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It's Reason Webathon season, ladies and Germans, which can only mean two things: 1) It is time to please give us all (or maybe most?) of your tax-deductible extra cash dollar bills RIGHT THE HELL NOW in order to secure the blessings of libertarian journalism forever and ever (or at least until next year), amen, with the crazy-ambitious goal of hitting $200,000 in donations for the week; and 2) In order to woo you, I am going to pimp out the irrestible lure of our most beloved senior staffers, starting with the one-of-a-kind Computerman, Obamacare-plus writer/reporter/editor Peter Suderman

So like, remember where you first heard about Grubergate? MAYBE IT WAS RIGHT HERE AT REASON, BECAUSE OF PETER SUDERMAN. Please donate today!

Do you know how more and more people have been saying huh, this President Obama fellow, maybe he and his administration haven't been exactly square when it comes to selling their signature bit of domestic policy? Well they should have been reading Peter's great cover story, "They Lied," which was a detailed yet somehow prescient point-by-point breakdown of the dozen lies and broken promises that came with the Obamacare rollout.

Fox Business Network

Perhaps you recall the heart-rending tale of Obamacare poster boy Chad Henderson? You know, the kid who lied to all kinds of gullible press outlets about how he was able to buy insurance during the troubled early days of the Obamacare exchanges? That lie was a Peter Suderman scoop.

But Our Pete is no one-trick pony, no! He is also a terrible, terrible nerd, who writes about movies and television and video games and other things that humans actually enjoy more than talking about people named "Gruber." He is a frequent guest and occasional guest-host with the phenomenal Fox Business Network television program The Independents; he goes on MSNBC to take "Free Minds and Free Markets" to even more exotic locales, and remember ladies: He's married!

Do you appreciate the work of Peter Suderman? OF COURSE YOU DO YOU ARE NOT STUPID. So: How do you get more from Peter Suderman? (A question I often find myself asking.) Well, start by donating to our Webathon THIS INSTANT, preferably with a comical suggestion about what stories Peter should (or shouldn't!) write in the next 12 months.

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  1. Isn’t he pretty much the least liked columnist?

    1. Forsooth!

      Suderman is the ‘big story’ guy who has owned Obamacare for the last 2 years. Its actually the ‘hard work’ beat if you ask me.

      Compared to say…i don’t want to name names… but people who largely confine themselves to rehashing stories that are ‘trending on twitter’?

      at least peter doesnt drag reason down to Gawker-level ‘journalism’. His work actually requires reading laws in detail, understanding the structure of the insurance market and its regulations (and the changes being made) and being able to sort through huge amounts of other 3rd party reporting on the subject while retaining his own unique angles and point of view.

      He does the lord’s work and is the Ringer on Team Reason… in my opinion. SPEAK HIS NAME WITH RESPECT

      1. You mean like…”Suder-Man”? You know, I’ve always wondered what his superpowers are. Super dorkiness? Or is that just his Clark Kent mode we see on The Independents?

        1. You know, I’ve always wondered what his superpowers are

          He has marital relations with Megan McArdle, who is possibly an Amazon?

          1. You know, you shouldn’t talk shit about his wife. He might read this, tell her, and then she’ll kick your ass.

            1. I’ll be in my bunk.

        2. “You mean like…”Suder-Man”?

          Is he strong? Listen bud?
          He’s got radioactive blood.
          Can he swing from a thread?
          Take a look overhead.
          Hey there! There goes the Suderman!

          In the chill of the night,
          At the scene of the crime,
          Like a streak of light,
          He arrives just in time!

      2. Yeah, Suderman is cursed with an incredibly unsexy beat. But he covers it more thoroughly and skeptically than anyone in the MSM. Just because his dispatches from Wonkland are occasionally so detailed that they cause internal hemorrhaging, doesn’t mean his work goes unappreciated.

        Some day, when the mainstream idiots start screaming about why libertarians were so silent about Obamacare being such a fucking trainwreck, we can point smugly to Suderman the way we now point smugly to Balko.

        The only difference is that Suderman will be wedged in his own locker with his underpants pulled up under his armpits.

        1. Christ, with fans critics fanitics like these…

  2. On the banner I’m sandwiched between Chuck Schumer and the Doomcock of Doom. That makes me feel unsafe.

    1. The Doomcock has a camera mode. You’re fucked as soon as Chuckles finds out. I’d say it’s been nice knowing you, FoE, but as you well know, only in another reality could I have called you…friend.

