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Burger King's Tax Evasion, Uber's Dirty Tricks, Knee Defender Hijinks: Nick Gillespie on HuffPost Live


I was just on HuffPostLive with Alyona Minkovski of HuffPost, Alex Pareene of First Look Media, and Lauren Lyster of Yahoo.

We had a rollicking conversation about issues of the day, ranging from Burger King's tax inversion to Reason's millennials issue to President Obama's awful press conference yesterday. Take a look by clicking above or by going to the HuffPostLive site.

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  1. What are you using, Gillespie? Is that Skype?

    It looks like you’re calling in from the moon.

    Do we need to have another web donation drive?

    Somebody, anybody, let’s chip in and get Gillespie some decent equipment, for goodness’ sake.

  2. I love the complaints I read about BK.

    In typical unaware, self-centered fashion, the people complaining about this the most (lefties) don’t realize that BK has restaurants all over the world, with 13,000 locations in 80 countries and that any one of those countries could potentially make the same claim that they’re being cheated out of tax dollars because BK HQ is in another country.

    1. Not really, because the U.S. is one of the few countries that taxes the worldwide earnings of companies headquartered in the country. If “inversion” is outlawed, then effectively that would end all mergers between a U.S. company and an overseas company, because who would merge and then subject their worldwide earnings to higher U.S. corporate taxes. The competitive balance would shift away from the U.S. companies, making us all poorer. But what the heck do the Economic Isolationists care?

  3. I appreciate frugality in government, but why does Mr. Sanders’ office look like it used to be a supply closet?

  4. The best Burger King commercial was the one with the King (Steve Young) torching the Vikings defense on that long TD run.

  5. Ms. Lyster is turning me on to Yahoo Finance.

    1. If Nick had been on the set, The Jacket would have been stiffer than a straitjacket given how much leg Minkovski was showing. 🙂

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