Watch Matt Welch Talk About 4/20 and Weed on Hannity Tonight at 10 p.m. ET


About halfway through Sean Hannity's self-titled 10 p.m. television program on Fox News tonight, I will be asked the question "Will marijuana legalization make america a weaker country?" We shall see whether the answers—or the follow-up questions—will surprise you.

One year ago this Saturday, I was also on Hannity talking about weed. You can read about the experience here, and watch the clip below:

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  1. I would rather spoon my eyes out, jab knives in my ears and give myself a molten metal enema than watch and listen to Hannity. There isn’t a strawman he can’t build and burn. Best of luck getting a word in if you have one of his famous 30 screaming people panels.

    1. Hannity is literally a shaved ape. It’s amazing how much of a scumbag he is.

      Oh, by the way, FUQ, you’re a great American.

      1. uhhh, thanks I think.

        (looks around for Brigade firing squad)

        The last time I saw Hannity was actually a marijuana special he had. The actual red faced anger some of the 30 person panel had was spectacular. And if one of the few people arguing for freedom started to speak they got yelled down by the very same idiots. I actually think O’ Reilly may be bigger douchebag than Hannity.

        1. You might want to click on the video Welch posted – i think you might recognize it.

          1. “If somebodies stoned out on pot its as bad as being stoned out on alcohol”

            I think this was the show and it was a later segment that this same law enforcement officer had his meltdown.

        2. “You’re a great American” is something that Hannity says (or used to say) to callers into his show (especially ones he agreed with).

          O’Reilly might be a bigger douchebag, it’s true. They’re both horrible.

          1. Stop triggering me !!!!!!!!!!

          2. O’Reilly wins the pompous/smug heat, but I think Hannity overtakes him with his world-class results in Self-Righteous Moralizing and Police Authority Worship.

            1. A guy once knew that there were kids who had broken into his house, so he moved his car and turned off the lights to make it look like he wasn’t home. A boy and a girl then came into his house, the guy shot the boy in the basement, then as the boy was bleeding out and no longer a threat, he shot the kid in the face and executed him. The girl somehow didn’t hear the gunshots so she started coming downstairs, so he shot her too. Then he stood over her while she was asking him to call her an ambulance and he shot her in the face and said ‘I ain’t no bleeding hear liberal.’ Neither was armed, he knew they weren’t armed, and neither was a threat once he’d already fucking shot them. We know it happened this way because the guy inexplicably taped it because he’s a sociopath.

              Now, even people who are very much in favor of the Castle Doctrine should probably balk at someone who knew kids were going to break into his house so he lay in wait then callously executed them on tape when they were no longer a threat. Hannity, on the other hand, argued he shouldn’t have even been charged with a crime.

              That’s our Hannity.

              1. Holy shit !!!! I am firm believer in the 2nd Amendment and the Castle Doctrine but that is a textbook execution. I just thought Hannity couldn’t disgust me more. It’s like peak derp. It can never be achieved.

                1. I read that story in an Elizabeth Stoker Breunig article and was all ready to say Breunig was full of shit, but I followed the link she provided and she was 100% right.

                  I was amazed that I came away from a Breunig article more disgusted with a Republican than I was with ESB.

                2. What you have to understand is that Hannity masturbates to Saw.

                  1. That’s….uh…bad?

                    And I’ve never even heard of such a thing!

                    1. What would Walter Block say?

                    2. What would Block say about what?

                    3. That guy Irish was referring to.

                    4. That guy Irish was referring to.

                      I got that. I’m not seeing what aspect of the case would be of particular interest to Block.

                    5. Property rights. Didn’t he write articles on how it would justified to let someone fall to their death if they tried to escape from a burning building onto your property and you rejected them?

                    6. I see. I was thinking more of how justice, retributive or otherwise, would work in an ancap world, which seems more Murphy’s turf.

