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State of the Union: Obama to Propose 7% Increase in Spending


According to a report from Bloomberg, Barack Obama will propose goosing discretionary spending in fiscal 2016 by 7 percent over what's allowed given current budget caps:

Barack Obama will ask Congress for as much as $68 billion more than current budget limits in fiscal 2016, according to two people familiar with the administration's proposal.

The request sets up a fight with the Republican-led House and Senate over whether to reverse part of the spending limits that the U.S. Congress and the White House agreed to in fiscal deals earlier this decade.

The new spending would mean as much as $34 billion each for the national security and domestic sides of what will be a budget of almost $4 trillion. It will be detailed in the budget proposal Obama will send to Congress on Feb. 2.


The federal budget is divided into two main categories, "mandatory spending" (covering mostly entitlements such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security) and "discretionary spending" (defense, education, farm subsidies, food stamps, and other items). In recent years, discretionary spending has accounted for about 35 percent of total federal spending.

President Obama is supposed to send out a budget proposal to Congress on February 2. It will include a drawdown in "overseas contigency operations" to reflect the supposed end of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which makes obvious sense but bothers hawks in both parties.

The larger game here? To bust any restraint on spending now that deficits are down from record highs set just a few years ago (never mind that the last deficit was still nearly $500 billion).

As Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) told Bloomberg, the Democrats hope to negotiate with pro-defense Republicans to spend more money on welfare and warfare: "We believe we should work together to lift the caps on both."

Because spending money you don't have on things you don't need is never a bad idea.

Hat tip: FreedomWorks's Twitter feed.

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  1. As Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) told Bloomberg, the Democrats hope to negotiate with pro-defense Republicans to spend more money on welfare and warfare: “We believe we should work together to lift the caps on both.”

    This is bipartisan compromise at its finest. One side grants the other side’s wishes whenever those wishes involve bigger government.

    1. This is the wave of politics to come. Just as the “Blue Dogs” realigned with the Republicans, in the furute, the two parties will realign to be the welfare-warfare alliance, vs the lower tax small government party. You can already see Clinton positioning herself to combine the votes of defense hawks and welfare statists.

      1. …the lower tax small government party.

        Why would a party of racism, sexism, and homophobia still be allowed?

  2. Because spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need is never a bad idea.

    My wife seems to think it’s a good idea.

    1. So did my EX-wife….

  3. He can propose a giant statue to himself that straddles the entire continent, as that’s just as likely to pass.

    The left is fucking stupid to think this screwed up and shaky economy is something they should strangle some more. There are still ridiculous numbers of people unemployed or in shit jobs, there are houses and commercial properties sitting vacant for years all over the country, and the government is raiding the future and guaranteeing a collapse at some point. . .all for what? We’d have virtually none of that with something closer to a free market.

    “No, fuck you, cut spending.”

    1. I think I’ve finally found something worthy of becoming a tattoo:

      “No, fuck you, cut spending.”

      Right on the forehead.

      1. Heh. Your handle. I finally saw “Guardians of the Galaxy” a couple of nights ago. Pretty good.

        I didn’t like that Drax got curb stomped every time he went up against Ronan.

        1. I concur. He’s tougher in the comics for sure (basically Incredible Hulk level at times). I’ve been using the handle since I started reading the 2008 Annhilation/Guardians stuff. The recent run pre and post movie has been lackluster at best, sadly. Makes me wonder how much one influences the other.

          Regardless, if the sequel has a moment this this, I’ll be happy.

          1. *like this.

            My html and gramamr/proofreading skills are public education products. Apologies.

        2. That was a good illustration of The Worf Effect, come to think of it.


      2. Right on the forehead.

        Mandatory mirror image version for every elected official.

  4. At this point even his supporters admit he is just trolling. Obama either is dangerously delusional and still thinks Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid run the Senate or he is just talking to hear himself talk. Either way, there is just no point in listening to him anymore. Who cares what he thinks or wants? Its clear he has very little grasp of reality at this point and is intent on nothing more than getting as much attention as possible even if that means burning the entire country down.

    The Republicans need to find a large enough group of Democrats to override his vetoes and just make a deal with them. Don’t even talk to the White House or care what it has to say. It is a waste of time.

    1. He’s trying to make this socialist/communist bullshit the topic of the debate. What everyone should do is dismiss it out of hand for the ridiculous nonsense it is.

      1. Yes. I really think the Republicans should not even show up to the speech. Just completely ignore it. When asked why, they could say “we read an advanced copy and there is clearly nothing in there that has any realistic chance of ever passing, so what is the point of going or even responding?”

