Tonight on The Independents: Are There Any Secret Libertarians Running for President? Also: Suderman on Obamacare, Welch on the Collapse of Communism, V.A. Whistleblower Scott Davis, and Let the Damn Turkey Cool!


War on Christmas? How about the Christmas War on Thanksgiving! Yuletide decorations started going up the day after Halloween, and Kennedy ain't havin' it:

Also on tonight's episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, repeats three and five hours later) Party Panelists Michael Malice (fast-talking state-smasher) and Rick Ungar (Forbes columnist) will assess whether there's any secret libertarian sauce living in the hearts of the 2016 presidential field. I predict you will enjoy Malice's take on Hillary Clinton….

Suderman Computerpants is in studio talking about Obamacare's disappointing enrollment numbers and the threat it faces at the Supreme Court. Veterans Administration whistleblower Scott Davis will throw cold water on the institution's stabs at reform. John Tillman of the Illinois Policy Institute will report on how state regulation is driving small business from his state to Texas. And I will talk about three underappreciated lessons/impact of the collapse of communism 25 years ago this month. It's a groovy kind of show, so dig.

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