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Tonight on The Independents: Judge Napolitano on Suicide Pact, Commie Jesse Myerson on the Awesome National Debt, Plus Ferguson, Four More Presidential Candidates, and Holder's 'End' to Racial Profiling


Tonight's episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, repeats three hours later) includes but will not be limited to:

* Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst and columnist Andrew Napolitano on his new book Suicide Pact: The Radical Expansion of Presidential Powers and the Lethal Threat to American Liberty.

* Everyone's favorite communist Jesse Myerson, on how our shiny new $18 trillion national debt ain't no big deal.

* Party Panelists Rick Ungar (Forbes columnist) and Amy Holmes (host on The Blaze) on Ferguson, the dreaded Cromnibus, and Bond villainy.

* Your cohosts, on various serious (and unserious) presidential candidates making news this week.

* Yours truly, on Attorney General Eric Holder's less-than-impressive calls to "end" racial profiling.

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  1. Does anyone one else notice that Welch doesn’t have a consistent “Tonight on < i The Independents” post format? I think it’s because he has different interns write them.

    1. Interns, slaves or orphans?

  2. Myerson will discuss why killing people is alright so long as the ideology is correct.

  3. Bond villainy? Does that mean you’re going to have Zenon Evans on?

  4. It’s a shame that ‘Ferguson’ is such a dull name for a hot event.

    Too bad it didn’t happen in Thief River Falls MN or Truth or Consequences NM.

    1. Cut and Shoot, Tx.

    2. Intercourse, PA, baby!

    3. Accident, MD

    4. Lynchburg, Virginia? That has to be a winner.

  5. Everyone’s favorite communist Jesse Myerson, on how our shiny new $18 trillion national debt ain’t no big deal.

    Are you fucking kidding me?

    1. I think you might want to consider a different perspective=

      The communist, as far as we know, is in the employ of Fox News.

      That’s got to be some pretty rich irony. I mean, i understand how these people think, and as far as he’s concerned he’s probably ‘fighting corporatism from the inside!’… but still. If he feels even the slightest pang of conflict when he cashes checks from Rupert Murdoch, there’s something beautiful to relish there. Maybe he’ll have a ‘moment of clarity’ at some point and realize that the only ‘utility’ of his communism is to serve as an ideological punching bag for Fox… and I don’t know, go to business school or something.

      1. He doesn’t feel any emotion, such as guilt or shame, as he is a sociopath.

      2. I worked with a self avowed commie. He was always going on about how the rich get richer on the backs of the poor and talking about equality. But he didn’t seem to have a problem with making 6 figures and driving past all the poor and downtrodden in his new luxury car on his way to his all white upscale neighborhood.

        Most of these people are just hypocrites, or Democrats, which is pretty much the same thing.

      3. I just hope he gets Scale, or whatever the term is for base pay for appearing on a “news” program.

        1. Scale? Is that another term for severe Schleroderma?

          If so then I second that. I also hope he gets Scale.

          1. Hell, I had to look up “scale”, as I couldn’t remember it to save my life.

            So yeah, Scleroderma it is.

          2. If it’s easier, just say “Scalia”.

      4. Gilmore assumes that people advocating for communism actually believe in communism instead of being purely self-serving, bloodthirsty power mongers.

        You give him the slightest benefit of doubt at your own peril.

        Oh look, as usual HM nails it.

    2. No, they are not kidding. It seems more like they are treating that smug, lying half-wit as if he were just another point of view that should be heard rather than displaying his insanity for all to see, Lyndon LaRouche style.

      It makes me wonder.

  6. I belatedly went to read the recent ‘questioning’ pieces about the Rolling Stone/UVA rape story (@ WaPo and TNR)…

    …and eventually found my way to the Anna Merlan piece @ Jezzie which basically says, “ONLY RAPISTS DARE ASK QUESTIONS!!”

    in the course of it she throws lots of monkey-shit at Robby Soave, who then shows up to defend himself….

    And OMG, they go completely off the rails. This Merlan character is a few years out of J-school, and apparently ranting on Jezebel makes her the new Woodward/Bernstein. And somehow she’s convinced that the ‘burden of proof’ in ‘Rape Allegations’ is on the side of anyone *skeptical*. WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE FOR DOUBT?, they ask

    I myself busted Robby’s balls for his initial *credulous piece* which seemed to swallow the story whole and throw more hyperbolic fuel on the fire. (particularly his condemnation of a “culture of seemingly rampant sexual assault” @UVA, sans any actual *evidence*)

    When he raises the possibility in his second piece that… well, maybe it isn’t quite the bulletproof reportage he’d initially thought… I busted his balls again for his quick self-exoneration. He *Meant Well!*

    You’d think that initial credulity and openness would have won him some points with the SJW/Jezzie crowd, right?

