Drug Legalization

DC Residents Free to Grow Own Marijuana


Originally published on Mar. 27, 2015. Text below:

Washington, D.C.—On March 27, hundreds of people lined up for blocks outside of Libertine bar in the city's Adam's Morgan neighborhood to get totally legal—and totally free—marijuana seeds.

"This is the end of the Cannabis Campaign," says Adam Eidinger, chairman the DC Cannabis Campaign and organizer of the seed-sharing event.

Last November, D.C. residents voted in favor of Ballot Initiative 71, which legalized the possession of up to two ounces of marijuana. The initiative also allows residents to grow a small number of marijuana plants. "We're seeing the new law in action," says Eidinger. "People are picking up free seeds from people who are willing to share them and they are going to go home and grow marijuana in their homes in Washington D.C."

About 90 seconds. 

Produced by Joshua Swain. Additional help with Todd Krainin and Robert Mariani.
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  1. Suck it laser tag drug warriors

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  2. “DC Residents Free to Grow Own Marijuana”

    Supposedly. We’ll see. I wouldn’t want to be the guinea pig.

    1. If we start letting them grow marijuana in their yard, next thing they’ll want to grow other herbs in their yard. Then it will be tomatoes and cabbages. Then where would we be? It’s madness, I tells ya!

  3. Well, this is it. The end of the world. Dogs and cats sleeping together, fish leaving the rivers and turning into cannibal zombie sheep, swarms of flying locust frogs. It’s all happening…

    1. Hey, where did you get your seeds? I’d really like some of those!

  4. You know who else was free to….no, wait. It doesn’t work.

    Never mind.

    1. You could go with..you know who else thought they were free until the stormtroopers showed up and shot their dog?

      1. The Calvos?

        1. The Calvos were “innocent” bystanders.

          I just want to make certain that everyone knows that the DEA has a bailiwick of all 50 States, the District, the Territories, the Possessions, and when last I checked 80 foreign countries. On the other side of the coin the DEA has less than 5000 sworn agents. If you think that they have the resources to enforce Federal petty possession/cultivation of cannabis law in more than 2 or 3 cities you really should schedule a Rorschach test because you’re very likely gone totally out of your mind. Sure, they’re going to forget about the world wide supply of cocaine, heroin, meth, etc to make sure that no one in DC has a couple of plants. Tell us another fairy story daddy! We’re not sleepy tired yet!

          Mr. Eidinger is excepted. If he’s got plants he should expect a visit.

          1. I do not think you understand the DEA’s priorities.

            You write the above as if you’re assuming the DEA is in the business of *drug interdiction* and they want to stop large-scale drug trafficking.

            The DEA exists to continue the existence and expansion of DEA power. The heroin makers can wait – the DEA takes Jesus’ stance on them, they will always be with us. And the DEA is happy about that because the existence of large-scale drug suppliers is a boogey-man the DEA can use to perpetuate the reason for its existence.

            Marijuana cultivation, open MJ cultivate, in the national capital, a federal preserve – simply will not be tolerated.

            Not because small-scale production (even if widespread) is a *actual* danger ‘to society’ but because it undermines the *fear* the DEA uses. If people can grow and trade and use pot freely, they’ll see that the damages of the pot trade are overblown.

            And if they see that, then they might question the need for the rest of prohibition.

            Which will lead to the extinction of the DEA – and the DEA will do everything within its power to prevent that.

            1. If people can grow and trade and use pot freely, they’ll see that the damages of the pot trade are overblown.

              I think they are already a little late on that one. That’s all happening in Colorado and some medical MJ states already.

              I’m a little more optimistic. I guess we’ll find out who is right pretty soon.

      2. Rin Tin Tin’s owners?

  5. Google image Hannah DavIs. Your Welcome.

      1. Lol:) DAVIS. I hate this damn phone!

  6. So if I lived in DC I could brew my own potshine?

  7. Rip the fuck up, DC. Probably won’t help get your motherfucking boots off our necks but maybe some cloud will get you scuttlechunks thinking about some ultra high five. Ultra high five is not your goddamn normal high five. ULTRA high five is the fist crash of freedom. Nobody’s ever heard of this because my fingers just made all that shit up on the goddamn spot for absolutely no fucking apparent reason.

