Legendary Actor Gary Oldman Outs Himself as a 'Libertarian'; Also Upset That He Can't Call Nancy Pelosi the C-Word


UPDATED JUNE 25: Oldman has apologized for remarks in the interview about Jewish influence in Hollywood. Standing firm so far on characterization of Rep. Nancy Pelosi as a "cunt…a fucking useless cunt." Read more here.

Via's movie reviewer Kurt Loder comes word that legendary actor Gary Oldman—we loved him as Sid Vicious, Joe Orton, Lee Harvey Oswald, Dracula (film and pinball game!), Beethoven (the piano player, not the clumsy but lovable pooch), Dimmesdale, Sirius Black, Jim Gordon, and so many more (like the wacked-out drug-dealing wigger Drexl Spivey in True Romance)—has outed himself as a libertarian in a Playboy interview. Some quotes culled from that Q&A:

PLAYBOY: How would you describe your politics?

OLDMAN: I would say that I'm probably a libertarian if I had to put myself in any category. But you don't come out and talk about these things, for obvious reasons.

PLAYBOY: But there are a ton of conservatives in Hollywood, and libertarians too. Bill Maher has called himself a libertarian.

OLDMAN: I think he would fail the test. Anyway, unlike Bill Maher, conservatives in Hollywood don't have a podium.

PLAYBOY: Fine. We'll give you one. What would America look like under President Hillary Clinton?

OLDMAN: What can I say? I feel we need some real leadership, and it's nowhere in sight. Look at what's happening right now. John Kerry going off to China to talk about North Korea? What's that going to do? The ludicrousness of it. What a waste of money. You're going to go to the puppeteer and say, "Can you help me with the puppet?" As far as Hillary, I guess I feel like my character in The Contender, Shelly Runyon. He doesn't want Joan Allen to become president; he just believes she isn't the right person for the job. It's nothing to do with the fact that she's a woman, but he uses a bit of dirt on her to bring her down.

What prompted that particular exchange? This one:

OLDMAN: More and more, people in this culture are able to hide behind comedy and satire to say things we can't ordinarily say, because it's all too politically correct.

PLAYBOY: Do you have something in mind?

OLDMAN: Well, if I called Nancy Pelosi a cunt—and I'll go one better, a fucking useless cunt—I can't really say that. But Bill Maher and Jon Stewart can, and nobody's going to stop them from working because of it. Bill Maher could call someone a fag and get away with it. He said to Seth MacFarlane this year, "I thought you were going to do the Oscars again. Instead they got a lesbian." He can say something like that. Is that more or less offensive than Alec Baldwin saying to someone in the street, "You fag"? I don't get it.

PLAYBOY: You see it as a double standard.

OLDMAN: It's our culture now, absolutely. At the Oscars, if you didn't vote for 12 Years a Slaveyou were a racist. You have to be very careful about what you say. I do have particular views and opinions that most of this town doesn't share, but it's not like I'm a fascist or a racist. There's nothing like that in my history.

Read the whole thing, which is interesting and profane throughout. And filled with a lot of old-manism from the 56-year-old who views the future with trepidation and seems generally and genuinely pissed off about helicopter parents, political correctness, and, well, just about everything. Also includes interesting bits on his life as an actor, by the way.

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  1. One of my favorites. Yeah, who cares about an actor’s politics, but it is nice to see one – a good one – who isn’t a complete fucking moron.

  2. And filled with a lot of old-manism from the 56-year-old

    56 isn’t old, you snot nosed punk. Now get off my lawn.

    1. Older than my brother, but younger than me.

    2. Maybe they should have said Oldman-ism. 😉

      1. I love how people seems to think that mid-50’s is old and decrepit. Last year I showed up at a local Army base for my annual PFT (Physical Fitness Test) – I’m a reservist without a unit right now. At 54 years old I out did everybody who showed up (most of them in their 20’s) in push-ups and I out-ran everybody who was half my age and most of those who were younger than that.

    3. I keep a cane by my door to shake at the young whippersnappers when I yell at them to get off my lawn.

  3. Gary has always been one of my favorite actors, and now he is one of my favorite people. Thank you Gary for saying what most people know to be true. I am a fan.

    1. What most people know to be true? That Mel Gibson lives in a ‘town run by Jews’

      Fuck off, you Nazi cocksucker.

      1. Weird.

        1. Marshall,

          Is that your substitute for actual comment you dumb motherfucker? Or just an accurate description of what every woman who’s ever seen you thinks of your looks. You sound a like complete cunt.

  4. Bill Maher has called himself a libertarian.

    I think he would fail the test.