    NOPE. They fucking tear into Robby like Coked up Piranha. He is now King of The Internet Rape Apologists.

    1. I am heartened that I got upvotes for my skeptical comments at both WaPo and TNR. Rationality is not entirely dead.

      1. This story is so ludicrous that once you point out the obvious inconsistencies most moderate leftists will agree with you. It’s one of those things where only the real nutcases and true believers still think the original story doesn’t, at the very least, stretch the truth.

        It hardly takes a right-wing ideologue to conclude that it is unlikely that 7 men managed to leave their dates in order to gang rape a girl on top of a pile of broken glass for three hours.

        1. gang rape a girl on top of a pile of broken glass for three hours

          Or, as it’s known at UVA, “today”.

          /piling on

          1. Or Warty’s Early Bird Special

        2. The more times I read it, the less believable it is. I’m 100% convinced now that it’s a total fabrication by some homely girl who is pissed because no one will have sex with her. I saw a photo today of several female students at UVA holding assorted ‘rape culture’ protest signs and I swear not one of them was even close to a 5, I’m talking fugly.

          Sorry, I don’t care how that sounds, I hate these SJW people because they are despicable losers who want to start witch hunts to ruin innocent people’s lives because they are themselves so miserable. They’re like the fucking inquisition only worse because for fucking the sake of bejeebus it’s the 21st century, not the dark ages, you’d think that by now that this level of sheer ignorance would be wiped out, but these people just keep crawling out from under rocks.

    2. On the plus side, if so desired, he will be able to throw Anna’s hissy fit back in her face when the whole thing collapses as it will no doubt do.

      1. The unfortunate aspect is that if she is proven wrong, it will have little to no effect on her employment or level of readership support at Jezebel

        1. Like hate crime hoaxes, the initial “OMG!” stories are far more common, prominent, and remembered than the later “Ooops!” stories.

          1. Pretty sure it was Churchill:
            ‘Lies are half ‘way around the world before truth gets out of bed’.
            We still get Ehrlich quoted as an authority on population ‘policy’, and this hag will be with us for years to come.

            1. Pretty sure it was Churchill

              I tend to have an obsessive interest in the origins of such quotes. Here’s a post on that one:


              1. So it’s ‘various’?

                1. Yeah, although the earliest version of any kind is actually Swift while the first mention of today’s version is Spurgeon.

          2. Tawana Brawley agrees.

            1. So does Sharpton.

    3. The Lady(ies) doth protest too much.

      I have a suspicion when all of this gets worked out the story will turn out to be a complete fabrication and they know it. They are panicking.

      Because of this, can any of the Greek houses show harm? If so, I am betting there is going to be hell to pay.

      1. I would love to see Jezebel have to close up shop over this.

        1. They will *never* admit their universal so-wrong-it-created-a-singularity wrongness.

    4. My favorite comment ever on reason dot com. I award you at least 5 internets. Swooning in the schadenfreude.…..1667329573

      That comments section, though!

  7. The “racial profiling” thing annoys me. OK, I don’t think cops or anyone should look at random black people and think “Criminals!” However, since (e.g.) black male teens are far, far more likely to commit crimes than (e.g.) Asian male teens, it seems like the call to “end racial profiling” amounts to saying: “You must ignore statistics, because we don’t like their political implications!”

    If the body of a woman is found in an alley, having been raped and murdered, it’s highly likely that the murderer was male, not elderly, etc. All sorts of “profiling” like that is essential to police work. Why should race be the one factor they aren’t allowed to consider?

    1. I can do better than that:

      Suppose a black church is found vandalized with a burning cross in the front yard. You think the police are going to be interviewing middle-aged Asians?

      As the great crime-fighter Clancy Wiggum said: “Flipper marks, blowhole burns- this was clearly the work of rowdy teenagers.”

      1. And thus our current TSA strategy, in which elderly white women are just as much of a potential terror threat as Middle Eastern men in their 20s.

    2. +1Bell Curve

    3. Why should race be the one factor they aren’t allowed to consider?

      What is religion, chopped liver?

  8. “Rick Santorum: Separation of Church and State Is a Communist Idea”…..ozTK5x7.99

    1. No, for communists the State is the religion, there’s a difference

    2. Let me guess, Santorum is thinking of running for prez again?

      Or is he just trying to further tarnish the party of stupid out of spite for having lost?

  9. Commie Jesse Myerson on the Awesome National Debt

    I’m confused, isn’t this the time of the year when Reason wants me to give them money? This is not helping your cause.

    This would be like a homeless man asking me for a handout five minutes after he kicked me in the crotch and set my dog on fire.