        I think Tarran is onto something when he says Obama has narcissistic personality disorder. More than anything Obama seems to want his opponents to be angry at him. It seems to give him a feeling of importance. The Republicans and everyone else should not take the bait. Don’t get angry, just ignore him. He has nothing to say or add to the debate anymore. He is a lame duck who just doesn’t matter.

        1. I wouldn’t skip it, but I would dismiss it out of hand. He brings no value whatsoever to the table and is a detriment to this country.

          1. He’s messing up people’s dinner, now?

            1. That’s correct. His meatloaf is. . .substandard.

    2. I wonder how much of his laughably buffoonish behavior is driven from his experience as a “community organizer”, a position which he clearly never had to justify anything except in terms of how it made him feel, and everyone was willing to oblige him because it was easier than laughing in his face but being labeled “____-ist” as a result.

      He has no idea how politics works, how government works, or how people think. Not even Carter was this clueless.

      1. Not even close. Carter had been a governor. Carter’s problem was that he completley naive about the Soviet Union and he had a Democratic Congress that was full retard. But Carter did get a few things done and did at least understand how the political process worked. Obama understands none of that and is apparently too stupid or bull headed to learn. He has been President six years and he is absolutely no wiser or better at the job today than he was when he started. The guy has to be the most closed minded intellectual dud ever to hold the office. Can you name a single lesson he has learned or one thing he does better today? Six years in and we still have the same juvenile bullshit we had on day one.

        1. I think he learned how much he really, really likes golf.

          1. And he learned that grid-locking Manhattan so he can have date night with Michelle and really fun and makes him feel important.

            1. It’s stuff like that that make me wonder how people decrying “the plutocracy” can still be so starry-eyed about Socialist-style leaders.

              1. Its small things that show your character. I read the other day that traditionally Presidents would not start their Christmas vacations until the 26th. They and their families would stay at the White House or Camp David on Christmas itself and then go home the day after. They did this out of curtesy to the Secret Service and White House staff. If they left early, it would mean those people would be stuck spending Christmas away from home.

                That tradition ended with the Obamas. They have left before Christmas every year they have been in office. They just don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves. Whatever you think of their politics, they have consistently shown themselves to be just awful people.

                1. I always go back to the story of how he had Buzz Aldrin ride in the back of the plane, and never once went back to say “Hi” or anything.

                  That was the first time I was really upset at the President personally. Before that, I could disagree with his policies without really caring one way or the other about him personally, but the way he treated a genuine hero made me angry.

                  1. I’d fucking put Buzz in my seat, then ask him how fun it was to slug that Moon hoaxer.

                  2. Word is that the White House Chef quit because Michelle was just so fucking awful to cook for and would constantly send food back for petty reason or sneer at anything no matter how well made. That guy has been all over TV pushing her bullshit nutrition programs and that is the thanks he got.

                    I am really hard pressed to think of a worse and more no class couple to live in the White House or even be a part of national politics than those two.

                    1. I’ll bet that rude, surly, fat-assed pig doesn’t tip either.

                    2. It is pretty well known in the restauraunt business that black people are shitty tippers.

              2. It’s stuff like that that make me wonder how people decrying “the plutocracy” can still be so starry-eyed about Socialist-style leaders.

                Never underestimate the power of doublethink.

                1. If we could somehow… harness this power; channel it into the Flux Capacitor, it just might work. Next Saturday night, we’re sending you back to the future!

    3. Obama either is dangerously delusional and still thinks Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid run the Senate or he is just talking to hear himself talk.

      Six years into his Presidency, I think we can be sure it’s Option B. There are few people alive so in love with their own voice.

      1. This is all post-Presidency positioning.

        He has been setting up a huge slush fund and money-raising organization to keep it fed – Organizing for America.

        Their natural prey is squishy lefty progs. He is just playing to that sector to keep them onside and paying for his lavish lifestyle post-Presidency.

        1. He should take his money and move to Europe, in exile.

  5. Fuck you, cut spending?

  6. Now that GDP is humming along at 4% growth with 53 months of record private sector job creation it looks like both parties want to start spending money on their special interest groups.

    1. Did they ever stop spending money on their special interest groups?

      I don’t think this is incompetence on Obama’s part. Apart from a few solid guys, who are probably Christians and are definitely “Tea Party” types, most of the members of Congress WANT to increase the spending caps, and are only confused why the President is proposing a mere 7% increase.

      1. Spending was flat during his first term. Obama was actually credited with being the most fiscally responsible POTUS since Ike.

        The stimulus included – which was a one time supplemental.