      1. What if I shoot Schumer’s body out the torpedo tube along with some debris?

        1. Won’t his bichtits just jam him in the urethra tube? Besides, that’s only a distraction. Remember, Chuckles is a sorcerer. He can read the thoughts in your brain. At least the ones about doing things he doesn’t like.

          1. Your carelessness might have ended this glorious thread. You’re reduced two steps in rank. Return to post.

        2. What if I shoot Schumer’s body out the torpedo tube along with some debris?

          He meets God? Or maybe a supercomputer that collided with God?

    2. I want to congratulate whoever submitted “Supported By: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi”

  3. He is a frequent guest and occasional guest-host with the phenomenal Fox Business Network television program The Independents…

    Not frequent enough.

    1. This Friday!

      1. You better be in the studio.

  4. Oh, and now I have to give more than $100 to get another t-shirt? THAT’S BULLSHIT. I’m on a fixed income.

    1. Look, $100 a year is not too much to spend on an entire wardrobe. Plus, those stains on the old one…

  5. $100 a year for the “Digital Edition”?

    Have you coastal elitists seen the price of HAMBURGER lately?

    1. Digital edition just means they finger you while you read Bailey’s monthly global temperature updates.

      1. do they go in circles first or just jam it in?

        1. For a c-note they better use some finesse.

        2. Prostate exam is free. Don’t you see this is true healthcare reform?

  6. I can’t be the only one who is laughing my ass off watching this Rolling Stone story implode.

    I have a feeling that dipshit pseudo-intellectual moron of a Jezebel writer (as if there is any other kind) is going to mildly regret taking such a public stand when Robby started expressing reservations about the story.

    I’m sure burning her Columbia degree in a trash can will keep her warm when she’s homeless due to the fact that no reputable organization will touch the barely literate sludge she periodically hurls onto the screen over at Jezebel for .00000002 cents per click.

    1. I assume you mean RS naming Songs of Bloatware the best album of the year.

    2. The UVa story? It’s just too delectable for only one go-around. What are you reading?

      1. Author of Rolling Stone article didn’t talk to alleged perpetrators.

        Rolling Stone whiffs in reporting on alleged rape.

        From that radically write wing news organization, The Washington Post.

        The best part is that the writer of the Rolling Stone article is already hedging and is saying things like ‘The specifics don’t matter, this is about the culture’ and ‘There’s no doubt in my mind that something happened to her that night.’

        We’ve gone a long way from ‘She was definitely gang raped on top of a broken glass table’ to ‘Well, something probably happened, you know, probably.’

        1. Maybe it was some earnest gamble that this would hit the interstice between eye-popping local story and clothes-rending national scandal, and the author fell victim to her own success, but Christ this seems like too ballsy a story to run with without some serious corroboration.

        2. What puzzles me the most about the story itself is the extent of her physical injuries. I don’t know much about rape, as to how it physically damages someone, but I have a pretty good idea what three hours of rape on a pile of broken glass would do to her back. She would have had to get medical care for that, plus her back would have been bloody as all get out. There’s no way anyone could have missed that, she would have been in a metric boatload of pain, and it just doesn’t add up.

  7. I’m a bit angry I missed the thread on Gillespie’s article about the commenters, so a few quick thoughts:

    1. Shouldn’t the phrase ‘gay Elvis impersonator’ have a hyphen somewhere? As it stands, this could mean that Gillespie is either a gay man who is impersonating Elvis or that he is a straight man impersonating a gay-Elvis.

    2. The linked Daily Kos article about how much they hate Nick Gillespie is hilarious.

    I remember my dad talking to me about this episode. Being that we’re from Pittsburgh and we know how bad of shape Braddock has been and we respect Fetterman for doing everything he can to save his town, my dad said, ‘That guy in the leather jacket is an asshole. I wouldn’t want to piss Fetterman off.” Me neither. If there is any reason I want to see Amash lose is to taste Gillespie’s sweet, sweet tears of defeat. So I hope Amash mans up and runs because I would love to see him go down and hopefully his run will give us another pick-up opportunity in the House.

    The time Gillespie made that thug dipshit Fetterman whine is actually Gillespie’s greatest moment as far as I’m concerned.

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