    1. Yeah, I don’t get the joy people derive from having him on the show. I don’t know exactly what he says, because all I can hear from him is, “I’m an idiot and I can prove it.”

      1. Well he can prove it, so there’s that.

      2. His mouth moves, and all i hear is

        “$200,000 THEATER DEGREE FROM BARD”

        i mean, that money could have been put to good use. Think of the orphans i could have bought

        1. No, really? No way.

        2. Is that what it costs to go to Bard? I could understand that price tag for a large, private research university like Harvard or Stanford…but a fucking rural liberal arts school with a student body of 3,000 That’s ranked 45, nonetheless?

          The Myerson inability to grasp basic economic concepts must be genetic.

          1. quick check, and i got pretty damn close

            “”Its tuition and fees are $48,240 per year”

            I’m making the reasonable guess he didnt graduate early.

            1. It will be amusing when it goes tits up. Private liberal arts schools are dying weekly. Unless the board at Bard is unusually frugal, or they drastically change their model, their number will eventually come up. There will always be a need for private liberal arts schools for the idiot sons and daughters of the rich, but Bard has nothing a Amherst or a Swarthmore doesn’thave.

              1. Really? How many members of Steely Dan are alumni of Amherst or Swarthmore?

                1. Yes, but have they gone back to their old school?

                  1. Never.

  10. Hey, you guys are missing “Charlie Brown Christmas”!

    You blockheads!

    1. All that little tree needs is some Viagra

  11. Did Kennedy just call ’18 trillion’

    “Eighteen hundred billion dollars!”

  12. He also doesn’t know how to knot a tie.

  13. Eighteen hundred billion is 1800,000,000,000…1.8 Trillion.

    Somebody check my math. Eighteen thousand billion, no?

    1. I prefer 18 million million.

  14. Correction: most fun *political* show on television, by far.

    Tosh.0, Workaholics, River Monsters (if you like fishing) are more fun.

    1. I hate fishing and like ‘River Monsters’.

      1. And love ‘Deadliest Catch.’

      2. That’s not fishing.

        *strokes fly rod, looks down nose at Atanarjuat and Rufus*

        1. Fly fishing I’d try.

      3. They never catch fish on that show;. Bill Dance, on the other hand, would catch some river monsters.

  15. Amy Holmes, how you doin’?

  16. Prediction: Gilmore is going to like Foster’s sweater.

    1. You get a lollypop

  17. Half-black/half-white chicks are HOT. Polka-dot ties are not.

    1. Also, Dude, Half-black/half-white chicks is not the preferred nomenclature.

      1. Sorry, I often show my boorish, provincial, tactless side. What is the preferred nomenclature? Mulattas?

        1. Of course. To which you can add adjectives like “heroic”.

          1. My classmate mentioned he dated a “mixed” chick on the track team (he’s also an athlete). Holy fuck those sprinter girls are hot.

        2. Coco butters.

  18. The most enraging thing: the police get these armored vehicles, and then they have riots of looting and arson, and then where the hell are the frigging armored vehicles? Not stopping the looting and arson. What are they waiting for? The official start of Civil War II?

    1. Look at where the cops and Guard were stationed, what they were guarding, and then guess again why the cops got military gear.

      I will wait.

  19. Y’all hear about the Polish version of Rashomon?

    Everybody remembers it the same way.

    1. That will be enough of that.

  20. Acosmist|4.18.14 @ 1:02PM|#

    I don’t think it’s cute or funny that the avowed Communist continues to get screen time. He’s an apologist for an ideology that killed 100 million. Fuck this guy.

    1. Those guys were just doing it wrong. It’ll be better next time.

      1. I got almost an identical reply last time I posted that!

        I knew I had expressed my feelings about this twit adequately once, and thought there was no sense messing with perfection. Google to the rescue.

  21. ‘A New America!’

    That’s why we’re moving! To Trenton!

  22. Tonight in Derp

    I don’t know if this is real, but it sure is funny:

    Blues Clues is Haram!

    1. There you have it. Perfect illustration of the mind of a savage.

    2. It has already been established that those who own televisions will be tormented in the grave, and angels wont visit their home, et cetera. I’m not here to discuss the evils of television, as anyone who ponders Allaah’s creation knows that it is evil. I am instead here to discuss the show my cousin was allowing his little children to watch: Blues Clues.

      Comedy gold.

      I wish this guy would start trolling here.

  23. No one is going to vote for someone named Camille.

    1. I would. I haz mancrush.

  24. Let’s be respectful of our next president, < i The Independents.

  25. Nice.

    Oathkeepers show up in Ferguson.…..nt_Militia

    1. Not for long apparently:


      1. I am personally sceptical of the Oath Keepers because I feel their tin-foil, Alex Jones-like views on the government are extreme to say the very least.