      1. That. Was…. cl.o.s.e. Very fucking close, Warren.

      2. That may be the only weapon greater than the Contra Spread Cannon

  8. “DC Residents Free to Grow Own Marijuana”

    Of course, if they *do* anything with it, they’ll be out of a job, in prison, or worse.

  9. I spend the whole day in a drunken stupor, nap, wake up and come here and ……nothing.

    I guess everyone else is in a drunken stupor now.

    1. Here’s your mistake:

      All the insane shit is happening in the gay marriage thread because John is going nuts and is claiming we all hate social conservatives and want them to get sued for not serving gay people, even though that’s the opposite of what everyone is arguing.

      It’s amazing.

      1. I stay out of those and the abortion threads.

        1. WHY DO YOU HATE BABIES, WARREN!!!1!!1!11one!11

          1. They totally creep me out with their eight legs and eight eyes and how they can walk upside down across ceilings.

      2. When John goes all Red Tony, there’s just no stopping him. God love him…

        1. You’re like a God-hand connoisseur of YouTube videos and other links. What’s your secret? It’s the Zen Buddhism isn’t it?

      3. John is now doing a great impression of a butthurt socon version of Agile Cyborg. It’s kind of sublime.

        1. Someone gave John acid?

    2. Yeah, we’re galavanting across the southland. I’m taking Percocet at random intervals – drinking a little as it suits me.

      Fucking south of the Mason-Dixon is where it’s AT this time of year! Whooooooo!!!

      1. Percocet and booze is like being stoned… I remember one night last fall I was fucked up with my Marine brother and his gf and shit was rolling smooth like a hip-hoppin rainbow team… so his gf offered me two Ambiens. Most of the time no matter what the docs say booze can be mixed with basic pharma… however, if you check the chemical roster some aren’t BEST mixed with copious amounts of booze. Vicodin is ok. Percocet is ok. Mushrooms? no. Kloponin? no. Ambien? no… you might get lucky and will likely live but just TWO ambien with a stack of bottles makes for a night you will ONLY remember when you wake up the next DAY…

        So, my bro’s cute gf offers my hammered ass two ambiens and I’m like cool let’s roll……..
        I woke up the next morning at like fucking 11. I got up and went to fucking pee and … I couldn’t fucking unzip my pants because they were on fucking backwards…. so shit… whateva… I dropped the fuckin jeans pulled the dick..and.my.fucking. balls were shaved….

        yea… my brother said I insisted that he and his gf shave my fucking ball sack….I have a cool ass brutha I guess… no razor burns and his and her shaved my balls into a smooth pouch of jewels, bitches… so you couple of newbies hangin out here listen to a dude that experiments… be fucking careful mixing narco with booze…. be safe and in GOOD hands….

        1. Kloponin

          I might have to start calling it that from now on.

          But yeah, benzos and Z-drugs don’t mix with alcohol.

        2. Not my Ambien story, but a friend.

          Ice fishing. Got a cabin, we’re getting our drink on. Buddy is a big drinker. We drink a bunch. Good times. He takes his Ambien. Doesn’t fall asleep. It gets weird.

          Like, bad weird.

          Talks in German.
          Sits at the table saying the Lord’s Prayer.
          Pisses on the floor.

          And so on.

          If you don’t fall asleep with the Ambien, it’s gonna get weird.

        3. Mushrooms? no

          I disagree with this, at least in my youth beer and shrooms went hand in hand.

          1. That has been my experience as well. Just don’t start drinking liquor before the shrooms kick in.

    3. I like your routine Suthenboy.

      Drunken stupor, wake up, check H&R, pass out again.

      You wear it well.

  10. Oh, sorry Sparty could’t hang with Duke. Duke. Is. Duke. whatcha gonna do?

    Now we’re watching “The Bible”, cause…Easter, I guess…

    1. watching teh bible on percocet and booze? holyfangels…

      Get some of those pills if you don’t have to drive. This is the bible movie so all bets are off. Get Like 4 pills. Break them up and sniff them and then drink 2-3 shots of cheap vodka. The bible film will be the most amazing film you’ve ever secretly jacked your dick off to, Alibabi.

