Ukraine Wants to Join NATO

for obvious reasons


Ukraine said on Friday it would seek the protection of NATO membership after what Kiev and its Western allies say is the open participation of the Russian military in the war in Ukraine's eastern provinces.

Formal Ukrainian membership in the Western military alliance, which would come with the full protection of a mutual defence pact with the U.S. superpower, remains an unlikely prospect, at least in the near future.

But by announcing that it is seeking it, Kiev is taking its most decisive step yet to pursue Western military protection from what it now describes as an invasion by its neighbour.

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  1. Man with Burning House Wants Insurance Policy

    1. Ha, I was going to post “Homeowners in path of hurricane want insurance policy”.

  2. To ride the fence on the issue (I’m not nuts about intervention)

    But the headline could also read “Man Who Was Convinced To Remove Fire Alarms And Fire Extinguishers By Insurance Company Who Didn’t Have A Policy On Man Wants Insurance Company To Stand By Their Argument”.

    We convinced Ukraine to give up their WMD’s several years back, probably so they wouldn’t possibly fall in to the wrong hands, and in so doing made tacit promises to help them should they need it. It’s the equivalent of having our guns impounded with promises of collectivized protection only to place a call and be told to lump it. Certainly there are likely some dues and other obligations for being a member they decided to forgo by not actually being in NATO already, but there certainly is a void left by our government trying to be The World’s Policeman.

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