        Yeah, Christopher Bowen, it’s not as if, in living memory, the Federal government didn’t take up people of a certain ethnicity out of their homes and placed them in internment camps in the desert. That’s crazy talk! Like really HAARP woo-woo stuff!

        1. And citing Jones as a gov’t skeptic is a bit much also.

  26. Noted conservative David Brooks explains why Republicans love Obama:

  27. Has anyone seen this somewhat bizarre article which further calls into question the Rolling Stone article?

    Here is a woman claiming to be ‘Jackie,’ the girl who was allegedly raped, talking about a dean at the university:

    Of all the professors, deans, faculty and staff at the University of Virginia, Dean Nicole Eramo has made the most significant and, ultimately, the most positive impact on my life. Dean Eramo has truly saved my life. If it were not for her, I do not know if I could be alive today. When I came to Dean Eramo my first year, I was depressed and suicidal…I was barely hanging on. Dean Eramo was helpful and understanding and, above all, compassionate. She listened attentively to my story and provided me with several resources. At the time, I was scared and I felt alone and I was in no position to pursue legal or University action. Dean Eramo gave me the power to make my own decisions–something so small that made me feel like I finally had some sense of control in my life. Eventually, Dean Eramo put me in contact with Emily Renda and other members of One Less. This action alone was probably the best thing anyone has ever done for me. I can’t imagine what my life would be like now if it were not for Nicole Eramo. She has changed everything for the better.

    1. She has made me a better person. She has helped me get through the most difficult time in my life and has been with me every step of the way. I have said it before and I will say it again and again–Dean Nicole Eramo is an asset to this university. I do not want to go to the University of Virginia if she is not a resource for students in need of help in the aftermath of sexual violence. There is no one more qualified or more capable of doing this job. Dean Eramo is above and beyond the best resource the University has.

      Huh. Now, this person could very easily not be Jackie (since she isn’t actually named in the original article, it’s impossible to tell), but let’s say it is the same person, as she claims. Does this sound like someone who was ‘abandoned’ by the University of Virginia? It sounds like an employee of the University did everything they could to help.

      As a result, even if a rape did occur, the Rolling Stone story may well have twisted and manipulated the story in order to fit a narrative that is not otherwise true. How many other facts might the Rolling Stone writer have made up if that’s the case?

      1. I contend that all of them are made up, thus not facts.

        A couple of months ago a friend called me and said her (crazy) daughter was raped by a huge black man that lives down the street from her. I am acquainted with the guy.

        She gave all kinds of details, then begged that the cops not be called.

        I go down the street and knock on the door. Said huge black man’s wife answers.

        Crazy daughter claimed she was visiting black man’s house, fell asleep on the couch and that is when it occurred.

        Wife, in nightgown and a bit disheveled assures me she has been home with sick kids all day. I see sick grandkids. Oh yeah, and huge black man has been fishing in the Catahoula spillway all day with his brother. (I notice boat is missing and the game wardens man that place like it is Fort Knox so I know that can be verified one way or another). Oh, wife laughs and says medication has given huge black man erectile disfunction for several years.

        I go talk to crazy daughter. She tells the story tearfully. Clearly she believes it, but after only a few questions the details, big important ones, begin to change. It wasn’t his couch, it was hers. No, it was her bed, he came in through the window. Each telling becomes more fantastic, yet is told with equal conviction.

        Crazy daughter is crazy. Poor thing, she really is and is pitiful.

  28. Dresses like a commie.

  29. How bout you identify as a Nazi? Is that okay too?

    1. “How bout you identify as a Nazi? Is that okay too?”

      Social climber?


  31. The Independents Attire Review, 2 December 2014

    Nothing Interesting Happened Today-Edition

    – Kennedy: “Maroon”. We have said very nice things about this color. Specifically, Kmele’s Game-Winning tie. However, it has an entirely different effect with women. Let’s say its “Maturing”. And not so much in the MILF way as in the ‘Evil Boss Woman Who Hates You Because She Just Does’. We say: Have a glass of Chardonnay by the fire, then burn it.

    – Matt: Day 2 of Triple Blue! = the formula that fails to fail. Last night was the Royal Shirt/Royal Tie; while this light blue/cyan version is our original case-study of the style. Both versions still remain #2 next to the light blue shirt/royal tie combo that we think contrasts the best and looks sharpest. We give an extra ding here for the abysmal tie-knotting job, which is something of an ongoing problem.