      1. I can’t imagine jacking my dick to the Bible.

        I did once flog it to an infomercial with about four women shaving their legs while waking up with a hangover at a La Quinta though.

        1. In La Quinta, or at a La Quinta Inn? Big difference.

          I’ll be there next week. We should get drinks.

  11. I have never tried pot and see no reason why I would even if it did become legal. However I am very glad to hear that more and more places are making it legal even if the federal government doesn’t seem to have come up with a plan on how they will let it go.

    When it comes down to it, as far as I’m concerned, the more liberty the better.

    1. I hate pot. I get paranoid and insecure which I never do in real life.

      I love coke and MDMA though. I did the latter before the Reagan boys added it to the Schedule list.

      1. To me the point isn’t what I do or what I like. The point is freedom to do whatever isn’t hurting anyone else. If you have your freedom and I have mine we should all be happier.

  12. Nice job Badgers! Good by everyone a brackets.

  13. I’m going to post this while it’s still Holy Saturday, because if it were to be posted on Easter Sunday it might be a tad too snarky for that joyous occasion.

    I am Max Longley, honored to be a member of the Catholic Church in general, and of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in particular.

    The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is a Church of martyrs – the atheist Josef Stalin felt more threatened by our church than by any other religious organization. No wonder that members of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church were starved to death, sent to Gulags, and subject to Communist atheist persecution more than other religious groups – a remarkable circumstance considering the atheist Joseph Stalin’s hostility to any religion which acknowledged God.

    Now, the Lord willing, my Church will be able to avert a new wave of persecution through the negotiation of a comprehensive peace deal for the current war in Ukraine. As an American I take no side in this war, but instead pray for peace and religious freedom.

    1. Jesus freaking christ…..

    2. Cool story bro.

  14. Happy Easter for those who are into that kind of thing, and for those who aren’t, at least here is a blessing for your Easter baskets.



    Max Longley
    Member of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

    1. Now would be a good time to plug your book.

  15. Easter hymn sung by hot chick:

    Christ is risen from the dead
    And through Death He did trample upon death
    And to those in the tombs He granted life


    1. Godam the depth here is like secret microscropes in the deep ufo basements…..

      GKC… the sensuality is brilliant and i see stars and comets in my face

    2. I have now sez gkc in the deepest poets..

  16. The Constitution gives Congress plenary police power over D.C..

    And Congress banned marijuana…

  17. I will fight to protect gkc

  18. My heart is moved by the notes of the uniparallels….

    I don’t know these things and what my face and heart plucks….gkc

  19. these threads are the greatest deepest surprises and i do all the altered stated and i am called back into the song of the gkc angels and I weep on my fingers … reason is the altar of depth and its lovers always surprise and tempt……..

  20. the hundreds sorrow and the tones break the blood
    strains of the voice lean into the moutains and the granite
    echos the tongues of light. stones of the villages captured seek
    clouds… the throat of the young bursts great voices in the vapor
    and the loneliness is parted with the young girl’s cry

  21. I live in the spirit worlds of lovers and i have closet full of demons and drugs, motherfuckers.

  22. “Prohibition was introduced as a fraud; It comes to send spies, detectives, and informers into our homes; to have us arrested and carried before courts and condemned to fines and imprisonments. It comes to dissipate the sunlight of happiness, peace, and prosperity in which we are now living and to fill our land with alienations, estrangements, and bitterness. It comes to bring us evil ? only evil ? and that continually. Let us rise in our might as one and overwhelm it with such indignation that we shall never hear of it again as long as grass grows and water runs.”?

    ? Roger Q. Mills of Texas, 1887, quoted repeatedly during a December 1914 debate in Congress over alcohol Prohibition

    “Narcotics police are an enormous, corrupt international bureaucracy and now fund a coterie of researchers who provide them with ‘scientific support’, fanatics who distort the legitimate research of others. The anti-marijuana campaign is a cancerous tissue of lies, undermining law enforcement, aggravating the drug problem, depriving the sick of needed help, and suckering well-intentioned conservatives and countless frightened parents.”

    ? William F. Buckley, Commentary in The National Review, April 29, 1983, p. 495

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