    Paging Shrike.

    1. No true Scotsman!

      I like him more and more.

      It’s nice to see such a high quality actor as a libertarian. The Professional is one of my favorite movies, and I love the scene where he tells the guy to call out EVERYONE!!

      1. I think if you could actually get the truth from people, you’d find a lot more actors who are actually tending libertarian, especially the ones who have become successful without become superstars (like Oldman). Because as people who probably had to work pretty fucking hard using their own talents to scratch and claw their way to where they are in an extremely competitive industry, they probably appreciate their own work and talent and don’t feel like anyone else somehow deserves a cut of it.

        But they’re not going to say that out loud, as that could jeopardize all they’ve worked for. Even Oldman never said this stuff until now.

        1. Anyone with these views, who hasn’t made it yet in Hollywood, is smart to keep their moth shut.

          These are the most low-information, thin-skinned and hostilely craven people on the planet and if you aren’t one of them, you’re the enemy. They won’t be returning your calls.

          1. They should keep their mouth shut, too.

          2. Yeah, but that’s the case with every industry where there are a fuckton of people trying to “make it big” but only a few can do it. You’ll see a surprising similarity between Hollywood/Broadway and, for instance, modeling, or even tech startups. Everybody’s trying to become those few rare people who become wildly successful, and if you don’t, you usually are pretty unsuccessful. So no one dares burn any bridges if they can help it, or pisses off the zeitgeist.

            1. When your livelihood depends entirely on being popular, you’ll do or say whatever’s popular at the moment.

            2. That’s just common sense. Don’t fucking talk politics at work. The ones that do just presume their part of the tribe and have nothing to fear, or they’re just too stupid to shut their cake-hole.

              No one I work with knows what my views are.

            3. That’s the main purpose of the PC gangs. To shut people up that might indicate their views are anything but a hegemony.

        2. Remember when Tom Selleck came out as a conservative? Anyone heard from him since?

          1. I think his series Blue Bloods is returning for series 5.

          2. Be fair – it’s not like he was on the A-list at that point.

            1. Magnum, P.I. is KING!

              1. I think prolonged exposure to that ‘stache has been shown to cause spontaneous pregnancies.

        3. I think if you could actually get the truth from people, you’d find a lot more actors who are actually tending libertarian, especially the ones who have become successful without become superstars (like Oldman).

          Sure, if they’re the liberal ones. Most of them bought into progressivism.

    2. Bill Maher has called himself a libertarian.

      More proof that Maher has no idea what he’s talking about.

      1. As a Scotsman, he makes a good Hottentot.

      2. He no longer identifies as a libertarian because you guys started talking and revealing yourselves to be out-of-touch nutjobs.

        1. He’s a cocaine and hooker libertarian: he wants those things to be legal because they interest him personally.

          He could give fuck all about the property rights or any of the the challenging stuff.

          Bill Maher has the intellect of a smartass 17 year old.

          1. Libertarianism is defined by its reliance on simplicity. Simply wish away all the real problems of the world, and all you need are property rights and bootstraps. What’s challenging about it?

            1. Libertarianism is defined by its reliance on simplicity.

              Right, unlike progressives and their belief that Lizzie Warren and a team of planners can save the world with enough money and power.

              Very complex ideology you got there Tony. And you wouldn’t Tony if you didn’t beg the question about why complexity is a good or desirable.

              1. Complexity isn’t good or desirable, but it is the way the world is. My opinion is that we’ll probably fail, but if we’re going to give it a go, we might as well apply evidence-based methods and not silly ideologies.

                1. Tony, I find your arguments about science and evidence compelling, but I have one big stumbling block that’s keeping me from becoming socialist.

                  I don’t want to be an asshole.

                  And, whenever I read what you write, it seems like you walk, talk, and act like a complete asshole. Why would I want to become an asshole?

                  I have this simple, silly notion that if a person lives a peaceful, voluntary life with the people around him, that he deserves respect and to be, more or less, left alone in return.

                  Then, you come along and explain to me that, no, practically anyone who happens to have any income needs to fork over about 50% to various governments in order to maximize all human well-being, and, if I have a problem with that, or don’t believe that, then I’m a fucking simplistic moron who doesn’t understand the science of it all.

                  Sorry. I mean, maximizing human well-being sounds great, and mentioning science sure sounds sciency. However, I just can’t get over the fact that your policies seem like the policies of meddlesome assholes, and you sound like an asshole when you describe them. And, I simply don’t want to be an asshole. I’d rather show people the peaceful respect that I would like to enjoy for myself, if I could.

