Watch the First-Ever Greg Gutfeld Show on Fox News Tonite at 10 PM ET

The co-host of The Five and former host of Red Eye debuts his take on news and media.


Greg Gutfeld, co-host of Fox News' The Five and former host of Red Eye, has a new, eponymous show that debuts tonight at 10 P.M. ET. Continuing to manage expectations in his signature style, Gutfeld says his program "won't change the world, but maybe you won't change the channel."

For more info, go here.

I'll be tuning in. For my money, Greg Gutfeld is the most consistently funny and insightful conservative/libertarian critic of the news media and broadly defined culture industry. Certainly, he is the only person on the planet who admires equally both former Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) and post-punk standouts The Melvins (indeed, band founder Buzz Osbourne is a regular guest on various Gutfeld shows).

At his best (which is to say, basically every day he shows up for work), Gutfeld casts a hugely wide net of references and knowledge about politics and culture and, most important, is absolutely honest about where he's coming from and why.

To be honest, I wish he were more consistently libertarian but what are you gonna do, really? In the best traditions of the bands he so frequently invokes in his bizarre and hilarious rants, he is sui generis and idiosyncratic and stubborn in mixing influences, insights, and attitudes.

Last December, in Reason's holiday gift guide, I spoke fondly of his latest book, Not Cool, which distills his attitude toward everything perfectly. Check that out and watch him tonight. I'm confident his new show will be a Sunday night highlight, especially now that Mad Men is kaput. 

Back in 2012, Reason talked with Gutfeld about his book, The Joy of Hate. Take a look:


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  1. I loved Red Eye when it was manic and weird and interesting. When he got the 5pm show it became far more subdued and less interesting (who wants uncrazy at 3am)? Also, The Five is one of the most unwatchable programs on that network, which is saying something.

    There better be a leg chair on the new show, though, or else.

  2. I always liked Greg’s presentation, but preferred Andy’s political sensibilities.

  3. While I may like Gutfeld’s comedy presentation of his views on 5-on-5, I actually found his Red Eye too crude to watch.

    I have also learned the Gutfeld is way too conservative for me to consider him libertarian leaning unless his the soles on his shoes are of different heights.

    1. Gutfeld is way more libertarian than some of the completely fake libertarians who work and provide content for Reason.

      1. Boy, that would be hard for me to buy without evidence. Reason has a known history of being libertarian. Gutfeld himself only promises to be leaning that way.

        1. Reason was a hundred times better before it got taken over by the Beltway cocktail party circuit. Someone like Dipshit Dalmia would never have worked here in the old days.

          1. lol, possibly, I admit not to be a regular reader in years, I love that theoretical garbage 😀

          2. Reason was a hundred times better before it got taken over by the Beltway cocktail party circuit.

            Gosh, when you say it that way, it makes it seem like the plug here is just Gillespie’s way of ensuring he gets booked on the new Gutfeld show. I choose to think only the best of people.

          3. True. There is no way that Rothbard or historical revisionism would get published in today’s Reason.

  4. I wish he were more consistently libertarian

    So you wish he’d be both pro- and anti-immigration/abortion/gay marriage/topic du jour?

    1. I think the big thing that makes him not so libertarian is his support for the NSA spying.

      I don’t think any libertarian agrees with that

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    1. Yes, but where is your buddy’s step-sister on the conservative/libertarian spectrum? And would she do Greg Gutfeld?

  6. I may be an outlier, but anytime I tried to watch Red Eye I found it terribly unfunny, especially Gutfeld. I will say it was better than Fox & Friends, but not much.

  7. hmmmm. In the same time slot as Silicon Valley?

    Sorry, Greg. Nope.

    1. That show is great, although I don’t even have cable to make the choice. I stream everything. /millenial

  8. I watched a couple of minutes. It was awful.

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