Barack Obama

Barack Obama's Selfie Stick is Really Kind of Sad


So you're the most powerful man in the world (or at least in the top five). Why wouldn't you have the kids running your Twitter feed post this pic with a "YOLO man!" caption and pitch to "get covered" by Obamacare?

While you're at it, participate in a douchetastic video at Buzzfeed where you mug in front of a bathroom mirror like the long-lost son of Chuck McCann, the old Right Guard pitchman from the 1970s:

You had one job, Obama. Well, more than one, and you pretty screwed them all up: Foreign policy, economic policy, transparency, you name it. And when you're spending the last 30 or so years of your life wandering the planet as an ex-president, don't ever get on your high horse about the dignity of the office of the president or any of that sort of shit. Because whatever honor the Oval Office might have had after a multi-decade occupation by jackasses who were evil (LBJ, Nixon), semi-comatose (Ford, Carter), mendacious as hell (Reagan, Clinton), clueless (George W. Bush), you've kind of helped piss it all away. But WTF, right, muchacho? YOLO.

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  1. It’s not sad at all. It’s the cult of personality displayed in all its wonder.

    Isn’t this half the reason people lean libertarian to begin with?

    Hell, I’m glad President Not My Fault wants to Instagram now. Reveal that shit Bro. Don’t hide your Marxist pedigree, display it in all its glory.

    Then we can remind everyone of how utterly wrong this direction is.

  2. I’ve got no problem with a president presenting a personal side to the public, making appearances, having fun, showing he’s not just the President but also a citizen. It’s when he makes a travesty of the office, as Obama has done, that I take issue.

    And, hey, Gillespie. What, no mention of Bush I?

    1. Sheldon didn’t get the last bar tab.

  3. Nick forgot this idiocy.

  4. What makes Obama’s cult of personality different though is the complete wimpiness of it.

    You normally see leaders acting super macho. Putin bare chested, wrestling with animals or hunting. Or the King of Jordan in his flight suit.

    Instead, we have Obama with his selfie stick, Obama in his mom jeans riding a bike with a dorky helmet.

    On the one hand, I suppose you can make a case that he’s secure in his manhood or something. But at the same time, it seems like we are celebrating wussiness. What’s next, pictures of him in his pajamas drinking cocoa?

    1. Have you seen how most Americans behave these days? They are celebrating wussiness. They downright embrace it. Hence, the rise of the nanny state.

      1. And the rise of SJWs.

      2. Nah fuck that.

        SOME Americans are wussbags lately. But they get more press thanks to things like Gawker, etc.

        Many of us are still acting like assholes, and proud of it. Nashville especially has a nice crowd full of people who live mainly to serve as a warning to others.

        1. Someone wrecked that video.

        2. SOME Americans are wussbags lately. But they get more press thanks to things like Gawker, etc.

          But, those people are precisely Mr. Obama’s target audience. Rugged individualists aren’t going to embrace the Obama agenda.

    2. What’s next, pictures of him in his pajamas drinking cocoa?

      My first thought was “I’ve seen that somewhere”. Perhaps it’s one of things that are so real they don’t even need to be true.

    3. With Putin, at least, I don’t think the tough guy thing is an act. Just sayin.

    4. He does comedy sometimes. And he actually does it pretty well for a politicians. It doesn’t hurt anybody.

      Breathe people, it’ll be over in a couple years.

      1. And he actually does it pretty well for a politicians.

        Meaning poorly.

        It doesn’t hurt anybody.

        Well, unless you count joking about murdering the Jonas brothers with a drone strike. Because joking about the Pakistani children your administration killed is just so classy.

        1. You don’t care about Pakistani children.

          1. Apparently neither do you Tony.

  5. Nick Gillespie: big George H.W. Bush fan, apparently.

    1. H.W. wasn’t a good president but at least he didn’t embarrass the office the way the rest of them did.

      1. His VP set a new low for that office, though.

      2. That’s true, he didn’t have any embarrassing ga– *vomits into Harold’s lap*

  6. I rather him posting selfies to instagram rather than working on public policy or issuing executive orders.

    1. Or taking another vacation on the taxpayer dime.

  7. Obama met with columnist George Will prior to announcing his candidacy for POTUS. Baseball statistician, history professor, and king-maker pundit Will explained to the young Senator from Illinois that his best chance to be president was now (2008). Sold on this, Obama took the gamble and won. Newly elected President Obama graciously returned the favor by attending a dinner party at Will’s Virginia home along with other elites. George Will has repeatedly called (in his own fine-tuned words) a narcissist ever since.

  8. The Obama selfie stick reminds me of those selfies you see of desperate, lonely people who pretend that someone else is taking the photo, but because they didn’t notice the mirror behind them in the shot, they accidentally reveal that they just don’t have any friends who think enough of them to take a picture.

    And, of course, the photos are always pretentious and shallow enough that you can glimpse why they don’t have those kinds of friends.

    1. Call girls at take selfies in the motel mirror, cell phone camera in hand, to authenticate themselves to potential clienta. Let me know when Obama, or any other pol, is that smart.


    So some Gitmo detainees recognized the translator on their defense team as a guy working at a CIA black site. Stalin would be proud.

  10. So, an article on Buzzfeed where Obama tells 360,000,000 people what he does when no one’s around…

    There’s a hyphenated rant about the douchey irony here, but I can’t quite put it into words.

  11. partisans are partisans because they desperately want to be loved.

    approval-seeking is so fucking ugly.

    1. And nobody seeks approval and validation more than Obama.

      I suppose a psychologist might say it has something to do with his mother and father both abandoning him as a child.

  12. Alright Nick. That’s more like it. You need to get angry more often, it produces much clearer prose.

    1. Agreed. Bravo Nick, bravo

    2. “And anger lent clarity to his words”

  13. I once watched a gal (with a friend no less) use a selfie stick the entire length of the Luray Caverns. Instead of taking frontwards pics of the pretty parts, her method of capturing the stalactites was in the background of a selfie, every. ten. feet. I was mesmerized by the complete and total narcissism. At the ripe old age of 42, I just don’t get kids these days. We’re screwed

    1. I once watched a gal (with a friend no less) use a selfie stick the entire length of the Luray Caverns

      That story did not end up going where I thought it was going to.

      1. + 50 shades of bowchickawowwow…

  14. Sociopathic Narccissim must be fed!

  15. Well, apparently the question before us, is the President “Good for the Whole Day!”?

  16. OK, so the next time I say that the president is a dumb piece of shit around my TEAM BLUE friends, and they trot out the usual outrageous outrage over the fact that I should AT LEAST respect the office of the presidency by never saying such things, I can show them them the photo at this top of this page.

    1. This. I always warn them if they want me to “remember that he’s a human being” that I’m going to do exactly that. Which of course is not what they meant.

  17. My wife’s cousin has a bumper sticker which says: “My child is an honor student and my president is a moron”.

    How appropriate.

    1. “My child is an honor student and my president is a moron”.

      That one is good for quite a while.

  18. Nick is such a pissy little bitch sometimes.

    1. ironic comment is ironic

  19. like the long-lost son of Chuck McCann

    +1 Far Out Space Nuts

  20. There is a tidal wave of Tony-level Leftist butthurt over this article on the Facebook feed, some of thee nuts going so far as to label this treason. No shit.

    It seems the only thing that enrages the Left more than not agreeing with Obama’s shitty policies is not laughing at his narcissistic jokes.

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