                  I guess it is simple.

                  Anyway, I hope me not being an asshole doesn’t screw up your human well-being maximization. Hopefully you and like-minded assholes will be asshole enough for the rest of us. Sure as hell doesn’t look like well-being maximization so far.

                  1. I agree with you Brian. I would also add that to be a socialist, you have to have a need to willingly conform, obey and comply to the slave masters that be. To me, those three conditions to be a good socialist, conformity, obedience and compliance is the antithesis of what the United States was founded on and what Americans want to be.

                  2. And remember…

                    Dicks fuck assholes (and pussies).

                  3. I don’t much care to pay for the government programs that protect wealthy people’s assets to an absurd degree while increasingly ignoring the basic needs of the poor. No wealthy person has ever been harmed by taxes. Starvation is more often than not rather harmful.

                    But I’m the asshole because I don’t believe in telling the children of poor parents that their ability to eat and live is entirely dependent on their parents’ luck and bootstrap pulling ability.

                    1. Increasingly ignoring the needs of the poor? What fucking country are you living in? The US provides ridiculous amounts of welfare. Including free money, free food, free healthcare, free mobile phones, and free or subsidized transportation.

                      What the Hell else do you think we need to provide?

                2. There is nothing complicated about the typical progressive or leftist views. You simply think that politicians can solve everything and plan everything (not sure why you believe that) and that if you spend enough money or create enough new programs that it will be fixed. You never seem to look at the 300 other programs already created and why they did not fix the problem. You also make a lot of decisions based on emotional gut reactions and stereotypes.

            2. But yet you regularly fail to grasp it, funny that.

              1. No I don’t. You regularly change the rules whenever you’re called on one of your many blatant hypocrisies and inconsistencies.

            3. To slightly paraphrase C.A.R. Hoare:

              “There are two ways of constructing a [system]: One way is to make it so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies, and the other way is to make it so complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies. The first method is far more difficult.”

              1. Tony is a simple man really, Vadimir Lenon used to call people like him ” useful idiots”.

          2. “Bill Maher has the intellect of a smartass 17 year old.”

            So, Tony, pretty much.

        2. I think that he had previously conflated the ideas of the libertarian and the libertine. He never entertained the idea of private roads. He thought libertarianism was social freedom, but he never supported freedom writ large (ha, ha, take that Plato!).

    3. If Oldman spent more than 10 minutes talking politics his libertarian cred would be shot down here too.

      The LP Purity Test is that tough.

      1. Yeah, didn’t you score like 8% or something?

      2. He called Nancy Pelosi a fucking useless cunt. LP Purity Test passed.

        1. *standing ovation*

        2. Agreed, anybody who calls that fucking useless cunt, Nancy Pelosi, a fucking useless cunt is fucking okay with me.

      3. Just stop, shreek, it’s over. Epi is never ever going to acknowledge you. Just move on.

        1. Butt Plug just can’t quit Epi.

    4. Bill Mahar is no more a libertarian than Hitler was a Jew.

  5. He’ll be fine. Nobody can play the supporting role in just the right way to make the film “right” like Oldman. Not that he can’t carry a film himself, but I’m partial to his supporting roles.

  6. What do we care what label some celebrity bestows upon themselves its dumb and counterproductive to care, also it contributes to group-think and smugness.

    1. Yeah, Well I want to not care at all about the politics of performers, but sometimes they’re so strident or so persistently idiotic that I can’t get beyond it. Sean Penn falls into this category for me. I can’t see him in a movie without thinking, “fucking idiot”, so it ruins the suspension of disbelief. Matt Damon – same thing.

      1. Yep. That’s why I prefer my entertainers to, you know, entertain. If I want your poorly thought-out, chimp-like opinions, I’ll ask.

        But still, Gary Oldman? Fuck yeah.

      2. What an intrinsically paternalistic thing to say.

    2. I don’t think it’s dumb. I will not support certain actors based upon their politics. This primarily applies to the vocal assholes…Penn, Sarandon, Robbins, Redford….

      You can be whatever you want and I don’t really give a shit, so long as you shut up about it. But if attempt to push your evil shit on me I’m not going to see your movies.

      1. Yeah, Redford is another one. Besides having been brutalized by the extreme ugly stick (he hasn’t aged well), he comes off as a really strident asshole.

        1. And humorless – Redford seems completely humorless. Alec Baldwin is a douche but at least he seems weirdly fun.

          1. I hate to admit this, but part of me likes Baldwin.

            I think if I could sit down with him over beers, I could turn him.