        1. Credited by…whom?

          *Narrows eyes*

          1. Who dares question the power of the passive voice?

    2. It’s going to be glorious when the asset and junk bond bubbles collapse.

      1. You know what is going to be glorious, when this asshole leaves office thinking he is going to use Obama for America to still be important only to find out that once out of power no one can stand him or gives a shit what he thinks. The black community and the race mongers like Sharpton have put up with a lot of bullshit defending him out of loyalty to him being the first black President. Once he leaves office, the pay backs are going to be brutal. The white liberals will pretend they never supported him and that wasn’t even really a liberal. The blacks will be glad there was a black President but have no use for him or want anything to do with him once he is not President.

        Things never end well for people like Obama. It takes a long time usually, but they eventually get what what they deserve. And Obama will too.

      2. The shale junk bubble has mostly collapsed. Bonds are 60% cut.

        1. Yummy central bank clown delusion. I cannot wait to hear your excuses when shit hits the fan.

    3. Fucking awesome: you just spent all day yesterday calling Obama one of the most fiscally responsible presidents ever (ignore the $7.4 trillion in debt accumulated over six years of course), and now here you are saying that both parties are to blame for his upcoming ridiculous proposals.

      And by the way, that book isn’t going to write itself. There’s a decent chance that if you don’t get it finished some time this year, the publishers will just scrap the whole thing.

      1. That $7 trillion in debt was the result of GOP policy. Wars, DHS, Medicare Welfare, 2008 financial collapse, etc.

        With the exception of the $800 billion stimulus of course.

        1. All of those policies were quite popular among Democrats in Congress.

          1. The President sets the agenda.

            1. So anyone who votes in favor of that agenda is blame free?

            2. He also should set the table. AND clean the dishes afterward, the First Lady’s had a hard week.

            3. I mean, by your logic, Congressional Republicans are also blame free.

              1. Logic..?



                *scratch head*


                *grips side from hurting ribs*

                That is some grade A trolling, there boy, I tell ya! PB wouldn’t know logic if they posted lessons on Democratic Underground.

            4. The President sets the agenda.

              Funny how the President only sets the agenda when TEAM Red occupies the White House. When TEAM Blue occupies the White House, the President is then held hostage by the whims of an irascible Tea Party minority, powerless to stop their runaway spending, or their wars and bombing campaigns in Libya, Somalia, the Congo, and Syria.

              Or something.

        2. Which is it? This?:

          That $7 trillion in debt was the result of GOP policy. Wars, DHS, Medicare Welfare, 2008 financial collapse, etc.

          or this?:

          The President sets the agenda.

    4. …53 months of record private sector job creation…

      Awwww, that’s cute, shriek is copying Barry’s Twitter like a good like follower.

      This is the word of Barry. Praise be to Chocolate Nixon.

      1. If Reagan had done that the Bible Beaters would be jerking each other off.

        1. Perhaps so, but at least they’d feel guilty about it, afterward.

        2. Pray tell, why do I care what Ronaldus Reaganus or Bible Beaters do?

          Or are you trying to squirm your way out of being caught repeating some Obamaisms verbatim with a little Tu Quoque?

          1. Pray tell, why do I care what Ronaldus Reaganus or Bible Beaters do?

            Or are you trying to squirm your way out of being caught repeating some Obamaisms verbatim with a little Tu Quoque?

            The second one?

            1. I’m trying to figure out a way to fit that into a handle. Buttplug’s Tu Quoque?

    5. 53 months of record private sector job creation

      According to who? Measured how?

      Spending was flat during his first term.

      Indeed. Locked in at the level that included that one-time stimulus. That’s fiscal responsibility for you.

      1. According to who? Measured how?

        It’s funny how they tout the economy, but depending on the conversation, either claim or bemoan the flat spending. Austerity is somehow terrible, yet the economy is up!

        The left loves to have it both ways.

    1. I came here to say this, but lap83 came here earlier. Therefore, what lap83 said.

      That is all.

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  8. Why the hell do we let the President have any say in the budget? This is purely a legislative matter.

    Republicans control both houses. Just pass the budget you want and ignore the powerless sqawking child in the White House.

    1. Yeah, GOP! Pass the budget you…want…I’m depressed, now.

    2. But he would veto it and the government would shut down. The media, including several Reason writers no doubt, would call the Republicans terrorists and nihilists for wanting to shut down the government to get their way and for not giving the Chocolate Nixon what he wants.

      The Republicans will increase spending five percent, and this will prove that they are just anarchists who hate government and can’t handle the fact that there is a black President.

      1. But he would veto it and the government would shut down.

        Stop trying to get everyone excited with your Penthouse-style political porn.