                      As to the scenario you attribute to Block, I would say there is a difference between that and what the psychopath did to those kids. Say I own an oasis and you crawl up to it asking for water. If I say “no” and then you crawl away to die from dehydration in the desert, am I responsible for your death? By refusing to give you water, did I violate the NAP? I would think Block would argue that I didn’t violate the NAP through my refusal and that I bear no moral responsibility for your death.

                    7. You can find the audio at this link.

                      It’s fucking horrible. He shoots the first kid and the kid groans and falls down. Then he shoots him twice more and says ‘you’re dead’ before taking the time to wrap him in a tarp and move the body from the bottom of the stairs. He then shoots the girl as she’s coming down the stairs, mocks her by saying ‘you’re dying,’ shoots her again, then starts mumbling to himself about how he ‘refuses to live in fear,’ says ‘I am not a bleeding heart liberal, I felt like I was cleaning up a mess, not like spilled fruit, not like vomit, not even like diarrhea, the worst mess possible – in some tiny little respect I was doing my civic duty. Cause the law enforcement system wouldn’t handle it I had to do it. They weren’t human, I don’t see them as human, I see them as vermin.’ The guy took the time to AUDIO TAPE THIS which shows total premeditation, as well as some sort of absolute psychosis since I don’t know why you’d tape a planned execution.

                      Yeah. I have a rough time looking at that and concluding it was a reasonable use of lethal force. Hannity happened to disagree.

                    8. I’m gonna take your word for it and not listen to it. Please tell me this guy was prosecuted.

                    9. He was convicted and sentenced to multiple life sentences, which is why Hannity complained.

                    10. I remember that. Detroit? Somewhere up north anyway. I can’t believe that anyone would go on record as defending that psycho.

              2. I am familiar with that case but not with Hannity’s take on it. wow. I wonder what his position would be if one of those kids were his? I have a sneaking suspicion it might be slightly different.

              3. I bet Hannity decided to argue that side for some trivial reason related to how the story was initially framed, or who brought it up, and neglected to even think about the details. Maybe it was because the guy said, “I ain’t no bleeding heart liberal.” If the guy’d said, “I ain’t no bleeding heart conservative”, maybe Hannity would’ve sided against him.

                1. I bet Hannity decided to argue that side for some trivial reason related to how the story was initially framed, or who brought it up, and neglected to even think about the details. Maybe it was because the guy said, “I ain’t no bleeding heart liberal.” If the guy’d said, “I ain’t no bleeding heart conservative”, maybe Hannity would’ve sided against him.

                  That shit makes me want to turn tables. Of course, I was already in the mood to torn tables because I’m in Charlotte airport surrounded by Panther fans and when I went to get breakfast I was accosted with invitations to try “Bo’s special sauce,” which damn near made me hurl in line, so there’s that…

  2. I don’t say this about many people, but PUNCH HIM IN THE COCK MATT! If you need me to teach you how to safely wrap your fist in barbed wire, let me know.

  3. When pot was legal we had segregation and slavery! Ergo libertarians are racist.

  4. Matt Welch wants to sell pot to babies!

    Or does he want to put babies into pots?

    1. Maybe he wants to smoke babies in water bongs.

      1. Go on…

  5. OT: I am starting to miss The Independents. Not the show itself unless Kennedy wasn’t on it but the nightly thread here that went with it. Somehow Matt needs to get Fox (I don’t CNN or MSNBC trying it) to have another show.

    1. Cocktail Party Hour with Matt & Nick

      1. Got some Kale?

      2. Nick is more MSNBC material. If Matt was a hot chick, or started beating the war drums and called for giving Snowden a molten lead enema like Greg Gutfield he’d fit right in on Fox

    2. Our petitions for a Late Night Links or some such continue to be ignored and teh interderpendents was the closest we ever got. I miss those threads, too.

  6. Holy God, I love Gavin in that clip.

    “Whatever man, I use speed. I’m actually flying on oxy right this instant. Why are we even talking about legalizing soft stuff like pot? Pansies.”

    “Hey man, look at all these celebrities who have done shitloads of drugs. They seem well adjusted. Let’s do this shit.” *lights a pipe of crystal meth*

    1. They seem well adjusted.

      Citation Needed.