            1. If not, we could just have an awesome Long Island Irish fistfight and everyone goes home happy.

            2. He had you at “cocksucking fag” didn’t he?

              1. You know, normally you are simply an ignorant, annoying fucking idiot. But THAT pissed me off.

                Homosexuals have no greater supporter than I.

                Fuck off, you immoral piece of shit!

                1. Look Susan I like Alec Baldwin too. I don’t care that he called anyone a cocksucking fag. I don’t think actors deserve to be judged on their behavior outside of a screen. Rudeness is rudeness, but celebrities have the burden of occasionally having their lapses recorded.

                  1. No, no. That was Jonah Hill with “Suck my cock, faggot”.

                    Alec Baldwin went classy by using terms like “little bitch” “uptight queen” and “toxic little queen” and saying “If put my foot up your ass [sic], George Stark, but I’m sure you’d dig it too much.”

                    Alec Baldwin is clearly a complete dick, but he’s at least a talented and creative dick, unlike that no-talent hack, Jonah Hill.

          2. Anybody who can do the speeches in Glengarry Glenn Ross and the one in Malice so fucking well has to be at least a little bit interesting.

            1. Sheer talent will get me to overlook stupid politics, althoug I draw the line at useful idiots.

              Baldwin has that talent in spades. Penn, not so much. Redford, what a fucking bore.

              1. Damon, well, I like Good Will Hunting and the Bourne movies. But The Informant was awful and he was in the worse half of Saving Private Ryan

          3. Really? I don’t think Baldwin looks very fun. Not humorless either, but I think he’s a straight up asshole.

            1. Oh, come on, those Capital One commercials were hilarious.

              1. Oh, no doubt that he can be a very funny actor. But I don’t think you’d have a great time sharing a beer with him.

      2. Not Jon Voight? He turned out to be a Glenn Beck type nutcase. Is he on your list?

        1. No. I don’t despise conservatives like I do progressives as conservatives have more in common with libertarians than proggies do.

          50% vs 0%

  7. So that’s why they kill him in every movie. He’s a libertarian.

    1. I guess Sean Bean has to be an anarchist.

  8. Mmmm, what are the odds that link to read the article will work at my desk…might have to save for later

    1. Fuck, didn’t think about the fact that it was playboy before i clicked on it! Better load up 30 biostatistics websites ASAP to drown it in my internet history here at work.

  9. And filled with a lot of old-manism

    Nicely done.

  10. Bill Maher has called himself a libertarian.


  11. Playboy has really improved since they sent Hugh Hefner to the old folks home. And it also has better girls now.

    1. I just read it for the articles.

      1. We all know you critique the outfits the girls wear before getting naked too.

        1. No, I leave that to GILMORE and nicole. I’d hate to step on their turf.

    2. To think that it was probably Hugh who was ruining the magazine all these years. His penchant for completely fake blonds sure didn’t help.

      1. You don’t like basketball tits and collagen lips?!? What are you, a gay?

        1. No, I don’t. And I am the gayest monster since gay came to Gaytown. Let’s ask jesse what he likes and compare.

          1. Good idea. Jesse, this is hot, right?

            1. ‘as sick as it is, it’s normal.’

            2. *runs from room sobbing*

        2. He’s not “a gay”; he’s “the gay”.

          1. Is he the only one in the village?

        3. You don’t like basketball tits and collagen lips

          Did I get out of my time machine in ’90s Germany again?

          *Checks map for grimy warehouse where Cazzo films are shot*

          When in Rome…

      2. It’s weird in that in the 70s and 80’s they had an amazing variety of women and the blondes were actually in the minority. the only blondes that I can recall were Debra Jo Fondren and Hope Olsen (both SFW-ish).

        I stopped looking at it in the 90’s, so I’m guessing he had some change in his tastes after that.

        1. Dorothy Stratton comes to mind.

        2. I was all-in with Barbie Benton back in the day.

      3. Look dude, I’m the sole supplier of of the Vaseline that Playboy smears on its lenses before each photo shoot. You have no idea how lucrative that contract is. Do you really think I’m just gonna let them start doing tasteful photos without a fight?

        1. You could at least get some pro mist filters instead of Vaseline you cheap bastard!

        2. You know, that’s exactly what some of the photographers have said over the years. But I tell Hef, “Hef,” I says, “Hef are you really gonna let those camera-slinging pansies tell you what to do with your magazine? You had sex three times before you came downstairs this morning.” And he just orders another gross of Vaseline.

