Matt Welch Talks Sy Hersh, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Espionage Act, and TPP on HuffPost Live


This afternoon I was on HuffPost Live's "Political Junkies" program with host Alyona Minkovski, plus fellow guests Mikey Kay, Nina Burleigh, and David Pakman, talking about the issues in the headline of this post:

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  1. I’m not watching this if I can’t live blog it. Just tell us what you were wearing so Gilmore can throw his tantrum.


      1. Beefcake won’t save HuffPo.

      2. Entirely apropos

        Its Friday, its HuffPo. HuffPo doesn’t rate a tie.

        Also, Mikey Kay looks like a Hobo that won the lottery. Brits always overdress.

      3. Look, just get a werewolf shirt and never take it off. It works for me and has GILMORE’s seal of approval.

        1. This is a werewolf shirt. And Welch has a closet full.

    2. Tantrum?

      My criticism is cold-blooded, dispassionate, merciless.

      More Lawrence Olivier’s “Marathon Man” than Nicholas Cage’s…. uh, “Nicholas Cage

        1. That’s what I would be like on Monday mornings if I had the energy.

        1. Where’s the Rabbit’s foot?

  2. So this is where Alyona landed? I didn’t know that.

  3. I don’t like that love seat for a talk show set. It looks uncomfortable. The other dudes got chairs.

  4. Ugh. The wide shot exposes brown shoes. I don’t care for brown shoes.

    1. Not even with green pants?

      1. I refuse to entertain hypotheticals.

        1. But if you did, what would you think about the green pants?

  5. This third guy is pure rugged manliness, with an accent no less. Makes Welch look like a dandy.

    1. Yeah, but the spread collar makes his head look small. When you’ve got big shoulders, broad chest, that collar doesn’t look ‘fancy’ so much as ‘desperate’. Its like when Rappers wear double-breasted suits; it doesn’t mask the underlying Thug so much as highlight it.

      1. You should do what I do and picture everyone naked. Only then can you judge a person’s character.

        1. You staring at my crotch like that makes me a little nervous..

    2. I like how they arranged the guests so it looked like Pakman and Nina were sitting next to Mountain Giants

  6. Luckily the fourth guest is a 13-year-old boy, which lift Welch back up a peg.

  7. Ha, Alyona lobs a grenade at the Obamabots in the media at the end then moves on.

  8. Kay wants to bring in effects of actions into sentencing? Silly person.

  9. Pakman got Welch to back down on the double standard with journalistic outrage of executive power.

  10. Jed’s handlers informed him that he would not, in fact, have invaded Iraq.

  11. I like his Kay fellow. Pound candidates on the terrible execution of the war. Little does he know his answer would be, “What difference at this point does it make?”

  12. Kay thought the British should have gerrymandered the Middle East districts after WWII? Get out of here.

  13. Did Pakman disclose how much he donated to the Clinton Foundation at the top of this show?

    1. He did not say one word about Hilary…looks like they skipped him and his opinion.

      Might be why he did not talk about her.

      1. 23:30 mark is what spurred my comment.

  14. I think Jeb Bush wants Jeb Bush to be president. Maybe.

  15. Humanitarian hawks kill fewer people, I guess.

  16. Ha, yeah, that’s why Obama made her SecState, to catch some heat off that Hillary Clinton charm. No way was it a behind the scenes deal.

  17. Presidents don’t legislate, they govern.

  18. Ha, “for legacy purposes.” Alyona gets her digs in.

  19. Tea Party on the left would be focused on central planning?

  20. Alyona not having any of this free trade business, Welch.

  21. If only Carson was president material.

    1. R U DONE?

      1. I’m awake and you’re tucked into your bed right now. And it’s not even midnight where you are.

  22. Burleigh has a think for Ozark hicks. I’m out.

    1. Jesus Fist. You’re doing God’s work here.

      1. That’s it, I’m calling him Jesus Fist from here on out.

        1. It’s been trademarked.

          1. That makes me sound ethnic.

            1. Never pass up a chance to improve your victim score.

  23. Minkovski: too much lipstick, or too big a set of lips for that face?


    1. It doesn’t work if you say it about your own comment.

      1. The question stands.

      2. It does if you make it a trigger warning.

    2. Her lips are fine, but IMO slightly over-emphasized by her lipstick. I’d she needs slight lip de-emphasis, and more eye emphasis.

  24. this thread could use more FoE.

    In other news, French Reporter, eager to speak truth to power, throws a tantrum because European film can’t survive without forced contributions and subsidies, declares Netflix will destroy “European film ecosystem”.

    1. No doubt another global warming disaster.

    2. “European film can’t survive without forced contributions and subsidies,”

      Sure it can. Just find the next Clint Eastwood and shoot some ‘westerns’ in Spain! Presto; ‘european’ films that europeans will pay to watch!

