3rd Generation Kennedy Fears End of Prohibition Might Lead to People Making Lots of Money


Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) has just published an op-ed in Ozy titled, "What No One is Saying about Marijuana," where he sounds the alarm that "Addiction is big business, and with legal marijuana it's only getting bigger."

Keep it illegal and keep me out of jail!

A recidivist drug and alcohol abuser (who has miraculously avoided jail time despite committing crimes while under the influence that would send lesser mortals to prison on felony convictions) arguing for the continued imprisonment of adults choosing to responsibly consume a substance is rich in its own right. But for a third-generation Kennedy to argue against ending marijuana prohibition because major profits will be made off of it is head-exploding irony and hypocrisy.

Perhaps the ex-Congressman missed the just-concluded final season of Boardwalk Empire, which included a major subplot depicting his grandfather, Joseph P. Kennedy, shrewdly anticipating the end of alcohol prohibition and getting in on the ground floor of legally importing liquor into the United States. With that one move, the politically connected and ruthlessly ambitious Kennedy patriarch built the fortune which to this day affords the Kennedy scion the ability to avoid both work and prison. 

In today's op-ed, Kennedy's greatest fears for a world without marijuana prohibition are "Big Tobacco" swooping in and profiting off the newly legalized substance with a potentially huge consumer base, and that the "mainstreaming" of marijuana will harm the mental health of the nation's youth. He writes

I've spent the last several years after leaving Congress advocating for a health care system that treats the brain like it does any other organ in the body. Effective mental health care, especially when it comes to children, is critically important. Knowing what we now know about the effects of marijuana on the brain, can we really afford to ignore its consequences in the name of legalization? Our No. 1 priority needs to be protecting our kids from this emerging public health crisis. The rights of pot smokers and the marijuana industry end where our children's health begins.

Citing one study tying marijuana with mental illness, Kennedy not only goes nowhere near the effects of alcohol on mental health, he makes no mention of the billions of dollars spent on marketing alcohol to youths, merely lamenting that when "Big Tobacco" becomes "Big Marijuana," they will surely "target our kids and profit from addiction."

Essentially, a man who owes his money, power, and freedom to profits made off of selling the most toxic and deadly drug in existence, wants people to continue to be locked up for recreational drug use, lest other rich people make money off of selling drugs. 

For more on "The Patriarch" and the booze business that enables a grandson's passion for prohibition, watch this Reason TV interview with Joseph P. Kennedy biographer David Nasaw:

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  1. As a former resident of the Great Bay State, I think I speak for all current and former residents when I say that the remaining Kennedy clan needs to be cordoned off permanently from the rest of polite society. I can’t think of a family more deserving of serious jail time and asset forfeiture than this group of degenerate nepotistic inbreds.

    1. At least quarantine ’em.

      1. No…. jail time! This again is another element of the scam they’ve perpetrated on America for 70 years.

        The Kennedy’s have always hated competition when it comes to the society position that money can buy, and they have used political prowess with low info voters to maintain their political position and enrich themselves while providing for the same stepping stool for the next younger and remarkably even more inept generation.

        If there’s any doubt…. wait for it…. wait for it….. “big tobacco”. Yes, it could have been big pharma (though he also surreptitiously infers them as well), big oil, CEOs, or Koch Brothers. But he pulls out a name-dropper that people love to hate. He may well have gone straight for “Monsanto”, but that might sound stupid. But as soon as he says “big tobacco”, you just know that one of the Kennedy’s is back on your side again. I get warm fuzzies all over.

    2. I think we can safely nuke all of New England with favorable results… From orbit

      1. Hey, New Hampshire is a pretty decent place, and Maine isn’t too back once you clear Brunswick.

        1. Yeah, spare the Funspot, dammit!

        2. My favorite thing about Maine is that the State Gov. and the Municipal’s do not communicate with each other. Yeah there are laws, just no one knows what the fuck is going on. =)

      2. No, just southern New England.

        1. vermont is nice but the people? How about neutron bombs? How is that for a compromise?

          1. Neutron bombs work for most of southern NE. It really is a wonderful area, but the populace is generally insane.

    3. I was going to go off on a rant, but “degenerate nepotistic inbreds” sums up the Kennedy family quite well, and it would make a great name for a band composed of coprophilic heroin addicts…

      1. Patrick the hypocrit has been in and out of rehab so many times we’ve all lost count. His MO is to get sober then fall off the wagon with daddy ( when he was alive) being seen in public swilling high balls, go back to rehab, repeat.

        The only thing that might take his I know better than you feeble mind off of other peoples live would be a real days work.

        Ya, like that would ever happen.