    – Kmele: My my, Pumpkin Pie! Who looks cute in their sweater? KMELE DOES! We are neither gay, nor particular fans of desserts, but i swear Kmele’s ‘chocolate & caramel’ color-scheme always makes me want to have coffee and whipped cream to go with it. Its *tasty*


    1. but i swear Kmele’s ‘chocolate & caramel’ color-scheme always makes me want to have coffee and whipped cream to go with it. Its *tasty*

      Everyone with a complexion darker than a coffee with milk needs to have one thing in camel.

  32. “Government makes dollars”? The debt is “irrelevant”? What a maroon.

    1. See, government can print dollars. Therefore, all government needs to do is print 18 trillion of them and we can eliminate our debt immediately.

      Tell me, how are progressives not creationists again? This story they tell themselves about debt is no less irrational than the idea that the Earth was created in 6 days.

      1. As usual, Krugman has actually suggested this:

        Mint the trillion dollar coin!

        1. My favorite fact about Krugman is that he claimed Ireland’s austerity policies would be an unmitigated disaster and that Shinzo Abe would rescue Japan.

          Ireland now has the fastest growing economy in Europe.

          Japan is now in a recession.

          Behold the wondrous prognosticating power of Paul Krugman!

          1. I’d smirk, but Krugman just deposited his NYT check for writing that sh*t.

    2. Who was the drooling fuckwit who advocated that the government should just mint a few One trillion dollar coins?


      1. You have just insulted drooling fuckwits.

        1. Holy fuck, I forgot how deep that derp runs.

          The coin must be platinum because…..? Such a coin would have to contain approximately 8.33333×10^8 oz of platinum to have the actual value. The world’s supply is between 3.5 and 4 million ounces.

          We simply don’t have enough by several orders of magnitude to make even a single 1T coin. So just a regular sized coin as a symbol? Why platinum then? Because magic?

          This really is the fantastical thinking of a fairy tale.

          1. (I’m never sure about responding to an Independents thread, as I don’t think anyone ever comes back to comments after the aftershow’s over. Still…)

            One possible silver lining is that, given asteroids are thought to be enriched in heavy metals compared to Earth, their idiocy in adopting such a policy might encourage sufficient space exploration/colonization to start harvesting those resources. Like solar power satellites.

            1. And like solar power, it would be a net loss.

              As far as I can tell our supply of platinum is sufficient. If we invested eleventyzillion dollars in retrieving one of those asteroids we would crash the heavy metals market and sell them at a spectacular loss.

          2. The idea was never to put $1 trillion of platinum into a coin, it was to use seigniorage to claim the coin was worth $1 trillion.

            1. So magic then. Why go with platinum? Why not choose an especially good acorn or a shiny rock and declare it worth 1T?

              Do you see what I mean? He is giving away his magical thinking by declaring it must be platinum. It must have some value…some high value, a coveted thing, and we will just pretend it is worth more than it really is. He is imagining that he can wish value into existence by converting his fondness for a thing into practical wealth.

              Someone here once described Krugman as Obumble’s ‘incoherent court astrologer’. Perfect.

  33. I love how jesse “explains” things to people as though no one before him in the entirety of history has ever actually looked in detail at things like “money” and “debt”

    1. Remember: Jesse’s the one who is on a podcast that has a podcast which Explores finance and economics…without a permit.

      So, you know. He’s kind of a rebellious outside the box thinker.

      1. …”He’s kind of a rebellious outside the box thinker.”…

        Yeah, those commies! Real individualists, they are!

  34. We can run out of dollars that are worth anything, bonehead.

  35. The problem isn’t running out of dollars, you tard! It’s that money will run out of value!


    1. Inflation is a right wing extremist conspiracy theory.

        1. Ok.

          Me: ‘ButtHead, does inflation exist?’

          ButtFace: ‘Warren Buffet just made 2 billion on one deal, he can’t miss, wingnuts!’

          Me: ‘I didn’t ask you about Buffet, does inflation exist?’

          ButtWipe: ‘Bush did all of those things before Obama was in office!’

  36. Lessons in economics from a commie.


    1. Commie kid tries on a regular basis here.

  37. I don’t get all the hate for Myerson. Most here seem to dislike having their biases confirmed. Besides he’s got that smug backpfeifengesicht that drives everyone nuts. Where better to focus your disgust than on someone who truly earns it.

    Note: I take no responsibility for any damaged TV’s.

  38. If the gov can just print money with no consequences, why not print a million trillion tryillion dollars and buy the whole world? What aa ignoramus!

    1. It’s irrelevant, the mint has printers, so…just print money.

      What’s the problem?