      1. If “well adjusted” means “rich until such time as their manager boards a plane foe Venezuela,” then sure.

        1. *for* Venezuela

    2. Gavin is hilarious. I always had Red Eye when I couldn’t sleep.

    1. “The Law for Protecting Literature and Books,”

      Then why are sales in a free fall with this law already on the books? Must be market failure.

    2. “Israeli lawmaker Nitzan Horowitz of the socialist-leaning Meretz party, who introduced the legislation, told Israel’s Army Radio last year that “we passed this law because of a market failure”

      Yep. A market failure.

      Anyone who uses the term ‘market failure’ doesn’t have the slightest understanding of economics and should be barred by law from having an opinion on the subject.

      1. He meant “the market was failing to do what we wanted it to do.”

    3. Why did its promoter even think the law would do what he said?

  7. I am angry Matt didn’t link to the best part of the Hannity show.

    Todd Starnes flies into a rage about all the bodies that will be piled up on street corners by you chucklehead dope fiends.

    Folks we’re watching the chuckleheads getting a good laugh about it, but when the body count starts rising, when people start dying.



    I’m pretty sure Welch is the one in the background who jokingly yells ‘yeah, we just don’t give a damn about marijuana ODs.’

    Then there’s Dr. Eric Braverman who starts gibbering about epigenetics, a subject he appears not to understand, and actually says ‘each generation that smokes pot with animals (?) gets fatter and fatter’ and then says something bizarre about germ cells getting damaged.

    The anti-pot side really came to play that night.

    1. I only smoke the weed when I’m doing “stuff” with animals.


    1. And a new generation learns of the dangers of penis pumps.

  8. About halfway through Sean Hannity’s self-titled 10 p.m. television program on Fox News tonight, I will be asked the question “Will marijuana legalization make america a weaker country?”

    I sincerely hope you’re able to make your points without having 15 yelling twits screaming over you. As for the question… You have my sympathies – what can you answer to someone who asks that? Did Vodka make the Soviet Union weaker? I would answer to Hannity: No – lack of individual freedoms weaken America.

    1. This time there was only one yelling twit. Unfortunately, the show is named after him.

  9. There’s a reason there’s a “dom” in “freedom,” because in a free population, some people will use their freedom to do stupid things.

    What is the remedy? Select a panel of philosopher-kings who are free from stupidity and vice so we *know* they won’t make mistakes about other peoples’ lives the way people make mistakes about their own lives?

    “Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the form of kings to govern him? Let history answer this question.” –Thomas Jefferson: 1st Inaugural, 1801. ME 3:320…..ff0600.htm

    1. “If the natural tendencies of mankind are so bad that it is not safe to permit people to be free, how is it that the tendencies of these organizers are always good? Do not the legislators and their appointed agents also belong to the human race? Or do they believe that they themselves are made of a finer clay than the rest of mankind?” – Bastiat…..ic_Bastiat

      1. I prefer one from your namesake.

        “The free man owns himself. He can damage himself with either eating or drinking; he can ruin himself with gambling. If he does he is certainly a damn fool, and he might possibly be a damned soul; but if he may not, he is not a free man any more than a dog.”-G.K. Chesterton

  10. Needz some “pot cures Ebola” stuff.

  11. Roseanne is going blind. I don’t blame her eyes, having to look at that visage everyday in the mirror would cause me to give up as well.

    1. CJ’s rules: if she is good enough for Tom Arnold, she is good enough for me.

      1. Seriously Crusty, you need help. Or weed.

  12. Progressives who pride themselves on being “pro-choice” while being nothing of the sort deserve the criticism they get for their brand of hypocrisy.

