your children, fuckwaffles.

  33. Why are the goddamn climate change fucks always driving 40-75k cars?

    Man, I know these fucks. Rich goddamn fucks. I won’t say why but all the climate change skeered fucks will park on your lawn at your global summit with- expensive cars most Americans will NEVER be able to afford.

    Notice, the richest Hollywood fucks driving vehicles worth over 100k are on your cable TV fuck shows screaming about the environment.

    1. It’s good work if you can find it.

      1. Fuck it- its dishonest and unethical Paul

        1. Get your shit together, Paul.

  34. Why are RICH liberals so vocal but don’t live conservatively?

    WHY THE FUCK aren’t the FUCKING left wing shit rags calling out these FUCKING DUMB SHITS?

    CRY… WEEP… MOAN… TEARS… about the world and… the super rich in Hollywood build MASSIVE homes and utilize MASSIVE earth footprints and drive 20 cars and an entire town in poor Ohio of electricity can be used on a SINGLE HOLLYWOOD stars home.

    and NOT a SINGLE FUCKING ass kicking article from the news cycle aside from pure adoration…

    WHY the goddamn motherfucking FUCK are ultra-millionaires and billionaires let off the hook while AVERAGE POOR MOTHERFUCKING AMERICANS are assaulted DAILY by hundreds of news outlets and cable ass fumes about their hotdog and Coke habits?

    This America is FUCKED, man

  35. Climate change. Pope. Hey, bitch, release your kingdom’s energy stats….

    At least China tries to OBVIOUSLY pull the communistic bullshit on us… Upfront bullshit…. CHINA- the reason America exists after 1970…. has the balls to say we fuck up shit and will continue to fuck up shit- we can’t live by climate rules that all your Hollywood actors and actresses demand….

    Fuck CHina- but hopefully we will kick their asses sooon but HOLLYWOOD?


    Heres why Im pissed off… because people on the hundreds of outlets of human face puke and boobs demand american recognition of climate change and.

    these same fucks across the hills on the southern edge near the ocean and earthquake zone act like improved fucks with 5 cars in their garages…. And they build homes with 20 bedrooms when only 4 of them will live in the fuck.

    Man, I’m all for rich- I am not poor by no means but what the FUCK?


      You Know Who Else….?

  36. The big earthquake will kill all the ultra rich fucks on the hills under the cali mountains-

    but climate change will go on like a tired dead village and maybe when all the cars of the dead ultra rich hollywood fucks killed in the big quake are smashed into swerve plates…

    the rest of america will realize climate change ended with the big earthquake in Cali…

  37. Woodchipper anyone?

  38. I am naked and I need to Fucking get some goddam clothes on – or at least a bitching bikini

    1. a bitching bikini

      Brain Bleach, please!!!!!

  39. Not to break into AC’s stream of consciousness, but Hihn showed up in the ‘never ending’ thread to proclaim what is at issue here is NOT the government’s over-reach, but the public humiliation of libertarianism. And I’m pretty sure, given his stupidity, that he did NOT intend that ironically.

    1. Stupid or troll?…..nt_5387310

      I LOVE baiting goobers ? who REFUSE to acknowledge what the website clearly says. To thugs, facts are secondary to suppression.

    2. I think Hihn’s Little Rascal scooter was running low on batteries and he never left the other comments section. If only Elon Musk could make a solar powered senior scooter…

  40. Found Reason through a Lew Rockwell post. I started reading comments probably soon after folks started using upgraded handles. Wow. A week or so later the gag order was dropped. I couldn’t sleep until I read the entire 1000+ thread.
    I think the folks at Reason did the best they could with that. But, you guys are like FUCKING RED MEAT for lions. I’ve been a full-bore anCap Voluntaryist for a few years now. It’s been a pleasure to read your comments and AmSoc’s like a stupid joke some senile old bat won’t quit repeating.
    I used to state. I’m horrified of what I used to think was ok. BTW- I sold a nice rifle privately to a retired policeman today. He “didn’t want to buy any more guns with sending a bunch of God-damned fucking paperwork to the motherfucking government”. He knows they’re up to no good. Happy Hunting, Bob!

    1. “I think the folks at Reason did the best they could with that. But, you guys are like FUCKING RED MEAT for lions.”

      We’re a nice enough bunch under normal circumstances, but in this case, the government was trying to intimidate us into silence.

      What you’re seeing here is a reaction to that. We were minding our own business. The U.S. Attorney’s Office kicked the hive. They kick our hive, and they”re gonna get a thread of angry bees.

