Anthony L. Fisher Talks Grubergate, Sexism in a Scientist's Shirt, and Adult Underoos on Red Eye Tonight at 3 a.m. ET/Midnight PT


Stay up late and watch me on the panel of the venerable, uber-late-night yakfest Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld tonight at 3 a.m. ET/midnight PT on Fox News Channel.

Joining me will be the eponymous host, regular panelist Joanne Nosuchinsky, Fox Business Network anchor Dagen McDowell and Anthony Cumia, formerly of the Opie and Anthony radio show.

Worst. Shirt. Ever.
Twitter/Dr. Matt Taylor

Scheduled topics include the latest obnoxious musings of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber, the blubbering apology of space scientist Dr. Matt Taylor over absurd and sexist choices in apparel (see right), and the return of Underoos (now in adult sizes). 

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  1. OT: Washington State Patrol won’t be making any arrests during large, heavily armed protest against the state.

    Now, a Washington State Patrol spokesman says people won’t be arrested for exchanging guns.

    “We don’t think that we could prove that that’s a transfer,” said Bob Calkins, spokesman for the patrol.

    We can’t prove what the law attempt to outlaw, this is why we needed this law.

  2. You probably can’t find that shirt in stock anywhere, now.

    1. Apparently, it was custom made by a friend:

      1. Here it is:…..nner-girls

        1. Actually, comparing the two they look similar but not quite the same…

  3. Cripes, let’s not join the SJWs and claim a shirt with attractive women on it is “sexism” or “misogyny.” It may be tasteless, but let’s not help stretch those terms out of all recognition, as has happened with “racism.”

    1. If his having worn it was a blatant admission of misogyny, why did Fisher feature the photo here? If that shirt is truly an unacceptable expression of sexism, why is it any more palatable in this medium? Maybe because it’s a bullshit argument, and feeding it does nothing for anyone but the grievance trolls?

      1. And can we have a close-up, to better judge for ourselves?

          1. They look like empowered women to me!

    2. I don’t know about sexist or misogynist, but I generally assume a guy with a shirt like that doesn’t have a girlfriend.

      1. Apparently, it was given to him by a girlfriend (or at least a female friend).

  4. “Absurd and sexist.”

    Criticism of a man who landed a probe on a comet from a bunch of journalists and film makers.

    A pack of pathetic little monkeys flinging shit to get attention.

    1. Do you know how HARD it is to make a film? And to unflinchingly pursue the truth in the electronic medium?

    2. Given the amazing ink that he’s sporting, a reasonably open mind might simply think the man has a rather artistic side.

      Besides, we’re always hearing about science being full of geeks, this guy looks like he’s enjoying himself and knows that this is a special day; he’s going to celebrate!

      Lighten up!

  5. Okay, before too many comments bury me, someone please splain to me the theory behind taxing Cadillac health care plans. Under ObamaCare it apparently works this way starting in 2018:

    1 – Employer provides plan worth $10k+ to individual
    2 – Employer has to pay 40% of $10k+ to government

    Is that it? If so, just tell me what the rationale behind that is and I’ll tee up my next question. I’ve never understood this whole Cadillac healthcare plan controversy starting back in 2008 when it was part of the presidential race. I’d like to unravel it one question at a time.

    1. Rich people suck, Faceless, and any gambit society can take to deprive them the perks of being rich is a plan worth undertaking.

      There’s probably a more technical argument, but I’m certain it’s entirely undergirded by envy. Envy and FYTW politicking.

    2. It’s to make any private option less attractive.

      1. Okay, it’s beginning to fall into place. An excise tax on something that’s never been excise taxed before, and for no reason other than to get less of it, because the more people have of it the less they have of ObamaCare.

        I think I’m ready to ask my next question…

    3. The purpose is to discourage companies from offering good insurance coverage, so more voters will beg for the government to do something and give us English style free medical care for all if you survive longer than the average wait time.

      1. Aha, you were typing at the same time I was.

        So what was the status quo ante? What reform was it that McCain was proposing in 2008? I remember that in the debates but I wasn’t following closely.

        Thanks for the responses so far, by the way.

    4. Oh, wait, to correct myself, I see the tax is on the value of the plan AFTER the $10,200 per individual or $27,500 to a family. In other words, the “excess” is being taxed, because EXCESS is anything you have that liberals think you shouldn’t.

    5. It is true that one of the distortions in healthcare is not treating healthcare benefits as a taxable fringe benefit. But of course, this solution is about as screwed up as the rest of this health care “reform.”

  6. You can buy the shirt here.

    PS. the 50 letter limit on words is fucking stupid, especially when it is a link.

  7. I guess these are the parts Gruber left out of his comic book.

    But apparently Republicans wanted to “do something” about Cadillac plans because they helped to perpetuate the quasi-monopoly of employer-provided insurance at the expense of the private insurance market. Am I on the right track here?

    Consider that question #2.

    1. I’m not sure I am. In 2008:

      McCain put forth a plan for universal coverage that involved replacing the tax exclusion for employer-sponsored coverage with a universal tax credit that the uninsured could use to buy health insurance.

      So McCain wanted to start including those high-value healthcare plans (typically provided to union members) in taxable income. At the same time, he wanted to give everyone a wad of cash (in the form of more of your own wage that you get to keep instead of rendering unto us) to go buy private insurance. The object I guess being to alleviate that big gap in the insurance market between premiums in an employer-provided plan and those in a privately purchased plan.

      Carry on.

      1. McCain’s solution was much more rational than Obamacare.

        1. It probably would have made my insurance (private) less expensive.

  8. the blubbering apology of space scientist Dr. Matt Taylor over absurd and sexist choices in apparel

    So, I assume you also object to feminists incessant whining about disapproval of their tawdry and immodest clothing choices, right? Or is it only women who should be free to select their wardrobe?

    1. His reply should have been: “How dare you disparage the right of the transwomen on my shirt to present themselves as they wish??”

  9. He’s a goddamn pussy. Fuck this piece of ass. Wear your bondage with pride you fucking craphead. Christ! All the men have died already.

  10. That jsut aint making no sense dude.

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