    At the same time, the difference in rhetoric between conservatives on the issues of tobacco and marijuana is simply baffling and astoundingly hypocritical. They go from making passionate defenses of liberty, individual rights, and small government to moral scolds and authoritarian advocates of “social contract” or whatever similar concept (such as religious obligations) they use. Honestly, I have more respect for people who think marijuana should be legal but tobacco should be illegal (not that I’m a fan of those people at all) than the other way around, because I think you can at least have rational reasons for holding those positions if you approach things from a utilitarian perspective. I really do not see how you can think the government has no business banning tobacco, despite its adverse affects, and then think they must ban marijuana for the good of society.

    1. KULTUR WAR, dude. Always KULTUR WAR. Damn dirty hippies smoke pot!

      1. Damn dirty hippies smoke pot!

        That and the fact that legal tobacco and illegal marijuana has been the status quo for decades.

        1. I agree with both explanations. It’s still puzzling how they can make the tobacco argument and then not explode from cognitive dissonance when the conversation switches to marijuana.

          1. C’mon, Cali, Doublethink ain’t a new concept.

    2. A lifetime of drug war propaganda has conditioned many people to hold beliefs that are plainly irrational, but there it is. It’s a Pavlovian response to certain stimuli. I don’t think left or right matters so much as if the propaganda bore fruit in a certain individual. Beyond that the “things I like should be legal and the things I don’t illegal” is not limited to left or right either.

      1. Yep,

        Recently republican establishment douche-bag Hugh Hewitt was ranting about the evil of Wickard (rightly so) on his radio show. Then he took a call from someone that pointed out that Wickard was the legal foundation of the war on drugs and Hewitt pivoted 180 degrees, defending the WoD using the exact same language and arguments that he was ridiculling five minutes earlier wrt the Wickard ruling.

        ‘Cause (some) Drugs are uniquely evil or something.

        It’s downright delusional.

        1. The feds and states had various wars on drugs going long before Wickard (e.g. the federal “Narcotic Farm” opened in 1935), and it didn’t ramp up until decades after Wickard, so how is it that Wickard is the “legal foundation”….?

          1. Wickard was one of the main precedents used to justify gonzales v. raich. Calling it the entire legal foundation may be a stretch, but it certainly is useful in justifying federal efforts against drug trade that doesn’t involve any interstate exchange or transportation.


            1. OK, that makes sense. I forgot the connection to Gonzales v. Raich

            2. Fucking Scalia.

    3. Honestly, I have more respect for people who think marijuana should be legal but tobacco should be illegal

      What’s your take on Temperance activists? They thought liquor was a far greater danger than cocaine or marijuana.

      1. Presently, in my hands, I hold a beer and and cigarette. If I lose a legal right to either, I will personally beat a legal-pot smoking hippie to death. First come, first die.

        1. Cigarette? Think of the children!

          1. Cigarette? Think of the children!

            The children are all still alive because I have access to cigarettes and booze. Alter the equilibrium at your peril.

        2. Hey, tough guy, I’m currently drinking Crater Lake gin, I’ll be having a smoke in a few minutes, and then I’ll smoke some weed as soon as I eat dinner. You can have it all!

          1. Epi, the scenario is pot is legal, but tobacoo ain’t. Some of us will get grumpy.

      2. Misguided, wrong, in some cases evil, but I don’t think all of them had irrational reasons for their beliefs. I think liquor is more dangerous than marijuana (not that either should be illegal or are inherently evil) and it is/was a greater source of societal ill than cocaine due to much more prominent use. Again, I totally disagree with them, but I can at least see how or why they would hold those beliefs (also, were Temperance and Prohibition supporters usually in favor of legal marijuana and cocaine? That seems dubious). Believing tobacco should be legal on individual rights grounds, as most conservatives argue, and then thinking marijuana should be illegal because the (supposed) ill effects it has on society is just puzzling.

        1. were Temperance and Prohibition supporters usually in favor of legal marijuana and cocaine? That seems dubious

          Well Alcohol prohibition has a much longer history then cocaine, opium and marijuana prohibition. Opium and Cocaine prohibition didn’t really take off until 1900 or so while marijuana prohibition really took off in the 1930s.