    4. I’ll just leave this here.

      1. Only Conan could handle that

    5. ha! well put sir.

  2. That is fucking rich coming from a dirty bootlegging mob family.

    1. thanks, scruff, that is what i logged in to say: it wasn’t just AFTER prohibition that old joe made money, HE WAS MAKING IT SMUGGLING AND BOOTLEGGING DURING prohibition…
      they are power elite slime, regardless of whatever noblesse oblige horseshit they may proffer…
      this kennedy puke makes me sick, i better go do a bong hit before i’m nauseous…

      1. Joe Kennedy made lots of money in voluntary transactions with people to avoid the heavy hand of the government. For that I applaud him.

        But for the next two generations to prevent others from using similar strategies is HYPOCRISY with a capital HYPOCRISY. And to use their money to avoid the penalties they would gladly visit on the mere peons is criminal, IMHO.

      2. He wasn’t technically a bootlegger. There’s a video above that explains this. There’s also a great book called “The Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition” by Daniel Okrent that’s got a good chapter on Joe Kennedy.

  3. Our No. 1 priority needs to be protecting our kids from this emerging public health crisis.

    Kennedy’s words speak for themselves.

    1. Thank God somebody is thinking of the children.

      1. of course. today’s children could be the hot women of tomorrow.

  4. I can’t decide if Kennedy is just projecting his own pathetic inability to handle, well, any drugs/alcohol, or if he’s somehow lobbying for some cronies in the alcohol or forced rehab industry.

    Seeing as he’s a Kennedy, it’s probably both.

    1. I think he’s just that stupid.

      1. So, he’s a Kennedy.

        How did Joe, who was a pretty sharp guy, have so many fucking idiot descendants?

        1. Rose wasn’t too bright according to Jackie.

        2. The kids were spoiled rotten. This is what happens when you’re born into money. Take dead aim on the rich boys, because they one thing they can’t buy is backbone.

        3. Well, there is a distinction between intelligence and animal cunning.

          Animal cunning, as far as I can tell, seems to have been Joe Kennedy’s one redeeming quality. And I have little doubt that his spawn have inherited it. Watch how clever this guy would get if something involved his well-being or interests. It’d be amazing.

        4. Well, one got stupider after she was forcibly lobotomized.

          1. That was the fashion of the times.

          2. one got stupider after she was forcibly lobotomized

            Caroline?? /s

    2. he is using this issue to propel himself into the debate –

      Thats what Kennedys do best SELF PROMOTION.
      The public is too stupid to realize that they are all a bunch of Hypocrites

    3. It’s the ReHab talking.

    4. It’s the Gilded Idiot principle in operation, and why Gates is giving away most of his money. Families with too much money degenerate totally within three generations.

      Watch a couple Aristocats jokes from YouTube and see if you don’t think Kennedys. Of course one lobotomized the daughter before mind-fudging her in those jokes,

  5. How does anyone elect one of these addictive-personality retards? I mean, how many decades of proof do you need?

    1. Three generations of imbeciles are enough?

      1. I don’t get voting for a scion of another politician, anyway. Unless someone was running as a descendent of Thomas Jefferson on a constitutionalist platform, anyway. Maybe.

      2. they are not Imbeciles they are highly intelligent narcissists who are masterful at manipulating the press and simple minded Americans to support them.

        1. No different than worst of the Vanderbilts famous for running down peasants while drunk. Even the best of their generation built largest house in America called Biltmore that he never lived in, and never got the “built more” joke.

          I think it may have something to do with never working a day in their life. Work sucks at times, but keeps people intellectually alive.

    2. *How does anyone elect one of these addictive-personality retards? *

      Consider that they were elected in MA & NY, primarily, and you have your answer quite easily.

  6. “When the goal is addiction, all bets are off.”

    *** rising intonation ***

    What about gambling addiction?

    1. all bets are off

      Wanna bet?

  7. All this coming from a dude that none of you would voluntarily let your children within 100 yards of.

  8. I guess he prefers cartels and their thugs making money over honest businessmen.

    1. honest businessmen aren’t as keen on paying bribes.

    2. It’s definitely the honest part. If someone doesn’t die while you’re raking in cash, have you really done anything?

    3. Don’t forget the money made by the rehab industry.

  9. U.S. Capitol Police officers suspected that Kennedy was intoxicated when he staggered out of his Ford Mustang shortly before 3 a.m. after he nearly hit a police car and then crashed into a security barrier. But the six-term congressman — who said he was trying to reach the Capitol for a vote — was not given a sobriety test. Instead, Capitol Police commanders ordered that Kennedy be driven to his nearby home, touching off complaints that the son of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) received special treatment.

