The Independents

Tonight on The Independents: Jeffrey Miron on the Stimulus, John Stossel on Good News, Deroy Murdock on the V.A., Mary Katharine Ham on the CIA & Life Sentences for Teen Hash Dealers, Plus Call-in Aftershow and More!


Tonight's live episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, repeats three hours later) is so jam-packed with material that we had to sacrifice Topical Storm, and there isn't even enough room in the headline to mention that one of our guests will be Aliea Bidwell, a young Alabama mother who claims that a pediatrician at the hospital threatened to have her newborn taken into state custody unless the parents consented to give the child a Hepatitis B vaccine.

Also, for the second (and possibly last!) time, tonight's after-show, which can be found at beginning at 10 p.m. sharp, will feature LIVE PHONE CALLS FROM ALLEGED HUMAN BEINGS, or at least those who call the super-secret telephone number (*cough* 877-249-9626 *cough*). Please do the world a solid and DON'T ACTUALLY CALL THAT NUMBER UNTIL JUST BEFORE 10 P.M. Kthnxbi.

Party panelists tonight are Hot Air/Townhall media personality Mary Katharine Ham and Demos Senior Fellow Rich Benjamin, who will talk about most of the following stories: 1) The National Security Agency recording every damned phone call in the Bahamas; 2) a 19-year-old Texas kid facing LIFE IN PRISON for making and selling pot brownies; 3) the CIA vowing to really never again pose as vaccinating doctors when collecting blood data on people they hope to assassinate; and 4) the Chipotle/Bloomberg/gun kerfuffle.

We're just getting started. Beloved Harvard economist and occasional Reason contributor Jeffrey A. Miron will be on to defend his outlandish ongoing contention that maybe the ARRA Stimulus wasn't the best of public policies. Beloved eponymous Fox Business Network host and columnist John Stossel will be on to promote his upcoming Thursday show on the "Good New Days." National Review Online contributor Deroy Murdock will talk about the V.A. hospitals scandal, and the co-hosts will discuss about some under-appreciated aspects of the Beverly Hills Hotel boycott.

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