        1. Don’t you remember what a nightmare that was in 2013? Suderman and several other reason writers were just appalled, appalled I tell you. We can’t have that kind of thing again.

          1. So…it’s revenge porn? I’m confused.

            1. Its all of the above. There is one giant government shut down that ends in Ted Cruz being sworn in as President and the entire Reason staff crying themselves to sleep.

                1. …go on…

                2. *secretly bookmarks page for later viewing*

      2. It’s much harder to make the case that it’s all the Republicans fault when the Republicans control both houses and have the votes to pass whatever they want.

        The previous “government shutdown” happened primarily because Congress was split and the two houses could not AGREE to a budget.

        1. They had a budget in 1995. But that didn’t stop the media from blaming the evil Newt Gingrich for the shut down when Clinton vetoed. Remember, whenever the government shuts down it is because some evil Republican won’t do the right thing and give the Democrats what they want.

          1. Well, part of that was Newt Gingrich’s fault for getting all big headed and thinking he was just elected Prime Minister.

            As long as they don’t go all crazy and decide that it’s a Revolution, they should have no problem. Sticking ot the previously agreed budget caps shouldn’t even be an issue.

            1. If there is one thing you don’t have to worry about, it is the Republicans getting all crazy and cutting too much spending. We will be lucky if they even meet the budget caps. So rest assured, whatever budget they give him to sign, will not be anything that radical or do that much about spending.

              I hope you are right Hazel. I just doubt it given the way things have worked in the past. But, sometimes things are different, so maybe you are right. Time will tell.

              1. I’ll go out on a limb and say spending will increase by 7%. Obama didn’t even need to ask for it.

      3. If they actually pass a budget, I don’t see anybody, esp Reason, blaming the congress for a shutdown.

        1. You must not have been reading it in the fall of 2013. The entire Reason staff, sand Nick to his great credit, threw a fit about how pointless and stupid the shutdown was. Go back and look if you don’t believe me.

  9. Obama wants to cut the corporate rate to 28% and eliminate oil subsidies. That is a starting point for negotiations. Progs hate Obama for this btw.

    1. From what I understand, the “oil subsidies” amount to the fact that oil companies can “deduct” money spent on exploration and drilling from their profits. In other words, like everyone else, they get to count expenses against gross income.

      I’m not exactly sure why this is considered a “subsidy”.

      1. Because not giving is taking, and you didn’t build that.

        1. because


      2. I’m not exactly sure why this is considered a “subsidy”.

        Because oil companies are bad, m’kay?

        1. Tax credits for solar?

          Totally not a subsidy.

          Tax deductions for exploration expenses?


  10. Nah gannah happen.


  11. Obama cares so much for the middle class. He just waited six years in office to get around to telling us this because he was too busy golfing and forgot I guess.

    1. It’s incredible how much some people lap up this late action on issues. Like gay marriage, etc. Had years–including some with a Democratic Congress–to act, but waits until now to propose anything.

      1. Even when he does things I agree with on the drug war and forfeiture, I still find it insulting because he waited so long to do it. The son of a bitch could have acted on drug sentencing and forfeitures his first day in office. He expects me to think more of him for doing it six years later instead of just writing him off as the cynical piece of shit he is?

        1. This is why it is utterly insane for us to give politicians so much power. Of course they use it for their own benefit and won’t do the right thing, ever, unless it pays off somehow, and will do the wrong thing if they stand to gain, even marginally.

          The key to our future lies in gutting and strangling Leviathan.

          1. It shows that even the worst of them will do the right thing for the wrong reasons. You just have to make it in their interests to do it. The way you do that is to constantly hound them with the prospect of losing power. They fear losing power more than anything. They don’t want to go back to being a regular person. So they have to be constantly hounded and threatened with being booted from office at all times.

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        2. Even when he does things I agree with on the drug war and forfeiture

          Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. He hasn’t actually done anything on these issues. He’s just talking about it.

          He has an ‘opposition congress’ that he can blame these important and necessary issues failing on. The fact that he waited 6 years while these problems festered under his watchful eye (that’s sarcasm) will be completely whitewashed by the media ball-washers.

      2. Couldn’t act in 2009 and 2010 and expect to get re-elected could he?

        1. Yes. And even if not, it has been two fucking years since he was re-elected. What about then?

          Fuck Obama. I mean really fuck him.

  12. If the pubs had any balls their response after the SOTU fuck fest would be.

    “Everything That Guy Just Said is Bullshit”

    Drop mic on floor and walk out.

  13. Man, shriek really is in Lightworker Defense Mode now, full time. Quoting the O! twitter feed – ha!

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