    1. Well aren’t they constitutionally immune from most traffic & minor laws when they are physically on their way to congress?

      1. he staggered out of his Ford Mustang shortly before 3 a.m.

  10. this emerging public health crisis.

    [citation needed]

    The rights of pot smokers and the marijuana industry end where our children’s health begins.

    Awesome! So that means he’s good with legalization, right? ‘Cause I haven’t heard anybody, smokers or sellers, saying that cramming dope down the lungs and throats of children is on their agenda.

  11. Joe Kennedy may not have been a bootlegger or Nazi, but he was the greatest tax dodger in history. (Or at least since the Roman Patriarchs were declared tax-exempt)

    He formed a trust domiciled in Fiji to hold Merchandise Mart and several of his oil companies. At this point, the dodged American income and inheritance taxes have to be well into the $billions.

    If they weren’t aristocratic hypocrites, I would admire the Kennedys and their “Arctic Royalty Limited Partnership” tax escape.

    1. I’d say the good that came of this was JFK’s advocation of a lower tax rate. He had personal experience of the inutility of high rates.

      1. He didn’t lower them enough for old Joe to bring his money back.

  12. When’s this one gonna meet his demise and continue the streak? It’s time.



    1. Just please, no more dead call girls. Or hookers. Whatever.

      1. Good catch – seconded 🙂

    2. See if we can get him to drive over Chappaquiddick bridge.

      1. if he knows how to swim, he will just wiggle to shore

        1. I think you meant slither.

    3. The only thing that’s prevented several recent Kennedy deaths is the vast improvement in driver safety devices installed in the newest automobiles.

      Even Kerry Kennedy (RFK’s daughter) recently tested out the air bags oin her Mercedes by slamming in to a tractor-trailer in New York a couple years ago.

      They are due.

      1. It’s not really unique to the Kennedys though. Have you ever seen a Masshole drive?

        1. The MassPike at 6:30am – a cross between Formula 1 and a demolition derby.

        2. This is true, and Massholes are by far the worst drivers in the country without a doubt. I practically had to relearn how to drive when I moved to Nashville.

          That being said apparently the Kennedy’s are incapable of operating a motor vehicle without being intoxicated, and ironically enough, cars these days have such amazing safety features that the clan lives on.

      2. *The only thing that’s prevented several recent Kennedy deaths is the vast improvement in driver safety devices installed in the newest automobiles.*

        Then give them all single engine, two passenger planes and have done with it!

  13. Patrick Kennedy appears to live in an alternate universe where prohibition means that no one is profiting from selling marijuana. Newsflash Patrick: the only effect of prohibition is to change the identity of the people who profit from anyone with a 401k to murderous Mexican drug cartels.

  14. I think that under that hair helmet might be one of them Puppet Masters. All them Kennedys got em ever since Joe made a pact.

  15. … the politically connected and ruthlessly ambitious Kennedy patriarch built the fortune which to this day affords the Kennedy scion the ability to avoid both work and prison.

    This portion of the sentence would be enough to make anyone with even a quantum of shame sit down and shut the fuck up.

    Sadly, mind tricks don’t work on Kennedys, only money (and underage girls).

    1. At first I thought you were saying mind tricks only work on money and underage girls.

  16. Public Service Announcement:

    This is my new handle.


    R C Dean f/k/a MegaloMonocle

  17. That’s some sweet irony there Lou.

  18. WHY is anything this drug/ booze asked reprobate worthy of repeating?
    Ironically, MJ was the one substance Patcheds(Do you know who I am) Kennedy didn’t have a problem with.

  19. WHY is anything this drug/ booze asked reprobate worthy of repeating?
    Ironically, MJ was the one substance Patcheds(Do you know who I am) Kennedy didn’t have a problem with.

  20. “A recidivist drug and alcohol abuser (who has miraculously avoided jail time despite committing crimes while under the influence that would send lesser mortals to prison on felony convictions)”

    yeah, well, nothing like ol’ Ted getting away with murder!

  21. Big tobacco taking over the growing and sale of marijuana? Hey I’m all for it. They have the land with the rich soil and the know how to make and market a quality product. Anyone who thinks the government would do better is crazy.

  22. But, democrats want to legalize drugs.

    Local trolls have told me so.

  23. Setting aside the thundering hypicrisy, what the pluperfect hell is wrong with that man’s face? It looks like he’s wearimg a badly made JFK mask made of third rate rubber.