  12. Well, if I called Nancy Pelosi a cunt?and I’ll go one better, a fucking useless cunt?I can’t really say that.

    Such douchey crying bullshit. Just man up an call her a cunt.

    But he just did call her one…. So what is he trying to say? That Bill Maher does call some other women cunts?

    1. Such douchey crying bullshit. Just man up an call her a cunt.

      I think it’s less that and more Oldman’s culture shock that as a Brit, he uses the word “cunt” as noun, verb, adjective, adverb, and conjunction; whereas, in America, we don’t.

      1. I think he is complaining that he might become known as a right-wing idiot.

        1. Because, as we all know, libertarian == right wing idiot.

          Especially if you call Nancy Pelosi exactly what she is.

          Don’t ever change shrike.

          1. Nancy Pelosi has been against every global fuckup the rightwingers have inflicted on us. Her crime? Being for some liberal things? She’s a target by rightwingers (in a misogynistic and substance-free way) because of her power. You read some of the stuff people say and it’s as if they don’t realize that grandmothers aren’t supposed to be fuckable.

            1. Projection, it’s what’s for dinner.

            2. Sure, but she’s also been a supporter of every global fuckup that the left wingers have inflicted on us, so it’s all a wash.

            3. Re: Tony,

              Nancy Pelosi has been against every global fuckup the rightwingers have inflicted on us.

              Yes, she was for waterboarding before she was valiantly against it after the whole issue blew in her face. She was against the Iraq war before she was in favor of funding it in toto. That must’ve been part of her valiant effort to fix this “right-wing fuck-up” you’re blabbering about.

              She’s a target by rightwingers (in a misogynistic and substance-free way)

              Yes, because it is so unusual that a politician would be attacked for her lack of consistency and scruples. No, it is got to be misogyny.

    2. Booooosh!!?!?

    3. Don’t lock eyes with ’em, don’t do it. Puts ’em on edge. They might go into berzerker mode; come at you like a whirling dervish, all fists and elbows. You might be screaming “No, no, no” and all they hear is “Who wants cake?” Let me tell you something: They all do. They all want cake.

      1. While I enjoy this quote, comparing Shrike to the mentally retarded is a real insult. Most people with intellectual disabilities can’t help the way they are. Shrike seems to be this way by choice.

        1. Good point. I may have to find another quote.

          1. This quote applies better to cops than to shrike.

            1. Just change cake to donuts…

  13. Any time some reporter asks a celebrity about his or her political views or his or her opinion of a politician, they should immediately respond, “I’m just a [singer/actor/athlete…], no one should care about my views on [whatever it is the reporter is asking about].”

    1. The only actor I’ve heard speak with that level of modesty is Anthony Hopkins. I think it’s part of what makes him great.

      “I was lousy in school. Real screwed up. A moron. I was antisocial and didn’t bother with the other kids. A really bad student. I didn’t have any brains. I didn’t know what I was doing there. That’s why I became an actor.”

    2. I dunno, that’s kinda lame. Answering a question is nowhere near as obnoxious as broadcasting your politics.

  14. Speaking of fake libertarians.

    1. Your mom’s here?

  15. I would expect nothing less than a hate filled screed from the CEO of a corporation like Zorg industries… A wholly owned subsidiary of the Koch brothers…


    2. “Yes but… by that simple gesture of destruction I gave work to at least fifty people today. The engineers, the technicians, the mechanics. Fifty people who will be able to feed their children so they can grow up big and strong. Children who will have children of their own, adding to the great cycle of life!”

      1. This will also be what happens after Krugman decides to become a supervillan.

      2. Watching that monologue had me convinced years ago that Oldman was a closet libertarian.

        1. Seriously? I just took it as a scripted caricature of a bad capitalist guy.

          1. The way he delivered it indicated he may have been somewhat familiar with the broken windows fallacy and the way some might use it to justify horrible deeds.

    3. What a glorious movie, with a delightfully crazy performance by Oldman.

      1. Nobody quite does credibly-over-the-top as well. Drexel in True Romance, Zorg, his role in The Professional, Sid Vicious. Yeah. That’s probably his best casting.

        1. I was disappointed in his casting as Commissioner Gordon. It seemed below his ability and he played it as a caricature of a good cop. That may have been masterfully intentional on his.part, serving as a counterpoint to all the rest of the moral ambiguity of the films.

      2. Absolutely.

  16. I feel moved to rewatch Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead today suddenly.

    1. I luv dat flik

  17. Brilliant actor, and clearly smart and thoughtful. His first HTC commercials (where he stared out of the screen while waiting for us to ‘check the internet’) kinda freaked me out…but then again, I WAS stoned at the time.

