Police Abuse

Watch Anthony L. Fisher Talking Controversial "Snowball Fight/Gun" Video on HuffPost Live at 11am ET


Tune into HuffPost Live at 11am ET/8am PT, where I'll be talking about the controversial video of a New Rochelle, NY police officer pointing a gun at a group of unarmed teens.


Initial reports indicated the officer was responding to a snowball fight, but subsequent police statements claim that several officers responded to a 911 call reporting a teen pointing a gun at another person. 

We'll also talk about the difficulty in providing context to such a short, provocative video and why the police decided to wait 2 days, after the video had already gone viral, to tell their side of the story.

UPDATE: You can watch the full segment below:

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  1. Mr. Fisher, So let me get this straight. 3 “Journalists” on a show defending each other’s actions. Mr. Dix goes as far as to say that ‘everyone is a journalist'(I guess that idiot in Ferguson is as reputable as a NY Times professional?). I thought you ‘journalists’ @ Reason complained about the thin blue line, but when confronted with the fact that your stories lacked any credibility whatsoever, you circle the wagons, blame the police again and then sidestep your mistakes by saying that you’re still not sure the police acted properly. Unbelievable. I, as I’ve posted previously, don’t like the blue line, police unions(any unions) and police corruption. But, at least I can admit when mistakes are obvious. You, on the other hand, need some help. Maybe Reason needs to hire some people who don’t completely walk in line with the crap that you’re trying to sell. It sure would make your publication more credible.

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