    1. The face is worrying enough, but take a look at that rug!
      The Donald wouldn’t get caught in that.

  24. So I guess the expression…’Drunker than a room full of Kennedys.’…no longer applies then. Right?

  25. He is concerned about his alcohol franchise.

  26. Well of course a Kennedy fears some people making a lot of money.

    If other people start to get really productive and build vast sums of wealth that will only serve to diminish the relative wealth of useless layabouts and leeches like the Kennedy clan.

    If things get bad enough they might actually be compelled to, you know, work for a living.

    Can’t have that.

    What good is government if not to keep the peasantry in it’s rightful place?

  27. Public service announcement paid for by organized crime.

    1. That’s it. Most all “ruling” families started out as criminal gangs.

  28. “Effective mental health care, especially when it comes to The Chiilldren”


    “Our No. 1 priority needs to be protecting The Chiilldren from this emerging public health crisis.”


    “The rights of pot smokers and the marijuana industry end where The Chiilldren’s health begins.”


  29. Please . . . EVERYONE! Go to the Ozy article and leave your excoriations for Patrick to read. The comments his article have gotten are running about 95% against his position. Let’s see how close to 100% we can get. Even though it is mathematically impossible to get there, 99.9% would be close enough.

  30. * Patrick assaulting a security guard at an airport checkpoint in 2000. He paid an undisclosed civil settlement to the alleged victim almost two years later.

    * Also in 2000, Atlantic Navigation Company of Mystic, Connecticut, claimed that a boat they rented to Patrick Kennedy was found abandoned off Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, with US$28,000 worth of damage.

    * In 2003, Kennedy was criticized for saying “I have never worked a [insert expletive here] day in my life”

    * On May 4, 2006, Patrick crashed his automobile into a barricade on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. A Capitol Police official said the congressman had appeared intoxicated, but Kennedy claimed that he was merely disoriented from prescription medications Ambien and Phenergan. Anonymous sources are alleged to have seen Kennedy drinking at the nearby Hawk & Dove bar prior to the accident.

    * On May 5, 2006, Kennedy admitted that he had an addiction to prescription medication and announced he would be re-admitting himself to a drug-rehabilitation facility at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota where he has sought treatment for prior addictions. He has stated that he has no recollection of the car crash.

    * On Friday, June 12, 2009, Kennedy again announced that he “has checked into a medical facility for treatment”.

  31. Legalizing will make it harder for our youths to get the stuff.

    It was always a chore to get cigs and booze before I was 18 and 21, respectively. I had to find somebody to buy for me or try to get fake IDs of questionable usability.

    Pot, on the other hand, didn’t have these problems. Yeah, it was sometimes hard to find a seller, but I could usually get the stuff with far less effort than cigs/booze.

  32. Patrick Kennedy and ‘Project SAM’ are fighting legalization with a crusade to make sure that citizens are punished with ‘forced treatment’. Their talking points mainly rest on the theory that ‘big marijuana will be just like big alcohol and big tobacco’.

    Kennedy has taken thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the alcohol industry, including Anheuser-Busch, the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America, the National Beer Wholesalers Association of America, and many other alcohol distributors, manufacturers, and retailers.

    These associations are absolulely dwarfed, however, by Kennedy’s relationship with th104
    e gambling and casino industries. During the course of his eight terms in the House, Kennedy received over $500,000 from gambling groups.

    “A commercial marijuana industry will act just as the tobacco industry acts. Big Tobacco may even take over a marijuana industry once it’s up and running,” reads a Project SAM article that fingers “Altria, the parent company of Phillip Morris” for purchasing, in 2009, “AltriaCannabis.Com” and “AltriaMarijuana.Com.”

    What Project SAM doesn’t tell you is that Altria gave money to Patrick Kennedy’s congressional campaign, and that Philip Morris,New Century Tobacco Group, and U.S. Tobacco all did as well.

    Source: reason com

  33. I hesitate to remind folks here that libertarian doesn’t mean libertine. In fact, not even the libertines were libertine.

  34. A Kennedy committing serious felonies while intoxicated and then walking away scot free? Unheard of!

  35. More liberal hypocrisy, writ large.

  36. Oh fantastic. Now I have to clean up brain and skull fragments off my desk because my head exploded from irony.

  37. if I was married to that Kennedy hypocrite I would hang myself in a barn

    1. Wouldn’t it make more sense to divorce him, take a shitload of money and tell all to the papers? Not that anything you could tell about this guy would surprise anyone.

  38. My browser’s playing up again. It didn’t show the part where he shows why Big Tabaco would end up running the marijuana industry. That would be the most interesting part, learning why he thinks one of the easiest crops to grow at home or on small plots.

  39. I think everybody have right for their own opinion. One my friend love to tell what prohibited products is interesting for him, otherwise he doesn’t have any interest in them.

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