    1. He’s super creepy in The Professional.

      1. He’s creepy in everything I have ever seen him in.

        1. You should see Tinker Tailor…

          Nothing creepy about that role.

          1. He was perfectly cast in T,T,S,S. LeCarre’s Smiley is one of my fav characters and I was not dissapointed by Oldman. Name a movie with better quality actors both leading and supporting? You got – Oldman, Hardy, Cumberbatch, Strong, Hurt, Firth and Hinds.

      2. Ah, Luc Besson movies before he started to suck were so good. La Femme Nikita was so very good. The remake, not so much. Also, The Big Blue.

  18. Don’t forget George Smiley.

  19. “And filled with a lot of old-manism from the 56-year-old who views the future with trepidation”

    Some of that is well founded.

    If the world he inhabited in the past was freer in important ways than the the world he lives in now, and the trends that made the world that way persist, then why shouldn’t he view the future with a little trepidation?

    America was a better place–in some important ways–before September of 2001, and there’s nothing wrong with noticing that.

    1. That specifically is true but the general thrust of the grievance expressed by some older white men is not that the world is less free for him than it used to be, it’s that it’s more free for nonwhite nonmen, and for some reason that feels like a loss.

      1. Tony|6.24.14 @ 2:28PM|#
        “That specifically is true but the general thrust of the grievance expressed by some *HONEST PEOPLE* is not that the world is less free for him than it used to be,”

        Fixed, you moral cripple.

      2. Yeah, they’re all sexist/racist. That way, I don’t have to think about it.

  20. What’s even worse is that you’re not even allowed to use the word ‘cunt’ in a blog post headline.

  21. It’s a shame that the backlash to this from the left is going to be huge. The comments on the Variety article covering this are already turning into a retard convention from people pretending to be outraged at what Oldman said.

    I hope he doesn’t apologize.

    1. Well, they’re not just upset about that. I think people make too big a deal out of his remarks about Mel Gibson and Baldwin, but it’s understandable that Internet commentators are gonna go off on him about it.

      1. His remarks about Mel Gibson refer to a “town run by Jews,” it’s not too big of a deal to call him a Nazi motherfucker for making a remark like that is it? And surely you would understand why I’d call you a stupid fucking cunt for making ‘too big a deal’ of some fucking motherfucker who starts talking Jewish conspiracy shit. Fuck off, you’re the politically correct one..

  22. PLAYBOY: Bill Maher has called himself a libertarian.

    OLDMAN: I think he would fail the test.

    + 1

    PLAYBOY: What would America look like under President Hillary Clinton?

    OLDMAN: What can I say? I feel we need some real leadership

    – 1

    1. I think that’s valid. Leadership means taking a stand instead of a survey before making a decision. Our current crop of politicians are dishrags who flutter with every changing wind of popularity, and as a result, they compromise on everything. We might disagree with a real leader’s decisions, but at least we’ll have confidence he’ll stick with them. Right now, those assholes could do anything at any moment.

      1. IMO, if someone thinks the problem is with the kind of leaders we have, that person has already drunk the Koolaid. What we need is anti-leadership. We need people to stop looking for leadership, which will cause psychos who think they’re the leaders we need to look for work elsewhere.

        1. The people are never going to stop looking for leadership. When the old one disappears, they’re immediately clamoring for a new pope, president, godfather, guitarist, chief, boss, etc. People love handing the responsibility of their decisions off to someone else.

    2. Pretty sure he was trying to avoid saying he didn’t want her in the office. He even compares his view on her to his role in The Contender.

      But, I could be wrong.

  23. Bill Maher has called himself a libertarian

    he also uses a highchair.

  24. particular views and opinions that most of this town doesn’t share, but it’s not like I’m a fascist or a racist.

    I’m disappointed Oldman had to stick the denial in the end. Let them make the accusation. Then quietly judge them.

    1. How do people think that Fascism is right wing? It might be Right by European standards, but by American standards it is left wing progressivism.

        1. Yeah, doesn’t fit too well on the left/right thing. I guess it is more overtly authoritarian than the American left.

  25. Can we send back Piers Morgan and take Gary Oldman?

    1. I think Morgan’s ratings ran him out of town.

  26. I think you’re all forgetting his greatest role: That of Dr. Smith from Lost In Space.

  27. Telling jokes has different rules for decency than just talking. And Oldman is free to express his political views just like liberal actors–and free to face the criticism that comes with it, just like liberal actors.

