State of the Union

Join Reason Tonight at 9 P.M. As We Tweet Obama's State of the Union Address!

Analysis, snark, helpful links, and more-all in realtime as the president chatters


Tonight, as is our wont, Reason staffers will be livetweeting President Barack Obama's State of the Union address. Check back in at Hit&Run tonight around 9:00 p.m. eastern to watch the feed roll out. We'll also be posting more substantive blog posts getting into more nitty gritty once the speech grinds to a halt.

In the meantime, why not go read Matt Welch's 2015 update of his Eternal State of the Union, in which he cobbles together an almost-plausible speech borrowing one line from each State of the Union since 1961

Or just pre-game with Reason all day (no, not the fun booze kind, the policy analysis kind) as we take apart the speech spoilers coming out of the White House today.

And you don't like what you hear, print our your very own Cards Against Humanity deck, with a special Reason State of the Union expansion pack and assemble your own speech.


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  1. Join Reason Tonight at 9 P.M. As We Tweet Obama’s State of the Union Address!

    The whole speech can be sent in a tweet? That suggests this will be Obama’s best speech yet.

    1. Barak Obama @BarakObama ? 66min

      My fellow Americans. I am instituting martial law so that you never have to worry about me not being President. #FYTW

  2. Yeah, not even a Reasonoid drinkfest live-Tweet session will get me to listen to the retard President.

    When I’m President, I’ll go back to delivering a written, actual “State of the Union” to congress.

    Tonight, I’ll reload or something more American than listening to the Monarch campaign in front of the Parliament and court.

  3. Uh, sorry, I’m washing my hair tonight. But I *really* find you interesting, we should totally hang out sometime.

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      over here. ????????

      1. I’d watch, but time is $61 an hour.

  4. Pass. Tonight the wife and I are attending a seminar titled “Building Our Wealth by Minimizing Taxes to Uncle Sam”. Because I already know the AssClown in Chief is going to propose to raise my fucking taxes. I can’t beat them, but I can at least try to build my wealth faster than they can confiscate it. Plus, there will be cocktails. And we’ll go to a nice dinner afterward. In the meantime, Obama can SUCK IT!!!

    1. Cocktails? Did you say – COCKTAILS??!!


      *points at EDG*

      1. Actually, you might want to stop by if you’re ever in LA. That is of course if you are a fan of vintage auto racing stuff.

        1. Would love to catch up if I’m out your way! Looks like a cool place. It was AJ Foyt’s 80th birfday last week – Happy Birfday, SuperTex!


  6. Sorry. Even if you could assemble the comedic genius of Groucho Marx, Jack Benny, George Carlin, and John Stewart along with all their writers, and PJ O’Rourke, to tweet about the SOTU, I still couldn’t bear to watch it.

    The only thing of interest to me is how many Supreme Court Justices attend.

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