    3. Nice to see Harvey Weinstein attack Euro film subsidies. I wonder if he takes them from states in the U.S., though.

  25. Every time I read headlines such as “David Harsanyi on Hillary Cinton’s Iraqi War Vote” my first thought is to wonder who the fuck David Harsanyi is. Apparently I’m supposed to know, as someone has written an entire article telling me his opinions on this subject. Is it like the grocery store checkout line thing, where I have no idea who this famous person is, that their love life is of such magazine-cover importance, and thus reinforces my hapless illiteracy with pop culture icons?

    And then I realize, oh, no, he’s not some swank physicist or political expert, it’s just a slick bypass of a by-line.

    Weird. Just sayin’.

    1. I think the reason they flag people like Steve Chapman and David Harsayani in the headlines of the piece is because they’re not “Reason Staff” columnists, but rather are mainly published elsewhere (or on their own blogs), and occasionally contribute a piece here.

      1. The more you know.

      2. Aren’t those all syndicated columns that they just buy?

        1. /throws pack of mayo at Zeb.

          1. I only use artisanal mayonnaise on my club sandwich.

          2. What is a “pack” of mayo? You canucks….

            1. Something you put on French fries.

            2. I was out talking to the neighbor en francais.


              1. That’s even worse. Fat free?

    2. David Harsanyi writes all over the place, which is why they mention that it’s him. He publishes at National Review and I think he’s actually an editor at the Federalist and is notable for being the only major writer for the Federalist who isn’t a hardcore Christian.

      1. Robert Tracinski is an atheist.

      2. So you’re saying he’s more Giada de Laurentiis than that Jenner kid.

        1. …than he is that…

          Episiarch reminded me that it was high time I cleaned my pipe. Proper grammar is really asking a lot of me at the moment.

        2. How dare she wreck the Flay marriage!!!

          1. I giggled.

            He’s such a tit. I can no longer eat fire-roasted corn without feeling a momentary pang of hatred for him. Him, and his cutting board. Wanker.

            1. My wife does a really good impression of him.

              She pinches her nose and says something along the lines of:
              “An orange citrus peach mango chipotle salsa with a poblano jalape?o habanero ancho southwest relish. A little sweet, a little heat!”

              1. The beer episode of iron chef where he was clueless about anything more exotic than amber bock was awesome.

            2. THAT MAN IS NOT A CHEF!*

              *translated from the original Japanese

              1. “Chef Flay, the theme is Japanese Christmas. What are you preparing?”

                “Well Alton, I thought I’d start with some chilaquiles and a poblano chimichanga, followed by guajillo tamales…”

          2. His ex is hot

            1. Sure, throw some tape behind her ears and I’m game.

              Man, I can be cruel after one beer.

      3. Huh. I never sensed much of a hardcore Christian vibe at the Federalist.

  26. Nothing brings us together like a piece by Matt.

    /raises Maple Leaf cookie.

  27. Maybe some Reason people can check this out:

    “Empire and Liberty: The Civil War and the West” will be on display at the Autry National Centre of the American West in Los Angeles until January 3rd 2016 ”

    They’re serving free mint juleps!…..-civil-war

    (don’t tell them I’m lying about the mint juleps)

  28. Remember the Florida woman who refused to circumcise her 4 y/o son? They caught her. Doesn’t mention the son.…..s-arrested

    1. And if you went to that story, you’d see this link in a sidebar:

      Cops offer free hugs.


      (what they fail to mention is that the cops are working out a sentence of community service after being convicted of improper handling of toxic waste)

      (just kidding)


    2. in a parenting agreement filed in court, the two agreed to the boy’s circumcision. The mother later changed her mind, though, giving way to a long legal battle.


      What if she had changed her mind about his name, say, or whether she wanted to pay any of his support?


      Circuit and appellate judges have sided with the father, but potential surgeons have backed out after failing to get the mother’s consent and being targeted by anti-circumcision protesters.

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    1. We’ve talked about this, Adolph. It isn’t funny any more.

      1. Do you you know who else didn’t have a sense of humor, and was named Adolf?

        1. My great-grandfather.

        2. Adolf Eichmann?

  30. This country is dying, boys.

    ISIS, Ebola, you know all the problems.

    Joe the Plumber is right. We need a white Republican president to fix things.

    1. Yes, why not a black woman like Janice Rogers Brown?

      She would be the first U.S. President to be descended from American slaves!

      1. I think Slick Willie was the first black president if I recall my US history.

    2. Yeah, cause the white Democrat the country elected (twice) has worked out SOOO well.

    3. So tedious. I hope that’s what you’re going for.

  31. Procedures were followed

    “Federal law enforcement has a job to do and sometimes even following procedures, sometimes innocent people do get injured. But there are procedures and things of that nature to fix those kinds of things,” Mr. Drew said. “I mean it’s regrettable, but when you enforce procedures in light of the recent security situations, innocent people do sometimes get hurt and it’s unfortunate, but I don’t find it to be wrong.”

    Local paper interviews locals about those internal Border Patrol checkpoints. Watertown is mostly grateful for the Thin Green Line between American Order and Canadian Chaos.