          1. Sure, but alcohol use was much more widespread. That seems to indicate focusing more on alcohol, not necessarily that those groups were in favor of legal drugs.

        2. I believe conservatives are responding to tobacco and pot having different psychological effects. Tobacco is mildly mind-altering, but pot is more so. Plus the effects of use are less socially visible: e.g. you don’t hear much about tobacco users losing control of their cars, becoming dumber, less motivated, and the other “stoner” stereotypes. (And like many stereotypes, that one contains a kernel of truth.) And I’d bet that the more mind-altering the substance, the more they’d oppose it: there are even fewer pro-LSD conservatives than there are pro-pot ones.

          I also think many conservatives see tobacco and alcohol as traditional, so those seem less scary and get “grandfathered in” to social acceptability.

    1. The wonderful thing about truth is that it’s stranger than fiction. Or your run-of-the-mill porno.

      1. You mean somewhere, out there, right as I type this…there is a large white van, almost the size of say, a bus, cruising the streets, and the driver of this vanbus picks up random women hitchhikers and then they all have sex in the vanbus?

        1. The van is black and is called Scooby.

    2. Right, I found her to be attractive as well.

      1. Ditto that my brother

    3. Attention Alcoholics: Do not tell your sponsors about past criminal behaviors without being willing to serve time for them, as well, and fuck what they tell you about these things being kept in confidence.

      1. are you saying you should not trust a random person you met in a church basement full of stinky people who are drinking bad coffee? you are so pessimistic.

        1. I’m saying the only people who gossip worse than AA members are people who.. fuck, I can’t even think of any people who gossip worse than AA members.

          1. My experience tells me you are right. Also, the gossip is not really helpful, who would have guessed?

          2. That’s what I’ve gathered from 12-step programs in general.

            A friend of mine thought I was an alcoholic.* I’m not, but I figured, “What’s the harm in humoring him and going to a meeting or two with him?”

            Jesus. If I had to hang out with the kind of sad sack self-absorbed whiny crybaby assholes and their utterly ridiculous problems on a regular basis I’d be driven to drink not away from it. I became pretty convinced that for most of these people their problems didn’t center on intoxicant usage, but the fact that they are over-the-top drama queens who turn really minor and ordinary life experiences and annoyances into the end of the fucking world.

            The “rooms” just give narcissists the only place where other people will entertain and commiserate with their silly bullshit.

            A few of my other friends in my MC are “recovering” addicts/drunks and they told me the only way to actually stay sober is to get out of these programs as soon as possible.

            *Note: Lots of AA types think anyone who ever gets intoxicated, regardless of frequency or situation is an alcoholic.

    4. Is there a video?

      I am asking for….uh….a friend.

      1. You can borrow my Saw collection.

    5. Fuck You, Florida!

      Georgia FTW!

  13. I was watching a Sargon of Akkad video about The video itself is actually kind of boring, which is rare for him, but this comment on Jezebel is fucking hilarious and really shows what utter sociopaths Jezebel commenters are.

    A woman outright says that she would rather her husband died than that they got divorced because at least if he died she could cherish his memory.

    This is so immensely selfish and narcissistic it’s almost unbelievable.

    1. The video itself is actually kind of boring, which is rare for him

      Eh, when I have a taste for ranting Brits, I prefer Pat Condell. Sargon usually is a bit long-winded for my tastes, even on his gaming channel. Condell, on the other hand, is usually able to speak truth to power in under 5 minutes.

      1. How Pat Condell has managed to elude the UK thought police for so long is quite remarkable. I’ve been watching his vids on and off for years and I thought he must get charged with some kind of hate-crime or “racial abuse” eventually.

        1. If he’s lucky!

          If not, he’s gonna get end up as Lee Rigby redux.

        1. Yes, I’ve seen her channel. And I can only imagine how enraged she makes her targets due to the fact that she’s, you know, attractive.