    1. The difference is that one of those groups will be more likely to find work after political advocacy than the other.

      1. Boohoo. Hollywood and entertainment/art in general have always tended to be liberal since the beginning of time. It’s kind of how it works. You want affirmative action for libertarians, or what?

        1. So, Tony, are you saying that you think private business like studios have the right to not hire actors whose viewpoint and lifestyles they disagree with?

          1. Only if they’re libertarians or right-wingers.

            1. Ah, that must be something like Tony’s eternal disclaimer. ***Warning all protections and privileges suggested exclude Whites, Libertarians, Repubs, Straight men, christians, southerners and Delaware

    2. Re: Tony,

      Telling jokes [about Christians, conservatives, Republicans, white men and white women conservative Christians] has different rules for decency than just [telling jokes about everyone else.]

      There. More accurate.

      1. That doesn’t even make sense. You are the stupidest Old Mexican in the fucking world, okay? You aren’t fit to lick the assholes of white men and white women conservative Christian, you stupid Mexican fuck. Happy, cuntface?

      2. Oh fucking god let me get a microscopic violin. You are the biggest whiners in the world, you know that? I don’t care at whom comedy is directed. If it happens that white Republicans are big fat targets, maybe they should lay off meals that come in buckets.

  28. What a badass.

    1. ValkANUS, you are a stupid Nazi cunt

  29. Oh, I had no idea Hollywood had ton of conservatives.

  30. Did any of you fucking retarded cunts (I include Nick Gullespie in this list of retarded cunts) actually read th fucking article you’re fucking talking about?

    From the mouth of the imbecilic retard Gary Oldman:

    “Mel Gibson is in a town that’s run by Jews and he said the wrong thing because he’s actually bitten the hand that I guess has fed him – and doesn’t need to feed him anymore because he’s got enough dough,
    “He’s like an outcast, a leper, you know?
    “But some Jewish guy in his office somewhere hasn’t turned and said, ‘That f***ing kraut’ or ‘F**k those Germans,’ whatever it is? We all hide and try to be so politically correct. That’s what gets me.”

    If I own a movie studio and I choose not to hire some fucking retarded cunt like Mel Gibson because he said that people of MY FUCKING ANCESTRY are responsible ‘for all the wars in this world’, I should have that fucking right and any fucking retarded cunt like Gary Oldman and the fucking cunts on here defending this retard who say that theres something wrong with exercising this right are NOT LIBERTARIAN!

    If I saw Mel Gibson or Gary Oldman on the street I’d spit in their fucking faces not because I fucking give a fuck about faggot ass political correctness, but because he insults me and my family. FUCK ALL OF YOU FUCKING RETARD CUNTS WHO DEFEND THIS COCKSUCKING FUCKER!

    1. Not enuf FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Try harder.

      1. Tyoical. Moan about PC, the ignore the substance of the argument to language police. Fuck off, Nazi cunt.

          1. boomslang4 means ‘anus and testicle licker’ in Polish, right?

          2. boomslang4 means ‘anus and testicle licker’ in Polish, right?

          1. boomslang4 means ‘anus and testicle licker’ in Polish, right?

              1. boomslang4 means ‘anus and testicle licker’ in Polish, right?

            1. Jews don’t run Hollywood? Is that your position?

              1. Yes, that is my position. Or rather, THE Jews don’t run Hollywood.

                Even if a disproportionate number of studio owners are Jewish:

                a) it doesn’t mean that they are beholden to interests of ‘the Jews’
                b) even if they were, it is only a liberal/progressive retard canard view that people who run the big businesses in a ‘town’ (city,) run that town.

                Ok, Nazi boy?

                1. Don’t get your foreskin in a bunch, it was just an observation.

      2. Is this a new or recycled idiot?

        1. It’s someone who doesn’t take insults to his people. If that to you is an ‘idiot’ than acting like pussy must be the height of intelligence to you.

        2. Doesn’t fit any of our current troll’s MO. Ima go with new.

          1. The ‘frantic’ could indicate a new Mary handle.
            Lithium deficiency.

            1. You people are pathetic. I’m not here to troll, I never troll, and I usually never get this pissed off because I am a libertarian and agree with much on here. However, I’m also a Jew and won’t sit by while this fucking bullshit is going on. Conspiracy theories about Jews running business, banking and government is a fucking 100% consistency between people who commit anti-Semitic violence. I am a potential victim of that, which is partly why I fucking own my guns. SO fuck you pricks who say it isn’t important. We may agree about economics and social issues, but you clearly don’t have my back against Nazis.