    2. Apparently in Myerson’s universe, the Weimar Republic didn’t happen.

    3. It’s funny, I thought of this when I was a kid during the Carter era (so 7).

      I realized why it wouldn’t work when I was 12…

  39. This fog is as thick as peanut butter.

  40. He didn’t put it in park.

  41. A prog told me once that because the govt makes money, all money belongs to the govt. So shut up, pay your taxes, and be thankful for what they let you keep.

    1. My friend once said, ‘it’s the government’s money. Says so on the bill.’

      I really don’t get it.

      1. Did he, per chance, say anything about “government” appearing on his birth certificate?

        1. Can’t go there. It would be logical.

  42. Instead of running with it, shouldn’t he have been riding that board?

  43. Wasn’t Dr. Huxtable a Gynecologist?

    1. I thought he was a pimp pretending to be a doctor.

  44. My wife and daughter curl up holding each other watching ‘Frozen.’


    Never mind.

  45. I just watched Frozen the other day. It wasn’t terrible.

    1. Yeah, it’s not bad. I watch all these movies.

      She’s nine.

  46. You know who else couldn’t email his subordinates?

  47. Someone explained what ‘bonds’ are to this kid maybe *a few years ago* and he thinks he’s in a position to explain them to everyone else now.

    That seems to be a defining characteristic of the socialist/progs = they really can’t conceive that anyone is really *much* smarter and informed than they are – and the ones who *seem* to be? they’re ‘mis-informed’. So they have this tic where they seem to take for granted that *everyone else is entirely ignorant* and therefore unable to possibly tell them how unbelievably wrong they are. They’re really only ‘convincing’ when talking to children.

  48. MISS JUDY!

    1. She was moody…

  49. I once ran from a campus cop on a mountain bike. A few jumped curbs later, I left the useless fuck, who was still attempting a 3-point Uturn, far behind me.

    1. What the fuck did you do?

      Accidentally kill a horse with a gun and blanks?

      1. Ha, nah, just riding as if the roads and sidewalks were my own personal playground, but in my defense, no one was around.

  50. Things that would be better than the Topical Storm:

    1. Quotes from Bastiat

    2. Another infomercial of Manufacturing Marvels with John Criswell

    3. Hypnotoad

    4. That old timey test pattern with the Indian

    5. Dead silence

  51. Tonight on Manufacturing Marvels, propane and propane-related accessories.

    1. Ayup.

  52. Actual quote from the page for Jesse Myerson’s podcast:

    Right to Profit vs Right to Community
    While Jesse continues to play hooky, Alexis speaks with Aaron Goggans about the many problems with profit-seeking. Alexis & Aaron discuss problems with the way the United States lionizes entrepreneurs and business, but demonizes community, and examine the myth of meritocracy. Finally, they discuss what an intentional space is, and how we might use them to reclaim our ability to serve the public interest.


    Alexis shares her dream Senate Banking Committee hearings, Jesse waxes poetic about his dream for a basic income, and Prof. Stephanie Kelton (@StephanieKelton) joins to talk about her dream monetary policies (Spoiler Alert: she says the Fed isn’t that powerful).

    That last sentence would be disputed by anyone with a basic understanding of monetary policy.

    1. …”they discuss what an intentional space is”…

      Uh, I’ll be out of town that weekend.

  53. I’m guessing Ungar cares.

    1. Is he the one referred to as “Cock-Breath” a few months ago?

      1. We scaled that back once we learned that without Unger, we wouldn’t have had this.


        1. Yeah, I knew about that. Just that Rick “Cock-breath” Ungar was in one of those posts you see around here that stick with you…

          Oh, well.

          1. You probably remember an ‘attire review’ where i decided his clothes were “not on fire”-enough

      2. I used to spew venom at him. Then someone explained that he once produced an animated show called “Biker Mice From Mars“, and i stopped wishing him to dipped in acid, and just decided he’s a harmless idiot.

        1. So, he peaked in his earlier years, eh? Well, it happens.

          But, if the consensus is to cut him slack, so be it.

        2. And by “harmless idiot”, you mean “perverted furry who sodomizes naive young men dressed in fursuits as Unger shoves poppers up his nostrils”

          1. Goddammit now I’m going to have fursuit videos popping up on youtube main page for weeks.

            1. When will you stop clicking on them?

  54. Govern? At best, you’ll see the Republicans legislate for the next two years.

  55. Actual quote from the first 2 minutes of this Jesse Myerson podcast:

    Today we’re going to start off with what a bankrupt Spanish refrigerator manufacturer can teach us about the cure for capitalism.

  56. Scaramanga baby

  57. Someone just wanted to say Pussy Galore on television.

  58. Napolitano could be cast in any mob movie.

  59. “Earlier today.” Notice tonight’s episode doesn’t get the live designation.