          1. No kidding, a confident hot young woman who has chosen to not live her life as a victim.
            I’m old enough to be her father and am in lust. The college women I grew up with in the 70’s in the second wave of feminism cultivated their victim status and I know one that got up to third dog at the SEIU in the last 10 years. She is very well to do, owning multiple properties in Seattle. She is obviously smart having used her victimhood whether it be feminista victimhood or using the dues of her SEIU dues payers to get ahead.

            Playing the victim does pay off in this day and age, it’s refreshing to see a young woman call bullshit on this. I wish her well.

            1. Agreed, HM, when a woman like her leaves the reservation she has a very large target on her back….she’s young and seems to not care, I wonder how it will work out over time. The SJWS arereaking a spiteful pack of scoundrels.

              In a just world a woman like her could someday aspire to high office, rather than a someone like the Hildebeest who has used the victim card her whole time in the public eye, (like her husband using his position to get blow jobs from a young intern). We shall see.

    2. The fuck? I really have no other reaction. If that is a serious comment, how can someone seriously believe that and not realize they are a complete narcissistic sociopath (yes, I realize this is amateur armchair psychology on my part, but fuck it)?

      1. I’m surprised at all the pearl-clutching here. Never had a bad divorce, huh? I haven’t either, but I can understand that feeling. Having a spouse die can be less painful than having one divorce you. I see this as blowing off steam rather than psychopathology. If wishing ill to an ex-spouse/ex-friend/ex-employer who hurt you badly is a sign of mental illness, how many people are “sane”?

        Obviously, if this were a plan or a policy recommendation, or something obsessed on for long periods or about multiple people, yeah, that’d be over the line, but I don’t think someone having an evil Walter Mitty fantasy is proof of sociopathology.

    1. “Oops!”

  14. OT: Al-Aqsa Mosque Sheik Rebukes Pakistan for Not Launching Nuclear Strike to Help Establish Caliphate

    1. I was going to post that very same video. However, in the second half of the video, it’s clear that he’s just some crazy ranting hobo. Even his audience looks bored.

  15. I remember reading a biography of Cecil B. DeMille where it stated that the only time he voted for a Democratic Presidential candidate was for FDR in 1932 for the sole reason that he was a wet.

    And that led to a libertarian moment now didn’t it?

  16. Matt wants to legalize ALL date-rape drugs!

  17. i am only checking in on this for the ties.

    *Hannity is one toke over the line too GOP-tarded for me, and i believe the future will be better off when these constantly-wrapping-themselves-in-the-flag douchebags no longer have a senior-citizen audience to put to bed every night.

    that said,

    Hannity has terrible taste. Between the tie in the video clip vs. tonight? they’re identical, just different colors. Like he buys them in packs of 5, like underwear. He dresses like a midwestern insurance salesman. Like he makes extra effort to be especially boring, so as not to seem ‘fancy pants’ (even though he’s raking in money). he’s the kind of person who still wears a fraternity ring in his 50s, covers their house in yellow ribbons to “support the troops” but would never let his kids join the military.

    Ahh. Welch goes Conservative. An improvement over the ‘maroon-shirt/black tie’ philosophy-professor getup last year. Its important as the libertarian guest (aka “republicans who smoke pot”) to appeal professional and authoritative on the topic.

    I appreciate the spotted red tie. It is “more fun” than the John Bolton, but still more apropos than, say, pink-shirt.

    Jesus, they said “what happens when kids get addicted”. Then he asks Matt a question…cuts off the answer and then starts answering for him.

    Fuck Hannity with a rusty shovel

    1. Welch goes Conservative

      Damn conservatarian.

    2. GILMORE? Not a great American.

    3. Dude, those aren’t spots, they’re STARS. #GreatAmerican

      1. Get a load of Lee Greenwood over here.

        1. Marjajuana is green…is Matt Lee Potwood?

      2. i’m not sure what to think.

        No, now i do.

        FAILED TO WEAR BLUE SUIT!! For the love of F.Scott Key, man… when you fly old glory, its got to be properly color-matched. For shame

  18. “What do you want matt!? Do you want to legalize weed?