              1. Of course we have your back against Nazis. Take a deep breath and stop being a fucking retard.

                1. Look, I’d be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt if you tell me YOU have my back. But as you’re willing to speak for Gary Oldman, Mel Gibson and everyone in here, surely this a case of the retard calling the kettle black.

    2. Mel Gibson is in a town that’s run by Jews and he said the wrong thing because he’s actually bitten the hand that I guess has fed him – and doesn’t need to feed him anymore because he’s got enough dough,

      Wait…Hollywood isn’t known for having tons of Jews, including among producers?

      If I saw Mel Gibson or Gary Oldman on the street I’d spit in their fucking faces not because I fucking give a fuck about faggot ass political correctness, but because he insults me and my family. FUCK ALL OF YOU FUCKING RETARD CUNTS WHO DEFEND THIS COCKSUCKING FUCKER!

      I think you need to calm the fuck down before your heart explodes.

      1. having tons of Jews, including among producers =/= a town that’s run by Jews

        One refers to private ownership. The other implies a government link.

  31. Start working at home with Google. It’s a great work at home opportunity. Just work for few hours. I earn up to $100 a day. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out

  32. Will someone please tell my why I shouldn’t be outraged at some cunt speeding Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories? Please? I really want to know.

      1. boomslang4 means ‘anus and testicle licker’ in Polish, right?

          1. boomslang4 means ‘anus and testicle licker’ in Polish, right?

    1. A statement of fact is a conspiracy theory? What does your therapist say?

      1. Evidence that Jews run the towns of Los Angeles County, i.e. run the government, as opposed to some successful businesses in those towns, please. Because if we’re talking private ownership then you’re complying about libertarianism, dumbfuck.

        1. *complaining, not complying…wtf is this shit spellcheck?

    2. A statement of fact is a conspiracy theory? What does your therapist say?

      1. She says your mother likes sucking off homeless guys. Sorry, I know she should have kept that confidential, but it was too fucking hilarious for her not to tell me.

    3. You shouldn’t be outraged at conspiracy theories, period. Just because someone has a conspiracy theory doesn’t mean they matter. Good grief.

      1. as I said above:

        Conspiracy theories about Jews running business, banking and government is a fucking 100% consistency between people who commit anti-Semitic violence. I am a potential victim of that, which is partly why I fucking own my guns. SO fuck you pricks who say it isn’t important. We may agree about economics and social issues, but you clearly don’t have my back against Nazis.

  33. “PLAYBOY: What’s your take on legalizing marijuana?

    OLDMAN: It’s silly to me. I’m not for it. ”

    Oh yeah, a real libertarian…

  34. I can’t tell if his apology letter, talking about having Jewish friends and Jews being the chosen people, is some kind of sincere Christiany thing, or if it’s dripping with sarcasm.

  35. Let me make this clear. I think everyone here has a right to ignore Anti-Semitism and Nazi type comments. By which I mean, ones which reflect Hitler’s values as stated in Mein Kampf, which do include a Jewish conspiracy in the media and banking, and implies that the Jews have a common goal. You all have the right to think these things and say these things, but I have the right to hate you for it and tell you what vile scum I think you are. That’s not everybody…most of the posters I usually like haven’t defended these comments. In fact, the only real disappointment was OldMexican’s cunty comment as he’s usually on the money. I hope he just ate a bad batch of mushrooms and isn’t being an intentional Jew-hater.

    1. By flailing at every bystander you lost credibility on what actually was a legitimate complaint. If that makes me a fukfuckingretardfucker, oh well.

      1. Yep. Libertarians don’t do thought police.

      2. No, it just makes you too stupid to realize the not-at-all-subtle way I was differentiating myself from someone who disagreed for PC reasons.

        I don’t need to use foul language to make every point, just the point that I care as little for PC than anyone else on here.

  36. P.S. Gary Oldman has apologized for exactly the comments I criticized him for and for the EXACT REASONS.

    So there, you stupid cunts.

    1. “You stupid cunts”:

      I see that Statists are not the only people subject to the fallacy of the collective, since you seem to want to lump “all Reason magazine commenters” into one homogeneous collective…

      1. I was refrerring to the 10 or so stupid cunts on this thread disagreeing with me.

        You, on the other hand either:

        a) fall in to the fallacy of the collective


        b) genuinely believe that “all Reason magazine commenters” is a term synonymous with “You stupid cunts”, in which case either would be try.

        as it stands, this isn’t really a good place for someone like you who hates every single poster.

  37. P.S. in case I wasn’t clear: “Outside the box” is the worst stupid cunt of the bunch and I strongly suspect him of illicit sex with 4 year olds.

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