Police Abuse

Warrior Cops Use Pepper Spray, Tear Gas on Celebrating Ohio State Students

School spirit never hurt this bad.


Ohio State and Columbus police, including a SWAT team, indiscriminately used pepper spray and tear

With God, all things are possible
Youtube/Columbus Dispatch

 gas on students who refused to leave the streets after celebrating the Buckeyes' latest college football championship. 

NBC News reports that a crowd of about 8,000 descended on Ohio State's football stadium and tore down the goal post, a tradition as old as college football itself and not exactly cause for panic. According to the Columbus Dispatch, the most serious incidents of the evening were scattered reports of fires:

There were more than 40 reports of fires – most of them in Dumpsters – in the hour after the Buckeyes' victory. Most were concentrated between 12th and 17th avenues, between N. High and Summit streets.

In at least three cases, couches were reported to be set afire. According to radio traffic, in at least one case, other students helped the Fire Division and used a fire extinguisher on a couch. There also were about a dozen calls on trash fires in the campus area. No fire was reported to be serious.

Courtesy of the Dispatch, the video below shows law enforcement, some clad in riot gear, casually walking through the crowd spraying anyone in their path, including young women. They also opened at least three tear gas canisters. At around the the 0:33 mark, two officers can be seen shaking their pepper spray cans and unloading them directly in the faces of students standing on the sidewalk, including the unlucky individual holding the camera. 

Three couch fires, an indeterminate number of dumpster fires, mostly within a five block vicinity, and a torn down goalpoast. That's what it took to bring out armored vehicles and potentially deadly instruments of war

(Hat tip: Garrett Quinn)

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  1. Hopefully the cops weren’t wearing their “I Can Breathe” t-shirts.

    1. If you wear it under your body armor it gives you a tingle all over, and the best part is that the peons are none the wiser.

      1. No. You want the peons to see it. It’s a show of power.

        1. It seems to be a natural consequence that the cops perceive themselves to be at war with the public not too long after they had become heavily militarized and roll into our neighborhoods as unaccountable occupiers.

          If there really were a war on cops, it seems entirely clear that they fired the first (hundreds of thousands) of shots.

  2. Warrior Cops Use Pepper Spray, Tear Gas on Celebrating Ohio State Students

    If I recall my Journalism 101, these students must be white.

    1. Shh. If you suggest that blacks are more likely to be described as rioting, the hate speech police will find you.

    2. I wouldn’t have described it as a riot regardless of the ethnicity involved.

  3. Well don’t leave us hanging… Did all these heroes make it home safe and sound?

    1. Tragically, toes were stubbed, excess tear gas was inhaled, and ice was slipped upon. The anti-cop rioters responsible have been subdued and charges against their pet dogs are forthcoming.

    2. This kind of proof should be hammered to their foreheads everytime there’s the usual debate about salaries, pensions, etc. for the self-described law enforcement ‘heroes’.

      I don’t think the definition of ‘hero’ includes indiscriminately murdering people, theft, sex on the job, sex with minors on the job, assault, intimidation, lying, and any of the other hundreds of examples we see here on a daily basis.

  4. OT: I turn on NPR for the first time in three months, and as usual, NPR asks the difficult questions. Deeply horrified by low gas prices, the Morning Edition reporter asks: How do car makers avoid giving consumers the cars they want right now?

    Sorry, no link.

    I guess when you’ve accepted as undisputed and unalloyed truth that All Cars Must Be Electric, all logic flows from there.

    1. All Cars Must Be Powered by Filthy, Filthy Coal Converted to Electricity or Hydrogen Delivered by a Ruinously Expensive and Dangerous Distribution System that Takes Trillions of Dollars for Politically Favored Contractors to Build and of Course Never by Evil Nuclear Energy or Clean Burning Liquid Hydrocarbons.

    2. It’s a sad state of affairs when NPR is one of the better radio stations for news.

    3. Saw the same lamentation on our local news last night after which they did their news segment sponsored commercial for the new Chevy Volt.

    4. Link:


      You have to love cognitive dissonance:

      The real problem is we need a comprehensive energy strategy in the USA that creates minimum price for oil and gasoline.

      1. Price controls for the win. Works every time.

        What those fuckers would really love are Carter lines at the gas pumps.

  5. What about the open air gang rapes? There must have been hundreds of them.

  6. Fucking assholes.
    Jack-booted, militaristic, assholes.

    I hate college sports as much as the next guy, but this is the kind of shit that belongs in oppressive, 3rd world dictatorships. These fucking thugs need to be rounded up and fired wholesale. Shamed publicly and personally reviled by the citizens they live around. They deserve no charity, no allegiance and no civility. Fucking robots, the lot of them. They roll up, prime their tools and dispense blind aggression on anyone and everyone in the vicinity.

    Maybe it’s always been like this, but now the mask is off completely and we’re free to observe the tinpot shitbird Barney Fifes who crave authority, only to stomp on those they “protect”. This video should be played nonstop on the website for the Columbus PD.

    1. It wasn’t always like this. I know guys who were in school in the 80s that watched as students tore down goal posts AND paraded them around downtown.

    2. “Ranter”, thy name is apt.

      1. Thanks. I dont really see any other rational reaction.

        Look at that fat fucking clown at UC Davis, Lt. Pike. Calmly douses down a bunch of fucking kids in the eyes with pepper spray. When it’s openly acknowledged what a shit-stain he is, he retreats to the rock he crawled out from, only to turn around and sue for workers compensation…AND WINS.