      And a couple of the commenters in the subpoena, they may have been written by anonymous names, but they’re real people behind them that we’ve come to know and care about. And on top of that? The comment about “hot place in hell”? It was beyond ridiculous to subpoena that for a grand jury. That meant that they were just picking comments at random. It could have been any one of us on that subpoena–and that’s what they wanted to tell us.

      So, anyway, they kicked the hive, and the bees aren’t intimidated. They’re pissed. It isn’t always like this. But there was like a pressure cooker atmosphere around here for a week. You’re just seeing people let off steam.

      1. Ken is laud train. Good bruises. Fab lights. Trans motions. Tar balls. Ken pianoswangs…

  41. I understand that life is real
    but I don’t think so
    I think life is perception
    life is never what it seems
    Exist is only real because life

    has a master.
    Life master is the demands of trade
    and trade forces compliance and compliance
    is the small collective mass produced

    Government is proper trade and submission, man
    Gawker loves submission and so do most of you…

    the world would fall apart without codes and police……

    Reason bitches don’t fall for this but millions otherwise will.

    let us create schools where we train cops to get NOTHING about
    America while demanding they enforce that strange American concept
    of liberty….I live in wapak, Oh… Near Columbus OH… cop schools in both
    places and these cops are being trained by educators with limited intelligence
    becuase we’ve had several issues not cropped up nationally because the local place is clevely conservative and very cautious with press but I have horrible story man

  42. Protip: Install TOR.

  43. Never showed up anywhere but a few years ago a bunch of us from old deep Ohio traveled to Columbus on night and partied with a driver… we planned to hit several bars and get fucked up
    and we stopped in a bar above Sawmill beneath the fuking zoo and I had hit several tequila shots and my partners aside from our driver were fucked on margaritas and I sat there in 2012 and my sister received a call on her phone that a drunk young man had been shot in the back by Shawnee Ohio cops and the night ended man….

    In small towns killings by cops disappear.

    Small town cops can kill 50 people and nothing will ever register anywhere…. the sheriff is the end all and if he or she is corrupt no numbers. Period.

    Please prove me wrong, you will lose.

    All sheriff’s in all states have only a couple officials above them and if they decide to let a murderer of the hook….

    who will question?

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  46. ….. americans screamed to sign up and kill … bushes and villages and….

    then come home fucked up and then demand that like the iraqi and Afghanisti wars we.kneel to them. like all the obsessive shit on the all cable fuck tubes like Fox and CNN and the military commercials.

    Listen, man… if you are a soldier and you gave your life, arms, limbs to … the FUCKING desert outlaws………………

    you signed up to die…. lose shit… why should I lose sleep over this? YOU FUCKING DUMBASS….

    You signed up for modern american military which MIGHT be the fucking DUMBEST place to enlist your bloodstream into.. The military is filled with the most fucking dumbass shits America is producing and FOX lauds this lack of IQ daily…with their talking empty heads every single fucking morning like clockwork heartattackes….

  47. I am tired of climate change and war stories and soldiers….
    Both are outcomes of strange politik…
    struggles hating capital and our American loss of control over a planet we can never control…

  48. America cannot be truly secure
    and communists have listless lives lost in fantasy

  49. How can it be intended to “chill speech” if nobody actually knows about it? Sorry, I think this was just a pissed of judge who didn’t like being made fun of and disrespected, not some grand effort to chill speech.

    It is, of course, a reflection of the kind of government we have had under Obama: profoundly arrogant, politically tone deaf, and largely ineffective.

    1. You are a fucking idiot if you don’t think Fed attorneys going after a group of people voicing opinions doesn’t threaten free speech. There may not be a huge number of readers here, but it starts small with places like this. When it works when the proles aren’t paying attention, it will get worse.

      It’s what our government does, if you can’t see this why the fuck are even here, you certainly aren’t a libertarian.

      1. Honestly, I think this was a trial balloon. Find a group that isn’t on one team or the other, so that no one will come take their screwing particularly seriously (except for them, of course). Establish precedent. Establish that threat laws entitle you to go after political speech. Establish that you have the authority to put gag orders on the targets. Make it all just part of the normal course of business.

        Then you’ve establish the tools you need to go after your enemies.

        1. So far as I know, none of the six have been contacted yet, but I wonder if things would have turned out differently if not for the mass publicity. If none of us had seen it coming, would we have been contacted for interrogation and slapped with our own gag orders? Hopefully the DoJ is just trying not to dig itself in any deeper now that it’s been publicly documented how out-of-line they were.