  60. THEY’RE WEARING DIFFERENT CLOTHES. Let’s see if “tomorrow’s” episode has them wearing these same outfits.

  61. I’m going to bludgeon you with Jesse Myerson quotes until you scream for mercy or hunt me down and kill my family so that my seed is extinguished from the Earth.

    He is the most insufferably arrogant person in the universe. In this one, he starts by saying ‘We’re going to tell you how everything you know about how your tax dollars are spent is wrong.’

    Yeah, okay you theater-major son of a bitch. You’re like 28, have shown no evidence of basic intelligence or coherence, and your claim to fame is writing a pro-Communist tract for Rolling Stone that everyone made fun of.

    Based on this staggering curriculum vitae, Myerson believes he knows more than anyone else about the bond market, about the federal reserve, and about taxation.

    There is no human being on Earth with so vast a gulf between his actual competence and his vision of himself.

    1. Our good friend Yuri Bezmenov would have some choice words for such political prostitutes.

      1. HAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! Like 4 minutes into this podcast, he starts talking about a universal income and how he’d pay for this. He then says ‘This summer I spent time learning about something called modern monetary theory.’

        HOLY FUCK! You spent part of an ENTIRE SUMMER learning about a branch of monetary theory? You used up a portion of an entire three months in diligent, wonkish study of the way our monetary system works?

        Well I’m sold. What was Milton Friedman’s 50 year career compared to the 15 hours Myerson spent researching monetary theory in the summer of 2013.

        1. The “Modern monetary theory” he’s talking about is ‘Neochartalism‘, which has become something of a ‘simple solution’ for the fact that leftists tend to have zero actual economic background.

          The few times i’ve looked at it, it seems the appeal is that it has some resonance with their already zero-sum misconceptions. All government does is ‘add and remove’ money from the system. There is no actual ‘creation or destruction’ of value.

          1. HEY! They’re talking about inflation! Stay tuned!

            He’s claiming that inflation occurs because people ‘bid up the cost of goods’ because ‘the economy is humming along so well.’

            He then claims it’s impossible to have high inflation when you have unemployment, a fact that would doubtlessly have surprised Americans in the 1970’s.

      2. Well, Myerson is the kind of useful idiot that Bezmenov talked about the KGB killing when the revolution comes.

        1. Guys, you really need to listen to the linked podcast above. It’s wonderful. The mixture of gross incompetence, ignorance of inflation, and massive, unearned self-esteem is truly wonderful.

          He claims that taxation is just the government ‘sucking money out of existence.’

          1. Myerson is now trying to claim that deficit hawks are worried that we’re ‘running out of money.’ Solid strawman, dipshit. Deficit hawks argue that if the deficits get too large, we will not be able to pay the money back without large scale inflation which will sap individual dollars of their value and make the public worse off through increased prices.

            The fact that he apparently believes Ron Paul (who he name drops) thinks we’re going to literally run out of dollars is astonishing.

    2. you theater-major son of a bitch.

      And that’s just it. He’s playing a role. It’s his schtick. He doesn’t earnestly believe half of the shit that comes out of his gob, but it puts food on the table. Just like carnival geeks who would bite the heads off of chickens, Myerson is nothing more than a freakshow.

      1. So, we really need to keep an eye on the people he attracts, presuming them to be True Beliebers Believers.

        the fact that his shit puts food on the table is the real tragedy with his bullshit.

  62. OT:

    I was talking with some progs about the Civil War. I said that if it was OK for the US to secede from the British Empire, what was the problem with the south seceding from the US?

    Their answer was that the US was never really part of the British Empire, so the British had no rightful authority over them anyway. If that’s so, why did the founders send out the Declaration of Independence?

    Much flailing ensued.

    1. Let me guess. They think the Civil War began with the firing on Pearl Harbor.

      1. …”They think the Civil War began with the firing on Pearl Harbor.”…

        And we dropped the nukes on Berlin!


  64. How did I not know about this awesome story from 2010 about what an asshole Matt Taibbi is?

    I told him yes, that was true, but the book had been published in 2000, and, frankly, I didn’t think it was very good.

    “The book wasn’t good?” he said.

    “No, I didn’t think so,” I said.

    “My book?” he said.

    “Yes, the Exile book. I thought it was redundant and discursive and you guys left out a lot of the good stuff you did,” I said.

    At this, Taibbi’s mouth turned down and his eyes narrowed.

    “Fuck you,” he snarled, and then picked up his mug from the table, threw his coffee at me, and stormed out.

    The restaurant was packed with customers, and they all turned to watch as I sat there, stunned, coffee dripping from my face. The waiter arrived with the milkshake Taibbi had ordered. After wiping myself off a bit, I went outside, where Taibbi was putting on his coat, and asked him to calm down and come back into the restaurant. He walked up to me, glaring, beside himself with rage.