  32. Oh fuck you, Australia.

    Angel Hair phenomenon: When spiders rain down on Australia town

    It rained spiders in a town in Australia, with millions of baby spiders falling from the sky during a phenomenon called Angel Hair.

    The town of Goulburn in New South Wales witnessed the occurrence last week, with a blanket of spiders coming down from the Southern Tablelands sky, the Goulburn Post reports.

    Keith Basterfield, who has been researching Angel Hair for over 10 years, said the spider rain is a natural migration phenomenon.

    “What happens is that during a particular time of the year, particularly in May and August, young spiders in the Outback somewhere throw these threads of spiderwebs up in the air and use them as a parachute to detach themselves from the ground and move in large colonies through the sky,” he said.

    1. It’s like a shit-storm.. only, with spiders..

    2. Spider Rain: a good band name.

      1. Shit Rain would be marginally better..

        1. It’s raining spider-men, hallelujah.

    3. Now they’re just showing off.

  33. Well I’m gettin drunk but I’m runnin out of beer. Staring at a fifth of cheap tequila (whiskey man myself) and I’m trying to work up the courage.

    Any rowing speeches would be appreciated.

    1. Beer before liquor, never sicker….

  34. if reason queens and hams were a snow cone crumb my sidewark would strack hugs from etheocloud blasm..

    1. I guess I’m too fucked up to get that one, viking lover

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    1. Always rest those digits on the home keys before you start typing your thoughts.

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    1. WINNER!

    2. Please post an MP3. Or Vorbis if you prefer.

    3. Agile is on a miracle ride of pure wildness.

  52. Cripes, Facebook can be annoying. So much political derp, even from otherwise bright and nice people. Politics is the mindkiller.

    The anti-fracking memes are usually terrible. “OMG, they used 70 million gallons of water last year!!” Which is 215 acre-feet. Growing alfalfa used 5.3 million acre-feet, or 24,651 times more. Household use for homes for toilets, faucets, showers, etc. was 13,023 times more.

    1. Yea, the anti-fracking, gaia lovers are pretty annoying. Then again I figure we’re all fucked so I drink.

      Darrell Scott says it the best, “It ain’t love, it ain’t money, it’s the whiskey that eases the pain”

      *Cue the fucking bad ass bluegrass music

      1. It helps if you find better things to worry about.

        For instance, my top concerns are kids, wife, whiskey, deer, ducks, fish,garden, livestock. I figure these things make me happy and are far more important than all the stupid shit going on in the world.

        1. I retreat into intellectual worries to escape from real-world worries about finances, girlfriend, friends, and family… only some of which are making me happy these days….

          1. Oh hell man, women always make a man happy, even when they’re drivin’ you crazy. Family is the most important thing in the world. Fuck finances, there’s been many a better man and woman, better than you and I, that have been dirt poor (no hearses with luggage racks).

          2. real-world worries about finances, girlfriend, friends, and family

            Dump the girl and watch every other one of those disappear


            1. Actually, she’s the least of my worries, these days. I have my complaints, but good-looking and affectionate and trustworthy and sane is very nice.

  53. Forgot to say: Figures are for California.

  54. Off topic: I found this on SI’s Hot Clicks today labelled as “Good New Yorker piece on the state of trains in America.” I could write a term paper on how much the article relies on emotion and is factually incorrect. Representative is this: “The late Tony Judt, who was hardly anyone’s idea of a leftist softy,”

    I didn’t know Judt so I checked his Wikipedia page and found this: A Marxist Zionist as a young man, Judt dropped his faith in Zionism and this: In later life, he described himself as “a universalist social democrat.”

    The whole piece is awful, and also equates train haters with automatic rifle loving murderers. And equates train haters with anti-abortionists. You know, your run of the mill murderers and maybe-not-murderers are the same thing. Don’t forget, the Constitution also provides for more Farm subsidies than mass transit subsidies, showing how awful it is.

    This whole article is making my head hurt more than the semi-copious amount of alcohol I have drank. Just remember: “A train is a small society, headed somewhere more or less on time, more or less together, more or less sharing the same window, with a common view and a singular destination.”

    1. The reason we don’t have beautiful new airports and efficient bullet trains is not that we have inadvertently stumbled upon stumbling blocks; it’s that there are considerable numbers of Americans for whom these things are simply symbols of a feared central government

      Christ, what an asshole.

      1. All I wanted was links to funny pictures of Charles Barkley(or whatever) and I got that.

      2. Seriously, WTF?! we have inadvertently stumbled upon stumbling blocks

        1. Not exactly top-notch prose for the New Yorker, eh?

    2. “A train is a small society, headed somewhere more or less on time, more or less together, more or less sharing the same window, with a common view and a singular destination.”

      This is one of the worst written, sappiest sentences in the history of the human race.

      1. It takes a train to carry a village to raise a child

  55. Huffpost is a hive of progressive communism – articles abound on confiscating weapons and wealth. Lots of excuses for Obama and his racist war on drugs and unjustified wars. And Koch Bros and their evil views on liberty and how centralized grubermint is so much better.

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