Mediaite: 'Here Are the Best Moments from Hannity's Clownshow Weed Panel'


I'm in there somewhere. |||

Last Friday, April 25, I was one of 20 or so townhall-audience panelists on a special episode of Hannity titled "Stoned in America." As mentioned in this space last week,

I am a vocal part of the outnumbered legalize-it caucus. I don't know how the thing will play on television, but it was a pretty amazing exchange in the room, and I suspect that Hit & Run readers might find it of interest….

Well, Andrew Kirell of Mediaite found it of interest, and wrote a clip-heavy post titled "Here Are the Best Moments from Hannity's Clownshow Weed Panel." Here's one section and clip that involves me:

Unlike the majority of videos here, which fall under "so bad it's good" categorization, this clip is actually good. Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes started off by talking about his own recreational drug use and how he doesn't want the government telling anyone what they can and cannot put in their body.

The panel's designated "Hollywood reporter," however, claimed it's government's job to foster a "role model"-based society that shuns drug use (she also had a bizarre aside about Obama's affiliation with former coke dealer Jay Z); and a former Miss America concurred on that point.

Enter a visibly frustrated Reason editor-in-chief Matt Welch who derailed the segment (in a good way) by triumphantly scolding the panel: "But by locking them up in human cages for what they choose to put in their bodies, what kind of culture is that? Did you listen to the cop about what he did on the streets when he tried to enforce this? That is not moral, that is not conservative."

That last bit is contained in this YouTube excerpt:

More clips and commentary at Mediaite.