    1. “I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do with you!” he said.

      “Are you kidding?,” I asked.

      Sounds like a threat, too bad she wasn’t carrying.

  65. I’ll donate more here if they change the idiotic name of this segment. Where It’s Matt? What the fuck.

  66. Dizzzobs in the hizzzouse

  67. Milk chocolate chocolate chips.

  68. “Christmas cums twice a year.”

    I don’t get it.

    1. Everyone knows there is White Santa and Black Santa.

      1. And that Southern homes used to have two chimneys, marked WHITE and COLORED, for the benefit of each Santa.

        1. I laughed. You hit a 10 on that one, old bean.

        2. Wouldn’t that chimney really just be for Zwarte Piet?

  69. No one is more hawkish than Shrillary.

  70. Fuck karaoke night on The Independents.

  71. The internet just shutdown.

    1. So its not just me?…..e-stream/#

      I get “Error: No valid source could be found””

      1. No, I think it shutdown because of that singalong.

        1. (Shutdown should be two words in these cases.)

  72. Foster isn’t, in fact, black? More proof tonight.

  73. It’s time to play everyone’s favorite H & R game, Spot the Not! This round will feature quotes from Jesse Myerson. Can you spot the not?

    1. If I have to answer for Soviet gulags, these market/capital twits have to answer for climate collapse, the greatest genocide in history.

    2. Stalin was bad, but at least he never mislead his country into a pointless war like Bush.

    3. That so many great artists and writers have been Marxists suggest that the production of culture in such a society would breed tremendous individuality and offer superior avenues for expression.

    1. I remember number 1 and believe number 3 was in the Salon article.

      Number 2 is fake.

      I did this without googling because I am a Myerson connoisseur.

    2. 2

      1. What they said

  74. Can someone explain to me how they’re getting to the Aftershow? as in, paste the working link here

  75. And because I’m feeling generous, here’s a bonus round of Spot the Not! featuring Matt Taibbi!

    1. The national debt isn’t like personal debt because the government can print money.

    2. I’m a product of an East Coast liberal arts educational system.

    3. At root, the Tea Party is nothing more than a them-versus-us thing.

      1. To be honest, he’s correct. What he doesn’t state is the fact that the difference makes the state far more dangerous than a ‘person’.

        1. Except that MT didn’t say number 1 – which was easy to spot because he’s always wrong.

  76. So I’m listening to the Myerson thing Irish posted. In the first minute, he says we should take capital away from the capitalists. Ah, if you do that, won’t you become a capitalist?

    What a bullshit volcano this guy is.

    1. “we should take capital away from the capitalists”

      That always works well

  77. Now Myerson is claiming raising taxes can stop inflation.

    OK, that’s it. I am emailing him this nice video of Friedman explaining inflation:

    Irish really hit it big with this twit.

    1. Have you gotten to the part where they start talking about racism? It’s hilarious.

      1. Holy shit, Rosa Luxemburg, Thomas Friedman, Naomi Klein and Chris Hedges were just name dropped in a two minute time frame.

        It’s like a wave of proggiganda.

  78. Who’s up for some Ferguson cartoons?…..79_600.jpg

    1. I see, the cops’ big bottoms are a metaphor for the cushion the police unions provide for their legal shortcomings.

    1. I’m pretty sure that political cartoons, at one point at least, had to contain some kind of clever exposition of an idea.

      I guess this guy decided that was just some unnecessary bullshit.

    2. false dichotemy, thy name is prog

    3. Was one of those supposed to be a good parent?

      1. B is somekind of mouthless alien, or something.

  79. Public Service Announcement :

    Whoever swiped the dry cleaning out of the back of my car is a fucking dick! If I ever find you, I will disembowel you with my car’s antenna and make sure you are intimately acquainted with STEVE SMITH. Enjoy your $20 Sams Club dress clothes, fucker!

    I guess that replacing the hit or miss door lock actuators in my car is now top priority. People suck! (now back to your regularly scheduled programming)

    1. Perhaps this story will cheer you up:

      An American is contacted by a Nigerian 419 scammer. The American talks the scammer into paying thousands of dollars for some high-end electronics. The American then ships a big crate to Nigeria. When the scammer opens it, he finds a broken refrigerator.

      Chicken Poop for the Soul

      1. Pics or it didn’t happen.

        1. I’ll have it soon. In the meantime, here is a would-be scammer following the scam baiter instructions:

          1. Those people deserve an award.

          2. Google pay 97$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 working 1o hours a week online. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it out.
            This is wha- I do…… ??????

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