          1. We certainly don’t know what further investigations are happening. Banking records, movie rentals, healthcare records…… Theres loads of stuff they can troll through looking for “evidence”.

            Better hope you didn’t deposit or withdraw less than $10k on repeated occasions….

            1. Yup, I know. It’s hard not to be extremely paranoid. I just sort of go under the assumption that they’re watching and listening to everything.

    2. We’re going to cost you tens of thousands in legal fees and rain subpoenas down on your head if you say something we don’t like.

      Sure, you’ll never be convicted of a thing, but our budget is bottomless, your budget isn’t.

      No go ahead and speak.

      1. It used to be said of freedom of speech in the USSR that you could say anything you wanted to, once. Now in the US you can say anything you want to, it costs only $50,000.

  50. Glenn Reynolds pointed this out, and I will point it out again and again and again:

    Preet-inder (yeah, that’s his full name) Bharara is the Obama-appointed supervising US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. He litigates in front [NSA key-logging this is delaying my speedy typing] of Judge Katherine Forrest on the regular.

    So, we’ve got a US Attorney for the Southern District of New York acting as White Knight for a US Judge for the Southern District of New York, and trying to gag order what he’s done.

    P.S. Preet’s being sued presently for fabricating evidence used to obtain a search warrant involving a man subsequently proven innocent, and in which case the involved FBI agents repudiated the basis of the warrant on the stand.

    So, a reasonable person might well conclude that Preety is a criminal, the judges are bribe-able if not bribed, and Preety is very much interested in celebrity, self-promotion, but not so much in the law.

    If Preet wanted to be a celebrity he might have tried Bollywood.

    1. It would be sweet to see this fuck arrested. Doubt it will happen. He ain’t got the chops for Bollywood.

      1. He shan’t be arrested; it’s a section 1983 civil rights suit, but if the (very wealthy hedge fund manager) plaintiff’s damages claims are not over-stated (they probably are by some amount), Preet et al have personal liability for 400 million in losses.

        Of course, we usually indemnify our cops and prosecutors against personal liability in Section 1983 (a mistake, since it necessarily involves proof of trampling on important rights), but me thinks the federal government might balk at having to pay 400 million for intentional acts of Preet, et al.

        He’s not well-liked. About as well-liked as Carmen Ortiz (another Obammy appointee).

    2. From the very onset of this Subpoena-gate (HA!) thingy, I and others here started looking into Preet Bharara (via a useful tool called Google).

      It became real clear real fast that Bharara is a Big Game Player.

      He’s had issues and has been reprimanded by Judges in previous cases.

      He brought the zillion lb hammer of the U.S. Government down on a diplomat who… I don’t even remember what it was… underpaid her nanny or some trifling shit… but he made a fucking federal case out of it.

      1. Bharara got his start as one of Chuck Schumer’s staffers. Make of that what you will.

  51. He is a vile fuck…

    Frank likes Stossel (I do as well), but I like Reynolds better. I loathe most lawyers, but this lawyer is actually on our side, long may he be around to fuck with the man.

    1. Ken White (, also, has been a real champion during all this and is a former AUSA himself.

  52. The greatest threat to liberty is centralized government

  53. So, where is Botard today? I am almost 100% certain it was him who disputed my claim that we are now living in a “soft” Police State. He tossed aside my commentary as something “that people who lived in a real Police State would vomit on me for”. Well Bo, where the fuck are you now and what will your statist cock sucking explanation be for this debacle?

    1. He went scurrying away when he figured that all the commenters here are being watched now.

  54. I’m pleased that USA Today gave this important issue some attention. The MSM has been ignoring the story for the most part. Also, as far as I can tell, the folks over at The Nation and The Daily Kos can’t be bothered with this either. As some of you may know, The Nation shut off the comments section on their site months ago — except for the very occasional re-opening on one or two (no more than once a month). The Nation uses Disqus — which isn’t as free flowing as Reason’s comments section. Perhaps their unpaid interns are busy with other tasks and don’t have time to monitor comments and block “trolls”.

    1. If it wasn’t for Reynolds’ regular column, USA Today probably never would have touched this. Glenn’s been on it since very early, shortly after the Popehat article. Most of the other attention in the mainstream media has been due to conservative voices who’ve “infiltrated” the mainstream media: Volokh Conspiracy, Virginia Postrel, etc. What I was most surprised to see was the NPR article.

  55. First they came for the woodchippers, but I did nothing because I didn’t own a woodchipper…

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