    “”Well i think the way its enforced now is…”

    “And crack? You want to legalize crack too right…”

    “… excessive, there’s just no reason for”…

    …”But all drugs? right? Every one of them? In schools too, correct? I mean come on..”

    1. “Yes, Sean, including *your* apparent drug of choice, amphetamine.”

      1. He’s a glorified game-show host.

    2. We must keep drugs illegal for the childrenz.

      Because obviously wanting to allow ADULTS to choose what they do with their lives means you MUST want to force the childrenz to smoke dope. Hannity is a fucktard.

      1. means you MUST want to force the childrenz to smoke dope.

        Alas, there are progs you do think that.

        1. And this is why peak derp is not attainable.

  19. It’s like a Prog Nightmare come true.

    Uber driver, licensed to carry gun, shoots gunman in Logan Square

    Authorities say no charges will be filed against an Uber driver who shot and wounded a gunman who opened fire on a crowd of people in Logan Square over the weekend.

    The driver had a concealed-carry permit and acted in the defense of himself and others, Assistant State’s Attorney Barry Quinn said in court Sunday.

    1. The driver pulled out a handgun and fired six shots at Custodio, hitting him several times

      And nothing else happened.

      1. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

        Uber drivers I guess.

  20. Sweet mother of god, hannity. Heroin IS legal, with a prescription for oxy. Cocaine IS legal, as a anesthesia at your local dentist. That episode brought me out of my lurking slumber. What a MFing statist hack on display. I’m going back to my slumber. Dubnyk’s not a bad goalie, it’s just Edmonton sucks. And McDavid doesn’t play goal.

    1. I’m going to the dentist tomorrow !!!!! I can then hit the trifecta legally all in one day.

      Colorado Medical Weed Card – check

      Permanent Disability with Oxy Script – check

    2. So where do I get one of these heroin prescriptions? Seriously, you are only likely to ever possibly encounter pharm coke in ENT surgery or maybe certain kinds of eye surgery.

      I can’t even score modafinil off a croaker. I’d be in paradise with Tylenol 4s.

      Prescription ain’t “legal”. Just ask someboidy doin’ hard time down in Fla. You can find a few in the archive.

  21. An ode to Sean Hannity

    by John Cleese

    Aping urbanity,
    Oozing with vanity,
    Plump as a manatee,
    Faking humanity,
    Journalistic calamity,
    Intellectual inanity,
    Fox News insanity,
    You’re a profanity, Hannity.

  22. *Insert link to Mystery of the Leaping Fish here*

  23. Late night Spot the Not

    wacky business names

    1. Mammoth Erection Scaffolders

    2. Boring Business Systems

    3. Molestin Sheep

    4. Kidsexchange

    5. Camel Towing

    6. Doggy Style Designs

    1. Number 1 is a great band name.

      I’m going with 2

      1. Shoulda bought an inflatable love sheep:

        1. Ah, the Love Ewe. I have a college story about that and another thing known as the “Rambone”.

          But that is a story for another time.

    2. I’ll go with 5.

    3. 3 has to be wrong

    4. 3 is the not.

      Here are some of the logos of the others:…..-on-earth/

    5. 3. The answer is always 3. It only works if the answer is 3. But I’d’ve picked that one anyway.

  24. Hannity has a week long expose of the dangers/horrors of spring break.

    He’s like a caricature of a stereotypical Republican.

    1. Hannity and O’Reilly are useful, however, for those times that progressives piss me off so much that I think “Republicans can’t be that bad, right?” Helps me come to my senses.

      1. Then once you think that the Republicans are so bad the Progs must have come to their sense you get Obama and Hillary Clinton.

      2. Last time I seriously listened to talk radio was ’08. Month prior to the election, I drove from DC to Baton Rouge to Nashville, then home, then DC-St. Pete-Austin-Lubbock, arriving in the latter place right before Barry won. I listened to NPR heading North-South, Rush/Hannity/Boortz East-West.