        If that was my kid who he so cavalierly assaulted, i’d knock his fucking teeth out. Repeatedly.

        We get to hear the line of boomer horseshit CONSTANTLY about ‘Kent State This’ and ‘Kent Sate That’. And yet those same boomers are now in power and allowing Kent State to happen DAILY in every town in the Nation.

        1. Rant on, my man!

  7. My senior year at Penn State the students rushed the field after beating Ohio State. Tear gas was used aplenty. Apparently they get very sensitive about damage to the field. So for the last home game of the season, they had mounted police on the field after the game. WTF? It was so stupid. The police response to rowdiness usually causes more problems than the rowdiness itself.

    1. One thing that I remember about the 80s and up about Ohio State: probably sometime after the incident where they paraded the goalposts around downtown, they enacted a procedure whereby two large groups of State Highway Patrol would immediately ring the base of the posts at either end, armed with mace/pepper spray. The posts were, of course, thoroughly greased before the game.

      Then CPD and OSU cops would form two skirmish lines at midfield, facing either end zone, waiting for the right time to start marching the crowd to either end.

      Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputies and other nearby jurisdictions helping out would take care of any stragglers and protection of the coaches.

      It was a massive show of force, really. No horses or vehicles, though. That was for the streets afterward. No riot shields, either, from what I remember.

      Anyone who got within 5 yards of the goalposts got drilled with pepper spray.

  8. Idiot kids engaging in vandalism and arson. Thug cops.

    Am I supposed to find a good guy in this?

    1. Someday the couch you burn might be your own.

      1. True. The idiot students have a track record of flipping and burning cars, so they get sprayed and gassed.

        I was in Morgantown WV in 1983 when WVU beat their rival, Pitt. I didn’t see any property damaged, just people celebrating.

        Kind of like the difference between Woodstock in 1969 compared to Woodstock 1994. They don’t want to grow up anymore.

        1. Milwaukee, WI, 1977. My Marquette Warriors defeat Notre Dame, assuring (we hoped) an NCAA tournament slot – one of 32 at the time. The student body ran as one to Lake Michigan. 2 miles down Wisconsin Avenue in the cold. drinking age was 18 then, so many of us were lubricated. A few assholes go arrested for trying to climb light poles or liberate street signs. Did it again when we beat the Tar Heels and won it all. M’waukee cops weren’t all sweetness `n light in those days. They’d baton you as soon as look at you. No burning cars, no police riot. – Kevin R

    2. For the most part, this was not that. There are fires in Dumpsters on Pearl Alley pretty much every weekend. That place is filthy and it’s probably random most of the time.

      Small, manageable fires in a steel container aren’t that threatening.

  9. they had mounted police on the field after the game.

    They had to destroy the field in order to save it.


    1. Nice.

  10. Laser Tag Wariors… Lighting up the crowd

  11. Meanwhile, in Pearl Alley, some undergrad is getting attacked by a gang of youths and beaten to a pulp and robbed. Where were the pigs then?

    1. Ignoring Dumpster fires 3 through 75.

  12. Are those cops wearing MultiCams? You gotta be kidding me. In the middle of a peaceful celebration, in a decidedly non-hostile environment, where the worst thing happening is some trash burning, these geardos (thank you, Swiss, for the phrase) are dressed like CAG commandos.

    Urge to smash things… rising…

    1. The balaklavas sealed the look, did they not?

    2. For those that missed out the origin of “geardo”


  13. “Warrior Cops Use Pepper Spray, Tear Gas on Celebrating Ohio State Students”


    1. That’s what I said to my co-worker this morning when I played the clip.

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  15. From press conference: Police Chief Kim Jacobs said she has seen nothing in videos/photos that indicates officers acted inappropriately.

  16. law enforcement, some clad in riot gear, casually walking through the crowd spraying anyone in their path, including young women.


    I don’t want them pepper spraying anybody – so why the hand wringing about some of the innocents being “young women”?

  17. Cbsports.com has this headline: “Ohio State fans riot in Columbus while team dances in locker room.”
    Fan riot? Er, no. Columbus cop riot, maybe.

    1. This looks to have been the least riot-y mass spontaneous gathering event in that town in quite some time.

      Yay! People are happy and it’s 1am near a college campus! Spray the bastards!

  18. A Dispatch photographer was one of the people hosed down with pepper spray. You see him getting a lens-full in the video.

    1. I assumed that guy was a student with a phone. Wonderful.

  19. It must have been really bad if they called on the President to send in troops…wait, those guys in military gear were cops? Shit.

  20. Yay, white people get away with rioting again!

  21. If you think this was an over-reaction by the police you should tell it to the people that actually needed fire protection services that night but couldn’t get it because a bunch of inebriated college twats decided they were “gonna have a good time” being arsonists.

    Arson is a felony, and rightfully so. And forgive me for not trusting a drunken frat boy to be an expert in controlling fires (especially when they were dumb enough to set it in the first place)

    Blocking an emergency vehicle is also a crime and rightfully so. If my house burnt down with no fire-truck to be seen because some sorority bimbo decided she wanted to dance on it you can bet I’d do more than mace her.

    Every one of those self centered miscreants ought to be charged with the relevant crimes with this video as exhibit no.1. This was not just harmless fun.

    The cops did their job very well in breaking up the mob, they had to clear the way for the fire engine. And the effects of tear gas and mace wear off much quicker than the effects of a fire.

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