Lenore Skenazy Talks Free-Range Kids on Daily Show…

and is the hero of the segment, which skewers hysterical fears about our children, who are safer than ever.


Author's Note (4.03 p.m. ET): Doh on me! Robby Soave had already posted this segment at Reason.com earlier today. To read his take, go here now.

So last night Reason's own Free-Range Parenting maven Lenore Skenazy appeared in a great Daily Show segment titled "The Kid Stays in the Enclosure." The descrip for it? "Jordan Klepper examines free-range parenting, which allows children to be independent without fear of unknown dangers."

You can imagine that Lenore—star of the Discovery Channel show World's Worst Mom and the convener of what is likely the planet's first "Sex Offender Brunch"—was worried that she would be the chump of the piece.

Not to worry. Whatever faults The Daily Show might have, being insanely overprotective of children who are safer than ever isn't one of them. Though the same can't be said for Dr. Karen Ruskin, who bills herself as "America's Relationship Expert," and plays the role of villain with aplomb.

So click on the image above and watch a very smart, funny, and on-point discussion of how strangely we are acting towards our offspring.

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