        I’ve not listened to any of them since, but to be fair, Hannity’s alarmist rhetoric about Obama was the most prophetic.

        /They were so sad at Texas A&M when Obama won.

        1. I guess I’m drowsier than I thought, this late. When I read “before Barry won”, I thought for a sec you were in some alternate universe where Goldwater was elected prez.

    2. Does he go on about the Rape Culture?

    3. Hannity has a week long expose of the dangers/horrors of spring break.

      You can’t be serious.

      1. It does lead to those godawful movies and tv episodes.

      2. It’s pretty funny, I was scrolling through this thread and came across your comment and had the thought in my head “Hannity is like a caricature of a stereotypical Republican” and then scrolled up to see JeremyR had the exact same thought in his original comment. The guy’s a parody of himself at this point.

    4. Hannity is often an embarrassing Team Red/socon cheerleader and fulfiller of stereotypes, but I think he’s at least somewhat libertarian on economic issues.

  25. Dutch families whose members joined ISIS sue Dutch govt:…..o-sue-govt

    1. Nidalha claimed that he had informed the police as soon as he found out that his 20-year-old son had traveled to Syria to join ISIL. Yet, he said, the police did not do anything.

      I believe this. And they’re light-years beyond that Baba Yaga-like screeching hag that is the Tsarnaev Brother’s mother.

      1. What.. exactly did they expect from the police? That they travel to ISIS territory and take him into custody?

        1. “You non-Muslims didn’t help me enforce my view of Islam on my adult son, who has a different view of Islam!”

  26. Hanitty is a douche, but that Amy Holmes is one hot looking babe. 42 at that.

  27. Someone posted this Steyn article earlier and it’s probably his best work since the stuff he wrote about the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

    As Cindy Archer and others understood, when the nightmare suddenly descends, you have to be super-alert not to put a foot wrong, even by an inch or two. She was worried they were going to shoot her barking dogs. Which the police certainly do. But, maybe if your poor dog tries to protect you and you rush to grab his collar, the sudden move will result in them shooting you – and then trotting back to the vehicle to find a taser to plant beside your body.

    What I mean is, when Mr Mauser says “it’s hard to know how you would react”, you have to react as you would if you were raided by the Egyptian police or the Turkmen police, and figure out a way to increase your odds of surviving the encounter. But, on his general point, I’m in agreement: Americans need to recover the habits of liberty, and refuse to accept the “justice” of squalid hacks like “Judge” Kulka. And they need also to understand that there is a direct line between the contempt for law demonstrated by the super-elite in Washington and the terrifying caprices of Wisconsin “justice”.

    These days I can’t sit through that “I’m proud to be an American ’cause at least I know I’m free” song. I’d like fewer people to sing it and more people to live it.

    1. Just “Someone” he says…

      /kicks rock

    2. I’m not a paranoid like Steyn about Islam, but he does speak so called “truth to power” outside of anyone other than Ramirez. He owns progtards and is a master at skewing that bunch of idiots, so I’ll give him a bit of slack.

  28. Joe Arpaio back on the taxpayer-funded scoreboard bring his total up to a cool 71.5 million since he’s been sheriff.

    Officials agreed Wednesday to pay $3.5 million to settle a lawsuit that alleged metro Phoenix’s sheriff botched the investigation into the rape of a 13-year-old girl and failed to arrest the suspect who then went on to sexually attack her again.

    The girl’s rape case was among more than 400 sex-crime cases that were inadequately investigated or not looked into at all by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office over a three-year period ending in 2007.

    The decision to resolve the lawsuit by the girl’s guardians marks the latest in a long string of legal settlements against Arpaio’s office. The county had previously paid more than $68 million in judgments, settlements and legal fees for the sheriff’s office during Arpaio’s 22-year tenure. Some settlements resolved lawsuits filed over the treatment of inmates in Arpaio’s jails and the sheriff’s failed corruption investigations of political foes.

    1. Don’t you think part of that total is probably just partisan lawfare, though? I suspect his outspoken politics gets him extra attention of this sort.

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